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Hey dude how do you feel about all the pewdiepie drama lately? Honestly I still love him, he made mistakes trying to make a joke and he realized what he did was not cool and apologised. I dont think he deserves all the backslashes and hate he's gotten. But anyway what do you think?

(this post is talking to people generally, not specifically to you, the person who asked. :>) 


cuz I’m getting so many asks on it. 

I was in California for when this situation happened in Long Beach comicon from an event I literally came back from tonight, and I’m, both disgusted, and I’m not even surprised that this happened. If anything, I’m surprised it took so long for everyone else to finally chip in and see the vulgarity that the media is placing on Pewdiepie. 

I watch Pewdiepie’s videos every day. I also watch him more often and favor him over literally any other channel for he’s even apart of my daily routine. I wake up, watch the new vid that came out, and then draw. He’s by far my favorite channel, (I know, CRAZY! innocent little me doesn’t seem like the type to enjoy his entertainment, but I truly do, and will be a bro forever. XD lolol) and because I’ve been actively watching him without fail as a big fan of him for the past year, I’ve seen from the beginning how the media has placed attack after attack on him, warping what he says out of context to make him out to be a monster, when he is infact NOT. because I would watch the videos first and see the context of his videos before the media threw lies at him. The proof, in my opinion, is undeniable that pewdiepie is being attacked. It’s actually because of how I see raw proof of evidence of how disgusting the media is that I don’t trust a lot of news I see anywhere, even regarding politics because the media targets that like it’s a gold mine. (because for them it is. it’s all about money to the media, NOT morals or standers, click bate and ad rev and controling people’s views and opinions so they can keep wracking in more money for later scandalous news articles and reports. it’s all a fake greedy glutenous ploy for money.) So seeing what happens to pewdiepie, I don’t trust most media, because they are the same people that make news on everything, even to people I don’t always agree with or support such as Donald Trump. I will say that I am definitely not a Trump supporter, but the media does the same thing to him as they are doing to Pewdiepie, they are in the same position, Just… food for thought… 

Now when I say this, I want to make it clear that my point when I say this is that, be careful what you believe when it comes to hollywood, news, the media, the press, even when it comes to people you hate, or love.  

I may be only 22, so it’s probably not saying much when I say this, but I have NEVER seen the media, the press, news, even the bias of some teachers in education, Hollywood, etc become so full of lies, let alone people be so GULLIBLE as to believe whomever gets to them first, and then believe it without question, or do any background check, or research. The people that think Pewdiepie is what the media is making him out to be, is just as ridiculous to me as the media itself who is accusing him of these horrendous labels. Like seriously, the least you can do is watch his videos to actually see what’s going on. it takes all of 15 minutes. I don’t understand how people can be so disgustingly violent and ready to believe and hate and disrespect someone so quickly just because someone pointed the finger to them, let alone with false evidence, when they have NO idea what the story is? HOW Can you people be so hypocritical to call someone scum, and then act like scum, TO SOMEONE WHO IS INNOCENT!

basically, the media is disgusting, and I’ve seen it’s vulgarity for a while, and I find the people that believe it to be wrong too, especially when they spread hate themselves and lets the media control their views.  

Look, I’m not saying that Pewdiepie’s jokes were in good taste, and that labeling it as “oh it’s just a joke” justifies the bad joke he made, and I can understand why it would be offensive to some. but an offensive joke is something worth forgiving, that’s just a mistake, and it’s a COMMON mistake that many do, everyone is guilty. it only matters because he’s in the public eye. like it’s not like he raped someone, or committed murder. and unlike those things, a joke, does NOT define a person for what they truly believe in, that’s why it’s a “joke”. So to call pewdiepie any of the horrendous names that the media is labeling him under, is absolute slander and bull, it’s disgusting, it’s inhumane considering the fact that it’s literally an all out attack to give attempts in ruining his career, Just So the media can make money off of a story that isn’t even true.

I see other’s such as Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, h3h3, CToastKen, even The Amazing Atheist who hates pewdiepie, etc. defending pewdiepie, and these hypocritical “social justice warriors” who’s blindly follow the horrific media trying to tear down Markiplier and all who defend pewdiepie with hate, and calling them homophobic, racist, nazi, kkk, antisemetic etc. I even saw people accusing Markiplier, one of the most genuine and respectful people on youtube’s platform, being called these things today…So originally, being a small tiny youtuber in comparison to the giant youtubers who are being attacked just for defending a friend who is innocent…. I was scared to talk about this subject, because unlike them, a lot of hate for me defending pewdiepie can seriously hurt my channel…. And chances are, I will receive hate for this post, and will be labeled the same things as them. but ya know what?… I don’t care… And if people don’t agree with me and think I’m a homophobe, or a sexist, or a racist, and attack people and tell people to go die over a situation you don’t even know, (despite that I’m a female, feminist, liberal that is apart of the LGBT community) you can gladly unsub to me if you so desire. And I will respect that. because respect, is important. it’s not easy to respect someone you don’t agree with, or even someone who hurts you, it definitely takes the bigger person to respect something you don’t agree with, And it seems like a lost trait these days… 

So I’m ready and prepared for whatever is thrown at me once I click that little blue button saying “post” in the bottom right corner of my post. 

I completely 100,000% defend Pewdiepie, and stand firmly by him. The Media is disgusting.

Anon: can you do an analysis on 2013-2014 ji/kook please? thank you!

Anon: Do you think there’s a relation between Jungkook’s change of behavior towards Jimin from when he was underage to when he finally turned 20??? I feel like after finally not being underage anymore, that’s when he really changed and got bolder, shy-less and stuff.. He wasn’t like this, and now he’s.. Well, basically killing us with everything he does.    

Anon: Do you think that Jimin’s fainting incident was a turning point for kook/min? I always thought that JK seemed to be a lot sweeter and softer with Jimin after that, but i could just be imagining things so I wanted a second opinion :) love you!!                    

