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Inktober 15 - Butterfly.

Me and Mary are doing Inktober half and half! (Check out Day 14)

@fellswap-gold fanart.

Yggdrasil ♡

💕👍💕✌💕wow i love daesung💕✌💕👍💕

morning  glitter bombs,  i’m just seeing the recent news on here and all i’m gonna say is if anyone needs a  distraction,  i’m mobile bound all day at work.  ♡♡

i think it’s clear that lotor’s generals weren’t actually that invested in him and his plans by the fact that they saw narti as betraying HIM not THEM

TDBM drabble– A Flower by Any Other Name

Words: 414
Summary: Flowers are nice. Matthew has an idea which kind Alice would be.
Other: This is for lorelaigilmoure. It was intended as an askbox fic but somehow it got longer and well… now it is a drabble. I hope you like it, my dear. <3


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I should maybe start tagging the dgm arcs so maybe people can blacklist them more easily (and esp to differenciate between The Call’s spoilers and the likes of the 3rds Exorcists arc.)

But like there’s legit no way I can make a very broad statement I think….

If we sum it up in a vague way:

Intro Arc:

-Introduction Arc
-Mattel Arc
-Clocktown Arc
-Vampire Arc

Edo Arc:

-Suman Arc
-Boat Attack Arc
-Asian Branch Arc
-Ark Arc (best name for an arc thanks.)

Fuck the Order in particular: (listen if you have a better name for this -)

-Destruction Arc
-Zombie Arc
-Reveal Mini-arc
-Paris Arc
-3rds Arc

Runnaway Arc:

-Escape arc
-Call for AW Arc


Okay I suck at making arcs and it’s hella hard to come up with name for the arcs, sue me.

I’ll probably not use those

… but if i do you know what to do.

thoughts on girls asking guys out on dates…??