what's with the name jennifer on this show

Nicknames I've Given The Agents

- Founding Father (Rossi)
- Foxy Grandpa (Rossi)
- Soccer Mom (Hotch)
- Adorable Little Bunny That Must Be Protected At All Costs (Reid)
- Princess Peach (Reid)
- Awkward Asexual Dork (Reid)
- Big Buff Chocolate Creme Puff (Morgan)
- Mother Grizzly (J.J.)
- FBIsexual (J.J.)
- RAGING ((literally raging)) LESBIAN (Prentiss)
- Goddess of Technology (Garcia)
- My Wife (Garcia)
- Ray of Beautiful, Brilliant Sunshine (Garcia)
- WHOVIAN TRASH (Garcia + Reid)
- “Gal Pals” (J.J. + Prentiss)
- “Just Really Good Friends” (J.J. + Prentiss)
- Eye Sex Addicts (Morgan + Reid)
- Old Man Husbands/Old Married Couple (Hotch + Rossi)
- The Dead Lovers Club (Hotch + Rossi + Reid)

The Cast:  

Okay, I’m going to lay out what I knew when I knew it and let everyone judge for themselves.

  • 2015 - At some point during the 2015 convention season Sean Maguire told someone privately that all the cast had contracts through season 7 except Jennifer Morrison who was expected to walk after season 6.  This seemed dead solid information and I really see no reason for him to have misrepresented it.
  • February 2016 - Paul Lee is fired as ABC president and replaced by Channing Dungey.  ABC has been somewhat resistant to Disney corporate culture since it was acquired by the mouse 20 years ago and I was told that Dungey’s role was to finally bring the network in line with Disney’s over all strategy.  Dungey was described as a traditional business woman who disliked “gut” instinct (something Lee was known for).  The entire network was said to be riddled with actors who were given over sized contracts, development deals and other perks as favorites of particular executives.  Apparently this comes out of Shonda Rhimes success in taking what is seen as risky moves with favorites.  But network suits are not Shonda Rhimes and there was very little return seen on a lot of these deals.  The rumor was that Dungey was taking a flamethrower to them and insisting that any unsual contract be justified with data and if they were not the favorite would be cut as an example to other execs that if they over paid their favorites they risked getting them fired.
  • April 2016 - I was told Jennifer Morrison was refusing to do any interview with an outlet smaller than Major-Major (a term for a major national publication of a certain audience reach).
  • July 2016 - Jennifer Morrison skipped the SDCC press room for the show claiming illness.  I have no reason to doubt this but at the time I asked around and there was some interpretation that this was part of a pattern which she had used during her exit from House.  On that show she had refused to do show PR for more than a year (by essentially refusing to talk about the lead, the set dynamics, her characters romantic storyline with house and with her at the time fiance, or her personal relationship with her fiance… essentially anything a reporter might want to ask).  She also had behaved out of the norm during House press when she briefly returned, using their publicity to talk about HIMYM.  Which … looks a lot like the way she’s handled Once promotion and Sundogs.
  • July 27, 2016 - Jen posted this picture on Instagram.  It was widely seen as a message being sent to the network.
  • August 2016 - I was told that Jen was in contract negotiations with ABC but that everyone was waiting for fall audience tracking data so the talks were basically on hold.  I do not know what the fall data was but I have been told by several sources that her tracking was unusually bad during season 5 which in some part was attributed to the audience rejecting Dark Swan, dislike of the Dark Swan look, and that she cried too much.  Jen spoke about the crying issue during her NerdHQ panel.
  • September 2016 - I was told that Jen had put out feelers to pilot productions widely.  Again it appeared to be a message sending game with the network.
  • January 2017 - Dungey gives her TCA comments which I and others I spoke to interpreted as a message to Morrison.  Also a sign that things had started to go badly and preparing the audience for a major change.
  • January 2017 - Jennifer Morrison announces that she has no contract.  Generally interpreted by those I spoke to as a response to Dungey’s TCA and an attempt to mobilize her fan base.
  • Around this time I received an anonymous message i choose not to publish by someone claiming that Lana Parrilla had told them her contract expired this year along with everyone else during a meet and greet in New Jersey.  I showed the message to a number of friends who’s reaction was that Parrilla would not discuss her personal financial information in a meet and greet with fans much less everyone elses.  It also conflicted with the information from Maguire.  I didn’t publish it because I didn’t give it credence and didn’t want to cause disruption in the fandom for something I didn’t believe.
  • January 2017 - Robert Carlyle says he has a decision to make by the end of the month.  No details on what that decision might be.
  • February 2017 - I was told that Jen’s agents “…would like everyone to believe that she would walk away from the show like the hero away from a burning oil tanker.”  Whatever that means.
  • Feb-March 2017 - Rumor has it that Lana Parrilla instigated discussions with a few pilot productions far enough along to get a financial offer from them before passing on the projects.  This is generally the start of any negotiation with a current employer because it is an outside estimate of their fair market value.  What I was told was that for a new project you take that number and go to your current show and say “I want twice this.”  Because her name had not come up publicly and there was an obvious explanation for what happened I choose to not share the rumor.
  • Feb-March 2017 - Jennifer Morrison took a number of meetings with pilot projects including NBC but would not consider any that did not include giving her a producer credit.  Rumor had been for months that Morrison and ABC were stalled over something “not money” that neither side would budge on.  General consensus was that it was this.  ABC would be unlikely to give a single actor in an ensemble producer credit because it would disrupt set dynamics (traditionally it’s given to actors on shows where they are the clear lead, example Mark Harmon on NCIS, the leads on Castle and Bones).  Such a credit would make her the boss of other cast members and give creative control and the right to over rule directors.  The feeling was the only way she could get that was if it was given to Goodwin and Parrilla as well.
  • February 2017 - Jen posts the below picture on instragram.  Again consensus was that she was sending a message either to the network or to get her fans to mobilize on her behalf with the network.
  • March 2017 - Friend at a another studio tells me this reads like a 2 year final season renewal to her.  Which would require settling all the actor contracts through year 8.
  • March 2017 - I’ve been told by several sources that the industry gossip was that if Jen left then Colin would be written off with her.
  • March 2017 - It is believed that all the appropriate female leads for pilots likely to be picked up have been cast.
  • Today - The articles were published in TVLine and Deadline which seem to conflict with each other.  My industry savy friend still says “they’re crazy pants”.  – “Both those outlets will publish whatever people tell them. They’re easy to use in negotiations. Sometimes they get real info. Sometimes they get whatever people want to sell them to enhance their position. They don’t care because they get hits either way.  If Variety or Hollywood Reporter do more than report that other outlets said this, then it has some substance.”

I leave you to judge for yourself.  I know nothing I have not said in this post.

