what's under your mask

Drunk Naruto Characters

Requested by loklists!

How would certain characters act if they were drunk?

1. Kakashi: Super playful and even more of a mask tease

Naruto: “Sooo Kakashi Sensei….how about letting us see what’s under that mask of yours now?”

Kakashi: “Suuuure! Lemme just pull my mask down and OH LOOK ANOTHER MASK. And underneath that….ANOTHER. AND ANOTHER! Truth is you ain’t seeing my face, you gettit?”

2. Kakuzu: Spends money and then swipes it back the day after

Kakuzu: “Hidan, follow me. We’re going back to the aquarium.”

Hidan: “Eh? We’re going AGAIN? But yesterday was fun enough! You even pet the fucking dolphins!”

Kakuzu: “I want my $20 back.”

3. Chouji: Super intelligent 

Chouji: “And THAT’S why this precise formula is the key to winning any ambush attack. It’s virtually flawless!”

Ino: “You…you drew that up in 10 minutes!”

Chouji: “I drew what?”

4. Shikamaru: Super unintelligent and jumpy 

Shikamaru: “And THAT’S how I beat the stupid black and white buttface”

Temari: “That’s brilliant! I can’t believe you planned that far ahead!”

Shikamaru: “Yeeeeeah well he was pretty dumb to begin with….falling for shadows….why the hell do I control shadows CAN I CONTROL YOURS?”

5. Haku: Playful

Haku: “Wooop! Now you see me….now you don’t!”

Zabuza: “Haku seriously we’ve got to GO. Get rid of those mirrors!”

Haku: “Where am I?! Am I over here….or here….I’m everywhere at once! Hahaha!”

6. Kisame: Super emotional




7. Suigetsu: Also super playful and dramatic

Suigetsu: “Hey….hey Karin….I’m meeeeelting!”

Karin: “Suigetsu I swear to-”


8. Tenten: Aggressive

Tenten: “Do you SEE how many weapons I have?! NO! You don’t! I have so many concealed weapons on me right now you wouldn’t know what hit you!”

Neji: “T-Tenten please calm down! We’re in a restaurant!”

Tenten: “Goddamn I even have weapons in my cleavage” 

9. Minato: Plays ‘pranks’

Minato: “Hey…..Hey Kushina! Behind you”

Kushina: “Yes dear- oh my god not again”


10. Gaara: The same….sort of

Gaara: “Bring me…Naruto”

Kankuro: “G-Gaara are you alright?”

Gaara: “I love friendship.”

ok wheres that comic where its junkrat and roadhog and junkrat’s like “lets see whats under your mask” and takes it off and they have the same exact face because i keep thinking about it and it CRACKS ME THE FUCK UP

Okay, I’m not mad because it’s like “OH LOOK HOW FUGGO DOOM IS” or anything like that. I feel like that scene in Secret Wars #3 was just done for cheap shock value, and goes against the whole Doom mythos.

You, the viewer, are never supposed to see what is under the mask. That is supposed to be left to your imagination. Doom thinks he looks like this horrifying monster that should never see the light of day. But is he really horrifying? Or is his facial scarring really a mark of his failure – for he was scarred when he miscalculated his equations and blew up his lab. His face was marked with the mark of failure, which for someone with such a massive ego, was something that Victor could not tolerate and face. This failure was so hideous, so apalling, that he had to hide it away forever, and reinvent himself. 

There is also the factor of Victor’s vanity. He at one point was a handsome man, and a vain one, so even just a small scar on his cheek was a horrifying thing to behold for him. Notice, how, every time he has someone gotten his hands on some godlike powers, the first thing he does is restore his face to its previous glory. For examples of that, see the original Secret Wars, or Children’s Crusade.

I mean, I guess the writers may be attempting, at best, some sort of cheesy Beauty and the Beast scenario??????!!

I know this is not the first time this happened, and probably not the last.

TL, DR: Having an on-panel reveal of what lies under the mask of Doctor Doom and confirming that he looks like some sort of monster is a cheap shot and lazy fucking storytelling THE END.