what we want in life

growing up

Time goes by so fast it’s unbelievable!
We went through mistakes, through friendships and relationships, through school and so much more things and now we are here! At a point in out life, where we have to do even more decisions, decision that are about important stuff. We have to take care of our life, because now is the time to create our future, decisions we do know could influence the rest of our lifes, which is scary I know but we can do it! Look where we are know, if we made it till now what should stop us?! There will be rough and hard days but we can do it, because we are strong, we are the future and although sometimes there is fear in us, that maybe make us stop doing what we wanted to do, just remind yourself that life begins outside of your comfort-zone. And even if we make some mistakes, mistakes are great, we can learn from them and even grow more!

I find unambitious guys unattractive. I want a guy who’s motivated, goal orientation, striving for a better future. I want to see him work on achieving his dream and goals and have all that hard work pay off. I want us in a relationship to work hard together to achieve what we want in life and accomplish it together. I want us both happy and proud of one another. I don’t want to be the only one bringing something to the relationship.

Do you ever meet someone and start getting to know them and its just like. Holy shit you resonate with me so well???? How are you even alive I feel so much less lonely about the world?? And you just know that that person is amazing and that you will go far with that person. 

This girl I met is helping me realize who I am and what I want to do with my life! We might go tour Maharishi University together. We might even start a business together one day. How???? My tarot cards told me about this and now that it’s coming true it feels surreal. 

skies-allbut-clear  asked:

vomit and bleeding (for the ask thing..just to clarify lol..)

Vomit: What was the worst thing you’ve seen?

Fuck that’s a hard one! there’s this one story w one of my friends but idk if he’d be ok w me sharing it… Can i do the worst thing I’ve ever *heard* instead? Because this one time my sister and her bf took one of my brand new socks, and my sister had him wear the sock on his dick for 3 hrs, naked, because their room was so hot.

Bleeding: What do you want out of your life?

This could be taken one of two ways - what do you want to *get* out of your life or what do you want to *remove* from your life.

if we’re going with what I want to *get* - i just wanna end up being loved
if we’re going with what i want to be *removed* - i mean like… not to sound emo but i rlly want just like. all my unnecessary fat.  

First Task

Everyone gets to start plotting tomorrow at 5pm eastern standard time. Make sure you’re on for that. N…T…Way, for your first task you will need to show us them receipts so we can calculate how much you actually make a month and we nosy so we want to see what’s good with them homes and personal life. Underneath the cut you will find a form you need to fill out and post by our start date which is Saturday at 7pm if you didn’t already know that then there you go.

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Just Early Morning Thoughts

Sometimes we don’t get what we want in life, but that’s okay.
My life isn’t going to end because of some messed up love. I’ll find better and god has a plan for me. If we become something in the future that would be beautiful , but if not that is perfectly fine because I will have a beautiful love story that won’t end.

No Logic (english trans-lyrics)

Hey, what if this is good enough? Whats wrong with being just ok

Nothing wrong with a little fun, life is never gonna go your way

If your tired? Then get some rest you can’t be happy if your always stressed

The things we want do and more, isn’t that what life is for

Hey what if this is good enough? I’m not perfect so isn’t it ok to mess up?

Just cause everything’s  falling out of place doesn’t mean its gonna stay that way

So take things one at a time, what you want to do will come to mind

The things you want to do and more isn’t that what you were born for

If a perfect life isn’t what I  need

And if no one can live perfectly

Clumsy I am then clumsy I will be


God if you can hear me sing

I don’t care what this life wants of me

Laughing smiling or crying

I’ll just do what comes naturally

Time will go on without me

So I’ll make the most out of my memories

And sure I might have some regrets

But I truly feel

its time to walk my own path

nothing wrong with that

Hey what if this is good enough? Nothing wrong with keeping in touch with reality

Can you say your happy, when you force a laugh constantly

So take things one at a time, what you want to do will come to mind

You don’t get to live this life without making a few mistakes


If a perfect life isn’t what i need

And if no one can live perfectly

Imperfect I am then imperfect I will be


God if you can hear me sing

I don’t care what this life wants of me

Laughing smiling or crying

Well to put this in summary

Life it has no logic

We may share similar dreams

And time will move on without you or me

If this life ever becomes to overwhelming

It’s ok if I just take a break and breathe?

“We must never forget art is not a form of propaganda; it is a form of truth.” -John F. Kennedy The Moral Justifications of Becoming an Artist Through my Experiences in the New York Semester

The first question I always get when I tell someone that I am an art major is, “What are you going to do with that degree?”. Usually I ramble off some words like “art director”, or “graphic design” and they politely nod their head and find some kind of acceptable career in my explanation. In reality I have no idea what I want to do with my life when I graduate college. Being apart of the New York Semester of Contemporary Arts has made me realize pretty soon I’ll actually have to figure out what I want to do with my life. Through this semester we have met a wide variety of people who work in the art world, in particular those who run galleries and actual working artists. Meeting these people and seeing what their jobs entail has brought up a question about what I have dedicated my studies to, what is the point of art, and more importantly how can one morally justify becoming an artist? In this politically and socially unstable climate, is it really beneficial to focus on art, or is art what we need most at this time?

