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I brought some oranges to work yesterday but didn’t eat them so this may have happened =D

When Scorpius is old enough to understand, Astoria teaches him about the meaning of Father’s Day and little Scorpius gets all excited cause now he can buy gifts for Dad on days other than Christmas =)

A very veryyy rough sketch for Father’s Day. Wanted to sneak this in before the day was over. I just love how much Scorpius absolutely adores his father.


Prompt:Your favourite of Clara’s hairstyles 

For @gallihafry

“No, no, no. No. Look at me.”

“Yep, looking.”


“Why is your face all coloured in?”

Can we just take a moment to think about the fact that between Tulip’s death and the scene in the car there was probably a moment where Cassidy & Jesse just sit on the floor looking at Tulip lifeless body??? 
A moment where Jesse just couldn’t bare to look at her while Cassidy just cried his eyes out nearby??
And then Jesse had to pick her up and put her on the backseat, probably mentally saying sorry because he was going to drive her car without her permission. And while this was happening Cassidy was just helplessly looking, uncertain if he could help or not, because the words that Jesse spoke moments before were still ringing in his head: “Don’t touch her. Don’t you ever touch her.”??? 

Yeah, you’re welcome. 



Bad Habit - Part 1

Lance Tucker x PoC

Warnings: M for Mature (language for now)

A/N: Lance Tucker is a hard bloody character to write. Because we can ALL agree that he is one fine piece of man meat. Thatโ€™s not the problem. The problem is his ego wielding, smart ass talking, can never do any wrong even though heโ€™s only a SECOND PLACE WINNER (ok, sometimes first) personality. That and heโ€™s really gross poaching on young girls. But a friend is convinced I canโ€™t make her love him (E - you know who you are!!) so here I go.ย 

Because despite that I am going to try and go ahead and write him because itโ€™s every writerโ€™s prerogative to get readers to want to love the character we all are born to hate. I truly hope I did this justice. The only shift I am going to have in this version of Lance is that there is no scandal he is involved in โ€“ heโ€™s not that creepy nasty young coach who poaches underage girls because thatโ€™s the only way I can get myself to write someone like him.

Also this will be in two parts

You had driven down on a whim. You werenโ€™t going to โ€“ in fact, you had made plans with a few friends to fly out to Florida for a quick weekend in sun. New York had been slammed with a brutal winter and even though spring was fast approaching the city hadnโ€™t caught up, unable to thaw out from the cold northern wind that felt like had permanently frozen the city. So you wanted a quick weekend to go layout on a beach, the sun inking your skin with Vitamin D while you lulled into a happy stupor under steady waves. You had just finished touring with your theaterโ€™s tour and had been in town long enough to want to get the hell out of it again.

No such luck.

Instead, Thursday night while you were packing for your weekend getaway you had gotten a call from your mother, her sobs consuming her so heavily you could barely make out what she was saying. It took five minutes for you to get her to calm down, worry feeling your heart before she was able to choke out the words.ย 

Ruth Mary Ann Tucker was dead.

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From Con to Con (Part Eleven)


Part Ten

A/N: Holy shit guys. Look at that word count, look at it! This is a loooooong ass chapter. Sorry, not sorry.ย 

Pairing: Rob Benedict x Reader

Warnings: language, drinking, sexual talk, discussion of oral sex

Word Count: 11,230 (WHAT?)ย 

Tags:ย @dont-hate-relate-pls, @nekodresden85, @baritonechick, @i-dont-understand-that-url, @sympathyforluci, @crowley-you-sinnamon-roll, @authoressskr,ย @your-not-invisible-to-me, @cantchoosejustonefandom, @chelseypaigeake,ย @crowleysminion, @laffytaffyhumor, @smoothdogsgirl, @destiel-addict-forever,ย @multifandomlove2002, @agent-superwholockian, @b-northington, ย @waywardswain, @prettyboy-spn, @oriona75, @thatone67chevyimpala, @kazchester-fanfiction, @atc74, @derivedfromapho, @shititskatelyn, @spnackleholicswainer,ย @bloodstained-porcelain-doll, @multi-fan-dom-madness, @ebeers1673

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The rest of the day passed on, your high from showing off to your friends kept you in a wonderful mood. Your photo ops were more interesting this go around since more fans asked you to do some dancer moves in your poses. You even did some in your double op with Misha which was interesting watching him attempt to do some of the same moves. While he was a flexible guy, he didnโ€™t have the same kind of grace as most dancers did.ย 