Indiana Comic Con: Sean Maguire Panel


  • “I guess the thing about Midwestern people is true. Everyone’s so lovely,” Sean Maguire about Indiana (x)
  • “This has been one of the great surprises of my career,” Sean Maguire about his guest spot on #OnceUponATime expanding (x)
  • Sean Maguire says he never heard fairy tales growing up. Instead his dad made up stories about growing up in Ireland (x)
  • Sean Maguire loved basically being able to say “I played Robin Hood” and then mic drop. “It was lovely to play somebody iconic” (x)
  • “…I think we’re a little sick of the rich… I think right now we kind of need a Robin Hood,” Sean Maguire (x)
  • Sean Maguire just quickly took a call from his 1yo son in the middle of panel. It was adorable. (x)
  • Only Robin Hood central ep was Sean Maguire’s favorite to film. “You feel like the tv heroes I watched growing up” (x)
  • Sean Maguire talks about making up songs on set like, “Once upon a time you’re bound to die but then you come back” (x)
  • Spoiler: Sean Maguire’s toughest scenes to film - when Robin left/cried; the scene preceding his death, which was his last to film. (x)
  • Regina is Sean Maguire’s favorite character to work with “because she’s my gal.” (x)
  • Sean Maguire admits he never learned how to use the bow and arrow. Says ABC and Disney have a “hard rule” about not killing people. (x)
  • “They obviously wanted to tell a different story than I thought they wanted to tell,” Sean Maguire about his #OnceUponATime ending (x)
  • “Being an actor means being able to step into people’s shoes. Experience the world –reading books…” Sean Maguire’s acting advice (x)
  • Sean Magauire advises aspiring actor  to “cut reality garbage” and “watch scripted drama” (x)
  • Sean Maguire jokes about how he “lies for a living” and his wife is a detective. (x)
  • Dustin Hoffman, Spencer Tracy, Kevin Spacey, Cary Grant and Michael J. Fox among Sean Maguire’s idols/inspirations. (x)
  • “You will meet the fate that you deserve…” line was Sean Maguire’s favorite, which was in #OnceUponATimeWonderland (x)
  • “Regiiiina, why so meanaaa?” is also a song Sean Maguire made up on set. (x)

  • Apparently Sean was only supposed to be in 5 episodes (x)
  • Omf Tanya called (x)
  • He loved the robin centric episode (x)
  • Lana was one of the first people to welcome him to the show :’) (x)
  • He said Ginny has the best giggle in the world (x)
  • Guy: Have you ever read a plot twist [on Once] and just wanted to stop? Sean: There’s been a time or two. (x)
  • He loves robins honor (x)
  • Sean wants a whole show about Ian Fleming (x)
  • Y'all he’s fanboying about bobby again (x)
  • He’s mentioned how Colin is like his brother :’) (x)
  • One tough scene was the town line (x)
  • For safety reasons he can’t have a real arrow (x)
  • He mentions how he has just moved when they told him he was being killed off (x)
    • I want to say even though it’s annoying they did that he didnt show any anger when he was talking about it, basically said that’s just life (x)
  • He said Tanya is like a human lie detector (x)
  • He thinks robin would find it sweet that his daughter is named after him (x)
  • People keep saying they love him :’) (x)
  • He creates songs to entertain everyone else (x)

  • Sean said he, lana, ginny, bobby, bex, and Colin like to play cards together in between their trailers (x)
  • He also said he liked to make the cast laugh during late nights and he would burst into song like “regina, why ya gotta be so meana” (x)
  • He said Bex is the one who told him that they were naming the baby after him. (x)
  • Also he mentioned everyone from the cast except Jennifer… (x)
  • He also said he just furnished his house and Vancouver and everything when the producers told him they were killing robin. (x)
  • Sean also said he believes that what happened with Robin happened for a reason because every canceled show is what leads him to the next and (x)
    • Without that, he wouldn’t have landed on Once Upon a Time (x)


Thoughts on the new Riverdale Episode:

In one convenient post, as I am too lazy to make multiple.

  • I’m glad they got rid of Grundy, but I don’t think it’s going to be the last we see of her whatsoever. Also, I’m annoyed that the only way they saw fit to do it was to hurt Archie in the process.
  • All the same, Archie’s dad came in clutch on this one.
  • Honestly, if this were the Jughead show, I would watch that dramatic ho motherfucker with way more interest than I watch this show with.
  • Oops, let that secret out: I literally give zero shits about who murdered Jason.
  • Get it Kevin
  • Wild concept: Betty is not Polly.
  • Okay, but you’re changing your name. You’re thinking, hey, this is it. New name, new me. I can choose anything I want. You throw out Jennifer Gibson and what do you choose? Geraldine Grundy
  • Why
  • I don’t like seeing Archie sad and I just wanna give him a hug
  • If I could reach through the screen and bitch slap Betty’s mother every second of the day, I would take that task upon myself to do it.
  • It’s tragic that they didn’t photoshop in Cody’s face from Suite Life era into that photo of Jughead and his sister, because that would’ve been a golden opportunity, and we all know how Cole Sprouse actually looked every year from like, ten upwards.
Book Smart

I am a voracious reader, always have been.  I discovered the “Supernatural” books years ago gathering dust at my favorite second-hand bookstore and purchased the whole series for $10.  I’ve always been a fan of paranormal stuff so they were right up my alley.

The books were chock full of monsters, ghosts, and demons but I found myself more drawn to the complex relationship between the two brothers, Sam and Dean.  My relationship with my own sister was difficult and the lengths Sam and Dean were willing to go for each other intrigued me.

I read those books over and over.  The spines grew bent, and the pages tattered, but when my work at the hospital made me sad and drained me, Sam and Dean were there to take me away.

When I heard they were making the books into a TV series. I have to admit I was pretty skeptical.  I couldn’t imagine any show would be able to get Sam and Dean right.  Especially Sam. I had such a thing for him.

That combination of strength, intelligence, vulnerability, and faith just did it for me.  He had been through 10 lifetimes worth of pain and damage but he was still determined to do the right thing.

So when the show premiered I watched but didn’t expect much. But it was good.  And I kept watching.  It was Sam and Dean from my beloved books.  This Eric Kripke guy had gotten it right.  

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The Lucky Ones Pt. 1 (Riarkle AU Two-Shot)

Fandom: Girl Meets World

Pairing(s): Riarkle (Mainly), Markle (Kinda…?)

Characters: Riley Matthews, Farkle Minkus, Maya Hart, Stuart Minkus, and Jennifer Bassett Minkus

Rating: T with a strong language advisory.

Prompt from lucasfriarfan: Farkle Minkus, the young and newly appointed Head of Minkus International, has just married middle-class, all-American Riley Nebula Matthews and she’s quite the packaged deal… Can free-spirited, kind-hearted Riley play her new role of impeccable, wealthy housewife? Or will she break under the pressure to be perfect?

Author’s Note: Planning for this one to be a two-shot so look out for part 2 of you enjoyed :) Also, trying out a new format for just this two-shot, let me known what you think

*Breaking News Music Plays*

Anchor One: This just in! Newly christened CEO of Minkus International, Farkle Minkus, is what? That’s right, he’s married!

Anchor Two: Minkus was reported to be romantically tied to a civilian reporter for the New York Times over a year ago and it was announced via the Minkus International PR office that over the last weekend, the young bachelor tied the knot this his secretive, long-term girlfriend.

Anchor One: With the marriage announcement, however, came a full public introduction to the new Mrs. Minkus.

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  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: Did you know that Jenny Was a Friend of Mine by The Killers is actually part of a series of songs that all follow the same crime? Jennifer from Leave the Burboun on the Shelf is the same Jenny as JWaFoM and Midnight Show is pretty much about killing and/or hiding a body. There was also a fourth song not released because the content was controversial. This song can still be found under the name Soft Surrender or Where is She. Many verses within these songs can be found to correlate with one another. Why do they do this?
Request- And The Winner Is...

Request: Mark wins a people’s choice award or some kind of award like humanitarian youtuber and he invites y/n up onstage with him and announces that they’re his girlfriend.

This was one of my favorites to write. Sorry it took me so long to write, writers block is a bitch when all you want to do is write. It is such a cute concept and I really hope that I did it justice for you! I hope you all enjoy it and please send in more requests!

Originally posted by error41official

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Okay, now that I’ve had the chance to calm down…
While I did like the ending (lol, understatement), I kinda hope they just decide to end the show here.
I mean, not only would it feel kinda forced, but I think it would be cool for fans to just write their own ending and think up their own version of what happens at the end. I think the end was meant to show that nothing is ever perfect, and no one’s lives ever run as smoothly as they want. There will always be a battle to fight.
(Also, a new season wouldn’t feel the same without most of the main cast. Just saying.)

