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It's me. Tangled AU anon. Back at it again with more Disney au thoughts. Little mermaid is like little mermaid. but not mermaids. omnics. So like... zen wants to know what it might be like. to NOT be an omnic. to be human. and not oppressed. And gets his chance to be human but at the cost of his voice. Bastion is like flounder, zen companion in exploring humanity.he collects human things. What is a hair brush for. Eating is???? Human life is very exciting for zen. Genji loved zens enthusiasm.

YESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!! yes to All Of This

boat scene more like zen is just pleased to not have to worry abt his heavy metal-ass body sinking anything t b h…. everyone wonders how he can understand the beeping of omnics like bastion and he just  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Why does everyone suddenly pronounce Han with a long A at the end of empire strikes back like I just noticed that leia suddenly did it too what the hell was goin on that day

why was dennis crying in the gang misses the boat? the only times we have seen dennis cry was when he was genuinely upset, so he probably didn’t cry in anger. was he upset with himself that he lost his temper when he promised himself he wouldn’t? or was he upset that he wasn’t thriving without the gang in the way he thought he would? was he feeling alone, unwanted, and lacking confidence without the acceptance of his friends, the only people who truly accept him as he is, which is pounded into him even more when he can’t have a normal conversation with a normal human being? was he losing confidence that he himself is normal while the rest of the gang or the weirdos, that it wasn’t them who made him weird, but that he is just innately different? what is goin’ on up there, dennis reynolds?

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so um i havent seen much art of asks lately whats goin on? btw i have been followin this blog anonymously for a year now. :)

((aahh I know, I’m sorry! I’ve just been really busy with commissions, trying to find a irl job, and working on other projects. ;n; 

I’m also not receiving many asks that I can answer with art. And the ones I CAN answer with art would take a while to answer because I have comics and big art pieces in mind for them! Buuut it’s gonna be a while until I can start running this blog regularly again… 

I know it’s been like 2 years since I’ve been actually active, but a lot is changing in my life and it’s hard to keep up with everything.))

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Wait wait wait I'm really confused about the live chat video thingamajig like whats goin on can we still ask you guys stuff n all that? Sorry I'm extremely dense

We can do another live chat sometime! Does tomorrow work for you?