what two beautiful eyes


sometimes I wonder why i was born but now i know that it was so i could witness this


-Otabek has that old-school charm. A classic gentleman with a soul trapped in the aesthetics of James Dean. Yuri has a silver tongue and piercing eyes. His heart is electrifying and difficult to touch. 

-Sometimes in the middle of the night, when Yuri can’t sleep, he’ll whisper into Otabek’s ear, knowing that he’s a light sleeper. Then, the two of them would wordlessly get changed and hop onto Otabek’s motorcycle and escape into the night. Without speaking more, Otabek would park next to a lake and they’ll stare at the stars until the sun comes up. Yuri isn’t quite sure what these rituals really are, but the happiness and peace he feels being below the wide expanse of the sky and next to Otabek is something that brings him true happiness.

-Otabek and Yuri have a house next to the ocean. During summer evenings, Otabek would take out his guitar and strum some timeless songs, smiling in the most lovesick manner as Yuri sways softly to the melody.

-Otabek and Yuri vacation in obscure and often unknown locations because they see beauty in the places that everyone else forgets. 

-There is nothing more assuring than the feeling of Otabek’s fingers laced around Yuri’s own. Otabek’s grip is not constant and he often applies just the slightest bit of pressure to remind Yuri that he’ll always be there.

-Yuri often felt a strange fear of the world until he met the person who he knew would go against that fear for the rest of his life.

-There is an elderly man who lives in the neighboring house. He is alone but he never seems lonely. One day, a young girl meets him outside and asks why he lives in such a big house alone. Smiling, the man tells the girl that it was the house he and his husband built together. Curiously, the girl asks the man why she has never seen the man’s husband. With a raw, poignant look in his eyes, the elderly man tells the girl that he had passed away ten years ago. He interrupts the girl as she begins to apologize profusely for her insensitivity and tells her that he would much rather have her focus on his husband’s life than his death. Thus begins a friendship between the two. Each day, the old man would tell an anecdote to the girl over tea and watches over her as she grows older and eventually gets accepted into her dream university, set on her path to becoming a writer. At university, she receives the news that the old man had passed away peacefully. When she returns to visit his grave a few years later, out of the corner of her eye, she briefly sees what resembles the two beautiful men she had come to love and know so well over the years, holding hands and smiling at her. With the stories of the life that the two men lead together radiantly clear her mind, the girl pens her first novel, inspired by her “grandfathers”. 

Don’t You Knock (EITM Miyabi‘s Smut)

Fandom: Enchanted in the Moonlight
Category: Smut
Character: Miyabi
Notes: My first fic with EITM

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

“Why can’t you knock!!!!!” You jump and pull the blanket to cover yourself.

“Just making sure you’re all right.” The sly fox grins. “You look frustrated.” He adds, with a knowing smile.

“Of course I am!!!! I’m living with a bunch of ayakashis, especially one who can’t understand what knocking is!!!” You answer between clenched teeth, half annoyed and half scared that Miyabi will find out what you’re doing. Or maybe he already knows, giving his extensive hearing. “Now get out of my bedroom!!”

“Why?” He asks with his brows raised and a smirk tugging at his lips. “What are you hiding?” He steps closer, eyes set on your concealed nakedness. “Show me.” He whispers against your cheek, his hands slide under the hem of your blanket.

You show the barest of resistance but it melts away to nothing at his first touch on your calf. His eyes never leave yours, resting his knees on the floor. He grabs your left foot and place it over his shoulder with the right on his bended thigh.

“Miyabi.” You breath, uncertain.

His mouth is less than an inch from your wetness, breath hot as he speaks right into your pussy, “You want to be satisfied, right?”

All you can do is whimper before he plants a kiss to your heat and open you up with his fingers. Biting your lip to suppress any sound as inserts his digits but he soon grips your hips tight and plunges his tongue deep into your pussy.


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Connections (Jaehyun) Chapter 1

Genre: Angst/Fluff/Maffia AU

Word Count: 1.304

Pairing: JaehyunxOC

Ch 1, Ch 2, Ch 3, Ch 4, Ch 5

“You’re welcome!” you bid your goodbye’s as your last client from the party thanked you and took his leave. Being a well known artist had always been your dream, since you started to draw at a very young age. However, being in the presence of rich businessmen that had high expectations of you could be very tiring, no matter how much you enjoyed it.