...and this is The Read (Pt. 1)
  • The Scandalous Episode
  • Kid Fury: Hey, y’all! Hi, how are you doing? My name’s Serena Williams.
  • Crissle: …I’m Crissle.
  • Love & Kroger Michelle
  • Kid Fury: Hello, world. My name’s Kelly Price.
  • Crissle: And my name is Fantasia Barrino.
  • New York Appreciation
  • Kid Fury: Hey, everyone. I’m the next Monifah.
  • Crissle: I’m Carrie Underwood.
  • There’s Something About Fury
  • Kid Fury: I…am Sherri Shepherd.
  • Crissle: And I’m Queen Latifah.
  • The Petty Betty Show
  • Kid Fury: My name is Mia X.
  • Crissle: I’m Jennifer Hudson.
  • Pray for the Dancing Lobsters
  • Kid Fury: Hey, girl. We’re back. My name is Penelope Disick.
  • Crissle: ~I’m Rashida, I rap like Shawty Lo~
  • Kid Fury: I fucking hate you.
  • Say No to Fuckboys
  • Kid Fury: My name is Antonio Banderas.
  • Crissle: My name’s Chrissy Tiegen.
  • Law & Order: FU
  • Kid Fury: I’m Pastor Troy.
  • Crissle: I’m Bobbi Kristina.
  • Paula’s Best Dish
  • Kid Fury: I am Delta Werk.
  • Crissle: I am Kaidence Donda West.
  • What’s in a Name?
  • Kid Fury: I’m Dorothy Zbornak.
  • Crissle: I am Malia Obama.
  • The Black Entertainment Episode
  • Kid Fury: I am Nikki Gilbert
  • Crissle: Who the fuck is Nikki Gilbert?
  • Kid Fury: *laughs* Bitch, who are you?!
  • Crissle: I’m Tracee Ross!
  • Stay Off the Bus
  • Kid Fury: I am Framel…from Catfish.
  • Crissle: *dying whale noise* Why do that to me?
  • Kid Fury: My name is Framel.
  • Crissle: I’m sorry, he just clocked me completely the fuck out of the game. I’m Taylor Swift.
  • Well Deserved Laughs
  • Kid Fury: I’m Kid Fury.
  • Crissle: Oh, I’m Glen Coco.
  • Luna vs. Serena
  • Kid Fury: I go by the name of Daria Morgendorffer.
  • Crissle: I’m Harriet Tubman.
  • Sweet and Meat
  • Kid Fury: /seriously/ I’m Kid Fury.
  • Crissle: I’m Jada Pinkett-Smith.
  • Kid Fury: /seriously/…and this is The Read.
  • Crissle: It i-- *laughs* What is wrong with you, Kid Fury?
  • Kid Fury: /seriously/ I don’t know what you’re talking about.
  • The Mrs. Carter Show
  • Kid Fury: I go by the name of Cousin Angie.
  • Crissle: Oh. I’m Deion Sanders.
  • Friendly Reminders
  • Kid Fury: Hello, Everyone. I am Terio.
  • Crissle: I am Karl Kani.
  • Kid Fury: And-- *laughing* Bitch, what…
  • Big Gay Ice Cream
  • Kid Fury: So I’m Regina George.
  • Crissle: And I’m Seeda.
  • The VMA Review
  • Kid Fury: Hey, everyone. I’m Gaysha.
  • Crissle: I’m Neil Armstrong.
  • Gucci This, Gucci That
  • Kid Fury: Hey, everyone. I’m Trina.
  • Crissle: I’m Jennifer Tilly.
  • The Mailbag
  • Kid Fury: Um…I’m Saleisha Howard.
  • Crissle: ~I’m Penny Proud, and I’m cute and I’m loud, and I got it goin’ on~
  • Hide Your Kids, Hide Your Sexuality
  • Kid Fury: I…am…Keylolo.
  • Crissle: I’m Jake Gyllenhaal.
  • My Auntie Jenifer
  • Kid Fury: Hello, everyone. I am Maleficent.
  • Crissle: I’m Solange.
  • Sideshow Bras
  • Kid Fury: So hey, everyone. I’m Mustang Sally.
  • Crissle: I’m Chanté Moore.
  • Everyday People
  • Kid Fury: Hey, everyone. I’m the Nicki Minaj Collection.
  • Crissle: I’m Brittany Brees.
  • America’s Grape Juice
  • Kid Fury: Hello, everyone. I’m the Geico camel.
  • Crissle: And I am Kathie Lee Gifford.
  • Raggedy Pebbles
  • Kid Fury: I am Winifred Sanderson.
  • Crissle: I am Niatia Jessica Kirkland.
  • Blackface
  • Kid Fury: I am Amina Buddafly.
  • Crissle: And I am Melanie 45221.
  • Sistah Wives
  • Kid Fury: Hey, everybody. I’m Bulbasaur.
  • Crissle: And I am Olivia Pope.
  • Race-Themed
  • Kid Fury: I am Samantha Pucket.
  • Crissle: And I am Jennifer Beals.
  • Turkey Day
  • Kid Fury: Hey, everyone. I am the ghost of Brian Griffin.
  • Crissle: And I am all the bitches who wish they could be me.
  • Kid Fury: *laughs*
  • Trina Appreciation Day
  • Crissle: What’s up, motherfucker. I’m Jay-Z. It’s my motherfuckin’ birthday.
  • Crissle: You didn’t have to be so aggressive.
  • #AskYourPublicist
  • Kid Fury: I’m Taterhead.
  • Crissle: And I’m David Benham.
  • Beyoncé Holiday Spectacular
  • Kid Fury: I am edgeless.
  • Crissle: And I am ***Flawless.
  • The Mailbag
  • Kid Fury: I’m Chocledisi
  • Crissle: And I am Chrisette Michele.

As always, feel free to add to this list. They can all be found on iTunes (WTNV is also on YouTube) and, at the time I viewed them, are free to download and listen to. I haven’t been able to find any actual live radio shows which consistently discuss queer issues yet but if anyone else knows of one let me know and I’ll make sure it’s signal boosted on the blog.

Bi Any Means; “Focuses on intersections between social justice and secular humanism.” Examples of podcast episodes include “Asexuality and Atheism,” and “A Genderqueer Atheist Love Story.”

Queer and Present Danger; “Focused on the intersection of queer, nerd, geek, pop culture and entertainment.” Example of podcast episodes include “Steven Universe and Disney’s Descendants,” and “Diversity in Marvel Cinematic, Viola Davis and the Mikado Controversy.”

Welcome to Night Vale; “Twice monthly fictionalised radio show hosted by Cecil Palmer, featuring weather, news and traffic updates on the town of Night Vale, as well as announcements from the Sheriff’s Secret Police, mysterious lights in the night sky and dark hooded figures with unknowable powers.”

Let’s Process; AfterEllen created this podcast and it includes interviews with, for example, Natasha Negovanlis from Carmilla, the webseries. 

Trans-Ponder; “An internet radio show for those considering, seeking to begin or who are in the process of gender transition.” Includes episodes such as “Pride and Pronouns.” However there have been no new episodes since last year.

Queer No Chaser; AfterEllen writer Emily McGaughy and co-host Jennifer Buck chat about LGBTQ+ topics.

New Lesbian; From the creators of the same named blog, Elle and Edie answer questions sent from listeners about love and life as well as whats happening in the queer world.

Strange Fruit; Join Jai and Doc as they examine Black gay life through the voices of those who live it. Podcast episodes include “Racism in Queer Spaces,” and “Bisexual Visibility in a Non Binary World.”

Homoground; A podcast focused on music by queer and queer friendly artists.

Transition Transmission Transgender; “By and for transgender, intersex and gender questioning individuals as they discuss their lives and new surrounding transgender and lgbtq+ topics.”

Lesbian Lounge; Includes news, gossip, events, celebrity interviews, LGBTQ+ projects and new music.

2 Homos; “Ever wonder what two lesbians talk about when they get together? Well, wonder no more.” There are over 600 episodes. 

