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I woke up today and said, fuck the world! For all the girls struggling with stretch marks, rolls, love handles, fat, jiggles, everything that we are taught to hate, you know what we tell them haters? FUCK you! We have days where we hate ourselves so bad, but it’s only up to ourselves to take away that negative thinking. What is wrong with a fat girl being happy? So today, I’m going to love every jiggle, every curve, every particle of my body. I am going to love everything about my body that others had made me self-doubt my worthiness. My unapologetic fat Asian ass will be dancing, and there’s nothing more beautiful about that.

BTS Reaction to you Being Insecure about your Weight (Maknae Line)

Jimin: You had always been insecure about your weight, even as a child. Always conscious of what you were wearing and what people thought of you. Something about this one night wouldn’t let you get these thoughts out of your head. “Do you think i’m too fat?” you said to Jimin while laying in bed. He would immediately put down his phone with a slightly shocked expression. “Of course not.. what makes you think that?” You would tell him how you felt about yourself. Every single word that left your mouth came as a shock to him. After you were done sharing with him, he would then shower you with kisses and compliments. “You are perfect in every single way y/n”. You knew he was serious by the tone in his voice. He knew exactly how to make you feel like the most beautiful person on the planet. You kissed and both said your ‘I love you’s” before Jimin turned off the bedside lamp and you both laid back down and allowed yourselves to drift off to sleep. 

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Jungkook: Where you lived, there were not many girls who would be considered “fat”. Before you moved you’d never really paid any attention to how your body looked, but for the past couple weeks since you moved in with your boyfriend, Jungkook, your opinions about your image were completely flipped. While Jungkook was out at the studio leaving you home alone, you decided to go out shopping and then out to eat at your favorite cafe close by. You quickly took a shower and got ready, grabbed your purse and phone, then left. The clothing stores in your area were mostly targeted toward girls with smaller figures, but you could usually find something cute to buy. You picked out a few items to try on, but before you did, you could hear quiet voices behind you. “Oh my God, how can someone get so big?” “She’s huge haha!” Although they were speaking Korean, you were fluent enough to understand what they were saying about you. You paused in your footsteps taking in their words. You immediately put the pieces of clothing back on the rack and walked quickly out the door and back home. As soon as you got there, you went in the bathroom and locked the door. You looked in the mirror while taking your shirt off. Slowly starting to notice your curves and hips, making up insults about yourself. You grabbed the fat on your stomach as a single tear slipped down your face. You started thinking to yourself how you’d never noticed. For the next few days the word “fat” lingered in your head. Every meal you came across all you did was pick at it and move it across your plate with a fork. Everything you ate made you hated yourself more and more, so you eventually just stopped altogether. Due to Jungkook’s busy schedule it was easy for you to hide starving yourself from him, but eventually he noticed. “Y/n, are you sick or something? You haven’t been eating and you’ve been looking a bit thin lately.” You hesitated to speak for a few seconds, but eventually thought of an excuse. “ Yeah, just sick. I think I just need to sleep.” He obviously knew you were lying, you were a terrible liar. “Just tell me what’s happening. Tell the truth.” His sentence hung in the air for a few minutes as he waited for your response. Something about how serious he was made you tell him everything you felt. From what the girls said about you to how you haven’t been eating. As soon as he saw tears fall from your eyes he stood up from the chair he was in and came over to hug you. His whole body engulfed you and he let you cry into his chest. He would reassure you that you are the most beautiful person to ever walk the Earth as he kissed the top of your head. He would order from your favorite takeout place and have you eat as much as you wanted to as you watched your favorite movies and played your favorite video games. After that, you both got finally into bed to sleep after such an eventful night.

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Taehyung: You and Tae were invited out to a party by his friends. You were told it was going to be kinda fancy so you took it as the chance to wear the nice dress that you bought last month. You hopped in the bathroom to take a quick shower then got out and started to do your hair and makeup. Once you were done, you headed over to your new dress. You hadn’t worn it out yet so you were extremely excited to try it on. You unzipped it and slowly stepped into it. As you pulled it up your body it stopped at your thighs. You pulled on it harder but it still wouldn’t go up. It fit a month ago and you were so confused. You noticed that your thighs and arms were getting thicker and your stomach was getting larger. You had obviously been gaining weight over the past month. Maybe it was because of your period or maybe it was because Taehyung had you eating good, but you couldn’t fit into your new dress which made you begin to panic. Soon after, Tae came into the room looking for his tie until he saw your defeated expression. The dress was still hanging around your legs. Before he could ask you what was wrong you quietly said, “Tae, I’m too fat to fit in my dress. How could I have gained so much weight in just a month…?” Seeing you upset really got to him, even if it was something as silly as gaining a bit of weight. He looked at you then at your closet. He walked over to it to pick you out another dress, one of his favorites on you. He had you step into it and zipped you up. “You look beautiful y/n, don’t ever think you are anything less than perfect.

