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i'm not a larrie but what's the point of dragging random blogs who have done nothing to you lol i just... why

me: *posts one pic*

y'all: omg …. why r u so obsessed

Like no offense but I hardly ever blog about this shit and honestly I just thought it was funny that I was recommended probably one of the worst larries on this site when I just don’t blog about it all like I made probably one post about this issue in the past couple months ?? Maybe more ??

And yeah sure I’ve never been personally victimized (by That blog anyways can’t say the same for the rest of larries lmao) but that don’t excuse the ugly things certain blogs have done of course I don’t want to think about them or be reminded they exist lmao

Rmr when Steve followed harry after first making sure to like his rainbow ig post? Because I do and boy do I have questions.

What to do with my cat?

Continuing from my previous post about my living situation…

As it currently stands, I’m probably going to have to move out of my house. A brief look at rooms/roomates wanted shows me that renting out the entire house would be a lot easier and cost-effective than finding roommates, particularly at the price-points roommates expect to pay vs. house-renters.

However, even if I retained residence at the house with roommates, I can’t leave my cat (Y) here. I’m having problems figuring out what to do with him. Options have included:

  • Dad’s house - dad doesn’t like cats, step-mom is allergic. Her idea of cat staying there is it would live in the basement. My boy wouldn’t get much attention from them and would probably run away, which is how I got him in the first place.
  • Aunt’s house - she already has 2 cats. Y lived there once but she only had the 1 cat at the time and now she has a very aggressive boy cat. I don’t think it would go well.
  • Sister’s place - I already asked and her roommate said no because her dog was traumatized by a cat (even though my cat is indifferent to dogs unless they try to play with him). :( This would have been the best option.
  • Cousins - the cousins who are moving out have offered to look after him if I ever need it, esp since he gets along with their animals and the two cats have sorta bonded. Y would get attention, but I’m worried about his food intake, since they overfeed their pets.
  • Neighbors - My neighbor LOVES my cat - so much that he put in a cat door so my cat can visit whenever. Y gets along with their cat and apparently has actually even helped the cat since their dog died. I haven’t asked but I’m sure they’d look after Y if I asked. I don’t think his diet would be good but Y would be in the same neighborhood (he goes outside) and he would be doted on.
  • Friend’s place? - I haven’t asked this of my friend, T, yet. She lives on her family’s property which is over 200 acres, with all kinds of animals - including other cats, though the one outdoor-always cat is a female, 2 males are old and indoors a lot, and her other male is a 4-mo. old kitten. Y would have lots to do, though attention would be divided among a LOT of other animals.

My cat is a maine coon - they’re a lot like dogs and really bond to their humans. If a new person doesn’t make an effort with Y when he first meets them, he just kind of writes them off. But humans that make an effort with him are good friends - especially ones who play with him and pet him a lot. THOSE are life-humans. I rescued Y as a stray in the back yard and looked after him until I decided to keep him so we’re really close. I HATE the idea of leaving him somewhere that isn’t home. I want to keep him forever - my family NEVER gives up animals unless it is healthier for the animal to do so.  I leave my cat every summer and then come back; he bounces back from it every time. But in all but 1 of the 6 years I’ve done this job, he’s just stayed home with people he already lived with and I came back to him – would it be fair to put him somewhere different? With new people?  I feel like my Neighbor would be one of the best options for Y but I’d feel so awful taking him back (my neighbor is Y’s #2 human). I don’t know where I’m going to be living when I get back next fall.

This part is probably stressing me out way more than the house. :(

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literally same, i can’t bring myself to watch anything else?? or just to care about anything else?? what has this show done to us…

RIGHT, i only watch like tbbt while i eat (or now i started with ‘please like me’) but other wise i cant finish an episode… even today i was at the movies and all i could think about was skam. I feel like a crazy person.

(sorry just added this one as well)

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Gosh, I’ve been like that too with all kinds of netflix shows to the point where I’ve given up watching and instead just accepted my faith. And I have to go to bed soon anyways so it’s like oh well… maybe some other time when I’m not as obsessed with Skam as I’m rn… (I keep wondering if that’ll ever happen though and I doubt it.)

