what's with all the bias questions

160514 Fansign ~ [TRANS/Yoongi]

Question: What is your favorite girl’s outfit?
-cute outfit
-cool outfit
-sexy outfit

Yoongi: *circles them all*

Question: How many kg is Yoongi oppa’s ideal girl weight? I will lose my weight! ㅎㅎㅎ

Yoongi:  80 kg

Question: What is Yoongi oppa’s ideal girl height?

Yoongi: *checks them all*


How to talk to your Trump-supporting relatives this Thanksgiving

Rachel Godsil, the director of research and co-founder of Perception Institute, an organization that uses cognitive and social sciences to study unconscious bias, has some practical advice for how to broach the subject.

Because there are a number of reasons why someone may have voted for Trump, and because all families are different, consider Godsil’s plan of attack is something of a choose-your-own adventure.

It all begins, though, by listening. 

“Try to understand this person initially,” Godsil said Monday by phone. “Ask them this: What issues did you vote for? What do you want Trump to do first?”

The answers they provide to these questions will likely be revealing, Godsil said, and they’ll give you an idea of where you need to go next. But before you dive in, perhaps hungry to debunk any misconceptions, let them finish. “Hearing them out is affirming to them as humans and we’re more willing to listen to someone who’s willing to listen to us,” Godsil said.

Some family members will fall into the “I’m not racist, but… ” category. Others may have even disavowed Trump’s hateful remarks and policy proposals about women and minorities, claiming to be holding out hope for Trump on economic fronts. Or maybe they like that he was an “anti-establishment” candidate. He’ll shake things up, they might say; he’s not a politician.

Step two then, Godsil said, is to tackle some of the cognitive dissonance that allows so many people to claim they’re not racist in the same sentence they announce their support for Trump.

“We can amplify the incredible fear being experienced by those who were targeted and demonized by Trump’s campaign,” she said, referencing the spike in racist incidents and hate speech following the election. “Create analogies and tell stories about why that fear is so acute. Talk about the Muslims who came to the U.S. from war-torn countries — whatever it may be. Find one point of entry and begin to create some empathy.”

“Find one point of entry and begin to create some empathy.”

Next, it’s time to hit your relatives with some hard facts.

Kim SeokJin

I know I’m late on this, but I just couldn’t think of a proper thing to do for the eldest `oppa`s` birthday. So here I am, still without a clue and just a rough idea.

Imma do a spam with his gifs cause he pretty as hell and the world needs to see. *even though I’m sure y’all already know*

*not a gif but very important* look at his shoulder* I’m ded*

*he ain’t even a bias wrecker but whoa~*

*and again*

*even more important* wtf* boi calm tf down* r00d* fuck me on the side* the question is; is she going survive through this spam???*

*ok we’re back to cute*



Anyway, what I wanted to say is that he’s a precious little man *not so little but oh…* and he deserves all the love in the world. Thank you for being here, being in BTS and doing what you enjoy doing. Thank you, Kim SeokJin!



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or some might call him Jeffrey ,,

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for some , yoonoh

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for me personally , i call him my #1 bias wrecker :“)

how can one be so cute and squishy one moment ,,

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then the next second , having us snatched and shookt

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thank you for giving us meme quality faces and actions,,

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i still love this the most it’s so cute ??

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what is he doing ,,

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stop jeffrey ;-;

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LOOK AT HIM RUINING MY BIAS LIST AGAIN WOO ,, *whispers* im staring at mark at the back ,, who’s jaehyun ?

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not forgetting , his dimples that we all adore !!

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kidding i hate you a lot for always questioning my loyalty for mark , go away ;-;

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* gifs do not belong to me and credits to all rightful owners !



I’m late to congratulate you, but it has been a difficult day. What can I say? Do that every time I see you my heart goes faster? What you smile drives me crazy? What I am totally into you, with all your imperfections? (If you have any). Does that make me want to kill myself every time I see you? Happy birthday Youngho~! aka the father of an army of naughty children. I hope that all of this time that you have been fighting and training for achieving and reaching your dreams come true in the most satisfactory way.
PD: And all this text for someone who is not my bias, but that has become my headache daily which sometimes I question my loyalty to my bias. The title of the ultimate wrecker bias is something that he has deserved.

