what he wanted to do with the cup


He wants attention. So what does he do? He lays on the other. Completely just putting his head in their lap, his hand going to cup their knee and his thumb making small little circles. “Can..can you play with my hair..” It was a quiet voice, but it was still there, “……please.”

“For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life a ransom for many."

Then James and John, the sons of Zebedee, came to Him, saying, “Teacher, we want You to do for us whatever we ask.”
And He said to them, “What do you want Me to do for you?”
They said to Him, “Grant us that we may sit, one on Your right hand and the other on Your left, in Your glory.”
But Jesus said to them, “You do not know what you ask. Are you able to drink the cup that I drink, and be baptized with the baptism that I am baptized with?”
They said to Him, “We are able.”
So Jesus said to them, “You will indeed drink the cup that I drink, and with the baptism I am baptized with you will be baptized; but to sit on My right hand and on My left is not Mine to give, but it is for those for whom it is prepared.”
And when the ten heard it, they began to be greatly displeased with James and John. But Jesus called them to Himself and said to them, “You know that those who are considered rulers over the Gentiles lord it over them, and their great ones exercise authority over them. Yet it shall not be so among you; but whoever desires to become great among you shall be your servant. And whoever of you desires to be first shall be slave of all. For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life a ransom for many.”

Mk 10:35-45

“I’m So Tired” (Rap Monster)

Requested by anon

Full prompt: “I’m so tired, I think I’ll sleep for a decade once this is all over.”

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    “How’s it going?” you asked Namjoon when he finally stood, stretching, to walk into the kitchen and refill his coffee cup.

    “It’s going,” he said after a few moments of silence. “It’s slow, though.”

    “Ahh,” you said. “I’m sorry, babe.”

    “It’s okay,” he said. “It’s what I love doing; it’s just… There’s a lot to get done.”

    You nodded, reaching across the table to squeeze his hand as he sat back down in front of his lyric-writing notebook. His hair was mussed and there were dark circles under his eyes. You didn’t want to burden him by letting him know you were worried about him, but you were, and you knew you wouldn’t stop worrying until he was done with the lyrics he’d been assigned to write. “How’s your work going?” he asked.

    You glanced down at the rapidly expanding essay on your screen. “It’s going well,” you said. “I’m way over the word limit, though.”

    Namjoon laughed, surprising you, but you were glad to see the smile on his face. “You might be quiet out loud but you’ve got plenty to say on paper.”

    You smiled. “You bet.”

    Namjoon’s smile disappeared as he focused again on his work and your fingers returned to your keyboard.

    Nearly another hour had passed when Namjoon let out a heavy sigh and you looked up, asking, “Are you okay?”
    “Yeah,” he said. “Just… I’m so tired, I think I’ll sleep for a decade once this is all over.”

    You looked at him sympathetically. “Want something to eat?”

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I take another sip of my coffee and ponder what I want to do today. I shrug and bring the mug to my lips again. "I don't care. You can decide. I'm good with whatever." I stand up and walk back into the kitchen as I wait for her answer. I dump my coffee in the sink deciding it's too bitter and open the fridge and grab the orange juice. I grab a cup and pour myself some and walk back into the living room as her eyes stay trained on me. "So? Did you decide?" - Niall

I shrug when he says i can decide and watch him get up, throw his coffee away and taking a glass of orange juice. My look at him until he’s back in the living room and he sits next to me, taking a sip. I sigh and shrug again. “I don’t know, you were gonna propose something before we had visitors.” I point out, licking my lips. “But I don’t know? The movies?” I lean against the couch and close my eyes. “What would you do if i wasn’t there? Maybe we can do it together?”

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❛ what are you all sitting around here like a bunch of wimps for ?? ❜

❛  DID YOU READ THIS? GO on, have a look.He handed her the paper turned to the sports section where it had printed in bold letters the news of England’s early loss in the Quidditch World Cup. ❛  We’re going to have to rely on Ireland to carry the UK to the finals. AGAIN.  ❜

So my BF’s finally getting his shitty half-finished nine year old tattoo that his amateur tattoo artist friend started back in college covered. It’s a huge piece on his chest (hence why I despise it) and they got a lot of work done on it yesterday. And ugghhhhhh–

BF (in the middle of the fucking line at Panera): My left nipple is so fucking raw! 

Lady behind us with a baby: Mine too. This one (points to baby) has a strong suck. 