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  **I wrote this because I struggle with weight issues myself and I always have so I know how some of you feel. I was always taller then everyone else in my classes when I was younger. I was bullied in elementary about anything you can think of. Weight, height, and even having hair on my arms?? It was so ridiculous. When I was in middle school I realised that I had severe social anxiety which led to depression. I’m in highschool now and I’ve never felt comfortable in my own skin. In the past I’ve starved myself, restricted my calories, and have had suicidal thoughts. I was so unhealthy. I still am not comfortable with my body and i’m not sure if I ever will be, but with the help of a few of my close friends I’ve gotten to where I a today and I am so thankful for that. If you ever need/want to talk about anything that you’re going through go ahead and hit me up and I will gladly talk with you :)

Enjoy !!!!


What to say about Bombur? He’s only the “fat dwarf”, right? Wrong! Wrong, wrong, wrong, so much wrong. Think a little about our ginger friend, yeah, you can say he likes to eat, and that’s true, but there is so much more in him. He’s a peaceful, meditative guy, definitely a couch potato…oh, and of course he’s a ladie’s dwarf. He have so many qualities, maybe not the ones you would find in an adventure book’s main protagonist, but you can be sure he’d be the first to stop you from eating that poison mushroom because he knows what he’s talking about. Without him the quest would have been a series of boring tasteless meals. Can you picture one of the others cook something? It have failure written all over. Oh, the tattoo you say? Well, actually it was Bofur’s idea and Bombur just agreed. Bofur was joking at first, he didn’t think his brother would have done that, but he did it because “why not”? Of course he could have done something small and hidden instead of tattooing completely his belly, but in the end he likes it. And the ladies love it too.

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Unpretty - A Yoongi scenario

In which she’s feeling insecure about her body

Word count: 1k+

As requested by anon 🌟

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Fuck, fuck, fuck.

I stare at the clothes scattered on the ground, and everything I would like to wear is in the next laundry batch. All there is left are a bunch of tight t-shirt and other pieces of clothing that barely fit. There’s a knock on the door. Min Yoongi’s voice reaches my ears, muffled by the wall between us.

“Are you done? It’s been 15 minutes, Jagiya.”

“Y-yeah! Just give me five more.”



I sit down against my bed, eyes tight. How could I forget our date? We’ve been seeing each other for almost two months now, and I think I might already be in love… He’s everything I’ve ever wanted in a guy. No, he’s more than that. He’s just… He’s utterly perfect.

…and there’s me. For one, I forgot our date because I was studying until late, yesterday. Not only that, I have nothing proper to wear. I glance at the revealing clothes littering the floor, and I  feel my throat tighten. No way I can wear that. Not in public… Not in front of him.

“Jayiga,” Yoongi says. “Why are you taking so long?”

I hesitate. I can’t tell him I forgot our date, and that I’m not ready at all.

“I… I’m just doing a bit of cleaning. I don’t want you to see the mess that is my place.”

“Are you serious?” he asks, and I cringe at how stupid my excuse came out. “Just come out already, I don’t care about the state of your bedroom.”

“I’ll be out in a minute. I swear!”

I hear him sigh with exasperation, and my face wraps with anguish. I hastily put a random shirt on, accompanied by a pair of skinny jeans. I catch my reflection in the mirror.

Oh my god.

You can see all my curves, from my chest to my belly.

I’m so fat.

My thighs look awful.

What the hell is wrong with-

“Jayiga!” Yoongi calls out with impatience.

“Coming!” I say hoarsely, and I open the door, gulping with difficulty.

He’s handsome, as always, even with his forehead all drawn together. His face relaxes as he eyes me from head to toe, and I bite the inside of my cheek. I don’t allow him time to comment.

“Let’s go,” I say, taking his hand after closing the door.

He blinks, but interlaces his fingers with mine and follows my lead. We fall into a strange silence.

I wish I had lied and told him I was too sick to go out.

I’m fat.

I don’t deserve him.

People will say he could do better.

I wish I was prettier.

I’m so, so fat.

What the fuck is wrong with me?

I wish I had a flat stomach.

He’s so handsome, and interesting, and I’m nothing.

Why am I like this?

As we walk towards the restaurant where he wanted to eat at, it seems like every single person we pass by is staring at me. I try to ignore it, but already I can feel my insides lurching up. I fix my eyes on the ground. Suddenly, Yoongi pulls me close to him, his arm encircling my hips. I almost flinch away, as his fingers fall on my love handles, but I think better of it. I can’t have him thinking I dislike his touch.