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Okay, here's the important question to end all questions: what is the best Tomoyo moment in TRC?

Oh man. Oh man. This is an impossible question if ever there was one. 

Due to my eternal bias every single Tomoyo moment is the best possible Tomoyo moment in TRC. But that’s also a boring answer, so let’s find some good examples. 

JUST TO BE CLEAR, DO I GET TO PICK A DIFFERENT ONE FOR EACH TOMOYO? I’m going to say yes. Those are the rules now. 



The OG Tsubasa version of Tomoyo has only been onscreen for seven pages so far. I’m expecting she’ll have much greater moments in the future, but as of right now? ENTER SASS MASTER TOMOYO

Nihon Tomoyo is here to prove that even being the high priestess isn’t going to dull her dramatic sense of humour. She has maximum marks in showmanship, easily demonstrating that she can be tearfully gazing off into the distance (in delight) one moment and casually cast a complete life altering curse the next. No big deal. This is pancakes for Tomoyo. Sorry Kurogane you never stood a chance. 


Another Tomoyo who was severely under represented on screen, but was incredible nonetheless. Like Nihon Tomoyo, she plays a major part in running the country because hot damn, this is Tomoyo, and every instance of Tomoyo is an absolute pro at everything she touches and easily deserves the unwavering trust of the entire country that she obviously has. 

And then we have THIS MOMENT

Which is only about half a second long, but guys. This is a Tomoyo that has had everything taken from her. We see through Sakura that Villain Guy’s coup was a horrible violent affair that killed her parents and sent her running for her life. Her country and her family were stolen from her in one fell swoop, as well as her bird and her voice. By all rights she should have given up, BUT TOMOYO? NEVER. Despite having nothing but the trust of the people (because hello, this is Tomoyo) she ran the resistance against an all powerful ego maniac for who knows how long - but in this moment she’s lost that as well. She’s in a cage with no ability to move or even communicate. She can’t do a single thing. But what does she do?


Ain’t nobody going to make Tomoyo appear powerless, because Tomoyo is powerful in and of herself. She doesn’t need anything else to back her up. She will go down fighting if it’s the last thing she does. 

It doesn’t go so great, but that only amplifies the fact that Tomoyo stuck to her guns until the very end. She knew exactly what Villain Guy was going to do. She knew she couldn’t stop it. 



Piffle finally gave us the heavenly gift of a Tomoyo that gets plenty of screentime. Piffle’s Tomoyo is just as powerful as the others; she singlehandedly runs the most powerful and influential company in the country, if not the world. Am I elaborating slightly? Yes. But does she deserve it? 

Damn right she does. Piffle’s Tomoyo is massively talented in her own right, but is also willing and able to wield both her company’s assets and it’s reputation to maximum effect, taking complete control of all situations with ease and grace.

She’s also very very gay. 

How could it possibly get any better, you ask? 



In which all of my dreams come true. 

Because Tomoyo with a Gun takes every single instance of Tomoyo’s power structure and inverts it.

Tomoyo has guards. Tomoyo always has guards. Thus, Tomoyo is always The Protected One, and Piffle’s Tomoyo is visibly shown with more guards than every other Tomoyo combined. She is the most protected of all Tomoyos. 

And here she is, in a single instant, leaping into combat faster than an entire room full of trained fighters and becoming The Protector instead. 

Tomoyo has a LOT of good moments. Tomoyo has a lot of GREAT moments. But THIS moment put me into tears with how much it meant. Not only did it empower Tomoyo more than anything else I’ve ever seen, but it slapped every trope into the ground and set them all on fire. 

