what's this about a skype call

The whole sin bin starts as funny, since Jack has always been aware Bitty could barely go a few sentence without throwing a term of endearment, but actually having it pointed out by other people every time it happens makes a warm pleasant feeling grow in his chest.

It’s a little smugness, a little awe and a lot of love.

But after the first few days of having to drop by several times to atms to get more cash, it stops being cute and turns into a little annoying. Especially when he has to spend an hour on the phone with the bank about his unusual card activity instead of his Skype session with Bitty.

So Jack, does what any reasonable person would in that situation.

He gets cash, goes to the haus, sits Bitty on the kitchen counter and then spends an hour non stop calling Bitty every cute nickname that comes to his mind in front of everybody, then drops a wad of cash on the sin bin without looking, carries a red faced, heart eyed Bitty to the bedroom and yells at them to just put the rest on their tab.

“He could just have gotten us the drier” Dex says while Ransom opens a spread sheet to help him pro con which model they will get, and Holster pulls up a list and scratches the first item on it.

“We need to take a vote on what to get with the rest, I maintain a flat screen would be the best use for it.

“Actually we need a new toaster.”

“It was working fine yesterday?”

“Nursery spilled juice on it.”

“…I think we should use the money to Nursey-proof the house.”

“Jack doesn’t have that much money.”

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-Aunt May. the ultimate cock block

-being with Peter when Tony shows up and Tony making all sorts of comments about how Peter not only has a hot aunt, but a hot girlfriend too?

-staying in New York while Peter goes to ‘fight team Cap’ because you have school

-Peter would totally be skyping, texting and calling you 24/7

-maybe even during the fights

-”wait a sec metal arm guy, my girlfriend is calling. hey Y/N! what am i doing right now? well theres this guy with this huge metal arm and- wooooah! stop throwing things at me! can’t you see im on the phone?!”

-”hey babe, you know that old movie with the giant things that walk and the spaceships that wrap stuff around their legs? yeah! Starwars! i should have remembered the name, thanks babe.”

-i dunno, he seems like a ‘babe’ guy

-adorable awkwardness

-but you fit so perfectly together when you hug

-he’d love giving you piggy back rides

-adorable cuddles

-he would love burrowing his face against your neck and kissing your neck and just… neck.

-if you ever wanted to put yourself in harms way he would totally just spider web you to things.

-”its too dangerous.” “nah i’ll be fine… Peter. did you just spiderweb me to the door?” “yes???”


-him teaching you computer stuff

-”you sure you’re not bored by all this computer stuff?” he would ask. you would say no. 

-holding hands

-long walks around Queens because yes

-he would know all the super cool places

-Aunt May would loooove you

-you’d be invited to every dinner at that house

-Aunt May would make you little food take home bags

-OH MY GOSH! you and Peter would be ‘love bugs’ (get it? because he’s a spider *insert troll face*)

-endless honey moon phase

-being dorks

-being nerds

-being who you are with each other, no need for false fronts

-i love you, i love you, i love you


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Five Surprises

Chris Evans x reader (mostly between Chris and your daughter)

Warnings: literally just all fluff. like you might die from all the fluff. you’re welcome.

Words: 1.7k

All credit goes to Marvel.

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The first time Chris ever surprised your daughter, Daisy, was when she was four years old. She loved having Chris as a dad and loved hearing his stories from all the different movies he worked on. Her first words to almost everyone she met were: “Do you know Captain America? That’s my daddy!” On “Bring Your Parent to School” day, a skype call was set up so Chris could still be there and tell everyone about what he does. Nothing made Daisy happier than hearing from her dad.

On this day in particular, you and Daisy were getting ready to go pick him up from the airport. She had been talking about it non-stop and counting down the weeks and days until you got to go see him again. “Momma, hurry up! Daddy’s plane is landing soon and we’re going to get caught in traffic!” You couldn’t help but laugh from your place at the kitchen sink, doing some last minute dishes before Chris came home.

“Just let me finish these up, okay? How about you go brush your teeth and get your coat on? Bring the flowers out, too, okay?” She nodded eagerly and bounced off to the bathroom. When you heard the lock, you smiled and were nearly jumping out of your skin.

You quietly opened the front door of your home and all but jumped into Chris’s arms, peppering him with kisses and hugging the life out of him. He gave you one long kiss before setting you back on the floor and letting himself in, pulling flowers of his own from behind his back. “Where’s the bug?” He whispered.

“Bathroom.” You mouthed. He nodded and got down to his knees on the floor with his arms outstretched, flowers in hand, waiting for his daughter to come. He couldn’t help the dorky smile etched on his face, but he couldn’t find a reason to care. Both your smiles grew when you heard the bathroom door open.

“Momma, what if-,” she paused, seeing Chris. Her mouth fell open and she ran. “Daddy!” She screamed.

“Hey, bug! I got you flowers!” He said, still squeezing Daisy. She pulled from him, pushing her flowers into his face, making him laugh.

“Daddy, I got you flowers, too!”

“That’s great, let’s go put them in a vase so they can be together, okay?” Chris looked up at you and you shared a big smile.

The second time Chris surprised Daisy was at her ballet recital when she was 9 years old. She had been so discouraged that her dad couldn’t be there to see her, and skyping him before the big show was the only thing that brought a small smile on her face. “Hey, you go out there and you kick ass, okay? And don’t tell your mother what I just said,” she finally laughed. “I gotta go, bug. You’re going to do great. I’ll see you soon, I promise.” With that, Chris ended the call and you walked inside the building together to find your seats before the show began.

