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I know this is kind of a silly question since there's no true way of knowing (and it'll be revealed next month anyway), but how do you think the first few episodes of the anime will be split from the chapters what events could fit into say.. the first 5 episodes? Do you think it could go up to Ymir's revelation or all the way up to the reveal of Bertholdt and Reiner? Idkw but this has just been bothering me all week and I can't seem to get it out of my head. What are your thoughts/predictions?

Ah, I have no idea, but awhile back someone made a careful list of how season one of the anime covered the manga (link).

  • Episode 1: Ch 1, Ch 2 page 1-22
  • Episode 2: Ch 2 page 23-33, Ch 15 page 1-4, Ch 2 page 33-35, 38-39
  • Episode 3: Ch 15 page 5 to end, Ch 16
  • Episode 4: Ch 17, Ch 2 page 35-37 and page 40-42, Ch 3
  • Episode 5: Ch 4
  • Episode 6: Ch 5, Ch 6
  • Episode 7: Ch 7, Ch 8 page 1-14
  • Episode 8: Ch 8 page 15 to end , Ch 9
  • Episode 9: Volume 3 extra/Side Story 1 (Levi’s chapter), Ch 10
  • Episode 10: Ch 11, Ch 12 page 1-8
  • Episode 11: Ch 12 page 9 to end
  • Episode 12: Ch 13, Ch 14 page 1-11
  • Episode 13: Ch 14 page 12 to end, Ch 18
  • Episode 14: Ch 19
  • Episode 15: Ch 20
  • Episode 16: minor information from ch 18, Ch 21, Ch 22 page 1-13
  • Episode 17: Ch 22 page 13 to end, Ch 23
  • Episode 18: Ch 24, Ch 25 page 1-17
  • Episode 19: Ch 25 page 18 to end, Ch 26
  • Episode 20: Ch 27, Ch 28 page 1-16
  • Episode 21: Ch 28 page 17 to end, Ch 29, Ch 30 page 1-12
  • Episode 22: Ch 30 page 12 to end
  • Episode 23: Ch 31, Ch 32 page 1-6
  • Episode 24: Ch 32 page 7 to end
  • Episode 25: Ch 33, Ch 34 page 1-5 and page 31-33

Season one covered 33 manga chapters. Season two will like cover 36 or 37 chapters. (I think it will go through chapter 71). So roughly 1.5 chapters per episode plus extra content. 

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what's thomas from college au from hell's favorite anime

i don’t know enough anime to answer this but i consulted a friend and she suggested one punch man, saint young men, prince of tennis, and hikaru no go

“he likes to watch anime based on contemporary japanese media bc he likes to be hip and even though he’s a weeb he tries to be the Cool Fresh Weeb™. and then just ends up acting like a snob bragging about how multicultural he is for watching more obscure/well made shit”

this is her analysis. she won’t touch hamilton fandom with a 10 foot pole btw so im pretty impressed

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What is the thing in a anime that can prevent you from watching it ?

There are three main things which tend to stop me from following or enjoying any manga or anime:

  • Damsels in distress
  • Love triangles in romance animes for the sake of cheap drama because the author is unimaginative
  • The double standard where female on male physical abuse is not only okay, but is actually considered “funny”.

If any series does any of the above tropes, I would tend to have many issues with it. If it does more than one of them, it would give me a lot of grief and I’d wonder why I was following it in the first place.


yes i saw the tags and comments on this post so here a little extra! Sorry guys no reveal, it’ll take a little more than pastries to get through to this oblivious boy

i wanted to draw regina berry’s hair, her buttery croissant hair 

I have never seen a full episode of the Kirby Nightmare in Dreamland anime but from what I can gather from random promos I saw on the 4kids tv network like ten years ago it’s about two extremely anxious children living under the tyrannical regime of an incompetent penguin whose plans for world domination consist entirely of ordering infomercial products, and said children discover salvation in the form of an indifferent child who just wants to eat dinner and maybe eat the chef who cooked it too

Sometimes meta knight shows up and says something witty in a Spanish accent