I love how I was kind of hoping for Jandi? (that’s what the Jonah x Andi ship is called right?) at the beginning of Andi Mack but as time progressed I started to find myself rooting for Jyrus. Now that Cyrus is pretty much confirmed to be gay, I just want Jyrus to be a thing at some point. Give it to me! Jonah could be bi or pans. Just think of the rep Disney! This show could help so many young people come to terms with different facets of their lives. Don’t let angry soccer moms get in the way of that!

Potter Bros, Detention Woes

What’s In A Namesake Pt.3

*Afternoon in Godric’s Hallow* 

*Pig drops a letter*

Ginny: Harry, we got a letter from Albus!

*skims letter*

Ginny: Do you remember the thirteen years ago, in St. Mungos, after I just gave birth to our second child and you picked out his name?

Harry: Mmmhmmm.

Ginny: And do you remember with I told you what a horrible idea it was and one day we were going to have to explain how Albus Dumbledore and Severus Snape were the two bravest men you knew?

Harry: Yes?

Ginny: Well today is your lucky day.

Harry: *reads letter from Albus*

You fuck up once and you’re no longer “The Boy Who Saved the Wizarding World” but “The Boy Who Gave His Kid A Complex”.

Ginny: You named him, you’re dealing with this.

Harry: Yeah, yeah I’ll go floo Albus right now…

And kill Neville while I’m at it.


  • So, I’m watching the extras for DS9 and there is this 14 minute featurette all about Julian.
  • Sid: ahaha he was so silly and obnoxious and bad at relationships what a chARACTER
  • Andy: Bashir represents everything that is right and good about human beings. He is the ideal doctor, full of compassion, kindness and curiosity. His openness is what took his relationship with Garak to the next level.

Gem Harvest is a vile episode and I remember how uncomfortable I felt hearing a cartoon character talk about undocumented ppl that way. Also thinking about my family and other undocumented ppl and how it would have felt for them if they saw a cartoon talk about them that way.

Shortly after it premiered how a lot of whites reblogged gifs of it and stuff. They just left out the fact that Andy was like a metaphor for many of their racist relatives during Thanksgiving. Like aaaah look at how the gems got a wedding cake and a tombstone! How cute! Still ignoring what Andy said.

Hopefully more of them know better by now but honestly it was so disgusting hearing from them what a cute episode it was.