what's with the shoulders

I fell down a hole of reading stuff about this movie but omg I am LOSING MY SHIT that apparently Taika Waititi actually genuinely wanted to have a flashback scene with teenage Thor and Loki where everyone would have tacky 80s outfits with shoulder pads and mullets and and Loki would be “a little goth kid sitting off by himself like Draco Malfoy” [DIRECT QUOTE] ????? We were robbed

The Note | Part Two

A/N: This is part two to my first ever imagine. Please bear with me as I’m new to this but feel free to give any feed back!

Warnings: Violence

As Sweet Pea stands, no doubt glaring at whoever stands beneath him on the steps, I stand on my tippy toes to peer over his shoulder - to no avail. Then I hear what confirms my suspicions and deepens the pit of anxiety swelling in my stomach. Chucks cold voice.

“I’m here to bring Y/N home,” the smirk is clear in his voice.

“Why would you do that? You broke up. Months ago,” Sweet Pea states sneeringly.

I hear a soft, condescending chuckle and it sends shivers through my spine.

“Listen, I get why she’s here. You’re just a rebound and she’s trying to get over me. She wants a taste of something different, someone rebellious before she comes back to me,” amusement drips from Chucks words. I scoff behind Sweet Pea, perhaps a little too loudly as he turns and shoots me a warning look. He turns back to Chuck, his perfect eyebrows raised and shakes his head with a similar chuckles to Chucks.

“You fucking Northsiders,” he mutters. “She’s not going anywhere, not with you.”

Sweet Pea attempts to shut the door in Chucks face but Chuck stops it just in time. Forcing himself inside. The surprise of Chucks actions causes Sweet Pea to stumble backwards. Chuck takes this to his advantage and pushes him down, causing me to let out a yelp.

Chuck strides over to me and grabs me firmly by the forearm, pulling me roughly.

He leans down, close to my ear and whispers, “you’re mine now, slut.”

Sweet Pea stands and pushes him away from me. I step back, out of the line of fire. Chuck lands a nasty right hook into Sweet Pea’s eye. The shock of it catches him off guard, allowing Chuck to take advantage of the moment of weakness. He punches Sweet Pea in the jaw, then lands a sickening punch into Sweet Peas stomach. I was standing, watching them, too shocked to move. Adrenaline suddenly courses through my veins. I stepped between the two, something Sweet Pea didn’t notice as he was turned away from me, gathering his strength, and I push Chuck away from him, with a loud grunt. He is a lot bigger and stronger than I am. Sweet Pea stands and swings a punch, wrongly thinking Chuck was in the place i stood. He gets him in the eye. He realises what he did and becomes more enraged than ever. He gently pushes me out of the way and strides to Chuck. Pushing him out of the trailer.

“You leave her the fuck alone. You never come back here. I will kill you if you come back!” He bellowed.

Another cold chuckles came from Chuck.

“I’m not the one he punched her. I’ll be back for her. She doesn’t belong here, not with you.”

Sweet Pea slammed the door and promptly kicked it. KICK… KICK… KICK…

“Sweet Pea,” my voice is a whisper. He turns to me, he looks horrible. His eye is swelling and turning purple, there’s a big bruise forming on the right side of his jaw, and blood trickles from his noise. But what makes him look the worst is the guilt and the anger written all over his face. He hurt me and that’s something he’ll never forgive.

He strides over to me and puts his hands softly on my cheeks. His right thumb gently brushing over the tender skin that i could feel swelling and bruising.

“I’m sorry,” he breaths out. “I’m so sorry.”


“hiya there Hot Stuff.” Negan grinned at you, “i brought your buddy back, say hi Eugene.”

Eugene looked up at you and gave you a small wave, “hi Y/N.”

“look at him! i got him some new clothes, he looks pretty snazzy huh?” Negan nudged Eugene.

“Y/N, Negan is willing to offer you a position at Sanctuary. and i want to sincerely tell you that he will protect you and provide as he has for me and everyone else who resides there.”

“see, your buddy likes me.” Negan grinned, throwing his arm over Eugene’s shoulders, “so what do you say?”


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Sterling shook his head, “Nothing. I missed you.”

Josiah tilted his head as he watched Sterling.

“I feel like you’ve grown since I last saw you.” Sterling said causing the younger boy to chuckle.

“It has been a while.” He  said with a slight bitterness to his tone.

“Yeah…” Sterling trailed off, not quite sure what to say to him. 

Josiah simply watched him as the two sat awkwardly.

“I missed you too.” He finally returned.

Sterling’s crooked smile sent his heart beating wildly. The same smile he had secretly fallen for so long ago. He had once thought it was the most gorgeous thing he had ever seen. But now, he found himself annoyed a little behind his smile, knowing that it meant he was hiding something. 

“So,” Josiah paused, shrugging his shoulders and lightening the mood. “What have you been up to?”

Sterling laughed, “School. Lot’s of homework, exams and shit like that.”

“Sounds rough.” Josiah responded nervously.

“It ain’t really that bad once you get used to it. Especially when you find out how to make it easier on yourself.” Sterling snorted knowingly.

Josiah knew exactly how Sterling made things easier on himself. It wasn’t a secret between he and his siblings that Sterling and Benny would get into their parent’s secret stashes and share it between them as teens.

As hot as it made the older boy seem to him when he was young, Josiah knew that Sterling had a hard time deciding when enough was enough. 

Highschool fic (part one)

2010 Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, England

Summary: Harry and the reader are close friends and classmates. Life happens and people change. Reader has to deal with distance in their friendship and face her feelings.

“Hey, Dickhead!” Y/N shouted to him

“Oi, who you callin’ dickhead?” Harry giggled as he saw his friend catch up to him. “What’s up?”

“I was wondering what you were doing this weekend?” She asks swinging an arm around his shoulder.Y/N and Harry were proper chums. They liked older music like Fleetwood Mac and Rick Springfield, they were utter dorks, and had the same taste in movies.


