what's with this shitty update tumblr

Mobile Updates: Tumblr vs. Others
  • Facebook: Every update of our Facebook app includes improvements for speed and reliability
  • Instagram: We're making it easier to see when someone you follow has liked a post
  • Snapchat: Watch stories one at a time, or in the sequence you prefer
tumblr hates dyslexic people

staff support a few months ago you changed the font of the site where several letters are mirror images of eachother.

d and b are mirror image

uppercase L and i are mirrored

n and m close together are almost indistinguishable

the list goes on

AND NOW you fucks decide to take away the dyslexic friendly flow of posts. the old way provided an indent that made the posts easier to switch between who is saying what.

NOW you have made it a straight down waterfall and this is so fucking shitty for people with dyslexia, everything gets mixed up.

i know you hate dyslexic people, so here’s some incentive to stop the impending update: if dyslexic people stop using this awful site, you all loose business.

reverse the update. please be kind to people with disabilities.

// I love how like shitty the tumblr app is, like for the last four days it hasn’t been making notification sounds for me getting messages unless the app is open, in all of my settings both in app and on my phone in general it has the sound on.

// happened after I got the update before this latest one.

// like, it’s just very aggravating and like I’ve tried logging in and logging back out, and restarting my phone and what not. And like if I’m in the app scrolling it makes noise so it’s not like an issue with my phones speakers and just

// it’s annoying me so bad

- how long is forever ?

- sometimes just one second

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The Signs and What Problematic Thing Bothers Them the Most
  • Aries: twitter drama
  • Taurus: that one homophobic Kentucky marriage license clerk
  • Gemini: the new tumblr update
  • Cancer: minions
  • Leo: Donald Trump
  • Virgo: Kylie Jenner's lips
  • Libra: the shitty election polls
  • Scorpio: kinkshaming
  • Sagittarius: Miley Cyrus
  • Capricorn: assignments in the first week of school
  • Aquarius: that it's not halloween yet
  • Pisces: Caitlyn Jenner being a republican

~About time i did one of these Follow Forever things. scuse the shitty headline but it’s the rest of this post that matters right hopefully.
-here’s a lil shoutout to all these people who’ve made my tumblr experience a fun and amazing experience so far. *SmOOCh*

— People whom I consider my friends hello ily all—


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“Hey what’s that show, you know the one about those awkward kids who have to deal with weird supernatural shit after moving to a small town?”

“…And they find a book created by their grand something”

“And there was that creepy one eyed villain.”

“Oh yeah and they had a pet pig”

Tumblr HQ
  • Staff member 1: ok so what we're going to do is make another shitty update
  • Tumblr user: *banging on window* please, please fix these problems that you've ignored, we don't need another--
  • Staff member 2: *closes shades and draws curtains* that sounds like a great idea William
  • Staff member 1: thank you Johnson
Does Tumblr employ passive aggressive people who have a lot of suppressed anger to do their updates?  Because I really have to wonder what they have against their userbase.

Seriously, I’m sorry that you have had a lot of your office lunches stolen from the office fridge or that you all get coal from Santa every christmas, I really am. But please don’t think that taking a shit in a box, wrapping it with a bow and calling it a present when you give it to us will make that deep seated wound of yours heal any faster.

wow,shitty graphic alert! 

anyway, so it’s me again, new url (yey!) and celebrating it because in all of my tumblr years this is my favorite one. by far.


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what you get

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  • winners also get a graphic(as long as it’s something i can do) or theme/page of their choice from me. i might also be able to consider art(if it’s dean or cas or deancas related).

more info

  • 1 winner for each category. +1 runner up for every 40 notes.
  • winners will be announced on August 1st. 
  • *if you would be so kind, submit to me a link to your work 
  • **to be considered, screenshot your follower count and submit it to me and make sure i can see your url there as well (i won’t post it, promise). also, this must get a fair amount of entries to be included.

Ok, that’s about it. Any questions, my askbox is always open.

Heads Up About Tumblr’s Most Recent Update

It’s actually made searching on blogs worse, yeah, Tumblr Staff has literally took a step backwards.

Now, when you search on blogs, it doesn’t search for both words in posts and tags, it’s back to only searching for what’s in the tags. Great job staff, you literally just made one of your upgrades completely mute.

So heads up, we are back to shitty searching on blogs again.