“You’re a great dad, you know that?” You asked him. Chris smiled and wrapped his arm around your shoulders.

“I try my best.” He said casually. You laughed with him and sat down in the plush red theater seats.

“You’re a great husband, too.” You said, he looked down, smiling at you before placing a kiss on your forehead. You snuggled into his side.

“Well, having a great wife helps. I love you, Y/N Evans.” You tilted your chin up, locking your lips in a kiss that melted your heart like so many times before. You pulled apart when the curtains pulled open and you watched with pure glee as Daisy’s eyes quickly scanned the audience, looking for her mother.

But when her eyes landed on Chris, not even the brightest of stars could outshine her smile.

The third time Chris surprised Daisy was when she was five days away from turning 15 years old. Following in her dad’s footsteps, she joined drama club at her new high school and going to acting workshops every Friday night. She completely invested herself into acting. Her dream was to one day star side-by-side in a movie with her dad.

One night at one of her workshops, she was given a script and was told she was only allowed to read it as she was acting it. It was a small class this night, only five or six other people, and everyone was dressed for the cold New England, February weather with big jackets and scarves and beanies.

This confused Daisy because they were inside and it wasn’t that cold in the building, but she didn’t ask. The director called up Daisy and a tall man who still hadn’t removed the scarf covering his lower face. He was wearing a pair of glasses and a blue beanie with a grey jacket and jeans.

The pair began going back and forth in lines for fifteen minutes and it was going really well, until Daisy got to one line that made her pause. “Maybe the man in front of me is someone I don’t expect,” she peered up at the man curiously. He nodded at her, signaling for her to find out who the mystery man was. She slowly and cautiously removed his scarf. She didn’t even have to remove the glasses or beanie before she burst out laughing at the sight of her dad.

Chris had been filming a long, gruesome movie in Antarctica for the past year and he hadn’t been able to find time to come home. He had told Daisy that he’d try his best to be home in time for her birthday, but not to get too excited just in case he couldn’t make it work.

But here he stood, in front of Daisy as happy tears spilled from her eyes. The audience stood up, making to clap, but instead peeling off their own disguises. Sebastian, Anthony, Scarlett, Elizabeth, and Robert all came up to the stage, embracing your daughter in a bone-crushing hug. “I knew you’d be home in time!”

“When have I ever let you down?”

The fourth, and possibly biggest surprise Chris had planned for Daisy was for her 16th birthday. “I can’t believe you got our daughter a Lexus for her birthday.” You said. Chris laughed as your daughter squealed in delight at the eggshell white car parked center squared of your driveway. A big pink bow sat on top.

“Well what were you planning on getting her?” He asked.

“Something that won’t cost half of her college fund to fix.”

“That’s what insurance is for. Besides, tell me this isn’t the happiest you’ve seen her in a while.” You finally gave in and smiled, leaning into your husband as his arms wrapped tightly around you. “No boys in there!” Chris shouted out to Daisy, who was running around the car, taking pictures of it. You gave his arm a light swat.

“Oh, like you weren’t trying to get with girls at her age!” You laughed.

“But I was respectful about it, I took them out to dinner first. I paid the bill, and then they faked nausea and I drove them home.”

“If only they knew back then that they were dumping Captain America.”

“I’m glad they dumped Captain America, I wouldn’t have found you if they hadn’t,” He pressed a kiss to your temple and you smiled, leaning further into him until you were impossible close. “This may be Daisy’s big day, but 16 years ago, you were the one that brought her into this world. I know I may not be the best father, but you are the best mother. You make the sacrifices that I can’t. I know I’m not home often, but you still always leave the light on for me. I don’t thank you enough.” You reached up to him, taking his face in your hands and pressing a long kiss to his lips, earning a loud groan of disgust from Daisy.

The fifth, and possibly the best in Daisy’s opinion, wasn’t even really a surprise. Her happiness was just equal to all of the joy Chris has brought her since the first surprise.

Daisy was distractedly straightening out her gown and her hair, making sure she looked picture perfect. Her mom and dad and all of their friends sat in one of the back rows, giving her encouraging smiles. She pulled lightly on the tassel from her cap, sending them a bright smile back. This was it. She was 18. She was finally graduating.

She had spent nearly all day doing her hair and makeup with all of her friends. Tears were shed at the thought of not seeing them every day anymore, but it was mostly a breath of relief to be out of there. “Daisy Evans.” Her head snapped up to her principal. She hadn’t even been paying attention. She took a deep breath.

She smiled brightly, walking across the stage. Despite the principal politely asking everyone to wait until the end of the ceremony to clap, loud whoops were still heard from the back of the auditorium coming from Sebastian and Anthony. You reached over, clapping a hand over each of their mouths before smiling apologetically at the people who turned to look at them.

Seb let out a quiet “woo!” making everyone in the general area start laughing hysterically. Daisy couldn’t hide the blush creeping up on her cheeks from her “uncles” antics. This wasn’t an uncommon thing, either. They did this every time she won an award from her sports or her academics. They all made sure everyone knew who Daisy was.

Daisy ran off stage, launching herself straight into you and Chris’s arms, making all of us stumble slightly backwards. We laughed nonetheless. Soon enough, everyone else piled into the hug as some laughed and some cried that Daisy was done with high school. Having known her all of her life, the “Avengers” cast became her family and they, as much as you and Chris, dreaded seeing her grow up.

