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Mask Off

The title is totally a Future reference but the story mentions Childish Gambino???
Also I 100% headcanon Peter as a Childish Gambino fan
Anyway, hope you guys like it and happy 1 week from “Spider-Man: Homecoming!”

Title: Mask Off
Pairing: Peter Parker x reader
Summary: After a rooftop dance session, you and your crime-fighting partner, Spider-Man, learn about each other without the masks
Word Count: 1,529
Warnings: None
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            "Oh my God, are you for real?“ you groaned, just stepping foot into the bank.

           "Oh, hey there,” your masked rival Spider-Man greets casually. “Come here often?”

           He already had the robbers apprehended, sitting uselessly at his feet. This was the 5th time in a month that this punk beat you at your own game, and there was only so much crime in this city. You were getting real tired of his competition real fast.

           "Get off my turf, man,“ you complained. "I got dressed for nothing! Do you know how hard it is to put on this suit?”

           Spider-Man pretends to ponder your question for a minute before shrugging. “Can’t relate,” he gloats.

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Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask sentence starters

30 starters
feel free to change gender pronouns

  • “You’ve met with a terrible fate, haven’t you?”
  • “Believe in your strengths. Believe.”
  • “Snap out of it! What are you doing lost in memories? Get yourself together!”
  • “You—what makes you happy? I wonder… what makes you happy… does it make others happy too?”
  • “We are fine here. We will greet the morning… Together.”
  • “You hadn’t forgot about me? You still thought of me as a friend?”
  • “Why was the dog the leader?”
  • “Forgive your friend.”
  • “Actually… I know… we’re not safe here either… That’s how life goes, I guess. There are some things in life you can’t change, no matter how hard you try.”
  • “For now, just try to survive. Everything else will follow…”
  • “I’ve decided to wait for him. I’ve made my choice. I’m okay with this. I believe him.”
  • “The right thing—what is it? I wonder… If you do the right thing, does it really make everybody happy?”
  • “Do you want to play with me? Okay, let’s play good guys against bad guys… I’ll be the good guy, and you be the bad guy, and when you’re bad, you just run.”
  • “I am not stinky! I take a bath at least once a month!”
  • “If it’s something that can be stopped, just try to stop it!”
  • “Eesh. You frighten me.”
  • “Shut up. I’m busy right now….”
  • “Don’t slack off. The heavens and the wife are watching.”
  • “Ack! Now I’ve done it! I’ve gone and attracted some weirdo’s attention. Um… I’ll just play dead.”
  • “Belief or disbelief rests with you.”
  • “Your true face—what is it? I wonder… the face under the mask… Is that your true face?
  • "Believing in your friends and embracing that belief by forgiving failure. These feelings have vanished from our hearts.”
  • “Milk… It’s miiiilk… Can you get tipsy from something like milk?” *hiccup*
  • “You can’t, _____! What would we do if you dropped it and broke it? No way! You can’t touch it!”
  • “A puppet the can no longer be used is mere garbage. This puppet’s role has just ended…”
  • “Your friends—what kind of people are they? I wonder… Do these people think of you as a friend?”
  • “Whenever there is a meeting, a parting is sure to follow. However, that parting need not last forever… Whether a parting be forever or merely a short time… That is up to you.”
  • “I’m not doing anything suspicious… Really!”
  • “Somebody! Anybody! Goddess of Time, help us, please! We need more time!”
  • “I… I shall consume. Consume… consume everything…”
Xeno - 3

Plot: The best part about being an assistant in a lab was watching all new inventions come to life, although sometimes some of them fail, leaving them away in a storage room, never to be bothered with; free for the taking.

Pairing: Kim Taehyung x Reader | Jeon Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Fluff, Futuristic au!

3.1k Words

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Originally posted by jungkook-gifs

The three of you had headed to the park, Tae taking the lead whilst you and Jungkook stayed behind. All you needed to do was observe, but your best friend was having none of it. He occasionally poked your side and blew in your ear out of boredom. At first, you were too concentrated on the cyborg to react to any of it, but after sometime, it got too annoying to withstand.

“Jungkook, stop!” You slapped away his hand when he had poked your cheek. “What do you want?!”

“Nothing now,” He smirked under his mask at your annoyed expression, which died down into a defeated one when he walked away.

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I Used to be Pretty Too

Wade Wilson x Reader x Peter Parker

Summary- You are a hero called nightshade, who works alongside Deadpool and Spider-Man to keep New York City safe. The three of you had been dating for about six months when you decided that it’s time to reveal yourselves to one another.

