can we talk about holland and his mv? it hit 1mil in less than 24 hours. only 19 hours to be exact. that’s literally unheard of for a debut, especially one with little promotion, under no company, and as a soloist. and especially as sga man. the like to dislike ratio is currently sitting at 61:4, which is a little close together, but as far as i’m concerned, is far, far better than i was expecting (and i was expecting the very worst). it takes me some considerable scrolling to find gross comments, so he’s getting a lot of love right now. there’s hate, and there likely always will be, but right now the love and support are overpowering it.

this is so monumental for the lgbt community, especially the part in south korea. he’s doing so much and he’s already done so much and he’s not going to stop and it’s amazing. he’s so strong and brave. i’m so proud of him.

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what’s goin on w jack n his mom?

all of the toxic instagram stans are commenting on his moms insta and tagging her in posts of the video where jack is smoking weed/vaping. he posted a somewhat strange apology video and it’s mostly likely that his mom forced him to and was telling him what to say lol. check out his instagram video you’ll see what i mean about it being odd.

Some interesting maps from the Master Works that show what was goin’ on when the Calamity struck

Yellow: Link and Zelda’s path to the castle

Blue: the Champions’ paths to their divine beasts

Yellow: Link and Zelda’s path when they fled from the castle

Green: the soldiers’ path to the Akkala Citadel (I think?)

Red: the guardians’ attack on Fort Hateno

Blue: Fort Hateno’s defense

Red: the guardians’ attack on the Akkala Citadel

Blue: Akkala Citadel’s defense

Yellow: Zelda’s path after leaving Link

Purple: the Sheikahs’ path to Link and Zelda and then to the Shrine of Resurrection with Link

I’m not entirely sure what this one is but it looks like the yellow paths are for survivors fleeing to places of safety, and I don’t know what the white ones are…


I can’t read enough Japanese to be able to translate much of the notes on these maps, so this is what it looks to me what’s going on. I could be off on some things, but I don’t think I am. Seems pretty straightforward and makes sense, although the last one confuses me a bit. Anyway, thought these might be of interest to some people so I decided to share them. There’s a whole history section in the back of the book that looks very interesting but sadly I can’t read it yet :’(

Also, sorry for the crappy quality phone pics. That’s the best I can do since I can’t scan them.