“I’m proud of you, kid.” Chris mumbled into the hug.

“Me too.”

“Me three.”

“I’m more proud.”

“I’m proudest.”

“Shut up.”

TMZ said that the girl was a bystander and played the video of the girl talking from yesterday where she said Eleanor tried to get her phone, she wasn’t going to let Eleanor get it, and then Louis (who she referred to as the guy from One Direction or something similar aka she’s not a fucking fan) just punched her. No mention of her attacking Eleanor or Louis pulling her off Eleanor (of course). They said that this could be an issue for him, unlike the pap thing, but then they mentioned the social media post of the girl (which I thought was faked? But k) where she was “joking” (that’s what they called it) about putting a beatdown on Eleanor and Harvey said that would definitely be used in court etc etc

The woman who skyped in basically said that if he punched a woman who wasn’t doing anything, that’s bad, but if the girl is making it into a joke, that will bite her in the ass

Because They Can (Holy trinity x FemReader) fluffy drabble

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(( gif not mine - cutes ))

(A/n): ahhhh kill me

Request:  Request! Fem!Reader is a popular gamer who collabs a lot. After several hate comments about how “a girl can’t play videogames,” her friends Mark, Felix and Jack cheer her up through a Skype call. If you do this request, I would really love it if you’d tag me though I understand if you would prefer not to :D

Warnings: lmao swearing





Not being able to coordinate yourself, your character ended up going backward by your control. You did not, in anyway, trust the front bend. Regardless of what Felix was trying to tell you.

You ended up dying.

“Oh, for fuck sake.” you grumbled, allowing yourself leeway to fall back in your chair.

“What,” breathed Felix “did I tell you.”

Together, Mark and the Irishman laughed heartily and looked into their set up cameras. You couldn’t help up pout at their joyous outbursts, hearing Felix tune in as well.

“I don’t know!” you began to defend, sitting up right again to reload the game.

“If I were to go down the front bend, I would’ve gotten jumped by 1A. I mean, they have lighter weaponry, but they had more soldiers.”

Beginning to mutter, you finished with “2B had less people so I thought I could just… slip by.”

Mark spit a bit before he laughed again, and said:

“I don’t think that’s how that works, hon.”

You only scoffed and challenged him with a “We’ll see.” before starting up a new map and inducing them to join.

Though the game had already started, and Jack and Felix were continuing commentary; you were slightly distracted by the comments of your stream.

Something’s about girls and games.

“Jack, if you round the corner onnnn…” you drawled for a moment before making up your mind “your second left, there is spare ammo in that wedge.”

“For sure?” confirmed Jack, clicking away at his mouse.

“Yeah, I remember. But, don’t pick up all of it, you won’t have room in your pack left.” you explained further “Utilize the space as much as you can so that you can pick up things like torch batteries. Yes, you will need them in the third map; second half.”

Mark seemed to be confused for a second, peering into his camera lens “Have you played through this before?” he asked.

“No.” you answered “You can just assume, because in that map, the only places to ‘hide’ in are the forest caves. Which are dark.”

Mark and Jack pushed out a chorus of ‘oh’s and thanked you heartily. Felix and yourself laughed, and you allowed yourself to glance at the chat once again.

“Should we take maybe five minutes to read over some things in the chat?” you suggested. The three boys agreed.

“Suuure thing.” sang Sean. Quickly, he leaned back in his chair and stretched himself fully; making inhuman groans with his mouth. You winced quaintly and chuckled.

“Uhhhmmm..” Mark sounded uncomfortable “these aren’t very appropriate.”

You were struck by confusion at first, offering your lens a childish look. You then checked, and read several comments in the below chat.

‘she’s pretty dumb for getting killed so easily lmao’

‘idiot move (Y/n)’

‘why girl’s shouldn’t play video games ^^^ they will get you killed smh’’

‘airheaded bitch wtf’

Well, shit. You wouldn’t have guessed people were still this immature. Have to admit though, you were a little peeved they totally bypassed everything you had just said.

“They mean me…” you mumbled half hearted.

“Yeah,” Felix said, sounding detached “they do.”

The four of you kind of sat in an uneasy silence. The chat slowed, some viewers even slightly apologizing.

Until one:

‘yea and? now get her off the stream ffs’


Mark was the first to admit how rude that was, giving his camera lens an uneasy stare. Jack followed suit with a disapproving look- the kind that tore out the hearts of his viewers.

Felix- well Felix killed it. He went on a lengthy rant about how sexist the comment was and how much of a douche that made them for saying it.

He went full rage.

“Do you want to… continue the stream?” you mumbled, silently hoping they would say no. You were alright, just feeling a little defeated at the moment. You felt as though you couldn’t hold yourself in front of any audience any longer.

“Not really.” said Mark, still glaring at his camera “Not at all…”

“Not anymore, I don’t.” agreed Jack.

The atmosphere hung thickly around the situation. Countless times, viewers that were actually trying to enjoy the stream apologized for the words of the ignorant. You almost felt bad.

But not too bad when you reached up and shut down your stream recording camera.

Felix, Sean and Mark did the same.

Silence. The skype call and webcams remained.

“(Y/n) don’t be sad.” said Felix. He smiled at you.

You managed your own grin and told him you weren’t sad. Afterwards, you thanked him for standing up for you.

