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Bar Scenario (Part 1)

(Starts off with Bendy and Cuphead having an argument as patrons in the bar walk by. From the looks of it, they have had more than one mug of root beer with liquor mixed in. So far, they have had four mugs.)

Bendy: “If this rivalry were a monarchy, I would rank *hic* a THOUSAND times higher than you~”

Cups: “Can I grovel before the Demon King yet?” *sarcasm*

Bendy: “….Where do you come up with this stuff? You must be more drunk than I am!” *hic* “‘Sides, we both know Savvy would totes be my queen if I was Demon King~” X3

Cups: “SHUT YOUR MUFFIN MOUTH!” 💢 *slams table* “WAITER! Another mug please!”

(5th Mug)

Bendy: 'Ey, you remember when you fell on your face back when we’s all went down to the creek for a swim?~

Cups: Pffft, hahaha! I remember! I couldn’t get up for a while cuz my feet were stuck in quicksand! Or was it thick mud?

Bendy: If you panicked the whole way, it might’ve turned into a sinkhole! Luckily your bro Mugsy was there to pull yer sorry ass out. X3

Cups: Don’t diss my bro. *hic* He’s cool.

Bendy: So is mine. *drinks and wipes the foam from his lips* 'Sides, you weren’t a test tube baby for 18 years. Do you know how much hell I had to be faced with….?

Cups: ….Bendy, people are staring. *hic*

Bendy: Hey…I gots an idea. *takes his hat off and goes with Cups onstage* They wants a show, you and I will give 'em one!

(10:39 PM)

Boris: *comes in with Mugman out of the rain as the bartender is washing up the last few glasses* Thanks for not kicking them out.

BT: *smiles* Oh, it’s no problem. They really put on a show here and the patrons went crazy for them.

Mugs: *sees a hat onstage* And they got paid for it, too? What was the money spent on?

BT: Drinks for the entire bar.

Mugs: And where’s our brothers?

BT: Over onstage. I’m shocked that they really made an impact on my business and made it thrive. *winks as Bendy and Cups crawl out from behind the curtains, groaning*

Boris: When they’re sober, I’m sure they’ll thank you properly for allowing their antics.

BT: X3 Oh, of course.

Mugs: Is there any money left?

BT: Are you kidding? They placed a hat at the front of the stage and people started leaving more than a couple hundred dollars just for being a goofball duo drunk on root beer. I’m sure there’s enough to spare.

Boris: Wait…did you say they got drunk off of root beer? How much did they drink??

BT: I might’ve slipped some liquor in there after the fourth glass. X"3 Sorry about that. *shudders*

Mugs: Oh, it’s cool. At least they did something to manage their time…for the most part.

Bendy: *gets up* HEY! Who let these two in??

Cups: *crawling on his hands* I can’t feel my feet!

Mugs: Guys! Why did you let the bartender slip liquor into your root beer?? And why aren’t Cups’ feet working?? *helps his brother up*

Boris: His feet probably fell asleep on him when he drank down his eighth glass. That’s how numb they are now, aren’t they? *Cups nods and whines*

Bendy: Boriiiiii! *hugs Boris* How is my lil’ fluffy wuffy bro??

Boris: Bendy, you kinda drank too much.

Bendy: *feels guilty* Awww, nuuu. Sav’s not gonna be haps about dis. But Cups and I became well known round dees parts!

Mugs: Because you two made fools of yourselves in front of the general public. *feels Cups noogie him*

Cups: But it all paid off, Muggles. *hic* 'Sides, we’ll sober up after a lil’ power nap when we git on the dusty trail again.

BT: Hey! There’s extra money in the hat if you want to take it! *walks over*

Boris: OK, thank you! *takes the hat* We’ll be sure to place it in savings for future use. C'mon, Bendy. Gotta take you to the car. *picks his brother up*

Bendy: *mumble singing a love song he plans to sing to Savvy later, gets strapped in*

Mugs: *gets in the driver’s seat after strapping Cups in* Hoo…I don’t think they should come back here again. Bad enough, Cups’ rep must be down the drain from tonight.

Boris: Actually, the manager and even the workers might be able to clear things up by tomorrow. *yawns a bit* It’s the most they can do before this incident spreads to the outside.

Mugs: Hmm…I’m sure they’ll say it was just two guys that wanted to make people smile…despite the rain out here. *starts driving* Wouldn’t you say that making people in a local saloon smile counts as a…good deed?

Boris: I don’t think it really matters either way. As long as you can get a smile in return, that’s good enough for me. *leans back*

(Part 2 is a probability if a lot of people see this. X"3)

Yes hello, Vetra’s backstory actually breaks my heart thinking about the stuff these poor girls had to go through. I gave you the cute, now you have to cry with me

Happy Birthday Killua! 7.7.17 

The OjiKiri friendship might as well be my favorite not-exactly-canon thing in bnha this part made me so happy - and 1B kids shenanigans too!! I’m g l a d


Look, I haven’t told Izzy yet, but you know how fast gossip spreads.  She shouldn’t hear about it secondhand. (requested by anonymous)


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