Today was the 7th anniversary of the Kim family’s company, and as a very talented artist that you were, you were ofcourse invited to interact with other famous businessmen, and earn some good amount of money with your art. You came from a well off family, who’d much rather had you become a lawyer, but not all things go as planned, and you decided that art was the path you wanted to take in life. You were glad your family approved of this, so you had full support from home.

You packed your art supplies as everyone run over to the entrance of the building with camera’s, knocking eachother over as they did so. Not paying much attention to it you started to walk off in the direction of the bar, taking a seat as you ordered a glass of water. Not planning on going home drunk you turned around to look at what everyone was on about.

Wrong move.

Two pair of beautiful eyes were staring at you as you shifted uncomfortably on your seat, trying to shrug him off, clearly failing in doing so. You turned back to the bartender, and took a big sip from your water, only to be tapped on your shoulder.

“2 champagnes, one for the lady please” you heard as you saw a tall, blonde haired figure take the seat next to you. You took a deep breath as you turned to look at him with a polite smile.

“Thank you, sir. But I am good with just water right now.” You smiled as you lifted up your glass, trying to make it more obvious. He smirked as he took your glass out of your hand, putting it down on the table. You were surprised as his lips met the back of your hand, feeling a gentle and sweet kiss on your skin. You blushed as he looked back up at you, showing off his oh so beautiful dimple as he smiled kindly at you.

You didn’t notice you were staring until he brought you back to reality by introducing himself politely, his name sounding oh so sweet between your lips.

“I’m Jung Jaehyun, the owner of the Jung Companies, I’m sure you heard of them as you have attended this party. Who wouldn’t know anyway, I own the whole business world.” He smirked as the bartender handed his drink to him, taking an elegant sip out of his glass.

Okay. Maybe his ego could overshadow his handsome face. You lifted your eyebrow as he looked at you with a teasing look. However the next words that spilled out of his mouth were enough for you to forget the fact that he was just a little bit too proud of himself.

“Is a pretty face like yours really alone, or am I just imagining things?” he asked as he shifted in his seat, looking around to see if anyone was eying either one of you. You cleared your throat as you took a sip of his champagne leaning in to him.

“My boyfriend must be here somewhere, so I don’t think you should use your pickup lines on me.” You said as you leaned back, trying to cover up the fact that you couldn’t lie at all. You grabbed your purse in case he tried to continue and looked around to find some kind of distraction to use as an excuse to slip away from him.

Jaehyun chuckled darkly, finishing his champagne at one go. He opened his mouth to say something, only to be interrupted by a tall, muscular man dressed in all black. Jaehyun listened carefully as the tall man whispered something in his ear. His smug smile turned into a frown, quickly replaced by a smirk once again as he stood up from his seat.

‘’I gotta go check some stuff princess, you better remember your name by then so I can actually get to know you better.’’ He held your waist as he leaned into your ear, brushing his lips against your earshell.

‘’And I also know you don’t have a boyfriend, so save up your excuses and don’t try to lie to me. I’ll know anyway.’’ He grinned as he left you, 2 tall men by his side. What you did not notice was that he was very tall himself as well. You took a deep breath as you grabbed your purse and took a leave, trying to find atleast a decent place to fix your make-up.

You entered the bathroom and the smell of strong toilet perfume filled your nose. Damn even the most simple thing probably costs a fortune. Why would someone feel the need to buy such a strong scent for just the bathroom, unless someone took a big shit, of which the smell was too powerful to be overpowered by any kind of toilet perfume.

You tried to be quick as the smell started to make you dizzy. Quickly ruffling your hair a little, you exited the bathroom, only to be met with the two same pair of beautiful eyes as before. You groaned quietly as you walked over to him.

‘’You tried to escape me, but you can’t. I will find you no matter what princess.’’ You cringed at the word princess as you poked his chest rather roughly.

‘’Are you following me around? Or do you just possess some kind of natural stalker skill.’’ You glared at him as you crossed your arms on your chest. He could see the frustration in your eyes and it amused him to no extend.

‘’You don’t seem too happy with me I suppose. It’s okay love. We’ll be done for tomorrow. I just need you for tonight.’’ He smirked as he backed you up against the wall taking your hand in his.