“Don’t be a sad pupper.” giggled Mark effortlessly. He was really, heavily worried. Though, the male wasn’t sure it came across in his voice.

“No, no I’m not sad… defeated maybe.” you clarified.

Felix was a little heart broken. You were one of his closest friends, he didn’t need to see- or hear you sound so… deflated.

“Well they are just fucking… fucking dickholes.” he demanded stiffly.

“I swear to god, if any other small brained, chapstick looking mother dickbag says one more thing, I’m moving to America and starting a rally.”

You laughed quietly at the Swede’s declaration “Mother dic-”

“Mother dickbag.”

That made you at least chuckle a little, along side Jack and Mark. You were glad to be charmed by Mark’s deep falsetto of a laugh and Sean’s warm welcoming giggle.

“Hey hey don’t worry, she already lives by me. I’ll punch everyone in the face and then give her a hug.” stated Mark.

“I’ll regulate who can and cannot comment of her videos- only the very best may speak to her.” offered Jack, sounding proud.

You giggled some more, joined by the entire group.

“You guys are like my protection squad…” you uttered, filling with joy at an alarming rate.

“Well I mean,” said Jack.

“If we aren’t-” continued Felix, as he laughed.

“Who will be?” Mark finished, winking into his webcam.

“Only my three knights.”


(A/n): beauty

I have given up on doing them in order. As long as I get them done so I can allow requests again, I’m fine

Ameripan Youtuber AU
  • America (Alfred) is a large youtuber he does gaming videos and commentaries and has like 20 million subscribers making him quite a big deal, Kiku is a very small animating channel with around 2,000 subscribers most of which are Japanese.
  • Alfred finds out about Kiku and asks to make an animation for his channel, Kiku's always been an active fan and starts flipping out. They start chatting on skype about the animation until Alfred starts casually talking about stuff and asks if he can get into a Skype call. Kiku doesn't want to show his face so he just uses his mic. Alfred starts to get really attached more and more over months with someone he doesn't even know what he looks like. Alfred starts doing collabs with Kiku playing online games over Skype. Kiku's grown to like 500,000 subscribers by now thanks to Alfred. One day in a Skype conversation Alfred asks to Kiku if he'll ever show his face. Kiku types I would to close friends and Alfred then asks if he is a close friend. Kiku types hold on a sec, and then asks for a video call. They enter and Kiku starts rambling that he's really uncomfortable with showing his face, and he'll probably not do a video chat again. Alfred respects that but starts to compliment his appearance over and over.
hi guys im here to address something important

today i received a contact request on skype, i accepted because i thought it was one of my RP buddies because I normally give my skype when someone wants to RP w/ me. I was greeted with a hello and I responded with a who are you since I wasn’t so sure if this was my RP buddy

they eveuntally introduced themselves and addressed themselves as a 24 year old female named Amanda and she wanted to send me some pictures of herself. 

Instantly I predicted this was one of those people who were from a dating web or a bot. 

As I progressed deeper I addressed my age (which was around 10-15) not revealing actual age but i know some of my followers know to this skype user. They responded with this 

so i said to myself “ok this must be a bot” 

So I was just about to say my goodbyes 


after she had send that she literally called me. 

i started to freak out i didn’t know what to do since i’ve gotten this type of people before but they were just bots. But somehow this person managed to start calling me. 

I declined and instantly blocked her. 

I asked one of my friends if they thought it was human or not and they think it’s actually a male older then his 20′s who obviously knew I was a minor and tried to gain some information about me

Please block anyone who is like this to you. Bot or not.

Thank you. 


I put this on offer last night, but I wanted to better substantiate it in the aftermath of this recent election.

I’ve a following of an upwards of 8k people and I’ve no doubt among them are those who are distressed, confused, disheartened, and have a lot to say. I want to provide a personal and safe medium to get your thoughts and feelings out if you can’t do so anywhere else. 

At any time tonight, starting when I post this, add me on Skype at thatmaxgent and if I’m Online, give me a call. You are free to talk about absolutely anything that’s on your mind at the moment that you’re willing to disclose to me, even if it’s a bit more than this disastrous election, and I will be listening. What you’d rather have stay between us will stay between us. If I am labeled as Offline or Busy, that means I’m either away from Skype or in a call with someone else, but rest assured, I will get to everyone that needs it.

If you don’t have a mic or are just anxious about talking to me, that’s okay. I still want you to be heard. My askbox is open 24/7 and I have no qualms with anyone reaching me through Tumblr DMs

I encourage you to reach out to those you love and even your own internet friends, because the only way we’re going to make it through this is together. It is my promise that I’ll be with you as long as there is still breath in my lungs. We are still standing today and with that gift of life, there is always something you can do

What if Phil hated cereal?

Think about it…if Phil hated cereal, he never would have gotten that box of cereal where he got that crappy little black and white camera.

He never would have made a first video.

He never would have became a youtuber.

Dan never would have watched his videos because they wouldn’t exist.

Dan never would have tweeted Phil and Phil never would have noticed him.

They would never have long Skype calls.

They never would have met in person.

There would be no Phil Is Not On Fire.

Dan never would have had his best friend.

They would never have moved in together in Manchester.

Dan never would have quit university and would have been a miserable lawyer.

There would be no danisnotonfire or AmazingPhil.

There would be no radio show.

No Super Amazing Project.

No DanAndPhilGames.

No Dil Howlter.

No AmazingDan.

No Spooky Week.

No Phanfiction.

No Punk Edits.

