Ok no but I really love this scene.

Damien attempts to take control of the situation because he thinks Celine is being unreasonable and attempts to reason with her. But note how he is not framed above her — Damien attempts to speak to Celine as an equal, he does not submit to her but also doesn’t assert himself either.

This works really well with Damien’s feelings of inadequacy as a leader in this situation, as well as his gentle, caring personality. Damien isn’t a particularly imposing or assertive guy, he doesn’t have a particularly dominant personality, he isn’t exactly authoritative in any way you’d expect from a man in such a powerful position.

What I also really love about this scene is that when Celine runs from him, clearly upset, Damien does not grab her. This type of scene would usually have the man assert himself and demand to be heard by physically stopping the woman, but Damien doesn’t. Instead, when he catches up with her at the top of the stairs, he cannot bring himself to her level without physically invading her personal space so, what he does to get her attention is not grabbing her or raising his voice: he lowers his voice and gently touches her arm. It’s not a demand, it’s a request.

Celine lets him speak, but she also doesn’t exactly answer his concern. She lashes out, and there is no question why she’s framed in a position of power over him. Celine stands tall and looks down on Damien and when she leaves, he doesn’t attempt to follow. We can see there is more he wants to say, but he hesitates and doesn’t (which is something he does often). We move past him and the look we exchange with him is probably meant to be one of sympathy, but he seems clearly frustrated, likely not just due to the fact that Celine can’t be reasoned with, but also out of his belief that he is failing as a leader for not speaking his mind or making himself heard.

Ok, but what really pisses me off about PT is that on the surface, I like her blog idea. Not the C*leneti part, but the part about supporting queer and LGBTQ+ celebrities. Yes, queer celebs are still pressured to stay in the closet so they can be more marketable to a mainstream audience, so we need to let them know that we’re here for them. But there’s one major issue with creating such a blog: 

You have to make sure the famous person you’re supporting is actually LGBTQ+. I don’t know KJ’s sexuality, and I genuinely don’t care, but Cole IS straight. He’s stated MULTIPLE times he’s straight and has only had relationships with woman. These are irrefutable facts, and you have to accept this and how he identifies and move on. Don’t lie and twist things to fuel a wishy-washy narrative. You’re no longer an ally, but another straight girl fapping over the idea of two men fucking. And if there’s one thing us queer people DON’T want, it’s to be fetishized. Also, your gaydar must be really dead if you think Cole is gay lmao

Support actual LGBTQ+ celebrities. Not people you want to be believe are gay.

@danefonda imagine some 55 year old white man going “you know what really changed my mind about welfare? My liberal niece who goes to a 50k private college yelling at me in front of the family over turkey”

What I really liked about this episode is that even after all the other girls told her how amazing she thought she was, she wasn’t able to accept it. She had to come to realize on her own how amazing the person she is is. I’m not really putting it into words well, but I don’t know, I just love how Kirapre went about this. 

Can you write something with Sirius Black with #1 #17 and #18 – @df841

 A/N: I’m sorry, I wasn’t sure if you wanted Sirius from Harry’s era or the Marauders one so I tried to make it really ambiguous but used a normal Sirius gif; I hope that that’s alright for you.

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Megatrons loyal decepticon army from sparklinghood is prolly really conflicted once he turns a new leaf in the IDW comics. As much as some are happy to see him change for the better (if some had changed sides beforehand, and/or are on the lost light), some are devestated and crushed. Their fatherfigure has turned his back on their cause, they say, and on them as well. Meanwhile, some of the more timid ones was to cherish the last few times they can have before hes prolly executed, they say. 😢

What I really like about the “megatron raises a loyal army from birth”, is that its wirhout abuse and brainwashing(probably…), but with him just being a steady and protective father-figure to them. He one of the few that was patient and gentle with them, teaching them to fight and believe in themselves and the cause. And that they can be anything they want (since he want them to have the freedom to choose). But some are just heartbroken when he gets more mad and voilent later on.

