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The Adventures of Sutha, the Half-Orc Bard

A little context: my little brother DMs and 3 of 4 of my campaigns I’ve played are with him. Our dad and step mom expressed interest in trying D&D, so he and I gave them the introduction to playing. I have an undying love for Druids, but I decided to try something new this time. Insert my pure-shenanigans character, Sutha the Half-Orc Barbarian. Low intelligence, lower wisdom, high charisma and constitution. My proposal of this character was “They love music, but are not the greatest player. For whatever reason though, people love it.” Cue our introduction:

DM: So, you are all in a tavern in the evening. Why has each of your characters chosen to be there, and what are they doing?

Dad (the blue dragonborn ranger): I’m looking for someone. I am sitting in a dark corner watching everyone.

Stepmom (elf druid with the sage background): I’m in the city looking for knowledge, and stop by the tavern. I settle at the bar.

Me: I am of course, standing on a table, playing a song on my harp, singing along– I should mention, Sutha cannot sing– and when i finish each song, I down a pint of ale, and begin anew. There is a steadily growing pile of empty tankards around my feet.

DM: How big are you? How much do they weigh?

Me: uhhh… 200lbs, and 6ft 7.

DM: Roll to see if the table holds your weight.

*rolls a 17*

DM: Well, okay then. It is rocking back and forth a lot, but seems to be holding. Roll constitution to see how well you hold your liquor.

*rolls a 15+ 3*

DM: Theres a dozen or so tankards at your feet, and you’re slightly buzzed, but otherwise are fine.

I’m trying to let our parents take it upon themselves to push the introductions, let them find reasons for us to all interact, encouraging them to start roleplaying. I’m using my ridiculous character to make them laugh and get rid of any nervousness. It’s going slowly, my step mom is very quiet, but my dads getting right into character and playing around with voices. Finally, after about 5 minutes of awkward bumbling, I decide to try and give them an opening.

Me: At this point, my table breaks under me.

DM: *Smiling* roll dex saving throw.

Me: * rolls 18+3*

We all laugh.

DM: the table splits clean down the middle, the tankards land all upright, and you land on your feet on top of them.

Me: I look down in shock, and then cheer loudly over the hushed silence, arms raised in the air. I down another pint and start a new song.

Eventually the DM intervened, inserting an NPC who drags us on a quest. I tried, anyways.


Going through all these humans are weird posts makes me think about lactose intolerance and how people like me just use the lactose pills instead of stopping eating anything dairy all together just because Pizza is amazing and why would I stop eating it. Like people who just carry around epipens instead of avoiding places that have bees or anything else that would cause them to go into anaphylactic shock. Because why would I stop going to that place, I love the garden and even though there’s flowers there that can kill me, that place is really pretty and why would I stop going even though going there might kill me. Like what???!!! Humans go to places even though going there might kill them!? Why?! Why do you do that?! Why do you still eat things that would kill you if you do not take this pill before you eat it?! Are you telling me that humans eat food that could kill them?! Are you telling me that anything can kill this human because if they are not in this plastic bubble they will die because anything in the world will kill them?! And how are they still alive!? WHY are they still alive!? What is happening I do not understand you humans make no sense !!!

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CEO Jungkook: Since you are technically Jimin...what kind of flowers do you like?...I need to know what my secretary Jimin would like. I'm assuming since you two are the same person, you like the same flowers...ITS NOT WHAT YOU THINK THOUGH...i just want to show him my gratitude as his boss *blushes* (ask-business-jikook)

Jimin: I’m pretty sure he will love them! I think its best to tell him how you feel.


You know what one thing I do like about current times though? All the body and sex positivity. Like, my parents actually get very offended when people take a photo from the collarbone up without a shirt and I love that people my age are just like

Let them do what they want?

Let them love themselves? Fuck off?

And it’s the boys too, they’re becoming less afraid of saying things that might rub other people wrong and that just makes me so happy. I just love all these good people defending good people.