Who knows..no Dan…


What I want

I want that relationship where you can talk on the phone, or in person for hours about random things, about life, about fears, about things that make me anxious. Random face times or Skype calls or phone calls at three in the morning to say I miss you, I want that relationship where we know every little bit of one another, know each other’s favorite song, favorite color, favorite movie. I want that relationship that even when we fight, we can’t bear to stop talking. I want the relationship where if one of us are feeling sad we just cuddle the night away in silence, or talk about what happened that made us feel that way.

I want to lay out and watch the stars, fall asleep in the grass. I want to adventure and fall in love with her over, and over, and over again every time I look into her eyes. I want her to make me realize that everyone I’ve been with in the past, was only making me better for her. I want to visit all the wonders of the world, and be able to say I kissed her at all of them.

I want to know every inch of the person I’m with, every inch of their being. I want to know what makes their beautiful mind theirs, I want to know every inch of their soul and what they’re passionate about. I want to know every little centimeter of their body, I want to know trace every birthmark, every scar. I want to see them on their bad days, and on their good. I want to love them as a whole, and I want the same for me.

But people like this don’t exist anymore. At least not for me.

And that’s what breaks my heart. I get into these meaningless relationship just for them to end because I was never enough. I give my all, just to end up empty.

And I’m done.


Park Jimin | BTS | M | drabble

Warnings: fem!domxsub!Jimin, suggestive ending, slight anal play

You spent the afternoon planning for Jimin, for he deserved the best (that obviously being contingent on him being a good boy for you), but one thing you loved more was his willingness to please you.

There wasn’t anything, within reason and excessive aftercare, that he wouldn’t try for you: kitten ears, pretty lingerie, blindfolds, hot wax, really just about anything and everything, but this latest endeavor made him tighten with nerves.

Your job as the head of marketing management and research at your firm entailed long hours, days, and sometimes even weeks at a time, much of which you loathed since it meant no physical contact with Jimin. Regular Skype calls that ending with his high pitched whines, cum running down his chest listening to what you would do to him and causing a youthful blush to spread throughout his fresh face from your colorful language.

For your latest trip to the sex shop, your eyes wondered, trying to find something to surprise Jimin on the way home from a long (and quite hellish) three weeks away from him. Your fingers lightly dusted the sex clad shelves, looking for something to get Jimin off for his excellent behavior when you saw it. The short, nicely shaped, vibrating anal plug. It was sparkly, pink, and something you know he would enjoy, solely based on the color; sometimes it amazed you that the man you fell for still found a simple pleasure in something as trivial as the look of such items.

The toy had gracefully etched ridges to ensure maximum pleasure, and a little remote to control the speed of vibration, “Oh, this is just perfect, my Jiminie will love it.” You thought, a smug grin adorning your face as you carefully rolled the silky smooth plug between your nimble fingers, enjoying the pure ecstasy from the thought of him begging for your praises, and cheeks flushed pink from hearing the vulgarity of your mouth. You also made it a point also to buy that strawberry lube he’s being talking about nonstop during your nightly chats over the computer, “anything for my sweet boy.”

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Monsta X reaction to you being weird during a Skype call with friends

SHOWNU: Shownu would walk in and blush, fighting back a smile. He’d walk straight up to your computer/phone and talk to your friends. “Did you guys make Y/N do this or did they decide to do it just for fun? Does this happen all the time? What else have they done?” As your friends began to spill more embarrassing Skype stories about you, Shownu would walk away, hold you back, or hold the phone up higher so you couldn’t get it back from him as he listened to your friends and laughed.

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WONHO: He’d open the door as you were mid-drop. He would try to contain his laughter as you turned around, startled, quickly trying to explain the situation he just witnessed, but he’d just smile at you and joke about it. “Why am I even dating you?”

Originally posted by monstaxs

MINHYUK: Minhyuk would burst out laughing and practically scream making the high pitched dolphin sound before wrapping his arms around you, picking you up, and tackling you onto the bed. “wHAT are YOu doing?! THis is ToO Much!! YOu’rE so cUTe! WHY?!? OMG! I LOVe yoU SO muCH!!”

Originally posted by beastdw

KIHYUN: Kihyun would walk in on you, staring at you in disbelief, unable to process what he just walked in on, but he knew that from then on, he wouldn’t let it go. He’ll bring it back up whenever he wants to tease you or embarrass you. “Hey…remember that one night when I walked in on your little Skype call? Now what were you doing again?”

Originally posted by wonkyuns

HYUNGWON: *walks in* … *gif* … *walks out*

Originally posted by yuhwan

JOOHEON: Whether you were in fuzzy pants or not, or whether you were just joking or not, he’d definitely watch you from behind you (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) as you did the sexy drop. As you turned around, his eyes would shoot up to meet yours as both of your cheeks turn bright red. While you attempted to scramble out any words to explain what was going on, Jooheon would just walk out laughing. “I don’t think I need a explanation.”

Originally posted by mauloveskpop

I.M: He would just stand there, looking at you in silence, showing no expression on his face whatsoever before letting out a long sigh. “Babe……you’re doing it wrong.” He’d then prices to do a sexy drop, mimicking you.

(Thank you for requesting! I hope you enjoyed it! This was so much fun to write!! Happy New Year!!~)

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Hey, welcime to tumblr!! My request is RFA + V having a long distance relationship with an American mc??? Thanks 😊😊

Hi!! Tysm, anon! I hope this is ok.