  • Robert Chambers + party videotape 

Chambers was charged with 2nd degree murder. His preppy good looks gained him some sympathy until a videotape, taken at a party he attended when he was out on bail, surfaced. In it, he is surrounded by girls wearing lingerie and holding a doll, appearing to mock Jennifer Levin’s death. In April 1988, the tabloid television program A Current Affair obtained and broadcast the home video showing Chambers at a party when he was free on bail. He was shown in the video playing with four lingerie-clad girls, choking himself with his hands while making loud gagging noises, and twisting the Barbie doll’s head off, saying in falsetto: “My name is…Oops! I think I killed it." The emergence of this video helped the jury’s verdict. Indeed, here, Chambers no longer appeared as a perfect preppie boy but as an arrogant and disrespectful boy who laughed at what could have happened to Jennifer. As victim’s mother said  "I was horrified when I saw it, but in a way I was also glad that he showed himself for what he really was,”

Betrayal ➸ Peter Hale

A/N hello lovelies. here is a peter imagine bc let’s be real who doesn’t love them some good old peter hale, amiright?





“Peter?” you called, sliding the door to the loft open. After Derek left, Peter would often be found in here, thinking, reading, planning, thinking. “Peter!” The floor of the loft was cold against your bare feet. “Are you in here? Peter?”

You walked further in and froze. Papers were strewn across the table, some on the floor. Pictures and timetables were pinned to a board that sat upright beside the table. Along with pictures, there were names. Scott McCall. Stiles Stilinski. Theo Raeken. Melissa McCall. Liam Dunbar. Lydia Martin. And so many more. Even your own picture and name. Y/N Y/L/N.

“What is she doing here?” You whirled around to see Jennifer Blake and Angelo, someone who you thought was your friend, descending the stairs.

“I don’t know.” You spun again as Peter crept out of the shadows.

“I thought we agreed we had no use for her anymore,” Jennifer snarled, reaching the bottom of the stairs, Angelo hot on her heels.

“We don’t,” Peter shrugged, much to your confusion.

“Peter,” you scoffed in disbelief, “Peter, what the hell is going on?” Peter’s face was blank, only his eyes showing sorrow and a little bit of guilt. “Peter,” you pleaded, “Peter, please.”

His fingers twitched and you couldn’t react before he whispered, “Take her.” “Wha-” Angelo was behind you within half a moment, twisting your arms painfully behind your back. You cried out in pain, eyes flashing yellow for a moment. You struggled against Angelo’s grip, but he was joined by another, just-as-strong, werewolf. Andre, you recognized the scent immediately. You struggled harder. Trying your best to escape the brothers’ grip. Peter’s eyes flashed blue to see you in such pain.

“Peter!” you cried as they dragged you away, “Peter, please, what’s happening?”

“I’m sorry,” was all he said as Andre and Angelo dragged you for what seemed like forever into was was a dungeon or vault-like structure. You recognized the mineral of the wall immediately. How could you forget. But more importantly: how could he do this to you? How could he lock you in a hecatolite vault. He knew. He knew your fear of hecatolite. He knew that it turned you into something you weren’t. A killer. You had no control over yourself after coming out of a vault like this. He had witnessed it himself. How could he?

As if being in the vault wasn’t enough, Andre and Angelo chained you hands above your head, your feet just barely touching the ground. Reaching out with a gloved hand, as far away from him and his brother as possible, Andre shoved wolfsbane in your face. You refused to breath, putting up at least a little rebellion. Angelo rolled his eyes and pushed his brother out of the way and produced a syringe-like gun, plunging the needle into your neck. You gave up your struggle and slumped, allowing Angelo to pull the trigger and shoot liquified yellow wolfsbane into your system. The effect was almost instantaneous, your vision faded and your head lolled, barely catching of Peter’s silhouette at the opening of the vault.


The first thing you heard when you woke up was Peter’s voice. You had imagined that, honestly. You two had talked about it waking up every morning to each other. But not like this. Not when you were chained up in a hecatolite vault, wolfsbane in your system and stuck in a circle of mountain ash. No. This was definitely not how you wanted to wake up to Peter.  

“Please, Jennifer, let her go,” Petter was begging (Peter never begged), “We don’t have use for her anymore, just let her go.” It wasn’t often one would hear Peter Hale beg for something. But here he was, pleading for Jennifer Blake, a Darach, to spare your life.

“Exactly,” she says coldly, “We don’t need her, so we kill her.” Your eyes flutter open, blurry vision capturing Jennifer and Peter arguing in the entrance of the vault.

“No,” he pleaded, “Please, don’t kill her. Just let her go. I’ll make sure she doesn’t talk. Anything. I’ll do anything.”

“I don’t want anything,” Jennifer sneers, “When we succeed, I’ll have everything I want, so fine. But if she says a single word, I’ll kill her slowly and make you watch.”

Without another word, Peter rushed in the vault wincing at the smell of wolfsbane. He damn near sprinted towards you. “Peter-” you couldn’t finish before he slammed into the barrier of mountain. Peter roared in pain as he flew backwards, sliding across the floor of the vault.

“Fuck,” Peter groans in pain on the floor as Jennifer chuckled in the doorway.

“You didn’t think I wouldn’t take every precaution?” Jennifer taunted, “Only because you’re so desperate, I’ll let her go.” With a wave of her hand, the circle of mountain ash surrounding you blew away, stinging your ankles in the process. Peter groaned again as he scrambled to stand up, frantically rushing to you.

“You,” you spat at him as he reached out to touch your face and you recoiled. “You traitor!”

“Baby, please,” he whispered, his calloused hand coming in contact with your cheek. “Sweetheart, I never meant to hurt you, I swear.”

“Liar!” You snarled, “You’re a liar and a traitor. Scott trusted you. Derek trusted you. I trusted you. I loved you.” Peter drew in a sharp, but shaky breath at your words. His thumb caressed your cheek and it took every ounce of your will power not to lean into his hand. “Stop. Don’t.”

“Babygirl,” he murmured, leaning closer to you, “Tell me you don’t love me and you’ll never see me again. I promise. Say it.”

“Please,” you whimpered, “Just let me go, Peter.”

“Say it,” he growled, unsheathing his claws. You whimpered and closed your eyes. “I won’t hurt you, sweetheart.” You felt his hand travel up your arm until he reached your hands. With a snap, the metal chains were snapped and you fell straight into Peter’s arms.

“I love you, Princess,” he whispers, bumping your nose with his.

“I love you too,” you reply in a small voice, “I’m sorry.”

Before Peter could ask you what you meant, you claw at his face before escaping his hold and running, disappearing, never to be seen again.

