what's the process they went through to get that effect

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Could you give me some coloring and shading tips? I've started making tablet art recently and as far as coloring goes I am terrible at it. Others art pops and have really nice coloring and shading etc, and mine is so flat and bland. I want to fix that, so any tips? (if I could possibly have tips on making line art also that would be great)

Okay so, I havent drawn anything other then my final film for like weeks so I needed something else to draw so thank you, so here’ the process I went through to color this pic of me below lol (Please keep in mind that I work with Paint Tool SAI! but in general it might help with basics!)

Das me v v v

Then after all this, I fiddle around with Multiply and screen layers over EVERYTHING. Different colors have different mood effects so experiment! I also sometimes add in some lightly blended luminosity highlights with the water tool to make some dramatic lighting tm. Then I do a few tweaks and add in an overlay layer over everything and fiddle with the filter to get what I want and bam! That’s how I color lol

See how different colors can set different moods? warm colors for warm moods and cold colors for cold ones. Looking up color pallets is AMAZING and SUPER HELPFUL!! A lot of people know about complementary colors but the contrast can be quite harsh to the eyes sometimes. I like to use Analogous colors myself a lot (near the same side of the color wheel) And I LOVE neon colors like a lot, but to REALLY make em pop is to put some muted colors around it. Having NEON against NEON can seem harsh to the eyes and look off.

But yeah, That’s my basic process on how I color all my pieces! I hope this helped some :)

EDIT: Also!! for lineart, I just have my stabilizer set up hella high lol


Photo: Netflix via Deadline June 13, 2017

The first two seasons of The Crown span nearly two decades, meaning that [makeup designer, Ivana] Primorac was responsible not only for transforming Claire Foy’s Princess Elizabeth into Queen Elizabeth II—refining the simple, uniform look that the Queen has maintained throughout her life—but also for progressively aging the actress and her onscreen counterparts as the series proceeds. With prior credits in the film world including Pan, Steve Jobs, and The Imitation Game, Primorac confronted extreme challenges on The Crown, primarily due to the logistical complexities of television series shooting in multiple countries at once.

Speaking with Deadline, Primorac explains all the visual elements that went into creating the Queen. [x]

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WE: An honest  WIP review (that probably says more about me than the book)

As a natural cynic, “coper” and self-help avoider, my first perusal of WE was less than satisfying. Dipping in and out I saw words like “miracle” and “sacred vessel” that made me want to run screaming back to my comfort zone. Skimming the surface, I couldn’t see the feminist fighting spirit I’d hoped for and I seriously considered pretending I’d never received a reading copy, enjoying the events I had committed to attend, and then shoving it to the back of my bookshelf. And then I landed on the page that summarises the book’s nine principles. Acceptance… Kindness… Humility… principles that I had definitely not embraced as I approached writing this review.

I began reading this book not as someone hoping to transform their life, but as a pessimistic publishing professional with an interest in Gillian Anderson who figured they’d give it a go. And so, I had not really read it. I’d perused it through the trappings of my ego and expectations, and as early reviews began to trickle in I began to suspect that in doing so, I had entirely missed the point.

So I started again. 

I forced myself into the unnatural position of someone who might gravitate naturally to this type of book, left my preconceptions at the title page and tried to read with an open mind. And what I found, once I pushed myself past the occasional word that set off my “woo-woo” alarm, was rather more interesting, impactful, and considerably more inconvenient than what I’d expected.

I would like to add a caveat before I get into my thoughts, addressing the elephant in the subtitle… because this is not a manifesto, or at least not in the sense one would expect as a regular reader of modern feminist publications. In fact, the final section explains as much. If you go into this expecting a feminist rallying cry, you will likely walk away disappointed and that would be a shame. What this book is, is a call to women to take care of themselves, support one another, and some good advice on how to go about doing that. While self-care is an inherently political act, reading WE through the lens of politics is setting it up to fail.

Read it instead as you, the you that exists for those precious few moments in a day (if you’re lucky) when the world is shut out, the makeup is off and there’s a moment for reflection. Read all the words, even the ones that make you cringe a little, because they come from a positive place. Under all the motivating quotes, the structure of a “guide” and the language of self-help is a very simple intention; a couple of women, average in some ways and exceptional in others, who have survived their lives so far and then taken the time to think through and write down how they’ve stayed afloat in order to pass it on.

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Reality is oftentimes disappointing.

A little theory about why Genos is so “demonic”

I’ve been waiting for the anime to wrap up the Boros arc forever just so I could talk about this without spoiling anyone too much. However, even if you’ve only watched the anime, you probably already know about Genos being nicknamed “demon cyborg” by the Hero Association.

To quote his databook profile, Genos will:

“… relentlessly chase down and corner any monster. Even if he loses an arm and a leg in the process, he won’t stop fighting unless his opponent totally eats him. Such outrageous aggressiveness is truly demonic”.

We’ve all seen how Genos fights. He’ll literally keep attacking until he’s immobilized - even when he knows it’s no use. Why is this so? Why does he go so far?

Funnily enough, it’s due to Sweet Mask of all people that we get some clue of what motivates Genos’s recklessness.

