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Futurama Appreciation Week

Day two, favorite episode: The Sting

Who will make Bender waffles just the way he likes them now?

  • Sting: ...*puts on shitty ass scarf* God I love him...
Her Limits

Prompt: Yukino is bothered by Sting’s popularity with women
Submitted by: destiny-1027
Pairings: StingYu, hinted NaLu and GaLe.

Lucy Heartfila smiled as she flipped through the latest issue of Sorcerer’s Weekly. She, along with Erza and Levy, were visiting Sabertooth to discuss Minerva’s defection. “That’s a nice picture of you, Yukino,” she told her friend.

The silver haired girl blushed at the sight of her revealing glamor shots. “I can’t believe they talked me into doing that.”

“You look good.” Levy looked from the photos to her own meager bosom in dismay. “…Really good.”

“Another slice of cake, Erza-san?” One of the new barmaids offered, skipping over in a pair of short shorts.

The redhead nodded, quite pleased as she started on her third slice of strawberry shortcake.

“Anything for you, Yukino-san?” The curly haired blonde questioned.

“No thank you.”

The newcomer did little to hide her satisfied smirk. “Well, in that case I’ll go see what Sting is up to.”

At this the celestial mage’s left eye twitched ever so slightly. Of course she was going to find Sting. Entire queues of girls were practically lined up to do just that.

Unlikely as it seemed, Yukino could hardly remember the last time he invited her to the pool.

“Sabertooth has been getting a lot of new members lately,” Erza observed. There were many unfamiliar faces, most of them female.

“That is true,” Lucy agreed. “Maybe the guild’s new reputation appeals to them.”

“Something appeals to them, alright,” Yukino affirmed caustically. Something about the way their eyes roved over him, stared for too long, and tried to possess all that he was made the usually demure young woman see red.

“What do you mean?” Lucy asked. She didn’t see how new members could be seen as anything but good news.

Yukino sighed, running a hand over her face tiredly. “Turn to page seven.”

“Guild Master At Ninteen,” Levy read the headline aloud, “Fiore’s Most Eligible Bachelor.”

“Seriously?” Lucy laughed.

“Keep going,” Yukino said wearily. “It gets worse.”

“Rare and powerful dragon slayer, natural leader, and animal lover,” Levy quoted. “This makes Sting seem like quite the catch.”

“Laki and Kinana seemed to think so,” Erza said after recalling an earlier conversation.

“He is pretty cute,” Lucy allowed, eyeing his shirtless pictures guiltily.

Yukino flushed. “I-I suppose.”

Levy pursed her lips as she scrutinized the page. “I don’t get it,” the bookish mage said after much deliberation. “He’s not even as good looking as Gajeel.”

“But who do you find better looking than Gajeel?” The blonde teased as she sipped her coffee.

Levy’s expression darkened. “That was low, Lu-chan.” She never even told anyone how much her friend liked it when Natsu worked out in her room.

“It’s admirable that Yukino is so protective of her guild’s reputation,” Erza commended between bites of cake.

“If only that was her actual concern,” Rufus mused as he approached their table. “I recall a much more personal reason for Yukino’s distress.”

“Rufus-sama!” She covered her face with her hands, deeply ashamed of her pettiness.

“Really?” The Fairy Tail trio leaned over, smirking.

“Are you in looooove?” The blonde purred, mocking Happy. She had always found their encounter at the banquet vaguely romantic. “You two would make a very cute couple.”

“No, Sting-sama is…I mean, I have no intention of-”

Rufus pulled down the brim of his hat. “Love sought is good,” he began.

“But given unsought is better,” Levy finished the quote.

“Act III, Scene I,” Lucy recalled. “What an amazing work.”

Rufus glanced at the pair incredulously. “You read?” According to his memory, which was never wrong, Fairy Tail wizards were far more brutish than bookish.

“Religiously. And Lu-chan writes as well.”

“Well then,” the memory make wizard smirked as he spotted Sting descending the stairs with a dark haired girl. “Be sure to watch this next scene closely.” He was sure it would make an interesting story

“More recruits?” The young master looked around the guild hall, astounded by the number of people who wanted to join Sabertooth. He’d only been able to meet with a few of them so far.

All the interviews in the past few weeks kept him so busy he hadn’t been able to do much else, not even train with Rogue or hang out with Yukino. He wondered offhandedly what they were up to.

After this thought, he redirected his attention to the girl he’d just spoken to. “Where do you want your guild mark?”

The voluptuous young woman lowered her shirt’s neckline immodestly. “Right here, Master,” she purred, dragging her index finger sensually over the top of her breast.

“She cannot be serious,” Levy said from where they were watching. If that were Gajeel she might have solid scripted a brick wall between them.

