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Zayn’s acceptance speech video for winning The Most Stylish Man award at the 2017 GQ Men Of The Year Awards - 09/08 x

anyways im going to need people to stop saying that louis is the most closeted  out all the boys because he literally isn’t? lmao like have yall forgot that liam also has a fake child or? oh i forgot yall think liam is homophobic and straight…but i just saw a post on my dash of someone basically listing all the shit that louis has gone through and im like ok but liam is/has gone through the same thing… liam also has a fake child with a women a lot older than him because she can’t get her career back so she’s needs tons of promo lmao like im real tired of yall acting like louis has it the worst because he doesn’t 

Guess who just got a letter in the mail saying one of her poems was selected to appear in an upcoming issue of the national literary magazine, Through the Vine?

Guess whose letter also came with a check because published writer = paid bitch?

If you guessed anything other than Inez Garcia-Moreno to either question, I ask that you reevaluate yourself. In the meantime, I’m going to be out getting a manicure that is sorely overdue and deciding where to go to dinner. This girl is treating her dad and mama to some lobster.


The fact that Arzaylea was the one to set shit straight actually makes me feel a lot better b/c keep in mind that she’s the one always looking for attention, so for her to say what she said instead of playing it off like ‘oh yea that totally happened’ means something. But the fact that it was her to own up to it and not the boys themselves does tick me off. At least now we know that not everything in that article was valid.