Because I couldn’t help it, here’s the the Brohm centered au I’m working on.

Synopsis: A bus ride to a bright future, at least that’s what the elders label it as. Everything is going just as planned for Bryce…

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What a great day!!! And weekend so far.

Last night me and a couple of my friends drove into the mountains and went to the casino. It was my first time ever gambling. I started with $15 and came home with $178 so not shabby at all. We all basically just played blackjack and drank all night and bonded and between the five of us, we profited $1300 with everyone winning.

After 3.5 hours of sleep and with a hangover, I ran four miles this morning. It was honestly the first time I’ve felt like I had a good run in Denver. After living here for 7.5 months. It took me 1.2 miles to figure out how to pause my Garmin, so my pace is slower than it truly was. My Nike+ app has my pace as 10'22" per mile.

I finished my run at Whole Foods and made a GREAT grocery haul. And people say keto is restrictive.

My day since has been reading in the bath, five hour nap, ordering WingStop, and watching The Office while catching up on tumblr.

“The Runner’s Brain” is seriously changing my approach to running! Last night I sat down and write a list of goals: difficult-to-achieve goals, satisfactory goals and stepping stone goals. One of those goals was to run a 5K faster than my previous time of 33 minutes…I crushed that this morning! I contribute it to the act of realistic goal setting, visualization (a concept also from the book) and pre workout 😜. What a great weekend already!

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Isn’t it awkward when someone asks you what your hobbies are/what do you do in your free time… like what should I answer to that? Watch animes and cry over 2D fictional characters? Stare at the ceiling all day long? Do completely nothing but exist? Make graphics?? Do you even know what graphics are? Procrastinate?? ?? What do you expect from me…