Ok but imagine Jason and Percy having a “fanpage” for Nico.

…though everyone but Nico knows about it. And everyone legit start wearing solangelo t-shirt and Nico’s just like “wtf that mean, weirdos” and everyone’s like; ask Percy. so he goes up to Jason and Percy while they’re making “anonymous” solangelo fanfics and Nico just on the spot call a consoler “cause if this is what you do for fun you need help”.

…and a monster just comes and eats them cause Jercy attracting too much hydras w/ his tumblr,

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what would u do if ponch was suddenly able to sing like a bird?

I would be Very Shocked… and probably Screame because birds are loud and sing a lot (even though I love them! but they noisy so I know I personally wouldn’t do well with one for a pet. however I’ll hang out with everybody’s pet birds all day)

EXO react to you listening to rap/rock music

Thank y’all for these requests! Thought it would make sense to combine them so here we go:

Sehun:*after he discovered that you do indeed like rap music, even though you’d denied it blue in the face, he used it as an excuse to show off his rap skills. He’d appear behind your shoulder at least twice daily to promote his imaginary mixtape or rap in your ear about his mixtape*

S:“Since you’re so fond of rap, buy my mixtape please, Y/N.”

Y/N:“You haven’t got one after 5 years, what makes you think SM’s gonna give you one now?”


Kai:*definitely surprised when you eventually tell him your guilty pleasure is rock music, but he doesn’t mind listening to it. Tbh he actually quite likes it and he finds it makes a change to the music he usually listens to aka the weeknd can you believe kai invented the weeknd*

i didnt know what gif to use so have this pureness

Tao:*confused when he walked past your room and saw you sat on the bed listening to rap music and chilling. Mainly confused because you supposedly hate this kind of music, but he saw this as a chance to introduce you to some bomb rappers*

“If you like rap music you should check out this rapper, his name is Z.Tao. Thank you, bye”

D.O:*he was kinda taken aback when you said you like rock music, especially since you’d hated on it many times before. But eh, it didn’t make any difference to him except that he now chooses music for sex otherwise you’ll be banging to metallica or smth*

Chanyeol:*honestly he didn’t think rock music would be your kind of thing, but when he said you could choose the music in the car one day his eyes were opened. He couldn’t help but start laughing out of surprise which you kindly didn’t appreciate*

Chen:*was more than glad to show you his own rocker skills when you admitted your secret love for this kind of music. Got pretty butthurt though when you sat on the couch looking unimpressed after his private performance*

“Want another kind of private performance? ;)”

Baekhyun:*oh boy the teasing and mockery would basically never end when Baek found you listening to rap music. The teasing might not have been that bad had you not ranted about your hate of Kanye West literally earlier that same day*

“How’s my little rockstar today?”

Lay:*really surprised when he heard you listening to hard rock and lowkey screamo music, and then started insisting he could do it and that he was scary too which was so adorable that you struggled to function*

Suho:*didn’t care that you liked rock music, didn’t make any difference to him. The only thing he didn’t approve of was the song you’d chosen as your alarm ringtone - it was so loud and scared him so much when he woke up to it he fell off the bed*

Kris:*he walked into your room and pulled your headphones off to see what you were listening to only to hear Juice blasting through. Considering the way you’d dismissed the song when it came out, it was a bit of a surprise to him*

K:“Thought I wasn’t your style”

Y/N:“Make that joke and I’m removing this from my playlist”

did i just make that joke end me make me delete my account

Luhan:*saw you lying on the couch with headphones in and wanted to hear what you were listening to so he unplugged them from your phone. Over the protesting coming from you he heard heavy rock and a song he didn’t once think you’d enjoy listening to so he backed away out of the room*

“Well this is mildly terrifying”

Xiumin:*since he thinks you’re the softest bun like him, he was shocked when he heard you listening to Drake. But he didn’t give a damn, because it’s just a music taste, but he did use it as an excuse to tease you lowkey*

“Yknow I’m pretty sure Drake got a lapdance…”

I don’t own the gifs, credit to respective owners

They’ve come back from a case, Rosie long-asleep in the upstairs bedroom where there’s just enough room for her cot and John’s bed, and Sherlock is ranting.