BF: (everyone’s fucking looking at us now) Yeah…I’m breastfeeding too…

The Mortal Instruments: City of Ashes (Week 1)

Beginning with book 2 from the last book, Clary thought everything was true, including her dealing with the fact that she had a father and a brother. The introduction begins at the Institute, where Alec and Isabelle finally see their brother Max, and their mother Maryse Lightwood, that is also their inquisitor. But the main reason she came to the institute was because she want a word with Jace. While they had there discussions, she already knew about Valentine and Jace, father and son but certainly didn’t know the whole story of what happened with the Cup. Instead of finding out the answers to what happened with Jace, she already assumed that he was with Valentine on his skim to get the Cup for him. Jace, as honest as he could be had to deny this hate, that Maryse wanted to hear for his “father” and tried to make her believe him. But of course he failed to do so and kicked him out and with that he went to a bar, where a pack of Werewolf’s hangout. Jace was filled with range that he didn’t just want to pick a fight with Werewolf’s, but because he want to talk with Luke, the leader of their pack. Jace was trying to find answers from Luke, but Luke decided to call Clary to help him out while Jace was having his meltdown. Clary hasn’t seen Jace in a couple of days, after they went to visit their mom in the hospital, it would be had for them to face each other after what happened between them. But as they went back to reality, they all made an agreement to go with Jace back to the institute to talk with Maryse about her decision. (Pg 1-50)

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☠ //bc every once in a while I need Lucifer to be the bottom ;3

☠ - for my muse to push yours against a wall and kiss them -Accepting!! @infernally-cold

             { ♫ };; —– 
                     Honestly, Maka had enough of Lucifer. His mocking words.. 
                    His subtle purrs and teases. Not to mention him reaching down
                    to cup her entrance and squeeze. Finally, she had enough. 

                  Pushing him against the wall gently, and pressing her lips against
                 his roughly. She noted his smirk, and allowed him to touch her wherever 
                he wanted. Finally, she pulled her lips away, breathing heavily.
                                  ❝Do what you wish to me, but don’t fuckin’ tease me.❞

Does anyone who sounds like a 20-30 year old man, or has access to one, want to do me a favor? I just need a voice clip of what would be an improv actor enthusiastically saying “We need a suggestion from the crowd!” and “Oh no, he needs CPR!” and “No, I’ll do it!”

What was Yuri planning to have Victor do after the Grand Prix Final?

(I’m typing this out on mobile, so no screencaps until I find a computer, I guess.)

I’m presenting an alternative continuation of episode 9, and I know and am considering that all the others that have been suggested are entirely possible… Anyway! I watched episode 9 again and I found what he said to Yakov at the kiss and cry very interesting… “Victor will go back to Russia soon.”

And again, after the Rostelecom Cup is over, while waiting outside the venue and thinking… “After the Grand Prix Final, I’ll have Victor retire and…” [cue kick by Yurio]

And as other people have pointed out, Yuri wants to keep Victor for himself, but he feels like he’s being an inconvenience to Victor. He’s always finding a way to do things himself, without bothering him, but at the same time he’s worried he’ll lose Victor. The last scene in episode 9 proves that. “Take care of me until I retire.” – ‘until I retire’. Even while Yuri is being selfish (per se) and wanting to keep Victor by his side, despite the slightly longer deadline he gave himself (‘after the Grand Prix Final’ vs ‘until I retire’), he’s already setting himself a deadline.

He’d rather let Victor go before Victor leaves on his own. Which is why when Victor said ‘I wish you’d never retire’, Yuri cries.

I feel like at this point, Victor is acceding to Yuri’s request to leave after he retires. ‘I wish’ has an air of accession. As much as Victor wants to stay with Yuri for a solid amount of time, Yuri is giving him a deadine. As much as Victor still has hope that Yuri will hold on to him, I feel like he still doesn’t know what to do with his future. He’s young, but he’s not young enough to continue skating competitively anymore. After Yuri leaves, what would Victor himself do?

My theory is that Yuri was planning to have Victor retire as coach after the Grand Prix Final. It’s possible he planned to let Victor return to competitive skating, but remain as Yuri’s friend. Which could be why he told Victor to 'take care’ of him until Yuri himself *retires*. After they both leave competitive skating, Yuri might have been willing to let Victor go about his own life and he’d never interfere again.

And you know, in this scenario, Victor probably won’t let that happen. Surprises, remember? So a proposal or a confession in the next episode would make sense.

What do you think? Respond to this post or submit your own meta!

