Do you ever start shipping something ironically only to realize that you’ve started to ship them for real? Because please consider: Pidge and Keith.

- They both lost someone important to them on the Kerberos mission. Keith got his important person back, Pidge is still searching for hers.

- Really, the Kerberos mission changed both of their lives. It’s theorized that losing Shiro on the Kerberos mission is what caused Keith to start having behavior problems which ultimately lead to him getting kicked out, where as it seems like Pidge didn’t join the cadets until after the mission and her main focus was on finding her father and brother. (She probably would’ve joined anyway as Katie since she expressed an interest in space exploration in a flashback taking place before her family left on the Kerberos mission, BUT in her time as a cadet she seemed to be more focused on finding her family than actually becoming a pilot or anything.)

- While Hunk and Lance somehow got caught up in everything and are basically along for the ride and they (or at least, Hunk) find their reason to fight after becoming part of Voltron, both Pidge and Keith were drawn out because they were searching for something. Keith was searching for purpose and Pidge was searching for her family.

- As far as the “Keith is Galra” theory, “owning who you are will make you a better paladin.” In other words, they both had/have something to hide about their identity.

- They actually have a lot in common but also a lot of differences. Their relationship just has so much potential.

- Also Keith is like a head and shoulders taller than Pidge and that is just so cute.

Just… consider Keith and Pidge.

  • Janey Springs:Be careful near the kraggons! They appeared after Dahl started mining the planet and one of them nearly killed me a couple months ago.
  • Janey Springs:Gave me a sexy scar on my stomach.
  • Janey Springs:EXTREMELY sexy. Athena.
  • Athena:What? I... I'm going to, uh... keep shooting things. And focus on that exclusively.
Momentary Personal Rant

I am legitimately starting to worry about what we’re going to get in S3.  I am honestly afraid of what a writing staff who seems to completely gloss over so many characters with such potential to focus on the same other characters over and over again is going to do to said characters.  I am honestly worried about having a writing staff that claims their show is not about romance and then shoves a ship down the fandom’s throat (no hate to Clexa, I love Lexa, I love Clarke, I don’t personally ship it but I have no problem with it).  I am TERRIFIED of having a writing staff that belittles its show’s fans, especially those who ship something that they personally do not support.  Not only is such a practice never acceptable, but they need all the viewers and ratings they can get if they want a season four and beyond.  I feel like someone needs to tell this writing staff that YES, they are the people who create this content and put it out to the world but THAT DOES NOT MEAN that they have the right to tell fans how to consume it.  Bellarke shippers and Bellamy fans are not inherently problematic (there are some of course but not all of us are), please stop treating us like second class citizens.

anonymous asked:

What made you ship LuNa from OP? Why is that a popular ship? Why not ship Luffy with Hancock, Sanji/Law x Nami instead?

Come here, Anon!  Sit down!!  Get comfortable!

You come into my house and ask why I ship LuffyNami and not either of them and someone else, you’re going to get a good long talking to.

One question at a time, starting with what made me ship it.  I have a tag specifically for that. (it’s also full of fanart oops)  But to elaborate (a little, because no one will still be here when the sun burns itself out and I am still talking about Luffy and Nami), I’ve been shipping it since pretty much the very beginning.  And there wasn’t even anything super profound, it was just a culmination of all these stupid little things.

They both got hung up on Genzo’s pinwheel:

Chapter 81, Tears - I will cry literally every time i read it.

Arlong Park as a whole is really where I started seeing it in earnest, and it’s just snow-balled from there.

Arguably, I can see it starting as early as chapter 9.  The very first time Nami loses her temper and yells at him because he’s not listening and Luffy laughs and tells her “take it easy” in that laid-back, familiar way, like he hears it all the time (because he has, that’s exactly what Magura says to Dadan whenever she would start shouting a hot-tempered woman with orange hair, they say you marry your mother am i right..!).

There’s also this exchange when Nami first leaves them:

And yeah he’s this way about everyone in his crew, once he decides, that’s it, he’s decided - but he’s so adamant about it.