Anon: you are my favourite kook/min blog!! kekekeke i was wondering what you think of tsundere!kook thinking that taking off his jacket for yoonji is cool when he did the same thing for jimin during their WoH shoot :))) 

That’s right: I’m going to answer all these questions and comments in one long essay. I’m not kidding. This is like.. really long. It’s Jungkook-centric and head canon-heavy. Bring your tinfoil hats.

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It’s rather interesting to watch the gender bias** already sneaking its way into the new Tangled series fandom.

I keep seeing people condemn the King about how controlling he is of Rapunzel’s activities. I’m seeing people complain about how awful a person he is because he’s doing to exactly what Mother Gothel did to Rapunzel, and why he’s a terrible person for not being more accommodating to her trauma.

But here’s my question to all those people: What about the King’s trauma?

His daughter was snatched away from him, from right in his own room where he lie sleeping, and was gone for 18 years. For 18 years he just kept lighting lanterns and hoping for her return, all the while probably constantly reliving how he couldn’t stop his own daughter from being stolen, which is like the worst possible fear for a parent. On top of that, her hair is back, the very reason she was stolen to begin with.

I know plenty of people have already pointed out from Tangled BEA how the King kept closing any open window. Open windows like the one his daughter disappeared through 18 years ago. Even Rapunzel doesn’t have that kind of trauma-related compulsion.

So my question, again, to all the of the King-haters: What about the King’s trauma?

Why do you expect Rapuznel’s trauma to be catered to, but you’re more than happy to ignore the King’s? Comments I’ve read suggest there’s a gender bias, of people only caring because Rapuznel is a girl who went through a trauma, and condemning the King as simply being a controlling male figure.

And frankly, I think that’s bullshit. Be sympathetic to all traumas, or pipe down.

**Apparently my language above is not explicit enough, so I’ll say it more clearly: When I call it “gender bias”, it’s because of OTHER PEOPLE’S COMMENTS I have seen addressing the point. Just because you have seen other comments from the perspective of child vs adult does not mean these other comments do not exist.

Distractions pt 2

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Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Angst (kinda…I guess?)

Summary: You and Yoongi had a history which nobody knew about. Now that you’ve debuted, you know your paths would cross again.

Word Count: 1689

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Yoongi tossed and turned in bed unable to get the image of you out of his head. Seeing you at that music show was the first time he’d seen you in person in almost four years. He couldn’t lie, you looked amazing and watching you perform was on a whole other level. He knew you loved music just as much as he did, but he never imagined you going through trainee years or debuting as an idol. 

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160514 Fansign ~ [TRANS/Yoongi]

Question: What is your favorite girl’s outfit?
-cute outfit
-cool outfit
-sexy outfit

Yoongi: *circles them all*

Question: How many kg is Yoongi oppa’s ideal girl weight? I will lose my weight! ㅎㅎㅎ

Yoongi:  80 kg

Question: What is Yoongi oppa’s ideal girl height?

Yoongi: *checks them all*


How to Write an APUSH DBQ

Each AP History class has slightly different DBQ rules so just make sure you’re writing the proper way. The average score for the DBQ is a 3 out of 9 which is bad for how easy the essay is. In my opinion, it’s the easiest essay and can be fun. You have to know outside information but you’re also given a lot. Plus, you learn some weird stuff. But basically, make it your strength. You need one good essay, one really solid essay, to do well. Knowing how to do it is half the fight and a rather easy one at that.

That being said, they changed the rubric, so if there are things I am missing, tell me! 

Understanding the DBQ

  • This is something I wish people would have told me so I’m going to tell you. The DBQ is a conversation. It’s going to flow like one. The documents are just that- documents. They are what you use to construct your conversation. You use those documents as examples and use outside knowledge for other examples. You’re talking about a topic, your thesis, and the evidence is the stuff you know and the documents. Thinking about it in those terms should help, I think. 

During the reading time

  • Read the question and rewrite exactly what it’s asking. This sounds stupid but it really helps. It’s super easy to answer the wrong question. Make sure your essay talks about the question. 
  • Take small notes about each document as you go, use easy words like positive, negative, social, political, economic, ect. You won’t know the groupings until you finish all the documents so it’s nice to have a few quick options. 
  • Read the documents once through, and then do back and decide exactly what your plan is
  •  You aren’t required to have a certain amount of groups but I like doing three. Make sure the groups answer the question. Go back and take note of what group each document is in. 
  • Underline or somehow mark just a line or two in every document. Don’t try to reread the document every time, just focus on that statement. It doesn’t work all the time but enough to make it worthwhile. 
  • Circle the author. It helps so you can analyze the point of view and bias and all that later on. 
  • Write down some stuff you know about what’s going on in the document. You need 50% outside information so little notes here and there help. 
  • STAY ORGANIZED!!!!!!Everything I tell you to do in this section is basically to keep organized. It’s the way I do it. If you have another system that works, go for it. 
  • Write your thesis before the reading time is up. It saves time so when it’s time to write, you’re ready. I promise you, having it written is extremely helpful. If anyone wants a whole post on how to write a good thesis, I’ll be happy to do it. 