Because Tomoyo is gorgeous, and she’s talented. She wears dresses and designs fashion and is incredibly enthusiastic about presenting things in just the right way. Tomoyo is resourceful, able to run countries and companies and entire worlds, and is always important enough to be protect. Tomoyo is incredibly feminine, and the biggest lesbian in the universe, and SHE WILL SHOOT YOU IN THE FACE AT THE DROP OF A HAT. Because there is power in all of these things. Tomoyo IS all of these things, and my god, she is not defenseless by any definition of the word. 

And that is just so important. 

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What should one do if they've run out of clues in solving a mystery? Where do they look next? When it feels as though nothing is coming together because there are just too many possibilities, what should they do?

If the clues you have so far don’t rule out any of the possibilities, it’s time to question whether you are interpreting them correctly. Check for confirmation bias. Aside from making some solutions seem more likely than others, it can also make it seem that there are none, because they clash with your perception of the world on a subconscious level. If all else fails, start over and go in a different direction.

50 More Questions About NCT

Inspired by the 50 Questions About NCT post by @nctuscenarios I decided to make one with different questions that include all the additional MV’s since they first made the original post. Make sure to check theirs out!

  1. If you could hear any song from them in your native/another language, what song would it be?
  2. What is your favorite era of any unit?
  3. What is/are your favorite NCT moment(s)?
  4. Who is your bias, and why are they your bias?
  5. If you could say anything to your bias, what would it be?
  6. What season of NCT Life in _______ is your favorite?
  7. Do you have any ships (they don’t have to be romantic or sexual)?
  8. Favorite choreo (including pre-debut)?
  9. Do you have a haircut/haircolor you wish one of the would try?
  10. Forehead or no forehead?
  11. NCT Dream, NCT U, or NCT 127?
  12. Favorite teaser video from Limitless era?
  13. What style do you want them to try/go back to?
  14. If you could be any member of NCT, who would you be?
  15. Who’s voice do you like the most?
  16. What would you do if NCT suddenly ceased to exist?
  17. What’s the worst outfit you’ve ever seen worn by a member?
  18. Would you rather see them in concert in Korea or in your home country (if its not already Korea)?
  19. What is your favorite song from the group as of now?
  20. Do you typicaly say Ten or Chittaphon?
  21. Jaehyun or Yoonoh?
  22. Johnny or Youngho?
  23. Haechan or Donghyuck?
  24. Mark or Minhyung?
  25. Doyoung or Dongyoung?
  26. Winwin or Sicheng?
  27. NCT is predicted to have units based in other countries in the future. Where do you hope they next create one?
  28. What was your first impression of Firetruck?
  29. What was your first impression of NCT? 
  30. Who stands out the most to you in NCT?
  31. Do you own any merch/want any merch?
  32. Do you have any posters of them up in your room?
  33. Who’s smile do you like the best?
  34. Who would you like to see act in a drama?
  35. Do you want NCT to have a drama just like EXO had “EXO next door”?
  36. Favorite NCT meme?
  37. Who would you date?
  38. Who would you want to be your best friend?
  39. Who do you think is the best at variety?
  40. Who would you want as an older sibling?
  41. Who do you think is the most suave or charming member?
  42. Do you want a co-ed/female version of NCT?
  43. Who would look best in a dress?
  44. Who do you want to have a solo debut?
  45. What’s your dream unit line up + concept?
  46. By the time all the NCT Dream members have matured, who do you think will be tallest?
  47. Who do you think will have the lowest voice?
  48. What songs do you want them to cover, and who would cover it?
  49. Favorite Maknae: Mark, Haechan, or Jisung?
  50. Favorite foreign member?

