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KnB & jealousy: case 1 - MidoTaka (or rather TakaMido?)

Takao sounded quite surprised then. But right away, he recalled something.

And then, he probably realized that could happen a third time if he didn’t take proper care of his ace. That realization didn’t make him exactly pleased.

See, those raised eyebrows? That’s what I call a jealous Scorpio threatening look. And though he usually acts like he’s bossed around by Midorima, when jealousy strikes, seme-sama Takao reveals himself.

Midorima was caught in the act. He could defend himself using attack as a weapon – meaning, being rude to Takao in his usual tsundere way, but that doesn’t happen.

Yes, ladies and gentleman. Even though he’s got this ‘why are you interrupting me, Takao?’ sort of angry look, he doesn’t complain. Instead, he follows Takao quite quickly. Such a wise boy.

Last night, I had a wet dream that Lauren Jauregui beat the shit out of me, stole my chicken strip, and subsequently stole my heart before leaving me to die in a dark alley I have never felt so alive.


get to know me meme → [6/5] favourite male characters
↳ ryūgazaki rei
“I want to be like you, Nanase-senpai. I want that kind of freedom.”

Imagine Jim and Toby being those sort of friends that will freely insult eachother at any opportunity. They don’t mean it and they both know it, but it’s essentially nonstop banter.

“Jim, you are useless.”

“Excuse you?”

“What are you good for”

“Well, I can cook, I fight monsters, I can sing, kinda-”

“What else can you do”

“Well, uuuhh-”


“Fair enough.”

At another time, Blinky is trying to give his usual friendly encouragement when Jim is hesitating to do a potentially life-threatening thing and Toby just pipes up with “don’t be a bitch”.  Jim glares and flips him off.

Whenever they prank eachother, whoever the victim is will usually screech “YOU LITTLE SHIT” at the other.

Casual deadpan insults, like

“It’s your own damn fault, you went running off on your own-”

“Listen. Listen, just shut thefuckup for a second-”

“You ARE a fuckup, if you had just listened when I told you-”

Casual threats like

“Listen, I love you, I really do, but if you bring up what happened lAST SUMMER I SWEAR I WILL COME OVER THERE AND STAB YOU IN THE KNEECAPS.”

Repeated declarations of “FIGHT ME” at each other (sometimes they actually tackle each other after such words)

Achievement Hunter fans, imagine Toby and Jim getting into it like Michael Jones and Gavin Free (or really anyone and Gavin Free). They just devolve into screaming and loud over something, and seeing them at those times you’d think they hate each other, but the truth is you won’t find a more loyal duo. They’ve got each others backs till the end and after.

Chinese Food and Confessions (Lin-Manuel x Reader)

Summary: You’ve been Lin’s friend for years and after a bottle of wine and some pressing questions you learn he’s in love with someone.

Word Count:1,904

Warnings: I’m getting increasingly more cliche so that’s a good one to start with. Drinking. Swearing.

A/N: Did anybody order a lame “you said you were in love and I’m too dense to realize you meant with me so I’ve been moping all week” fic? No? Well here, have this one on the house. Someone feel free to stop me at any time. You’re gonna keep getting these halfhearted ideas until I finish battling this one fic I’m working on. It’s angst. I’m bad at writing angst. I have a blurb I’ll post later to make up for how lame this one turned out though.

“C’mon, you have to tell me something! There has to be something I don’t know about you.” you pushed, swinging your legs up onto Lin’s lap. His hand wrapped around your calf, adjusting your placement. The wine in your glass sloshed around but managed to stay where it was - your couch eternally grateful for that.

“I think you know just about everything about me at this point. This game seems kind of moot.” Lin chuckled at you.

“Just about. But not everything.” you countered and he paused to think of something that might be enough to satisfy your sudden pressing need to know every deep, dark secret he had - which wasn’t many. His hand absentmindedly traced patterns on your leg as the thought.

“Alright, I have something but there’s conditions if I tell you.” Lin posed and you frowned.

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Single dads au any pairing

1 - Barry’s kid was an accident. He was a teenager, he was super depressed about his dad, he probably should’ve used protection, he didn’t. The girl didn’t want to abort and Barry didn’t want to give the kid up for adoption, so he (without asking anyone) agreed to take him in. Because he’s already learned the lesson of “adults never believe you even when you tell the truth so it’s better to just avoid confrontation forever”, Barry didn’t tell anybody about it until all the paperwork had been signed and the baby was born, and he took his brand new son home.

2 - Joe did not handle this particularly well. Given that he barely accepts that Barry and Iris are sexual beings when they’re twenty-six and he used to give them silent treatment and take away their toys for minor infractions like “wanting a career he didn’t like” or “breaking a record by accident”, Barry deciding unilaterally to bring a baby into their house at age seventeen did NOT go well. Barry was given an ultimatum: give the baby up for adoption or else. Barry, being sixteen and dumb but stubborn as a mule, picked “or else”, applied for legal emancipation, and moved out. This was not what Joe had intended (he’d intended for Barry to see the light about how he was obviously too young to have a kid, to give up the kid for adoption, and to never think about it ever again, which he really should have realized would blow up in his face because has that EVER worked with Barry?)

3 - He ends up meeting Len at a new-dads-daycare class. Len is twenty-eight and panicking about…everything. Len’s situation is slightly different, as he was just handed his newborn daughter and told “good luck, I’m moving out of the state” and he’s been terrified of screwing it up ever since. Barry recognizes the signs of an impending panic attack and helps talk him down; they become friends after that.

4 - by “become friends” I mean that Barry confesses that he’s living at a cheap hotel and running out of money (he only has what he saved up from summer jobs previously) and he’s worried he’s going to become homeless, and Len promptly kidnaps both Barry and the baby and takes him home with him to give him a nice stable place to live. The babies can be best friends. It’ll be great. No problem. (Len is a great planner, but his ideas are always crazy and impetuous).

5 - Mick lives with both of them because of course he does. He likes to sit in front of the fireplace with the babies and all three of them just…stare at it. For hours. The babies LOVE Mick. Even as they grow up, uncle Mick is 100% their favorite.

6 - Len and Barry essentially co-parent from day one, but they don’t actually get together until Barry graduates from (illegally funded) college because while they got into some serious flirting during college, Len was very firm about nothing happening until Barry had a chance to see the alternatives. Barry has seen the alternatives. He wants Len. Mick helpfully knocks heads together until they get together. The kids are all in favor of their merged family becoming more merged.

7 - Iris and Joe are invited to the wedding. Joe is very apologetic for his behavior, which he really did not realize Barry would take quite so badly.