“I thought we could catch a movie with the lads this weekend?” She asked referring to your friend group.

“I can’t, I think I promised Abi a date.” Y/N internal groaned at the mention of her friends girlfriend’s name. Abi was nice, pretty, and Harry’s first girlfriend. Y/N never had a real reason to dislike her; she could never really pinpoint the reason for her disdain with Abi. Maybe, it was because Harry spent so much time trying to see the girl. He was always traveling to see her, planning special dates, and talking to her family. Y/N misses having her friend at her disposal.

“Okay, well maybe next weekend?” She asks again.

“We will see. I might have band practice!” He chuckles, trying to lighten the mood up. He really does feel bad for being busy and not having time for his friends.

“That band again!”

“Why do you have a problem with my band?!”

“I don’t hate your band, dickhead. I hate the name!!”

“What is so wrong with White Eskimo??!!” 

“It doesn’t make sense? Where do you even come up with that dreadful name?!” Y/N cackles at Harry. She noticed his slight shyness in the manner.

“I will not divulge my creative process to you! You can be quite snippy!” She only sticks her tounge out at him. 

“That I am. But, at least I am not in a band that has an atrocious name like that!” Harry hushes her after that. They walk into the school to be met with their other buddies. Y/N slightly feels herself crawling back into her shell. Out of all the boys in her “group”, Harry was the one she felt close with. Well maybe she felt a little close to Dan, but she very well noticed how Dan would flirt with her or stare at her chest and that made her squirm–and not in a good way.


“What’s the answer to number 15?” Harry asked her. Here they lay on their tummies,on her bedroom floor, doing last minute maths homework.

“I got 6.5″

“Okay that is impossible because I got 25″ He ran a hand through his hair in frustration.

“Well let’s check our work. Not the end of the world, H.” Y/N absentmindedly takes her foot and plays with his. Harry never thought of it as anything; they were always pretty close. She scooches closer to Harry to look at his work. 

“Okay, so you didn’t divide here and you were supposed to.” She laughs a little. Harry only groans more. 

“ I am an idiot.” Y/N mumbles a no. He was not an idiot–at least by her standards. She turns her head to glance at him, and what do ya know he is staring at her in a way she can’t ever describe.



anonymous asked:

I absolutely adore your writing and after hearing you were taking prompt recommendations I was super excited!"I know you like it, but I'm not... comfortable..." (I know it's quite controversial within the Sebaciel fandom) But I was wondering if you could do Sebastian trying to top Ciel before admitting that he prefers to bottom? Bonus points: Ciel is completely alright with the position change and is proud that Sebastian was open to telling him about it.

“I know you like it, but I’m not… comfortable… Entirely… Honestly, I don’t like being the one to do this.”

“What? Since when?” Ciel gave Sebastian a light push on the shoulder, coaxing him to put his dick away and sit back; there was no way he would let him continue, not with that look on his face.

“Since… Always, I guess,” Sebastian said. “You’re one of the first people that I’ve actually, like, consistently fucked like this.”

“But… You’re so good at it,” Ciel said, suddenly feeling embarrassed. No one had ever made him feel so good, had made him lose his mind like Sebastian had, fucking him in whatever position Ciel wanted, whenever he wanted. He had never come so quickly before, being touched in all the right places, filled in all the right ways. He reached around and picked up his shirt so he could maintain a small sense of decorum. It didn’t matter if they were both naked and hard and ready to rumble right there on Sebastian’s kitchen floor, as soon as he said he was uncomfortable, they were done, and they weren’t going anywhere until they had talked it out.

“That doesn’t necessarily mean I like it,” Sebastian replied, letting his long legs stretch out in front of him. “I got ‘good’ at it because I wanted to please you. Honestly, there’s not like a secret trick or something; all it takes is a little communication…”

“But–” Ciel started again. He was having trouble coming to terms with this information: Sebastian preferred being the bottom. As long as they had been together, even if it wasn’t very long, Sebastian had been the one fucking him, putting his penis in Ciel. And now Ciel was learning that he actually liked it better the other way around? That Sebastian preferred to be on the receiving end? “Why didn’t you tell me?”

Sebastian shrugged. “I don’t know. I knew you had never topped anyone before, and I didn’t want to make you uncomfortable, doing something you didn’t want to do.”

“Really?!” Now Ciel was just mad. “You didn’t want me to be uncomfortable? But you’ve felt that way literally the whole time we’ve been together? What the hell, Sebastian?”

Sebastian gave him a weak smile and another shrug, pulling his longs up and crossing them. “I don’t know. I mean, it’s not like I hate being inside you… I actually really like it, but sometimes – maybe a lot of the time – I want to be the one getting fucked, you know? I just like the feeling.”

“Ugh,” Ciel growled. He crawled across the floor and settled in Sebastian’s lap. “I just don’t get why you didn’t say anything…”

“I didn’t want you to get mad, or think less of me,” Sebastian answered, picking up one of Ciel’s hands and lacing their fingers. “And see? You are.”

“You idiot. I’m mad because you went this whole time doing something you didn’t really want to do! That’s so unlike you, Sebastian.” Was Ciel really scolding him right now? Both of them paused, looked at each other, amused that this was really happening. A true role reversal. “You like taking it up the ass?” Ciel continued. “I couldn’t care less. I would’ve loved to be the one to do it to you… But now, I don’t know. I’m just hurt that you couldn’t say it to my face, you know?”

“Yeah… I’m sorry,” Sebastian said.

“Don’t be sorry, okay? It’s okay. I guess I’m glad you told me, even if it took you almost a month.” Ciel graced Sebastian’s cheek with a kiss, nestling himself against his chest. “You’re ridiculous, you know that? It’s not all about my pleasure – yours is just as important. I want to make you feel good, too. I can’t believe you didn’t feel comfortable just saying that. After you go on and on about communicating…”

“Yeah, I know. Forgive me.” Sebastian tilted Ciel’s head up so he could kiss him on his lips. Ciel followed him as he went to pull away, tangling his fingers in his hair and wrapping his legs around his backside. Sebastian was so dumb, a big old lummox who didn’t know how to say he wanted Ciel to fuck him. He was infuriating, but Ciel couldn’t help grinning as they kissed, teeth knocking clumsily together and making him sigh with happiness. It was silly, but he was so glad Sebastian had said something. He could be the one to make him feel good now, if he would let him. Ciel couldn’t help but roll his hips against Sebastian, squeezing him between his thighs.

