what an ahole

Reasons why I’m like Dante Quintana
  • hates wearing shoes
  • likes dogs
  • initiates weird conversation topics
  • only likes rules when I make them
  • enjoys watching the stars

Egotober Day 3: Abandonment
“Dark…Please don’t leave…”
“Y̢̬͉̲̦̘͜o͝͏̙̦͇͕̫u̸̸̼̳̜͉̳̘͎̙ ͔̫̘͈̠͢w̵̬͔̦̺i̛͏̙̜̙͉͈l͓̦͍̭̺͇͘l̨̰̞̳̤͖̥̲ ̢̹͔̝͍̖͍̀ṛ̙͔̰̟̝͘͘e̢̛͎͎͈̼g͙̠̟̯̼̻r̤͢ͅe̼̻̫ṭ̱̞̜͘͝͞ ̨̗t̘̜̯̫͈̠͙̱̕͢h̡͓͎̹i̡̹̭̘̕͜s̮̱̩͍̦̲̩̮͟͝.̟̥͇̺̗͜͝.̸͇̗̻͙̙.̱̠͈͎́͟”
Well there might be a story here somewhere? Definitely no promises though… Anyway, kind of my version of Peevils aka ‘The Vessel’. (She not normally this broken btws.)

No reposting please and thank you!

ITS ABUSE am I right?

Do you know the most cringe part about the anti-touken post hate? -Their definition of abuse -One of the cultural norms of Japan such as female hitting the male as a comedy gag is already considered as an abuse and sexual harassment ,amazing. -Generalized all physical harm such as punching or hitting is frankly considered as abuse, again( there’s was reason behind it. They keep ignoring that. 👌) Ok I get it Its abusive (even though its not) Over all I love it and I like how they share their story of being the victim of abuse and I understand the struggle of it. Then Using Touka as an example of abuser and Kaneki as a victim, at the same time ,I think ,they are trying hard to convince all of the fans that Touken is abusive relationship by using its tags. lastly since Touken cosidered as it is, calling all shipper as abuse supporter .How about that.The level of ❤is too deym high.

The Bolt and the Sunflower (With some Bonus Sasusaku)
  • Note: So that there's no confusion I'll call Bolt Boruto here, as apposed to the usual 'Bolt'.
  • ----------------------
  • Antis: LOL look at 'Boruto' and 'Himawari' their names are so stupid, like- Naruto and Hinata didn't even name them after anyone they care about what heartless Aholes XD
  • Boruto: uuuuuh.....?
  • Boruto: Dad?
  • Naruto: Yeah?
  • Boruto: Is it true that my name doesn't mean anything? I mean... It just means 'Bolt' right?
  • Naruto: What O_o. No it doesn't mean nothing, 'tebbayo!! Do you remember the stories Hinata and I tell you and your sister all the time? About your Oji-San Neji?
  • Boruto: Heck yeah! He played a big role in getting you and mom together, and without him you would have also lost the war!
  • Naruto: well, 'Neji' means 'screw' and Boruto means 'Bolt'. Screws and Bolts... They go hand in hand(1). We named you after your Oji-San, So don't ever think your name has no meaning.
  • Boruto: .....yeah :)
  • Himawari: But.... What about MY NAME?
  • Hinata: Your name means Sunflowers, Himawari. 'Hyuuga' has the same meaning. We named you 'Himawari' in honor of 'Hyuuga Neji.' Nee-San will always have a special place in our hearts. We wanted to convey that to both you and Bolt as well. So we give you those names.
  • Bolt: But then... On the contrary, our names hold a LOT of meaning!
  • Naruto: exactly, 'tebbayo!!
  • ------
  • Antis: ....dammit. Okay I have an idea. Let's say that Sakura was raped by a Sasuke clone. She's weak right? That way we can at least say Sarada isn't really a Sasusaku child.
  • Sakura: keep dreaming. I had mastered chakra control LONG before Naruto or Sasuke. I fought and defeated an Akatsuki member after getting stabbed through the stomach. I studied under the fifth Hokage and mastered the Yin Diamond Seal. I voluntarily ran into a BLADE as a DISTRACTION. Bitch, I destroyed a battlefield with a PUNCH and the first Hokage fangirled. Think I'd let myself get raped by a clone? Please.
  • Sasuke: .... And you say WE read the manga wrong.
  • Sarada: My parents had and STILL have sex. Trust me, I know. Get over it.
  • Sasuke: *blush* Er... What she said.
  • --------------------------
  • A/N so there. Lol I had too. Too many stupid baseless theories goddamn.
  • (1) Boruto is another way of saying Neji. Kishi is referring to the word 'Neji' meaning screw and 'Boruto meaning Bolt. When converting the English word Bolt to katana, it becomes 'Boruto.' Kishi stated that because of that, he named Bolt as such.