Message- This is Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man. Both him and the reader are in their early-mid-twenties. The reader is enhanced, she has enhanced senses, super strength, quick reflexes and can run really fast (basically Caps powers.) Her costume covers her whole body (it has a hoodie- like spider Gwen) and is completely black. Sorry if it sucks!

Word Count- 1486 

“Hey, Spidey.” You say as Spider-Man swings down into the alleyway, that you were waiting for him in.

“Hey, Nightshade.” Spidey says as he moves to give you a hug. “Are you ready for tonight?”

“Yeah, I’m actually really excited. I can’t wait to see what you guys look like under those masks and I’m excited to finally be able to kiss my boyfriends.” You say as you giggle. “How about you? Any second thought?”

“No, I’m excited to. I can’t wait to go one real dates with the two of you.” Spidey says as he wraps one of his arms around you and then he uses he webs to swing the two of you to the roof where you planned on meeting Deadpool.

“Hey, Wade!” You say as Spidey puts you down. Wade had told you his name when you had all first started to date. When you and Spidey would ask why he wore the mask around the two of you if you already knew his name, he would always say he wore it for another reason.

“Hey, Baby Girl. Hey Baby Boy.” Wade said as he hugged you and Spidey. “Y-You ready to do this?”

“Yeah, we are. Are you?” Spidey asks.

“Y-yeah.” Wade says as he nods his head. “Who should go first?”

“I’ll do it.” You murmur. Then you take a deep breath, pull your hood down and then you take the mask that completely covers your head off. “My name is Y/F/N Y/L/N.”

“Y/N! Oh my God!” Spidey says as he takes off his mask.

“Peter!” You say. “Everything about you makes so much more sense now!”

“Yeah, same.”

“H-how do the two of you know each other.” Wade asks.

“We go to Empire State University together. Where both seniors this year.” Peter answers. Then you and Peter turn to Wade.

“Okay, it’s your turn.” You say to Wade.

“I-I can do t-this. I-I’m sorry.” Wade whispers before running to the ledge of the building and jumping off. You and Peter run to the edge and watch as Wade hits the ground and starts to run away.

“W-W-What was that? Does he not want us?” You whisper as your eyes start to tear up.

“I-I don’t k-know.” Peter whispers as he pulls you into a hug.


It had been 2 weeks since Wade ran away from the two of you. He had been avoiding both of you to. You and Peter had been going out to fight crime (and look for Wade) each night and each time you would come home without finding him, the two of you would retreat into each other a little bit more.

“I’m home.” Peter calls as he walks into the apartment the two of you now shared.

“Hey, babe.” You say after Peter kisses your head. “I think I found something.”

“What did you find?” Peter asks as he sits on the bed next to you.

“You know how he would always talk about having to go visit Sister Margret?” You ask.


“Well, Wade doesn’t exactly strike me as the Catholic type, so I googled it and it turns out there’s a bar in the city called Sister Margret’s. It’s a shitty little whole in the wall were merc’s hang out.” You say as you smile at Peter.

“Let’s go!” Peter says as he grabs your hand and then the two of you run out of your apartment. The bar is on the other side of the city so the two of you decide to use the subway to get there.

“Do you think he’ll be here?” you murmur as stand in front of the bar.

“Maybe and if not, someone in there is bound to know him.” Peter says as he holds your hand tighter. If you weren’t enhanced he probably would have broken it. Then the two of you walk into the bar.

“Hey, sweet thing, how much to tap that gorgeous little ass of yours.” A large man says as he tries to pull Peter into him.

“Excuse me, what did you just say?” you ask.

“Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll get some business to. An innocent little thing like you, bet you’ll get top dollar.” The man says as he goes to touch your hair. You grab his hand twist it so it’s behind his back and then you push him against a wall.

“Me and my boyfriend are not prostitutes.” You say as the man struggles to free himself from his grip. So you use more of your strength to push him into the wall. “I’m a lot stronger than I look, so you should probably stop moving, before I rip your arm off.” The man stops struggling. “There you go, now we’re here to find someone. You might know him. Wade Wilson.”

“Why are you looking for Wilson?” The man behind the bar asks.  You release the man that you were holding against the wall and walk over to the bar, Peter was right behind you.

“We need to talk to him.” Peter says. “Can you call him?”

“Oh my God, you’re the ones he’s seeing aren’t you! Ha! I get it!” The man says.