I think i started like 3 shows… and i still have to watch the new ep of tvd (i know i fell into that hole) i dont know how to get out. in too deep

Stingue fanfic

Ok so I’m in the process of writing a Stingue fanfic. I’ve been trying to decide if I wanted to leave author notes with the fanfic or not so I decided I’m going to blog about some of the thought process that is going into it so if anyone is interested they can come here. The story is looking like it’s going to pretty long, I’m about 20 pages in and not even half way done. Basically, what I’m doing with this is I’m taking what is currently canon and creating a story that shows how a Sting and Rogue same-sex relationship fits into that. It’s not yet to the point where I feel confident posting parts of it. I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist so I don’t think I’m going to post until it’s finished and perfect in my eyes. It also doesn’t have a decent title. I’m just going to keep putting up posts on my process for now.

To the Sherlock fandom... and others

I want to express my sincere ignominy and embarrassment towards a lot of people. I’m writing to every fan of Sherlock, everyone who has seen and liked this series.

During the past days I have seen so much hate and stupidity that I literally considered deleting my Tumblr account. Later, I thought that was not the point, since the problem is not the social network but the people themselves.

First, someone, or maybe more than one, leaked The Final Problem, in Russia. Maybe this is normal for Game of Thrones fans, but for me… I felt so angry! Not because of the action itself but because of what came afterwards.
Whilst some fans ignored the links or, simply, the curiosity of watching the leaked episode, others weren’t that smart.
Even though the producers (yes, I’m talking about Sue Vertue’s tweet) and Sherlock’s official pages posted us NOT to watch the episode, some still did. And I’m not angry because they used pirate methods. We all use them, I included. I, as many people, download torrents, especially because the Netflix of my country release new shows VERY late. I’m angry, though, because, in my humble opinion, it must have felt like treason for the creators (since lots of people literally laughed at them after their warnings). Besides, if people watch the episode before it is released, there’s much more chance that when the episode is live the number of watchers will, obviously, be reduced. In and extreme case, this could even cause in the cancelation of the show itself. We all know that many shows have been cancelled exactly for this reason - e.g. Lie To Me. Of course, probably, most of those who watched the leaked version, watched it again yesterday, but that doesn’t take off the possibility. But more importantly, and what made me feel even worse, is that some bloggers actually posted spoilers of the storyline, knowing that it wouldn’t be released until one day later (I literally had to close all my social networks in fear I would be spoiled).
And, also, seriously??? We waited THREE YEARS. I’m sure you could wait 24 hours more, and avoid all this matter.

Secondly, it apparently seemed that no one liked TFP. Which is okay, totally. It’s a free world (supposedly) meaning that we can all express our points of view. I, as a human being, need to accept others’s opinions, even if I don’t agree with them. Nevertheless, if you can express yourself, so can I, and let me say, that, imho, you’re wrong. The episode had its downs… some black holes, explanations that were missed. I accept that. I really do. What I cannot accept is that you didn’t like it because it didn’t happen what you wanted. And here is where I go to the main debate: Johnlock. I have shipped the characters almost since I first watched the show. I have always enjoyed reading all conspiracies - even if they were absolutely crazy and improbable! - but there’s always a limit. If you OTP doesn’t come true in one episode (or in a whole series, whatever) you cannot be blaming the authors and complain everywhere. They are the authors, and they can do whatever they want because it’s their show! They control what happens and what doesn’t, and that’s the magic in it… The feeling of un expectancy. Something that every watcher, every reader experiences. It’s not queer-baiting. If your gay ship didn’t happen, it’s not their fault. It’s their show, their story, and they can do whatever they like. And if you don’t like it, just stop watching it. No one is forcing you after all. Create your own gay drama, look somewhere else, but don’t complain if something you wanted didn’t turn up that way! It’s ridiculous! As I said before, if you want, you can think this, express it to your friends, cry in a corner… I don’t know, but don’t send fucking hate to the creators! It’s awful. If you have at least a little sense of humanity, you must agree with me when I say that sending hate to the creators and cast of, what is suppose to be - maybe - your favourite show is simply horrible. And it’s not my imagination, check Twitter, check Mark Gattiss’ Twitter account.
And also, if other people did like it, then respect them too. I think that even if jonhlock didn’t become canon, it was a wonderful episode. So many revelations! As I said, there were black holes, there were mistakes, but in all it was splendid! The cast, as ever, incredible. The writers, the cinematography… what an imagination! Okay, I admit they copied some stuff from other films - such as The Ring, Silence of The Lambs, Saw - but still! My personal favourite was The Lying Detective, but I wasn’t disappointed.

Maybe I’m wrong, maybe I’m blind and it was shitty, and you’re right. But, even if that is so, at least have the simple humanity of being polite to the people who made this show possible. Don’t be mean. And also, don’t be angry with me. Well.. of course you can, but what I mean is that it’s a beautiful show, and I don’t want people - including myself - being spoiled by others and feel shameful because of some actions this fandom has done (recently).