Writing the Essay

  • Start by writing the document numbers on the front page of the documents. Cross each number out as you use that document. It’s the easiest way to keep track. You need to use all the documents. Make sure you don’t lose points on this. It’s simple and it’s a point. 
  • You don’t need an intro paragraph. A quick opening sentence or two if you want and then jump into your thesis. 
  • The thesis should reflect what you’re going to talk about. Use words from the prompt, include the years that your essay takes place. Make it specific, just do it. It feels weird but specific is important.
  • Again, just use every document. If you don’t know what a document is saying, use words like “perhaps” and then talk about it. Just try. Take a few extra minutes to understand, it’s worth it. 
  • Don’t use the word document. Use the author’s name or the document’s title. Example: “Document 4 states that the Constitution never said a national bank could be created so some people believed that it was not legal” is a bad sentence. Don’t do it. Instead say “Jefferson believed a national bank was unconstitutional (Doc 4)." 
  • Do put (Doc #) at the end of the sentence where you reference the document. Just do it. The graders want to see it. It’s also easy to look back and check that you used all the documents
  • I have always been told to not quote the documents. Paraphrase them. Use at most ten words. Analyze the words don’t just use them. 
  • For every document you use, write about some outside information. It’s the easiest way to make sure you have enough outside sources. Talk about who wrote the document or what what made them feel that way if you lack anything else. 
  • New this year I guess you have to connect it to broader topics and processes? So don’t forget that. GOOD LUCK WITH THAT PART! Sorry I can’t help with it. 
  • Analyze point of view and bias for all documents. This is my favorite part. Just talk about why people might think a certain way. It’s often pretty obvious. Don’t forget to mention it though.  
  • For a conclusion, just scribble more BS down or just restate your thesis. Save your energy for other things.

General Tips

  • Make inferences. Doesn’t have to be right, just sound right. 
  • Writing the essay feels like running a marathon. Just keep going, keep moving forward and don’t take breaks. Keep a steady pace, you have three essays to get through
  • You don’t have all the time in the world so keep that in mind but I rushed mine when I didn’t have to and I regret it. Take your time but not that much time. Find a balance is what I’m trying to say.
  • The DBQ is probably going to be the easiest essay so take your time, make sure you get all the points possible, and then move on. 
  • Believe in yourself. You’ve worked hard all year for this. You know what you know and you have the skills you need to do well. Just trust yourself and don’t freak out. 
  • You might read the topic and be lost. Just keep working through it. Typically things will sort themselves out in your head. 
  • Keep your handwriting legible and make sure you’re happy writing in pen. 
  • Bring a pen. Pretty important. 

Sorry this is so long! If I missed anything, feel free to tell me. If you want more posts like this, I’ll be happy to do it. If you need help with anything history, I’m happy to help. 

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If Snape had somehow ended up in Gryffindor, what do you think his dynamic would be like with the Marauders? Considering they would all be sharing a dorm together? Would it be roughly the same, minus the Slytherin bias? Or do you think there could be a possibility of a friendship between them? Or just begrudgingly putting up with each other's presence? And if Severus did make it into the fold, would they have still had Peter as part of their group? Loaded question, I know. <3

Great question, I enjoyed thinking about this.

The biggest issue is whether or not Snape ended up in Gryffindor despite the confrontation on the train (i.e. he was aiming for Slytherin, but the hat denied him), or whether he wasn’t married to the idea of Slytherin in the first place, and consequently he didn’t make the remark to Lily, so he didn’t end up in conflict with James.

If we take canon, and suggest that the confrontation took place, then I think that the boys would’ve remained at odds.  James and Sirius took a serious dislike to him, and he them, and I don’t think him turning out to be a Gryffindor would’ve changed their minds.  If anything, I could imagine them taunting him for being a Gryffindor when he thought he was destined to be a Slytherin.  

However, crucially, I don’t think they’d have bullied him as they did in canon.

Most importantly, a Gryffindor Severus could’ve socialised properly with Lily within Hogwarts, and just as Hermione was part of a group with Ron and Harry, I could see Lily staying loyal to her friend from home.  Without the influences and power plays of Slytherin, and without the relentless bullying from the Marauders, I could see Severus keeping a wider berth from dark magic.  I think he would still be interested in it, but I think he’d have taken Lily’s influence much more seriously.

But within the male dorm?  Well, I think that he might have made an alliance with Remus - who was another outcast, although for different reasons.  And importantly, if Remus and Severus befriended each other, and Severus was already friendly with Lily, then I don’t think there would be the need for Remus and Severus to band together with James and Sirius.

And as for Peter?  Well, I always saw him and Remus as pairing up because they had nobody else, and eventually, Remus was ‘adopted’ by James and Sirius, and Peter went along for the ride.  In this scenario, I see that Remus prefers Severus’ company to Peter’s, and Peter is left on the outer.  I can’t imagine that Severus would’ve been open to Peter’s apparent lack of talent, which leaves Peter searching for friendship with James and Sirius - who, as a twosome - were perhaps happy (as in canon) to have a sycophant in their group.

If we agree with the widely accepted notion that in canon Remus didn’t want to be on the outer, and he tried to dissuade James/Sirius/Peter from their behaviour…and if we agree with the presentation of Lily in the fifth year, who sees James as an arrogant boy who hexes others for fun…

…well, I can’t see them drawing together as a group of boys.  On the contrary, I rather imagine that Severus and Remus would be pulled into the group of friends that Lily had instead.

I think that scenario does add a rather more interesting take on the potential James and Lily pairing.  I always read Lily as being physically attracted to James, but his behaviour stopped her from being interested.  Once her friendship with Severus was over, and James seemingly changed, there were no obstacles to her pursuing a relationship.

But in a Gryffindor Severus scenario, the obstacles aren’t removed - if there was animosity between James and Severus that was established on the train, and if James had been a bully, and if Severus hadn’t been drawn into dark magic and he, Remus, Lily and her friends had a good group going…would Lily really have been swayed over by James’ changed ways?  Or would the animosity between her potential suitor and her best friend mean that she couldn’t date James?


@tayegi about Equilibrium.

I have a little rant to make and I’m sorry if this is going to be a poem but I’ve been keeping quiet for a while now and after seeing some asks you received I just can’t keep my mouth shut any longer.
I feel like some people are reading Equilibrium for all the wrong reasons and even though I understand some of this readers are very young I still question their ability to put their brain to work in the right direction. I mean, I get that you’re naïve but some comments are just borderline idiotic (ex: calling the MC a bitch and blaming her for a situation she didn’t create all by herself). And if some of this comments come from a more grown audience than I’m really questioning the future of humanity.

