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Memorable. [Newt Scamander Oneshot].

Part two, finally! If you haven’t already, there is a Part One right here!

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Title: Memorable.
Pairing: Implied- Newt Scamander x Reader.
Words: 1051.
Rating: T.

This does contain a bit of spoilers for ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’. Read at your own risk. Enjoy!


A smile that seemed to be forever severed into his mind through the course of only two days. The occasional thought about it made him wonder what you were doing now, if you remembered perhaps bits and pieces of what had happened, or if it was all gone.


He shouldn’t have been thinking about this sort of thing. If anything were to be done about it, Newt would be out, finding you, and bringing back some sort of remembrance by his presence alone. But, would he be enough for you to have a vague sense of who he actually was?


Of course, through his stay in New York, he had kept an eye out on you since being obliterated, but something was holding him back. An invisible force in his mind, barring him from talking to you, to reaching out to you anymore. Was it fear, or irrationality?


Fear that you wouldn’t feel the same a second time around.


Irrational thoughts that he was going to frighten you off by being to blunt, because to him, he already knew you and was adapting to being comfortable around you.

Tick, tock. Tick, tock.

Currently, Newt was oblivious to the passage of time. Even when he put his focus on the ticking of a clock, he found himself drawing through his days without actually knowing what time it was. Even if he was staring dead on at a clock, his mind would still find a way to blur what was there so his perception was skewed. His visit in New York was coming to an end, and even if he wanted to stay, he couldn’t. At least, that’s what he was trying to convince himself. Any reason to leave, seemed to be outweighed by the reason why he was staying in the first place. With a small sigh, he looked down at Pickett on his shoulder and mumbled something along the line of, “Don’t give me that look, with your tiny beady eyes. I can’t stay anymore, and you know that…” Fiddling with his fingers in front of him, Newt added on quietly, “I’ve already extended my stay here by a week, now I’m so far behind…”

Of course, Pickett hadn’t actually said anything, but Newt knew better. He could read what the small Bowtruckle was thinking after what seemed like years of practice to perfect such a task. ‘Excuses.’ Newt could imagine Pickett saying to him, ‘Those are just excuses.’

“I have a duty to finish this book,” He held up the small leather bound journal before setting it down between his bent knees. “I can’t stay simply because of a…” His sentence came to a slow, exasperated halt as he thought about why he did want to stay. “She doesn’t remember, Pickett. It’s useless staying here when she doesn’t…”

Pickett gazed up at Newt and scurried to give a peculiar glance to the wizard. ‘Have you even tried to meet with her since?’

“Of course, I’ve tried to communicate with her…” Newt murmured quietly and rubbed the back of his head with his right hand. The hair tickled his fingertips as he did so.

Pickett, once again, relied on his expressions accompanied by a minuscule squeak. ‘Have you?’

“Alright, I haven’t… But, I’m so afraid. What if… I do, and she’s not the same? I suppose, I’m just worried of building my hopes up, only to have them crushed because she doesn’t want anything to do with me. I am quite annoying, what if I scare her off?”

Pickett stared at him. No words this time, the look he was giving Newt was all that was needed to be said at this time. “You’re right. She wasn’t scared off when I met her before, and the situation was drastically different, now wasn’t it…? I so carelessly pulled her into danger, and then was forced to wipe her memory of all that happened because of some obscure law.

“I understand it’s purpose, but Pickett, if only one Muggle remembered, it wouldn’t have been the end of the entire world, now would it?” Newt scoffed and turned his head to the side, as if afraid of the Bowtruckle response to his sudden curiosity. “I suppose, in some senses, it’s alright if I finally build enough courage to find her, to speak to her… Then again, maybe it is for the best that I stay away, and let her live her life as if I had never introduced her to the Wizarding world in the first place. Let her have the fate she was destined to follow before she had met me.”

