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Published on Mar 26, 2017

Japan Tour 2017 20170323

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What did Andy say when he called you out at the homecoming tour?

It wasn’t anything mean he saw me in the crowd at the show and smiled. I was the only person in cosplay/war paint and he said that BVB fans are so dedicated because they show up to things in war paint, leather vests and their hair done or something like that. I cant remember the exact words.

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Hii! What do you think of Andy Black as Sirius Black? Just change his eye color and woow, he has the tattoos and even the last name xD

Anyone else feels like Sirius would have been stoked to be compared to Andy Black? He looks great though, i think he could make a good Sirius with some adjustments!

but honestly tho

fob sounded SO G O O D tonight and they were all so smiley and excited…patrick was dancing around getting his signature White Boy Moves out full force. pete has a snazzy new haircut and when i yelled at him NICE HAIR PETE he yelled back THANKS and patted his own head. joe looked absolutely content being able to play that night like he was truly having a good time. andy did cute little waves at the crowd, which spent every quiet intermission yelling ANDY 愛してるよ!!!and the likes.
most of all they all looked healthy and generally in jolly good mood and i feel so thankful for them gahhhhh

Potter Bros, Detention Woes

What’s In A Namesake Pt.1

James Sirius: Move over, this seat is reserved for the most handsome wizard in the room-

James Sirius: Me.

Albus: No. You’re the reason we are in detention so you can pick another seat.

P. Longbottom: *looks up*

Albus: And who says you’re the most handsome wizard? *looks to Neville* For all we know it could be Professor Longbottom. He is pretty…. dashing.

P. Longbottom: I’ve known you since you were born Albus, it’s not going to work. Good try though.

Albus: Well that was a bust.

James Sirius: Hey Albus?

Albus: What?

James Sirius: Besides, no matter how dashing Professor Longbottom is, I am still the most attractive.

Albus: Why is that, James?

James Sirius: It’s in my name. I was named after the two most attractive men that have ever strutted down these halls….

Besides myself, of course -as we have established.

It was fate, obviously.

Albus: Hey James?

James Sirius: Yeah?

Albus: Well, if we are going by names, I was named after the two bravest men that our Dad has ever known.

He told me so himself.

P. Longbottom: *Violin Screech*

P. Longbottom: Time for a field trip!