We’re almost there when he leans in to my hair.

“Let’s go back to your place,” he whispers.

“What?” I let out.

We stop moving.

“Let’s go back.”


I’m not good enough.

You finally realized it.

“I don’t like the way people are looking at you,” he explains.

It’s because I look like this.

Because I’m so… me.

It’s because they wonder how a guy like you could end up with me.

“Oh,” I breathe.

It’s over.


I’m lucky you even looked at me in the first place.

He gives my hand a squeeze. “Let’s go, Jagiya.”

“Okay…” I say quietly, and I follow him as we navigate back home.

He doesn’t add anything, and I feel a tingling sensation behind my eyes. I’m in a daze, and the walk back is a blur. We’re in front of my door before I know it.

“Can I come in?” he inquires as I avoid his eyes.

“Sure,” I respond automatically.

It’s over.

“Your outfit…” he says when we’re in my room.

“I’m sorry,” I answer softly, and I try to blink my tears away.

“What..? Wh-why are you crying?”

“I’m sorry, Yoongi,” I repeat in a brittle voice.

He takes a step towards me, his stare intent, but I keep my head down. “I don’t understand. What’s wrong?”

“Me!” I blurt out. “I’m wrong! Everything about me is wrong! I- I’m sorry you had to see me like this.”

“Sorry?” he asks, confused. “What?”

I finally look up at him. “You’re ashamed of me! That’s why you brought me back here!”

Ashamed?” he slowly says, voice low. “Are you fucking kidding me?”

“No!” I exclaim, frowning. “Why else would you mind people looking at me?”

“Because you’re drop-dead gorgeous! I don’t want a bunch of strangers to check you out!”


We fall silent for a moment.

“Your outfit…” he says, putting a hand on my burning cheek. “It’s showing the entire world how beautiful you are. I just…” He pauses, leaning in closer. “I want to keep you all to myself,” he murmurs against my lips.

He doesn’t let me answer. He kisses me with tenderness. It soft and sweet, and it tastes of my tears. His tongue makes me forget everything as he becomes more passionate, pulling me closer and closer. 

“You’re so beautiful,” he whispers against my ear, and his warm breath makes a shiver go down my spine. “So fucking beautiful.”

In the depth of his voice, in the way he gazes into my eyes as he takes off my shirt, in the way he touches me…

I know he thinks it.

And for a little while, I feel like the prettiest girl on Earth.

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hi! i really love your blog and your scenarios! they're really great!!! i was wondering if you could do one with rfa + saeran where mc is feeling very insecure about her weight because she's gained some weight recently is a kinda chubby/curvy and they try to uplift mc and make her feel better and more confident~ i'm having a similar problem and would find this a little comforting~ ❤️

You never need to feel insecure about your shape! It’s your body and it’s perfect no matter what shape it is. Hopefully, these will help you to feel more confident, though! ~H x

RFA with an MC that’s insecure about her weight


-He noticed that you’d been standing in front of the mirror for quite a while, looking at your stomach
-“What’s wrong, MC?” he asked, noticing the frown on your face.
-“Yoosung, do you think I’m fat?” you asked.
-He was very startled
-“Of course not! Why would I think that?” he panicked, thinking it was something he’d done.
-You sighed
-“I’m sure I’ve put on weight. I’m getting chubby,” you explained.
-“You look perfect- you always do. It doesn’t matter to me if you maybe put on a bit of weight and I’m sure no-one else can tell either,” he consoled.
-You shrugged and released your top
-“I just feel disgusting,” you sighed.
-Yoosung knew how to fix that
-“Want to go and get some ice cream and play LOLOL?” he suggested.
-“Yeah,” you grinned, glad that at least your boyfriend didn’t think you being a bit curvier was an issue.


-You’d decided to go out with Zen less
-Because you were pretty sure you’d put on weight and didn’t want to ruin his image
-But Zen had realised you standing in front of the mirror
-And decided to subtly lift your spirits
-So he left post it notes round the house saying how beautiful you were
-Next time he suggested a run in the park and you rejected, he decided to talk to you
-“Why not, MC? You used to love going out,” he asked.
-“I’m getting fat,” you stated with a sigh.
-“Nonsense,” Zen declared, “You’re body’s perfect, ok? You can’t leave your boyfriend just because you think you aren’t as beautiful as you actually are.”
-“Sorry, Zen. I feel like I have to be perfect to be with you,” you sighed.
-“And you are,” Zen kissed your nose, “So will you come jogging with me? Please?”
-You smiled