Stupid,” he spits out, pacing to and fro in the living room, his hands in his hair. “Why was she so stupid? Why kill them in the first place, when she knows she’s the best suspect?”

“Well, she loved him,” John offers, even though he knows Sherlock doesn’t really want his opinion.

Sherlock scoffs.

“Don’t be ridiculous,” he snaps, not even looking at John. “She didn’t love him.”

“What?” John sits up from where he’s been lazing on his chair. “Of course she did. Listen, I know you like to dismiss ‘sentiment,’ Sherlock, but love makes people do crazy things, so-”

“That,” Sherlock says and his voice is flat and angry at the same time, “was not love. That was possession, that was ownership, it may even have been jealousy, but it was definitely not love.” He infuses the word with such contempt that it makes John flinch, but Sherlock is moving again, glaring at the world as though it had personally offended him. “If she loved him, she’d have let him go. She’d have done everything in her power to make sure that he was happy, even if that meant he was with someone else. She’d have killed - she’d have died herself - if it meant that he would have one millimetre more happiness in his life than otherwise. She would have protected his lover with her life, she’d have done absolutely anything in her power to give him anything he wanted. Instead, she killed them both in a fit of jealous rage, because she never really loved him, she loved owning him. Like a favourite pair of shoes, or a pretty picture.”

John is still trying to absorb that rant when Sherlock crosses the room and slams his bedroom door behind him.

John sits in silence for a few moments before heading to bed.

He wakes up an hour later and John Watson has never actually experienced an epiphany before, never experienced that moment Sherlock is always chasing where all the pieces come together and your brain dissolves into fireworks and you know everything but he’s pretty sure that he just had one.

Before he can even think, he’s downstairs, pushing open Sherlock’s door and standing there like a fool.

Sherlock sits up, sleep-mussed and soft, and says “John, what’s wrong? Is it Watson?”

John licks his lips and tries to speak and…nothing.

Tries again.

“You…you love me,” he manages, and it’s a bare whisper, all he can force past the weight in his chest, of ten years of unsaid words. “Sherlock?”

Sherlock is looking at him with horror in his eyes.

“I-I” Sherlock says, and John interrupts him.

“Please say I’m wrong, Sherlock, please say I’m wrong,” and he’s speaking quickly now, tears running down his face unchecked, and his leg gives out and he finds himself on his knees by Sherlock’s bed, a ragged penitent in old pyjamas, prostrating himself before a saint. “Please say I haven’t been wrong all this time, haven’t wasted all these years, please, Sherlock, please…”

He hides his face in Sherlock’s bed, so that he can’t see Sherlock’s eyes, his beloved face creased in confusion.

“John?” Sherlock asks. “I don’t…I don’t understand.”

But John is sobbing too hard to answer, great heaving sobs, and Sherlock puts a hand on the back of his neck that burns like a brand because of course Sherlock would try to comfort him, even though he doesn’t understand what John is on about, even though John has hurt him so terribly so many times.

“I love you,” John gasps into the bed. Sherlock’s hand stills for a moment and then, cautiously, resumes its smooth comforting stroking.

“John, you’re upset,” he begins, but John cuts him off mid-sentence.

“Years, Sherlock, years,” he gasps. It’s becoming easier to speak, the weight on his chest becoming less with every word. “I’ve loved you for years. Since Angelo’s that first night, I think, since the cabbie, since the first time I saw you sleep-soft in morning light. I loved you in Dartmoor and I loved you at the pool - God, how I loved you in that moment, I would have fallen to my knees and worshipped at your feet for the rest of my life and I would have been content. I loved you on the roof of Bart’s and on the pavement a moment later. I loved you every moment of every day you were gone, and I loved you every time I stood in front of your grave and begged you for one more miracle, and I loved you when I punched your face because it was that or kiss you, and I loved you when you were bleeding out in Magnussen’s office. I loved you on Magnussen’s porch and I loved you on the tarmac, and I loved you in the morgue and in the hospital and in the prison and the well and I’ve loved you every moment since the day I met you, I love you I love you I love you.”