(putting the 2 asks I have about Deceptidad Megs together bc who o p s I left them for way too long rip)

Ohhhhh noooooooooooooooooooooooo!! Both of these are… really really good set ups for some Serious Angst…. The betrayal felt by some of Megatron’s now grown sparklings would be pretty immense in either situation… 

But ALSO at least with IDW Megs the amount of guilt he might feel over raising from birth children who at the end of the day were raised to fight in a war. How many were potentially condemned to an awful, awful end due to front line fighting or being tracked down by the DJD after rejecting the cause? How many remain loyal to a cause that while once originally peaceful in nature evolved into something mired with violence? How does he interact with defectors on the Lost Light once he’s become co-captain?

everyone who whines like “euueghhghgsghshshnnn you cant make any mistake on tumblr without being flayed alive” are shitheads talking about racism/sexism/homophobia as if its hard to not be a bigot, when what they should really be talking about is the dangers of drawing art of dinosaurs  because if you get like one of the joints on the toe wrong or whatever a paleo blog will track you down and beat you within an inch of your life for dinosaur inaccuracy crimes

concept: people stop treating dan as a joke, even if he’s in on the joke, and starting to use more kind words about him and towards him, and drop the whole ~sarcastically insulting~ dan because that’s What His Relationship With His Viewers Is Like™, and instead make it a point to say things like “i love you and i’m proud of you and you help me getting through the day” to him more often, which is what most of us really think about him anyway, and understand that just because dan doesn’t take himself too seriously, doesn’t mean you should take it as a green light to say whatever you want to him in return

You know what really makes me mad about this shooting? The fact that it’s not going to change anything. These people died senselessly and nothing is truely going to be done to prevent it from happening again. We are going to keep having mass shootings with no substantial policy changes to stop them from happening. I’m sick of the violence and death that could be prevented.

What I really loved about Vine is that despite it being 7 seconds long, it was enough to unite a lot of people together and show how unique every individual in the world could be in their own way, so it makes me really happy to see it coming back


These interviewers are treating BTS like they’re nothing. Asking them if they’ll release an English album, asking irrelevant questions about their love lives. It isn’t okay.

Not one interviewer has asked about the UNICEF campaign

Not one interviewer has talked about anything relevant to BTS if you really think about it.

“What’s your favourite American food?”

“Do you have girlfriends?”

“Will you make a whole album in English?”

The fucking disrespect these interviewers have shown to our boys is not okay and I, an ARMY who isn’t okay with this at all, is demanding an apology from those who did this.

One interviewer even had the fucking nerve to do this

This reply basically sums up how I feel about this ignorance

Namjoon was very clearly annoyed and upset throughout this interview and I hope other ARMYs will stand with me for an apology from these people. They have shown disrespect not only to BTS but their fans, their managers, their staff, their families and generally the kpop community for the lack of understanding and the lack of willingness to learn to understand what kpop is really about. It’s not about making it big and switching to English albums or talking about love life, its about working hard, achieving dreams and providing entertainment.

These past few interviews have disgusted me and I’m not putting up with it.

Stranger Things Season 3 Details

Series creators the Duffer Brothers have revealed their intentions for season 3 in an interview with Indiewire. 

An Intimate Focus Will Be Key

  • The Duffer Brothers hinted that a third season will focus more on character development than on expanding the scope of the show, which we got plenty of in Season 2. “It’s not necessarily going to be bigger in scale,” said Matt Duffer. “What I am really excited about is giving these characters an interesting journey to go on.” 

Teenage Anxiety Is Very Welcome 

  • One of the pressing questions about the future of “Stranger Things” is how the Duffer brothers will adapt the show to how fast the young actors are growing up. We have seen glimpses of dawning maturity in the show, , and the Duffers “have made peace with the fact” that they can’t stop them from growing up.“We are leaning into it,” Matt Duffer said. “I love the fact that they’re going through adolescence.”

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I wanna talk about Viktor’s room at the Katsukis’ Onsen. 

A room says a lot about you. I mean, just look at Yuuri’s room. We are made to understand right from the start who he is.

Yuuri’s room was designed to really hammer the point across that he’s the biggest Nikiforov fan out there. And let’s be honest, although we learn a lot about who Yuuri is, from his anxiety to his competitiveness, his developing relationship with Viktor is the heart of Yuri!!! On Ice.

Viktor has moved into his new room temporarily but he’s pretty damn extra and brought everything with him so there’s a lot in there to look at.

So essentially this is Viktor’s room. It’s pretty self-explanatory for the most part. We’ve got the lamps he clearly likes as we see them in his Russian apartment in ep 1. Matryoshka dolls, because he Russian duh, giant bed to share with Makka, books to read. Then there’s a large artsy painting of a woman and a, no doubt heavy af, stone sculpture. These two things show that Viktor’s got money, that he’s classy, and that he’s extra. All pretty straightforward.

So what really interests me about Viktor’s room is the photo frame. More specifically, the frame that holds a picture of himself

Unlike painting and posters, photo frames are far more personal. 

