what's with the chicken guys


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A really late TUTOR TUESDAY on antlers which ARE NOT horns, so ya’ll can stop razzin’ me about not putting them on last weeks tutorial! If you have any tutorial recs send ‘em in here or my personal! Keep practicing, have fun, and I’ll see you next week!


“Also reading, reading non-fiction… reading fiction kind of amps up my anxiety sometimes.” (SFCon 2016)


I think i’m clever

i played a match on king’s row earlier and the team was so funny, there was this one guy

and in round 2 or 3 he was like ‘brb’ in pregame, i guess to go check on his chicken

and another guy’s like man he should just let his chicken burn, i ask the team how good a chicken would have to be for you to throw a match for it. one guy’s like i mean, if it was cooked by gordon ramsay.. someone else mentions how it’s good medium rare, i’m laughing my fucking ass off with half the team

one of them’s like ‘dude, you can’t eat chicken medium rare, you’ll fucking get salmonella’

the chicken guy comes back like

what a game

How to be Perfect Shits, by Woo Bin and Ji Hoo

Step 01: Push for reconciliation from idiot besties who are too stubborn to stay together for a full fucking week.

Step 02: Allow moron biffle to spout prideful nonsense.

Step 03: Ask for the full story because ain’t no one believe moron biffle is completely innocent.

Step 05: Casually create a set up as you see Moron Biffle #2 enter behind Moron Biffle #1.

Step 06: Allow idiot to continue spewing shit.

Step 07: Tauntingly send apologetic girlfriend away.

NCT 127 As yahoo answers submissions
  • Taeyong: " Why am I going gray? I'm only 16???"
  • Jaehyun: " Why am I so beautiful? Every time I stand next to my friends, I always make them seem so ugly..."
  • Mark: "IM 17....WHY PEOPLE KEEP CALLING me a kid?"
  • Taeil: " What are CHICKEN NUGGETS made of ? Do you eat chicken nuggets guys?"
  • Winwin: " Will I hurt myself doing a backflip? I can do a front flip."
  • Haechan: " I'm too perfect?!?!??!?! :'(?
  • ok. So I just realized that I'm too pretty!!! I know u may be thinking " how can u be 2 pretty?"well it's possible. I'm living proof."
  • Yuta: " How are my teeth so naturally white ? I want a scientific answer, not "your just blessed with amazing pearly whites." 

Am I the only one who is still waiting for the episode in which Jake and Amy move in together and absolutely hilarious chaothic situations take place?

Cause it was kind of a big relationship step for them last season but now I have the feeling that we’re not even gonna see that happen

min yoongi probably.....
  • *driving in the car*
  • Seokjin: hey what do you guys want to get for dinner we could get chicken, pizza, kimchi....?
  • Jimin: whatever's fine, i'm flexible
  • Yoongi: yes you are
  • Yoongi: (¬ω¬)
  • Seokjin: *slams on the brakes* yoONGI
  • Jungkook: wait but what does that-
  • Seokjin: nO
  • Hoseok & Taehyung: *dying of laughter*
  • Jungkook: *confused*
  • Namjoon: *facepalming*

Sorry guys that I always post this sandwich, but I love it soooooo much. I promise I’ll stop, just after this pic of it, haha! These curried “egg” (tofu), salad and mayonnaise brioche sandwiches are the best thing, I’m going to miss them so much when I go to Europe!

Mister Nice Guy’s Bakeshop
Ascot Vale - Melbourne - Australia

i can’t stop thinking about jack and his completely 100% canonical love for chicken tenders like…who is he…do you think he’s /that/ guy who always no matter what orders chicken tenders when he’s out to eat? does he dip them in honey mustard? ranch? eat them plain? how often is jacques thinking about chicken tendies i have to know

OKAY LOOK These Pokémon Sun and Moon starters to not be harmed and here’s why

Let’s go by order of appearance

This birb is not only shaped like a coconut, but it’s also shaped as a friend. It even turns its head around to check on you AND YOUR SILLY CHICKEN HAT while you guys are battling! What a pal!

It’s definitely lit when this kitten shows up. How do you make purrsonify personify that emo middle school kid who likes to 420 blaze it all day into a cute little cat well this is how you do it you fuck. This cat got attitude and you’re just gonna have to deal with it when IT KNOCKS YOUR LAMP OVER GOD DAMN IT LITTEN JUST BE NICE TO M-

How the fuck can you be upset with this guy. He’s a seal. SEALS ARE CUTE HAVE YOU EVEN SEEN ONE. Look at that presence! That Flex™! He’s showing off for you because he knows you want him to be cool! This is the starter pokemon that gets the best evolution in the game and HE’S GONNA CLOWN YOU FOOLS TILL YOU START SINGING VESTI LA GIUBBA FROM PLAGLIACCI

But in all serious, guys. These are fine designs. Yeah the owl is overhype, the cat is 2edgy4me and the seal is the most hated of these starters. But they’re pokemon that should be equally loved and your opinions are wrong and shit