He doesn’t stop so much as run out of breath, chanting those three words - three words he’d never thought he’d be able to say - like prayer, John is a monk and this is his religion now, this is his faith, this only thing he knows for sure.

“John,” Sherlock breathes. “Why didn’t you…”

“I thought,” and John is trying to think of a way to say this right, a way to really explain, “I thought that you didn’t…I didn’t think you didn’t love me, but I thought you wanted me as a friend, just a friend, and so I tried to be the best friend anyone could ever have, but obviously I’m pretty shit at it, but I tried and I hid it, and hid it, and I married Mary because I thought…I thought I’d break apart from missing you and later I thought I’d die from wanting you, and I couldn’t bear to lose you but I was losing you anyway, but the surest way to lose you was to tell you, you didn’t feel the same, you didn’t want the same things, and that’s the best way to kill a friendship, and if friendship was all I could-”

And John shuts up, because Sherlock has slithered out of his bed and fallen to his knees in front of John, and stopped his panicked babbling with his mouth.

When Sherlock finally pulls back, John stares at him, shocked into silence.

“So many years,” Sherlock says, stroking a thumb over John’s lips. “We could have had so many years, John. If only we hadn’t been…”

“Afraid,” John supplies. Sherlock nods, and he’s so close that his nose rubs against John’s when he does, and it’s unbearably intimate. “We could…” And John has to stop for a moment to breathe, to lick his lips and gather his courage in his hands. “We could still have years,” he says. “If I’m not too late. If you still-”

And Sherlock doesn’t say anything with words, but when he kisses John, he writes eloquent poetry in this new language they are building together.

Yes, he says as he licks into John’s mouth

I want, he says, as he sucks a bruise into John’s neck.

I still, he whispers into the curve of John’s ear. I still love you. I will always love you.

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The anon who said you only like Sangwoo because he's hot is just.. Jfc. I've heard that to my face before and I cringed a LOT. I personally like him because he's actually a horror killer with depth and it's interesting to see that! Though his character design is a nice highlight of this, that's my reason for liking Sangwoo. I understand your perils about that anon, my friend.

It’s honestly just a bit mind-boggling to me how some people believe that an interest in a character is garnered because of their appearance. In my personal opinion, I couldn’t care any less than I already do about what a character looks like. As long as they have substance to them, I like them. And, like you said, Sangwoo’s character is interesting / likable because his character has depth! I don’t understand how people can’t believe that this is also a reason why some people like him, but it is what it is I guess.

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How do I become confident in getting a weave? I feel like white people are gonna come for me and black people are gonna judge me I'm 16

fuck what white people think about weave cause they be the main ones with a head full of tracks but because people think only “ghetto ratchet black girls” wear weave nobody says shit about them but i been peeped. every race wears weave and that’s just facts. weaves & wigs are actually gaining popularity now (because black women put everybody on even though we’re shamed for wearing it. 😴) if you go on the instagram explore page right now and scroll down 9.999999/10 of the insta girls you see either are wearing a lacefront or a sew in. seriously.

if your weave is laid and somebody has an issue with it tell them to get out your head and worry about their own shit. my rule is if your hair doesn’t look more laid than my weave then shut the fuck up. i say if you want to get a weave go for it and don’t let anyone’s crusty ass opinion stop you.


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(1) Regarding the ask about genderbending and why it's wrong, couldn't you genderbend without doing that? Because it IS interesting to think about what things would be like if a character had grown up as another sex/gender, and even more interesting, I think, if the genderbent character in question was trans, but grew up as the sex that their gender aligns with or even vice versa, if growing up as another sex might lead them to be trans.