Forbidden Documentary Footage Revealed
  • Recording begins promptly. Female subject, referred to as Housewife, stands in kitchen. Footage is estimated to have been recorded some time in the mid to late 90s based on appliances present in kitchen as well as style of kitchen
  • [NOTE] Kitchen is possibly ☆NSYNC themed
  • Housewife: What should I say?
  • Cameraman: Just tell me a bit about yourself.
  • Housewife: Oh, where do I start. My name is Jennifer Brackenberry. I'm 37 years old. Mother of two kids, and I'm happily divorced.
  • Subject, Housewife, laughs.
  • Housewife: Anything else you want to know?
  • Cameraman: What do you do?
  • Housewife: Well, like I mentioned before, I'm a full time mother. I'm also a bit of painter.
  • Cameraman: Oh, you paint? Interesting. Could you show me some of your paintings?
  • Housewife: Absolutely. Follow me.
  • Subject, Housewife, leads Cameraman to garage. Clown paintings, clown memorabilia, and other clown based products are abundant in house during walk to garage. Car is absent from garage. Housewife removes cloth from stack in corner of garage. Stack is revealed to be paintings. Camera zooms in on stack of paintings.
  • Housewife: This is where I keep my paintings. None of them are finished yet, so I haven't hung any up around the house yet.
  • Cameraman: You keep your unfinished paintings in a stack on the floor of your garage?
  • Housewife: Yes.
  • Cameraman: Kind of a haphazard way of storing painting.
  • Housewife: Yes, that's true. I'd keep them in my room, but the kids like to play in there and they're afraid of my paintings.
  • Cameraman: Ah?
  • Housewife: I like to keep them out of sight, but that doesn't mean I not proud of them. I just love my children more than I love art. I'll show you some, though.
  • Subject, Housewife, shows painting to cameraman. Painting is crude. Impossible to make out the nature or subject of the painting.
  • Cameraman: This is... interesting.
  • Housewife: It's my son as a decorative comedian. I bet you could tell from all the merchandise I have around my house that I'm a bit of a fan of decorative comedians.
  • Cameraman: You mean all the clown stuff?
  • Housewife: I think that term is a bit outdated, but yes all of the... clown stuff. I'd prefer if you use decorative comedian, or harlequin. Whatever suits your fancy.
  • Cameraman: Sure. Didn't mean to offend.
  • Subject, Housewife, shows another painting to cameraman. Painting is entirely brown.
  • Housewife: This is my daughter as a decorative comedienne. I think I overdid the cuteness on this one. Not that my daughter isn't cute. I'm just trying to go for a more realistic style. Like Mozart, or Bach.
  • Cameraman: I see.
  • Subject, Housewife, continues to show and describe paintings to cameraman for 5 minutes. Most paintings are blocks of a single color, or crude and childlike. None of the paintings match the descriptions given by housewife. Based on answers to questions asked by Cameraman, Housewife has rudimentary knowledge of painting techniques, and the history of painting as an artform. Housewife at one point mentions using Sharpie brand markers as painting tools. Housewife refers to composers, Mozart and Bach, as "Classical Harlequin Painters" several times. Attention is taken away from paintings as telephone rings.
  • Housewife: Excuse me while I go answer that.
  • Cameraman follows housewife into the living room as she answers the phone. Camera zooms in on life-sized clown statue in the middle of living room.
  • Housewife: Mmm hmm. Yes. I see. Okay, I'll come over immediately.
  • Subject, Housewife, ends phone call.
  • Housewife: I have to run out real quick, David. You can stay here, though. I'll be back in a minute.
  • Cameraman: I can come with you if it's not a problem.
  • Housewife: It is a problem. Just stay here. It'll be like 10 minutes at most, I swear.
  • Cameraman: Sure.
  • Recording immediately cuts to later footage. Lights are on in living room.
  • Cameraman: Okay, so it has been like 3 hours since Jennifer left. I have no clue what she's doing or where she went. But, I had to start recording this because it's fucking nuts.
  • Cameraman moves to look out window. It's nighttime. Heavy snowfall is present.
  • Cameraman: That is at least a foot of fucking snow out there. It has only been an hour since it started snowing. Did I mention it's the middle of July? I drove up here sweating my balls off because it was like a hundred fucking degrees out. Now it's snowing. Global warming my ass.
  • Recording cuts to later footage. Cameraman is sat at kitchen table. However, only Cameraman's chest and arms are visible.
  • Cameraman: Okay, so it's 11PM now. Jennifer left at like 4PM and isn't back yet. I can't blame her, I guess. The snow is up to the windows now. It doesn't look like it's going to stop anytime soon either. TV doesn't work. Phone doesn't work. I'm bored as fuck to be honest. I'd say the clowns, excuse me I meant Decorative Comedians or Harlequins, creep me out, but they don't. I don't see what everyone sees in them. They're stupid as hell to me. Besides, I'm a big guy and I could beat the shit out of an evil clown or two.
  • Recording cuts to later footage. Footage is in nightvision. Seems to be taken from bedroom.
  • Cameraman: Okay, so the power went out. I'm freezing my balls off in here.
  • Cameraman breathes heavily to show off condensation.
  • Cameraman: See that. This is ridiculous.
  • Recording cuts to later footage. Footage is in nightvision. Large male individual, presumably cameraman, attempts to break down the front door of the house. Footage is taken from a low angle. Cameraman possibly not aware that he is being recorded. Camera backs away from the cameraman, turns around and moves beneath a couch.
  • Recording cuts to later footage. Footage is in nightvision. Cameraman is sat at table. Only chest and arms are visible.
  • Cameraman: Okay, so all of the fucking doors in the place are blocked off by snow. I can't get out. I tried breaking a window to see if I could dig myself out too, but that snow is literally like brick hard. House is basically surrounded by a giant ice block. This has to be some kind of natural disaster or apocalyptic shit. I'm trying to keep my cool, no pun intended, but it's kinda hard when it's dark as shit, cold as shit, and you're a little claustrophobic. None of the clowns have moved yet so at least I know I'm not in some shitty horror movie.
  • Recording cuts to later footage. Footage is in nightvision. Cameraman is filming in garage. Car is present in garage.
  • Cameraman: Okay, so that's Jennifer's car. That car should not be in this garage. When I drove here yesterday it was parked in front of the house. When I went into the garage yesterday, it definitely wasn't here. I got it all on camera so I know I'm not crazy. I don't know, maybe Jennifer put her car in the garage some time yesterday and I didn't notice? This shouldn't be bothering me as much as it should. It's mundane as fuck when there's a goddamn ice cube of death keeping me trapped in this house. I just don't know what to make of this shit.
  • Recording cuts to later footage. Footage is in nightvision. Camera is focused on ringing phone.
  • Cameraman: The electricity is out all over the house. Nothing works, but the phone is ringing. Now, I know some weird shit is going on for sure, but I'm not fucking stupid. I'm not gonna answer it. I don't know who is calling it. It could be satan, or my dead grandma. I'm not answering that shit.
  • Recording cuts to later footage. Footage is in nightvision. Camera is focused on ringing phone.
  • Cameraman: The phone's been ringing all night, and I can't sleep. When I try to sleep it just gets louder. It's driving me fucking nuts. Whatever force or entity is behind this wants me to answer this phone. So, you know what I'm gonna do?
  • Cameraman shows hammer to camera.
  • Cameraman: I'm gonna fucking smash it.
  • Cameraman proceeds to destroy the phone with hammer. Phone falls to ground and Cameraman stomps on the remains of phone. Ringing ceases immediately.
  • Cameraman: Finally.
  • Ringing, though heavily distorted, starts again.
  • Cameraman: Goddam-
  • Recording cuts to later footage. Footage is in nightvision. Footage is completely silent. Large male, presumably cameraman, looks through stack of paintings in garage. Cameraman is carrying flashlight. Cameraman seems to go into a rage and begins violently tosses paintings.
  • Recording cuts to later footage. Footage is in nightvision. Cameraman is sat at table. Only Camerman's chest and arms are visible. Distorted telephone ringing can be heard.
  • Cameraman: Look at this.
  • Cameraman places painting in front of camera. Only bottom half of painting can be seem. Painting seems to depict smiling clown.
  • Cameraman: That's me as a fucking clown. In fact, all of the paintings in the garage are of me as a clown. I saw all of thsse paintings before. They were garbage. Absolute shit. I know what I fucking saw. I don't know who or what is behind this, but you're not cute. You're not clever. You're not scary. You cannot break me.
  • Recording cuts to later footage. Footage is of bedroom. Footage is taken during daytime. Camera is shaky. Distorted telephone ringing can be heard
  • Cameraman: Ice is gone. Windows are broken. There's nothing but white outside. It's so cold.
  • Recording cuts to later footage. Footage is silent. Footage is recorded from low angle. Large male, presumably cameraman, can be seen dousing clown statue in liquid. Paintings sit at the feet of the clown statue. Cameraman sets clown statue aflame with match. Clown statue begins to move in panic. Cameraman runs away as the seemingly living clown statue burns.
  • Recording cuts to stock footage of houses burning. Stock footage continues for 5 minutes before cutting to footage taken from car in garage. Footage is in nightvision. Camera is placed on dashboard of car. Cameraman is presumably sat in driver's seat. Distorted ringing can be heard.
  • Cameraman: Long story short, that clown statue wasn't a statue at all. I was gonna burn it for some heat and I found out that apparently it had been living this entire time. Dude burned to death. Fire got everywhere, and half the house burned down. The garage is fine, and lo and behold Jennifer's car works. It's nice to finally have some heat. I feel like things could actually turn around for me now. It's completely barren outside. I was in a suburban neighborhood when I first got here and apparently now I'm in some arctic wasteland. I'm still going to try to drive out of this place, though. What do I have to lose?
  • The garage doors raise revealing a block of ice obstructing the entire garage exit. Distorted phone ringing increases in volume
  • Cameraman: No, no, no, no! You have to be fucking kidding me!
  • Cameraman takes camera with him as he attempts to leave through door which leads back into the house. Door's pathway is obstructed by large block of ice.
  • Cameraman: What do you fucking want from!? What have I done!? Do you want me to fucking die!? Then just kill me! I give up! I'm fucking finished! Just fucking kill me!
  • Sound cuts out as Cameraman repeatedly smashes camera against floor. Recording cuts to what seems to be earlier footage. Subject, Housewife, is sat across from Cameraman. Footage filmed in restaurant or cafe.
  • Housewife: So, Davey.
  • Cameraman: Please, don't call me that. We aren't kids anymore.
  • Housewife: Okay, David. I know you're supposed to be the one asking the questions, but I just have to know. Why do you want film a day in my life?
  • Cameraman: Good question. I-
  • Recording abruptly ends. Recording was found in a topic posted on 4chan's /ck/ message board entitled "Post Your Favorite Deep Web Videos That Make You Kek". Topic was swiftly deleted for being considered "off-topic". No other information on the recording is available.
  • Thank you for reading.
Stupidity thy name is Goodreads Reviewers.

