what's your destiny


Do not worry.
If it’s meant to be it will come to you no matter what.
Your destiny will never escape you.
What is written for you will never slip away from you.
If something is in your fate it is out there and it will be yours, it will reach you, and nothing can stop it.

Watch your thoughts for they become words. Watch your words for they become actions. Watch your actions for they become habits. Watch your habits for they become your character. And watch your character for it becomes your destiny. What we think, we become. My father always said that…
—  Margaret Thatcher  (1925-2013) British prime minister

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"also cant describe how much i feel repulsed by that bioware co-op shit" honestly same.

honestly i don’t even wanna criticize it as a game itself, it could be the greatest co-op shooter of the entire gaming history as far as i am concerned, but then i start thinking about andromeda and i feel nothing but rage and betrayal™

The Signs As Steven Universe Songs
  • Aries: Strong in the Real Way
  • Taurus: Let Me Drive My Van Into Your Heart
  • Gemini: Do It For Her
  • Cancer: Comet
  • Leo: Cookie Cat
  • Libra: On the Run
  • Scorpio: What Can I Do
  • Sagittarius: Giant Woman
  • Virgo: We Are the Crystal Gems (extended intro)
  • Capricorn: Stronger Than You
  • Aquarius: Destiny
  • Pisces: Steven and the Crystal Gems

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I was about to ask you if you could write Anakin and Luke spending Luke's birthday together or in a fancy restaurant for a change in the Vader Survives ROTJ verse. I just realized as i typed the words that Leia shares his birthday since she is his twin. And I just, that would be awkward in the restaurant, im not even sure she would want to talk to him and i got really really sad :(

Leia’s relationship with Anakin is tumultuous to say the least. I think she would eventually be able to tolerate him for Luke’s sake, but I doubt it would ever move much past that.

Anakin might take Luke out for his birthday, but I doubt Leia would go with. And Luke wouldn’t necessarily want to celebrate without her, even if they have a big family party (that includes all the not-quite-family-but-basically, like the Rogues and the Imperials who followed their commander, like Piett and Veers, because in this AU the Executor didn’t get destroyed, and they survived and followed Vader/Anakin over).

Your Destiny

Summary: At school, you feel something’s off and you can’t seem to figure out what’s making you feel so uneasy. The cute mystery boy you’ve been crushing on may be the reason (College AU). 

Word Count: 1,772

A/N: This story is inspired by a post I saw here and took a life of its own. 

Originally posted by raven-bellamy

Something felt off when you got to campus that morning. You couldn’t ignore the feeling of uneasiness surging through you and the sensation grew as the day went on. At first, you thought it was the project you had to do for U.S. History. You and your partner Steve had to gather information and prepare a PowerPoint on the Howling Commandos. While the both of you were prepared for the presentation, you despised speaking in front of the class and feared that you would mess up your end of the project. However, the presentation went off without a hitch and the both of you aced the assignment. Nonetheless, the anxiety within you never dissipated.

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Not so happy reunion (khan x reader)

A/N: Okay, finally this is done! It took me forever to write this and even more to open this up and edit it. But here it is, and just like all of you Trekkies have been asking, more Khan, and even more to come in the future. He needs to get all the attention in the world (I mean, look at this gorgeous man!!!). Because he’s hot as hell. also, tags, @dekahg

You had been on the U.S.S. Enterprise under captain Kirk’s command before. This was not your first time on aboard, but it was your first as a doctor. It was hard to switch your position on board and it took you time and hard work to specialize in medication. As you had been a ward before, part of many previous missions and guarding prisoners, interrogating and fighting. You had seen enough blood, destruction and misery, ending lives by command. Of course you had also saved people, brought peace and safety for different species, but the shady side of your work took the best of you, so you went on the other side. The side where your whole job was concentrated on saving people and making sure they stayed healthy. You thought you could now bury all the past, try to get over the nightmares that haunted you from your old missions, but you knew that since the whole ship knew your previous position, they would use it if needed. You couldn’t blame them. Of course now as a multitalented person you would love to help with anything that needed to be done, but you couldn’t hide the fact that you wished to never encounter a situation as such.