“Either way…” Newt brushed back some of his hair and finally let his gaze fall back down to Pickett, who was now resting on one of his bent knees. “I suppose the probability of hurting is substantial. I can’t seem to run away from it. I earn the risk of failure and hurtfulness if I do introduce myself to her once again, and I do obtain the failure and hurting if I run away from it now…”

Silence then ensued between the two of them. Newt had begun fidgeting with his fingers as a means of distraction. If he could tug his mind away from his thoughts about you, then he did stand the chance of looking at the situation from a completely non-jaded viewpoint. He didn’t want that. He didn’t want to forget.  Newt laughed to himself and gazed at his hands with his beautiful, interchanging green eyes, “I should ask her to come back to London with me. We could be together then, with no law abiding otherwise…”

That was intended only as a joke, but for a brief second, Newt seriously had considered it. Shaking his head, he dropped his shoulders forward and muttered under his breath, “I’ve got to re-introduce myself to her before something like that can happen…”

Pickett squeaked in front of him once again, rolling Newt’s attention back into the utmost reality, ‘Then, do it.’

“Like Queenie said…” He sniffled and rubbed his nose softly. Newt’s shoulders rose with slight confidence as he recalled what had happened only a few weeks ago. Though, the words and actions were still fresh and new in his mind,  “If it was meant to be, right?”

I hope you all enjoyed! There will be a third installment, so don’t you worry! Reblogs and likes, as always, are appreciated! Thank you, thank you! -Em.


What came next was unexpected. He came closer, planted a kiss on her cheek, and she heard him whisper, “Be careful.” Wait –was he really worried about her and her safety? Her, who could kill a man twice her height with her bare hands? Loyal and kind and sweet and oh-so-easy-to-read-Benji was worried, about her. Since when? Well, maybe not so-easy-to-read-Ben in the end…

ao3 klance fic recs

After making my way through most of the klance tag on ao3 I thought I’d share the ones that have stuck the most with me so far. honestly this fandom is a blessing, these authors are a blessing, these dumb space gays are a blessing. so in no particular order, please, have some klance;

Cheeky by rideahorse / a short and sweet oneshot that involves both kissing and incessant bickering, and honestly with this pair, what more could you ask for. rated T.

official summary: Keith pinches his eyes shut, slamming the book down again and swiveling to face Lance. “Oh my god,” he groans, standing up and crossing the two feet between them before Lance can get out a word. He grabs Lance’s face between his hands (perhaps a bit rougher than needed, but hey, he’s always wanted to slap Lance’s stupid face) and the last thing he sees is an expression of pure surprise before he leans down and presses his lips against Lance’s.It’s a peck, and it lasts a second, and then it’s over. Keith leans back, releasing Lance’s face, and hisses, “There.”

if it takes two by velvetcrowbars / Lance has a confession to make and Keith is a knight in shining armor (sorta). a well written oneshot that Lance is absolutely not going to remember in the morning. rated T.

official summary: After the Sendak attack, Keith and Lance deal with unresolved things. Whatever those might be.“Keith?”“What?” He finally says, safely slipping the piece over Lance’s head with minimal knocking against his temple. He sets the discarded parts on the floor next to the bed.“I have a confession.”

never been kissed by kairiolette / I got a pretty good laugh out of this one, Keith and Lance have a Quality Bonding Moment™ at a local alien burger joint and things may or may not get a little out of hand. not that either of them are really complaining. rated G.

official summary: “You give off the obnoxious popular vibe. The mullet, and the rap sheet, and—the fingerless gloves,” Lance replies, and barrels on before Keith can take it the wrong way. “I’m so handsome, my name’s Keith and I’m a pilot.”“That sounds more like a compliment than an insult,” Keith says slowly, a disdainful quirk to his eyebrows that only spurs Lance on. He tilts his head a bit, his bangs shadowing his face, like he’s assessing a particularly impossible physics problem. “And I don’t like that voice you’re using.”