“Look, if he doesn’t want to see us anymore he needs to tell us to our faces.” You say as you grab a napkin. “Next time you see him, give him this.” You say as you write down the address of Peter’s and yours new apartment. Then you grab Peters hand and walk out. As soon as you get out of the bar you start to cry.

“H-he doesn’t want us anymore!” You cry. “Did you hear him, ‘I get it’? What does that even mean?”

“I-I don’t know. But either way we’ll be fine. We’ve got each other, we’ll always have each other.” Peter murmurs as he pulls you into a hug. “Let’s go home. I don’t think either of us are fit to patrol the city tonight.” You nod into his chest and then the two of you head home.

“Can we watch a movie tonight.” You mumble as Peter opens the door.

“Sure, baby.” Peter says as he pulls you into the apartment. Then he stiffens and puts you behind him. “What are you doing here?”

“Hey, baby boy.” Wade murmurs.

“Don’t call me that. Not after what you did to us.” Peter snarls.

“Wade.” You whisper.

“Hey, ba-Y/N.”

“Why did you leave? Do y-you not w-want us?” You sob and Peter pulls you to him.

“What? No! You’re not gonna want me after you see what’s under this mask. I-I thought that the two of you were like me, damaged and scarred underneath those masks. I-I mean why else would someone keep their whole body and face covered. But I-I was wrong. You’re both so fucking pretty and perfect and I-I’m not and I can’t fucking stand the idea of the two of you looking at me with disgust in your eyes when you see what I have under this mask.” Wade cries.

“Wade, were not perfect.” Peter murmurs and Wade scoffs.

“I used to be pretty, too. Ya know. I was so fucking handsome and we would have been perfect together.” Wade mumbles.

“Wade, we don’t care about that kind of thing.” You say as you take a step towards him.

“You say that now, but you guys haven’t seen it yet. It’s a lot to handle.” Wade mumbles.

“Please, you have to trust us, like we trusted you.” Peter says.

“Okay.” Wade mumbles. Then he takes a deep breath and takes off his mask. Both you and Peter move closer to him as he does. His face is scarred and he doesn’t have any hair, and it makes you wonder what happened to him. But that’s a conversation for another time.

“Wade, you’re gorgeous.” You say as you pull his lips to yours. Then when you break apart Peter pulls Wade to him.

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The Sister - Peter Parker x (f)Reader x Bro!Wade Wilson

Originally posted by wdwlsn

Words: 1077
Pairing: Peter Parker x (f)Reader x Brother!Wade Wilson
Warnings: none!
Requested by anon
Hello! I was wondering, could you do an imagine where the reader is dating Peter Parker, (Tom Holland as Spiderman) but she’s Deadpool’s sister and he gets super protective when she tells him, because he doesn’t want her being in danger.
Author’s Note: So like, I haven’t actually seen Deadpool (even though I really want to) So I kinda based him off of what I do know, so I hope it’s not that bad of a characterization!


“That’s not fair.” You crossed your arms.

“What, not fair that I’m better at the game than you?” Peter laughed.

“You’re cheating.” You pouted.

“I am not! How could I even cheat on this?”

“I don’t know, you probably messed with my controller somehow.”

Peter leaned over and messed with your hair. “Sure.”

You groaned when your phone began to ring and saw that it was your brother. “Hey.” You said.

“Where are you?” Wade asked.

“Out with a friend.” You lied.

“Oh, are you coming home for dinner?”

“Sure, I’ll see you in a few hours.” You smiled into the phone, “Gotta go, bye!”

You heard him laugh a bit. “Bye.” And the call ended.

You fell back onto Peter’s bed and sighed. He did the same so your heads were close to one another. “Hey, when are you going to tell him?” Peter asked.

“Probably not for a long time.”

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Caught in the Web (part 5)

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4 

Summary: You accidentally took a photo of Spider-Man without his mask covering his face and now, you have to deal with consequences.

Word count: 1 234 

A/N: Surprise, I’m still alive! Enjoy another part :)

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anonymous asked:

Hey bb, huge congrats! Can i request for the sentence starters, "real smooth, tripping over air" for jason todd and reader? Thank you!

“Real smooth, tripping over air”

You groaned hearing that voice. Pushing yourself up off the cement o the rooftop. “Can I help you hoodie?”

“No, but thanks for the laugh.” Hearing the smugness in his tone.

Rolling your eyes under your mask before asking, “What do you want?”

“A date?”

You jaw dropped, positive he was smirking under his mask. “Say what now?”