Here Genos quite plainly seems to be superimposing his own feelings onto Sweet Mask because he recognises that they have, more or less, the same ruthless streak. In the process of evaluating SM, Genos may have effectively given us, the audience, an indirect description of himself. 

When you consider Genos’s behaviour with this in mind, a lot of things begin to make sense. After all he went through at the hands of the mad cyborg, it would be perfectly natural for him to develop the aggressive hatred for evil he has now. He cannot stand the thought of wicked creatures wreaking havoc unchecked. He seems to have an almost compulsive urge to stamp them out. Granted, Genos may no longer be as extreme with his loathing as Sweet Mask is, but his strong desire to purge evil still rears its ugly head from time to time:

This may just be me speculating, but it’s still pretty interesting to think about… >:3c

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What are your thoughts on bellarke where they are now? Do you think that the ever will/have the potential to become non platonic? I haven't shipped a slow burn before and everyone has been saying how people who ship it "are delusional & that it will never go past platonic" but idk if I'm imagining things when it comes to bellarke or not (sorry if this doesn't make sensw)

Hi nonnie! I’ve seen similar questions being posed to other Bellarkers and I’ve read quite a few replies already. Are you the same person?Anyway, I’ve been itching to write something Bellarke related, so I’ll pickthis up! :)

I personally find it very hard to not see Bellamy and Clarke as partners moving towards romance.Reason being that if you look at how they grew over the course of S1 andcompare it to where they are now, you will see not only a natural progression, but an elevation.

So in order to answer the question of where Bellarke are now, we’ll have to take a quick look at where they stood in S1:

1)      Bellamy develops respect and trust in Clarke’s abilities – specifically her abilities to make tough decisions for the greater good.

The scene where Clarke kills Atom is a perfect example of Bellamy coming to see Clarke in a different light. She does what he is unable to do and from then on, as many have noted, he starts to view her differently. But also remember when Octavia is kidnapped by Lincoln. Bellamy looks in every tent for her, lifting flaps and moving on when she’s not there. However, when he reaches the tent Clarke is in he stops and confides in Clarke. Just a day or two before that it would probably not have happened. He might have scoffed at her and moved on.

Bellamy also defers to Clarke on occasion. This is evident when he wants to torture Lincoln, but he looks for Clarke’s permission first. He understands that the situation is about the antidote for Finn, and that Finn is primarily Clarke’s concern. But he also will not do something that Clarke is completely against unless they can reach a consensus.

Additionally, remember when he looks at Clarke and says, “Looking to you princess” – In a dire situation, when he’s run out of good ideas – he respects that Clarke may have an idea. Now of course, there’s the famous speech he gave regarding staying at the camp, while Clarke felt strongly that the delinquents needed to move out. I wouldn’t negate Bellamy’s respect for Clarke over that. That camp meant a lot to him, he oversaw the construction of it. To him it was home on the ground and to leave meant the loss of a form of security. We’ll come back to this.

2)      Bellamy affirms the good in Clarke even when her position of leadership requires her to make violent decisions

Going back to the torture of Lincoln, there’s also the scene after where Clarke carries the bloodied nail and Bellamy takes it from her. A few things are clear here. First of all their relationship has progressed to a point where he is able to read the guilt that she is feeling. Secondly, he separates her actual being from her actions. When he tells her that “Who we are and who we need to be to survive are very different things” he is telling her that he knows that innately Clarke is not a person who would condone something like that. However she has to take an action that is contrary to who she is and what she may stand for. She needs to temporarily take on a personality she does not want – to make difficult choices.

But most of all what this says is that by this time, Bellamy has already begun to showcase his understanding of the difficulty of Clarke’s position. He knows, because he is also a leader. He knows because they are co-leaders. He doesn’t force her to make decisions, but he is willing to stand with her and assure her when she does for the sake of all of them. Sound familiar? Guess it’s because it becomes even more obvious in S2.

3)      Clarke understands Bellamy’s influence over their people and she would go to great lengths to defend him as her co-leader

Clarke recognises Bellamy’s influence very early on, and by episode 4 she had suggested that they work as co-leaders. Clarke is committed to Bellamy as such, and as time goes by not only does she demonstrate her trust in him (by discussing her plans), but she also articulates her trust. She spends a lot of S1 defending Bellamy because to her, he is integral to the group. For example:

-        When she affirmed the best part of him when she said he would do anything to protect his sister.

-        When Raven lunges at him after he inadvertently caused the deaths of 300 people. Clarke held her back and simply stated he would have to live with it (she gets that he would not brush it off lightly, even though she’s angry at him to).

-        She readily defends him from his own monsters when she offers him forgiveness and tells him that he’s needed.

-        She and Bellamy come up with a plan to basically to threaten and guilt trip Jaha. And yea, she went through with it for Bellamy, and pointed out his importance to the group in the process.

-        When Finn angrily suggests she leave Bellamy behind. Clarke has the power to get all the delinquents to move out of the camp, but she does not want to leave without Bellamy. She knows that he “inspires” them.