“Hah-ah!” He gasped as Sebastian’s hand suddenly grazed his softening cock, fingers dragging languidly up and down his length. Sebastian’s mouth on his, fingers laced in his hair, hand on his cock – Ciel was rock hard again in an instant.

“Do you want to keep going?” Sebastian asked, and Ciel nodded.

“Yeah,” he said. “But not like this. Lay down, on your back,” Ciel instructed. “You’re going to tell me what to do, so that I can fuck you, just the way you like it.”

Relative: Hey Cassidy, what’s that on your shoulder? Is that a tattoo of someone’s signature?

Me, happily: Yeah! I️ met Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy a Little bit ago and he signed me, so I️ got it tattooed.

Relative, dissapointed: That’s a pretty permanent move. I️ hope he’s not some idiot douchebag. Can I️ see a picture of him?

Me: uh…

Me: yeah that’s not gonna happen

my biggest fan - part 1

Pairing: basketball player! jung wooseok x reader

Summary: “My biggest fan is so cute.”

Part: 1/?

“Nice job today, Wooseok.”

“Thanks, I know.”

“You punk,” Jinho clicks his tongue, making the duo laugh. They high five before parting ways to shower. As they’re engaged in casual talk in the showers, another teammate walks in and up to the pair.

“Wooseok,” He calls. The said boy looks over his shoulder, wondering what his teammate wants. “The rest of the team needs to leave, but your group of fans won’t let us go.”

With a blush on his cheeks, Wooseok smirks to keep his front. “I’ll come out in a second.”

“You better hurry up, Jae’s getting grumpy.”

He nods as his teammate leaves the bathroom. Jinho takes a glance at the younger boy and scoffs, smiling.

“You better get out there.”

“I know,” He sighs and rinses his hair thoroughly. “I was hoping to catch a break from the fans today.”

“But you love the attention.”

“Ah, don’t say that. It makes it sound like I’m some cocky jock.”

Jinho stares at him for a brief moment, laughing when Wooseok goes to hit him. He waves him off, telling him to go to his fans. He quickly washes himself and dries off with a towel. He rushes his changing and runs his hand through his hair to make it look decent enough.

“I’ll see you later.”

“Mm, go.”

Wooseok packs up his stuff and steps out of the changing room. He walks over to his group of his fans with his teammates glaring at him because they just want to go back to their dorms.

“My teammates have to-” He’s cut off by the fans making a path for them immediately. The boys wave him goodbye before leaving while they still have the chance. Wooseok chuckles, slightly embarrassed from the fans. “You can’t be making trouble for them.”


While the crowd boasts and talks his ear off, his eyes trail around in hopes of finding his special person. That person is you. Lucky enough, he didn’t have to look long. You stand only a few feet away, a bright red blush on your cheeks. Wooseok clears his throat, catching the attention of all the fans.

“Ah, you all must be busy with classes. You really shouldn’t skip class, you know?”

“We’re not skipping, Wooseok!”

“Um, but what about hanging out with friends?”

“They’re all here with us!”

“What Wooseok is trying to say is that while he appreciates you being here and supporting him, he’s a little busy right now,” Jinho says, smiling as he comes up to the crowd. The fans let out complaints, but walk out the door nonetheless. Wooseok looks over them and to you, finding your face drop. “Go talk to Y/N, would you? It’s so embarrassing having to push you over there every time.”

“Shut up.”


As you’re about to walk away, Wooseok comes running up to you. He nearly falls on top of you from being a bit too excited, but catches himself. You giggle and wave.

“Hi, Wooseok.”

“Hi, Y/N.”

You tilt your head to the side and scrunch your nose. Wooseok almost lets out a small squeak from witnessing this cuteness that is you. He stops himself again of course.

“I thought you had places to go, things to do like Jinho says?” You hum and place a finger on your chin.

“I have a few minutes to spare.”

“To talk to me?”


“Do you mean it?” You beam, growing happy instantly.


“You’re stuttering, maybe you don’t mean it after all,” You huff, teasing the tall boy. He shakes his head and waves his hands.

“NO! I mean no. I want you to stay, so I can talk to you.”

You hum, raising your notebook up to cover your mouth. You look up, trying to find another way to tease him.

“Anything for your biggest fan?”

“B-Biggest fan?”

“Yes, Wooseok. I’m a fan of yours as you’ve probably noticed.” You shyly laugh and he nods.

“You do go to a lot of the games.”

You grin. “You actually see me there?”

“More like I look for you,” He mumbles to himself and you tilt your head. His eyes widen when you get closer to him.

“What’d you say?”

“Nothing! I was just talking to myself. Ah, please don’t think I’m weird.”

“Don’t worry,” You giggle.

“Oh my, my heart,” Wooseok gasps softly and turns away. You pout, walking in front of him. He hides his face behinds his hands. You laugh, reaching to him as you try to pull his hands away.

“Are you blushing?”

While you find this absolutely amusing, Wooseok doesn’t think so. He is about five seconds away from letting out an embarrassing sound from how cute you are. He’s containing himself, but he’s hoping Jinho would intervene again, so he can keep his cool front up. Though, that may not be the case with you. It seems he’s grown a soft spot for you already.

“Okay, okay. I’ll stop, but will you look at me if I do?”

Wooseok stubbornly shakes his head, making you laugh. You shake your head.

“Do you want me to leave then?”

He shakes his head.