Honestly, the funniest part of the whole Trump thing is that he was created by the very people that hate him the most. The “social justice” movement (which is an odd title because it looks nothing like justice but rather a rather culturally Marxist agenda, arbitrarily defined by each individual perpetuating it until you have nothing but a mass of screeching harpies shouting buzzwords and regurgitating bias, unable to even hear an opposing thought….. because words hurt). You can’t activistly yell at people ad nauseam how everything is injustice and it’s all their fault and expect them to not eventually reject it. Should we fight against injustice? That is a stupid question. Of course we should. We should always stand up for what is right. But not everything is injustice just because you say it is. People shout “injustice!” before even hearing facts these days and then refuse to hear those facts of change their tune when proven wrong. I can’t stand Trump as a person and I didn’t vote for him. But you (the overwhelmingly-vocal minority) can’t keep shoving what’s bigger than you (the silent majority) around and expect it to never lash back at you. You want good to happen? Have reasoned discussions and be willing to hear opinions you don’t like. Just hear people. You’d be amazed because they might be willing to hear you in return. Polite and honest discourse brings about learning and progress for humanity. America did not elect a pompous windbag because America is homophobic, racist or (insert whatever buzzword comes to mind here). Most folks are decent, honest people who just want to be able to live their lives in peace without constantly being yelled. People voted for him because they’re sick of being shoved around and being told how to and what they’re allowed to think and say. Opinions are like your ass. Everyone has one. But enough people had the same opinion yesterday that they’d be better off if you’d leave them the hell alone.

TJLC-ers thanking thelostspecial.com for their ‘game’ are seriously missing the point of why they did this.

They were trying to show you how easily the flock can be led astray. How easily people can take random bits of information, twist them to fit their theory/hypotheses and then spread it to the masses. How people so blindly follow someone they believe has all the answers (thinking of some popular TJLC blogs here too).

They were trying to get you to question yourself. Ask if you are one of those people who has bought into unsubstantiated meta as fact. Ask yourself if maybe, just maybe, you were wrong.

Thanking them for their game shows just how little you understand what you are doing and what others are doing to you. Hive minds can be incredibly dangerous especially when confirmation bias is allowed to run rampant, like a disease, within them.

You call it a 'game’. - that is exactly what TJLC should have stayed as. Now it is much more. It is a trap for th vulnerable, making them feel welcome and loved whilst feeding them lies. After TFP, many members of the TJLC community were so upset that they physically cried and began to harass the cast and crew. This is not okay an a community which allows this to happen is not a positive one. When people can no longer see the wood for the trees and genuinely believe it to be unquestionably true it is no longer healthy. I don’t say this to hurt any TJLC-ers I say this in an effort to help you.

I sincerely hope that TJLC-ers start to take things more seriously and recognise the damage they are doing to the Sherlock fandom as a whole and to members of their own community as well.

Please, take a long hard look at yourselves and fix this - before it can’t be.


People always question me why I only love Super Junior. They say: “They’re getting old”, “They’re not even popular anymore”, “They’re so untalented”, “There are so many newer/younger groups to love”, “Why do you love ahjussis?”, and so on. Well I question that too at times. All of the members being a lot older than me and my ultimate bias being almost twice my age, what do I find so captivating about them? And the answer is: they’re Super Junior. It’s because they are Super Junior, that’s why I love them. They may not be the best singers and dancers and may not be the most attractive men in the world; but over the years I’ve been into kpop, I have never seen a group whose brotherly bond is stronger than family. I have never seen a group crying their hearts out when they fought to the point where they’ve almost disbanded (many times). I have never seen a group go through so many hidden cameras, at the brink of disbandment, and cry in relief that it was all fake. I have never seen a group and fandom so strong with the members constantly coming and going due to enlistments and still sticking together. I have never seen a group who’s able to talk about fights and mention past members so freely and comfortably (*cough cough* bless Heechul). I have never seen a group who constantly insists on the original number of members in the group after so many years (13/15). I have never seen a group still treating their past members as brothers, having no bad blood between each other. I have never seen a group that started from nothing and made the future for themselves, without the help of their company’s name. I have never seen a group whose members are so selfless that they care for the other members before themselves. I have never seen a group so humble, always finding a way to improve themselves. I have never seen a group who’s able to tease each other, even the fans, and not take it to heart. I have never seen a group whose parents and siblings are even close with one another like one big family. I have never seen a group who always promises to stay together forever, that even when they’re all old and have their own families, they will always be Super Junior. I have never seen a group sell out all of their concert tickets that they choose to have another concert to make sure all the fans can see them. I have never seen a group who would rather lose profit just so more fans can come to their concerts. I have never seen a group take photos of their fans and posting it on their SNS to thank them. I have never seen a group who makes a fool out of themselves (cross-dressing, imitations, etc) just to make us fans laugh. I have never seen a group direct/create their own MVs/performances by themselves. I have never seen a group write/compose so many songs dedicated to their fans. I have never seen a group praying and crying for their sick fans. I have never seen a group that stands/sits on the stage during concerts just to talk and spend more time with their fans. I have never seen a group like fans’ photos and even repost them on their own accounts. I have never seen a group write their own fanfictions of themselves and post it online. I have never seen a group who volunteers at their parents shops/restaurants for free, just to see their fans. I have never seen a group always extending their concert times because they have so much to say to their fans and want to sing more songs to them. I have never seen a group always so apologetic towards their fans even when the problems are not even their fault. I have never seen a group protect their fans before they even protect themselves. I have never seen a group run back on stage to interrupt the broadcast just thank their fans for helping them win the awards. I have never seen a group who tries so diligently to learn other languages, not wanting to rely on translators all the time. I have never seen a group who, after 11 years, still bows 90 degrees and gives thumb kisses to all of the fans in every section at every concert. And the list continues…SJ and ELF’s relationship aren’t just idols and fans, we are one big family, and that makes me proud to say that I’m forever an Ever Lasting Friend.

