I can sympathize with the intention behind it, but I’ve only ever seen it done irresponsibly, if not abusively. People either don’t know what they’re talking about, are working off misunderstandings, can’t back it up, or are maliciously trying to spread false rumors about specific users. There have been several occasions where people have spread “OP is a rapist/abuser/transphobe/sexist/acephobe/pedophilie” claims on my posts, either because they confused me for someone else, completely misread my posts, or just want to start hateful drama by exploiting people’s good intentions. I’ve also had people try to tell me that my personal IRL friends I’ve known for years believe the opposite of their own ideologies.

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Hey there sassy-inkling! How was your day? I wanted to ask three things: What's your favorite meal? What music do you like to listen to? Aaaand: What vocal range do you have when you sing? ^-^


“I listen to any I like really but mostly just instrumental of all kinds. And don’t eat that much but when I do I prefer soba.”


// Incase you cant read my shitty hand writing owo’’’-Heaven only knows where you’ve been.But I don’t really need to know.I know where you’re gonna go.On my heart where you’re resting your head.And you just look so beautiful.Just like you were an angel

THIS IS A PSA: don’t repost stuff

so my video got reposted on instagram yep I made an account to tell them this You’ll rarely see me this angry; actually, I’m not so angered but rather just shocked;

I didn’t even get notified they were going to repost it there and I read comments about how some people hate this ship and it feels ridiculous because well??? it wasn’t meant for you? you steal my video and talk hate about my fav ship why are you doing this I’m confused

There were people who enjoyed it too but you know? the original post got like 60 notes okay it did get support from lots of lovely people and I feel so happy from it but I would have appreciated it if these people here actually came to my account and told me about it I would have been very happy but if you do this, I never know and first of all you just took my stuff. Something I sat down and worked days on.. it’s something that I wanted to share and enjoy with people yes but I won’t get any feedbacks or be able to interact with people about this if you just repost it like this do you not see the problem

DON’T, DO THIS. please respect me;; I am not asking for much; why didn’t you ask me, why didn’t credit me anywhere either, just why..?; I’m sure the person who reposted this did it because they liked my works, why didn’t you come tell me about it then?; This is sad. If you want me to make more things, support me where I’m at, say hi or come leave nice comments, I jump up and down with happiness every time it happens and sometimes I would even willingly draw for you if we become friends. Treat me well, I try to treat others well too. I think I’m not asking too much by telling you this. I’m being pretty reasonable. Tell me when you want to share my things somewhere and ask my permission because it’s mine.

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Y do you only draw girls wit huge boobs and a tiny waist all the time :///

so…. i scrolled thru my art tag for a while because i didn’t honestly know what you were talking about. anon, are you talking about the drawings of…. me???? 

because. i don’t know how to tell you this, but i actually do have that body type haha. 

idk what do you guys think? should i get better at drawing different body types? i mostly draw fit dudes :(