‘’W-what?’’ your eyes widened at his response as you tried to push him away, your hand pressed against his chest. ‘’I’m not like the girls you’re used to, Jaehyun. I don’t just fuck and go on with my life. And if you’re gonna try to buy me with your money, then save your attempts. I have better things to do than to be your little sex doll. Have a nice day.’’

You slipped away from his grasp as he bit his lip at your response. You walked over to the exit as you called a cab, making sure he didn’t follow you. Looking back you saw him glaring at the people around him as he tried to push off some girl off him, and you instantly turned back, stepping into the cab that had arrived and driving off to home.

Jaehyun called his guard over, telling him to get his car ready as Doyoung approached him with two glasses of wine in his hands. Doyoung and Jaehyun had been friends ever since they were kids, and remained best buddies until now, experiencing everything together, from dropping out of school to getting to the point of where they are now.

“Ooooh! Mister Jung got rejected! Is he gonna pout like a baby now?” Jaehyun interrupted Doyoung as he grabbed the glass full of wine, finishing it up at one go.

“Send one of your servants to the bedroom. Tell my driver to wait for 30 minutes if he arrives.” He spat as he walked upstairs, dropping the glass on the ground carelessly, only to be followed by small footsteps of one of Doyoung’s servants.

Avenged Sevenfold - Malagueña Salerosa (translated lyrics)

What beautiful eyes you have
Under those two eyebrows
Under those two eyebrows
What beautiful eyes you have
They want to look at me
But indeed you don’t let them
But indeed you don’t let them
Not even to blink
Sassy Malagueña
I would like to kiss your lips
I would like to kiss your lips
Sassy Malagueña

And tell you, beautiful girl
That you’re lovely and bewitching
That you’re lovely and bewitching
Like the candor of a rose
If you scorn me for being poor
I concede to you the fact
I concede to you the fact
If you scorn me for being poor
I don’t offer you riches
I offer you my heart
I offer you my heart
In exchange for my poverty
Sassy Malagueña

I would like to kiss your lips
I would like to kiss your lips
Sassy Malagueña
And tell you, beautiful girl
That you’re lovely and bewitching
Lovely and bewitching
Like the candor of a rose
Like the candor of a rose


Submission from @shereallylikesgirls

So I know these aren’t puns, but due to both unfortunate yet somehow also fortunate circumstances I found myself in Seaside at 5 am this morning. Because this hadn’t happened in years I decided to go down and watch the sunrise and holy hell was that a great idea. PS none of these have been edited in any way, they are all originals and what my own two eyes were seeing 👌🏻

—– These are beautiful!! Haha the sunrise never needs a filter, it is so perfect just as it is

anonymous asked:

What is your definition of beauty?

beauty is two deep green eyes. it is soft, peachy lips. it is warm, bony fingers and wide open arms. it is the dark scars she tries so hard to hide. it is her heartbeat that slams against the walls of her chest, echoing in your ears. it is a voice so enticing, it could make anyone want to sin. it is a laugh so loud and catastrophic, it shakes your bones. it is her, making you fall in love with the heaviness of loving someone so bold.

wistful-wanderer  asked:

DQ Prompt: Regina gets attacked by a mugger and Mal steps in

How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful

A/N: Rated T for Violence. The beta is a “god damn saint” and she knows it. Enjoy Hannah :-) Hopefully it was worth waiting until 1:30am for. 

The door to the Poisoned Apple clangs closed behind Regina, the stench of sewer water and pee almost overwhelming tonight as she steps outside. Thunder rumbles, shaking the earth, causing lightning to dance across the violet sky. Great, Regina thinks, pulling her black leather jacket tighter around her sides (the zipper’s been permanently stuck for ages with some sort of mystery food). The first drops of rain spill from the sky, hitting the awning currently covering Regina and the doorstep to the bar and sliding off onto the pavement.


Regina’s feet ache from where her heels pinch her toes too tight to her heel sore from being on forced releve all day; her back feels like someone is continuously jamming their elbow between the space between her shoulder blades, and her knees are cramping terribly. She would love to just teleport to her warm bed and prop up her legs, can almost feel the relief following the pain of stretching her legs after standing for so long, can almost feel the popping of her joints. But she cannot teleport yet, and even if the tired haze that has set in her head makes stretching out on the doorstep of the Poisoned Apple seem like a good idea, she knows staying much longer in these parts of the city is far from wise.

