Mine Pt.1

Vampire Yoongi AU 

Destiny is planned by the soul long before the bodies meet.

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You were heading home after a long, draining day at your boring office job. You had to sit with a fake smile plastered on your face all day and just thinking about it made your mouth hurt. You answered complaints, that you couldn’t care less about. Some people would curse you out over nothing, throw all their anger at you, while other would be straight up perverts. Each phone call was more upsetting than the last.

The sun disappeared slowly for the sky to be greeted with light darkness. It was getting late and cold. You rubbed your hands together to create friction for the much needed heat then brought them up to your reddened cheeks sighing at the warm contact. You stopped in front of your apartment building, the thought of having a warm cup of coffee while watching the evening shows was very tempting but you still didn’t want to be alone. At least, out here, there were always people coming and going, so you never felt alone. You didn’t know any of them but their mere presence was comforting. Having had the worst day at work, ever since you started out there, going back to an empty apartment wasn’t exactly the first thing you fantasized about.

You, eventually, decided to take a stroll around the neighborhood. A decision you should have avoided at all cost … Maybe – You be the judge of that -.

You adjusted your coat, burying your face into the large scarf covering your neck and started walking again. The winter breeze still, somehow, making its way through the heavy clothing and sent chills down your spine. You shivered in place as a strong wind went by messing up your hair and sending it flying everywhere. “Ugh ..” you whispered in frustration trying to tidy yourself up when another one hit you harder. Your scarf flew right off your shoulders landing a few feets away from you, you sighed again kicking the ground at your luck and finally deciding this was a bad idea. You turned to grab the piece of clothing when a pale hand beat you to it. You had no idea where he came from as there was almost no one there just a second ago. You looked up at the man, a sadistic wide grin on his face as he stared down at you hunched where the scarf once was.

You have encountered a great deal of scary, even terrifying things in your life but his smile was, by far, the scariest of them all. You eyes traveled to meet his only to fall back from shock. “ What … are you?” you stuttered causing his to shrug. His eyes were as red as blood the black iris swimming in a sea of crimson, his pupil dilated at the sight of, a very frightened, you. You crawled back just enough to make distance between the two of you then swiftly picking yourself off the ground in one motion. You stumbled back, your first instinct was to get away, as fast as you could but for a split second you hesitated. That short instance was more than enough for him to get closer, at a non-human speed, entangling his long, slim fingers in your hair while his face leaned towards yours. His stare was so captivating, so mesmerizing you froze in place. Your heart was beating at a rate you thought would make it explode, you were sure that from this close distance he could hear it and by the dark smirk stealthily curling up on the corner of his mouth, he could definitely sense it. He breathed against your exposed neck, sending shivers down your body from the vibrations of his voice more than the actual sound.

“Run.” He whispered, his smirk widening into an amused smile as he stepped back his hands behind him “As fast as you can. I’ll give you a 10 seconds start.” It was more of an order than a simple statement and you didn’t need anymore to get moving.

You sprung back towards the building cursing yourself internally, your hands looking through your bag randomly for your phone, the keys, anything that would be of help right now but your trembling limbs failing to grab hold of anything. You could hear him from behind counting, his voice getting louder and louder as you stepped further. You were running the fastest you had ever run in your life, but the road only seemed to be getting longer, and you slower.

“Seven … Eight ….” He kept counting, like it was some sick game, you weren’t going to stick around to see the end. “Nine …” His smiled disappeared and was replaced by a cold frown as you reached the front door the the apartment building. “Fuck.” you cursed as you heard him reach ten, pressing the elevator’s buttons frantically. He stood in place even after having said ten, as if he was giving you more time or just enjoying the chase. “You shouldn’t play with your food.” he mumbled before taking a slow first step.

Just when you thought your heart couldn’t beat any faster, it surprised you. It was as if it lurched out of your chest and now becoming a lump in your throat, stopping all air from going in or out of your lungs.

The doors opened and you jumped in not wasting one second.

You pressed your floor’s number like your life depended on it … well … it did. Soon after, you found yourself in front of your apartment door, keys in hand but unable to unlock the door. You stopped, taking in a deep breath to calm your nerves, obviously it didn’t help, so you just tried again this time successfully finding the keyhole.

However, it was too late, you saw something dark moving in the corner of your eye and you hurriedly unlocked the door going in and closing the door behind you and locking it. Remembering when your mom complained about the lack of security and you becoming annoyed at her for being so naggy.