-You were sure Jaehee was losing weight
-So the fact that you thought you’d put on a bit made you feel really fat compared to her
-Why would she stay with you when she could have someone with a figure like hers?
-Jaehee wasn’t blind and could tell you were feeling self-conscious about your weight
-Mainly from the figure hiding clothes you wore
-So she decided to constantly pay you compliments
-Because she wants you to know she thinks you’re beautiful
-Only you don’t take it that way
-And you think it’s because she thinks you’re getting fat
-So you ask her
-“Jaehee, do you think I’m fat?”
-“Of course I don’t! If I was concerned about your health, would I have given you a triple chocolate muffin yesterday?” Jaehee asked.
-“But do you think that I look horrible?” you sighed.
-“No!” Jaehee said, “You look beautiful. I promise that I’ll love you no matter what size you are. I’d rather you gained weight because then I’d know you’re eating well.”
-That made you feel a bit better
-But you were still going to try exercising if Jaehee kept feeding you cakes and cookies


-You first noticed that you’d gained a bit of weight when your custom made dress Jumin had bought you started to feel a bit tight
-But you didn’t want to let Jumin down
-And you squeezed into it
-Jumin could tell it was too tight, though
-“Princess, I could buy you a new dress if that one isn’t fitting too well,” he offered.
-“No, it’s fine. I’ll just have to lose a bit of weight,” you laughed it off.
-Did Jumin think you looked fat?
-“It’s too tight, my love. I don’t want you to be uncomfortable and I want you to stay the size you are. Please- let me buy you a new dress,” he begged.
-Wait- he wanted you to stay that size?
-“Don’t you think I’m getting a bit fat?” you asked.
-Jumin raised an eyebrow at you
-“Not at all. You look as beautiful as ever, my dear,” he responded.
-You sighed. Jumin would say that regardless
-“MC,” he said, taking your hands, “I can tell it’s bothering you, but I can tell you with certainty that you look just as perfect to me as you always do. I’m still in love with you and I always will be, no matter what shape you are. It’s your kind heart I fell for.”
-You couldn’t stop the tears
-You hugged Jumin tightly
-“Thank you,” you smiled.


-Apparently, a life of sitting around and doing nothing other than binge on Honey Buddha Chips was not good for you
-Your stomach started to reflect this
-And it made you pretty upset when you realised
-Seven noticed this and asked what was wrong
-“I’m getting fat,” you complained, “It’s from all the HBC.”
-“Ouch! How could you offend my children like that,” he mocked.
-Until you glared at him
-“Ok, ok, I don’t think you look fat at all, love,” he smiled, “Just squishy.”
-And he proceeded to hug you
-“Saeyoung!” you complained.
-“Sorry,” he grinned, “We could start exercising a bit. It would probably be a good idea.”
-You agreed
-So the two of you took up going for runs in the park
-Which usually turned into late night stargazing on a park bench
-The perfect date
-With the new exercise you two were getting, you didn’t feel as conscious about the Honey Buddha Chips
-And if you were ever feeling a bit squishy, you could count on Seven to cheer you up
-Because, hey, what’s a bit of cute chub if it means the best food on the planet?


-He noticed that you were getting a little chubbier
-And he loved it
-He would constantly be cuddling you or lying on your lab or finding some way to be squished up next to you
-But you just thought you were fat
-So you decided to ask Saeran what he thought
-“Saeran, am I getting really fat?” you asked.
-“No,” he said, “You’re just really nice to cuddle. Perfect.”
-That wasn’t exactly the answer you wanted
-But it still made you blush
-“So you don’t think I need to lose weight?” you checked.
-“Definitely not. You look great and you feel great,” Saeran informed you.
-At least he was honest
-After considering losing weight for a few days, you decided you could definitely get used to Saeran constantly cuddling you
-Maybe you weren’t fat after all
-You were just right for Saeran
-And he’s all that mattered to you


-No, you don’t look fat hun, I’m blind
-(That was a joke, he’s had surgery in this)
-He noticed your change in clothes first
-Suddenly you were wearing baggy things instead of the lovely tight-fitting outfits you used to wear
-But he didn’t mention anything- maybe you just wanted a style change
-Until you came to him
-“V, I’ve become really fat. What am I going to do,” you suddenly sobbed whilst you were sat on the couch together, watching TV.
-“No you’ve not,” V reasoned, “You’re absolutely fine at the weight you are. I’d tell you if I was concerned for your health.”
-“It’s not just that,” you sighed, “I look horrible.”
-V laughed slightly
-“MC, I don’t think you could look horrible if you tried. Your personality’s too nice and you’re beautiful anyway,” V said.
-You groaned. You just wanted to know if you were getting fat.
-“But I have put on weight, right?” you asked.
-“I wouldn’t have noticed,” V shrugged.
-He knew you were upset about the topic
-So he decided to comfort you
-“MC, no matter what shape or size you get, I will always love and support you. If you want to exercise more, I’ll join you. If you want to change our diet, I’d be happy to. You are just fine the way you are, though, so it depends what makes you happy because I’m happy to just have you,” he said.
-You almost cried
-“Thanks, V,” you smiled softly, hugging him close.