You were glad not to be part of the mission Kirk was sent to as a soldier. John Harrison, a terrorist that had killed so many people, attacked Starfleet Headquarters and ended the life of admiral Pike, and a criminal that admiral Marcus wanted dead. To some it came as a surprise when Kirk announced that they would be only capturing John Harrison instead of killing him as they were ordered to. Your thoughts on this were strict. A person like Harrison had to be killed. As you had many times before faced people like him you knew a man like him wouldn’t change and he would only try getting himself out of this and probably end up getting you all killed. There for it was a blessing you hadn’t been given a gun and an opportunity of ending this man’s life, not even let on the field. If you were lucky enough you wouldn’t need to see this Harrison at all, but you knew your new position wouldn’t save you and give you such luxury.

But putting that aside you were a peaceful girl. You weren’t as bloodthirsty as you seemed like even if you had been a warrior of some sort. You enjoyed every time you got back on Earth. You didn’t have children or a boyfriend nor pets. Your family lived far away so you were usually alone. It didn’t bother you. Sometimes you did think about going out, meet new people and even visit some old ones, but usually you decided against it. Was it because of job or just due laziness you didn’t much spend time outside or being social. Even when on ship you rarely got to know the people on board so you could make friends. You were careful, but not isolated. If you wanted to be outgoing you would do so. Then there was your job again, that made you be away from home for long amount of times. You loved being in space and going for missions even if it was to make peace with another culture and new people. So long story short, you didn’t much miss home or even earth and enjoyed the space and to be occupied with your job.

The ship had come to a stop the day Kirk had left with some of his most trusted alliances to get John Harrison on aboard. You were barely able to contain your excitement, anxiety and worry. Your adrenaline made your heart beat faster even if you weren’t going out with the captain, you could still get the feeling it gave you. People getting ready to leave the ship, weapons being handed to them, double checking the plan. It all made you go back some memories of your previous missions, how you had prepared yourselves and then what had gone wrong for what reasons. For those memories, flashing right before your eyes, you took a deep breath. This wasn’t for you. Not anymore. You didn’t need to worry for them. Kirk had everything under control and if he hadn’t he would do as he sees fit. It was all about luck. You didn’t believe in destiny or anything superstition, it was all about luck. An action leading to another. A decision affecting situation.  

You were present when Kirk left with his group. You, just like everyone else, wish them luck and soon after they left you retreated back to work.

You had been given a chance to get to know Bones. A man who was as grumpy as he was annoying. There. You had said it. There wasn’t much nice things to say about him, though he wasn’t the worst of all people on the ship. He had a heart, just slightly colder than normal people had and he had a great deal of complaining. From all the people he was quite amusing, but then so was Scotty. Scotty was one of your favorite of Kirk’s subordinates, but unfortunately he had left the ship just before departure. He had a feeling there was something off about the torpedoes Marcus had charged the ship with and had left.

Not long did you have to wait to be informed that John Harrison was on the ship when Kirk and his group came back. Of course you didn’t get these great news directly, but it was enough. You also could sigh from relief as Bones was assigned to get the blood samples of the prisoner as he had also been directed to treat the captivated murderer if there would be any need for it.

So there you were, keeping sure your workshop was tidy and all the supplies ready if there would be anything sudden or unexpected. That is of course what happened next, but not what you expected. No one needed you in your office, you were needed elsewhere. You heard from the speaker that had been installed on the left side of your office’s front door that you had been summoned. To the prison floor.

”(Y/n) (L/n), the captain asks you to come to the prison floor.” You couldn’t remember the name of the man on the speaker. You didn’t bother to get to know anyone if you weren’t needed to. You didn’t take anything particular with you, knowing you would’ve been informed if there was any need for it. Your heart was beating a bit faster than usually, but your calm composure hid it well.

At the door, opening it you called for the captain, already asking questions. ”You wanted to see me, captain.” You said as you walked into the white, well lit room. It was bright in there, a round room with monitors at the center and a glass wall to the prison cell that now had a resident in it. You couldn’t help but let your gaze wonder and meet the famous John Harrison. You let your eyes travel to his way, and it only took you a second to recognize him. You knew this man. You remembered him.