“Wooseok,” You whine and tug on his shirt. He inhales sharply and freezes. He peeks through a small hole created by his hands to find you adorably pouting at him. He groans as his head falls back. You grow confused to his reaction. “Did I do something wrong?”

“So cute,” He sighs before gathering enough courage to look at you. You softly smile at him and he places his hand on his heart. “Cute.”

“You’re not making any sense! What’re you saying?” You huff, wanting to know what he’s whispering to himself about. You continue tugging on his shirt while he chuckles at your cute form. “Wooseok!”

He continues to watch you pouting at him to tell you. He can’t help, but already grow fond of you. He knows he wants you around often, but will he be able to even get a sentence out without saying the word cute the whole time?

@ghost-kaiju‘s fic idea.  Will I ever continue it?  Probably not.  I wanted to try it anyways.

in which Hidan is added to the Bingo Book with the highest bounty Kakuzu has ever seen/dreamed of. They end up on a road trip to visit every collection offices to blackmail/threaten every clerk into editing Hidan’s entry to dead and collected. Tsundere!Kakuzu as fuck, really doesn’t wanna talk about why he’s not even considering turning in Hidan and of course Hidan’s a teasing little smartass. 

A book to the head was decidedly Hidan’s least favorite way to wake up.  Especially when Kakuzu was the one doing the throwing, because the man had a mean fastball.  "What the fuck, Kakuzu?!“  Hidan glared over his shoulder, pushing himself into a sitting position.
The other man nodded at the book, a displeased look on his face.  "Read it.”  Hidan’s glare remained fixed firmly on Kakuzu, but at the man’s insistant stare he picked up the book and flipped to the bookmarked page.  And there he paused.
There, at the top of the page, was a snapped photograph of himself from the years he was still a part of his old village, his mission records, suspected fighting style…  His eyes found Kakuzu again and the look on is face was suddenly understandable.  "I swear if you try to fucking-“
"We need to fix that.”
The word choice confused Hidan for a moment, Kakuzu wasn’t one to sugar coat his intent.  If Kakuzu said fix, fixing would happen.  Yet Kakuzu had chosen to wake him instead of simply decapitating him in his sleep.
With such a high bounty…  It was understandable, they requested him decapitated to prevent unnecessary death, to take on himself and his partner would be difficult enough without the added condition.  "What do you want to do?“  As always, Hidan took his ques from Kakuzu.  As much as Kakuzu was a powerhouse, he was also the more fragile.  He had things to take into consideration that Hidan would never need to.
To ignore Kakuzu’s input would only result in bad things.  That didn’t make listening to it any less infuriating, watching Kakuzu roll his eyes at the question was obnoxious.  ”Obviously we need to get you off the list.  Get dressed.  We’re going to the collections offices.“
Although the words made his stomach sink, he obeyed, forcing himself out of bed.  Kakuzu wouldn’t expect his obediance unless it would be beneficial for him, it couldn’t be as bad as he was thinking.  "Which one?”
“All of them.”

Altered Pics!!!

It looks like pavilion road in London. Sarah skin shop is next door to the Heidi bikini shop. Only one way has stair that resemble the pics

👆👆 Note the banister ok different angle but Definitely the step.Image in left from Google maps and earth Note how close the drainpipes are in mm pic.

👆👆 The silver thing is in front of the Heidi shop but the white Heidi shop has been removed from pics. That lady wouldn’t cover a while shop front.

👆 Shopfront 

👆👆 Note the man. Look where the grey bit of building hits man.  Look where it hit mm.  She isn’t that short and k know she is going down stairs but still. It’s off.

👆👆 See the white gate thing.  I can’t find on goggle maps or earth around that spot bit google might be out of dateNo white shop front in any mm pics. Weird as that’s the bikinis shop she was advertising. And what is the silver thing above the blonde shoulder.

👆👆 You can see both shop front in this pics bit the gap of little lane has been removed in mm picBelow the grey sign.

👆👆 That lane leads of a car park. If she didn’t want to be spotted she would have left by back door. Well she did want to be spotted. The no pedestrian sign bothers me too. The area looks like it’s closed off to traffic And is a pedestrian area only to access the shops. There is no need for that sign.

The clothes still bother me too. Not warm enough clothing for the weather just now.

Still no pics of them together and all these shit engagement stories She might have well been there but pics are not accurate portray of the area.

@jewelsie great research and they do look off now that we have more of an idea of the area. 

thais is awesome.😊👍🙏

Lily would you be able to look into this please. 🙏

Endless Summer: Spectre Chapter 02

The gangs adventure continues to Germany! Here we go!!

Trigger warning: language and AU settings.

Keep in mind this story has 2 MC’s. Male and female. You had been warned.

Chapter 1: http://deztinywarriors.tumblr.com/post/167767154350/endless-summer-spectre-chapter-01

Quinn checked over her phone then she poked F!MC’s shoulder “You know what… you will get your luck for your relationship”

F!MC turned to her as she asked “What are you talking about?”

Then Quinn elaborated “Based on this horoscope prediction of the day, you will meet someone special in unexpected way which that person is possibly-”

“Soulmates?” F!MC chuckled “I believe in it to be honest but… I don’t think love is in my side”

Diego slowly awaked as he corrected himself at his seat then he added “What do you mean by that? This is our summer break overboard. You can’t think like that”

“I know, guys. But there are something we have to think besides finding soulmates. For example: getting the train to head up to Munich-” F!MC suggested to them before someone’s voice interrupted her conversation.

“Do you need any help, Princess?”

That voice makes F!MC looked up and there was the guy she encountered recently. They both met again. The surprise expression stamped on her face.


I couldn’t believe that guy that I saved his say had just offered some help to me. Wait. Did he just day [I need any help?] And I heard he called me [Princess].

What makes him called me Princess? I’m not a girl with blue blood. I’m just an ordinary lady from Bavaria. Or is it because he seen anything from me that makes him thought I’m a princess?

“F!MC?” Quinn and Diego called me in sudden makes my mind snapped back to reality. I looked around a few times as I realised that guy still stood before me.