Ruth, Briana, Kim and you decided to go get Chinese food for dinner after you finished with your autographs. There had been some extra time so you changed into a winter green dress that had long sleeves with black tights and black booty shoes on. Since your breakup with Jordan, you had promised yourself to dress up for the little events in your life more and you found that it started to grow your confidence. Plus, you would look great when you were on stage for the final song of the Saturday Night Special.ย 

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‘The Affair’ Star Ruth Wilson Signs Up To BBC Fantasy Drama ‘His Dark Materials’
EXCLUSIVE: The Affair star Ruth Wilson is the latest A-list star to sign up to BBC drama His Dark Materials. The actor is signing up to play Marisa Coulter, one of the main protagonists of the eigh…
By Peter White

We certainly didn’t have to wait long for that. 

Ruth Wilson has been cast as Marisa Coulter!  

If you want an idea of what Ruth Wilson’s acting is like, when she’s playing sinister, it’s recommended that you check out Luther, with Idris Elba. Like this clip for example.

So, we have a lot of our main cast now! We expect many more news to drop, as filming time approaches (or has it already begun?) - and we’re all ears.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Ruth Wilson can pull of a good Mrs. Coulter? Do you think she’ll be blonde or will the black hair return? Tell us! 

Tee Shirt- Birdy (Grayson Dolan)

Here is the link to the song  Tee Shirt by Birdy and also my first of many imagines

Reader’s POV 

In the morning when you wake up

I like to believe you are thinking of me

And when the sun comes through your window

I like to believe you’ve been dreaming of me

As the early morning sun shined through the curtains of the room, you looked down at the strong arms encasing your waist tightly.

 Belonging to none other then your Boyfriend of Grayson Bailey Dolan. You turned over in his arms causing him stir slightly as you smiled down at him sound asleep. Finally he was getting some good sleep, lately his been so exhausted.

You couldn’t bring yourself to wake him.

You brought your hand to his bicep smiling as you rubbed his arm soothingly. Slowly his eyes began to open.

“Mhmmmm Good Morning Beautiful” Grayson said in deep Morning voice you’ve grown to love.

“ Morning” you spoke back softly smiling at him he released you from his grip stretching as your legs stayed tangled.

“Did you sleep good Baby?” You asked tracing random shapes on his exposed chested.

“ Best sleep I had in a while.” He smiled 

“ Hope you were dreaming of me” You joked and he smiled that million dollar smile that caused your heart to flutter. 

“ Always” He whispered in your ear rolling over on top of you kissing your forehead sweetly as you giggled and placed your hands on the side of his faces bring his Lips softly down on yours.

I know cause I’d spend half this morning
Thinking about the t-shirt you sleep in 

You stood at the stove making eggs and Pancakes for You, Gray and Ethan who was currently still asleep,you stood in front of the stove in only Grayson’s shirt. You were so focused on cooking you didn’t realize Grayson stood behind you as he wrapped his arms tightly around your waist his front pressed firmly to your back, You couldn’t help the smile that formed onto your face as you relaxed your body into his.

“ Penny for your thoughts?” He spoke softly as he kissed the side of your head, as you two swayed back a forth slightly

“ You. Me. Us” you spoke with a smile 

“ All good things I hope.” He said walking away, smacking your butt lightly you turned around to see a cheeky grin placed on his face as he went to wake up E.

You turned back around refocusing on Breakfast with a smile painted on your face. You’re thoughts wondered back to Grayson and how good he looked with his Black Sweats hanging low on his hips and his toned chest.

That Boy occupied every inch of your thoughts and you wouldn’t have any other way.

When I saw you, Everyone knew
I liked the effect that you had on my eyes
But no one else heard The weight of your words                                       
Or felt the effect that they have on my mind

You could hear Gray and E arguing up stairs, you shook your head smiling continuing to cook as your thoughts began to wonder back to the first time you guys meet.

 The Coffee Shop that started it all…..

You sat in the booth the booth that seem to become your regular spot leaning against the window. The booth faced the door and was close to the counter it also got the best view of the street. Your coffee steamed in front of you as you read Milk and Honey for the 5th time never really getting sick of the way the words made you feel. You heard the bell above the front door ring and looked up, seeing as this wasn’t a popular Coffee shop since Starbucks took over. You couldn’t help but wonder who wandered in,there stood a  tall darker haired boy with a good build scanning the menu and You shrugged Taking a sip of your coffee diving right back into your book.

You were pulled back in to reality when a Deep velvet voice said 

“ Excuse me miss but what’s the best thing on the menu?”  This beautiful stranger smiled at you while asking and your breath hitch and you forgot how to speak for a second.