~Requested by anon~


You would be walking hand in hand when you pass a group of high school students who were all fairly slim, you would turn to him and ask him if he would like you better if you looked identical to them. This poor toll bean would get so flustered because he doesn’t even know where tf this came from like??? He would have never thought you would think that about yourself because to him you’re perfect just the way you are and he loves you for you. He would look at you shook af and just pull you into his embrace as he doesn’t want you to take his silence the wrong way.

*Engulfs you into a hug* *You’re Minhyuk*

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He would walk into the room shirtless and you couldn’t help but point out how well built he is and how ‘fat’ you were. This is where he realises you’re very insecure about your weight but you had never expressed it before, and had never called yourself fat in front of him. He immediately goes to you and asks you what makes you think that way and you would answer saying that it’s quite obvious as to why. He would feel emotional af and would want to take away all these thoughts away from you, he wish you could just see what he sees. Pure perfection.

’Hey jagi don’t say that, you’re beautiful, why can’t you see that?’

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You would be cuddling together when you would suddenly blurt out something like ‘Do you think I’m fat?’ Minhyuk would stare down at you confused as to why you asked this so suddenly, however he wouldn’t try and turn this conversation too serious, he would try and make it funny to cheer you up. To be honest if you were on the chubby side Minhyuk wouldn’t care at all, in fact he most definitely loves it if anything. So he would just giggle and stroke your hair whilst trying to reassure you that you shouldn’t be so insecure about something so stupid.

‘Jagiya come on, even if I did think you were fat I would think it was the cutest thing ever, so really my view on you wouldn’t change at all~’

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You would just be both lazily laying on the couch watching a movie or something when an advert came on showing a model in a bikini, you couldn’t help but wriggle uncomfortably as you thought about what you would look like in a bikini. When Kihyun asked what was wrong you unconsciously said that you’re too fat to fit into anything. This would probably cause him to choke on air or some shit because he was not expecting that. Once he recovered he would end up lecturing you and telling you how good you looked and you should never say that sort of stuff about yourself because he for sure thinks you’re perfect just the way you are. 

‘You are perfect Y/N, never say that about yourself again okay?’

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He’d be half asleep (when is he not) but would shoot up when he hears you crying in the bathroom, he’d rush to the door and knock on lightly and ask what’s wrong. You’d tell him not to come in as your ‘fatness’ would ‘scare’ him off. This is where he opens the door to find you in your underwear and he would just smile at you, how could anyone this beautiful think they were so fat? He would then clock on that you were in your underwear and his hands flew up to cover his eyes, he’d tell you how beautiful you were and that you shouldn’t worry about him leaving because of how you thought you were fat because 1: he would never do that and 2: You weren’t even fat in the first place. But of course he’s stuttering the whole time as he’s still flustered himself.

‘Jagi y-you’re beautiful, I’m s-so sorry I walked in t-though, but still b-beautiful nonetheless’

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He would offer to take you out to eat but you would straightaway refuse, this is when he realises you haven’t actually eaten anything all day and so he asks you why, however the answer he gets is not the one he expected. You told him you didn’t want to put on any more weight and become more and ore chubbier, he kind of actually broke there and then. Like you could practically hear his heart shatter and he would take you into this arms whilst repeating how beautiful you are. You both would probably start crying in the middle of the room as he rubs soothing circles into your back, still hasn’t stopped telling youo how beautiful you are.

‘You’re beautiful jagi, you hear me? Just the way you are.’

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When I.M went to place his hands over your stomach you suddenly got very embarrassed and started to squirm, when he notices he would remove his hand and ask you what was wrong. When you tell him you didn’t like how big your stomach was he’d sigh and let out a small chuckle. He hated that you thought this way about yourself and so he started to tell you how much he loved you and your body and wouldn’t change it for the world. His eyes would scan your body as he licks his lips and starts to trace over all your curves with his finger just to show how much he really loves them.

‘Yahh Y/N I love you and you’re body so I don’t ever want to hear that again.’

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Okay guys to be really honest with you I’m ill af right now and came home early from school. I may go sleep or just watch a bunch of korean shows on KBS because I’m lost right now.