The rain does not seem to be letting up; to be honest it appears to be coming down much harder now and has Regina wondering what she did today to piss off the universe. (Was it when she watered down that creepy old man’s beer refill after he had slapped her ass? Regina had thought that due punishment for the crime, but perhaps the universe had other ideas.) Regina allows herself one more whiny thought, slouching her shoulders and pursing her lips in a pout before stepping out from under cover of the awning.

She takes her bag – a Louis Vuitton tote bag that had seen much much better days (probably due in part to Regina’s lack of interest in treating it like anything more than it was, a bag, be it designer or not) – given to her by her mother to make her appear more “elegant” for when she “got back into the dating world” and raises it above her head. Bag be damned before she makes her walk home cold, achey, tired and with her puerto rican curls springing forth.

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Mommy - Nash Grier imagine

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“Daddy! Can you please tell me a bedtime story?” Madison looked up at Nash with big round eyes and tugged at his sleeve. "Please!“, she begged. Nash smiled and sat down on her bed. "Of course, sweetie.”, he said and stroked her hair. Madison lay down on her bed and pulled the blanket over her little body. "Okay, the story is about a beautiful, beautiful girl.“ "Was she really so beautiful?”, Madison asked amazed. Nash nodded "Oh yeah, honey. She was really beautiful. She had long, smooth hair, bright eyes, a really cute smile and her skin was so soft, you always wanted to touch it.“ Madison’s eyes widened. "Wow. It sounds like she was princess.” Nash smiled. “I know. But she didn’t just look like a princess, everything about her was beautiful.” Nash stroked Madison’s cheek and continued. "She always put other people before herself. You know, she always wanted that  other people were happy. She was always smiling. She saw the good things in every person. Even when someone said something awful to her or treated her badly, she ignored it and looked for something good.“ Madison looked at her dad with a smile. "I want to get to know her! I want her as my best friend!”, she said and Nash chuckled. "Everyone wanted to be best friends with her.“ "Tell me more about her!”, Madison begged and Nash continued. "It was on a warm saturday. I was on my way to uncle Cameron, but I was really hungry, so I stopped at this café to get something to eat. While I was waiting in the line, the door opened and she came in.“ "The girl? The beautiful girl?”, Madison asked. Nash nodded and looked out of the window. "Yes, the beautiful girl. So I was waiting in line and she walked into the café. She smiled at me and I smiled back. Like I said, she always smiled at people. Even at strangers.“ "Did you talk to her?”, Madison wanted to know. Nash smiled. "Yes, I did. In fact, I asked her if she wanted to go out with me one day.“ "You did? What did she say?”, Madison asked. "She said yes. And two days later we went out for dinner. I really liked her and apparently she liked me, too.“ Tears started to form in Nash’s eyes. "Two years later something beautiful happened." "What happened?" "You were born.”, Nash answered and smiled at Madison. Madison looked at him surprised. "What happened to the beautiful girl?“ Nash quickly wiped a tear away. "She was an angel, you know. And heaven needed its angel back.” What followed was a long period of silence. Nash tried his best to hold back the tears. The memories came back to his mind. The light. The screaming. The crash. Her dead body. "Daddy?“ Nash turned his head to look at his daughter. She reminded him of her. Her hair, her smile, her eyes. Madison was just as beautiful as her. "What is it, sweetie?”, he asked. "The beautiful girl… Is it mommy?“ Nash held his breath. Then he slowly nodded. "Yes, it’s mommy.”

This one is actually really sad :( I hope you like it <3 

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I had this weird idea that the surfer dude who says 'dude' all the time on your Sombra blog also has smoky eyes, and he's hiding them with his hair, and then I thought that he and the crystal pony might be Sombra's parent but they don't know it's him, and then my mind backfired and died and I reassured myself that it wasn't true but it still needs assurance because it just seems so out there and awkward please tell my brain that it's fake

Well, I won’t be the one to burst any theories about WHAT DARK SECRETS MIGHT BE HIDING UNDER COCOA’S VOLUMINOUS MANE but I can assure you that he and Beauty are definitely not secretly Sombra’s parents. But props to you for creative thinking! 

a study in some of the one shots this season

and how they all 

kinda look



Request -- I just really freaking love your writing! Could you please do one where Sam loves the reader but is conflicted because love hasn't worked out for him before and he doesn't know if he's capable of loving someone anymore, but he finally kisses her at the end? Thank you!