I’d like to put into perspective that this is a FANFICTION which means that if your bias is being an ass you can pretty much hate him because HE IS NOT the real person. So all these Jungkook biased readers should see Jeongguk for what he is in this ff and not justify is every action under the idea that that it’s the right thing to do because you stan him ( and tbh if you stan someone and they make a true obvious mistake you should still recognise that and not try to make him look like the victim when he’s clearly not). [ also, I’m talking as a JiKook biased person ]

Equilibrium, ultimately, it’s not a LOVE story. It’s a story based on the flawed characters and their fucked up decisions. What this fiction does is not trying to make you choose between Jimin or Jeongguk or even Jikook, this fiction is intended to speak about how imperfect human beings can be, how despicable they can get to have what they want - whether that be something or someONE - and most of all it proves that you don’t need to have all nice characters to have a great story. In fact, the three characters are all despicable humans in their own little ways.

Jimin seems very innocent but he is not: he is in the relationship just for Jeongguk and he has no romantic interest in the MC as he stated himself when she confessed to him. He’s using her and her feelings, knowing that he’s leading her on, just to get to Jeongguk.

The MC: she’s in just for Jimin and even tho she blames Jeongguk for a good portion of what is going on, this situation is her fault as it is everybody else’s. She’s not the puppeteer some wanted to make her appear. She’s just as flawed as Jimin and even tho her current situation isn’t ideal and she clearly wants out of it and she has all the power to do so, she doesn’t. Why? Because she still wants Jimin and she’s willing to let her self suffocate in another relationship she doesn’t want for him.

Jeongguk: so, Jimin is in for him. Mc is in for Jimin. Why exactly is Jeongguk in this relationship? F U N. He said it himself. A relationship would be boring…but a threesome it’s all the fun, right? That’s why he suggested it in the first place. Not because he had feelings for the MC not because he had for Jimin otherwise he would have acted upon them when Jimin confessed to him. This is all a game to Jeongguk and even tho he may or may not be infatuated with the MC, his way of addressing his feelings is completely fucked up. If you think this is love than you should really reconsider the way you look at life. This ain’t love, this is OWNERSHIP.
Jeongguk is a psychopath possessive guy that acts like a kid with a new toy: doesn’t want to share it, would do anything to keep it to himself because it’s HIS. But the thing is, MC IS NOT AN OBJECT SO HE CANT OWN HER. The whole “you’re mine” thing is wrong on so many levels it’d take me hours to explain it but NEVER think this is cute. It may be harmless in a certain context, if said with affection, but when it comes from pure possessiveness it’s not cute at all, it’s actually really creepy cause NOBODY is allowed to think they can own you beside yourself. You are you’re true owner and everyone who begs to differ has serious issues.
Jeongguk is the most despicable of the group and you know why? He doesn’t care about the others’ feelings, AT ALL. He has been screwing Jimin all this time so we all supposed he had some sort of feelings toward the guy. If not love then some sort of affection, at the very least. Yet he didn’t even bothered to ask the MC how was Jimin when she stated he was very sick. Because he doesn’t care. He had his fun with Jimin and now he got bored and his new play toy is the MC herself whether he actually believes he loves her or not.

They all brought this to themselves and none of them has the courage to admit it and to let it go when they ALL know exactly what is going on. The MC is not even leading Jeongguk on really because he ain’t stupid and he knows exactly why they are still doing this stupid three way relationship. And let me put under light the fact that this is not a poli relationship anymore. This is Jeongguk making love to the both of them but a poli relationship is based on all the parties being active. So basically what we have is Jeongguk asking exclusiveness from MC whilst not providing it himself.

I’m sorry this was so long and I know not many people will read it but I just couldn’t shut up anymore lmao
Anyway keep up the great work Lu, there are plenty of us that appreciate it and that feel grateful of each and every update you do, whether it’s 500 words long or 10K.
Love you ~

Golden Tongue (Bias x Reader) Pt. 2

It’s raining as you sit in traffic on your way home, trying to come to terms with all that happened this evening. 

You’re used to picking up rude and strange people in your car, but this man seemed different and not in a good way. Especially in how he spoke to you…as if he didn’t expect you to question him or doubt his words.

What kind of man was he? 

You get home forty-five minutes later with a full bladder and you barely make it to the bathroom. But for the rest of the evening, you lounge on your sofa watching episodes of shows you’ve missed last week. Occasionally the rude, strange man will cross your mind, but the more you thought of him the less you were alarmed at his actions. Perhaps he was just a jerk who really thought he could get his way. The son of a rich heir perhaps? Unlikely. 

You’re falling asleep on the couch when you remember what he said before you drove away. 

His bags are still in the trunk of your car. 

You whine, completely forgetting about that with all the commotion. Deciding against going back outside, you pull your blanket close to you some more. You’ll check the bags tomorrow. It can wait. 

B/N could not sleep that night. Everything was in the trunk of that taxi. His laptop, his client information, and his journal. He presses his palms against his eyes. My journal. That’s what made him deathly anxious. Everything about him was written in that book. 

He too was someone who wondered why people kept journals. He even thought that the act itself was pitiful. Talk to someone, why write in a book that people can read? But then he realized he couldn’t just talk to anyone. 

He tried at first. When he got older, he would talk to psychologists and then erase their memory but then they began to video tape and record their sessions.

He told his parents when they realized something wasn’t right with their son. They watched him in action, but were wise enough not to bring him to a specialists.

So instead, they told him not to look people in the eye when he said certain things. They also told him to be mindful of his words. Knowing that they can’t fix his ability but they can surely mold it. They are the ones that taught him how powerful words can be and it’s their words that stick with him today in the back of his mind. Way, way, way in the back of his mind. 

Ah, yes. Back to the matter at hand. His journal. 

He has no idea who that woman was, he didn’t get her license number either. But he’s worried himself until the first signs of dawn shined through his window and that’s when he begins to get sleepy. 

He’s completely unconscious when his phone rings. He’s in such a deep sleep, he almost doesn’t hear it.