  • When you mention in the messenger that you’re from America, Yoosung is really sad that you live so far apart :(
  • But he has all kinds of questions!! He wants to know everything about where you live, and is so excited about the cultural differences.
  • “MC what do you mean you don’t have ______ in America??” x 1000
  • Sometimes forgets about the timezone thing and calls you at weird hours.
  • Jumin probably pays to fly you to Korea for the party, and Yoosung cries when he sees you.
  • Once you two are in an official relationship, it becomes SO MUCH HARDER for him to be apart from you.
  • But you’re both in school, and neither one of you can move right now.
  • Skype calls, phone calls, constant messaging
  • You get one of those ‘long-distance relationship’ couples apps with the thumb kisses and everything.
  • Even though you’re apart, you see each other once a year at the party, and you guys are already talking about moving in together once you graduate!!


  • Zen is talking about how much he admires Broadway actors, when you mention that you saw a Broadway show last month.
  • He’s like ???? How??

  • You tell him that you live in New York City, and he’s SHOOK

  • THE new york city???

  • Wants you to describe EVERY PART of the Broadway show.

  • When you go to Korea for the party, you bring him some Broadway souvenirs, and he almost cries.

  • When you two are dating, he sends you all kinds of videos of his acting and singing

  • You get packages in the mail that contain DVDs of his movies, and all kinds of romantic lil gifts.

  • He calls you whenever he can, and loves Skype.

  • One summer, he saves up enough money to visit you, so that you can see a Broadway show together.

  • Loves to give you long romantic speeches about how much he misses you!!

  • Once he’s stable as an actor, and you’re ready, you decide to finally move in together.


  • She’s one of the first members to pick up on the fact that you’re American.
  • She can tell just by the way you talk, and little things that you say. She pieces it together pretty quickly!
  • She’s curious about how different things might be, and definitely wants to know about regional coffee in America.
  • The time zone difference is actually not a problem for her, because she’s usually up all night with work anyway. Even though you tell her to go to bed and get some rest!
  • Once she quits her job, she starts planning and saving to visit you.
  • You see each other at the party, and she proposes opening the café together.
  • You aren’t sure which country you’ll do it in, but you’re both excited. You take a few years to save money and plan for the future.
  • She sends you packages of cookies and other things because she’s baking a lot in her spare time.
  • You send her different kinds of coffee that she can make. All the packages come with little handwritten notes.
  • You both cry when you finally open the doors to your café!


  • He’s on a business trip to LA, and posts a picture in the chat.
  • You’re like ‘Jumin that’s like 10 minutes from where I live wtf’
  • He INSISTS that you guys get lunch together, and takes you to a ridiculous fancy restaurant
  • Blurry selfies to the messenger of course
  • You guys talk for hours and connect, and spend like all of his time in LA together. You fly back to Korea together for the party.
  • He has to stay in Korea for his work, and you explain to him that you have to go home for your work.
  • He protests, offering you a job in his company, but you tell him you can’t stay.
  • He gets so desperate that he offers to give up everything and move to America with you, but you won’t let him.
  • You propose that you guys spend a little while long-distance, and then you’ll talk to him about moving to Korea.
  • He reluctantly agrees, and you go back home.
  • He calls you pretty much whenever he can, no matter what time it is.
  • Sometimes he gets so lonely that he drops all of his meetings and flies out to visit you poor Jaehee
  • When you guys can finally be together, he’s so happy, and promises that he’ll never leave your side again.

Seven: (Spoilers Ahead!)

  • I mean, he tracked your cell phone right off the bat. The boy knows where you live.
  • In the chatroom, he asks you all kinds of weird questions about your country. (Is bigfoot real? Have you seen him? What about mothman?)
  • That would mean he’d fly all the way to America in order to protect you from Mint Eye.
  • He’d still try to push you away, and he could use the distance thing as just another reason to stay out of a relationship.
  • But after he rescues Saeran, and you two are in a relationship, it becomes harder for him.
  • He can’t leave Korea for a while because he doesn’t want to be tracked by the agency, and you can’t leave America because of your school or work.
  • He sends you cute robots, and spends his time inventing cool devices you can use to communicate.
  • Adds a video call feature to the messenger so he has a secure way to see you.
  • Just wants to have his whole family together :(


  • When Luciel informs him that you’re from America, V is instantly curious.
  • He’d been there a couple of times, so he was curious about the part you lived in.

  • When his eyes were good, he’d message you, and when they weren’t, he’d call. (I think Seven probably gave him a phone he could control with his voice.)

  • After the party, and after he had healed and moved on from Rika, he would bring up the idea of being in a relationship with you.

  • Long distance was hard, but you two made it work. V sent you pretty photos that reminded him of you, and you described all of the details of your day to him. He loved your stories, they always made him laugh.

  • You’d visit once a year for the party, and you’d stay at V’s place for a couple days afterward.

  • Whenever you left, he’d miss your arms around him, and feel terribly lonely.

  • When that happened, he’d call you, and you two would fantasize about when you could finally be together.

  • When that day came, neither one of you would ever be lonely again.
And the People We Hurt (Part 1)

Prompt: All the requests for a sequel, my own self indulgence and my Skype call with my buds earlier

Summary: Life is about to get a whole lot harder

Warning: None? Spy stuff? Action?

Summer in Barcelona was beautiful, though one might not think this while being shot at on a motorbike. More specifically you wouldn’t think that while being shot at on a motorbike. And the day had started off so promising.

