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Den what's Cupid's non-magic eyes?

“S’nuffin special.”

“Aw arent’cha a sweet one!”

“But I gotta ask, is your dad in jail? Cuz he stole the stars and put them in your eyes.”

“Woah there, buddy! Let’s take it down a notch!”

“Of course I break hearts, It’s just how it is.”

“But even if I break their lil’ hearts, some of ‘em get over it and get back together or find their happily ever after elsewhere anyways.”

“Guess y’all have to wait ‘n see~”

“Not too sure what’s goin’ on with the lil star, but thanks for the compliment~”

“Tomato tom-ah-to, potato pot-ah-to, darlin’.”


“You know what’s beautiful? Read the first word.”

“Gee, are y’all parents bakers? Cuz y’all are too sweet!

100 follower special

I reached a hundo today and to celebrate I want to show ya something special, unique and very beautiful:   


No, no. I’m not looking at the person behind you, I’m talkin’ to you! Do ya think I just see your “[tumblr url] followed you”, went “nice”, an’ gave myself a pat on the back? Nah. Smoky sees what you’re goin’ through, pal. You deserve a lot more than ya think ya do and definitely should munch a doughnut an’ swig some car oil.

The last part’s at your own risk.

You can’t let ‘em win, but that doesn’t always mean ya ain’t takin’ a break every once in a while! Don’t beat yourself up so much, buddy.

Thanks for the hundred!



although not as impressive as LucasArts would have me think

Oh, what on earth would make a man decide to do that kind of thing?
Oh, windin’ up twenty-one thousand, one hundred forty pounds of string
What was he trying to prove, who was he trying to impress
Why did he build it, how did he do, it was anybody’s guess
Where did he get the twine, what was goin’ through his mind
Did it just seem like a good idea at the time

Answers from Atlas Obscura:

Question: do non-Americans think this is weird? More than Americans do?

“youve been so agreeable lately its great!” yea thanks its cause im alternately dissociating an age regressing and i got no goddam idea whats goin on

No matter what the hell’s goin on with Sister Location and its place in canon, I will always say the best thing to come out of that game was solid evidence that Phone Guy is not Purple Guy

spacehated replied to your post: ‘hell,’ he mutters, waking to find a head of blond…

‘what’s goin’ on is that i need to use the washroom,’ he mutters, sighing, 'an’ you’re blockin’ the way. get up.’ still—his hand is on jim’s back, with no sign of moving.

“‘Mmkay.”  he rolls – a gratuitous description if there ever was
one – yawns again, & fumbles pulling a blanket up over his
head.  “Yeah, have at it.”  mouth’s already going slack again.  he’s
NEVER as pliant as he is in sleep, or when half-asleep.