what's worng with me

bruh that 1 moment @ 5am when ur awake because ur sick and ur stomach hurts and also you do not take proper care of yourself n then you notice the light coming through the windows is pink so you look out and everything is covered in mist & it’s glowing pink and orange and ur trying to decide if you should go back to sleep or take your camera and run out into the bug-infested wet without anything that’s even debatably like real pants which you will be lowkey regretting once u’ve ran all the way down the neighbour’s fenceline through a patch of nettle and got bitten by something large and possibly poisonous and now ur hearing phantom buzzing but highkey u also don’t feel like a total failure at everything because dam those are some really hecking p&p05-esque shots of the sunrise and wildflower covered pastures through mist. what a thing it is to be alive & suffering but also alive at five eh emm.