A loud knock on the iron door sent you back in fear towards the kitchen to grab the first knife you could reach. “No, baby girl, that’s not a very good idea.” The rough voice spoke again echoing in your mind, again so captivating you froze.

“W-why are you doing this to me?” You stuttered turning back to face whoever, or whatever, it was.

“Hm … Why ? That’s a good question.” He stepped closer and you stepped back, this continued until your back was left flat against the counter unable to go any further. You met his eyes again, they seemed to have gotten darker not like the vivid bloody look they had to them earlier, they became more of a winey color glistening against the faint kitchen light. You were waiting for an answer, an excuse, a miracle but he just kept moving towards you, his eyes scanning you like a predator.

“It’s sweet how you actually thought you stood a chance, or even had the choice. Sweet … just like that smell of yours.” He ran a finger behind your ear and down your neck only stopping at your collarbone pushing the fabric from your cold skin.

Your put your hands on his chest pushing him back but he was stronger, much stronger than you, and didn’t budge so you settled for a scream.  It was barely audible and your voice cracked in the middle leaving you breathless. You tried taking another breath to try screaming a second time but his eyes snapped back at you.

“Don’t you dare make a sound.” his words piercing your ears like a blade. You couldn’t help but submit to his order as you muffled back the scream. You looked up at him, finally making out some of his features under the light. He had dark green hair.

The chaos in your mind grew even noisier some memories of items of the same color making their way into it, your prom date’s tie, that summer dress your mom made you wear, for a moment you forgot his present almost entirely, until his hands found you again. One gently on your waist while the other tightening around the back of your neck brushing your hair away from your shoulder and gripping it.

“Focus on me, who cares about my hair.” He whispers in your ear and your eyes shot open How did he know? Your mind went silent except for that one question repeating itself. He brushed his lips gently against the soft skin of your earlobe making you flinch.

“That’s better, it was getting annoying… all those memories.” He continued as if he knew the impact his voice had on you.

“Please … Please.” You pleaded not knowing what else to do at this point as he had you trapped with his body.

“Shhsh … don’t ruin the moment.” His calmness was making you even more scared, the nonchalant tone in his voice adding to his psychotic aura. He brought a hand to your mouth covering it gently, surprising you as you thought he would be a lot rougher. He lowered his head to your shoulder leaving pecks as he trailed his way to the middle of your neck. You tightened your jaw turning away from him and squirming around desperate to break free.

A sharp pain shot through your body and your eyes came to a close as you grunted against his hand. Your groan muffled by it. He had dug his fangs deep into your neck and you could feel the blood leaving your body in a slow steady movement. A warm excess of the liquid escaping his mouth and trailing down your clothes and you found yourself trying to concentrate on it to forget the piercing pain he was making you feel. An audible moan left his mouth as he deepened the bite sucking harder and more passionately, his hand tightening around your mouth.

“S-Stop … Please” You managed to let out a soundless plead reaching his ears, you knew he heard you as his eyebrows furrowed in dispute. You didn’t last long enough to see what his decision was as you blacked out collapsing against him.


He is my bias, so, omg, i am going to cry while i am writing this.

  • He is really lazy, and like you see in the videos or something from bts, you always see him sleeping. 
  • someone who is calm, quiet but like jungkook, funny sometimes.
  • when he needs someone you have to be there always, no matter what, if both fighting in the morning, it’s okay, but he needs you.
  • When you both fight, you see him like he don’t even care or something like that, he cares, so bad, but he never show his feelings
  • someone  who look cold and never smile but in the inside is warm and loving.
  • he loves cuddles, i am pretty sure that he love it so much. 
  • someone who supports him, no matter what it is, you have to support him.
  • maybe when you say lovely words to him, he doesn’t care but is yoongi, so he will love it
  • rap fights, maybe you suck, but you make him feel good, like he is king of the rap, just ignore him, please.
  • night walks
  • movies in the early morning, like 3 a.m
  • i know, i know, but i repeat this. CUDDLES, CUDDLES, EVERYWHERE, I A CRYING.
  • Looks that speak for itself
  • When you don’t saw, he will look at you like you are his whole world, like he is the most lucky guy in the universe, oOH goD.
  • Maybe sounds weird but he will take pictures when you are sleeping or taking a nap.
  • Maybe when you have to make him fall in love with you or make him trust in you is going to be difficult but will be worth it, believe me.
  • he is a good boy, sometimes a dork, but a really good boy
  • take care of him, and make him really happy♥

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