what's their couple name tho


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As for the symbolism, Shrignold is the creepy angel watching over the two and the tree has yellow ‘wings’ on them. The cult emphasises on that ring a lot. The Lovers card is all about decisions in relationships, and in the case, the cult will control every decision their members do in the name of love. Kind of creepy for such a pretty card heh.


grattis på födelsedagen sverige!


Character design of my OCs for my portfolio

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The trees stand like centennials, the radio plays static, going out & coming in and out the window again along with any number of cigarette butts and orange peels. The roads far north have been salted but down south everything begins to turn into sugar, tracing along the back of your hands & slipping into our mouths full of honey until we are a feast for the bees and the bus boys.

From where we are we begin to pick up strange gods sans altars and new Hostess products, buffeted along rolling roads carved between hills so the walls rise up around us made of rock and dripping w/ ice. I ask you to kill me with it. This wasn’t a suicide pact. & Maybe it isn’t, we said we were coming here to live, but I keep thinking: That means I have to live through everything.

Parking lots become Death Valleys with the black tar smell emanating from up between the vents. I pick up one accent and you another, each of us taking great pleasure from sitting face to face trying to explain how one thing becomes another.
—  from the STREETVIEW
On the Road Prose
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