Anyways I hope you all enjoyed this reaction and thank you to the anon who requested it! Requests are closed atm except for fake texts and edit requests so feel free to ask for them~

Also guys, anyone who is suffering with their body image and feeling insecure about how they look please remember that you are absolutely beautiful and perfect just the way you are! There’s no need to change who you are as a person just because someone doesn’t like the way you look, just be you cuz that’s the best kind of you <3 Please all of you stay safe and be happy whilst living life to the fullest, take care of yourselves and don’t be too stressed out! Much love to all our wonderful followers <3

~Admin Stroni~

It really fucking sucks when all I can do is compare myself to everyone else on here. I’m too fat for this. I’m too fat for an eating disorder. I’ve dealt with this bull shit since middle school. I’m god damn 26 years old yet I’m still fat? What is wrong with me? When will I ever just be thin and happy?

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Hi I've been scrolling through your blog for a while today, lol. But what is wrong with PETA? I don't really know very much about their organization, and do they do bad things? I'm sorry!!

So many things unfortunately. Their methods and ideals are soooo far from veganism and are actually really harmful to both people and animals. What I’ve typed up is just a super quick look at what they’ve done. This post alone does not even begin to express the magnitude of their actions.

On the Human Side

  • Ableism (Ableist ad campaign targeting Autism)
  • Anti-Semitism (Ad campaign referencing the Holocaust)
  • Fat Shaming (Numerous accounts of body shamming in ad campaigns)
  • Misogyny (Where do I begin….there’s too much for this one)
  • Transphobia (“Fur is a drag” campaign)
  • Racism (Various accounts of racism in ad campaigns)
  • Targeting Children (Inappropriate use of shock tactics)
  • Violence (Supports violent activism, sometimes even financially)

On the Animal Side

  • Animal Cruelty (Numerous accounts of killing family pets)
  • Euthanasia (Their killing policies are far from vegan….)
  • Staged Footage (Basically fuck PETA)

I used this source just to pull this together quickly, but there are so many more sources out there.

If you don’t have time to do your own search, I would highly recommend browsing through the link above. It has all the categories I listed (and more) and all with the relevant/original sources linked.

[ Imagine #26 ] Insecurities ~ Newt AU

Fandom: The Maze Runner

Pairing: Newt x reader

Word count: 1200 words

A/N: Enjoy reading! Requests are always open^^

A/N: Italics mean flashback



You’ve never been one to be particularly confident with your body, but it had always been enough to wear shorts or a bikini in summer, without feeling too uncomfortable.

But lately, it had reached a point where you refused to wear clothes too revealing for your likings, such as dresses, shorts, and crop tops. Simply because you didn’t feel good enough in your body anymore to wear these, even though it hadn’t been a problem half a year ago.

Your best friend, Sonya, had watched this with concern, especially since you even wore long pants when others wore as little as possible due to great heat.

Two days ago you had been in the mall with her, shopping.


“Come on, Y/N, we have a lot of money to spend!” Sonya was beyond excited, it had been months since the last time you were together in the mall, and shopping was one of her biggest hobbies.

She dragged you through the shop, occasionally picking up clothes until she had a huge pile of shirts and pants and a few dresses in her arms.

Suddenly her eyes lit up and she tried to wiggle one of her hands out of the mess in her arms and pointed at the wall behind you. “Y/N, that’s perfect for you! Look!”

You turned around. At the wall hung different clothing articles, some oversized hoodies and flannels, and shirts with different imprints.

“The flannels? Yeah, they look nice. I think i gonna try one on.”

You could practically hear Sonya rolling her eyes. “Not the flannels, dumbass. I meant the shirts. You hid your body long enough in those terrible baggy flannels, it’s time for something that actually looks good on you!”

Sonya ignored my protests, took one of the shirts and then made her way towards the changing room. You sighed, grabbed a flannel and followed your over-enthusiastic friend.

You were skeptic. Sonya had forced you to at least try the shirt on, and you actually liked it, the only problem was… it was too short.

Yes, it covered everything, but you couldn’t even raise your arms without the shirt riding up and exposing half of your stomach. This certainly didn’t sound like a big deal for most people, but for you it was.

“Y/N! This looks absolutely fantastic on you. You should definitely buy it!”

You tugged at the hem of the shirt. “You’re sure? It isn’t too short?”

“Too short? Are you kidding? Something like ‘too short’ doesn’t exist!”

“In your case maybe. But not for me.”

“Hey. You look great. Believe me. I would never talk you into buying something that looks not good on you,”

Sonya hugged you quickly, “also, i’m sure Newt likes to see a bit more of you.”

