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So is it stubbornness or leadership?
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So is it stubbornness or leadership?

If there’s one positive thing that can be said for delaying slightly this article 50 submission, it’s that we may glimpse through the keyhole and into the next room of what we’re facing come 1st April.

Not even a day after the result we were told the £350m/week NHS money was non-sense, even £186m/week wouldn’t be possible. A lie a lot of people believed and voted for.

We watch the value of the pound freefall while gaining none of the benefits of a weak currency, because we don’t really export anything of any worth, at least not on the scale of Germany, China etc. who do benefit from such conditions.

Now we’ve been hearing for weeks in ever threatening tones from Europe & Scotland that if we want to retain access to the single-market, understandably we will need to keep the freedom of EU movement.

Make no mistake that this point, a point which so many leave voters’ votes were for is clearly non-negotiable as far as Europe is concerned. A clear line in a sand has been drawn, keeping the status-quo with regards to EU immigration & have the single market (then why are we leaving?), or risk the end of the UK as Scotland holds a second referendum to split (and most likely wins this time) and for the rest of the former-UK a decade at least of economic turmoil as we desperately try to make economic deals.

I guess my question is: at which point does this all become stubbornness and not leadership?

Because I don’t think Theresa May can continue to hide behind “I’m just following what the public voted for” as she appears to be doing right now. Certainly with such a close result on such a massive issue, by far greater in importance than a general election how could you just blindly follow orders when it seems daily events all around you are like flashing red warning lights.

If it was proven before the end of March that a second referendum would comfortably yield a differing result to remain should this change the course of the future of our ever fragile union? Or at least give us pause for thought before we do decide to jump ship?

Of course all comments are welcome but I’m most interested in hearing from those working age leave voters for whom economic stability is much more important, certainly more than those who’re already retired with a house that’s paid off, who don’t need economic stability anywhere near as much.

Each and every day I wake up and read the latest headlines about all this, today it was that London’s guts are going to ripped out as the banking sector looks set to move from the UK to mainland Europe. I mean, why would they stay here and risk future uncertainty? The weather?

I simply fail to see any bright future with a hard Brexit and a soft Brexit doesn’t make any sense to me. Certainly it seems we have little to no leverage if/when negotiations start. Maybe you could help change my mind.

If anything else, thanks for reading my ramblings.

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