I heard there was a cover for Jennifer Niven’s new book so I logged into Goodreads which is basically my number 1 spot for book updates. I love Goodreads, but the fact that Holding Up the Universe has a 3.5 star rating when no one has ARCs and the book doesn’t come out until October, shows the ridiculous nature of people on Goodreads.

They keep saying the book is offensive. Really? Where’s your evidence? At what point during your read of the book did you have to step away cuz it was sooo offensive? Oh that’s right at no point because you haven’t read the book!! You have no idea what’s in there. You read a synopsis that was not written by the author, but instead a marketing team whose job it is to get you to talk about the book no matter what.

A lot of the “reviews” claim that All the Bright Places was offensive because it Romanticizes mental illness. Well, those ppl are all idiots. 1. They obviously have no idea what it means to romanticize something if ATBP is their example of it. 2. Lots of “in my family” type classifications for why the book is wrong. Really? The way your family deals with things is the only way something can be dealt with? I’ll be sure to tell my family that they are not acting up to the family parameters that you set up.

It will never cease to amaze me that the Goodreads reviewers can find so much wrong with a synopsis and pick up their politically correct flag, but Rainbow Rowell is completely racist and offensive in her portrayal of POC in Eleanor & Park and she is given a full pass and is on everyone’s must read list.

Hypocrite thy name is goodreads reviewers.


So season 4 just ended. You are all out in the street. The dagger’s spinning on the ground. It shows us it’s got Emma’s name. What are the immediate reactions of all of her loved ones?


If C$ers could stop spewing hate in Jen’s name that would be great. Hate a ship all you want, have your favorites on the a show, whatever. But don’t wish death on an actress/actor and then claim Jennifer Morrison would be fine with this type of behavior?! What the fuck is wrong with you? Stop speaking for Jennifer to back up your weird delusions.

CS fandom, pick up your trash!

Bullying, Harassment and Online Stalking of Minors on Tumblr


My name is Katy. I am 39 years old and I am here today to talk to you about bullying, harassment and online stalking of minors on tumblr - specifically a young teenager name Dani.

Dani (@adorable-bc-picture), I hope you don’t mind me speaking here, but I am absolutely appalled and disgusted at the behaviour from supposedly grown ass women on tumblr.

Adults whom, for some unknown and unfathomable reason, have taken it upon themselves to be, to put it simply, ‘fandom police’.

Let’s start with a little about me - like I said, my name is Katy and I am 39 years old. I have been married to the absolute love of my life for 19 years. I have experienced every gamut of emotion, experienced high highs, low lows and the pleasing, beautiful average. I work full time in events management and I live in Australia.

Personally, I was bullied - heavily - as a child. Because I am in that age group where the internet was not particularly prevalent until I was in my 20s (especially for small-town Australia), my bullying happened in real life. I have been teased, harassed, bullied and beaten. I have been bloodied, bruised and depressed.

I have also dragged myself up off the ground, moved on and not looked back at the people who felt the need to belittle me and abuse me on a daily basis. The year I turned 8, I was beaten up every day after school, arriving home with bloodied lips, bruised eyes and self-esteem so low, that I wondered why I had ever been born.

As I grew up, I grew stronger. I made new friends. I moved on. But the psychological scars remain, to this very day. But I am successfully. I am loved. I am adored. I am cherished.

And I am thoroughly pissed off.

Addendum: I am not a Benedict Cumberbatch fan. So I have no interest in who the man is fucking. Who he married. Who he knocked up. I have no personal interest in the man AT ALL. Because, you see, that is important. I am not jealous or a hater or a sceptic or a nanny or a stan.

All I am in a human adult woman, appalled, disgusted and pissed off beyond anything I have ever been in my entire life.


I became aware of the Cumberbitches about 8 months ago. I watched a TV shown called Fargo, with Martin Freeman in it. I had seen him in The Hobbit but it wasn’t until I watched Fargo that I wanted to find out more of who this man was.

It was indirectly through Martin Freeman that I found out about the Cumberbitches (and I will ALWAYS use this term to describe fans of Cumberbatch, because, IMO, 99% of his fandom act that way). I was…not shocked, I guess you can say, at some of the actions and reactions I was seeing/reading. I’ve been around. I’ve been in a number of fandoms. There are ‘fandom police’ in every fandom, regardless of what people claim. There are always a certain group of people who feel the need to seek attention for their obsession. So don’t think the Cumberbatch fandom is anything special, because, frankly, you’re not. A lot more far reaching that some of the fandoms I have been a part of (the internet is hugely related to that) but no less and no more special.

Anyway…indirectly through finding out more about Martin Freeman, I found out about Benedict Cumberbatch.

And the fandom war that has apparently been occurring for coming on 2 years.

So, in becoming a Martin fan, I started reading more and more about Benedict. I mean, they do star together in an apparently successful TV show.

I learned a very many things. Things that in equal turns amused, bewildered, stunned and angered me.

Let’s see if I can get my thoughts in order, shall I?

For those who may not be fully aware what is happening, apparently a celebrity got engaged, said engagement was met with sceptism by some, glee by others and general apathy by the rest of us.

Let’s address the apathetic group first because IMO, that’s where I sit and where probably 99% of the population sits. Another celebrity gets engaged - woo? Am I meant to celebrate? Yes? No? Another celebrity marriage, another celebrity divorce, another celebrity child to read about in the future and shake my head at. Celebs make the gossip sites/magazines sell/get hits. Marriages, divorces, births, deaths, scandals…all of these things sell. They sell copies, the sell clicks, they sell ads, they sell movies, TV shows, albums, music, fashion…one big PR machine. It’s tiring. I don’t buy gossip magazines. I will admit to reading gossip sites - god forbid, I’m human - but I believe less than 1% of what I actually read, and less than 1% of that is actually the truth.

I can see a big ol’ PR machination from a mile off. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughan. Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson. (Just to name a few that I bother to remember). Big Ol’ PR relationships to either (a) sell or save a reputation or (b) sell or save a project.