A Fish And A Bird by Methoxyethane / I loved this fic, adored it to be totally honest. the writing is excellent and the plot is funny while also being meaningful. could alternatively be titled “Keith and Lance take miscommunication to a whole new level and then some”. rated T.

official summary: Lance has a boyfriend. Lance does not realize he has a boyfriend. Keith, understandably, does not react well.

head to head, neck and neck, side by side by kushling / lance actually wins a spar with keith and he is so incredibly baffled that he 100% misses the 5000 implications of keith’s super massive gay crush on him. also, avatar references. definitely worth the read. rated T.

official summary: Lance and Keith both like sparring, Avatar, and each other. They have a hard time admitting it. Pidge makes fun of them. Space swords!!!

Stranded by cyborgtoaster / keith and lance end up being both very cold and very gay, in that order. denial is rampant and i definitely snickered once or twice during this one. rated T.

official summary: On a mission gone wrong, Keith and Lance end up stranded on a barren planet during an unexpected ice storm. Left to their own devices, they have to find a way to keep warm for the night. For once, maybe they can get along and only increase their unresolved feels.

moments of silence by attemptsonwords / really well written and great character capturing. lace is super bi and keith is really really frickin gay, together they both start to put the pieces of their relationship together. rated T.

official summary: Quiet moments between two boys who spend most of their time yelling at the other.

Drive! by wolfgun / set in an earth-centric au, keith has obviously never attended a child safety course in his entire life since he thinks jumping into a strangers car and screaming “Drive!” is an acceptable escape plan. it’s like a sleepover au but better. rated T.

official summary: “C'mon, c'mon, c'mon! Don’t you know how to drive? With a car like this, you can’t tell me you just love to mosey on down the road like a goddamn geezer,” he taunted. “What is this? Just a bit of daddy’s money and mommy’s rules?”“I’ll show you geezer, mullet-head!"Au Prompt: You’re getting chased by the police and you just jumped in my car and yelled drive, wtf man (except it’s not cops because Lance’s mom would kill him for bringing home a wanted teen)

I’ve got 99 problems and you’re every single one by kitwitt / lace is so deep in denial it’s almost physically painful to witness, keith is so amazingly gay that’s almost physically painful, too. for an explicitly rated fic a majority of the (currently 4/5) chapters are more fluff then smut. well written and witty, keith is a snarky little shit and it’s great. rated explicit.

official summary: “Obviously I’m not gay.” Lance floundered, voice breaking to a higher pitch.
Shiro tilted his head slightly. “But you have a crush on Keith.”

In which Lance fails to mask his attraction to a certain pilot under the ruse of rivalry, and everyone knows but Keith.

Miscommunication and failures by Lance by mikuridaigo / oh man i got a pretty good laugh out of this. collage-student au where Lance fucks up big time and ends up with a seriously pissed off Keith on his ass. literally. rated M.

(it’s Explicit companion piece Disastrophe (I like it rough) is also absolutely worth the read if you’re looking for that kind of thing.)

official summary: When Hunk called the Sunday before the spring quarter began, asking if he wanted to grab brunch with him, Lance said yes; and when Hunk called again, saying that his friend was joining at the last second, Lance didn’t think anything of it.Until said friend was the best sex he’s ever had.Basically Lance is a screw up and fixing this mess was probably going to kill him.

I could absolutely keep going and going and going (and going) because there are so many great klance fics floating around out there. I definitely encourage you to root around in the tag for yourself if you haven’t already. huge shout out to all the voltron fanfiction writers out there, every single one of you are in my heart. every. single. one. 

thats all for now kids, tune in next time for more Quality Space Gay™ fanfiction recommendations !



Summary: No other man will ever come close to him.

Setting: After Civil War

Warnings: NSFW (smut all the way, wrap it if ya gonna tap people be safe.) Not what might think either, you might want to have tissues handily as well. 

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Notes: written for my 400 follower celebration challenge. Requested by @angryschnauzer​ the song Ruin me by: The Veronicas.