Yuuri has posters of his idol, okay yes there are a lot, but it’s still pretty regular behaviour. But something that I, and many others from what I’ve seen, found super endearing was that he had multiple framed photos of Viktor. That’s far more personal, and it really hinted at Yuuri’s stronger feelings. 

So then we have Viktor’s room, and the only photo frame he brings with him holds a picture of himself. 

At first, I thought damn isn’t that arrogant? So conceited, it’s actually a bit cringe even. 

But then, this is Viktor. Yes he’s a legend, yes he knows it, but he’s never truly flaunted it. That doesn’t seem very in character to present him this way. 

I wondered if maybe it was Yuuri who put it in there. After all, Yuuri clearly had the same poster– 

– which we saw him take down from his room.

But then, that seems unlikely. That would defy the point of hiding the posters in the first place! Plus, look at Viktor moving in.

The room is completely bare, there wasn’t anything in there. Everything came from Viktor’s boxes. The frame had to have been his.

So, thinking of what I know of Viktor, one of the things that stands out the most about him was that skating was his everything. No life and love as he much later explained, but that was fair to assume even in ep 1, given that he was a legend. The sport clearly took up a lot of time!

If someone wanted to frame a picture, what would they pick? A picture of their family? A shot of them with their friends? A cute pic of them and their dog? It would be a picture close to them, something or someone that matters. And what does Viktor have?

A picture of himself skating.

Because his whole life has been his skating career, he pretty much knows nothing else. He even admitted that he rarely got to spend time with Makkachin before. 

Looking at it that way, the picture is suddenly really sad. 

When you move to another country, you’d want a reminder of the people you love, of home. Viktor brings a reminder of skating because it’s all he’s known, and it’s the thing he’s going to miss most

Because, think about it. He skates and skates and skates, and now it stops. He knows that choosing to be a coach means putting skating aside. His skating is framed there on his table, because it’s like looking at a missed loved one for him. 

But this is actually really beautiful. Because, throughout the entire series, we don’t really see a Viktor who mourns the fact that he’s not practicing a routine for himself. Yuuri doesn’t catch him skating by himself thoughtfully, missing having the ice all to himself. Not once do we see that on their journey! Viktor is completely engrossed in coaching Yuuri, and now he only skates to teach him. His devotion is so genuine. I  knew that Viktor loved Yuuri to have put everything on hold like that for him, but I didn’t know it like this.  

I really want to see Victor’s photo frame in season 2. My money’s on Yuuri being in that picture.

so here’s what i’m thinking

we know that max is a second gen indian immigrant

and yes, indian, as in india (since for SOME reason y’all keep tryna “forget” that)

we also know that he really does give a fuck about racism and isn’t afraid to call it out

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

and what i see nobody really talking about is this tidbit from the season 1 finale:

now if we’re thinking logically, only preston, nerris, and maybe dolf would have the skills needed to make said garb, but even then i refuse to believe that they would have had the knowledge of indian fashion to do so. max would have had to be the one who brought all that to the table.

basically, what i’m trying to say is that max cares about his culture. A LOT. and the reason that i’m saying this is, aside from blatant whitewash of the character, the fandom tends to forget that. a lot of times what i see is artists and writers alike associating his racial and cultural identity with his abusive parents, which really isn’t anything that’s okay to do.

so let’s start recognizing that max gives a shit, and stop portraying him as someone completely separated from his heritage. maybe he speaks hindi, or celebrates Holi. And on the dadvid front, don’t forget that interracial adoption isn’t always cut and dried. maybe david could do research on it, and take the time to learn about indian customs and religions. 

just, please, show us a max who is involved with his culture

You know what I really love about Thomas Sanders?

The fact that he doesn’t even know me, but he would use my name and pronouns without blinking an eye even though I’m “not a real boy” and I don’t “look like a boy” and that’s more than what my parents have ever done for me. So, yeah, I love Thomas Sanders ( @thatsthat24 ), and I hope he has a wonderful day because that’s what he deserves.