You giggled and felt your cheeks heating up. “Oh shut up.”

Sonya smirked at you trough the mirror.“Y/N, if you want to date my brother, then you have to live with this comments.”

“Alright alright, how about you hurry up to pick some clothes and then we get something to eat?”


When you woke up the next day, you quickly made some breakfast and then got dressed, knowing Newt would be there soon to pick you up for school.

Eventually, Sonya had convinced you to buy the shirt, and you had actually felt pretty and attractive and comfortable with your body and had looked forward to wearing it the next day.

But this positive feeling vanished completely when you examined your reflection in the mirror.

You didn’t see the confident and happy girl from yesterday, but the complete opposite.

You stared at the mirror when tears began to brim in your eyes, and you slowly sank down on the edge of the bed, burying your face in your hands.

What is wrong with me?

Suddenly you heard someone knocking rather loud on your bedroom door.

“Y/N? Are you in there? Is everything alright?”


You shot up, frantically rubbing your palms over your cheeks to let you tear-stained face appear normal and quickly answered with a wavering voice: “Newt?”

“Can i come in?”

“Wait!” You desperately tried to get out of the shirt and simultaneously attempted to remove the smudged mascara from your cheeks as fast as possible.

You don’t want him to see you like this.

But your hectic movements only caused you to get stuck in the shirt and finally, you just sank down on the floor, letting out a defeated sob.

Newt seemed to lose his patience out there because he knocked even louder. “ Y/N, i’m coming in now!”

Your boyfriend opened the door, and you could hear him drawing a sharp breath before he rushed over and dropped down on his knees next to you.

“Bloody hell, Y/N, what happened? Are you hurt?”

You managed to shake your head before Newt helped you to sit up against your bed.

“What’s wrong?”

“I’m fat, that’s what wrong! I can’t even wear a simple shirt without looking horrible!”

“You’re fat? Who the hell did you tell you this shit?”

You looked down on your crossed arms that clutched your stomach, the stomach you hated so much.

“I don’t need anyone who’d tell me ‘this shit’, a look in the mirror is enough. I mean, look at my thighs or my stomach. I’m just plain fat! I can’t even wear a top or shorts without feeling bad about myself. Why am i like this?”

Newt didn’t answer, so you just continued, even though you’ve never wanted him to know how pathetic you were.

“And you know what? You aren’t really helpful either. Every time i see you, you’re just being … perfect, but when i look at all your ex-girlfriends, i have honestly no idea why you’re still with me. Because they are perfect too, tall, skinny, beautiful and i’m just - i’m just me.”

Silence filled the room until Newt carefully took your hand in his and run his fingers over your palm.

“Y/N, please tell me that you don’t really believe this.”

You didn’t answer, which was answer enough for Newt.

He yanked you up, almost forcefully, so that you stood in front of the mirror, with him behind you.

You looked terrible, mascara smudged all over your face, your previous attempts to remove it had only made it worse, your eyes red and puffy from crying.

“Don’t ever say those things about yourself again. You don’t deserve to feel bad. You know what i see in this mirror? I see a beautiful girl, with an amazing personality and an even more amazing body.”

He gently turned you around. “I love your lips. And your cute little nose. I love your curves, your hips, your thighs and your stomach. I love everything about you.”

Newt peppered your face with featherlight kisses, while his fingers drew little circles on your lower back.

“Stop comparing yourself with my ex-girlfriends. Yes, you’re nothing like them, but only because you are better. There’s a reason why you are my girlfriend and they are not. I love you.”

“I love you too.”

He smiled at you, a genuine and warm smile, and then kissed you deeply, causing you to forget everything around you.

How did i get so lucky?

Good Husband

Imagine: Kol magically getting you pregnant and being married to him, so he cares for you and comforts you, even running to stores late at night to get you food. (Requested)

You looked in the mirror, sighing sadly as you were starting to show your baby bump. You had been a Vampire for a while, finding your husband, Kol, in the park after he had gotten into a fight with his siblings. You had been fighting with another Vampire, fending for yourself and you were drained. Now that you looked back at it, you had been so lucky to meet Kol that night, as soon as you saw each other it was literally love at first sight. Kol warned you he wasn’t boyfriend material and you took the chance anyway, not able to change his personality, but shaping him into the boyfriend you imagined he could be. One thing led to another and you were marrying him, with your friends and his family and some of the Mystic Falls group behind you. Though your family was dead, your friends you met along the way were just enough for a small and simple wedding.

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For the chubby MC being carried... Can we get V and Saeran too?

Yes, yes my lovely anon! Ugh I love me some saeran any day of the week 
( ´ ▽ ` )ノ Enjoy! 