Your blood ran cold, the man you knew by a different name smirking at you in an unnoticeable way that Kirk, Bones nor Spock saw.

It was him. A couple of months ago you had been spending your time with two of your friends, it was rare enough for you to be out with company, but that wasn’t the only thing that rarely happened. You had encountered a tall, pale man who had offered to walk you home. You had just left the bar as your friends had stayed at the club, they loved dancing. You on the other hand hated night clubs and left after spending two hours there. You had only ordered three drinks, but it was enough to make your eyes droopy and your balance shaky. The man, he had introduced himself as Khan, had interrupted your stumbling on the streets and as he kindly suggested to help you home, you didn’t deny him.

Your mind raced through all the little memories you had of this person. That evening, that night and the following morning. You had been cursed. This was a remedy life gave you for the lack of danger in your new start and all had come crashing down by the first mission. You wondered had you come to an end, is this your destiny? What did this all mean?

The man behind the see-through glass grinning, you felt uneven by just looking at him. He felt more wicked and sly than the first time you met him. Here he was himself and in your memory, in the past he was someone else. A fake. A shadow of a man he could be. Like a reflection of something from alternate universe where he could feel empathy and remorse towards others. Now he reminded you of a criminal with only one thing in mind, destruction.

”(Y/n), I need you to guard Khan for me.” Kirk said. The name Khan rang in your ears. Yes. You knew him by that name and that name only, but that was it. You could put one and one together, a face and a name but that was it. You couldn’t say what he was like from personality, but his actions spoke for him. Killing so many innocent people. It was all the information you needed. And that information would have been enough to make you kill him.

”I thought he’s name was John Harrison.” You were stating the obvious question. You saw from the corner of your eye Khan reacting to the other name he was known as.

”It’s still rather unclear.” Bones blurted out, sounding rather disinterested, to which Khan rolled his eyes.

”It would be just for today at least.” Kirk assured you, approaching you calmly, almost begging and eyeing you as if trying to sense any hint of discomfort from you. It was a surprise that the feeling in your gut hadn’t made it on your face yet, because you felt more than uncomfortable. You didn’t even know why. Would it really even matter what you and Khan had done in the past? You didn’t want the crew to know about, but you doubted it would be an issue or even possible of Khan telling anyone. Why would he? If he would find it useful to manipulate you with the information then maybe. Cursing your wild imagination you tried to keep calm and not go ahead of yourself. Just wait and see, you told yourself.

You did want to hit Kirk. This was your first time on duty with your new position and you were already being dragged down for it?

”It isn’t my place anymore, captain.” You stated, your eyes wondering towards the man behind the glass wall even if you knew just looking at him was a mistake. He made you very uncomfortable. He had his eyes fixed on you and you could tell he was humored by the odds you were there. It had to be the only reason. But why was he so joyful of you being there? Would he humiliate you by how you met, what you did? You really needed to stop thinking about the past.

”The captain gave you an order.” Spock stressed, he too taking a step closer towards you. You, almost panicking, went to correct yourself.

”I’m not defying the captain.” You assured. ”But isn’t there guards on duty right now? I have my work and if I’m being honest I’m needed there.” Your voice was soft, almost shy for trying to reason with Kirk, especially when Spock was present.

”This is more important than your work right now, (Y/n) (L/n).” Spock said coldly, his eyes staring at you as expressionless as ever. His hands were behind his back, his head tilted slightly forward as he tried reasoning with you. He was very intimidating.

”I wouldn’t be asking you if I wouldn’t need to, (Y/n).” Kirk said, dismissing Spock’s harsh words. ”Besides, I’m already running low on my guards and you have more experience with prisoners than my other subordinates. You can try to make him talk, unlike the guards I have, they are here to only watch him. You can be useful and I would appreciate your effort.” This Kirk whispered. He didn’t need Khan hear him doubt his underlings.