(2/2) And this is also coming from someone whose sex doesn’t really match their gender, too. If you’re exploring it with an open mind, I think it can be done without being offensive. I guess what I’m trying to say is that there’s a right way and a wrong way to do that? That’s just my opinion though and I do get why it’d be uncomfortable/bad when it is done in a way that erases people who are trans.

yeah no I agree! Changing a character’s gender as a form of speculative character study is really interesting and fun, but it’s just that “genderbending” as a concept is so deeply rooted in the cis-swap mentality that it’d be hard to change the mainstream interpretation. It’s almost entirely used for sexualized/kinky content, it seems.

at this point, you basically gotta stick with trans aus if you wanna do any of the cool character analysis stuff (and don’t get me wrong those can still get gross and fetishy too)

im honestly so upset that those exoplanets are so close but not close enough like, ill die before we can reach them. its so frustrating like, ive been thinking about aliens and what it would be like to discover humans because humans are so fucking WILD and stupid and its insane how much there is to being alive. and even though humans havent been on this planet for long, so much has happened and its like, i want to show all that to a species thats never heard of any of the concepts that humans have (assuming the aliens there are like, evolved and ‘sentient’? if not itd still be super cool to see like, what they are and what they do) i mean like, everything that exists on earth is something that requires living here for a while to understand. and basically everything is something that can be questioned, like lets take something like humor?? the concept of humor seems so basic but what if aliens dont laugh? what kind of things are funny to those aliens? what is “human nature” and do those aliens have fundamental beliefs/wills like humans do? its just so crazy and i love it and it really really sucks that i might not be around to see this happen, or at least whats on those planets :(

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You're really good at building a narrative within a comic and also leading it to tie into other things - have you had experience doing comics before?? It's really amazing how you take the things people ask (sometimes random) and tie them into what you want to make happen or what you want to say.

Ahhhh!!! Thank you so much!!! This means so much truly! I actually don’t have that much experience with comics and narrative storytelling, that’s why I wanted to do this blog so that I can get better at it~ I do have experience with animation storyboards though, so I didn’t get into this completely in the dark about it! (Still v dif disciplines but it does help)

I’m ecstatic that people think I’m doing ok so far as far as story telling goes. It really does mean a lot since the biggest thing I’ve been insecure about for the longest time was my writing. So thank you thank you!

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What are your thoughts on Toffee x OC/Sona?

frankly, i don’t even know what that is. i’m sorry anon! even though some of my threads have consisted of fanon ideas, i’ve mostly stuck to toffee interacting with canon characters in alternative universes. i tend to stay away from anything involving ocs unless i find chemistry there since, i do have a ship with a friend but even that is near impossible since toffee is a very drawn back character.

he’s not really a muse that’ll make friends with people unless he know he can manipulate them to his advantage and if he is interested in being friends, that process with him is rare/a lot of work. this dude has a personal vendetta so everything tends to revolve around people he already knows. that and i’ve just had bad experiences involving ocs and villains. i love ocs, don’t get me wrong since i have some myself but when it comes to villains i’m a bit more hesitant to interact due to forced shipping in the past.

I'm Getting A Little Worried About Daryl

Sorry for the essay, but I have to write like this at work and it kinda bleeds into my posts at the end of the day.

This past year it seems NR’s life has gotten way more complicated - death threats, a body guard, way more scrutiny.  He likes being a regular guy and interacting with his fans, but some of his fans have gotten scary and he can’t even be seen in public with a friend without that friend being scrutinized to hell on SM.

He loves doing TWD, but the writers have Daryl doing really stupid, out of character stuff like promising to take out the Saviors without knowing anything about them, punching Negan, and now going back to Hilltop even though he’s got to know Negan’s looking for him.

NR has reminisced about the days when he could grab some friends and a camera and make a short film just for the hell of it.  From what I’ve read, Sky was kinda like that.  DK is also FB’s producing partner and knows a lot of people in the industry who make similar types of small films.   