– ji

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The elder hunters fist slammed down against the table top, the coffee cup sitting close to him jump up at the sudden vibration that shocked through the table, toppling it to the ground sending shards of the ceramic cup scattering across the floor. “What do you want me to do cas? Acting like I still have some shrewd of control is the only thing I’m holding on to, and even that is shaky.” Gabriel snapped, glaring up at Castiel. He got that the other was worried, hell he was worried, Castiel just pulled his ass out of the fire already he wasn’t planning to let himself become a demon again. “You think I’m choosing to act like nothing is wrong with me? Like I wasn’t a god damn demon a week ago.” Gabriel gritted out, pushing himself away from the table. “If I had any other choice… if I knew how to contain this I would. I’ve tried everything, and talking about feelings ain’t gonna help, so just leave it.”



he’s just, standing right outside this man’s house with a speaker in hand and a phone in the other. it’s time to blast ‘ baby it’s cold outside ’- just to be what the kids would call that guy. 

a hot second passes, and both hands are being brought up to cup his own mouth. anything to make what would leave his mouth next heard over the obnoxious christmas tunes in the background.

so, oswald, tell me- how do you like your american christmases? 

(  what a wonderful way to greet an acquaintance. )


              she’s seen him before, of that she’s sure. here’s what she knows about him: they call him mack, he’s in one of her classes and QUIET, shy, and as far as she can tell, an avid coffee drinker much like herself. at least that’s what isabelle assumes, considering everyday she finds him at the same time, at the same coffee cart. she orders a cup for herself and he’s right behind her — they exchange a small smile and she notices that he has amazing eyes but he never speaks. not a word has been said in the couple of months they’ve been doing this and she takes it as her hint that he wants to be left alone. and then it all changes when she hears a voice ( one she’d only heard in class ONCE ) in the middle of the empty campus square. it’s soft and quiet but there’s no doubt in her mind that it was him.“i’m sorry, did you say something?

TaeJin - Christmas Markets

Jin P.O.V.
“Jinnieeee.. c’mon!!” Tae’s screaming at me.
“Yas, Tae! i’m coming already” i’m screaming back.
We are going on Christmas markets. I’m really excited.
“Finally” Tae said and smiled at me.

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I smiled too.

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“Okay, we can go” i said and hold his hand.

We are walking on street with shining lamps and snow started to fall. It’s really beautiful.

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Finally we came to market with hot tea.

“What flavour do you want?” nice seller asked me. I look at Tae and he said “Earl Grey and for my boyfriend tea with raspberries flavour, please” and smiled on me.

We took our teas and walked away. I sip of my cup and gave Tae light kiss on cheek. He look at me. “Tae! give me your tea” he didn’t get it, but he gave me his tea. Then i took my phone out. “Do peaceee..” He smiled, put his mouth mask on and do peace sign.

I look at the picture and smiled widely. “You are cute” i said. He put his arms around my neck.

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“I love you so much..” i whispered to him.

Then i connected our lips.

Tae started to kissing me deeply. I ran over his hair. It’s so magical. I’m so glad that i have him.
I stand back, because i needed more oxygen into my lungs. “Tae, look!” i direct my finger on mistletoe above us.

“Wanna get walk before we reach home?” I asked him. Tae gave me nod and we went to Han river.

I breath fresh air and look at Han river and on lights in front of me. “It’s cold” Tae said and hugged me tightly.

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We stayed for a while and then we went home. We walked in snowy street.

I took some snow from the ground and throw it on Tae. I laughed and Tae look at me with evil smirk. “ SNOW WAR!” he screamed and throw me on the ground. “AAA.. what are u..- “ he put snow in to my mouth and on my face. “Sto…- stop pleaseee..” i beg him. “And will you be good boy?” he smirked again. “Maybeee” “ Jinnie!” “Okay, okay, i will be good boy” i said and gave him quick kiss on lips.

Finally we reached our home.

Our living room looks beautiful. I went to kitchen make some hot drinks and snack.

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“It looks yummy!” Tae squealed and ran up to me. He took hot drink with cookies and goes upstairs.

We lied on bed and ate cookies. We watched anime, exactly Yuri On Ice!!! It’s our favourite anime, because it’s so cute >< Meanwhile i fell asleep.
I love him so much. He’s my one and only.

Hi guys! i decide to make scenario on TaeJin >< <3
I hope, you like it!
And sorry for my English ><   

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"Dilan made me pancakes. Do you want some?"

The voice - it ALMOST catches him off guard.  Maybe it was from the fact it was bright and early in the morning - maybe it was because he actually hadn’t gotten a wink of sleep last night. So that he was sat here  with a filled cup of coffee to fend off from the lack of sleep.