“ Oh ummm, I always get a classic cup of espresso with milk. Ruth always dose the cutest Latte Art.” You said smiling at your favorite Barista Ruth, who smiled back.

“ Oh shhhh y/n” Ruth hushed you and you chuckled 

“ Well then its settled, I’ll have what she’s having. Do you mind if I seat?” He asked sweetly as Ruth began to make his Coffee.  

“ Of course not, I don’t mind the company.” You responded nicely looking back down at your book as Ruth placed the freshly brewed cup down 

“ What’re you reading?” He asked after thanking Ruth kindly 
“ Milk and Honey, it’s a Beautiful poetry book.” You smiled showing him the cover

“ Read me your favorite poem, if you don’t mind. ” He asked and you knew what page to flip to right away.

“Most importantly Love like it’s the only thing you know how
at the end of the day all this
means nothing
this page
where you’re sitting
your degree
your job
the money
nothing even matters
except love and human connections who you love
and how deeply you love them
how you touch the people around you and how much you gave them( Rupi Kaur Milk and Honey)“ 

You read the poem with power and softness, The stranger seem to hang on every word. He reached his and across the table and said 

” I’m Grayson, Grayson Dolan.“ Taking his hand in yours, you said
"Y/N, Y/N Y/L” with a small smile.

You two talked and talked about everything Family, Career, Goals it seemed so effortless between you to like you’ve known each other for years. While minutes turned to hours and after a while, Grayson had to leave.

“ I’ll see you here tomorrow right?” Grayson spoke with a eagerness to his voice. And he shook your head yes with a cheesy smile that he returned.

“ Good. It’s a Date then.” He said as he turned to walk out a slight blush on his cheeks 

“ They way you two looked at each other I give it a week before you’re falling in love.” Ruth said while wiping the tables smiling at your blushing red cheeks as you looked down at the number scribbled across the napkin in front of you.

 Snapping back into reality you smiled placing the food on the table. Well Ruth was right about one thing it only took a week for Grayson to fall in love with the way you talked and the light in your eyes and you to do the same….

Falling mmm mmm

anonymous asked:

I hope I'm not being rude by asking this, but if you don't consume ink, then what do you eat? You can call me Ruth, by the way.

“It ain’t bad though, considering who knows how long this stuff has been lying around…” 

What happens next? pt 3 (Avengers x teen!reader)

What happens next? pt 1 ย  ย What happens next? pt 2

What happens next? pt 4ย  ย ย What happens next? pt 5


Synopsis: You want to change classes because of bullying. Bullying ensues. Best friend comic relief.ย 

โ€What do you mean no?โ€ You glared at the teacher, Miss Ruth, who was sitting calmly at her desk. โ€œI mean, no, you canโ€™t change classes just because you feel like it.โ€

โ€œItโ€™s not just because I feel like it Iโ€ฆplease Miss, isnโ€™t there anything you can do?โ€

โ€œIโ€™m sorry Miss L/N, but you just have to deal with it, unless thereโ€™s something you want to tell me?โ€ You looked down and picked at your nails absentmindedly in your pockets. โ€œNo.โ€

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The Lex Theory (BVS)

Request: lex Luthor and the reader had been friends for a while and he starts getting nervous and shy around her because he liked her for a long time and sees her around another guy and gets all jealous

Note: I personally donโ€™t think lex is the type to go clubbing but just imagine it, just think about it, drunk lex giggling and jumping about with his messy hair. So I thought about it and this is the love child of that thought and this prompt.

Also I have random names for the friends

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SPNLV - Ruth Connell

I’ve got you all to myself, heh heh heh

Q: at my last con i had an op with mark s, he said i was taller than you, i want to know if that’s true

A - mark said he was so happy when i started because he wasn’t the shortest anymore. He used to call me wee bit when he was in a good mood. My response to him always was the best things come in small packages.

*rummages through bag* my hope chest is the only charity in america that helps gets women get their boobs back, after breast cancer, if the insurance companies won’t cover it. It’s a little charity, but most of the money goes right into the thing to help people. I haven’t answered your question.

On my cv is says i’m 5’3”. That’s a barefaced lie. On a good day I’m 5’2’, i’m usually about 5’6’ because of the shoes, so i’m whatever height you want me to be darling. Basically i’m the height of nonsense.