Loki’s Future

some random thoughts/meta after watching Ragnarok (a good ass film™️)

- After watching Ragnarok, I was struck by how similar in appearance Loki is to Hela. Same slim face and build, same pale skin, and even the same black hair. They both prefer blades to fight with and magic to communicate with. Hell, their wardrobe color schemes even match. This raised some questions for me when I was watching the film; why this deliberate choice, and how much does Loki’s appearance have an effect on how Odin treats him, in this film and others? Thor is Hela’s sister, yet we’ve seen that Odin treats Thor very, very differently to Hela and later Loki. Does Loki with his black hair and magic just remind Odin too much of his own shitty decisions? It would explain a lot about why he acts like such a dick to Loki, even when Loki was a child and not killing anyone (as far as we know haha, that kid coulda done anything)

- But there’s gotta be more to it than that. The similarities in appearance may well be Taika’s nod to the original Norse myths, but it occurred to me that it’s way too obvious a similarity, and could be pointing to something a little more complex. In the original myths, Hela is actually Loki’s daughter. Coincidence? I think not! Add this to the fact that in the mythology Loki also has a son, a gigantic wolf called Fenrir, who we also see in Ragnarok, I think there’s plenty of evidence pointing to the fact that Loki has some greater importance and connection to Asgard, running deeper than him simply being a Jotun war prize. For me it’s just too much of a coincidence that Hela and Loki are a) strongly connected in the source material b) have strongly similar appearances, fighting styles and love for chaos (to a certain extent, their characters are similar) and c) are both ‘children’ of Odin. On one of Loki’s bad days, you could call them twins. Why though? It’s been reeeeally bugging me, but I just can’t work out a direct connection, or reason as to why Hela’s character had to be built to resemble Loki.

- One answer to this is a theory I read that Loki is in fact Hela’s son. (Yeah, I know, that sounds deranged when you think about it.) The timelines align such that Hela could very easily have invaded Jotunheim with Odin before Loki’s birth. There she could have had, through some means or other, a child with Laufey, and then later abandoned it due to ‘weakness’. So… a hybrid. Loki even has black hair when he’s in his Jotun form, and that’s really fucking unusual - no other frost giant is even similar - he LOOKS like a hybrid of Hela and Laufey. Although there’s a few things off about this theory, and the MCU will probably never confirm or go into enough detail about it, AND it also makes Loki Thor’s nephew (!!!wtf!) AND Odin would have also have to have known about it the whole time (albeit explaining his behaviour), it does give reason and a cause to the weird connection and similarities between the two.

- Loki and the Tesseract. Ooooooooohhh my god. So we basically KNOW that he has it, as although we don’t see him take it in Ragnarok, it’s strongly implied, and he also is literally holding it in the leaked trailer for Infinity War. (I appreciate that some ppl don’t want to watch the leaked trailer, but it confirms he has it) Why is this important? The Tesseract is an Infinity Stone. It has power Loki knows how to use, and he’s one of the few that do. What’s Infinity War about? Infinity Stones, and Thanos. The same Thanos who’s on the hunt for Loki AND the Tesseract. I honestly don’t think Loki’s taken it for some world domination shit this time round, I think he’s taken it for power and leverage. He’s acting intelligently and planning far ahead. This is given extra gravity when you remember that Loki is the only one in the Infinity War lineup who has met and knows Thanos, and that honestly did not go well for Loki at all.

- (On a side note, I just want to talk about Loki and Thanos; it’s been theorised/discussed for ages that Thanos met Loki in the void after his fall from Asgard in Thor 1, and gave him a deal: the mission of capturing Earth, finding the Tesseract, and the tools to do so. Now, Loki’s not really one to make deals unless he can subvert them, and so the whole way through Avengers his motives for attack to me seemed uncharacteristically illogical, although I can understand his primal emotional reasons for wanting to rule. But we also saw him looking very, very ill at the beginning of that film and in the Thor 1 credits scene, and being in obvious pain - he looked like a damn meth addict. Some fans have also noted that his eyes look blue during some scenes in Avengers, like he’s being mind controlled. I completely agree with this theory: that Thanos, recognising Loki’s power, tortured him, (with heat and fire, because how else do you torture a Jotun? It explains his appearance and injuries) and mind controlled him to enact the events of Avengers. And everything that happens thereafter in the MCU makes soooo much more sense when you think about it from the torture perspective. It explains a lot about the ‘big picture’ behind all of Loki’s decisions since. He has angered the most powerful man in the universe twice: failing in giving Thanos the Tesseract, AND remaining alive.

