One trillion to the tenth power mallu
One trillion to the tenth power mallu - Siri, what is one trillion to the tenth power? Siri rap - 0 0 0 rap - Indian people beat boxing to siri calculating

Siri, what is One Trillion to the 10th power?

Don't Tell Me What To Do

Public Service Announcement: I am unavailable for conversation. The door is there, exit with your mouth as soon as possible. Your cooperation is appreciated.

That’s better. See, there’s a jagged hole right where my heart should be, and bleeding out with its battered flesh just barely alive is said organ, nestled between my extended hands. How did it become this way? People, that’s what happened upon my faintly beating heart.

Box away your pity; please take your leave at once. I don’t want your help, much less sentiment inspired by the above paragraph. Your negative emotions on my behalf will only succeed in enhancing my own state of depression. This is by no means an offense to you, but I know my empathy. It’s not a beautiful thing the way I will feel what you feel.

Now, smoothing on hand over my shoulders reminds me of the bare surface, what I lack upon my back is a painful truth. I do not have wings. I am flightless, clutching a useless organ and longing for the sky. I wish for escape and speed, I see all my dreams caught up in the constellations while I remain grounded. If only I could leave behind their opinions and words to simply, in its most raw form, attain freedom.

Kindly refrain from lecturing me on the immaturity of my wish to escape, I do believe a more pressing matter is waiting for you outside these words. I encourage you to leave, because neither of us needs each other at the moment. I don’t want your sermon on the selfishness of leaving behind problems.

My soul is screaming and thrashing in tempestuous indignation, denied the ability to let others hear what I believe. They all stand in self-assured dignity, looking down on wild little me as they proclaim their beliefs on me, striving to impress their thoughts on my mind, as if that would change me in the least. Do you not understand? I will not conform to you.

Ah, there I see it once more. The light of disagreement alight in your eyes as you decipher the best way to enunciate your conclusion that I am, without a shadow of a doubt, borderline heretical. While you’re mulling over your approach on how to explain your revelation, I’ll give you the car keys and what do you know? The vehicle is parked and ready for your presence.

All I aspire to do is save and see the world. To create safe places for each person to find when they need it, to hold a broken-hearted person when they need another human being, to eradicate the systemic corruption within all countries. Is that too much to ask? To return humanity to humans? Not at all.

Before you outline how I can’t save the world, how I can’t do everything I aspire to, how I simply am a starry-eyed dreamer, I’d appreciate your swift departure. I don’t care where to, as long as it is not around me. You might say that’s harsh, but I say I’ve heard enough of the same mantra to last me a lifetime.

I will dream, and one day I will fly. I won’t tell you when I do because all you cared about was your own words. I’m building my wings, designed to take me up in the stars where my soul will be free. My heart will begin its beating once more; you shan’t see it anymore because I won’t let you see it. I set it on fire and replaced it in my chest, where its heat will give me the courage to fall and fly someday. And you won’t be there to see me accomplish it, thank. God.

Beats Mixr On-Ear Headphone (Certified Refurbished)

Beats Mixr On-Ear Headphone (Certified Refurbished)

What’s In The Box: Beats Mixr on-ear headphone, 3.5mm coiled DJ audio cable, ¼-Inch audio adapter, In-line regulate and mic cable (features might vary), Carrying case, Beats by Dr. Dre cleaning cloth. Lightweight and Powerful Built for DJs David Guetta challenged Beats by Dr. Dre to create the very best set of global-class ear cups. One year and thousands of prototypes later, we’re proud to…

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anonymous asked:

The person is female 😬

I was hoping! This is my Valentine’s Day wish list in case my secret admirers are beating themselves up on what to get me
1. The Mythhouse box satchel [She/I will love that]
2. Chocolate from the sweetartco. It’s made in Ghana and it’s so good and she has so many packages for Valentine’s. Did I mention it was so good, my fav is the sea salt chocolate 🙄
3. Cupcakes from icingnco, Cuppycakehouse, (Hans and Rene, just maybe you have some naija connects)

I think fresh flowers are cute but such a waste of money because after you take the pictures then they die 😩

#WackyWednesday pic found recently in my archives when I had a design shop, street level, downtown Greensboro, door locked so folks wouldn’t just walk in, and this guy was curiously pressing against our opaque/frosted door, doing loud beat boxing sounds, trying to figure out what was inside. Ya know he was there a while if we had the time to grab a camera and take the shot! Life, unscripted. 😜 #neverboring Photo by madmonkjoe http://ift.tt/1P795jD