“Will. You. Go. Out. With. Me?” He spoke clearly.

“I-I um..” blushing as you stuttered.

“I’ll take that blush as a yes. Pick you up at 8 tomorrow!” He called before grappling off.

Leaving you thinking ‘Did that just happen?’

1,100 Milestone - Sentence Starters - Closed

“ But how will we do this?Jack this is a five man job and it’s only me and you who else are we gonna-”


Geoff and jack stopped conversing about a job they were planning and froze in fear. 

was it the cops?

did they find out?

Jack slowly got up and grabbed her gun moving towards the door and opened it slowly, only to see nobody there.

“ What the hell?” She mumbled, and just as she was about to close the door a sounds ran through that broke her heart into a million pieces. 

A baby’s cry.

Jack looked down to see a small infant wrapped up in a dirty blanket, sitting on geoff’s doorstep. 

Jack looked around to see if anybody was still there, which there wasnt. She sighed and leaned down, scooping up the small child in her arms and walking inside

“ Was it the cops?” Geoff asked as jack walked in and shook her head. 

“ No. we got something that’ll cause more trouble than cops.” She said and geoff stopped looking at the plans and looked at her oddly.

“ Jack what the hell are you-” He began then froze, seeing the bundle of blankets in her arms. “ Jack, why are you holding a bunch of dirty blankets that smell like shit?” He asked and she sighed. 

“ Somebody dropped them off and left, theres nobody there was nobody there, what was i suppose to do?” She asked as he pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed. 

“ Give me the kid.” He said and held his hands out as jack layed the infant into his tattoo clad arms. 

He looked down at the infant and tried to stay emotionless, but as soon as the baby’s big e/c eyes met his his heart instantly melted. Seeing it;s dirt covered s/c skin and slight h/c fuzz on the top of it’s head. It big eyes staring up at him as one tiny hand reaches up and grabbed a hold of one of his fingers in it’s entire hand and squeezed it. 

He looked at jack with the most neutral face he could muster at the time. 

“ Jack draw a bath and and give them a bath, im gonna go buy some baby stuff.”

“ But geoff-”

“ no buts! were keeping them!”

Half an hour later they had found out that “ them” was a “her” and they had both decided after three beers and six hours on baby name sites that y/n was now the name of the child. no were not naming her puebert why the fuck would you even suggest that jesus christ geoff

They had decided to raise her themselves, which wasnt the best or safest decision but it was better than sticking her in an orphanage, right?


First steps

“ Jack i’m fine stop worrying.” 

“ Geoff your bleeding!” Jack said worriedly as they both sat down on the couch after a particularly dangerous heist. 

“ I’ll be okay.” He waved it off, taking another swig of whiskey.

Both of their bickering was noticed by little y/n, who was currently sitting across from then in purple footsie pajamas. you frowned and slowly stood up, crabbing a hold of the coffee table to steady yourself before taking one wobbly step towards them. 

Jack noticed and stopped arguing with geoff, keeping her eyes on the baby girl who was wobbling towards them. ‘

“ Geoff shut up and look at y/n.” She hissed, causing the man to look up and instantly his eyes lit up. 

“ Come on baby, come to daddy.” Geoff said as you two two more steps before falling down onto geoff legs, which he swooped you into his arms and gave you a big hug. 

“ Oh my goodness!” Geoff said as he gave you a big hug.” Good job y/n! you just took your first steps! i think that deserves some icecream, what do you think jack?”

“ Extra sprinkles.”

“ sounds good!let’s go!”


 First word

“Gavin were stop feeding her cherrios.” Jack said and gavin sighed, turning away from you in your high chair. 

“ But why? she loves them so much!” Gavin whined and smiled at you. “ Dont you love? yes! you love cherrios almost as much as you love your uncle gavin, yes you do~” He cooed and you giggled before continuing to eat your snack. 

“ Gavin just do as we say okay? your new here so dont push it.” Geoff snapped as he took a sip of his morning coffee, this had become their routine. 

Prepare for any jobs that day while taking care of y/n, which gavin had grown qiet close two since he joined the two criminals two weeks ago. ‘

Of course today was a little different than the others. 

“ Gavin im telling you now if you dont-”

“Gavin!” You shouted happily, causing them all to freeze. 

“ Did she just-” Geoff began before jack ran forward with a big smile and took you in her arms. 

“ What was that baby? “ She asked and you smiled. 

“Gavin!” You said happily and jack grinned. 

