what's up puny humans

rgh555  asked:

All companions react to SS cuddling up to them on a particularly cold night? (Romanced or platonic is up to you friend)

Sorry I didn’t include MacCready, I know barely anything about his character and I’m not sure how to portray him, but I’ll work on that, promise! 

Cait: She flinches and glares at Sole, startled and a little bit annoyed by their sudden contact. Cait considers shoving them off, but finds herself rather warm and comfortable, and feeling a sense of safety that she rarely feels.

Piper: “Oh, B-blue, you cold too?” Piper says, grateful that the dark hid her pink cheeks. When Sole nods, Piper snuggles into them, happy to fall asleep in their warmth, listening to their heartbeat.

Curie: “You are cold, no? I will find something to warm you,” Curie says. As she gets up, Sole gently tugs her arm, insisting that she stays next to them. Curie does as they ask, but is confused. If they are cold, why would they prefer her there rather than a much warmer blanket? She would make sure to ask when Sole was less tired.

Danse: They were close to him for warmth, no big deal, yet Danse felt a fluttery feeling in his stomach. He thought himself innapropriate as his cheeks warmed, and he dismissed the feeling and fell asleep next to Sole, unaware that he slept with a smile on his face that night.

Deacon: As much as Deacon appreciated Sole’s company, he wasn’t one for snuggles and hugs. Or so he thought, until he decided he couldn’t bring himself to move away, so he cracked a few random jokes to break the silence and put him more at ease.

Hancock: “Aw, aren’t you cute?” Hancock grins, putting an arm around Sole and pressing them to him, so that both of them were warm and comfortable.

Valentine: “You sure you aren’t uncomfortable, curled up next to this bucket of bolts?” He says, and when Sole assures him that they’re more than comfortable there, he shrugs and covers them with his coat, making sure that they were warm as they fell asleep.

Preston: “G-general, if you’re cold, I can go get a blanket,” he offers, stuttering as he was taken off guard, but when Sole refuses to let him leave, he smiles softly and utters a quiet “alright” as he holds Sole to him and falls asleep with them in his arms.

X6: If they were content and warm snuggled up to him, then he didn’t really care. 

Strong: “What is puny human doing?” he says loudly, earning a ‘hush’ from sleepy Sole. “Strong is not cold! You should not be cold either!”

Codsworth: “Mum/sir, you seem awfully uncomfortable. I’ll fetch you a pillow, we wouldn’t want you getting a crook in your neck!”

Dogmeat: He wags his tail happily as he nuzzles into Sole’s neck, making himself comfortable, curled up as close as possible to Sole.