what's wrong with fat

I woke up today and said, fuck the world! For all the girls struggling with stretch marks, rolls, love handles, fat, jiggles, everything that we are taught to hate, you know what we tell them haters? FUCK you! We have days where we hate ourselves so bad, but it’s only up to ourselves to take away that negative thinking. What is wrong with a fat girl being happy? So today, I’m going to love every jiggle, every curve, every particle of my body. I am going to love everything about my body that others had made me self-doubt my worthiness. My unapologetic fat Asian ass will be dancing, and there’s nothing more beautiful about that.

Unpretty - A Yoongi scenario

In which she’s feeling insecure about her body

Word count: 1k+

As requested by anon 🌟

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Fuck, fuck, fuck.

I stare at the clothes scattered on the ground, and everything I would like to wear is in the next laundry batch. All there is left are a bunch of tight t-shirt and other pieces of clothing that barely fit. There’s a knock on the door. Min Yoongi’s voice reaches my ears, muffled by the wall between us.

“Are you done? It’s been 15 minutes, Jagiya.”

“Y-yeah! Just give me five more.”



I sit down against my bed, eyes tight. How could I forget our date? We’ve been seeing each other for almost two months now, and I think I might already be in love… He’s everything I’ve ever wanted in a guy. No, he’s more than that. He’s just… He’s utterly perfect.

…and there’s me. For one, I forgot our date because I was studying until late, yesterday. Not only that, I have nothing proper to wear. I glance at the revealing clothes littering the floor, and I  feel my throat tighten. No way I can wear that. Not in public… Not in front of him.

“Jayiga,” Yoongi says. “Why are you taking so long?”

I hesitate. I can’t tell him I forgot our date, and that I’m not ready at all.

“I… I’m just doing a bit of cleaning. I don’t want you to see the mess that is my place.”

“Are you serious?” he asks, and I cringe at how stupid my excuse came out. “Just come out already, I don’t care about the state of your bedroom.”

“I’ll be out in a minute. I swear!”

I hear him sigh with exasperation, and my face wraps with anguish. I hastily put a random shirt on, accompanied by a pair of skinny jeans. I catch my reflection in the mirror.

Oh my god.

You can see all my curves, from my chest to my belly.

I’m so fat.

My thighs look awful.

What the hell is wrong with-

“Jayiga!” Yoongi calls out with impatience.

“Coming!” I say hoarsely, and I open the door, gulping with difficulty.

He’s handsome, as always, even with his forehead all drawn together. His face relaxes as he eyes me from head to toe, and I bite the inside of my cheek. I don’t allow him time to comment.

“Let’s go,” I say, taking his hand after closing the door.

He blinks, but interlaces his fingers with mine and follows my lead. We fall into a strange silence.

I wish I had lied and told him I was too sick to go out.

I’m fat.

I don’t deserve him.

People will say he could do better.

I wish I was prettier.

I’m so, so fat.

What the fuck is wrong with me?

I wish I had a flat stomach.

He’s so handsome, and interesting, and I’m nothing.

Why am I like this?

As we walk towards the restaurant where he wanted to eat at, it seems like every single person we pass by is staring at me. I try to ignore it, but already I can feel my insides lurching up. I fix my eyes on the ground. Suddenly, Yoongi pulls me close to him, his arm encircling my hips. I almost flinch away, as his fingers fall on my love handles, but I think better of it. I can’t have him thinking I dislike his touch.

We’re almost there when he leans in to my hair.

“Let’s go back to your place,” he whispers.

“What?” I let out.

We stop moving.

“Let’s go back.”


I’m not good enough.

You finally realized it.

“I don’t like the way people are looking at you,” he explains.

It’s because I look like this.

Because I’m so… me.

It’s because they wonder how a guy like you could end up with me.

“Oh,” I breathe.

It’s over.


I’m lucky you even looked at me in the first place.

He gives my hand a squeeze. “Let’s go, Jagiya.”

“Okay…” I say quietly, and I follow him as we navigate back home.

He doesn’t add anything, and I feel a tingling sensation behind my eyes. I’m in a daze, and the walk back is a blur. We’re in front of my door before I know it.

