what's their ship name

This is my favourite screen from the entire anime


1) The pun in the caption 
2) The spelling of ‘Niliforv’ 
3) Otabek looks absolutely pissed 
4) Chris is looking at Viktor like a concerned wife
5) Viktor is pining so hard I can hear sad violins  

“The Raven Queen is actually good good buds with Lady Istus.”

the power couple among the gods, to be honest

ivan bruel appreciation post

seriously ok how do you not love this boy

look at him 

this is literally a photo of him running off bc he’s excited to write a song for his gf


hey i’m grump


i’m not so grump

the boy need a hug

he scare he own gf with he own singing!!!

he’s cute when he’s sad

he’s cute when he’s angry 

he’s cute when he’s blushing

in conclusion: ivan bruel.


Originally, I wanted to draw an AU where Link and Zelda were normal human kids in a world like ours, but then I started thinking about Zoras and I got excited and a new AU within an AU happened?? I’ll probably make more of this.