Tag list: @sebbytrash @winters-buck @smoothdogsgirl @marvelfanfichq @marvel-ash

Crystal, warm, and wet, the lone tear which slips from your eyes, to slide down cool cheeks and drip to the floor. Eyes trained on the bed, two bodies in the throes of passion, coming to completions. Weeks he’d played you, telling you everything’s fine when in actuality they weren’t. You could see that much with your own eyes, hear the grunts and moans, each a dagger to your heart. Each taking another piece of you.

It’d been the little things, brush offs, staying longer at the clubs he normally wouldn’t go to, till lately. Wanting to talk and getting nothing but silence and the sex, cause right now that must’ve been all that’d been between you, is none existence. The I Loves yous few and far between. How could you have missed the signs? Missed that what your heart told you is love is meaningless. Maybe you could talk to him, ask him. Shaking your head, knowing it’s useless he’d never listen and you didn’t care, not now, not after this. He may have ruined you, but you’re gonna take him down with you.

Harshly wiping at the salty, bitter tears, you pivot on bare feet making for the door, snatching up your heels on the way out. Plan in your head as your heart starts to freeze.

Bucky stood looking out over the city lights of New York, upper body bare, arms crossed, waiting for you to come home. It’s unusual that you’re this late coming home from work. Which makes him tense and worried. So many people want him dead or worse alone. That it sets his teeth on edge. He couldn’t lose you, the only good, real thing in his life, not to death anyway.

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Two Word Prompts

Ya girl is back with another prompt list but w/ a little twist on it this time. Send requests with something from this list or any request of your own! Check out my masterlist or the tags if you’re not sure what pairings I write for 😊

My Writing

Two Word Prompts:

1. “Fuck you.”
2. “What now?”
3. “You’re mine.”
4. “I’m fine.”
5. “Let’s see.”
6. “Come here.”
7. “Not now.”
8. “I guess.”
9. “Why me?”
10. “Fuck off.”
11. “You’re ridiculous.”
12. “What’s wrong?”
13. “It’s okay.”
14. “Just wait.”
15. “We’ll see.”
16. “I’m tired.”
17. “You’re sweet.”
18. “Absolutely not.”
19. “You’re drunk.”
20. “No way.”
21. “We’re here.”
22. “You’re mean.”
23. “That’s mine.”
24. “It’s snowing.”
25. “I’m sad.”
26. “I can’t.”
27. “Don’t yell.”
28. “Just try.”
29. “For me?”
30. “Maybe later.”


Bucky Barnes Series
-Your attraction to the brooding Winter Soldier is instant, but when you overhear him talking badly about your appearance those feelings of desire quickly turn to hate.

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Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five

Part Six- End.

You told Nat and Wanda everything that had happened that evening, hating the exchange of knowing looks between the pair that only deepened your sense of confusion.

“What are those faces for?!” You screeched, pulling at your hair. “What is going on here?!”

Nat shook her head and Wanda laughed into her hand. “It’s nothing, Y/N. Let’s just focus a minute here.” Wanda nodded and agreed. “Yes, you clearly don’t have the feelings that you thought you had for Steve, so the first thing you have to do is talk it out with him.” You looked at the pair of them, unable to hide the look of dread that ensconced your features. “It’s for the best, Y/N. It’ll get rid of any awkwardness between the two of you, and you know give you a clear head to think about any other feelings you might have for some people.. maybe-”

“Speak to Steve.” Nat cut off, shooting a warning glance at Wanda. You frowned at them, “What are you talking about Wanda? Any feelings I might have? I don’t like Steve, we just established that.”

Wanda smiled a small smile but spoke carefully under Nat’s watchful gaze. “It’s not Steve I’m talking about.” She giggled, watching your face transform into a picture of shock.

“Well I don’t like you either!” You spluttered, causing the pair of girls to explode into laughter. You groaned and let your face fall into your hands, having had no success in shedding a bit of light on the situation. “I’ll go speak to Steve.” You mumbled, hefting yourself up and traipsing away from the intrusive sounds of laughter.