Anyway, I don’t expect someone to read this full text, but if you did, thanks! I really appreciate it. Sorry if I made grammar mistakes, English is actually not my mother tongue. Now… Mofftiss, please, please, please, just don’t tell me this is the end. I can wait three more years, I did it before anyway. But, please, give me more! Give me a special, at the least.

P.S: For those who think TJLC is dead… Look at the two of them… they are raising a child together! Moreover, it has never been explicitly said that Sherlock sent that message “You know were to find me. SH” to Adler. It is not the end. If they make another season, we shall see them once more, and we shall hope our wishes become true. Because, after all, it is what it is. And if you think that what it is is shit is okay, don’t watch it anymore. But, I, I’ll keep watching it, even if that means I’m 80…


random stuff about me

ok so, i’m having this horrible cold/flu and i haven’t been able to even shower for days or chance out of my pj’s for days etc.. TMI lol 

My point is, i was just making tea and all of a sudden i realize my gf is staring at me like i’m the most precious thing ever?? i mean i stink and look like crap and she looks at me like that and i’m just rendered speechless tbh

god why do people still run those “bad art” critique blogs where they repost things kids posted on deviantart like whats even the point? do u feel cool and tough when u make fun of literal twelve year old children for being bad hobbyist artists. leave kids alone and let them have fun wtf the fuck?

Everyone is getting so excited and pushing for gay Kaldar and canon Bluepulse in season three. Honestly, I don’t see the point. Even if these things aren’t proven canon doesn’t mean they aren’t true within the show. It doesn’t have to be in your face to be the truth. This is true for all series and fandoms. For example, SVTFOE and trans girl Marco. It’s obvious Marco has dysphoria and within the show Marco might not figure out what that feeling is or what it’s coming from. That doesn’t mean he never does. As for Young Just ice, DC comics has been pretty open minded about gay characters. Look at Greg’s posts. If he won’t be allowed to make these things canon, I strongly believe he’ll find some way to slip in that we’re right. Besides, it wouldn’t be the first time we’ve had a canon queer in DC. If I recall correctly, Batgirl was on a date with a girl before it was cut short by a call from Nightwing. Chances of representation are high, and let’s be honest if we aren’t given representation, we create representation. That’s what the fandom is all about. Finding our own truth within a story is what we do. Art is in the eye of the beholder.

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I know I'm an asshole for doing this but if people want to ship age gap, incest or whatever they're into then you're not gonna stop them. post all the hate that you want but they're not gonna stop shipping what they enjoy. There's point in trying.

lol that’s exactly what makes me do this even more

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Oh my god I don't even know what to do I'm just going through every Sherlock blog seeing all the angry posts (had to vent sorry).

It’s such a mess I’m just using humour as a coping mechanism at this point

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hi! I just saw your post about pinyin and I just wanted to know your personal opinion about this: I've come to a point that I rely on the pinyin for everything (even my keyboard is the one that uses pinyin and suggests the character) I always write the pinyin in some texts and so, would you recommend to stop using it while is still early and rely on my memory to remember the pronunciation of the character? I want to be able to write with the stroke keyboard someday too... what do you think?

so i use the pinyin keyboard too and i don’t think that’s quite an issue

what i say when i refer to pinyin becoming a crutch is reading characters. if you’re at the beginning stage i think it’s fine to still use pinyin when taking notes but what i do when i take notes on vocab is this:

汉子 definition (pinyin)

i think if you don’t feel comfortable completely departing from pinyin that’s fine because i still use it but i try to make it so that when i see the character i don’t see the pinyin at the same time (i do similar things with quizlet; i’ll just put the character on the front and on the back i’ll have the english definition and the pinyin in parenthesis).

my personal recommendation would be to use pinyin with the things that are totally new to you. if you think you really know something, however, try to take notes without pinyin and see how that works. i also know i’ve seen that post where people have those sticky tabs with the character on it, but underneath it is the pinyin and definition 

what you really need to do is experiment with your note-taking and pinyin because everybody has different ways of learning so it’s mostly finding what methods work best for you.

i feel like this answer was just one big question mark, so like did this clear it up for you? 

but thanks for asking, especially since this is something i’m still trying to figure out as well

@winterywitch Perhaps. I can’t get hypervigilant about anything that bores me quickly, or isn’t part of my identity so I suppose its hard for me to emphasize. Acecourse bores me, but I’ve ended up seeing it even in the actuallynpd tags so I guess I can’t actually AVOID it at this point.