“Can I come in?” he inquires as I avoid his eyes.

“Sure,” I respond automatically.

It’s over.

“Your outfit…” he says when we’re in my room.

“I’m sorry,” I answer softly, and I try to blink my tears away.

“What..? Wh-why are you crying?”

“I’m sorry, Yoongi,” I repeat in a brittle voice.

He takes a step towards me, his stare intent, but I keep my head down. “I don’t understand. What’s wrong?”

“Me!” I blurt out. “I’m wrong! Everything about me is wrong! I- I’m sorry you had to see me like this.”

“Sorry?” he asks, confused. “What?”

I finally look up at him. “You’re ashamed of me! That’s why you brought me back here!”

Ashamed?” he slowly says, voice low. “Are you fucking kidding me?”

“No!” I exclaim, frowning. “Why else would you mind people looking at me?”

“Because you’re drop-dead gorgeous! I don’t want a bunch of strangers to check you out!”


We fall silent for a moment.

“Your outfit…” he says, putting a hand on my burning cheek. “It’s showing the entire world how beautiful you are. I just…” He pauses, leaning in closer. “I want to keep you all to myself,” he murmurs against my lips.

He doesn’t let me answer. He kisses me with tenderness. It soft and sweet, and it tastes of my tears. His tongue makes me forget everything as he becomes more passionate, pulling me closer and closer. 

“You’re so beautiful,” he whispers against my ear, and his warm breath makes a shiver go down my spine. “So fucking beautiful.”

In the depth of his voice, in the way he gazes into my eyes as he takes off my shirt, in the way he touches me…

I know he thinks it.

And for a little while, I feel like the prettiest girl on Earth.

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Ot4 stans need to leave Camila alone it's becoming really annoying they comments on everything she dose & now they're going after her looks 2 months ago they were like she's looking so depressed & skinny & unhealthy now they're saying she looks old & fat what's wrong with those ppl u don't like the girl u were on her case all the time when she was in the group now she left & they're still not satisfied & I'm not even a camila stan & they annoying me it's becoming ridiculous

Good Husband

Imagine: Kol magically getting you pregnant and being married to him, so he cares for you and comforts you, even running to stores late at night to get you food. (Requested)

You looked in the mirror, sighing sadly as you were starting to show your baby bump. You had been a Vampire for a while, finding your husband, Kol, in the park after he had gotten into a fight with his siblings. You had been fighting with another Vampire, fending for yourself and you were drained. Now that you looked back at it, you had been so lucky to meet Kol that night, as soon as you saw each other it was literally love at first sight. Kol warned you he wasn’t boyfriend material and you took the chance anyway, not able to change his personality, but shaping him into the boyfriend you imagined he could be. One thing led to another and you were marrying him, with your friends and his family and some of the Mystic Falls group behind you. Though your family was dead, your friends you met along the way were just enough for a small and simple wedding.

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For the chubby MC being carried... Can we get V and Saeran too?

Yes, yes my lovely anon! Ugh I love me some saeran any day of the week 
( ´ ▽ ` )ノ Enjoy! 

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For anyone that missed it the rest of the RFA are here


  • You guys were cuddling together on the couch
  • His head was on your lap, as he excitedly told you about a new opportunity that he had to travel for work
  • He loved laying his head on your thighs, they were so soft and he thought they were incredibly sexy
  • He reached up and grabbed your face, bringing your lips to his own
  • He kissed you feverishly-knowing all too well where this would end
  • He gently peppered you with sweet kisses, as he shifted and began pulling you onto his lap, so that he can start carrying you to the bedroom when he feels you tense up
  • Is everything alright sweetheart?”
  • He saw your eyes fill with tears as you looked away
  • Silly, you can’t put me in your lap. Do you want your legs to break?”
  • You said it in a joking tone, but he knew you all too well
  • He knew you suffered with your self image and him being so thin did not help. 
  • He grabbed you rather forcefully until you were looking at him directly in the eyes
  • “Listen MC, never in my entire life have I ever met someone so beautiful not only on the outside but on the inside as well. You are absolutely breath taking my love.”
  • And with that he lifted you effortlessly, despite the blush rushing o your face and your protests
  • “See, that was not difficult at all, now where were we before”
  • That night he really showed you how much he loved your body, many many times. (¬‿¬)