“Hello?” his voice is cracked and unintelligible, so he repeats himself. 

Is this Mr…B/N?” 

“Who’s asking?” 

The person on the other line is quiet for a long moment that he almost falls asleep again, “I have your bags,” it almost sounds like they’re speaking through clenched teeth. 


I was the taxi driver that you were ru-” 

He’s fully awake now, “You have my bags?” 

Yes, I’m standing outside of the building where I dropped you yesterday,” 

“I’m coming. Don’t leave,” he hangs up, almost tripping as he jumped out of bed, startling his cat.

He pulls on a t-shirt and a pair of slippers as he walks out of his apartment. He jogs out of the lobby, the revolving doors not rotating fast enough. 

She’s leaning against her car, gazing up at the tall building. The first place he heads towards is the trunk, “Open it,” 

She looks him up and down, staring at him as she chews a piece of gum, “Open it, please,” 

She holds out her hand, pressing the button on her remote. He searches for where he hid his journal at the bottom of his bag. It’s exactly where he left it. 

“How did you contact me?” 

She presents a business card from between her index and middle finger.

“You’re a realtor?” she asks. An alias occupation. 


“With that attitude?” 

He crosses his arms, “Who are you?” he asks. 

“A taxi driver,” 

She takes his bags out of the trunk, placing them on the ground before closing it. 

He stands in front of her, her eyes meeting his, “Tell me who you are,” 

She stands there, her jaw ticking. 

Yes, he thinks as he narrows his eyebrows for effect, it’s working. Although it hasn’t worked this slow before. 

“Ever heard of the word ‘please’?” he physically draws back at her words, as if he’s been stung. She holds out her hand, “Pay me. That’s the only reason I came back, your wallet wasn’t in the bag,” 

He’s staring at her dumbfounded. Who is this woman? He’s never met someone immune to his charm. Could she be his kryptonite? He’s thinking too far ahead. Perhaps her resilience was too strong for him. 

“Are you just gonna stand there with your bed hair? Or do I have to call the police?” 

He rolls his eyes, reaching into his pocket for his wallet. Cops are the last thing he needs right now. He’s only been in a police predicament once and manipulating all of them wasn’t easy.

“How much?” he sighs.


He scoffs at her, “That wasn’t the price yesterday,”

“For making me come back here, it’s double,” 

“I don’t think you can do math though…” he mumbles, taking the money out. He holds out one hundred dollars by accident and she snatches it. 

“Triple, because you’re the worst client I’ve ever had,” 

K-Pop LED Concert Sign Tutorial

There are SO many kpop concerts coming up in the USA, and we all know this is our ONE CHANCE, our ONE OPPORTUNITY, to make our wo/man notice us. We must CAPTURE this moment, we can’t LET IT SLIP his palms are sweaty knees week arms spaghetti

I can tell you from experience that these things are NOTICEABLE and your bias WILL look at you (shoutout to jongin u da best boo). There are a few youtube tutorials on how to make a nice LED sign for concerts, but I thought I’d throw in my two cents here on tumblr. With SHINee World V coming up here in Dallas (and with me landing FRONT ROW TICKETS WHAT) I knew I had to find a way to make my ultimate bias #2 look my way. Taemin, I’m comin for you. I documented my step-by-step process on how I made this lovely sign, and I hope this helps everyone else out there make a sign for your bias as well!

(If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to ask me! I’m here to help!)

Here’s how!

Jumin’s “I’m not gay” is not okay for Valentines dialogue

Most people’s reaction to this comment is “haha nice! Good one.” But it’s not. This hashtag event asked for something your favourite MM character would say when they give you chocolate, presumably on Valentine’s Day. “I’m not gay” is not something you would say to your significant other while performing the action of giving, especially on this day. It’s unfair that other RFA members get romantic lines related to their after ending while Jumin’s opportunity turns into a never-ending joke.

In consideration to being in character, it does not make sense for Jumin, the character that embodies the intelligent, unemotional (or used to be), sexy trope to say something like that. Recall this “Be honest!” chat in common route 2. 

Jumin does not waste his time to try to defend himself because he knows that it is pointless and he will not gain anything from doing so.  After all, he is a skilled businessman who can weigh the pros and cons of every maneuver and he has proven to be extremely logical in almost all situations (with his Day 8 aside).

It is clear that the person who wrote this entry did not understand the guidelines and proceeded to making this joke. But what angers me most is that Cheritz themselves set up these rules but fails to follow them, which begs the question, should Cheritz have even set up those guidelines at all?

Many MM fans looked forward to this event because they had the chance to hear their favourite character say a romantic phrase that makes their heart skip a beat. That may be true for most but now Jumin fans are left with this mess that may ultimately ruin his character. You will also feel absolutely devastated if your bias loses his or hers original touch that made you fall in love with them in the first place.

I have always been patient and understanding of Cheritz’s struggle. I know they want their players to enjoy their products and so they always try their best to please. I know that the small Cheritz team work very hard to fix every bug and to listen to our requests. I had a hard time seeing the consistency in the tense used in the original story versus the Christmas DLC but I let that go because I know they had tried their best. I know that as a user, I only see maybe 5% of what actually goes into Mystic Messenger. I am thankful for all their efforts. Things happen and there are staff turnovers and nothing can be perfect. I know. 

But this time, I am really disappointed.

I saw someone trying to defend Cheritz decision by proposing the idea that maybe it’s directed to male fans. That’s highly unlikely because one of Cheritz’s motto or mission statements is “Sweet Solutions for Female Gamers Since 2012”. They know their audience.

The Project

1. The history: I’ve attended a lot of funerals over the past few years. Not because I’m particularly fond of them, but because, as you might have guessed - a fair number of people I care about have died recently. 

I noticed something, which might have to do with confirmation bias (the more you’re aware of something, the more you look for it): people seem to reserve their most loving words for someone until after death. As if that’s the safe time to say everything they’ve been holding back. 