“Cat got your tongue?” Damn. That guy is not just a hot cutie. He’s such as snarky-sassy hunk.

“Well.. I can say I’m speechless when I’m observing over you” I smirked a bit as I tried to keep my attitude in control. This would be a gold opportunity for me to let him repay the deeds, and getting to know more about him.

“Usually, the main protagonist from rom-com movies will make sudden appearance to the main heroine in case he has some debt of good deeds on her. So… choose wisely” Diego advised me then he winked before I turned to that snarky guy. I took a deep breathe then I added…

“Alright. We need to depart to Munich by midnight” I explained to him on what are our destinations and why are need to be there especially to visit my twin brother who live in middle of Bavaria.

“Just like I thought” he smirked to me before he turned his back from us as he walked toward hangar at the right side of us.

“F!MC, are you sure you will let him help us? Even we haven’t known him that much?” Sean asked me since he felt so suspicious on that guy attitude but he knew all he wanted to do is to make sure I’m safe.

“I believe he’s a good man” I replied as I grabbed my backpack, getting those thick straps on my shoulder before I followed after him. I turned back as my allies followed after me as well with their luggage.

Normal POV

At the hangar of the mini airport, the sky of the airport started showing the bright colors with some dark cloud around it. F!MC stopped walking as her friends followed her steps. The mini plane with capacity of 20 people slowly moved out from the hangar, the white plane with green and black stripes at the side. And it has a label as well [ESS-5253]*

* - If you can figure out what does it mean, I’ll give you a cookie

As the mini plane stopped at the middle of line, the door opened followed with stairs had been unfolded to give them space to get in. F!MC get upstairs, before she claimed her seat next to window. Diego get his seat next to her. The rest of them also get inside the plane, put their luggage inside the compartment above their seat and get their seats provided. Luckily there’s enough seat for all 11 people there.


2 hours later…..

The plane started getting down to the wide land of Bavaria, specifically at the airport landing line. Jake was at the cockpit gripped the controller while the radio signal from airport tower started sending frequency. Ready for the planned command, he started to announce “ Dies ist aus ESS-5253. Erlaubnis erteilt für Landung (This is from ESS-5253. Permission granted for landing) ”

The radio from airport tower received the command from the arrived plane before it replied “Kopieren (Copy) ”

The plane safely arrived in Munich airport as F!MC and her allies walked downstairs out from the plane. Landing in her hometown soil makes she relieved. While she saw her friends get their luggage and walked inside the airport to pass thru immigration counter, she looked back to the mini plane for the last time since she has uneasy feeling on it. The sky turned darker as they arrived in Munich, potentially thunderstorm strike over Western Europe over again for next couple days. But there’s one more thing she wanted to look for besides the dark sky….

That snarky pilot opened the cockpit door before he get down to the ground and slammed the door behind. F!MC walked toward him like she was needing something else but that’s not what she wanted for. Actually there’s something she wanted to look for. She didn’t want the moment between them ended in airport.

“Excuse me, Princess. I don’t hire personal stewardess for my flight service” he smirked to her as he looked down to her half flirty attitude.

F!MC raised her eyebrows as she heard he mentioned that nickname again “Princess?”

“What can I say? I like to give nicknames for those who like to annoy me” his smirk turned like he’s showing his mischievous side but she knew how to fight that sarcasm with her own. Her (color) eyes scanned over his outfit: green jacket with black shirt underneath, and metallic dog tags. He obviously being a military type of guy.

“In that case, I’m calling you Top Gun” she chuckled as she crossed her arms, winking to him.

“Wait what? You can’t simply give me nicknames. That’s my thing!” Jake almost surprised on how she interacted with him, even it ended him up confused for a while.

“You already called me Princess. So I’ll give you nicknames as well. Fair and square” F!MC smirked wider then she changed her expression into mixed of excited and nervous.

“Fine. You can call me anything if you want” he suddenly grinned as he walked into the airport while she followed next to him. As they arrived at the exit for to the pick-up center, she looked around since she had been left behind by her allies. As far as she knew, her twin brother had just came in there 20 minutes ago and possibly he already fetched them and get back home, 30 kilometre away from Munich city.

“My brother…” F!MC sighed as she brushed her locks before she turned to the television which it showing the weather forecast. The news anchor mentioned there would be thunderstorm happened in most places in Germany as well as eastern France. She glared to Jake for a while then asked “Since there would be a thunderstorm strike in next few hours… what are you going to do?”

“Possibly I’m going to spend my night in this fairytale city. And having some German beer-” and then his word had been interrupted by her as she added…

“Maybe I can recommend you where is the right place to have the best booze. Mostly with best beers in town, but it would be more fun to spend your long summer with” she smiled lightly as she took out some Euro notes from pocket to the ticket vending machine before she claimed the train ticket to Munich. “You wanted to explore every local side of Bavaria?”

He at first silenced before he headed to the vending machine but he quickly snatched the ticket from her hand “That’s what we called perfect summer break”

F!MC pouted a bit when he snatched a ticket but she didn’t care later. She took out another note as she purchased another ticket.


The large black Volkswagen MPV stopped at the three storey house. M!MC, the big brother twin get off the vehicle as he headed to the door “Alright guys. Get your luggage inside guestrooms. We’re going to make some party tonight”

“Another party? You’re going to make the October Fest like of party?” Raj asked excitedly as he carried his large backpack on his shoulders.

“I know it’s typical Bavarian but… yes, we’re going to make it” M!MC chuckled as he opened the door and get inside.

“Wait the second. Did anyone realised we missed F!MC behind? Because we never seen her since we arrived in Munich” Quinn asked suddenly as she wear up summer heat on her head then she pulled it out when she looked up to the cloudy sky.

Diego surprised as well makes he responded “Even in certain movies, there would be another adventure happened when the main character lost the route to another destination”

“Looks like we need to track her. She could be not far from here” Sean suggested.