Right off the top of my head I’m trying to think of a handful of things without going on for forty years jesus christ  -  Whenever they’re seperated, Luffy and Nami are always two of the first to find each other (skypiea, water 7, strong world).  Luffy actually offers to share his food with Nami to cheer her up when they’re leaving Vivi.  Nami holds onto his hat for him when he’s fighting or missing (other than Usopp, she’s the only one who has); she sews it back together and sews Ace’s Vivre card into the band.  Skypiea was another heavy-hitter for me; that they’re the only two even remotely capable of combating Enel with any chance of success will never not tickle the shit out of me.  All of Strong World did you even see that movie.

Nami almost always calls for Luffy before she calls for anyone else, because she knows all she has to do is ask for his help goddamnit I’m crying



The real question here isn’t why don’t I ship them with anyone else, it’s why doesn’t everyone ship them, too??

It’s actually not a very popular ship at all, believe me, I have been meandering around this fandom for a few decent years and I’ve only recently found the small faction people that ship it in earnest.  Let me tell you right now it is a hard life to lead when what should statistically be the main ship turns out to be one of the bottom ships, and what’s worse is I don’t even ship normally - I’m not interested in the smut and lovey stuff that mostly everyone else is into, I ship stupid almost strictly platonically.

I like their relationship exactly the way it is, with maybe some extra cuddling on the side.  I also want them to have lots of babies and grow old together but we don’t always get what we want do we - 

So when I say “I ship it” I think mostly what I mean is “I see it”?  Because I don’t mentally change any aspect of their relationship, I can’t make myself deviate from canon characterization (it’s what makes me such a sour grape where reading fanfiction is concerned).  And, alright, every now and then I get a little frisky but that’s happened, what, twice - ever - and I never even finished any of the frisky things I started (except for that one - ) because my interest in it bottoms out super fast because it basically doesn’t exist.  But I’m asexual so - that’s just to be expected.

As for why I don’t ship Sanji or Law (specifically) with Nami, first of all, it’s partly because Nami tends to get passed around like a torch and shipped with everyone, and I don’t like it, so I don’t do it.  It’s just Nami with Luffy for me, she trusts him more than anyone, probably, and I can’t deal with it.

Also because Law hasn’t been around long enough to generate any serious chemistry with anyone and he’s been tense, stressed, and uncomfortable 500% of his post-skip panel time so how anyone can ship that poor bastard with anyone at this point is beyond me.  He’s said a handful of words to Nami, so I don’t really see the appeal (LawLuffy on the other hand, please get away from me, because that’s just another thing that I can’t deal with omg).

I don’t ship Sanji with any of the Ladies (though I was super interested in the potential his interactions with Violet had) because I’ve got a huge, mushy soft-spot for UsoppSanji, and I will roll right over to ZoroSanji at any given opportunity because that’s fucking hilarious, but I can be persuaded to (platonically) ship just about all of the Strawhats with each other.  I will ship anything if I think the potential for it is there, I’m shameless and I don’t aggravate too easily where shipping is concerned.

LuffyHancock deserves it’s own gigantic section (and this might sound as if I don’t like Hancock, which is not the case at all, I promise, it’s just that I’ve realized that this is almost a NOTP for me huh).  I don’t ship them for a very specific reason - because, let’s be frank, Luffy doesn’t like Hancock.

He says it right to her face that she makes him sick after she’s petrified Marguerite and the other girls just for helping him; after she’s gloated about how everyone will forgive her for it because she’s beautiful, she asks him “What about you?” and this is his response -

- because Hancock is the type of person that Luffy doesn’t like at all. She didn’t have any qualms at all with killing Marguerite, Sweet Pea, and Aphelandra over one small transgression, and they’re people that Hancock is supposed to take care of.  Nothing makes Luffy madder than people with no regard for their friends or followers.  Those people trusted you and you just threw them under the bus, fuck that.

He didn’t even bother trying to remember her name until after she helped him break into Impel Down so he could try to save Ace.

He only came around enough to actually hug her when she gave him the key to Ace’s handcuffs - and even after all that, Luffy has a more viable and intimate relationship with Marguerite than he does with Hancock.  Marguerite has actually talked and empathized with Luffy, Hancock puts Luffy on a pedestal, she can’t even look at him directly, let alone have a conversation with him - and Luffy isn’t interested in her in the slightest, not even a tiny bit, outside of appreciating her help and knowing he owes her a big favor.  There’s no mutual or equal ground between them at all.

Hancock is mean, selfish and vain (ironically enough, these are traits she shares with Nami), but the way Luffy interacts with Hancock is very different from the way he does with Nami. As just one example, he’s firm and direct when he declines Hancock’s marriage proposals, but he rolls over and whines whenever Nami is being demanding.