*ruth is loose in the auditorium*

How can you have a dinosaur and a flamingo on this planet, and they come from the same dna somehow. Or like, jared padalecki and Ruth connell. Me being the flamingo, and him the tyrannosaurus rex

Nice seeing people. And there’s always one on their phone not paying attention. What’re you doing that’s more important than me. You’re tweeting mark sheppard rather than listening to me? Defenestrate you right this second. Want to take a selfie with me? We’ll tweet him

Q: if rowena can get revenge, what would she do

A - it’s too soon. Question is, what wouldn’t she do.

I was in canada the other night, even though i wasnt coming straight here, something told me to take the toiletries from that hotel, and the hotel here has none. They’re fancy. What was the question?

Person - What would you like to do to lucifer

A- originally i think rowena saw herself and luci as the posh and becks of hell, about to be top witch of hell. I wouldnt kill him, I would glamour him so he was infatuated with me and did all my bidding. Kill someone with kindness and love

How come my picture’s not up there? Creation? Who’s in charge?

Q (kid) What’s your fave sport

A - thats a very good question. Im going to give you a pencil. What was your question? Favorite sport. I grew up, you know soccer, you have american football but you use your hands, we call soccer football. My grandma ran a football team, only woman in the scottish league. So i come from a family who is obsessed. My dad is the only person i know who can watch a match on television and listen to a different match at the same time. I quite like football, all my family even my female cousins, play. I am really liking the ice skating. What do you like?

Kid - Basketball

Ruth - I like basketball, i can run between everyone’s legs

Q - if you were a winchester, what would happen

A - i think rowena could inveigle herself in there. What would go down, lot of snarkyness, lot of sarcasm at breakfast, whiskey on the evening. Teach them some spells. Maybe swap their noses, i wish they could do that with cgi so jensen has jared’s nose and jared had jensen’s nose

*sidetrack to snapchat w/ fan*

Q: you mentioned your cv, any other lies there

A - not a lie, its called an actor’s ambition. I sent an agent last year an email, its standard on cv’s to have heights and wright and age. I understand the height thing, trying to fit jared and me in a frame, but its already so competitive without the numbers pigeonholing you. I tell you something thats not true, on imdb, its owned by netflix and they paid a lot of money to not have to be accurate. So its says ruth connell on imdb, star sign taurus, so thats a lie on my cv thats not even of my telling. If im going to lie its going to be a good one.

I really don’t spend that much time cooking, so i switched the oven on for the first time, i put pizza in and left the room and came back and the heat was unbelievable and the heat and smoke, there were flames going up the walls. Got the flame thrower and the pin wouldn’t come out, so im running outside to my neighbors in my bra. All the words are different, so i’m screaming for fire brigade fire brigade, it was quite difficult in the heat of the moment to get what was going on through.

I’d just moved, and now im the girl that almost burned the neighborhood down, right after i moved in

Q: were you ever into horoscopes or astrology

A - it can be absolute gobbeldy gook, but if you look at all the aspects, you might read something in it that might resonate with you or it might be wrong, but it’s not fortune telling. Since i’ve been playing rowena i’m more interested in it.

If the moon can pull the tides, why would saturn not influence something. I wonder what sam and dean think of it, has it ever come up in the show. Its funny cause kripke gave specific birthdays for reasons

Q: what was the hardest spell to learn and funnest to cast

A - hardest one to learn was at the end of s10, i walk away with the book of the damned, i blew everything up and they can’t move. I had a line of polish, four lines of african, a line of gaelic. And they give you a recording to learn, and the gentleman on the recording had a very different voice from me. I still never got the polish line right.

I got these shoes from new orleans, we had the convention, and richard speight, i think because band of brothers, he was going on and on about this museum, and it’s the only museum i’ve been to in the world that has a vintage clothing store, so i bought a few pairs for research purposes about the war.

Q: if you no longer had to sleep, what would you do

A - i don’t really sleep, all that means is your extra time is rubbish. If you didn’t have to sleep… that’s a lot of netflix, isn’t it. Or books, i grew up reading so many books and i haven’t recently, so i think i’d read a lot more books. Learn another language, i could probably do that if i didn’t go on facebook. What would you do?

Pers - pick up more hobbies. Draw

A - i like to create art, that’d be fun

Q: rowena always aligns herself with people so she can take advantage of the situation, so do you think she’d align herself with wayward

A - so happy, people behind the scenes as well, i’m so excited about it, and i want to talk about it without imposing myself upon it. But i always say, rowena’s pretty fucking wayward. She’s a wayward witch, so there’s lots of fun i think to be had.

I think she’d get everyone in dresses pretty quickly, get the eyeshadow game up.