Only after a moment does it sink in what they had said - what ISA had said anyway. For the briefest of moments, a single chestnut eye greets the other boy, before glancing down at the plate of Pancakes. Least it meant that Dilan was up and at it - of course he would be though. Always reckoned him as an early bird to some degree.

Even if it smelt nice - looked appetising  - it just DIDN’T sit with him. 

A sigh escapes him as he presses fingers together before interlocking his hands on the table. His sight drift’s down over the half drank coffee mug, a frown still on his lips before he softly smiles. 

“ M’ alright Isa. Already eaten ya’ see but er - thanks for th’ offer. I bet Dil’ would rather ya’ enjoyed th’ lot ya’self “

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what did you want to be as a kid, and what do you want to be now?

When I was younger I entertained the idea of being an artist for a living. Well, I always knew that wasn’t how it would play out, but when you’re a kid you daydream a lot more. I remember once– I think I must have been nine– one of my tutors took me out for lunch. There was this man with a table set up right on the sidewalk and he was taking commissions from people passing by. He would use these bowls and cups to spray paint planets and solar systems on to the canvas and he made it look so simple. It was the first time I’d ever thought art could be simple and beautiful at the same time. 

Now, well. Now I’ll be whatever the pack needs me to be. 

for @whoswhatsitwhich 

He was a hairs breath away,

So close

She whimpered with want, ready to beg if she had too

“Daryl… I need…” her voice desperate

His eyes danced, full of mischief and dark promises

His lips brushed her ear as he whispered

“I have what you need right here girl, how bad do you want it?”

Her low moan firing his blood

“I want it so bad, please let me have it…”

He brushed her lips, feather light as he opened the wrapper.

His hands making quick work of it, as he slides it in.

Her eyes roll up, ecstasy  written over her face.

Sure it was the last peanut butter cup in the world but she was worth it.

What Making Out W/ Joshua Would Be Like

Hello! Admin CC Here! I’m going to continue this series so I hope I do you all justice! Enjoy and much love <3 

  • okay wow I’m so ready for this
  • making out with this absolute gentleman would be so sweet
  • definitely the type to discuss this sort of thing beforehand
  • “have you ever thought about kissing maybe besides just a peck?" 
  • probably a little shy at first but you wouldn’t really be able to tell
  • he’d initiate a make out session only after he was 100% sure it was what the both of you wanted 
  • would test the waters by cupping your cheeks and pecking you on the lips slowly multiple times
  • if he could tell you were reciprocating then he’d slowly pull you closer to him
  • a hand softly placed on your waist
  • leaning into you so you could feel his chest on yours
  • just slow and sweet make out sessions

  • if things were getting hot he’d make his movements more passionate
  • would silently love when you crawled into his lap and straddled him 
  • he’d have a firm grasp on both of your hips and the movements of his lips would be fluid and precise 
  • he’s very careful with you and wants to make sure you’re comfortable, but it fades in and out of the forefront of his mind as he loses himself 
  • afterwards he’d wind the two of you down with more soft pecks and cuddles
  • wouldn’t say much after as to not ruin the blissful moment
  • but would point out how much he loves you and that he think you’re absolutely wonderful

Sorry that it’s a little short! I tried not to rant too much :P Hope everyone is having a good day! <3 

- Admin CC

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Cas smiled warmly and reached up with hand to cup Dean's face and peck his lips. "What do you want to do the rest of the day?" ~r

Dean glanced at Cas and shrugged. “I don’t know. You wanna watch a movie or something?” He suggested.


Ieyasu’s Beguiling Love!

Finale Highlights!!!

So Ieyasu’s first event and even though I didn’t like the whole Hazuki subplot it was actually, very interesting.
I mean this was just an Ieyasu event.

I may not like him but hey I liked the story flow and it felt like What I DO like about Ieyasu in the end.
He can’t trust people and here’s the ever trusting MC the two opposites and you can see how much he wants to be able to believe her. To believe in her.
Like honestly when Ieyasu is like on the verge of tears for the conflicting emotions and you can truly just call him like a lost child or a lost brat is when I like him.

Every other time he’s just not my cup of tea.
I’m just glad that this felt like Ieyasu.
He’s the epitome of the beguiles anyways lol

Well, actually we have Shingen next too hehehe
Well they all are but as we see Ieyasu in other events and other Main Stories, we all know how deceptive Ieyasu is. Lol

Anyways Happy Eventing!!!

Also yes, I so wanted to include the MC back talk and everything from earlier in the finale but yeah. Stupid 10 limit on mobile :T