Kirk had always been soft and easily approached even if you had no opinion on him. If you won’t mention how he wanted to keep the terrorist alive and take him captive against orders that is. It was a sign of moral and justice, but knowing how these kinds of criminals behaved you were second guessing. Of course you wouldn’t say anything, knowing the captain had made his decision and unlike Spock it wasn’t your place to advice him.

”Or do you need me ordering you?” Kirk stressed, his eyebrows high. You glared at your captain, but quickly wiped the look from your face. Feeling cornered and pressured for no reason made your blood boil. Of course you would do as the captain said if there was no dancing around his pleas.

You ended up nodding your head. ”No, captain.” You looked deep in Kirk’s blue eyes. ”You can count on me. I’ll do it.”

Kirk thanked you, patting you on the shoulder and with a little smile he had exited with Bones and Spock, leaving you alone in the room with Khan. You took couple of deep and silent breaths. You could do this. You hadn’t forgotten your training and there was nothing you hadn’t done before. Then again there was that teeny tiny fact that you had shared a bed with this man in question.

You took a couple of steps closer to the center of the room, still keeping your distance to the cell and the glass that separated you from Khan who had been standing in place the whole time. He was standing near the glass, a foot or two in between, his eyes on you. He was wearing a black outfit. The shirt rested on him well, showing all the muscles of his body and matched with black pants that did the same. His hair was pulled back, slick and lean unlike the last time you saw him. Then it was more messy and untamed, it had matched his lay back personality which with he had fooled you back then. Only by looking at him Made you question if he was even the same person that had managed to play a trick on you, toyed with you and fooled you to believe he had been a normal human being instead of this murderer he really was.

Khan was the one to break the silence. To your misfortune that is, since you could have just stood there, in silence for the end of your life, which Khan would probably more than willingly see. You dying. Maybe even by his own hands.

”Aren’t you going to interrogate me?” Khan tilted his head to his right with an amused tone and a barely seeable smile on his lips. His hands were behind his back in a mocking way, as if he was your superior. You knew he was trying to push your buttons, but also only just getting started. This couldn’t possibly be the best he could do though you weren’t interest of witnessing his best.

”I wouldn’t if I wasn’t ordered to.” You admit. You wanted to lean your back against a wall, but knew your composer would inform him of the lack of interest by doing so, and maybe even giving him the wrong sign that you felt safe that he was behind the glass which would provoke him to prove other vice, so you stayed at the center of the room. ”So, Khan, your plan?” And there it goes. Not interested.

Khan tilted his head even more, his eyes narrowing as he eyed you disappointedly but still amused. Was it your sass that kept him humored? Or just that he knew you better than what you let out? It wasn’t an act. You just had to be this way when you were on duty, even if it wasn’t yours anymore. You had to seem cold and distant, as if nothing got to you. Hardening yourself had taken time and practice but once you gained the hang of it you couldn’t keep it away. Though, still, hints of your own personality played a part of your interrogating.

”That is your way of pursuing me to talk?” Disappointment was one you had heard from prisoners only for handful of times. Khan was a criminal, an intelligent one and his arrogant way of talking made it clear. This would take time. ”I expected more of you to be honest.” He scolded.

”I haven’t started yet. Just thought you’d want to get it out of your system and not waste neither of our time.” You crossed your arms over your chest even if it wasn’t advised, but you would do what you felt right. He was being arrogant, you could do it too. Your body language signaled you were defying him, but knowing how his mind worked it would only provoke him to talk. It was simple and easy way to make him talk, as if manipulating. Of course it would take more than your position to get where you needed, but this was only boosting things up.

”Oh I don’t think I would ever dare to waste your time.” You could make a list of the ways of him wasting your time, but decided against it. For example the night you shared. It wasn’t relevant, but how wrong you were. Everything was relevant to Khan. Especially the time he had spent with you.

”Then you won’t mind telling me what I need to know.” You sassily chuckled.

”I will tell you everything you need to know.” Khan assured you, his voice deep and intimidating. ”I’ve been thinking about you.” You almost chocked on your own saliva. Khan smirked at the way you reacted, your eyes were wide and you had to clear your throat. Shit, he had hit you under your belt. You were so taken aback that you didn’t even have time to try and make things up, cover your surprise, and it made you look like an amateur. An idiot.