You texted him to meet you in your bedroom in ten minutes and he responded with a quick ‘Ok’, so you busied yourself with tidying your room and making yourself look presentable. You forced down the rising feeling of nervousness that threatened to consume you by playing a bit of music in the background, and before too long there was a soft knock at the door.

“Come in.” You called, fiddling with the stereo and not paying Steve much attention as he awkwardly stepped, concealing something behind his back. You turned to face him with an uneasy smile, only to have it be replaced with a look of shock. As it wasn’t Steve at all- but Bucky.

“Wh-What are you doing here?” You asked, your voice almost a whisper. Bucky cleared his throat and presented the bowl of freshly cut mangoes he’d been concealing behind his back. “I think we need to talk.” Your eyes flitted from the fruits to the tentative looking Winter Soldier as your mind whirred, thinking back on the conversation you’d had with Nat and everything that had transpired in the past few days. “This isn’t a good time actually I just asked Steve to-”

“Steve’s the one that told me to come.” Bucky said, interrupting you with a smile that wavered as he spoke. “And- and Nat.” He laughed, placing the mangos down on your lap. “Can I sit?” You nodded and watched, utterly transfixed as he sat down next to you on the bed. What the hell had been going on? Why did Steve tell him to come down? Why had Bucky been speaking to Nat about you? Why was the man you despised most in the world sat on your bed with you, smiling? And why were you letting him?

“I’m sorry-” you stuttered, “But what are you doing in my room?”

Bucky huffed and shoved a piece of mango into his mouth. “Shouldn’t tal wih mouf full.” He slurred, acting apologetic. You narrowed your eyes at his awful stall tactic but chewed on a mango slice as you waited anyway. The few seconds it took for Bucky to swallow the fruit seemed to be enough for him to collect his thoughts as he turned to you abruptly.

“Why do you hate me so much?”

You choked a little on the mango, taken aback by his question.


“I want to know- why did you take such a disliking towards me in the first few seconds you met me.” Bucky asked again, his eyes staring into yours which grew cold as you thought back.

“I really needed to pee.” You said, earning a confused look but not bothering to communicate your meaning. “But the ladies room was full so I hid in the guy’s bathroom and went about my business. But as I was about to head out-” Bucky groaned as you spoke, apparently recalling the events and conversation that occurred during that first day you’d met. “Being hidden in the cubicle, I was able to overhear every little thing you had to say about me.”

“Y/N, I-”

“Not that hot, nothing special- "bet 2 bucks I can get her to go home with me tonight.”“ You recited, holding Bucky in your steely gaze. "That was actually the first encounter we had. And I learnt a lot about you in those first few minutes that helped me decide how to treat you- how you deserved to be treated in those next few moments we’d meet face to face.” You finished, licking the sweet juices left on your fingers by the mango you’d just consumed.

“I’m sorry, Y/N.” Bucky mumbled, looking ashamed, which you found strange. “For what? It’s hardly like we’re best friends, you don’t need to apologise now. There’s no need.” Bucky winced at your words, grasping your hand in his- much to your horror- as you snatched it back. “What are you doing?” You hissed, standing up, ready to send him out your room.

“Y/N I like you.” Bucky breathed out, staring at you with such an intensity that the thought he was joking didn’t even cross your mind.

“What?” You repeated, for what felt like the thousandths time. “That makes no sense- whatsoever!”

Bucky groaned and rubbed at the back of his neck, matching your tone of disbelief. “I know! I know it doesn’t- but I do! I really fucking like you and it’s so goddamn confusing because I’ve never hated someone as much as I hate you too.”

“Ditto.” You interrupted without thinking, exchanging smiles with the nervous man before you, easing the tension ever so slightly. The next time he reached for your hand, you let him. You didn’t know why, but whatever was happening you were seemingly ok with it. You could feel his eyes on your skin, a thoughtful look enveloping his features as you grew sombre.

