what are they on is the real question

Snape and his food

There is corn in front of Snape… does the food that you like appear in front of you? Does that mean that Snape likes corn? How would he eat it? Does he just go for it, teeth right on the corn or does he take a fork and a knife and eat it grains by grains with a fork? Does he put salt? Butter? I need to know what Snape eats and how much he eats.

Today it was announced that after 50 years, Muppet preformer Caroll Spinney, best known for the characters of Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch would be retiring.

I watched a ton of puppet shows as a little kid, and I always could figure out they weren’t real. I even could tell Barney was a man in a suit, but I never once questioned if the Muppets were real. Oscar and especially Big Bird were just as real to me as any live person. That was due in no small part to Caroll’s performance. Thankfully there will always be another Big Bird and Oscar (who will now be taken over by Matt Vogel and Eric Jacobson respectively), but there will never be another Caroll Spinney.

I should note that I don’t know what Caroll’s wheelchair looks like, so I tried to take my best guess as to what it might look like. Also the woman pushing Caroll’s wheelchair is his wife Debi Spinney.

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What are you views on Prompto's parents?

Oh…oh no this is a super loaded question, and I already know is gonna be pretty angst-filled.

So we know that Prompto was brought to Insomnia while he was still a baby by a “Lucian uniformed” officer. Who’s to say this is Ardyn or Cor (in my heart I want it to be Cor), but given over to foster parents. I believe that Mr. & Mrs. Argeteum were more than likely government officials, who were either told to keep their mouths shut, or never told the real truth about their “son”. But they saw the barcode, something they could easily have passed as he got older as a tattoo, but instead made him hide it, so they had some knowledge of where he was from. I’m certain Documents were forged for baby Prompto.

Did Prompto’s parents love him, possibly? But did they like him, it all points to no. Prompto was shown being left home alone at a very young age, so much so that he became super self-reliant. I don’t believe they abused him in physical ways but emotionally, yes extremely so. 

The fact that Prompto was so overweight as a kid, how he talks about them, and the standoffish nature that he has about them. It seems Prompto was going through the motions with his family, “I had better call them.” or “I wanna show them my attire” He wanted their approval but he never got it.

 In all honesty, I believe @dizzymoogle headcanon of Prompto more than likely was never told that he was loved as a kid or adult until Noctis is true. 

The way Prompto gets clingy with people he likes shows that he has something missing and that more than likely was the love from his “parents” and doesn’t know how to express it properly. Prompto’s adopted parents were more than likely going through the motions and kept him around because it was ordered of them, or because they were getting paid for it until he came of age to be on his own. They seemed to not want a child, or care to have one.  

They also seem to have told him right off the bat that he was adopted, a parent that wants the kid in their life, wouldn’t say something like that or be more of the lines “We may not be blood, but we are family.”

Prompto’s parents actual piss me off because they have hurt him more than anything. 

As for Verstael Besithia…

F*CK that guy!

Hey everyone, I haven’t forgotten about you all! I am still working on part 5 and seeing where the story takes me but I feel that you all deserve a little teaser of how its going so far! I hope you enjoy and as always, please share it away, comment, like it, whatever you wanna do and if you ever have any questions, comments, or concerns, don’t be afraid to message me!
           “Terra has fallen. Those three words have haunted my people for thousands of years. What followed though… what we did… now those are the real nightmares.” Hearing him speak sent shivers down my spine. There’s no possible way this Terran could have been there… Then I realized what was said. “What… what could be worse than witnessing the destruction of your home-world? Surely there can be nothing more tragic than that…?” Hesitation and fear slowly creeping into my voice. I cannot begin to fathom the pain and sorrow his people must have felt, but to say there is something worse? Impossible. “As you have said Captain, my species is one of determination and sentiment. You have seen the wonders that we made for those we called friends but nothing of the horrors we have left in our wake for those we called enemies…” As Vilantis spoke, I looked around at his crew and noticed them looking down or away in mournful shame; Vilantis caught my eye and in his, I was able to confirm my suspicions…

(some) mother 3 characters from someone who has not played mother 3 (yet)


  • a good boy
  • please protect him
  • his life got fucked over
  • a lot
  • sunflowers
  • illusions
  • he doesn’t deserve anything bad


  • butch lesbian
  • wanted to cut her foot off at some point????
  • really good at disguises
  • would shout “i wont hesitate bitch” before stabbing
  • she’s really cool


  • “my leg”
  • crowbars?? snakes????
  • is kinda just along for the ride
  • because he got an egg
  • his dad is a bitch
  • thief
  • also plays in a band???
  • very nice


  • a good boy
  • all dogs are
  • sniff sniff
  • has a funky bandana round his neck
  • peak fashion sense tbh


  • imma be real with you cheif! i only know hes a monkey


  • asshole
  • gets trumpets coming out of his nose???? what?????
  • lots of questionable choices


  • lucas’ brother
  • also a good boy
  • oh uh. he got chimera’d.
  • his battle is really sad
  • oops.