- Which brings me back to my point - Loki is the only one who has any possible comprehension of what’s coming, so taking the Tesseract easily interprets as him acting impulsively for reasons of his own safety, and possibly the safety of those around him (he takes it after his ‘redemption’ arc). I think he still has some kind of connection or knowledge of Thanos’ presence, maybe from torture, and he can sense when shit is about to go down - and we see the beginning of it going down at the end of Ragnarok. He’s also keeping his possession of it a secret, and for obvious reasons. Knowing he’d just taken the same item that he screwed everything up for last time would completely ruin his new trust-bond ‘redemption’ arc with Thor (I kinda hate using the word redemption tho - it’s obvious from Dark World that that’s not what Loki wants or really cares about) so, he’s going to use it in some kind of bamboozle, dodgy deal, Loki-esque interaction in the future .

- I really really reeaallllyy hope they don’t just turn Loki ‘back’ into a villain in IW. It would be an insult his character and the character work Taika’s done in Ragnarok. At this point it’s weak, cheap and easy character development and a trope that’s extremely overplayed. However, HOWEVER. It would equally break my heart to see him fall completely into the other side - the role of martyrdom, righteousness and self-sacrifice in IW. We already have dozens of characters who do that, and what makes Loki more loved than all of them is that he can do both - when and how he acts is fascinating to watch. He’s every inch a chaotic neutral, and I hope so much that Marvel keeps it like that. He survives because he has no morals, likes to play both sides and he’s smart about it. It makes him compelling, godamnit.

- With Tom’s movie contract and the amount of times they’ve ‘killed’ him off already, it’s looking likely he’ll survive Infinity War. (Not looking so good for Thor though 😭IW is seriously gonna kill me too)

- Some more mythology stuff… Although in the MCU Loki’s plot usefulness is as more of a ‘bad guy’ and not he’s not a central enough character to justify such an in depth plotline, there are plenty more things the myths can give him. For example, his own honest relationships, outside of Asgard’s influence. Loki has most likely experienced a much wider range of people, creatures and places in the universe than average. He’s got lots of little secrets tucked away. For example, in mythology he has another son, called Jormungand, a giant serpent. Not likely J will ever make it to the screen though, sadly. I think that the serpent shapeshifting story in Ragnarok was perhaps a nod to that. So was Odin’s 6-legged horse Sleipnir, another of Loki’s sons.

Secondly, and of greater interest to me: in the myths, Loki has a wife called Sigyn, the goddess of intelligence. (I love her already…) with whom he has these strange animalistic (likely shapeshifting) children. Now, I know IW is really too late along his storyline to be introducing someone like Sigyn, let alone as a love interest, but god damn would it be awesome if they did. Maybe it’s just me, but I think it would be truly satisfying and also extremely entertaining to see Loki get himself a girl. Superhero movies are so often plagued by the oppressive American binary of good and evil, wherein the good guy always gets the girl, and the villain is always miserable. Seeing Loki, (a character who we know consciously does bad things and fits very well the evil stereotype, but does good things as well, and plays both sides entirely to his own benefit) get the typical stamp of a good guy would make for a more interesting, rule-breaking plot. Please, MCU, don’t let Loki fall into this binary! Let him be both! It’s what made him so extremely damn popular! that and the fact that he’s smart and funny and Tom is extremely fucking hot lol

- I also really wanna see a bit more of his magical abilities - in his villain role so far we’ve been shown he’s smarter than half the MCU, extremely skilled in in magic and combat with knives, he can teleport, he can create illusions, he can fuck with people’s heads and more. His Valkyrie knife standoff scene was interesting in Ragnarok - I’m 100% sure he deliberately lost to Valkyrie to gain access to her memories- but Thor mentioned something way more interesting: Loki is a shapeshifter. And a really good one; he’s basically in a constant shift from Jotun to Asgardian. But to animals? That’s really fucking cool, and the snake story shows how easily he can hide in plain sight. (Y’all can get the cat!Loki y’all have always wanted.) Idk I just really wanna see more of what he can do. I think further abilities/aspects of his fighting style and personality will be revealed in future though, because having the Tesseract and knowing Thanos makes him into a major plot point for IW.

- lastly can I just say I’m really digging the 80s/rock soundtrack aesthetic Marvel is pushing for

- and the c i n e m a t o g r a p h y!! Got damn.

- just protect him please for the love of all that is holy.

- That is all. Thanks for reading my ramblings. Xxxx.

If you’re a fan of an actor and that actor says “hey please don’t do this or say this because it makes me uncomfortable and i really don’t like it”, and you continue to do what they asked you not to despite them repeatedly asking people not to, you don’t truly care about that actor and their feelings. If you get angry at an actor for speaking out against things that makes them uncomfortable (shipping them with friends for example!!!!), you don’t truly care about that actor and their feelings. What you really care about is whatever fantasy you’ve conjured up. Ok bye