We also have the internet to contend with now (all my 80s and 90s kids raise your hands). The disconnect is real. Facebook memorials, twitter hashtags (#RIP), and blog posts that I, myself, am guilty of. While there’s nothing wrong with this, I wonder what we’re not saying to people while we have them.

2. The question: Who is important to you now, and what would you say to or about them, barring all consequences? 

That’s it. Not an easy question, and never an easy answer. But I hope you’ll consider answering it. Or contacting me so we can have a discussion about your thoughts and your answer. 

Ever and always, with hope.

Thank you.

ETA: All information about how to participate can be found in this post.



I’m late to congratulate you, but it has been a difficult day. What can I say? Do that every time I see you my heart goes faster? What you smile drives me crazy? What I am totally into you, with all your imperfections? (If you have any). Does that make me want to kill myself every time I see you? Happy birthday Youngho~! aka the father of an army of naughty children. I hope that all of this time that you have been fighting and training for achieving and reaching your dreams come true in the most satisfactory way.
PD: And all this text for someone who is not my bias, but that has become my headache daily which sometimes I question my loyalty to my bias. The title of the ultimate wrecker bias is something that he has deserved.

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Do you actually like Yoongi or is it just a phase?

hate to break it to u, but most things you go through in life are phases, but that being said, this question is just so ?? ambiguous? unnecessary? people change biases all the time - is that something you have to hold against everyone just because their feelings change? I don’t know if you meant it in a rude way but it kinda hurts. even if I somehow decide to stop listening to kpop or bts a month from now or two months from now or stop stanning them or whatever, I’ll always like them for who they are. all of them, including jungkook, including yoongi - who has always been a bias wrecker of mine (as if that’ll prove anything to anyone who doubts me???? but to me it means a lot because he’s ALWAYS been there, from day one, constantly making me feel something). 

of course I like yoongi and I am pretty content biasing him and jungkook at this current moment. I can’t believe I feel the need to justify myself rn but I like yoongi. I like yoongi because he’s talented, driven, passionate. I like yoongi because he’s attractive, I like yoongi because, out of all the members, I feel like I relate to him the most. I like yoongi because I admire him as a person, including his work ethic. I like yoongi because, even tho I’ve only been stanning bts for (almost) two years now, I’ve still been able to see him grow as a person from this reserved brooding type to coming out of his shell and being more comfortable with who he is. 

I like yoongi because, despite people at first thinking he’s this grumpy old man, he’s actually a precious sweetie at heart who cares so so much for his fans that, at points when he feels like he’s let us down, it physically pains him and yet despite hiding from this, he tells us this and other things that have been on his mind or have affected him either through posts or his lyrics. so, whether this is a phase or not, whether I somehow decide to drop yoonkook, what does it matter to you or anyone if I still like them for who they are? what does it matter to anyone if a person changes their bias? in case anyone else needs extra clarification: yes hi I bias yoongi AND jungkook and I love them and I’m happy doing so

He Awaits...

Genre: Smut

Pairing: Jinyoung x Female Reader

You exit the concert in confusion and excitement. You had also just came back from doing a Hi-Touch and meeting GOT7 for the first time ever. You were still in a bit of shock from your bias giving you a compliment.                                        Did Jinyoung really call you pretty? The concept was very hard to grasp in that moment. Everyone was making their way to out of the venue and you aimlessly followed them to the exit. Suddenly someone tapped you on your shoulder.

You turned and looked up at a very tall menacing looking security guard. “Follow me.” He instructed you.

“Wait, what?” You questioned in confusion. “You may be security but, you’re still a stranger. I can’t just follow you without any information.” You held your ground as the hallway became empty.

All the fans who attended the concert along with you were disappearing out the door. Once the hallway was completely empty, the security guard spoke.

“Listen, Jinyoung sent me out here to get you. He wants you to meet him backstage.” He said plainly.

You were dumbstruck. Jinyoung really wanted to see you? “-Are you sure he asked specifically for me?”

“Yes, are you coming or not?”

You looked at the security guy suspiciously, still not fully trusting him. Then, a female staff member, who you recognized from the hi touch, came speeding down the hallway towards the two of you. “Why aren’t you backstage yet?!” She almost shouted at you.

“I-I um..” You stuttered.

“Jinyoung’s waiting for you.” She grabbed your arm and pulled you down the hallway. Out of shock, you didn’t resist her as she practically dragged you throughout the arena, racing back stage. Once you both reached a door labeled “Back Stage” in bold red letters, she pushed you through the door. Before you could turn around and curse her out for being so rough with you, the door slammed shut. You tried to push it open but, it was locked from the inside out. You sighed and turned around, now looking down a narrow dimly lit corridor with various doors leading to a back exit. You were relieved by this and made your way down the corridor. Suddenly, one of the doors opened. Which made you stop in your tracks. Jinyoung emerged from the room in just a tank top and jeans. He looked gorgeous as ever. You felt your cheeks heat up as he made his way over to you.

“I’ve been waiting for you.” He said in a low tone.

“You have?” You shook your head at the ridiculously cliche question. “I mean, why have you been waiting for me? You don’t even really know me.”

He smiled at you, his eyes never leaving yours. “That’s true. It’s just that.. I couldn’t get over your beauty and had to see you again.”

“Are you serious?” You asked yourself more so than him.

“I am!” He chuckled. “What’s your name by the way?”

“(y/n)” You answered trying to be as calm as possible.

“That’s a pretty name.” He complimented.

Your lips parted and you felt yourself about to say something but the words never came out. He was right in front of you now, holding your chin between his index finger and thumb. His lips met yours in a surprisingly passionate kiss. It felt like kissing a close significant other whom, you haven’t seen in long time. He pulled away but the tension from the kiss still lingered on your lips. He held your hand and guided you to the room he initially came out of. It was a nice lounge looking space with a large leather couch and a table filled with snacks.