  • a really good mum
  • but also dead
  • :(


  • ????????
  • hes lucas’ dad i know that
  • ???????????????



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If I really wanted to play best of the nest for whatever reason, what real-life game would you say is the most similar concept-wise?

oh man GOOD QUESTION. it’s clearly some kind of rpg with an online/multiplayer element but i can’t think of a real game that comes close enough


hey you guys. so just popping in here real quick to answer a question i get asked every single day and which i answer to independently and on this blog –

First of all, I am not in charge of what fics get posted to ao3, that website is not run by me and it is not in my control.

Second of all, this blog is run by an rss feed that has the same tag system for each post. I cannot tag each individual post differently. 

I will not go through the tags for each fic posted. I have a bot running for a reason.

Also Please do not send me any messages about how you think ao3 should not be posting nsfw stuff. I do not control that website, and also, I disagree with you when you say stuff like that. Obviously rape and assault and sex with a minor should not be occurring in real life - but this is fiction, and nobody gets to decide what people write, like, enjoy, or read in Fiction. It’s fiction = not real. 

I appreciate all of you, I love that you love this blog, and I am very glad that this blog is taking off so well and that I am part of this fandom.

That said, if you need to unfollow, or filter out the fics yourself separate from this blog, that is totally fine. I completely understand. You can follow the symbrock tag on ao3 and decide what you want to read. 

Hope this clears up some things 

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Play matchmaker and pair up each bts member with one of your mutuals and explain whyโœจ

Mmm… I’ve never done this before buuuuut?? I’ll go with the people I speak to regularly ( and some not cause I’m a wimp ) because I can kind of easier see how they are and how to match them up? 😭

@seoksblackrose: I ship them with Hobi because their energy is literally off the roof and they’re both bundles of sunshine

@equigay: I ship them with Yoongi because I feel like Yoongi can give them what they need. Don’t question it. 😔

@moonchild-hyung: I ship them with Namjoon because I feel like it would just be real good and lots of deep convos.

@tinymintyoon: I ship them with Jungkook because they seem like they would both be soft with each other but also awkward and it just works okay.

@softjeon: Another one to ship with Jungkook. 😔I feel like they would care for each other for a very long time and hold hands a lot.

@baby-boy-joonie: I ship them with Jin because I feel like they’d be making things together and Jin would take care of this boo. 👌🏼 wholesome themes okay.

@neo-bangtan / @taevistic / @kiwitaes / @kthsfatgf : 👀 Ya’ll… Ya’ll… just accept it. My explanation should be clear just by viewing blogs.

@jiminkoo : I ship them with Jimin. It just feels right. Don’t question the vibes, just feel it.

@honeyyhobii : Also Jimin… also Jimin…. serendipity on repeat. That is all.

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a prediction: everyone's getting real excited for your new fic but the twist is you're actually gonna be blessing slash cursing us with a twilight au

ahahaha oh my god what a power move that would be….but no, it isn’t a twilight au, it’s a college au and only one of them is a vampire ;)))

and it’s a LOT more explicit than steph meyer ever wrote, bless her heart

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this might be a strange question, but did you research for Anna's self mastectomy? or did you just just go for it? I'm having difficulty with how much real to put into my own writing and that feels like a place I'd get hung up

I took a reference photo of my own hand and boob for that one panel, to get the squish right. Otherwise there’s nothing medical or exact about what she did, so excessive research on mastectomies didn’t feel appropriate or necessary.

I think you should research if it’s appropriate though, I think that’s very important. What if you overlook something and a reader calls you out on it? You’ll be so irritated at yourself! But also, when you research a topic it’s a bit like adding fertilizer to the seed of the idea in your head. You’re putting new information into it that will cause it to grow in new directions that maybe you hadn’t considered before.