“ Yes that’s right! That’s gavin!” She said and pointed at gavin. “ Oh my god your first word!” She gushed as she walked out of the room, holding you in her arms. 

Leaving a shocked gavin and angry geoff alone in the kitchen. 

“ My name was her first word? that’s awesome!” Gavin said with a smile, which soon dissapeared when he saw the dark look geoff was giving him. 

“ You bastard……”

“ Ahh geoff no!”







“ Daddy who is that?” You asked geoff as you rubbed the sleep out of your eyes, staring at the man in your living room. Who was wearing a hoodie and glasses, staring at the floor then you awkwardly. 

“ Sweetie this is ray, he’s gonna be apart of our crew now.” Geoff said and you walked up and stared at him silently. 

“ Uhh hi.” Ray said awkwardly as you narrowed your eyes at him, before breaking in to a big grin. 

“ Hi! i’m y/n.wanna watch sailor moon with me?” You ask and ray nodded. 

“ Yeah sure i love sailormoon.: He said and you grinned. 

“ Yay! let’s go!” You said as you grabbed the bottom of his hoodie and walked into the living room, ray walking in after you. 

Jack looked at gavin and geoff with a smile.” Told you they’d get along well.” She said smugly.


“ Who are you?” You asked the masked man who sat on your couch.


He turned his head to he looked at you and you cowered away, the silent skull masked stranger wasn’t exactly comforting. “ I’m Ryan.” He said calmly ans you nodded. 

Ryan had joined two days ago and had been informed by geoff about you. so now he was the one who had to stay back and watch you while all of the others went on a heist. 

“ Are you apart of the crew too?”

“ Yes.” He said and your eyes then went to the blond pony tail pointing out of his mask. 

“ Can i braid your hair?” You ask and he looked at you.

“what?” He asked oddly. Geoff had told him he had a kid, he didnt think youd be so chatty with a stranger you just met. 

“ can i? jack taught me how to braid hair and i can do it real well!” You pleaded and he let out a loud sigh. 

“Okay.” He said and you squealed and hopped onto the couch, sitting behind him as he slipped off his mask so you can braid his hair. 

As your tiny hands began to braid his hair you both began to talk. 

 “ Hey ryan?”


“ Why do you wear facepaint under your mask?”


“ Okay…”


“hey ryan?”


“ Your hair is really soft.”

“ …..thanks.”

“Your welcome!”

“Hey ryan?” You asked as you finished up the briad, topping it off with a few flowers in his hair. 


You finished the braid and walked so you now sat in his lap and put your small arms around his waist, which didnt even reach half way. “ Welcome to the family ryan.” You said and he chuckled, hugging you back. 

“ Thanks kid.”

*the next day*

“ Hey ryan?” Geoff asked as they others tried to hold in their snickers. 

“ Yeah?” Ryan called out as he grabbed a beer from the fridge. 

“ Why does your hair have flowers in it? and why is it braided?” He asked smugly as the other guys snickered and giggled and ryan rolled his eyes. 

“ Y/n did my hair, “ He said and geoff froze. 

“ w-what?” He asked and ryan smirked. 

“ Yup, she braided my hair and everything, she was really happy about it too. i think i’m on my way to being her new favorite.” He said with a grin before walking out of the room. 

The other four men stood there in silence in the kitchen before running to your room. 





And that is how all of the boys got their hair done by a six year old, also getting there nails painted , giving you the best day ever with your favourite boys. 

The robbery they did the very next day caused some interesting news reports about the “ pink nailed, flowered crowed robbers” But hey, they’ll do anything for you. 


 it is currently 3:32 am and i dont feel like spell checkin any of this. 

so heres a bunch of crappy little ficlings i made in like half an hour. theyre so low quality im sorry but i love the idea of this, like baby reader in the ah creew and like ryan being her vaourite and daddy geoff is not havving it and it’s a lot of fun and i have more ideas for this kinda thing. but if you have any ideas or request please send them to me!

anonymous asked:

What are your headcannons for Flug under the mask? Sorry if this has been asked before!

Look at this smug Anon.

Don’t worry babe, hasn’t been asked yet! <3 I don’t have any, let the poor dude be a paperbag if he wants to. We don’t need to know what’s underneath.

anonymous asked:

Can you write a Kakashi scenario where he finds out the reader is a perv like Jiraiya and teases her about it?