He closed and locked the door behind you both while still holding your hand. You both ended up on the couch, continuing the kiss you shared in the corridor. His hands roamed your body causing you to heat up to his touch. You couldn’t believe this was actually happening but, there was no time to question that now. His shirt was now off and he was working on removing yours. He left soft kisses on your neck which made you moan eagerly. Your bra came undone, falling to the ground. And Jinyoung’s hands were on your breast, kneading them. Soon enough, you were both completely naked. You waited for him to slip on a condom and enter you. Once he did so, you immediately ran your hands through his hair. He moaned your name, moving his hips at a faster pace.

You let a soft moan as you felt yourself come closer to the edge. He whispered into your ear how much he wanted to see you again and wants to make you his. You couldn’t concentrate on his words though because, your climax was approaching. You came undone under him in a series of curses. You watched him curiously as he came to his release soon after you. He let his body weight on you as he caught his breath.

“So, what did you enjoy more? This, or the concert?” He smiled down at you.

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Okay, here's the important question to end all questions: what is the best Tomoyo moment in TRC?

Oh man. Oh man. This is an impossible question if ever there was one. 

Due to my eternal bias every single Tomoyo moment is the best possible Tomoyo moment in TRC. But that’s also a boring answer, so let’s find some good examples. 

JUST TO BE CLEAR, DO I GET TO PICK A DIFFERENT ONE FOR EACH TOMOYO? I’m going to say yes. Those are the rules now. 



The OG Tsubasa version of Tomoyo has only been onscreen for seven pages so far. I’m expecting she’ll have much greater moments in the future, but as of right now? ENTER SASS MASTER TOMOYO

Nihon Tomoyo is here to prove that even being the high priestess isn’t going to dull her dramatic sense of humour. She has maximum marks in showmanship, easily demonstrating that she can be tearfully gazing off into the distance (in delight) one moment and casually cast a complete life altering curse the next. No big deal. This is pancakes for Tomoyo. Sorry Kurogane you never stood a chance. 


Another Tomoyo who was severely under represented on screen, but was incredible nonetheless. Like Nihon Tomoyo, she plays a major part in running the country because hot damn, this is Tomoyo, and every instance of Tomoyo is an absolute pro at everything she touches and easily deserves the unwavering trust of the entire country that she obviously has. 

And then we have THIS MOMENT

Which is only about half a second long, but guys. This is a Tomoyo that has had everything taken from her. We see through Sakura that Villain Guy’s coup was a horrible violent affair that killed her parents and sent her running for her life. Her country and her family were stolen from her in one fell swoop, as well as her bird and her voice. By all rights she should have given up, BUT TOMOYO? NEVER. Despite having nothing but the trust of the people (because hello, this is Tomoyo) she ran the resistance against an all powerful ego maniac for who knows how long - but in this moment she’s lost that as well. She’s in a cage with no ability to move or even communicate. She can’t do a single thing. But what does she do?


Ain’t nobody going to make Tomoyo appear powerless, because Tomoyo is powerful in and of herself. She doesn’t need anything else to back her up. She will go down fighting if it’s the last thing she does. 

It doesn’t go so great, but that only amplifies the fact that Tomoyo stuck to her guns until the very end. She knew exactly what Villain Guy was going to do. She knew she couldn’t stop it. 



Piffle finally gave us the heavenly gift of a Tomoyo that gets plenty of screentime. Piffle’s Tomoyo is just as powerful as the others; she singlehandedly runs the most powerful and influential company in the country, if not the world. Am I elaborating slightly? Yes. But does she deserve it? 

Damn right she does. Piffle’s Tomoyo is massively talented in her own right, but is also willing and able to wield both her company’s assets and it’s reputation to maximum effect, taking complete control of all situations with ease and grace.

She’s also very very gay. 

How could it possibly get any better, you ask? 



In which all of my dreams come true. 

Because Tomoyo with a Gun takes every single instance of Tomoyo’s power structure and inverts it.

Tomoyo has guards. Tomoyo always has guards. Thus, Tomoyo is always The Protected One, and Piffle’s Tomoyo is visibly shown with more guards than every other Tomoyo combined. She is the most protected of all Tomoyos. 

And here she is, in a single instant, leaping into combat faster than an entire room full of trained fighters and becoming The Protector instead. 

Tomoyo has a LOT of good moments. Tomoyo has a lot of GREAT moments. But THIS moment put me into tears with how much it meant. Not only did it empower Tomoyo more than anything else I’ve ever seen, but it slapped every trope into the ground and set them all on fire. 

Because Tomoyo is gorgeous, and she’s talented. She wears dresses and designs fashion and is incredibly enthusiastic about presenting things in just the right way. Tomoyo is resourceful, able to run countries and companies and entire worlds, and is always important enough to be protect. Tomoyo is incredibly feminine, and the biggest lesbian in the universe, and SHE WILL SHOOT YOU IN THE FACE AT THE DROP OF A HAT. Because there is power in all of these things. Tomoyo IS all of these things, and my god, she is not defenseless by any definition of the word. 

And that is just so important. 



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or some might call him Jeffrey ,,

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for some , yoonoh

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for me personally , i call him my #1 bias wrecker :“)

how can one be so cute and squishy one moment ,,

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then the next second , having us snatched and shookt

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thank you for giving us meme quality faces and actions,,

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i still love this the most it’s so cute ??

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what is he doing ,,

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stop jeffrey ;-;

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LOOK AT HIM RUINING MY BIAS LIST AGAIN WOO ,, *whispers* im staring at mark at the back ,, who’s jaehyun ?

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not forgetting , his dimples that we all adore !!