{{I’m never letting the MS paint milestone banners thing die.

500 followers! WOW! AMAZE! MAGICAL! WIZ-BANG! 

When I started writing Cedric 2 years ago I never expected I’d be making a post like this. Obscure grumpy wizard from a pre-schoolers show? Who’d want to play with that? Apparently a whole bunch of you, that’s who. Not to mention all the fandom folks who’ve hung out and prodded Ceddo as well. 

I’m not going to do a bias list. I always wind up forgetting somebody and I feel awful about it, but instead I got another give-away for the fandom! Sadly, Tumblr hates the whole “reblog this post” thing and it’s apparently against their ToU, so instead I’m going to do something a bit different. 

Until Febuary 16th 2017 post anything to do with Cedric into either the Sofia the First or Sofia the Fandom tags and tag and/or @ me in it and you’ll be entered into a drawing! {Fandom tag is for anything you wouldn’t want a pre-schooler seeing. I will not take child/adult ship content as an entry even posted to just the fandom tag.}

You must be following me for your entry to count.

Grand Prize: 1 Cedric the Sorcerer Toy! + 1 Short Fan-Fiction
Runner-Up: 1 Short Fan-Fiction 

I can ship internationally so it doesn’t matter where you’re from! Just get creative and spread some wizard to the tags! Fanfic, art, headcanons, memes - doesn’t matter!

This giveaway isn’t associated with Tumblr disclaimer goes here.

Thanks for sticking with me through this hellish year guys!
Things should only get better from here on out, and I’m hoping I can continue to write this dorky wizard for your entertainment more often!}}

monbebe tag game

Yayyyyy! tagged by @hidingintheshadowx . let’s be honest, I want to do this tag since forever but no one really tag me so I was like maybe I have to do this without anyone tagging but hey! thanks love for actually tagging me @hidingintheshadowx

let’s start :’)

1. Who is your current Monsta X bias?

I must say Hyungwonho. I can’t choose one they are both my love <3

Originally posted by bunnywonho

2. Who was your first Monsta X bias?

read the first question xD

3. What is your favorite Monsta X song?

stuck!!!!!!! always stuck! but I like listening to broken heart whenever I feel sad and lonely. but monsta x songs are all good tho 

4. Who is your Monsta X bias wrecker?

Can’t believe I’m saying this but KIHYUN BOI BOI BOI and changkyun

but these days Shownu is trying to make me asdfghjkl so idk maybe shownu too god damn minhyuk and jooheon sometimes testing me too ugh

