what's worng with me

I call my classmates “Gays” whether their boys or girls … it somehow feel appropriate cause gays can be a boy and a girl…wouldn’t girls feel uncomfortable when someone calls their attention and said “Hey Guys!!” … dude I’m not a guy. So that’s why I call everybody’s attention like this “hey gays!!…” 

plus Gay not only means homo but a lively person.

there is smirnoff and nikes spilled everywhere. I’ve only ha=de 6 mikes ND 3 1/3 SMIRNOFFS.

 wHAT IS WORNG WITH ME? My keywoard is priobablly fiucked and so is the floor.

id alcohol bad mfo0r dogs? Ronin licked up the mess nt te floor before I got to it. 

he seems olk. Cat cleaned sium  up off her sctratch post. I’m a bad et pataent. bfd bad pARENT. i WANT TO RUN, RUN SOI FAR AWAAYYY. My ytum tum hurt, bbtu its k. Cuyz IU wont remmember. 

omeone luv me for valentines. Ort take compter away because 

I don’t esrve the computer.,  breka things.

But its not evem=n 7pm and I fuvked my entire life over. I cANT HANDLE BEING AN ADULT,

dream 4

so I was on a class trip (by the way i’m not in school) and we ended up going to a haunted castle in Cornwall and so we (i’m not sure who but there was a few of us) dressed up in Victorian era clothes and looked around and it became a musical and we were all singing and dancing and then the ghosts told us off for being stupid.

then all I remember is fighting demons in a supermarket.

I don’t know what’s worng with me but this is starting to get really fun