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For anyone that missed it the rest of the RFA are here


  • You guys were cuddling together on the couch
  • His head was on your lap, as he excitedly told you about a new opportunity that he had to travel for work
  • He loved laying his head on your thighs, they were so soft and he thought they were incredibly sexy
  • He reached up and grabbed your face, bringing your lips to his own
  • He kissed you feverishly-knowing all too well where this would end
  • He gently peppered you with sweet kisses, as he shifted and began pulling you onto his lap, so that he can start carrying you to the bedroom when he feels you tense up
  • Is everything alright sweetheart?”
  • He saw your eyes fill with tears as you looked away
  • Silly, you can’t put me in your lap. Do you want your legs to break?”
  • You said it in a joking tone, but he knew you all too well
  • He knew you suffered with your self image and him being so thin did not help. 
  • He grabbed you rather forcefully until you were looking at him directly in the eyes
  • “Listen MC, never in my entire life have I ever met someone so beautiful not only on the outside but on the inside as well. You are absolutely breath taking my love.”
  • And with that he lifted you effortlessly, despite the blush rushing o your face and your protests
  • “See, that was not difficult at all, now where were we before”
  • That night he really showed you how much he loved your body, many many times. (¬‿¬)


  • You two were watching TV together on the couch
  • Well, you were watching TV, he was admiring you
  • He looked at you and he had no idea how anyone could be as beautiful as you
  • He felt his heart swell with love every time you laughed, it made him so incredibly happy
  • Wanting to hold you, he grabbed you and pulled you to him
  • He loved your body, every inch of it, every curve and every imperfection you saw was amazing in his eyes. 
  • You quickly pulled yourself out of his lap and he was hurt?
  • my poor baby
  • “MC is everything okay?” 
  • “Yeah I am fine”
  • He looked over at you and put a strand of your hair behind your ear, 
  • You looked so beautiful he couldn’t help but leaned in and kiss you
  • The kiss started getting a bit heated and he decided to take this to the bedroom where it would be more comfortable
  • He broke the kiss and began to grab you so he could carry you to the bedroom- bridal style
  • When you pushed him away again
  • His heart was pounding, and nervously he began to worry “Oh no, what did I do to upset her. Does she not love me anymore?”
  • He looked at you, heart-shattering in his eyes, “Ok I know something is wrong what is going on?”
  • You looked at him tearfully, “I’m a pig. That is what is wrong Saeran. I am too fat for you to carry me. I feel so disgusted with myself” 
  • He felt like crying
  • but
  • he was also PISSED
  • He grabbed you and carried you, not saying a word
  • You tried to say something in protest but he simply glared at you
  • He laid you down, as his body towered over yours
  • “MC, I do not appreciate you talking like that, about the woman I love. She is the most beautiful being on this planet and deserves all the love in the world. I only hope she can see herself like I see her, as one of the wonders of the world and I am honestly so lucky to have her in  my life” 
  • He said, kissing her sweetly.
  • Tears were now running down her face freely as she pulled Saeran close to her, crying in his chest.
  • He simply hugged her, whispering sweet nothings in her ears, expressing his love and they just cuddled for hours
  • Honestly, he couldn’t think of any better way to end the night

WHOOO. Okie dokes guys there is that. So I will be pumping out requests left and right, so now is the best time to send them in :D

ALSO I wanted to take the time to express my love to everyone who has supported me and followed me, I haven’t had this account for even a month and I have like nearly 500 followers? YOU GUYS ROCK :D
Also, there will be a cute one shot fic once we actually hit five hundo so keep ya eyes peeled. Love you guys MUAH XOXO

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Ot4 stans need to leave Camila alone it's becoming really annoying they comments on everything she dose & now they're going after her looks 2 months ago they were like she's looking so depressed & skinny & unhealthy now they're saying she looks old & fat what's wrong with those ppl u don't like the girl u were on her case all the time when she was in the group now she left & they're still not satisfied & I'm not even a camila stan & they annoying me it's becoming ridiculous

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Hey! i really love your blog it gives me really confidence about my body and you are remembering me that a hot guy can love a fat girl too whats wrong with that? your writing is PERFECT you help me about loving myself i wanted to ask if you know another blogs like that there are smut fat fiction stories too because i have read all of your fictions and is not enough 😍😍 ps: sorry for my bad english is not my mother language

Hello, anonie! First things first: please never say sorry about your English! English is not my first language either. And thank you so much for your kind words, seriously! That said, I gathered some stories that I particularly like. Remembering that I’m always up for new content, so you guys can must tag me in stories with fat/chubby/plus-size OCs, alright? Keep reading to see them. *GIF not mine! Source*

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