“But dude… Munich is not like New York. How are we going to find her?” Craig surprised at first then looked at his friend worryingly.

“Hofbräuhaus” Zahra said simply. She checked over her phone which she can detect where F!MC went to by hacking her IP address and tracked on her route by GPS.

The whole group in silence until Grace added “I know that place. It’s one of the famous beer hall in Germany”

“And she would be had a great time with beer and possibly someone new to date with” M!MC interrupted as he walked out from the house, holding a carton of dozen beers “She would be fine because she already contacted me in last 20 minutes. If she didn’t come back home after 08:00pm, we will look for her-” but then his (color) eyes get distracted by the glimpse of the Latina woman before him. He almost get scared by her sharp glare of brown eyes, added along with visible scar across her right eye. But in his other side, he was attracted… but it’s just an opposite attract because of his sense of curiosity. Wer ist Sie?

He walked toward Diego before he poked his shoulder as he asked “Who is she?”

Diego looked to M!MC for a while then he turned his head to where he pointed his finger to Estella. “Why are you asking?”

“There are too many of us” M!MC replied.

“I think you never met Estella before. She just joined us in last 6 months. Quinn told me that she came far away from Colombia” Diego replied as he turned back to the male twin.

“Star” M!MC mumbled lightly.


At the same time in Hofbräuhaus,

F!MC chuckled as she get her pint of foamy beer while Jake get the other pint as well. But noticing his elbows on the table makes she placed her pint down, she get her sound direct expression as she said “Jake, put your elbows down”

That snarky pilot snapped when he looked down to his arms before he put them down to his lap “Sorry”

The female twin giggled before she took another sip of beer “And I would like to know what are you working for living”

“Looks like you’re going to figure out like there’s fifty questions hidden inside it” he looked to her right at her eyes, grinned evilly.

She sighed “You don’t have to answer it if you don’t want to”

“If you want to know…” Jake leaned against the chair while feeling the mixed of dry and windy air of Munich summer in the middle of that beer hall “I’m a traveling pilot. Taking appointments for VIP clients and emergency flights. In varied destination”

“Looks like you’re a casual traveler. But you’re also making money with it. I bet your vacation is worth it” F!MC winked. “But how about the Navy part?”

“I joined Navy since I was 18, and being a best pilot in decade. Until almost ten years in service….” then he silenced as he bite his lips. The female twin tried to read his body language. Is he kept something that awful for him and related to his beloved person?

“It’s alright if you don’t want to tell. When joining military, you have to sacrifice almost anything, including your beloved one. Even I have to be apart with my twin brother since he worked for Bundeswehr” she sighed before she took another sip of beer.

“Taking like a mind reader” Jake curved slight smirk as he placed his hand on the table. F!MC felt like it was the opportunity for being close to him before she moved her hand closer to his. She make a sharp grin while she felt her soft chilly hand touched the rough and warm of his. Her mind started playing certain slow music to give her feeling. Why I feel so comfortable when I’m with him? I just met him for only a few hours but… My heart said there’s something special on him…

After a few minutes with those stop motion, both of them snapped back to reality when some raindrops splashed on canvas umbrella makes they looked down to their holding hand, quickly pulling away. The female twin chuckled looking to his bashful surprising look.

“I never thought the snarky person like you can be so shy on ladies” she chuckled lightly before she looked to her watch, the screen had a short message written: “Wir werden über eine Partei in 20:00. und Sie können Laden, dass Pilot, dass sie nur erfüllt (We’re going to have a party in 20:00. And you can invite that pilot that you just met.)”

“I’m sorry, Jake. But I have to get back home” then F!MC added as she get off the table and placed some note represent half of the bill “And my brother invited you for the party tonight in 08:00 PM” she took out card holder from her pocket before she slipped out one card in black color then handed it to him “Just head up to the home address for the party. Only if you’re interested” she walked away from that beer hall as she turned around to him for one last time, giving a flying kiss. She noticed he still surprised on how she acted on him but inside his mind, he knew that Princess actually had feelings on him.

Jake’s POV

Damn you, Princess. You’ve just caught much attention to me since we arrived in Munich, the fairytale city. We had just met since last few hours but the way she moved on me… reflected on the nickname I gave her. She is not just naturally flirty, she shown up some self-confidence on how to face the unexpected moments. I even don’t know how she can being close with me in that short time.

After I paid the bill for those drinks, I walked out from that historical beer hall and checked on my watch. It’s 05:30PM so I need to get the place to stay for tonight… but how about the party that Princess invited over? I can’t missed that one as well…


I felt like someone’s watching me. I looked around to figure out if anyone is being suspicious here but there’s nobody but random people. Things getting so weird since I’m arrived in Munich. Where is he going?

“Missed me, kiddo?” That familiar voice from above tree makes me turned around and I spotted that Walker guy nestled on the branches before he jumped down to the ground. Holy hell… he just startled me twice.

“What do you want?” I asked him impatiently. I have no much time to get any damned business with him.

“Why are you so serious?” That guy chuckled evilly, still with his synthesised voice “Do you still keep the keychain I gave you?”

I huffed deeply as my hand get inside jacket pocket and the keychain that he gave me was still there….

“"I can say you still keep it” that guy gave me sharp glare as he added “Let me get straight to the point. You’re now working for General Azrael-”

“I worked for who??” I was surprised when I heard it. That Walker guy asked me to keep that damned keychain only for this thing?

“I know you’ve just met the Andromeda. And I can see your potential” then he added “Your work is easy. That keychain is one of 12 keys to get into the world named Memory Wonderland. Once you’re there, I need you to-”

“Wait the second! What do you mean with-” I just going to finish the sentences when that guy ran away with flapping his arms before he jumped up to the sky.

“Hohoho! I can’t wait to see you again, baby!” That guy shouted in excited tone as he ran away from me and slowly faded out beneath the city.