Now with Benedict Cumberbatch, I can smell, initially, a big ol’ PR push. Posh, white, straight male announces engagement to pretty English Rose type days before the start of his Oscar campaign for a movie he was very passionate about.

Yay! Cumberbitches celebrate! Benedict is finally getting married! Benedict is finally going to be a Cumberdad (god, don’t get me started on those inane and horrific mangling of his surname!)! Let’s all celebrate!

But wait! There are some fans who are shock horror sceptical about it. The timing? Well, come on now, right before his Oscar campaign starts? That’s kind of…coincidental, surely? Surely the man who talked (long and incessantly) about keeping his private life private wouldn’t do something so…crass. Surely not.

No! You’re WRONG. Benedict would NEVER do something like that! cried the Cumberbitches. Of course, we all felt a little sad that day when his engagement was announced (what. the. fuck??), so bleats a poor, sad little fan, but we should ALL BE HAPPY FOR HIM AND NOT HATE ON HIM OR HIS FIANCEE.

Or I will ‘skin you alive’ (or so one enterprising young fan on twitter stated)

So the sceptics began. A few too start with, then a few more, then a few more, then a lot more.

More and more people were starting to side-eye this who ‘engagement’ and the absolutely-not-at-all-conincidental timings of all the major milestones - engagement? Check! Expecting a baby? Check! Wedding? Check! Honeymoon? Check! Baby’s birth? Check! First pap pics of said baby (aww, what a doting and loving father to obviously sell pictures of his only child to a pap.) Check! The Mrs showing up on set while filming a MAJORLY flawed and BLATANTLY problematic Marvel film? Check! Full face photos of said infant taken while strolling around New York (how’s that ‘I would protect my children’ statement working out for you, Cumberbatch?) - and said photos not gagged, not yanked BUT STILL AVAILABLE FOR ORDER ONLINE.

Wow…did that all get away from me! It’s not a perfect timeline, I know from reading more that I have missed a lot, obviously, but even the most naive person can surely see that nothing is coincidental about any of this.

But no! No! Of course not, because now we have a group that frankly, I have to wonder what exactly is happening in their own lives, that they feel the need to come online and bully, harass and online stalk other people.

(And no, I’m not talking about the sceptics, though I truly am not finished with some of them!)

I’m talking about the group of peopleI have tagged below. Mind you, this is a very, very small fraction of the number of people who I have seen and read:

@thisdancingheart, @ohshitimatthewrongparty, @old-enough-2-know-better, @irisang, @thesecitystreets, @dmellieon, @furriesandus, @beneguinsophiebatch, @lions-tigers-benedict, @allthebellsinvenice, @trained-cormorant, @shit-bc-haters-say, @winterrose16312, @wtgilsa, @isabeau13, @isabeau221b, @londoncallingsigh, @bananacumberbatch714, @addictedtobrits, @ben-locked, @mouseymodesty, @sherlana, @wearywander, @nixxie-fic, @thedragonaunt, @theorclair, @itstoohardtotitlethesethings, @idontcareaboutusernames, @roci221b, @theleftpill, @lolastaryes, @mas-sera-o-benedict, @jennbuso, @marykk1990, @the-pen-in-my-hand, @cumberbangers, @the-tinfoil-hat-brigade, @thetownbycycle, @honestylives, @deggsbenedish, @firewithfiredeux, @hunterhypereport, @moriartysskull

Like I said, this is a very small part of a group of people who have, over the past 2 years, made it their life’s mission to abuse, belittle, bully, harass, online stalk, doxx and generally be rather nasty pieces of work towards others, particularly a teenager. I wish I could name them all, but I would be here for hours. There are numerous blogs out there who feel the need to attack, like a rabid pack of hyenas, people who shock horror think differently from them. People who think that no, Benedict Cumberbatch and Sophie Hunter are not the perfect couple. There are other reasons why they believe that (more about that later) but ultimately, they have spent months. Months and months and months. Bullying, harassing, online stalking, doxxing and REAL LIFE interfering with a group of bloggers talking about a CELEBRITY AND HIS WIFE on the internet…

Just let that sink in for a moment.

This is all over one celebrity and his wife.

They have, at times, screencapped blogs (circumventing the tumblr block feature), called the school and parents of a teenager, called Social Services on the same teenager, called the teenager at her home, created a website outing a blogger, doxxed several other bloggers, sent threats via anon to bloggers, called other bloggers ‘bitches’, ‘vile’, ‘hateful’, ‘cretins’, ‘sewer rats’, ‘gutter brigade’, ‘sour grapes brigade’…just to name a handful.

They have also involved people outside of tumblr in their little fandom war. They have tried to waste the time and resources of government agencies (really? Emailing the department for Births begging them not to release the birth certificate? What a waste of your time and theirs!) They have tried to claim the upper moral hand in everything they do, screaming from rooftops ‘For Benedict!’.

For a man who, quite frankly, wouldn’t cross the street to spit on you if you were on fire.

This group are a mass of contradictions.

They are a mass of hate, loathing and repulsiveness that make me wonder just what the hell tumblr is doing, allowing these kinds of blogs to prosper. I am appalled that I share a gender (assumedly) with these bloggers. I am thoroughly ashamed that ADULT WOMEN - some of them mothers and grandmothers - are acting in a manner entirely suited to a five year on a school play yard that cannot get their way and bites their playmates. My 3 year old nephew treats other children BETTER than this group of women treat their fellow humans.

They routinely dictate to people on tumblr who they should follow. If one of the sceptics should happen to go quiet, to change their blog name (or try to), they will announce it on their blogs.

They will hypocritically announce that Dani deserves her treatment because of ‘piracy’ or ‘artistic theft’ ( @cumberbangers - nice try there sweetheart).



Let me break this down for you.

Tumblr is rife with piracy and copyright violations.

Just today I saw a video clip uploaded by a tumblr user, ripped DIRECTLY FROM the DVD copy of Whisky Tango Foxtrot. THAT IS PIRACY.

When Hamlet was released to cinemas, I saw NUMEROUS gif sets from NUMEROUS blogs of a bootleg version of Hamlet. THAT IS PIRACY.

I see ‘bragging tweets’ from someone called AnythingBatch on twitter, claiming to have a copy of Hamlet on DVD - yet when Dani claims to have the same thing, Dani is the pirate and deserves to be bullied, harassed and online stalked but AnythingBatch is what? A good fan? Hamlet is not available on DVD. How do you think AnythingBatch got hold of a legal copy? PIRACY.

I see picture, after pictures, after picture being reblogged, edited, manipulated by countless people. Are you the original copyright holder of these images? Are you the photographer of these images? No? ARTISTIC THEFT.

Gifs of TV shows, movies, chat show appearances - ARTISTIC THEFT.


Don’t you dare stand there on the altar of Benedict Cumberbatch and claim that Dani (or ANYONE deserves) the treatment you have been giving her.

Don’t you dare claim to be ‘protecting’ Benedict and Sophie by your actions online.

Don’t you DARE claim to be good people, good fans. Because you aren’t. You just aren’t. You are the WORST example possible of ‘fans’. IMO you are WORSE than the more ‘vocal’ of the sceptics.


I get why the sceptics are there. I do. I see the inconsistencies. I see the big ol’ PR push to prove that this man and this woman Are In Love! And Happy! And Doting Parents! I see it. But I don’t believe it. I see two men who can barely stand next to each other. I see two people so thoroughly bored and unenthusiastic about each other and their child. But of course, I must be jealous. I must want Benedict for myself.

*insert sarcastic laughter*

The man is bland, unappealing and hey, if you want Sherlock to play Alan Tauring? Cast Benedict Cumberbatch! If you want Sherlock to play Dr Strange? Cast Benedict Cumberbatch! If you want a rich, white, privileged, posh, straight white boy, who, frankly, is problematic as all hell, cast, you got it! Benedict Cumberbatch.

Sceptics are not wrong when they see a big hole in the PR narrative.