For instance, I did a lot of research and reading on child soldiers for the next chapter, and wound up reading some interesting accounts of landmines which gave me an idea for a whole new scene I hadn’t even considered before. All writers do a lot of research, even if they’re writing fantasy, and I think it’s for this reason. Feed your muse, Anon!

Shout out to @acti-veg for being one of the most patient and kind vegans (and vegan bloggers) I’ve ever met on this website. (Or any site.)

He’s been doing this crap for years: getting the same questions, the same shitty attacks, the same arguments and he always handles things with grace and clarity. Even when he gets mad, he is still cool and level-headed. So many posts I’ve lost my own shit on because poster(s) can be so fucking infuriating? Acti-Veg stays calm as fuck.

The fact that he is still going strong is absolutely amazing to me, what with adult life and the real world being so hectic and busy. 

He also takes the time to answer all asks and messages he get on this site. Like hot damn, how does he juggle all of it?

But seriously. If you haven’t been following this guy and are active on tumblr as a vegan…go give him a follow!

To anons who want to keep trying to blame Hela for all that has gone down, I  told Lily I wasn’t comfortable about what Leighann had said about Ashley, Jinxx, and CC. It rubbed me the wrong way with how she said Ashley was sexist, misogynist and racist without any claims, then how Jinxx is the one who is the one to blame with what went down Sammi (when honestly it’s all he said, she said, Sammi could have easily lied about the entire situation of Jinxx cheating on her, then when the whole thing went down with Leighann responding to Lily’s answered ask about it, she tried to say he would cheat again on Alice when she said before that Jinxx and Alice’s wedding photos are more real with them being in total love than Andy and Juliet’s wedding photos which made me realize that that’s a total contradiction there with that. To me it was) then the whole CC made me question since CC has a lot of problems with his ex girlfriends before Anna that weren’t good (one apparently took his dog, and then Tiffany was bad all around for him); and it made me uncomfortable and start to think that she would try to contradict on here with anything; so I spoke to Lily about it since she would be able to talk to Hela about it and talk it through since Lily and Hela are both owners of this blog and would have more say in members or issues. I’ve felt incredibly bad about this situation, and I know it was mistake on my behalf of not also coming to Hela as well about it. I apologize to Hela for that and also to Leighann for this entire situation that has blown up. Yet please don’t come after Hela for it and try to blame her for this or starting the Ashley blog. You can come after me, I don’t care at this point. Just don’t blame or go after Hela. 

- Hayden✨

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Hey how would you help someone with anxiety ? Like someone who is doing real bad I'm sorry it's just that I wanna help someone and you seem so intelligent and always actually helps everybody that comes here feel better ily

this is a difficult question to answer because there are a lot of different types of anxiety and there are different ways that anxiety manifests in people, but i can share my personal experiences and what i would have liked to have had at the time / what helped for me.

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I wish people would stop defending the Goro twist by saying "The mystery was WHY he did it!". Get real, did the game ever give the PT a reason to ask why? No, they portrayed Goro as annoying and unlikable to them, so if the self-insert doesn't care why, of course most players won't. You have to make the main characters CARE about him to make the audience give a shit. Second of all (/1)

his motives weren’t even worth the question. From what I saw, the majority of people were pissed off when it came out. They hated him more because they felt the game was trying to force them to feel bad, even though he was presented as evil the whole time. Face it, all Atlus wanted was the shocking moment when the detective killed Ren. They didn’t give a shit about him being consistent or his motives making sense, so ofc the fandom thinks “wow this character lied” so they hc any inconsistencies

(3/3) Just because you do Atlus’ work for them doesn’t mean the Akechi reveal was good. It was not good. I think people just think the word “traitor” means a character is deep or their role was shocking, but it wasn’t. Stop defending his bad writing by saying it makes sense as if he was a real person making decisions. Characters do what the writers want them to do. His writing and implementation was terrible by all objective standards. He doesn’t add anything “good” to the themes either.

Ravenclaw: Why am I still tired?

Ravenclaw: I had a full eight hours. I went to bed at a reasonable time. It just doesn’t make sense.

Ravenclaw: Unless none of us are ever truly awake. Life is merely just a dream.

Slytherin: Dude, it’s too early for either of us to have an existential crisis.

i didn’t know where to go with this comic (i had a whole draft drawn but it didn’t feel right to me), so i’m just gonna post my fave part ok. *dies*


capmeme: eight quotes [2/8]

↳ "Is this a test?"