  • You two were watching TV together on the couch
  • Well, you were watching TV, he was admiring you
  • He looked at you and he had no idea how anyone could be as beautiful as you
  • He felt his heart swell with love every time you laughed, it made him so incredibly happy
  • Wanting to hold you, he grabbed you and pulled you to him
  • He loved your body, every inch of it, every curve and every imperfection you saw was amazing in his eyes. 
  • You quickly pulled yourself out of his lap and he was hurt?
  • my poor baby
  • “MC is everything okay?” 
  • “Yeah I am fine”
  • He looked over at you and put a strand of your hair behind your ear, 
  • You looked so beautiful he couldn’t help but leaned in and kiss you
  • The kiss started getting a bit heated and he decided to take this to the bedroom where it would be more comfortable
  • He broke the kiss and began to grab you so he could carry you to the bedroom- bridal style
  • When you pushed him away again
  • His heart was pounding, and nervously he began to worry “Oh no, what did I do to upset her. Does she not love me anymore?”
  • He looked at you, heart-shattering in his eyes, “Ok I know something is wrong what is going on?”
  • You looked at him tearfully, “I’m a pig. That is what is wrong Saeran. I am too fat for you to carry me. I feel so disgusted with myself” 
  • He felt like crying
  • but
  • he was also PISSED
  • He grabbed you and carried you, not saying a word
  • You tried to say something in protest but he simply glared at you
  • He laid you down, as his body towered over yours
  • “MC, I do not appreciate you talking like that, about the woman I love. She is the most beautiful being on this planet and deserves all the love in the world. I only hope she can see herself like I see her, as one of the wonders of the world and I am honestly so lucky to have her in  my life” 
  • He said, kissing her sweetly.
  • Tears were now running down her face freely as she pulled Saeran close to her, crying in his chest.
  • He simply hugged her, whispering sweet nothings in her ears, expressing his love and they just cuddled for hours
  • Honestly, he couldn’t think of any better way to end the night

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Hi I've been scrolling through your blog for a while today, lol. But what is wrong with PETA? I don't really know very much about their organization, and do they do bad things? I'm sorry!!

So many things unfortunately. Their methods and ideals are soooo far from veganism and are actually really harmful to both people and animals. What I’ve typed up is just a super quick look at what they’ve done. This post alone does not even begin to express the magnitude of their actions.

On the Human Side

  • Ableism (Ableist ad campaign targeting Autism)
  • Anti-Semitism (Ad campaign referencing the Holocaust)
  • Fat Shaming (Numerous accounts of body shamming in ad campaigns)
  • Misogyny (Where do I begin….there’s too much for this one)
  • Transphobia (“Fur is a drag” campaign)
  • Racism (Various accounts of racism in ad campaigns)
  • Targeting Children (Inappropriate use of shock tactics)
  • Violence (Supports violent activism, sometimes even financially)

On the Animal Side

  • Animal Cruelty (Numerous accounts of killing family pets)
  • Euthanasia (Their killing policies are far from vegan….)
  • Staged Footage (Basically fuck PETA)

I used this source just to pull this together quickly, but there are so many more sources out there.

If you don’t have time to do your own search, I would highly recommend browsing through the link above. It has all the categories I listed (and more) and all with the relevant/original sources linked.

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Hey! i really love your blog it gives me really confidence about my body and you are remembering me that a hot guy can love a fat girl too whats wrong with that? your writing is PERFECT you help me about loving myself i wanted to ask if you know another blogs like that there are smut fat fiction stories too because i have read all of your fictions and is not enough 😍😍 ps: sorry for my bad english is not my mother language

Hello, anonie! First things first: please never say sorry about your English! English is not my first language either. And thank you so much for your kind words, seriously! That said, I gathered some stories that I particularly like. Remembering that I’m always up for new content, so you guys can must tag me in stories with fat/chubby/plus-size OCs, alright? Keep reading to see them. *GIF not mine! Source*