Here is what I think happened - excusing of course that NONE OF US ACTUALLY KNOW WHAT THE TRUTH IS - they were fucking, she got knocked up (either deliberately or oops - my bet on deliberate) - he did the old posh, English gentleman thing and presto! She has a Gold Ticket for life, he has a child he may not have exactly wanted RIGHT NOW and a wife he cant seem to actually LIKE.

So, does that OPINION deserve bullying, harassment or online stalking?


Does an OPINION of any kind deserve bullying, harassment or online stalking?


Does thinking the baby is not real deserve bullying, harassment or online stalking?


Does thinking the marriage is not legit deserve bullying, harassment or online stalking?


Does ANYTHING about this situation deserve bullying, harassment or online stalking?


While I think some sceptics have taken it too far and have very obviously let their ego get in the way of logic and sense, overall, I have found the majority of sceptic blogs to be funny, analytical, thorough and downright informative.

I would never say that about any of the other blogs.

I am not taking sides in this. I am fairly apathetic about the are they/aren’t they argument. Like most celebrity marriages, I don really expect theirs to last for long. I am saying that bullying, harassment and online stalking of other bloggers - particularly those who are minors - is in no way warranted.


Before I go, I want to address those on both sides who claim to have (a) sources or (b) contacted Benedicts ‘people’. Lots of people claiming lots of rubbish in my opinion. I’ve worked for a well-known entertainment company based in Sydney. They did PR for some of THE biggest names in entertainment, while in Australia. And you know what? Emails were read by interns. Not by anyone who actually matters. There is a form ‘letter’ that is sent…and a number of quotes are contained, such as:

  • Thank you for your email/letter/enquiry…
  • We are unable to confirm…
  • We thank you for…

Simple, basic mail merge stuff. A highschooler can do this. Which is why its the interns job to respond to anything that is NOT official. You may see a VIP name on the email but in reality, unless you are Someone of Importance, your email will only ever be seen by an intern or someone low on the totem pole. Agents and reps don’t have time for your petty, whining fandom wailings.

You can say all you like that you’ve contacted his ‘people’ or someone connected with him and you can can claim to have received a response, but in reality, unless you’re willing to provide actual evidence, all of this is placed in the less-than-1% of things I read that I believe.


Oh and before I forget - continuation and keeping stories straight aren’t a particular strong suit of this group of people.

You cant claim that:

  • Benedict doesn’t KNOW about the sceptics
  • Benedict KNOWS but doesn’t CARE about the sceptics
  • Benedict doesn’t KNOW and doesn’t CARE about the sceptics

all at the same time. It doesn’t work like that.

I mean, you can claim all you want that Benedict and Sophie picked specific letters aimed at specific people to read at Letters Live, but you cant also claim that the sceptics don’t matter enough for them to bother.

Prior to Letters Live, it was claimed that ‘I think Benedict doesn’t give a flying fuck what the sceptics think’ - by the same blogger who claimed that ‘Benedict was deeply in love with his wife and was devastated about what was being said online’.

What a think-skinned little boy he is, if he cant stand a bit of online gossip about him and his wife.

What a petty little man if he deliberately chose to attack bloggers online by reading and having his wife read certain letters.

When it looks, smells and sounds like bullshit, I call bullshit.


I have read enough about Benedict, his wife and his fans to make these last couple of observations:

  • What happened to the man who once claimed that he would ‘fiercely protect’ the privacy of his children?
  • What happened to the man who once fronted paparazzi and asked them to focus on Egypt instead of the filming of a TV show?
  • What happened to the man who once said ‘my private life is private’?
  • What happened to the man who could once walk down the street without paparazzi capturing his every moment? I mean, we got his engagement, his wedding (SOLD! to the Highest Bidder!), his honeymoon (how did that Jaguar/Bora Bora/Whale watching honeymoon go?), his child’s birth (Look! Over there! I have a SON, this will take the pressure off the CBE announcement).


Now my question to you. WHY do you care what people online are saying about a celebrity and his wife?

WHY do you care if people think that a celebrity and his wife aren’t exactly what PR is trying to push?

WHY DO YOU stand on the altar of Benedict Cumberbatch and pretend that he is not human. That he is infallible? That he is simply, just a man? You make him out to be some kind of god and in reality, he’s just another actor, just another person on this earth.

My only conclusion is that you are so unhappy and unfulfilled in your own lives that you seek to live vicariously. That you seek what you do not have and you try to make it seem like Benedict and his wife are the be all and end all of human relationships.

I wont say you should be ashamed. I wont say you should be embarrassed. I wont say you should feel bad. I wont say any of that because frankly, I think you lack basic human empathy. You’re so focused on what YOU THINK OTHER PEOPLE should or should not be doing that you don’t stop and think for just one second what your attitude and behaviour has the possibility to do. God forbid one of the bloggers you have relentlessly bully, harass and online stalked tries to harm themselves. I don’t think that you would feel anything other than satisfaction that a ‘hater’ was gone and that you were ‘winning’.

Nothing about this situation is a fucking competition. You will not win any awards or ribbons or accolades by anyone for your behaviour.


I wish I could do more. I wish that tumblr would do more. I wish that before posting, people stop and think what their words may do.

I wish for a lot of things in this world, but what I wish the most is that none of your loved ones experience the kind of hate and vileness you show towards others.


You know what? I’m an adult. I can handle whatever hate or bile you decide to throw my way because (a) ultimately we’re all strangers on the internet (b) I have the life experience to handle the hate and bile that may come my way and © I truly, truly don’t give one. flying. fuck what any of you ‘adults’ think of me.

Tagging those sceptics I think would most appreciate this: @khanspets, @annashipper, @happilyhardarcade, @sophiehuntergossipblog

clumsy-giraffe  asked:

I think Mary's baby is going to be still-born in S4. Just like the real Mary Morsten was still-born on October 1972, five years before A.G.R.A took her name (according to Sherlock about 50min into HLV). I can't prove this theory, but any thoughts? :)

Hi Bittersweet!

It’s a highly plausible theory, absolutely! Aside from the mention Sherlock makes, there’s also the foreshadowing as early as ASiP:

LESTRADE: Well, I doubt it, since she’s been dead for fourteen years. Technically she was never alive. Rachel was Jennifer Wilson’s stillborn daughter, fourteen years ago.

Jennifer Wilson has often been paralleled with John in regards to the phone/heart metaphor, and I think we can associate it also with HLV as well. 

  • Jennifer Wilson had a stillborn daughter. 
  • John Watson is having a daughter.

Both JW’s have a daughter, and one of them was stillborn; this theory is not a new one. Since we can associate Jennifer with John, I think it’s also okay to speculate on whether or not if this is foreshadowing future events.

I personally think this is more proof than the “Mary Morstan was stillborn” point, since JW is a parent of the daughter and not the daughter herself. So, what can we assume?

  • The Watson child will be stillborn; or
  • Mary will inevitably die (I’ve seen assumptions that it will be because she gives birth to a stillborn child, which is fine, but I personally believe it’s just that she will simply die).

 Whatever the theory is, I honestly don’t think there will be a baby-to-stay, nor do I think that the baby is John’s. Honestly? I think the baby is fake the longer I sit on it (the AGRA treasure box was empty, and “box” is a crude euphemism for a woman’s genitals; plus I recently watched a show about a woman’s entire faked pregnancy, so that really enlightened me), because a baby would change the entire genre and dynamic of the show: we’re supposed to get a darker season 4, and I think a fake pregnancy is the least soap-opera-ish approach the writers can do. It proves Mary is unrepentantly deceptive AND that she only lied to keep John around (if you’re new to my blog, you’ll quickly learn that I 100% believe Mary’s narrative arc is leading her to be an irredeemable villain)

Whatever the outcome, I honestly don’t want a child on this show, and I am feeling pretty confident we won’t have one. Stillborn is a high probablility, but I don’t think that this will be the solution.