what's valentine's day

  • Matt's live stream from October: Pumpkins man... man oh man I love pumpkins. I can't believe I forgot about my pumpkin. I wanna dress up like a pumpkin for Halloween. Ugh nothing tops pumpkins.
  • Matt's live stream for February: Candy man... It's just so good. How could you not like candy? Who are you? Have candy on this day! Don't go over the top but like... eat candy. It's all about the gosh darn candy. Ugh nothing tops candy.

Uh previews for a thing I’m working on
It was supposed to be for Valentine’s, but I had too much work 💀
For now, enjoy my two favorite pages so far ❤
🎉hope everyone had a great day! 🎉

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anonymous asked:

Are You working on a valentine fanfic? Do You plan on doing one? Its been so long Since i read something from You... i also plan doing a valentine fanfic!

Oooh anon that’s exciting!! I have a feeling there will be quite a few romantic fics happening over the next 24 hours…

As for me….. hmmmm writing a Valentine’s Day fic…… …  .  .    . 

Nope, can’t say that I am – had not even thought about it, and really, I don’t think anyone would want to read a KageHina V-Day fic by me anyway…! Right???

But, hey, @someone-stole-my-shoes 

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are you writing anything for Valentine’s Day?

On a totally unrelated note, in no way at all pertaining to tomorrow, February 14th, Valentine’s D A Y – huh, no, never thought about it. Could be fun. 

But yeah no real reason to brush up on either my Whole Milk or Laura’s Cam Boy (Routine) verse, currently. Nahhhh. Unless you want to, of course~