He likes doing Ride, but wishes it wasn’t such a big production to shoot an episode.  He admires Anthony Bourdain, who just takes 5-6 people and runs around wherever he’s shooting (and no, the Asia/Anthony hookup has no bearing on this).

I’m starting to worry that NR’s getting ready to let Daryl go out in a blaze of glory so he can go back to doing small interesting projects and have a somewhat private life.  I’m a huge TWD/Daryl fan (the NR infatuation - yes, I said it - came much later) and that would really suck.  

Or maybe it’s just the bourbon talking.


I think it’s the bourbon. 😁

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Namjoon's Hogwarts arrangement was: Griffindor: himself & Seokjin, Hufflepuff: Hoseok & Taehyung, Ravenclaw: Jungkook, Slytherin: Jimin & Yoongi. Some were obvious choices to me and I wonder about his reasons for the others :D

Anonymous said: I totally see Jimin in slytherin. It’s jungkook in ravenclaw that threw me off lol

ahha yeah I can see what you mean about jungkook but honestly it makes sense why he sorted jungkook in ravenclaw but again I could 1000000% see him in gryffindor . BUT my only ??? is he sorted himself as gryffindor I’d see him fitting the characteristics of ravenclaw but again that being said I really do see him in gryffindor too though so like I can’t complain. I feel like most of us have characteristic that would fit into two houses 

honestly he did such a good job sorting them

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Hi! I'm not sure if you've answered this before, but I couldn't find it. What do Dora, Oliver and the others do in the city? We know about Theo working in the theater, what about the others? Do they go to school or are they working? I just love all your characters, I want to know more about them! <3

you’re so sweet ;–; well dora and oliver work at the music shop to earn food money and are just trying to figure out what they want to do with their lives. they are all 19 so they don’t have everything figured out yet, but oliver is rly into photography and film-making and dora likes to make strange paintings. as for frederick, i imagine him a year or two older so he’s already started law school and sometimes helps his father with work at the theatre. you’ll need to ask stefi about paisley though, and roksy about eirwen.

Still Caring

Request: Coffee date

Rating: T

Genre: Fluff, Canon Divergence, Missing Scene

Timeline: Post 5B

Needless to say, Stiles always wondered what it was about Lydia that made him like her so much. He often thought it was the way she looked - even a blind man would know she was exceptionally beautiful. Sometimes, he thought it was more of how she acted than how she looked - as if she owned the world. Sure, he thought, if she put her mind on it, he didn’t doubt she could do it. She knew her attributes, strengths and weaknesses and she knew how to use them to her own advantage.

Lately, though, with everything they’ve been through together and he realized that it most definitely wasn’t just her looks he was attracted to, he started wondering it there was something else. He’d always known that she wasn’t just this shallow go-getter, yet kept her emotional and empathetic side buried deep within, scared to show it.

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Hi! Could you please enlighten me on what's bad about puzzle pieces? I have an enamel pin which is in the shape of an awareness ribbon, with red yellow and blue puzzle pieces. I'm self-dx and can't get a professional opinion or tell my family yet so I got it as a subtle support!

Hey, no worries. And don’t feel bad. You’re trying to do something positive with the limited information you have!

Puzzle pieces in isolation aren’t bad, although there is a problematic connotation with them in the context of autism. The major issue, though, is the organisation now strongly associated with the puzzle piece - Autism Speaks. Sadly, this really isn’t spoken about offline or outside of autistic spaces. When the vast majority of the media we’re exposed to trumpets this symbolism, how do you know it’s a problem?

Autism Speaks is an organisation that claims to support autistics but in practice harms autistics, autistic children, autistic adults and any member of the autistic community that dares practice or demand self-advocacy. They don’t have autistic board members, they spend a lot of their income on searching for a cure or infinite awareness campaigns - neither of which help autistic people with support or accommodations we may need - and they’ve produced some incredibly hateful and hurtful media that focuses on the pain of the parents with autistic children, not the experiences of actually autistic people.

