say what you will about Andy Murray, call him dull or boring or grumpy or whatever, but I can’t think of a single other sportsman whose first instinct is to refute sexism from reporters who like to disregard female participation in their sport, like last year when a reporter said he was the first tennis player to retain an olympic gold, and instantly Andy responded with “Venus and Serena have like 4 each”, then today after his defeat to Sam Querrey, a reporter mentioned Sam being the first American player to get to a grand slam semi final since 2009, and Andy instantly interjected with “Male player”. 

Say what you want about Andy, but he’s full of respect for his female counterparts, which is tragically rare in the sports world

colin firth’s most important role is the scene in bridget jones diary when he’s cooking with his sleeves rolled up and sexy music is playing in the background. like then he goes outside and beats the shit out of hugh grant to “it’s raining men” but stops to pay for someone’s dinner when he bumps into their table, while beatingg the shit out of hugh grant. that’s what women want.