He likes Nami, even when she’s not being a particularly nice person.  He’s politely friendly with Hancock.

(And, as a side note, I don’t like the idea of shipping Hancock with anyone, anyway, let alone a man.  Not after her and her sisters were enslaved by the Celestial Dragons, we all know what probably happened and I just don’t have the time for that nope.)


so i did one of these spiritual profile things yesterday for fun and then i was like ‘what happens if i put in steve and bucky’s names instead’

what happens is i get really emotional and angry and i start to question why bad things happen to good people

Day 2 - Cuddling somewhere

I don’t care what people say, OneRepublic is the theme band for this freaking ship. If not, then why the hell couldn’t i draw this without playing at least one of their songs every ten minutes? Like, it’s ridiculous.

I’m sorry this looks so sketchy, but my plan was to sit today and finish this neatly, and also start a little with part 3, but some people came home today, with a daughter of almost my age with them, and I didn’t want to sit next to her and draw my two gay babes that aren’t even real (*cries*) in front of her and make her think I’m crazy be impolite.

Even though, once they left, I at least wanted to add some color, so here it is :3 I’m trying a different color palette, with this really soft and cute colors, and since I wanted to show them in a calm mood, and not the mood where they are being eaten by titans, or watching their partners die, or being cut in half, or being chased by angry demons, or a homophobic comunity, or trying to figure out wether they’re gay or not, you know, the usual, I wanted to draw them calm and stuff…. >->

I’m not sure if the drawing counts as cuddling, but whatever lol xD

Omg, I wrote too much, sorry, so, the deal is, enjoy! lol I hope you like… OuO)/~~

You guys, what a ride!

We started falling in love with St Berry when Hello happened. We got pissed when they ruined them in order to make Finchel happened. We celebrated his return on Season 2 and then on Season 3. And then we thought our ship was only going to live in our fanfics.

And today, it came true for real.

Thank you all so much for being part of the madness that was being part of the St Berry bubble. Loved meeting every single one of you. 

Fanfic by Skye

In which Skye captains the Fitzsimmons ship and accidentally ends up writing fanfic about the entire team. 

Part 1: The Beginning (or Skye’s perfect plan…)

It was the perfect plan. At least, that’s what Skye told Trip at roughly 2 am… after a few beers. 

It had all started because “Those two geniuses are the biggest pair of idiots I’ve ever met” (to quote Skye). 

“You realize that that doesn’t make any sense?” Trip asked. 

Skye ignored him. “I just. I ship them so hard,” Skye whined, grabbing another beer out of the fridge. 

“You what?” 

“Ship them,” she repeated. “You know, want to smush their faces together and make them kiss and/or lock them into a room until they rip each other’s clothes off.”

Trip raised an eyebrow. 

“Oh come on, we can all see it. They are perfect for each other. We just need to make them realize that.” 

After a few minutes of brainstorming (“No, we cannot let this happen naturally. I’ve waited too long.”), Skye said, “I can picture them together. Fitz would be super timid in the beginning, Simmons would probably kiss him first. Then they would not be able to keep their hands off of each other. Like I’m 75% sure they would even end up doing it in the lab. And because of all of the sex they would of course get pregnant and Fitz would call their baby his little monkey and don’t you just want a baby on the base?” 

Trip, in fact, did not think it was safe to have a baby on the base. But that did not seem to stop Skye.

“That’s it! I’ve figured it out!” she said suddenly. “I’m going to write fanfiction.”

“You’re going to do what?”

“Someone needs to give you access to the internet,” Skye rolled her eyes. “Fanfiction. I’m going to write all this down and get them to read it. I am probably the smartest person here and I didn’t even have to go to any dumb academy or get those stupid PhDs. You should actually just give me a degree or something for this idea.”

And that was how Skye ended up writing Fitzsimmons fanfiction. 

one time I was trying to explain to my brother that Thorki was a mix between Thor and Loki’s name because I ship them. To which he asked what shipping meant that I like them together. He thought I meant their powers combined so he started going off about how Captain America and Iron man would be good together, Hulk and Iron man would be good, Batman and Superman would be good together and to spoil his fun I explained that by together I meant as a couple and he just shut up and never talked about it again