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kidding i hate you a lot for always questioning my loyalty for mark , go away ;-;

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Spoiler warning! (sort of … spreading the word is more important and, well, a lot of this is documented history so …)

ATTN: ALL MEMBERS OF THE LGBT 🏳️‍🌈 COMMUNITY ON TUMBLR - If you have NOT yet watched Black Sails … what the hell are you waiting for!?! We all should know by now that many pirates were driven to an anarchistic outlaw lifestyle because of bias and prejudice against the gay community amongst the great Colonial Powers of this age. Black Sails contains SEVERAL epic LGBT pro/positive messages including -

* A beautiful love story between two gay men
* TWO incredible whirlwind romances between a lesbian woman, one openly bisexual woman and another bi/questioning woman
* A heteronormative but inter-racial love story
* Historical introduction/allusion to one of the most famous FTM transgender renegades
* And of course, general piracy and the promise of a new world where “freedom” is truly within one’s grasp ….

Also this is the prequel to Robert Louis Stevenson’s famous Treasure Island.

Happy watching all!! 🏳️‍🌈💜✌🏻

I really need to learn to assess myself properly, for good and for bad. Like… I need to able to know if I’m good at something. I need to be able to know if I’m bad at something. This complete lack of self-esteem (and I mean that in the literal sense - a lack of estimation of self) is the single greatest thing keeping me from my dreams, and… I am ambitious, I want to succeed, I want to achieve my dreams. 

I don’t want this to stop me, and while so far I’ve managed to get away with it because I’ve been really lucky with certain things, it’s going to become a bigger issue as I advance. I’m going to need to know my limits properly, understand what my strengths and weaknesses are without humility or overconfidence or discomfort or whatever. I’m going to need to know to acknowledge and be proud of my legitimate achievements. I’m going to need to know what to focus on in bettering myself.

And now the big question: how do I do this.

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Rules: Answer the 10 questions I give you. Tag 10 people and give them new questions to answer as well.

1. What are your top 3 biases and bias wreckers in Kpop?

Biases: GD in the flesh – top to bottom so freshly dressed, Kyungsoo
Bias Wreckers: Taeyang, Jongin his wrecking was so strong he’s basically soft spot bias now
These are the only ones that have remained over the years haha!

2. If you were to be put in a room with your favorite person, what would you say to them?

If I was in a room with Kyungsoo and there wasn’t a language barrier. I would say:

“Thank you for being brave enough to follow your dreams and to share your craft with the world. It’s been an absolute privilege to be your fan and I would do it all over again if given the chance. It makes me incredibly blessed to know that the owner of that warm soulful voice is so hardworking and (for lack of better word) beautiful. My admiration for you will continue to be pure and supportive. I love you *formal bow*”

Was that too extra?

3. If you had to choose between the four elements (water, fire, earth and air) which would you wish to control?

I’ll always be an air nomad because my house in high school was air element. ~

Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony. But, everything changed when the fire nation attacked.

4. Describe how your number one bias makes you feel.

‘Warm and fuzzy’. Keeping it short and sweet, like him. (ʘ♥ʘ)

5. If you were to be stuck in an elevator with a member of EXO who would it be and why?

Despite my undying affection for Soo, I would honestly love to chat up a storm with Jongin about dance and his love for the stage. We have some things in common. Like our love for Kyungsoo. (☞゚ヮ゚)☞ ☜(゚ヮ゚☜)

6. What are some of your hobbies outside of kpop?
What other hobbies?

  • Dance (I feel like I need to clarify that it’s hip because I’ve been told I look like a “contemporary girl” before.)
  • Read (always always always fiction novels or manga)
  • Arts and crafts

7. What other groups do you listen to and follow?

10 Year Big Bang fan here! Everyone from YG including HIGHGRND and THE BLACK LABEL, AOMG, IU and many more (during 2008 - 2012 years it was pretty much everyone)

8. What is your favorite Kpop song?

I have too many sub-categories so I’ll just pick the songs that mean the most to me:

  1. Big Bang – Haru Haru (my kpop blackhole song) ಥ_ಥ

  2. EXO – My Lady (EXO’s first teaser, the KAISOO teaser and the song I wanted to release the most out of all teasers)

9. If you were to be turned into an animal what would you be and why?

  1. Dog – I could be someone lonely’s best friend.

  2. Jellyfish – because they have no brain, they’re pretty and if you touch them, they’ll sting the shit out of you. Great life.

10. How would you describe your sense of style?

Monochrome street wear with the occasional denim blue.

My Questions:
(I know it’s not brain science or rocket surgery but this was hard! I tried to be creative)

  1. How did you discover EXO?

  2. Would you rather spend 10 minutes with your bias and were allowed to take as many photos as you want OR go on a 2 hour date with no photos or record of it ever happening?

  3. If you could swap bodies with any EXO member for a day, who would it be and why?

  4. If you could Ctrl + Z and Ctrl + Y on EXO, would you end up with the same bias?

  5. Would you be a backup dancer, makeup artist, vocal trainer or production director (PD-nimmm) for your favourite group?

  6. If you were an additional member to EXO, what would your superpower be?

  7. What Kpop song hits you HARD emotionally e.g. association with a memory?

  8. Do you game and/or watch anime/read manga?

  9. Given the choice, would you rather be able to sing or dance exceptionally well? (I wish I could riff and run up in this joint)

  10. If you could have any 1 Kpop artist sing at your wedding, who would it be? Inspired by this:

What concept do you want EXO to do that we haven’t seen yet? (excluding throne)
I want them in black bodysuits being all ninja assassin-esque and shit
Kyungsoo would be the hottest sniper as long as he’s got his contacts in

I’m curious: @perfsoo @squishy-do @fyncten @kyungsuoo @dazedjongin @chanyeolsoo @dika-dika @penguinsoo0112 @princeksoo @poodleyeol @darklordkyungsoo @tellmewhatiskaisoo @tellmewhatislove @dazzlingkai @dyodorant @daeksoo @aeedee @sehunkais @chogiwaeeee (I just want to hear your answers hehe) @ksooup (whose mirror is a liar) @wifan @asexyeol  @kaisoo-is4walls @toomanyfeelsexogdi @ohsehunpai @my-bobohu @dyo-alone @saintksoo @xoxododio @prettylittlexo