I was stunned like an idiot as I kept looking to the city before I gripped my head, turning away. I walked along the street alone with slight rain taking over the place. My jeans started soaking as I stepped over wet road. I grabbed my jacket to cover myself to keep warmth. But I still feel how wet and cold around me. I tried to forget what was that guy saying to me. Maybe I’m dreaming or… something will looking for me in next moment?

“Holen sie outta mein Weg! (Get outta my way!)” Someone shouted at me from behind as i stepped away from bicycle lane to the pedestrian line. Shit. Not enough with being scolded by them, their fast bicycle pace splashed some water on my shirt. Those damned Germans.

I kicked the air as I was really angry on how they behaved on me. Kept waking across the rainy Munich city, I have no choice but facing this all alone. Just like I always be.

“Holy shit. These are not a dream…” I muttered as I continued with my steps. If I would be, there would be nowhere I have to go except….



Meanwhile around 07:50 PM in twins house. The heavy thunderstorm didn’t stop these gangs from making the party. This is because the party only held indoors so they can have some entertainment of movie marathon and party games besides having some barbeques, colorful cocktails and awesome party snacks. Thanks to Raj for those foods served.

While Diego arranged the selections of movies from his laptop to show them via screen projector, Quinn and Grace finished decorating the banners with summer version of October Fest themed party before the brainy girl switched on the lights and those classic lamps played some mixed playlist of Bavarian folk and electronic music.

Meanwhile at the indoor pool at the other side of the party room… Michelle, Sean and Craig were talking about something after they claimed their favorite drinks followed with some laughter. Zahra finished arranging the large snooker table before she tested it by taking one shot against those balls in single strike.

Ding dong!

Aleister looked to the door from the single couch with a book on his lap, shaded by yellow corner light “Did you just invited someone else to this party?”

“Ja, but only one. F!MC invited him” the male twin replied as he placed the carton of beer on the table.

“But what if police came in?” Quinn interrupted suddenly makes the huge silence on them again.

“I remember something. In Germany, if we wanted to make a party, we have to inform the neighbours. If don’t, they will come to us with complaints and the worst thing is they can call police to fine us” Grace looked so scared when she heard the repeated doorbell rang, sending goosebumps to her mind.

“Calm down, everyone. Our house is isolated from neighbors. The most close one is around three kilometre away from west” then M!MC hummed a bit and added “Schwester, open up the door and check who’s coming”

F!MC rushed downstairs in fast pace even she almost collided with Craig from the lowest staircase before she rushed to the door and opened it. Dark 5’ 10" figure stood before her, and the whole clothes soaked badly. She almost screamed on what did she see until the light to the main door switched on. And it’s 07:59 PM. Just a few seconds before getting into 08.00 sharp.

“Hey Princess. What a cliché beginning for our first meeting, doesn’t it?”

That respond makes the female twin shook her head before she grabbed his hand to pull him inside the house and locked the door behind. She bend down to grab the rolled towel from shelf before she guided him to the main guestroom and closed the door behind it. The male twin sighed as he grabbed the mop to wipe the soaking footprints before he picked up Jake’s combat boots to put them inside laundry room.

Inside the main guestroom…

“You have to take a shower so you won’t get a fever by next day” then F!MC headed to the door as she almost walked out from there then she added “I’ll bring my brother’s clothes to wear on while your current outfits had to be-” then she paused as she noticed Jake kept glaring at her caused she added “This is self service. Danke” then the door closed behind him.


15 minutes later…..

While all of them were at the living room with some drinks and have certain talks together, Jake came in with wearing the male twin’s unbuttoned German military uniform with black shirt underneath, as well as his metallic dog tags around his neck. He looked kinda low self esteem to show up himself before F!MC walked to him.

“Aww… you looked like my second brother for now” she giggled then started dragging him toward the groups. At first, she heard his chuckle before sudden silence as her twin brother came in.

M!MC looked sharply to that snarky pilot as he placed his hand to Jake’s head to compare their heights. That male twin was around 6’ 4" tall. “What a cute little chicken”

That word sounds like little offensive as Jake shouted “I’m not a Chicken as you think about!”

“And you did. You’ve just started clucking” that male twin chuckled for liking the tease before his twin sister interrupted “Nein, bruder. You can’t simply offended him. He’s such a sensitive type of guy”

“Fine” M!MC sighed.

“Looks like Princess started choosing her right side” Jake gained back his grin while looking back to the female twin “Shall we get anything to spend with tonight?”

The male twin shook his head for a while watching both of that potential lovey-dovey before he spotted something shiny on his belt makes he interrupted “Enschuldigung?”

F!MC looked to her twin brother “Yes?”

“Well… I need to get some talk with…” the male twin started to explain but paused since he didn’t know the new comers name. “‘Uhm…”

Then the pilot introduced himself “Jake McKenzie”

“Ah right. Jake, I need to talk to you right now. Come here!” M!MC grabbed his hand harshly as he guided him to the mini bar located next to the kitchen.

“Speaking of chicken, I remembered one scene from Oh My English. The gossip king said their English teacher and the silent kid are like chicken and duck” Diego said as he make each of hand like puppets. “I know it’s broken English but it sounds bit funny”

“And then, compare my brother and Jake to this situation, there would be possibility of verbal quarrel each other” F!MC sighed “I know my brother always ended up quarreling with anyone if he met someone who being close with me”

Meanwhile at the mini bar, the male twin served two glasses of iced whiskey for both of them then he get his seat “I need you to stay here. With us”

“What for you wanted me to stay here in this damned fairytale city? I have some flight schedule to follow up with” Jake almost started the argument as he objected against the twin’s statement.

“I have to make Jake stay here. Because he has one of the key for Memory Wonderland. I need both of the key and the owner” then M!MC silenced before he whispered “I’ll give you an offer you can’t refuse”

That makes the pilot almost surprised on what he heard “Did you just say… an offer?” He smirked.