“I didn’t mean what I said back then.” Bucky sighed, pulling you nearer to him. “I was just being a jerk, I was trying to stop the guys from showing an interest in you and I kinda felt threatened by the way Steve looked at you. I was- I was trying to keep you all to myself but, but we both know how that turned out.” You laughed a little and he looked up at you, a hopeful smile dying to be released. “Kinda had the opposite effect, hu?” You quipped.

Bucky went to pull you close and wrap his arms around your waist, from where he was sat but you resisted. “I-I think this is-”

“A bit unexpected..” Bucky acknowledged. “I actually only just realised how-how I /felt/ for you rather, well, super recently. I think it took for you getting shot right in front of me to realise that if I lost you I would- I would freaking lose my mind.” You inhaled sharply at the revelation, noting how difficult it must be for Bucky to be opening up to you like he was, his eyes cast down and a red hue clouding his cheeks. “Talk about too little too late though, hu? But I- I visited you whilst you were out and Tony said- Tony said you’d be fine.. So I figured maybe I could give it a shot- pun not intended- at just you know, telling you how I felt at least. So I went down to the gym at the time you usually headed down there to do cardio and instead I saw-” this time it was your turn to groan, and you wrapped Bucky’s body in yours, making the move of intimacy he was too afraid to go for. His arms found your waist as you wrapped your hands around his head, playing with his hair from your standing position. “I saw Steve and you- kissing- and I thought it was too late but then you- and I almost- but Nat told me and and so I told Steve and they sort of arranged this whole thing and now.. here we are.”

“Here we are..” you echoed, twirling a few pieces of his hair in between your fingers. He looked up then, hopeful, and your heart skyrocketed in your chest, so loud that you worried he would hear it banging against your ribcage.

He whispered your name before you both leaned in and touched lips in what felt like an explosion of colour and emotion. You were quick to lace your hands in his hair, tugging moans of pleasure from his lips. You pushed him backwards and lay your body atop his on the bed, unthinking, but moved entirely by your intermingling sense of passion. His hands cupped your ass and pushed your closer towards him, causing you to arch your back. Your senses were dialled to a hundred and you were driven wild by the way he bit your lip and moaned your name, the hot and heavy breaths that were exchanged between kisses. The moment shared more intensity than either of you had experienced in any of your wildest embraces.

“I love you.” He gasped, pulling apart a moment to look you in the eye as he professed to you the ultimate truth. As you stared at him with your eyes wide and your lips swollen and your heart beating a mile a minute you realised what you had known all along, what everyone had known- and suddenly it all made sense.

“I love you too.”  

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Temper Tantrum (20 Different Pairings #6- John x reader)

Summary: Reader accidentally flirts with Dean, and John is a jealous man.

Word Count: 2500

Warning: SMUT, jealousy, angry sex

A/N: Another character I’ve never written before! Let me know what you think! @spnashley @kittenofdoomage @abaddonwithyall @emmy-winchester (I don’t know all the John!girls, so tag them for me, please!)

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Stood Up

Tagging: @solidscriptjess  @ftfanfics  @mushi0131

Rating: T+ for, like, two swear words because you can never be too careful. *shrugs*

Pairings: Nalu

Summary: Lucy was just about ready to celebrate her first anniversary when her date doesn’t even show. But what will happen when a certain someone decides to intervene and take matters into his own hands?

A/N: Heyyy!! This is my first fic!! I’m so excited to post this! I have to thanks @mushi0131​ for convincing me to write this one over the other AU’s that I will probably write in the future. I also have to thank my editor and one of my best friends @solidscriptjess​ for helping me not completely fall into a pit of nonsensical word vomit. Also, feel free to listen to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MgKzqYPCyJ0&t=1901s while you read. I was imagining that this was the music that was playing in the background. Enjoy!

It was about an hour after she got to the restaurant that she realized he wasn’t coming. After all of that talk about making their anniversary something special, Loke hadn’t even the nerve to show up.