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things i really need to fucking tell body shamers
  • you don’t get to talk shit about another person’s body
  • unless you’re that person’s doctor, you don’t get to make assumptions about someone’s health
  • what another person eats is none of your fucking business
  • did you know that people could be working out every day and still be the size they are?
  • when someone celebrates their body, it doesn’t mean that we’re attacking anyone else
  • do you really think calling someone fat is helping them? 
  • if so, what is wrong with you?
  • you have no idea what someone has been through/is going through, and guessing things based on what they look like is A+ asshole behavior
  • believe it or not, there are people out there who love people for who they are - and no, it’s not because they have a certain size fetish
  • jokes about someone being able to ‘skip a few meals’ are a) shitty and b) not funny at all
  • how someone looks isn’t indicative of what they’re worth
  • telling people they’re being ‘too sensitive’ when you’re ripping into their bodies is just the worst
  • people can wear whatever the fuck they want and don’t need to ask for your permission (see, bikinis)
  • judging a pregnant woman’s body because you think you know what’s best is R-I-D-I-C-U-L-O-U-S
  • the fact that YOU don’t like someone’s body is not an important opinion to share, so don’t waste your energy
  • because being happy is more important than fitting into someone else’s idea of beautiful
  • and one more time for the people in the back: It. Is. Not. Your. Body.

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I dont really get why what she tweeted was wrong, I don't like her just saying but idg what was wrong with it xx

she literally saId fat people were greedy and compared them to a pig?

So what was so very wrong with drawing a fat character skinny, anyway?
  • SU fandom: It's fatphobic! It shames little kids who don't fit societal beauty standards!!
  • Me: So it could do harm to other people, is what you're saying.
  • SU fandom: Yes! Bigger characters need more representation in the media! Erasing that representation will make little kids who are bigger feel bad about themselves.
  • Me: But she didn't erase the character. She just drew her differently. The character and representation is still there...?
  • SU: It doesn't matter! Someone could still see her work and take it personally!
  • Me: And feel bad about themselves. Even though it didn't actually, physically harm them. Your biggest concern in all of this, basically, is that it might hurt someone's feelings.
  • Me: So it could make them depressed.
  • SU fandom: YES.
  • Me: Depressed... to the point of hurting themselves or even, I dunno, attempting <i>suicide?</i>
  • SU fandom: EXACTLY. NO ONE SHOULD EVER BE MADE TO FEEL THAT DEPRESSED BECAUSE OF A ooooh wait I see where you're going with this

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Hey pearl! I haven't seen you in awhile you look so much skinnier please don't take that the wrong way but what did you do?? I'm fat trying to get skinny so pls help ya girl out

Hiya! I have indeed lost about 30 pounds since the start of college and generally maintained it. Of course I fluctuate (esp in the winter), but I downtrend about 5-10 pounds a year on average.

While it was always somewhat intentional, my main concern was actually my HEALTH– not my weight. Because I come from an eating disorder background, it was really important for me to keep weight loss out of the picture. Thus, I was able to focus on eating well and working out without the pressure that losing weight might have.

What I did was simple. I chose to incorporate way more plant foods, kept meat and dairy to a minimum, and cooked for myself more (applies to after I got off meal plan last year). I also started running consistently. I’ve noticed amazing changes in my body since changing to a plant based diet, and while the weight loss was great, even more significant was:
1) pooping regularity
2) higher energy overall
3) ability to listen to my body and become aware of its needs
4) clearer skin
5) happier belly

As I said, the change was very gradual but I have never been happier with my lifestyle. While I do still struggle with binges, I have found that it is usually because I’ve been restricting my intake. When I eat in abundance, I feel good and look healthier. :~)

If you need some help, definitely watch “hungry for change” and “forks over knives”. It really opened my eyes to the damage that dairy and animal products can do to our bodies.

Finally, I am an advocate for moderation. I am not vegan– but I keep my consumption of animal products (including clothing and makeup and shoes) to a minimum. I think it’s important to include things in your diet that are satisfying if you can’t find plant based replacements. That said, moderation is the key there.

Anyway, good luck friend. But remember that you’re 100% you and awesome regardless of size bc size is irrelevant. :~) (btw that’s not to discourage u from wanting to lose weight cuz that’s completely valid too)