Thank God for close-ups – Because at every point of time you can read Bellamy’s expression to know what effect all these instances have on him. She convinces him and he is vulnerable in front of her. 

He is moved by her, and in S2 we get to see how this translates into his decisions.

4)      By the end of S1, Bellamy is of personal importance to Clarke

Meaning, Bellamy is no longer just a co-leader but also an important friend. I base this on the point when she spots Bellamy outside the dropship. Clarke’s natural inclination is not leave anyone behind, but she distinguishes Bellamy and it is fear that she feels for him. His safety is of her concern. She cares for him.

Now we’ve established that, let’s move on to S2, and you’re going to see some similarities and some differences.

(Click for another 2,500 words plus some images. Admittedly not very mobile friendly)

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on Aogiri arc parallels

credit where credit is due - last week, way before any spoilers for this chapter came out, @i-azaurusfyre sent me an ask with a theory that Mutsuki would end up eating Torso to recover from some kind of serious wounds, considering he was left alone and there wasn’t any other CCG personnel around to either help him, or report the action.

I didn’t get a chance to respond because I got a ton of asks last week and also I was working on this fic.

I tried to publish the actual ask, but tumblr decided to eat it instead of publishing it. So here’s this.

Also, I didn’t really know what to think about it. I guess I hoped in vain that Sensei wouldn’t take the Aogiri arc parallels that far. I guess that’s what I get for hoping.

It’s actually really fitting that at some point it’d be Tooru forced to confront the Ghoul part of himself in a terrifying situation. 

Back at the very beginning, when watching Sasaki fight Serpent, the three Quinx present all reacted differently, and it might have been a foreshadowing for what would cause each of them to push themselves to the point of becoming half-ghouls like their mentor:

Shirazu breaks through all his frames while trying to protect his squad - the same reason that Sasaki gave in to his more wild ghoul abilities against Nishiki here.

Urie went through his frame opening surgery to become stronger and get a promotion so he could prove he was better than Sasaki and Kuroiwa - and even if he’s grown since then, the side effects of that action seem to be having repercussions for him now.

And then there’s Mutsuki.

We learn more about exactly what it is he fears later during a conversation with Suzuya:

It isn’t exactly the same thought process Kaneki has before Aogiri - Mutsuki isn’t in denial like Kaneki is, so much as he’s scared of it as something inevitable. But it is by far the closest reaction we’ve seen from any of the Qs. 

And we all know what finally forced Kaneki to accept that he was, indeed, a ghoul after all. In case you didn’t see it posted in parallels all week last week -

My only question now is whether or not Mutsuki will go the route Kaneki did and eat Torso, or go one step further, symbolically, in paralleling Kaneki’s tendency to take things on himself and internalize his problems and end up eating his own limbs, which Torso, because he’s a sick fuck, is keeping around.

Kaneki’s own arc was, and still is, fraught with the struggle between his tendency to take everything in and bury everything inside - his “be the one getting hurt rather than hurting others,” and moments where he lashes out, often out of his own control and with extreme violence. It’s something we first see against Nishiki. It’s something he tries to harness and control, but only can to some extent as we see in the raid on Kanou’s lab and with him hurting Banjou.  In :re, it’s revealed that this has always been the flip side of his mother’s “be the one getting hurt rather than hurt others” - the physical violence she would inflict on Kaneki as a child.

But Mutsuki’s arc doesn’t have that specific struggle as much. (With the Qs, that struggle is paralleled primarily in Urie.) Rather, Mutsuki’s story is more about agency - about being objectified verses taking active action. So I think, symbolically, it could play out either way. Either autocannibalism, or eating Torso.

At the risk of jinxing myself with hope again, I almost hope for the former. There’s a real “you are what you eat” thing that follows Kaneki after Aogiri, and Torso is right up there for grossest individual in the TG universe. 

On the other hand, if Mutsuki survives by eating his own limbs, as traumatic as that would be, and as much as it would totally trigger all the fears he had about becoming the monster he saw Sasaki become, if we follow the pattern with Kaneki, it could almost turn into a boost in self confidence and self affirmation.

Just as Kaneki ended up ascribing his power to Rize and even Yamori, Mutsuki would be able to see that strength as coming from himself, rather than that disgusting terrible Torso. Rather than feeling like he owes any part of himself to that creep, he might feel like, in the end, he had the power to save himself.

(I’m not going to comment on where the manga might take that re: gender. Thematically, it could go either way, depending on what is really going on in Mutsuki’s head. Which you can either say only Ishida knows at this point, or which you can call Death of the Author on and decide for yourself and sit with your headcanon up to, or even after, the manga goes one way or another. Tokyo Ghoul isn’t my creation, and I’m going to play this topic pretty hands off, as far as predictions and probably reactions go.)

But who knows. That might not be enough. And I will not in any way begrudge Tooru the desire to chew that asshole into tiny pieces as a means of conquest or control.

Hell, even if Tooru doesn’t end up eating Torso, I hope to god and anything else out there listening that he kills the bastard. Kills him very, very dead. And then chops his kakuhou into hundreds of tiny pieces so no part of him ever has to show up again ever.