“Ja…” then M!MC added “Tomorrow evening at 05:30, there’s a soccer match. Germany vs Costa Rica. We. Are. Going. To. Make. A. Bet” he continued after he took a sip of whiskey “The winner will get €50,000 cash while the list have to take 30 pints of beer without any spill”

“Sounds legit” that strategy from the male twin makes Jake started getting excitement for staying in Munich. Either getting some payment for winning the match bet or having certain amount of booze for losing the bet. Neither both parties get nothing when M!MC planned his ideas equally.

“Prost. For this great strategy” the male twin grabbed his glass before they clinked their glass and taking another sip followed with excited laugh.


At the next day…..

M!MC was at the backyard of the house as the sky went bright after the last night thunderstorm. He started to assemble the portal door and switched it with solar panel to activate it.

“Guten morgen, bruder” F!MC walked out from the kitchen door after she rubbed her face then brushed her locks over her shoulders.

“Morning. F!MC, gather all of our friends here” the male twin replied as he looked to her.

“Right now?” She raised her eyebrows.

“Ja. Jetzt!” He simply ordered before his twin sister walked back to the dining room where most of them were there.

“My brother wants you to meet him now. At the backyard” F!MC instructed.

“You mean meeting your twin brother, F!MC? That would be great! We haven’t seen him since ages” Quinn looked to her as she looked so excited on something new and enjoyable to try with.

“And finally I can observe what would be his new invention is. He always come with great ideas” Grace shown her enjoyment on invention then she looked to Aleister.

“As long as he didn’t make the bloody exploding volcano at his underground laboratory” Aleister sighed.

“Nah. He won’t” F!MC laughed.

*And then, all of them went downstairs to backyard where M!MC had just tighten the bolt with wrench in clockwise order.

“There you are, mate! Finally, this simulation room is ready to be proceeded” M!MC got up as he waved to them.

“Seriously? Even we only have 11 of them?” F!MC asked “Because I lose the twelfth one”

“Ja, and we actually have enough keys to activate the portal” the male twin explained.

“Whoa! Hang on, Dexter! What do you mean with these time tunnel of sorts and needing the keys? Does it required All-Spark to activate it?” Jake was suddenly surprised on that statement, interrupted the twins talk. F!MC looked to him with light giggle.

“I think you forgot we already bring a new comer to get into this new invention tutorial. Most of movies practised that much times” Diego said to the male twin to give explanation before the lecture session started.

“The door only opened if we got enough 12 keys that F!MC gave you. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to mention this to be honest but my sister had just lose the twelfth key when she arrived at America… lost nowhere-” M!MC started switching on the portal by remote as some bolts appeared from the bulbs.

“So you want to say I’ve found the last key for this Doctor Who time booth?” Jake asked as he shown the triangle shaped keychain with wolf design on his palm.

“Ja, you are” then M!MC walked toward Jake to pick up that keychain from him “And I need this one, okay?” He headed back to the controller to install the keychain at the provided slot. F!MC turned to the pilot as she heard he cussed, ruffling his locks.

“I’m sorry, Jake. But my brother-” she said.

“It’s fine” he sighed badly.

Then M!MC added “All of you, hand over the keychains to me. We’re going to travel to Memory Wonderland in next 5 minutes” then each of them handed their keychain to him before they had been put inside the slot. The last one by F!MC as she herself put her Andromeda keychain on the free slot before the bright taking over the switch panel.

“Did you see what I see, dude?” Craig asked.

“Will that place become a paradise for us?” Michelle added.

“Or it has a nightmare coming upon us?” Grace asked worryingly.

“No matter what happened, I can take this one as a great time to experience this summer together” Sean explained.

“Hopefully it has everything to enjoy with. Especially for the food and party” Raj said excitedly.

“And it’s better if we can have some fun at the beach” Quinn added.

“And don’t make any of us waiting. Germans like you had to be efficient on this type of engineering” Aleister sighed.

“It was like the mix of Lost World or Alice in Wonderland but in sci-fi version” Diego dusted getting surprised as he noticed the portal for the other world opened in colorful eye-catching time space.

Zahra surprised for a while when she looked over the opened portal “What it is?”

“The portal door for Memory Wonderland” F!MC replied before she stood next to her twin brother “We both invented this together after a decade of research. Do you want to join us?”

“Hell yeah. We can’t wait for this!” Craig said excitedly.

“Yeah, even we wanted to see how does that Wonderland looked like” Quinn added.

Among all of them, Estella just silenced since last night. She kept looking around in curiosity especially on that portal door. She didn’t know why but she wanted to go in there but for joining with them.

“We’re ready, M!MC. When are we stepping in?” Sean asked

“Now” then M!MC added “with count up …. Eins… Zwei…. Drei!” He jumped inside the tunnel before he vanished behind the time space.

And then Sean and Craig started following after the male twin. Michelle, Diego, Raj, Quinn, Estella and Zahra after.

“Guys, are you in there?” Grace asked as she walked closer to the portal door.

“Come on, Grace! This world is going to be amazing!” M!MC shouted from the other wide of the time space makes she looked to Aleister.

“Shall we go?” Grace asked as she hesitated getting inside the portal by entering her hand across the time space.

“Only if nothing hap-” Aleister didn’t finish his word yet before Jake pushed him from behind makes those two get entered inside the portal. “How dare you!” He yelled from there.

“What a freaky Malfoy” the pilot chuckled a bit then he looked to F!MC “How about you, Princess? Wanna join this Alice in Wonderland tour?”

“Of course, Top Gun. With count…” F!MC took a deep breathe as she grabbed his hand then counted “Eins, Zwei, Drei!”

And then both of them jumped together across the tunnel and vanished in time space.

However… that machine was still switched on. And someone had just came in with dark blue car before there was a lady walked out from the vehicle as she looked around. She at first pressed the doorbell but when she felt nobody’s there, she walked to the backyard before she found the activated portal door to Memory Wonderland.

She leaned against the wall as she took out her phone then called over someone then placed it at her ear.

“Mr. Rourke… I’ve found the main door”

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Keith ft. Marmora suit, paladin suit a few years down the road, and Lance

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