“So what are we looking for?” Austin said through the coms.

“Big guns, shifty dudes, though I know exactly where they are.” You said sipping a mimosa.

“Then what am I doing this for!” He yelled, you smirked and finished your glass.

“Distractions, they’re looking at you looking at them and I’ll come around and,” you snapped your fingers,”finish the job.”

You got up from your place at a random coffee shop in the city. You looked around as you talked. “Austin you’re still where I put you right?”

“Yes? Why?” He asked and he sounded nervous. You smirked as you tied one side of your sundress to the side.

“Because chaos is about to break out and I need you to stay calm okay?” You said as you walked to the entrance of an ally that had a staircase leading down into the lower parts of the city. Your bracelet clad hands jingled as you unholster your gun. You walked down the shady street and ran your hands across the bricks. You could see people standing around a doorway at the very end. You quickly ducked inside a space between two houses. You took a breath, “Austin are they walking in?” You asked.


“Stay calm.”

You walked slowly and calmly down the street again. They had all entered the building. Amateurs. You slipped in the cracked door and stayed still.

“Put your hands up!” You screamed. They all turned to look at you. You smirked and quickly blasted off four shots when the only man left standing had Austin at gunpoint.

“Not so tough now are you princess.” He said and you heard a sickening crack as someone came from the shadowy corner and snapped their neck.

“Somehow I’m not surprised your plan went south,” Swan said flipping her blonde hair over her shoulder. You put a hand on your hip.

“Well thank you god you were here then.” You said and rolled your eyes. You put your gun in its holster and walked closer. You helped Austin pack up in silence.

“So what do you want for lunch?” Austin asked as they all climbed into the truck hidden just out of sight.

“McDonald’s?” You suggested and they all agreed. You drove down the crowded streets as Austin turned the radio on. Everything was fine and pleasant until you looked at the rearview mirror. At least five black vans were following you.

“Shit, we’re being followed.” You said and perked up. The car exploded into panic.

“By who?”

“What do you mean?”

“Swan switch places with me.” That seemed to snap the blonde into action. All three of you worked to keep the ar straight as you went from the front seat to the back. “Okay, I’m going to lay down some cover and jump out okay?”

“You’re what! No (Y/N) you can’t.” Swan said and you rolled your eyes. You shot out the window, “We can argue about this or you can let me do it. Either way I’m jumping out. Half of them follow me half of them follow you and ta da we have less to deal with.” You said as you ducking your head in as a volley of bullets rushed toward your head. You watched as Swan drove closer to the motorcycle stand at the end of the street.

“One. Two. Three.” You counted off. You opened the door to the car and tumbled out onto the street rolling and standing up as you reached the concrete, barely missing the bullet that raced toward you from the black vans. You rushed to a cycle that was unhooked and swung a leg over. The jets had been left in ignition, you could see the probably owner not even ten feet away. You’d feel bad later, but not right now.

That is how you ended up in the back streets of Barcelona being shot at on a motorcycle. The day had been so promising. You should have known your lucky would run out. It always did. Now that you had been driving a while you noticed how many vehicles were following you: All five. They were in single file in the narrow streets. You knew, you’d never make it out unscathed.

Then your tire shot out. You quickly moved your leg to the other side of the motorcycle. Kind of like you were riding a surfboard. When it came to a stop you ran into the crowd that had gathered at the end of the street. You turned every way trying to weave your way through. As you reached the outside you ran into a leather jacket clad man holding a syringe of clear liquid.

“Not getting away this Black Mamba.” He said and smirked.

“Snake. It’s Black Snake. Mamba is so awkward.” You said and he was stunned for a minute you tried to use it to run away. Keyword here is try. He grabbed you by the arm and stuck the needle in your neck.

“Night night.”


You always thought the little park near Lin’s apartment was always so nice. You didn’t even know there was one until now, but you’d always imagined it was. The man you were thinking of was sitting next you. You grabbed his hand, his usual warmth wasn’t there, you didn’t notice.

“You’re so beautiful.” Lin whispered as he kissed your forehead. You did feel beautiful in the sundress he had bought you. That should have been the first sign this wasn’t real.

“You’re too kind.” You said and leaned against his shoulder.

“Anything for you.” He said and you laughed. The sun was shining, but was soon covered with clouds. When it was almost pitch black you looked around at the disintegrating park. Six man stood surrounding both of you. You immediately started fighting. When you’d been defeated you were forced to the ground and turned to watch as they killed Lin.

“NO! NAAOOO!” You screeched from your spot. You forced yourself to wake up before you heard the shot of the gun pressed to your head.

You woke with a start tied to a chair in a dark room. You felt heavy and not really awake. “Well well well.” You tended at the voice. No, no it couldn’t be.

“Seems old friends meet again.” He said walking around you. His blonde hair and grey eyes made you shiver. His torn lab coat made you want to puke.

“Fuck off Williams, where’s the real guy?” You asked and he got very close to your face.

“I am the real guy.” He said and you spit in his face. He slapped you,”Better watch yourself, the tables have turned.” He said and you glared.

Williams had been in prison a grand total of fifteen days before he was broken out by colleagues. Ones that all hated you too. You knew when you’d heard about it, someone would be after you. It’s why you had left New York. You stopped trying to talk to Lin and left your family to your uncle. You had been spying non stop since you left. You were scared that if you stayed more harm would come to Lin and your family.