(Hope you enjoy it. I apologize that it is short! Also, remember Croatoan Day is tomorrow! xx)

Sam Winchester knew that love came in many forms.

For his brother, it could be a bottle of whiskey that came in a crinkled brown bag or a woman with dark wavy hair and a son that was much too alike to him for comfort. Years ago for himself, it had been blonde ringlets burnt into nothing through the life he never wanted; while Dean had been in Purgatory, it had been brown curls and a pink-lipped smile, a forced one because the both of them knew that they were both broken inside. And that’s when family relationships were tested, for he had sacrificed his love for his brother for a woman that needed to be put together just as much as he had. There was also his love for the demon blood, the addiction that surely was a sin and never gave a good outcome in the end. Actually, none of those did.

Love came in many forms. And he had thought that he wouldn’t be capable of truly holding one of them in his heart until now.

He made the arm that was slung over your shoulders a bit more snug around you, holding you closer to him. This made you look up at him in a tiny bit of confusion, but mostly joy as you drew into him. Your two bright and beautiful eyes staring into his is what made him self-conscious of his heartbeat, which was gaining speed by the second. The image of them delightfully took over his mind, and they made him want to immerse himself in you even more. His gaze roamed over how your chest slightly rose as you breathed in and out softly at a steady pace, and he wondered if your heart was beating as quickly as his was. Your sudden smile directed towards him instantly made him do the same back, and your quiet giggle made almost him shiver in happiness. He wrapped his other arm around you as well, and cuddled you to him; this action instantly warmed you, as if he made to do just that. Sam had to hold back his sigh of serenity, for he hadn’t felt the feeling of love afire inside of him for so long.

Never a good outcome in the end, he thought, gritting his teeth.

All of his life, he had been taking chances. He took one when he ran to Stanford, severing a tie of affection from his family, and another when he pursued a relationship with Jess. Take the chance soon turned into take the shot when he started to hunt with Dean, and doing so started to become more and more satisfying. So, why couldn’t he do just that now, sneaking glances at your lips? Well, it hadn’t been easy, allowing himself to take the shots knowing that he didn’t have any control over the aftermath. Of course it wouldn’t be any different now, where he couldn’t predict what would happen the moment he pressed his mouth to yours. Even though that scared him a little, it was urging him on at the exact same time. He didn’t have knowledge of what you would say or do, or if your reaction would be to recoil or respond. If he didn’t take this shot now, he wouldn’t get to see if it could turn into something beautiful, maybe the first great outcome that he would experience from love. But that could only happen if he dared to do what his gut was telling him. He couldn’t let his past experiences ruin what was right beside him; he just had to take the shot.

Take the shot. Take the shot.

“Y/N?” he whispered, breaking the silence that had been looming between both of you. Meeting eyes with him again, you saw the exact moment the conflicting emotions in his autumn irises turn into deadest determination.

“Yes, S—” He finally took the shot.

Because his were closed as he crushed his mouth to yours, he didn’t see yours grow wide as you realized what was happening. If anything, he didn’t want to know; he didn’t want to see your response. He wanted to feel it. That’s when he felt your hands clasp at the nape of his neck, and he grinned into your lips. His tongue mapped out the creases along your bottom lip as his hands traced the ridges of your spine while you carded your fingers through his chocolate brown locks and became overwhelmed with his musk, containing notes of gun powder and something sweet that you couldn’t put your finger on.

It was a while before Sam pulled away, even though he had been unwilling to do. He chuckled as he tucked a piece of hair behind your ear, breathless but blissful.

“I took the shot,” Was all he could manage to say, laughing to himself about how scared he had been.

“Well,” you murmured with a grin, burrowing into his chest; now, he wasn’t conscious about you hearing his runaway heart, because he knew yours was beating just as fast. “I’m certainly glad that you did.”