”That’s not what I need to know.” You told the prisoner, trying to fix your composure.

”What you need to know differs from what your captain needs to know.” Khan  explained as if it was the plan for both of you, obvious and final.

Khan was playing you. This was exactly why you hated your previous job, well one of the reasons. Even if you hadn’t met many of his kinds of criminals they could get under your skin and to Khan it wasn’t hard. You started second guessing that you hadn’t informed Kirk that you knew him. You had been wrong. He would dig deep enough to what he had found out about you and was going to use it against you and with his intelligent way of thinking it wouldn’t be hard.

”I’m not here because of me.” You reminded Khan who only smirked.

”Then let me make your time count.” Khan suggested, his tone now lighter and friendlier if you dared to say. He paced around in his cell but kept his eyes on you. You didn’t move, barely blinking, you stared at him, following his every move.

”All I want is to hear your plan, Khan.” You tried not to show him he had got you. You had to just stay focused and only aim for one thing, for information.

”My plan just changed.” Khan humorously admitted. He came to a stop, now closer to the glass than before.

”What part of it?” Your eyes narrowed, your ears burning. You knew you were getting close to get something out of him. If he would tell you now, then you had to say you would be disappointed. Even if you did want to leave the room and never to see this man again you still felt like there had been no struggle. Nothing really to make you even start to work. Too easy was what you hated.

”You.” Khan’s voice, like a growl of an animal, made your skin crawl and the hair in the back of your neck stand.

”What do you mean?” Your voice calm, but your insides were going through a rollercoaster. Was he trying to get to you? It had to be a trick. Even if he had had you once, laying on your back, him on top of you…

”What I plan to do with you differs from the knowledge your captain seeks.” Khan explained, his hands let loose, now on either side of him, not behind his back anymore, his weight slightly more on his left leg.

”I only need information of your actions that my captain is interested in.” You say to him in a voice that tries reminding him that it is the only reason you’re even there. He seems to try to forget it, or make you forget why you’re there. It annoys you, but you try to keep yourself together. But knowing it is the only way to get Khan to talk you let him continue, daring him even. ”But do humor me and tell what you plan to do with me.” You lean back, your head high and a smile on your lips. You can see a spark lit up in Khan’s eyes as you give him the permission to talk.

You know his plan. Even if it does include you, you already figured it out, though there is one thing you didn’t even think of.

”You have been the only woman in years I have shared a bed with.” It’s enough to wipe the smile from your face, it makes Khan smirk. ”And I plan to keep it that way.” He informs.

He waits for you to say something, and even if you need to struggle to keep your mouth from opening and ask questions you made it. You keep quiet and wait. Wait for him to continue his story, his plan as he recalls it. You did want to defy him, but you knew you couldn’t show emotions. He was a criminal. You couldn’t let him think he got you by his story.

You can see disappointment flash through his face again, but it’s gone in seconds. ”I will make you beg for me to bed you.” Khan growls.

”You have no such power over me.” You glare at him with cold eyes.

”I will make you want me, desperate, and once I have you don’t think I’m letting you go.” A smirk spreads on his lips. ”Your crew will turn against you and you have nowhere else to go, and my arms will be open for you.” He spreads his arms wide, as if showing you what you would be facing in the near future. You scoff at him and smirk. You’re not so easy. Your crew won’t turn against you so easily as he makes it sound like. Or so you try to prove him.

”You can try.” You tell him while taking a step back. You had had enough and decided to retreat from the interrogation room for a break. You might even just go to Kirk and tell him all you know of this idiotic terrorist, just to ensure your protection and to show your crew you were on their side.

”I will. But before that you need to give in to me.” Khan says with a smirk. ”You can save your time and company me right now.” And with those words as his last for you to hear you exit the room, not even glancing back.

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Heya! Do have fics where Arthur takes Merlin for granted and/or Merlin gets fed up with Arthur's hurtful words? (But with a happy ending!) Thanks so much.