“You have it rough,” Lucy turned to where her friend was sitting only to see her getting up. “Yukino?”

“There is only so much that a girl can take.” She glanced at her friends with an unprecedented fire in her eyes before taking off.

“Sting-sama.” She approached just as he was about to brand the brunette with the guild’s insignia.

He turned to her with a grin that never failed to turn her knees to jelly. “Hey. Where have you been lately?”

“Here and there, mostly out on jobs,” she said breezily. “I could ask you the same question, though.”

“I know, I know. I’ve been horrible lately. Let me make it up to you.”

She looked down, blushing slightly. “You don’t have to do anything like that.” She didn’t even know what right she had to be annoyed.

“Come on, don’t be shy. After I finish here I’ll take you out to dinner. How about that place in Crocus you like?”

Yukino smiled lightly. “That would involve taking a train Sting-sama,” she pointed out. And besides that, they wouldn’t get back until early the next morning.

He blanched considerably at the thought of transportation, but held his ground. “Doesn’t matter.”

‘That’s what he says now’ the celestial mage thought. Still she agreed, knowing there was no stopping him once he got into his planning mood…and that she really loved that restaurant.

“Alright,” she paused momentarily before reaching for the stamp in his hand. “Allow me to get our new member settled. Erza-sama has something important to discuss with you.”

“Fairy Tail? Is Natsu-san-”

“No, not this time,” she laughed, finding his childlike admiration quite adorable.

“I’ll see you in half an hour.”
- - - - -
“What a romantic end to our day,” Erza mused as the Fairy Tail trio drove back to Magnolia.

“I envy Yukino,” Levy sighed. “She really has the best luck as far as dragon slayers go. To think he’s actually taking her out.” Meanwhile, a certain individual she knew would undoubtedly invite her to a scrap heap before a bistro.

“I know. Natsu just eats me out of house and home,” she looked up at the dazzling stars in the night sky. “Still, I really hope those two end up together.”

“Ah, so then the three of you could exchange advice,” Erza noted.

“On what?” Lucy asked, puzzled.

“Being the girlfriends of dragon slayers.”


“Or would the correct term be mates?”

Notes: So, I made another Shakespeare reference (I’ll stop, I promise lol). Prompts and feedback are more than welcome. Thanks for reading, everyone!


DAREDEVIL | S2 | Karen Page moments 21/50

You’re right, this city really needs heroes. 

But you’re not one of them.

It Just Felt Right

Pairing: Stingue Sting x Rogue

Rated: K (fluffy)


Summary: The day that Sting met Rogue was one he would never forget.

It Just Felt Right 

Sting had been walking around town looking for a new vest for his exceed, Lector when he noticed a boy around his age crouched in an alleyway holding something pink in his arms. Sting being curious decided to follow the boy. He watched in awe as the young boy went from house to house knocking on doors and seeming to ask something before being turned away. Each time the boy was turned away Sting noticed the boy’s shoulders slump. After the 10th house, Sting decided he felt so bad for the boy that he just had to help him out.

The blonde approached the young boy in a friendly manner. His arms stretched out behind his head and a grin on his face.

“Do you need help? What’s your name? My name is Sting Eucliffe by the way.”

The other boy looked up at the blonde from behind his bangs. Sting noticed the boy’s crimson eyes were close to being in tears and he looked scared. Sting quickly tried to assess the situation and tried to comfort the mysterious boy by placing a hand on his shoulder. The raven-haired boy seemed to relax at the touch and he spoke softly.

“My name is Rogue, Rogue Cheney. I think my friend is about to pass out from hunger so I’ve been asking for food for her but nobody believes me and I don’t know what to do!”

Sting wipes away the few tears that had escaped down Rogue’s face and smiles.

“I believe you. I’ll help you. Come on, follow me!”

Sting grabs Rogue’s empty hand and pulls him toward the small cottage house he lived in with Lector.

When they arrived, Lector ran out to greet Sting only to discover he had company. He would have asked questions but stopped when he recognized the distress on his companions face.

“Hey Lector, can you find some food and bring it to the table for our new friends?”

Lector noticed the happiness in Sting’s voice and immediately went to go find snacks. He knew it had meant a lot to Sting to finally have made a friend and Lector would do his best to help Sting keep his new friend.

Sting pulled out a chair for Rogue to sit on and handed him a fluffy pillow to lay his pink bundle of a friend down.

“Are you okay? Do you need anything else?”

Sting took the seat next to Rogue and leaned closer to the raven-haired boy to check on him.

Rogue blushed at the sudden closeness. He had never had someone show him so much kindness before and gave Rogue a funny feeling in his stomach and caused his heartbeat to pick up speed.

Before Rogue could answer, Lector returned with some snacks and put them on the table. Sting grinned and gave Lector a high five in appreciation.