That last post was more about “Hmm what motive could you have to tell an asexual (that you dont know) to kill themselves? Anger? Boredom? Even stupid people need a motive.”

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About your post about OA's mom Nancy. You have to remember she went through a truama too. She loves OA more than anything and lost her for 7 years and at that point still had no idea what happened to her all that time. All she wanted is to protect her from getting hurt any further or people expoliting her on the internet.

It’s clear that Nancy suffered from a trauma but the thing is she always wanted to protect OA and talked to her and even when OA knew better and Nancy was kind of understanding she fell back in such a manner against OA and everybody who tried to have contact to her. And well Nancy lied to her husband all the time so I don’t know how to excuse that tho :D. In the end I was just writing about that scene was just making me angry because nobody could understand Nancy in that situation really and i think even Nancy didn’t understand herself there. 

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I highly doubt that the "him" was aimed at gamby because at this point of history, terezi was no where close even considering him a potential kismesis. That would've been years after that moment :)!

it’s certainly a long way off, but she did say she was doing subtle long-term stuff. even though not everything turned out to be subtle.

terezi never seemed dependent on karkat: it’s not clear what it would be meant to change with him or why. but in the pre-retcon timeline, terezi became very dependent on gamzee, which made her miserable and she recognized it. and post-retcon, we see her rejecting gamzee.

it’s worth remembering that in A6I5, terezi describes her inability to figure out gamzee’s tricks during act 5 as having played into that. that’s what lead me to guess the message was about gamzee. and in turn, gamzee’s insults were involved in her getting her eyes healed, something she made a point of not doing post-retcon. (although she may not have encountered any aranea at all in that timeline.)

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None of the color scans are by araki they’re by a digital coloring team by the publishing company and the colors should not be treated like any kind of canon, they even show dio standing around in the middle of the day they’re not what would be the real colors

Fair point! This probably explains it too (though IIRC the covers show Weather as being relatively pale, as do the games, but eh)

Again, the anime could use a different, slightly darker palette for his skin like the did with Steely Dan once they get around to animating Stone Ocean, which wouldn’t be unwelcome imho. (Again, not looking for him to be as dark as Pucci, just a lil more tan like the Manga says)

I’m not calling it white-washing or anything, it’s more a personal miff that wouldn’t end my world if the SO anime does go with a palette closer to the digital scans, but it would be appreciate it if they at least made him a little tan.

No Colin Farrell in FBAWTFT 2... According to David Heyman


If this is true, though, I’m going to be SO disappointed… Not only because it means more Johnny Depp (wrong casting for Grindelwald if you ask me… But this point will be adressed in a future-ish post?), but because I find the character of Graves to have so much potential, that should not be wasted…

Also, if we do not find eventually what happened to Graves, and who he was, it would show a certain weakness in terms of writing of MACUSA, and Picquery especially (Graves was her colleague, her right-hand, maybe even a friend? How can one be so lenient, and oblivious as to not try to find what happened to a highly competent and key-wizard of MACUSA?

Anyway. The least they should do would be to show a little insight on the character in the sequel… As for me, I’ll go back to crying over the wasted potential of Percy Graves.

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I saw your ask to an anon about reviews and I rarely review because I never really know what to say. At what point does "Another great chapter, post more please!" get annoying for an author? Do writers enjoy questions from readers in reviews or just words of encouragement or critiques? (For me critiques would be the hardest because even if I think something would be better if written a certain way, what right do I have to say so since I'm not the one actually writing, does that make sense?)

No one really ever gets tired of compliments. I have one reviewer who writes ‘thanks’ on every chapter she reads and I think she’s great.

@shayalonnie put together a great review FAQ here: http://shayalonnie.weebly.com/review-faqs.html

But, if you want to encourage your writer without causing yourself anxiety, 'I loved it, thanks’ will never, ever become tiresome.

You know what needed to die in 2016?

Yuri on ice. I haven’t even bothered to watch it, and won’t. Because all I see is that show on everything. I’m so sick of seeing it all. That’s cool if you like it and stuff. But just killing it for us people who haven’t gotten a chance to watch it to the point we’re already sick of seeing it, that’s pretty messed up. Thanks for obsessing so hard and ruining it for us.

Alright my rant is over. And I got that out. Don’t take offense to this. And please don’t send me PM’s, jumping down my throat with hate and your negatives. I too can express myself just like they express their “LOVE FOR YURI ON ICE!!!!!!! ”