Hmm, an interesting request. You might like these fics:

Idiosyncratic Romance by f0rcryin0utl0ud (locked on ao3)

Word Count: 13,942 / Rating: Teens and Up

Summary:  Love involves a peculiar unfathomable combination of understanding and misunderstanding.-Diane Arbus

“And what about your destiny?” Gaius asked softly. “Merlin, you know Arthur needs you – whether he realizes it or not. You won’t have to hide from him forever.”

Necessary by twilightHDfan

Word Count: 4,642 / Rating: Teens and Up

Summary: After being threatened and not trusted one too many times, Merlin cracks and leaves. Arthur slowly starts to realise that he may miss his ex-manservant more than he misses Gwen.

Return to Me by f0rcryin0utl0ud (locked on ao3)

Word Count: 7,199 / Rating: Teens and Up

Summary: In the beginning, Merlin explained away Arthur’s distance as him just needing time to accept Merlin had magic. Then he’d told himself that Arthur’s sharp tongue was because he was still hurting because of Gwen’s betrayal.

The Problem with Power by BookshopLaura

Word Count: 15,430 / Rating: N/A

Summary: Arthur is cursed. But he doesn’t feel threatened by a curse that Merlin will do exactly as he’s told. Until he’s faced with the true consequence of that power.

For the Weary by lady_ragnell

Word Count: 4,926 / Rating: General

Summary: When Arthur becomes King, Merlin overworks himself.

Comment: Arthur isn’t mean in this one, but it fits your “Arthur takes Merlin for granted”

Steven Universe Songs for the Signs

Originally posted by scullyclone

Aries: Comet
Taurus: Let Me Drive My Van (into Your Heart)
Gemini: Something Entirely New
Cancer: Dear Old Dad
Leo: Haven’t You Noticed (I’m a Star)
Virgo: Do It for Her
Libra: Peace and Love (On Planet Earth)
Scorpio: What Can I Do
Sagittarius: On The Run
Capricorn: Wailing Stone
Aquarius: Stronger Than You
Pisces: Destiny

Night, when it comes, takes the City swiftly. Sunset blossoms, dusts the mountain peaks with crimson - and then the light disappears, and if the sky is clear, the stars come out.

Zavala leaves the War Room. Watches the light fade, watches the ships come in, watches them drift past the moon; gently, like butterflies. Couriers of the Dead.

The Good Soldier, they called him once, before the Gap. The name has stuck. And now he plays the role willingly, because he must. Because the City requires balance.

The others may not see it, but the Tower sits atop a confluence of knives. The slightest push in any direction, and…he pictures Cayde’s playing cards, scattered to the wind. Balance is needed: strength, discipline, intellect. A Vanguard must have all three. So must the City. He recites the Forms, arms clasped behind his back, as Guardians wink into being around him, tiny stars glittering across the uncaring dark. He resists the urge to sit. 

He resists the urge to weep.

A knife must be honed. Maintained. And kept sheathed, lest it turn on its wielder. Zavala’s knife is forged from killers, cowards, and deluded egomaniacs. But it is many-bladed, and every edge is sharp enough to kill - he is thankful for it. His greatest - no, his only purpose - is to point it in the right direction. To keep the edges shining brightly. To keep the stars lit.

He raises a hand, palm outstretched. Imagines a dagger’s tip, poised on the end of his finger. 

The hand becomes a fist. He lifts it to the sky - a salute to all the little lights, lost to the dark, that now stare back at him.

Ships come and go; their glittering wings cast shadows across the plaza.

Zavala has kept many secrets. He will keep many more. He will grow old and tired, and someday his Ghost will abandon him. A new Vanguard will take his place, will inherit the balance.

Until then, he will be vigilant. Until then, the knife will neither slip nor dull. Until then, the stars will burn.

So that the Last may one day be the First. Until there is no more Light left to give.


Lot of good points. As you probably know I’m a hardcore destiny fan…and it’s just not fun anymore with the current meta. I barely play and when I do it’s only for a sort time because the current meta. What are your thoughts?

hey guys

just wanted everyone to know that destiny playstation exclusives make me sad and angry