Rogue immediately stood up, grabbed a cookie, and gently shook the small pink bundle.

“Frosch have some food.”

Sting and Lector eyed the pink bundle coming to the conclusion that it was also an exceed.

Frosch devoured the cookie and a few more snacks before she stood up and gave Rogue a hug and drifting off to sleep in his arms.

Sting saw Rogue smile and thought his heart was going to explode. He had never seen anyone smile so gently before. He found himself being drawn in even more to the mysterious boy.

Lector was the first to speak.

“U-Umm… Frosch-kun can sleep on my bed if you want.”

Rogue bit his lip and gave Sting a worried look. He didn’t want to impose but Sting just smiled and took Frosch up in his arms and carried him to what Rogue assumed to be the bedroom.

Rogue fidgeted in his seat as he waited patiently for Sting to return. When the blonde finally appeared he was holding a box in his hand.

“You haven’t eaten yet either have you?”

Rogue looked away to avoid eye contact. Sting’s brilliant blue eyes unnerved him. They seemed to be able to see every thought the raven-haired boy had. He shook his head slowly in response.

Sting sat down next to Rogue again and opened the box. Rogue’s eyes lit up as he realized what it was. It was a box of Pocky, something Rogue hadn’t eaten since he was very young. Sting held out a Pocky stick to Rogue and he took it. He nibbled on the end of the Pocky trying to savor the taste as well as the selfless and generous way in which it had been given to him. It seemed that the more Rogue spent time with Sting, the more he felt attracted to him as if by nature. 

Sting watched as Rogue ate the Pocky stick and suddenly had a funny idea.

“Hey Rogue, do you want to play a game?”

 Rogue’s crimson eyes looked up and he tilted his head in question.

 “What game?”

 Sting lifted up a Pocky to Rogue’s lips.

 “It’s called the Pocky Game. Two people bite the ends of the Pocky and the first one to break it loses.”

 Rogue blushes at the idea of being so close to the blonde. The thought of kissing him crosses his mind and he blushes harder. He barely registers when Sting hands him the Pocky. He slowly moved the Pocky stick to his lips and held it there. His heart was racing a mile a minute and he squeezed his eyes shut in anticipation.

 Sting just blinked in surprise at the adorable face that Rogue was making and without another thought tugged the Pocky out of Rogue’s mouth and leaned in to kiss him.

 Rogue’s eyes fluttered open for a second as he felt the Pocky leave his mouth before closing once more at the feeling of Sting’s lips on his.

 The kiss was quick and as soon as it was over Rogue had flushed and hid his face in his hands.

 “W-What was that?”

 Sting laughed and tugged Rogue’s hands away from his face.

 “A kiss.”

 Rogue stared down at the floor until Sting tilted his chin upward to look at him. Rogue’s lower lip trembled and his breath hitched.

 “Why… we just met…”

 Sting pressed another kiss to Rogue’s lips before his bright blue orbs met Rogue’s crimson ones.

 “It just felt right.”

 And for some reason, Sting’s words were enough for Rogue and the two had stayed together from that point on.


The End


Kimiko-chan: I actually kinda rushed this a bit so I hope it’s still okay ^_^ I wrote it because I was inspired by that super adorable vine video and it’s Exceed day for Stingue week <3 

blueminuet  asked:

Omg I am in love with the modern fantasy stuff you just posted like holy shit. The part where you mentioned bilbo getting the leather jacket I was just like WHAT IF THAT HAPPENS IN PLACE OF THE MITHRIL SCENE. Like Thorin gives him the jacket like "you're one of the gang now" and maybe it's lined with mithril or something so it bulletproof idk. BUT JUST THORIN GIVING BILBO A LEATHER JACKET AS A ROMANTIC GESTURE OMG WHAT A DORK


Even better, Bilbo still getting the same mithril shirt (only it’s friggin rarer because it’s been even LONGER that Moria’s been lost to the dwarves) and it’s the same scene and Thorin explains that this ancient shirt is even proof against bullets. And then he gets this SUPER NERVOUS fidgety look and gives Bilbo HIS LEATHER COAT which is way too big and he’s like “wear that until we can get you one of your own” and it’s just so…so gay.

Also laughing because they’re not technically a gang (I imagine only Thorin and his nephews have the “sons of durin” jackets with dwarvish stylized embroidery of Erebor and raven wings) but Bilbo is convinced for MONTHS.

His only regret is he has no real friends he can text so he’s constantly texting Gandalf even if Gandalf is RIGHT THERE.

‘Gandalf this is a GANG you got me kidnapped by a motorcycle gang!!!!’

'Nonsense Bilbo they’re just a company with a similar interest in motorcycles. Dwarves in general are quite fond of them’