Guys, it’s my birthday on October 31 (seriously, it’s on Halloween you f*ckers). I give you all GIFs often, but you know what’s one GIFT you can get me? (…) Help Grace Helbig win the King of the Web contest. I mean, part of my name is king and Grace is running for a King of the Web contest that ends on my birthday. Coincidence? No, but maybe. Nope. Make it happen.

NO lead in that competition is secure, so make sure you vote DailyGrace for King of the Web and get all f*ckers you know to do the same EVERYDAY.

[This is mostly just a redo video. It should be the complete “What’s Up F*ckers?” collection, in HD, to provide closure (no more complaining, guys, come on). Thanks to the always helpful lunferd for providing me with the 1080p version of the April 1st vlog when I couldn’t obtain it otherwise.]

  • me:misses when grace helbig used to live in that shitty apartment in new york but also misses that house in california and i miss dailygrace and how to thursdays and sexy fridays and commenting on your comments and idk it's been years and she's gotten so big recently and she's so successful w her own tv show and the movie and all that and i'm SO PROUD but damn i miss the old what's up f*ckers dailygrace so much i used to watch them every morning before school