Thank you for the request! I hope this satisfies. I tried my best. :)

Kakashi teasing the pervy Reader

He trailed his hands down her spine, setting her skin ablaze. Her senses became hyperaware and anticipating every move he made. His hands ghost over the clasp of her bra as she ran her hands down his bare chest. She pulled him closer to her as their lips moved in sync. The kiss was drawn out slowly, building the arousal for both them as he unclasped her bra…

The sudden sound of chimes from the store’s entrance brought you out of the world you were currently in. You quickly set the book in your hands down, hiding it under your seat cushion as you rushed to the front of the store to greet the customer that just came in.

The morning had been relatively slow in the book store so you had decided to pass the time by reading one of those cheesy romantic novels that were in the mature section. It was one of your guilty pleasures since you loved to indulge in those smutty books. They always made your mind run wild with ideas and gave you a tingling in your belly. It was something that you were slightly embarrassed about and kept it a well-guarded secret as you didn’t own any smutty books. You only read them here at the book store when you had no customers, unlike right now.

“Hello! Welcome to Konoha’s Books and More,” You announced as you rounded a bookcase, smiling welcomingly when you stopped in your tracks.

You became perplex as you were met with an empty store. You could have sworn the chimes rang as you approached the front entrance. You open the door as the chimes rang once more as you looked left and right from outside. Citizens were walking along outside but none seem to have any interest in the store.

You made sure the shop sign said open, before you shut the shop’s door, taking a look around the shop. It was rather strange. You thought you heard the chimes clear as day, but maybe you imagine it. That was the only thought that comfort you as you investigated the checkout register, making sure nothing was touched and decided to straighten out a few books. You waited by the front of the shop for a good fifteen minutes in hopes that your customer would come back but when no one came, you decided to head back to where you were to enjoy your book once more.

You headed to the back of the shop where you knew a couple of nice chairs sat in a secluded area where you could read peacefully. When you turned the final corner to get to your quiet space, you gasped in surprised as your boyfriend, Kakashi, was sitting in the chair you were once resting in.

Kakashi was casually reclined on the chair and didn’t even look up from the book in his hands, the book you evidently tried to hide under the chair’s cushion. You could feel your cheeks start to reddened as you tried to maintain your composure.

“Kakashi? Wha-what are you doing here? I thought you ha-had training with your team this morning,” you stuttered, nervously, trying to fight off your embarrassment.

“It ended early,” Kakashi answered, not giving any sign that he knew what book he was reading. “and I just popped in to see how my girlfriend was doing this morning, but I think I already know.” Kakashi remarked, finally looking up at you with his one visible eye and a teasing smile hidden under his mask.

“It’s not what it looks like!” You interjected, your cheeks heating up.

“Oh? What does it look like then?” Kakashi questioned, playing along.

“I was reorganizing where those books went,” you weakly stated, hoping he buy the lie but you knew Kakashi was to perceptive for that.

Kakashi raised an eyebrow at you, a smirk forming on his lips. “I don’t think many customers would find it any easier to look under the seat cushion,” Kakashi teased, with a light chuckle. “Who knew I had such a naughty little girlfriend.”

You ducked your head in embarrassment as you barely heard Kakashi raise from his seat to walk over to you. You felt his gloved hand on your cheek as he rose your head up. You saw a kind, gentle look in his eye as he looked down at you. His smile was soft and he was no longer teasing.

“You don’t have to be shamed, Y/N. I was only teasing; I didn’t know you read such things. It was an honest surprise, but a good surprise. I think it’s kind of sexy, ok?” Kakashi admitted, softly as your eyes met his.

The embarrassment was still present on your face as you nodded your head, biting you lip. Kakashi leaned in, giving you a quick peck on the lips through his mask, his hand still gently rubbing your cheek.

“So do you have any smutty books you recommend for me?” Kakashi teased, smiling once more.

iggydabirdkid  asked:

From reading your fic's about Tali and Kira, i was wondering if i could get your overview on what Tali looks like under her mask?

basically, closer to her concept art? 

Not exactly like that, but look at how fucking cool this design is. Why did we get photoshopped stock photo Tali. Like??

So basically, no hair because that makes no sense inside the suits. No nose because I said so. her skin is still like light purple, and her eyes glow, and she’s got little freckles that glow also because I said so.

Basically, I want the quarians to look less human and more like actual aliens. Javik even called them attractive, and yet he thinks Shepard looks weird? Nah. Nah there’s no reason for them to even remotely resemble humans, much less just look like Purple Humans with weird legs

here is my bad dollmaker rendition(s)