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i don’t even like pink that much but I am friggin proud to rock my sweet pink power armor


The fact that Arzaylea was the one to set shit straight actually makes me feel a lot better b/c keep in mind that she’s the one always looking for attention, so for her to say what she said instead of playing it off like ‘oh yea that totally happened’ means something. But the fact that it was her to own up to it and not the boys themselves does tick me off. At least now we know that not everything in that article was valid.

Preference #6 - The Other Boys Don’t Like You (Liam)

Warnings: Harsh language, name calling, swearing and shouting

Liam flopped down on the couch after he came out of the booth, closing his eyes briefly while catching his breath. They were recording some new songs they’d written together, getting a feel for the lyrics and music together; they had been at it for a few hours now and he was feeling a little out of breath. He looked at Niall who was sitting next to him on the couch, texting on his phone. 
“Who’s up next?” 
“Harry I think,” Niall answered, shrugging his shoulders indifferently.

Being stuck in a studio together all day was having an effect on all of them, they were cranky and tired and really in no mood. Liam didn’t snap back at Niall, choosing to leave it and lean back on the couch, pulling his phone from his pocket.
“Lou, come on,” Harry’s voice came from outside the door, peeking both Liam’s and Niall’s attention. “Just, don’t yell at him over it alright?”
“Why not?! He never fucking listens anyway so maybe yelling will finally knock it through his head.”

Liam scrunched up his eyebrows, confused about what the yelling was about; he’d never heard him yell like that, especially not towards any of them. Louis came banging through the door, his expression full of barely contained anger as he threw a magazine down in front of Liam, crossing his arms over his chest.
“Guess who made the front cover,” He seethed. “Again!”
Liam frowned, leaning forward to look at the glossy cover, noticing a blurry photo of you at your friend’s birthday the other night. Liam had known you were going out that night, it wasn’t any news to him but something about it was pissing Louis right off.
“What about it?”
“What about it?! Are you kidding?” Louis exploded, throwing his arms up in the air. “Your girlfriend going out and getting sloppy drunk, acting trashy and having her photo plastered all over the press doesn’t worry you? Liam do you even realize how bad she is for your image, for the band’s image?!”

Liam stood up, his cheeks flushing red with anger as he faced off with Louis, wanting nothing more than to punch him in the face at that very moment. 
“You have no right!” He shouted back. “Absolutely no fucking right to talk about her like that!” 
“Whatever affects your image affects this band and y/n isn’t doing either very many favors!” 
“Look Li, all were trying to say is…maybe she’s not the right girl for you,” Harry cut in, trying his hardest to defuse the building tension between Lou and Liam. “She obviously doesn’t care much about what ends up in the magazines and really, we’re just trying to look after you.” 
“She was at her friend’s birthday!” Liam replied angrily. “Are you saying none of us have ever had embarrassing photos plastered all over the news?!”
“Once or twice maybe,” Niall spoke up, still looking down at his phone. “It isn’t something that happens all the time like it does with y/n, it’s always something with her.” 
“All of you can fuck off,” Liam spat, grabbing his phone from the couch before storming from the studio.

He sent a quick text to you, letting you know he was going to be at your place a lot earlier than he’d planned.

Written By Bree xx 


“I didn’t even realize I was doing it until people told me, but I like trying to make dark things pretty,” he explains as we look at macabre images of the deceased. “I didn’t really realize that was a style.”