“What do you want?” You asked. He smirked and stood to his full height.

“I want you dead, but the boss has different plans for you. Don’t worry, you’ll be meeting him soon. Not yet, but soon. He has a proposition I know you won’t be able to help saying yes to. If you know what good for your family and the little geek you fell so hard for.” He said and you struggled in your bonds.

“Don’t you dare hurt them!” You hisses at him and he laughed.

“Well that really is all for now. The boss will be seeing you sometime in the near future be ready.” He said and someone came behind you and stuck another needle in your neck.

You didn’t dream this time.

You didn’t wake up startled though. You were in a bed with silk sheets and pajamas. You looked around to see if anyone was there. You looked at re side table, a sticky note with, ‘The Boss said so’ laid there. You heard a loud honk outside you window and you quickly got out of bed and rushed over to the windows you pushed back the curtains and saw a familiar skyline.

New York.

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Imagine being on a Skype call with Dan and you two get pretty heated in your conversation. You tell him how much you miss him and how lonely you are without him, then you go into full detail about how horny you’ve been without him, and what you want to do to him and what you want him to do to you.

Evak Drabble 7-- Prompt: Drawing

So I saw a couple of people talking about “what if Isak drew a picture of Even” and this kind of popped up.


It starts as a half-cocked plan stemming from four too many beers.

Even wasn’t accepting his phone calls. After countless hours spent drafting up the perfect texts, reaching deep down into him and deciding for himself whether or not Isak truly wanted Even (he did, holy fuck, he did) and whether or not he could handle loving someone with a mental illness (he could, if it meant having Even), the bastard wasn’t answering his texts, calls, fucking skype messages- none of it.

Isak was pissed. Isak was terrified.

Had Even given up on him? What was Isak going to do if his big fucking mouth- his terror got in the way and destroyed once and for all his fledgling relationship with Even.

So there he was, sitting on the floor, back against his bed, beer bottles scattered throughout the room like some kind of depressing movie when he pulled out Even’s drawings.

They always managed to make him feel better when he was upset or worried or fucking- depressed because once again their relationship had hit a fuck up. And Isak stared at them. And stared, and stared.

Then he got out a pen and some notebook paper and sketched.

Turns out he was shit at drawing. Nothing he drew came out attractively, but in his mind, it’s not about the end-product, it’s about the journey. It’s about the heart that went into the pieces.

And Isak’s heart belonged to fucking Even, so the drawing should come out fantastic regardless of how shitty it was.

He barely has a word to say in the morning to Eskild or Noora or Linn who had chosen this morning to come out of her cave. He waved off their concerned glances, vibrating with an intense sort of energy that only Even could inspire. Fuck, maybe he was the manic one.

He booked it to school and trailed his eyes over the courtyard- Nas blasting in his ears like a soundtrack made to inspire courage. Even, of course, was no where to be found. Isak searched all over for him in between classes and lunch and still nothing.

At the end of the day, Isak was at a loss. His plan to confront and hand over the drawing was null- Even wasn’t here and his heart was still hanging in the balance between bruised and shattered.

Jonas gives him a bland look when Isak expresses his failure. “Dude, have you not been to his house? Go there.”

Isak’s an idiot.

Even’s place is not all that far from the school and though they mainly tended to hang out at Isak’s purely because of the lack of parental supervision, Isak was well acquainted with the road to Even’s home.

Maybe it’s a fitting scene, Isak showing up on Even’s doorstep, getting ready to beg for another chance. Was this how Even felt just weeks ago after Isak’s cold text message?

He knocked on the door with a frantic sort of feeling. This was it, this was it, this was-

The door opens and Even is there. His mouth parts, eyes widen a touch and Isak has prepared for this, he had a whole speech planned out that he was going to say and it was all gone from his mind.

So he dug into his backpack in front of Even and ignored his confused, guarded gaze. He finds the paper a little crumpled from the amount of times Isak had folded and unfolded and folded again.

He thrusts it forward, taking Even by surprise.

“What is this?” Even asks, still not fully able to unlock his expression from the hurt, catious expression.

Isak swallows, “Open it. It’s- it’s for you.”

Even unfolded the paper slowly, smoothing it out. His eyebrows raise the way Isak’s grown accustom to living and he licks his lips.

“In this universe I fucked up,” Isak said, gesturing to the crude sketch of stick figures ‘resembling’ Isak and Even far apart from each other, both decorated with frowning faces. “And I ran, when I should have stayed.”

Even is looking up from the picture now, eyes focused on Isak’s own. He licks his lips and maybe draws a breath to respond, but what if Isak hadn’t said enough yet? He feels like he’s bursting with thoughts to get out.

“But- but in another universe, a better one, I stayed. I stayed and I answered your text message and I told you that I loved you. And then we watched Pretty Woman together.” Isak smiles ruefully, “That’s what you were referencing right? I didn’t get it then, but I do now. There’s actually a lot of that right now.”

Even leaned his head on the doorway to his house and Isak is all at once aware of the fact that he is still in the hallway, no doubt loud enough to hear by nosey neighbors.

“I think that’s the most I’ve heard you talk in one go.”

Isak lets out something resembling a laugh, “I can keep going.”

Even smiles, and the corners of his eyes crinkle a little bit. “You don’t need to.”


Even shakes his head slowly, “Do you want to come inside and talk? Maybe we could, I don’t know, maybe we could try to save this?”



Even steps aside and allows Isak into his house.