This is in no way a new question, people have been asking for years about the legitimacy behind the arts. Often the arts are the first subject to be cut in public school systems and the idea of the starving artist is one of the most common stereotypes of a degree in the arts. In reality there are great benefits to the arts especially in the educational setting. There have been numerous studies suggesting that for children in particular, art can help improve their development both socially and mentally. Daily activities involving creativity like finger painting and playing with blocks have been proven to greatly improve learning abilities and relations with family and friends. (Menzer) So why are we so quick to slash funding for a subject that can be so beneficial? The short answer is we have been conditioned to look for results to answer the question if we’re doing well or not. It’s virtually impossible to get a standardized test on art, for this reason schools can’t afford to waste money that could be going towards math and science. What is ironic about this theory is the fact that having an outlet like art has been proven to help in other subjects including the sciences.

Besides being beneficial on academic levels, having art centers and cultural resources in neighbors have been proven to improve the economy of those communities. The benefits of investing in these resources include job growth, stimulating commerce and stabilizing property values in neighborhoods. (Schleter) While investing in art can be a solid and stable investment, it is considered to be a long term solution to an economic issue. For this reason few are willing to put money into a project they have to wait to see the results of, despite the fact that investing in the arts would create long term stability.

Overall, art is an extremely beneficial aspect to any community, most people are just not willing to invest in it. Despite this, the question for me still remains as to if art can be an answer to the current political climate we face in both the United States and worldwide. In a way I was glad I decided to take this semester during the US election for president. Watching a leader be elected that is so full of hate and with whom I disagree with on virtually every policy, made me question how I could help fight against this hate. Along with this question came the questioning of how anybody can choose a career in the arts when there are so many problems in the world today, both politically and socially.

On one of our days in the city, we were lucky enough to have a studio visit with artist Marina Zurkow. Zurkow is an extremely well known artist, focussing in new media art. Her graphic designs and digital videos focus greatly on the ever growing problem of climate change. When we first met with Zurkow my initial take on her work was that I loved it, but I really didn’t see how something like an art piece could possibly change the fact that we are destroying our planet. In my head I was thinking wouldn’t her time be better spent volunteering or researching, being more proactive to the cause. As I read more about her work I quickly came to realize the kind of impact projects like hers can have, and just how they actually can benefit the movement to stop climate change. The point of Zurkow’s work is to help create a conversation, because the fact is in order to create an effective movement there has to be solid conversation behind it. This may seem trivial and time wasting but in reality it is a necessity to create a solid foundation for actual change.

The more I read into artists in activist situations, the more I realized just how important artists are in creating a voice for the people and the times they are in. The fact of the matter is that art is the most accurate representation of a time. There is no greater agenda when it comes to art, unlike advertising in which the agenda is to sell a product and make money. In the case of art, the point is to give those who don’t have a voice a place to express themselves, this can be politically driven or not, it doesn’t matter. That is how we as a society should morally justify art as a legitimate part of our culture and need. Going into this semester I really began to question how I could rationalize dedicating my life to this subject. I now realize that art can be a source of positive change and influence, it all depends on what you plan to do with it.  


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Sometimes I just wanna come home to some head so I can go to sleep in peace but we don’t always get what we want huh? Life isn’t always fair buddy.

Aries Rising

Your confidence radiates onto everyone around you and you brighten every room with your fun-loving outlook on life. We can tell you know exactly what you want and can do anything you set your mind to, and it motivates us all to follow in your footsteps. Admirably, you seem know where you’re going and what you want your life to be in 10 years while we’re still trying to figure out what we’re doing next week. You’re everyone’s motivation to try harder and make stuff happen! Independent, smart, popular and optimistic - what’s not to love about an Aries Rising?

From Scorpio Cats

God it’s. It’s so hard seeing my Uncle Greg like this.

Chemo took away most of his hair. He’s way skinner than he used to be. His voice is a lot softer and quieter because he’s just constantly in pain or tired from all the drugs he’s taking.

He used to seem so….unshakeable. Like a modern day mountain man. He was in the Navy for a while and worked out on an aircraft carrier and just absolutely busted his ass. It took him a long, long time to find himself and who he wanted to be and what he wanted out of life.

And the first time we caught the cancer he was such a damn fighter. When they were taking it out there was a massive chance the surgery would kill him or not work because it was on his brain. It was a brain tumor. But he had like a 10% chance of success and came out of it. He was healthy and happy and just. Normal for a long while.

It came back though and f ucking hell it’s just not fair. It’s not fair that it came back like some kind of fucked up genie wish. That he has to just slowly wither away and get weaker and weaker and weaker.

You just. There’s a certain look and aura around someone with something like that. I’ve only seen it a couple times before now in my Grandpa Sonny and Grandma Jean. Annabelle when she couldn’t get up and walk or pee without help and Bo when he got back from the vet after getting checked for kidney stones again.

It’s a haze that lingers around them. And you can’t do anything to stop it from getting thicker and bigger and you’re just fucking helpless to do anything because you CAN’T do anything. There’s nothing to be done except just…waiting.

I try not to think about it too much because when I do it just reduces me to a fucking mess. I hate being in a position where I can’t really do anything. But I am. He’s dying slowly and I can’t do anything except pray and hope against all the odds in the world for a miracle.

Sapphic mid-life crisis

So yeah I basically fell into the pit. I told myself I wasn’t going to pay attention to the trailer and yet here I am. 

I hope Serena is able to tell her daughter that her and Bernie aren’t just in the midst of a mid-life crisis. I think I want what we all want. The happy family aesthetic around the (Christmas) dinner table with all the kids won round to the idea that their Mums are happy and in love. 

BRB just in a ball, freaking out. 

My english teacher is the best. He spent an hour today telling his students that it’s the best time for us to start studying and realize what we want to do in our life and how to be great. He said to be like Gillian Anderson, always improving, getting better and trying really hard to reach the aim. “Be like Gillian. Be huge even if you feel so tiny.” I love him.