5. What is your favorite Monsta X MV?


6. What were your thoughts when you watched ‘No Mercy’?

at first I was like this is cruel and K will makes me like

Originally posted by kpopidolaegyooo

but at the end of the day I feel like riding a rollercoaster because I want to laugh smile cry and kill myself looking at how much they work to achieve their dream :’) and their performances during no mercy is lit af I swear! remember sexyback? all of me? hyeya? caffeine? interstellar? hieut? etc etc etc…

but when changkyun appear………. my inner self as a cry baby…. I cry for like 2 hours straight I SWEAR JUST LOOKING AT HIS FACE MAKES ME CRY AT THAT TIME

7. Favorite Monsta X Meme?

lol omg

the iconic

Originally posted by softbeommie

Originally posted by jooheonschanclas

Originally posted by yuhwan

I like everything from hyungwon actually he’s a giant meme himself I can’t really choose lmao

Originally posted by anaortizdesign

8. How long have you been a monbebe?

not sure about this but at the end of 2015 probably

9. Favorite Monsta X album?

The Clan Part 1

10. If you could befriend one member of Monsta X, who would it be?

Kihyun!! I want to fight with him everyday and let him cook for me!

11. If you could marry one member of Monsta X, who would it be?

at this rate, anyone is okay they are all amazing <3 but wonho……….^^

12. How did you fall in love with Monsta X?

I was searching for good songs and talented groups to stan and I found monsta x. all because of naegawa sinsokhi. that song got stuck in me for like 1 2 months I think. then I keep searching for their songs and try listening to the rest of album. I was like wow what is this why their songs are all good? then I watched their performance on youtube and be like who are they?? so good looking so cute so talented!? then I found myself drowning in monsta x ocean xD

omg this is a long ass post omg 

I tag @ki-hyun-is-pan @amohyunwoo @monstaxie @monbebyx and all monbebe that want to do this! do it!

ARMY questions

i was tagged by @awkwardlyjin (thank you bb <333) 

1. Who was your bias when you first started stanning bts? jimin

2. Who is your current bias? perhaps it is a mystery. maybe i won’t admit it. 

3. What is your favorite Bangtan Bomb? any of the ones where they model

4. What is your favorite Bts song? TOO HARD OF A QUESTION. blood, sweat and tears is up there tho. 

5. Which member is your bias wrecker? hobi/jin

6. Which member appears in your dreams the most? jungkook and tae appear in my dreams a lot and we are always best buddies in the dream and we high five a lot. 

7. What is your favorite BTS MV? gvhisofpjdczx;……..such a hard question….maybe bst…maybe run….maybe i need u….

8. What is your favorite bts choreography? bst all the waaayay

9. Which BTS choreography do you dance to the most often? all….all. 

10. How long have you been an army? not long enough tbh

11. Which album track list is your favorite? wings is the BEST ALBUM OF ALL TIME

12. Which album art is your favorite? young forever had the best photobooks of all time, but the YNWA ones are looking promising. 

13. Which member would you choose to be your husband? hobi hobi

I’m tagging @berry-happy-tokki @sugavcube @leejongsupman @polkari-seuta @pjungkook @mintsugakookies @m0chimchim @yahjiminie @dyegu @jiminthecupcake @jiminsangel @namjoonstan @orayanno and @zaitv if you wanna :)))


i was tagged by @hobikookie, thanks sweetie xx 

1. Who was your bias when you first started stanning BTS?


2. Who is your current bias?

still jungkook :’) 

3. What is your favorite bangtan bomb?

hmmm this is hard… i really love the eat jin bombs with kookie (the fruit chicken and the one where namjoon hears jin screaming lmao) the ‘bba sae’ bomb from chicago, jin bothering sleepy kookie feat. bloated taehyung, and the very first one because it’s so special now :’) 

4. What is your favorite BTS song?

lmaoo this question will never be answered by me, so just keep asking

5. Which member is your bias wrecker?

i don’t think of the other members as bias wreckers, because my bias has always been and will always be jungkook. i love all the members equally after him 