Caffeinated Autistic on WordPress has written this post and this master post on why Autism Speaks doesn’t and shouldn’t speak for autistics. I’m going to quote this paragraph from the master post with regards the puzzle piece:

Autism Speaks often refers to autism as a “puzzle”, making use of a human-shaped blue puzzle piece in their logo. The puzzle piece did not originate with Autism Speaks, but their continued use of it, in addition to phrases like “…will find the missing piece of the puzzle” as stated in their mission statement shows that they don’t really value autistic people as fully human people. We are puzzles and we are missing pieces of ourselves, and we must become neurotypical in order to be respected by this group.

Basically, by referring to us as a “missing piece”, we’re not seen as fully human as we are. Instead of trying to challenge the oppressive structures we face as disabled people - access to preferred communication, education that fits our learning styles, accommodation of our needs, even confronting allistic notions that a lack of eye contact signals dishonesty - AS are just trying to make the autism go away. A lot of autistic folk don’t want autism to go away. Why should it? It’s who we are, how we think, how we feel, how we know the world. Why can’t the world adapt to and accommodate us instead?

Amy Sequenzia also writes, beautifully, about AS as a hate group on AWN. (I’d recommend reading just about everything she’s ever written, honestly.) The puzzle piece has come to symbolise AS’s status as hate group and the harm they’ve done to us.

If you want to quietly display your support, connection, identity and pride, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t (you’re one of us), I’d go for the neurodiversity symbol. I did a quick search of neurodiversity on etsy, and there’s many, many awesome ND pride things. What about a necklace from Spacerobot Studio?

I’ll finish with two things: one, my position on this blog has always been that while it’s a good thing to boycott those companies - Spinmaster, Toys R Us, Scentsy - who support Autism Speaks, I am never going to judge or shame a stimmer who doesn’t. It’s easier to boycott in the US where there’s many other alternatives for stim toys; it’s harder for international stimmers, especially folk who cannot purchase online. As much as I want AS to suffer a wonderful lack of donations, I do not want stimmers to go without readily-accessible stim toys. Stim toys aren’t an optional extra. They’re a need. If this makes me a terrible autistic, so be it. I’ll present as much information as I can and leave these choices up to the individual, but there’ll be no judgement from me however one chooses.

Two, autism positive - organisations by autistics for autistics - groups include ASAN (Autistic Self Advocacy Network) or AWN (Autism Women’s Network). Check these websites out, because they’re pretty awesome. I’m less familiar with ASAN, but I know AWN has resources that can help you in communicating your autism to family members, too, if that’s ever something you decide to do at any point.

I hope this helps. There’s lots of posts floating around #actuallyautistic Tumblr, too, and if my hands were less bad I’d search more of them up for you.

ETA: @darklydragon says,

I actually have Neurodiversity symbol enamel pins I designed on the way. They will be here on Monday and I will have them in my shop by the middle of the week. Anyone who sees this and is interested in one feel free to PM me for more information.

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I hope I'm not bothering with this but... what's your opinion on Himiko x Tenko?

You’re not a bother at all, anon! I just answered an ask on the subject, but I really do enjoy himitenko as a ship!

The fact that they both had room for improvement and development and the fact that it definitely wouldn’t be something that started out as a perfect ship is I think what I wound up liking the most of it. They’re adorable together, to be sure, but I really like ships in which some kind of growth is achieved along the way.

And in the same way that Tenko develops past being too overprotective and perhaps a little condescending by thinking that Himiko can’t do anything by herself, Himiko definitely develops over the course of the game in learning to confront her feelings rather than hide from them, and in realizing that she can’t just avoid doing things or being around people forever even though it tires her out. Her regret over having not been more open with Tenko when she had the chance is something very human, and although I’m still sad that Tenko was fridged off, I really do love them as a ship.

I want them to be happy, but the magic Kodaka 8-ball says that’s an impossibility.