6. Which member appears in your dreams the most?

i dream about yoonkook alot…

7. What is your favorite BTS MV?

run korean version (also love save me)

8. What is your favorite BTS choreography? 

fire, boy in love, war of hormone, i need you

9. Which BTS choreography do you dance to most often? 

definetly fire 

10. How long have you been an ARMY?

i’ve known bts since danger era

11. Which album track list is your favorite?

dark & wild

12. Which album art is your favorite?

hyyh part 2 and young forever (day version)

13. Which member would you choose to be your husband?

honestly, jin is husband material af. he cooks, he tells jokes, he’s manly and caring at the same time 

I tag: @ot7-enthusiast @ynoogis @jinsasleep @miniminduoz @certifiedtaehyung @yoonelle @taetaetown @agustphd @jimintensify @pjkook @jungkxook @deviltae 

6-v-6  asked:

when will you admit you're a flamer bro it's time

O K A Y, i admit i might be, just slightly, be more biased towards minho?? bc he was my very first bias. but LISTEN, shinee’s a package deal, i can’t not like all of them, it’s like being asked which of my vital organs i don’t need, ok. so my bias is ot5 damn it, bro. don’t do this to me ;;;;;;;;;


Jin: Jin wouldn’t mind that you were in fan love with Harry Styles from One Direction, he knew that you really loved him. One afternoon seeing you scroll through your tumblr with Harry all over your dash, Jin would ask teasingly, “What do you think Babe, should I grow my hair out too?”

Suga: Suga would only have one question for his girlfriend when you kept insisting that Harry Styles was talented. “Can he spit fire like Min Yoongi?”

J-Hope: Hobi wouldn’t like how much attention you were focusing towards your new bias from One Direction, Harry Styles. He thought you should pay more attention to him since he was your boyfriend. Hobi would annoy the shit out of you with his aegyo and antics to get you to focus on him. 

Rap Monster: Namjoon literally had no idea who Harry Styles was, you had kept asking him about his thoughts on Harry’s outfits to the latest British award show. Not knowing what to say, Namjoon would go for a simple “He looked fresh-faced”, before looking up facts on Harry Styles. 

Jimin: Jimin didn’t understand what was so special about this Styles guy. His hair looked greasy and he needed to work on his skin routine, but you wouldn’t stop obsessing over the guy so Jimin had no problem leaving. “Whatever Jagi, I’m going to hang out with the bae.”

V: “Bitch me too, the fuck?”

Jungkook: Kookie would be flustered at the daunting task of having to up his game when he saw your bias from a British band called One Direction. Harry Styles was a lot taller than him so he would have to invest in some lifts, and growing out his hair was going to take a while, but if it kept his Jagi’s eyes on him then so be it. 

I’m a huge 1D fan so I was really interested in completing this request, I kind of jumped on it the moment I saw it. Hehe. Well, enjoy and keep on requesting.

- Admin Jade

ARMY questions

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1. Who was your bias when you first started stanning bts? 


2. Who is your current bias? 


3. What is your favorite Bangtan Bomb? 

A bunch… Angry J-Hope. The Almost Paaradiiiise one. It’s Tricky. Both the Sugar Free ones. Eyes, Nose, Lips one where they all “sing” and were generally super extra about it. The Nae Nae ones.

4. What is your favorite Bts song? 

Just One Day

5. Which member is your bias wrecker? 


6. Which member appears in your dreams the most? 

Jungkook is the only one who appeared in my dream.

7. What is your favorite BTS MV? 

I think I have every shot of Dope memorized by now. War of Hormone is a close second.

8. What is your favorite bts choreography? 

Fire, Dope, Danger

9. Which BTS choreography do you dance to the most often? 

Danger, Dope, Fun Boys

10. How long have you been an army? 

Almost two years.

11. Which album track list is your favorite? 

No idea.

12. Which album art is your favorite? 

I don’t know. I haven’t really thought about things like this.

13. Which member would you choose to be your husband?

Jin or Yoongi would be matched the best with me, I guess?

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