She’d already been through three glasses of water and was honestly considering ordering something a bit stronger just for the hell of it. She could go for a nice lemonade or something…her sweet tooth certainly wouldn’t mind. Her stomach refused to stop growling. She’d ordered three trays of calamari already but she couldn’t bring herself to order a meal. Yes, she was getting annoyed but there was still a part of her that told her that he was coming even though she knew full well that he was probably off somewhere flirting the night away.

“That little…,” she grumbled. “When I get my hands on his scrawny little neck, I’m going to-”

She was interrupted by the now all too familiar clacking of her waitress’s heels that headed her way…again.

“Are you ready to order yet, ma'am?” the silver haired waitress asked for about the fourth time. She clutched a serving tray under her armpit and lifted her notebook from her apron. She didn’t look particularly annoyed by the long wait. She was smiling for god sake, which was the farthest from anything Lucy was feeling at that moment.

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When We Admitted Our Feelings

Here’s Part Three in “Our Love Story”

Pairing: Jared x Reader
Words:   1130

Read When We Met
Read When We Hid Our Feelings

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Jensen’s Point Of View

           “Jared? What’s wrong?” I asked when Jared called my phone at two in the morning. He never called that late. Something had to be wrong.

           “Y/N … she was … she was in an accident. She’s at the hospital. I can’t be here alone, Jensen. Will you …?”

           “I’m on my way, Buddy. I’ll be there as soon as I can.”

           “Thanks, J.”

           “Hey, Man, she’ll be okay.”

           “I hope so.”

           I got out of bed and got dressed quickly, trying to get ready and get to the hospital as soon as possible.

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It's Dark Inside

Part One | Part Two | Part Three

Title: It’s Dark Inside

Imagine: Discovering you have a deep, dark ability.

Pairing: Winchester brothers X sister!reader.

Warnings: ANGST. Minor language.

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What was going on? Ever since the events of yesterday, nothing made sense. Something in the air was different, but you couldn’t tell what. You felt like something was watching you, waiting for you to make the wrong move.

You looked around. Recognizing your room at the bunker, you leaned up. A pain shot through your side and your hands reached for the bandaged injury. You were still in your clothes from yesterday, but a few blood stains caught your eyes.

The only question was: was it your blood?

You slowly reached for your phone on the nightstand, careful not to disturb your wounds. You successfully grabbed it and checked the time. 11:37 AM… Damn. Had you really been out that long? You removed the blanket from above you and set it beside your pillow. You stood up. Bad idea.

The events of yesterday came rushing back to you.

You remember the hunt. You remember the demon. You remember the blood.

You turned the corner and saw what was supposed to be the demon. No. This was something else… something worse. It’s twisted face went in every direction. It’s body wasn’t even a figure, just a twisted maze of bones, blood, and shadows.

And its eyes, dark empty black holes that went on forever. They held the lives of innocents screaming for help. People who were eternally damned. You saw it all. This was the demon. The real demon. The monster behind the ‘meat suit’.

It knew. The look on your face fueled it and its mouth of teeth shifted into a sinister grin. The creature leaped at you. Talons growing longer by the second, you got a full view of what hunters would never see about what they actually hunted. The dark aura around the beast grew larger.

Time almost seemed to slow down. You couldn’t move. You couldn’t breathe.

The next thing you saw was Sam and Dean above your body. It wasn’t you looking at them from below though, like you were behind them, watching from afar.

You wanted to run to them. You wanted to tell them it was going to be okay, but you couldn’t move. It was like there was an invisible wall. They held your lifeless body and you watched the blood pour out of the wounds all across your body, but the main spot was the one on your side. The one that was bandaged up… There was no stitching all of that up. Realization hit you as the pain shot through your side again.

You struggled to move through the bunker to the library. There were too many questions in your head at the moment and every time you thought back to what you remembered, there seemed to be other voices telling you the opposite of what you wanted to hear. There were so many of them. It was driving you crazy.

After what felt like hours, you finally limped your way to the library. You stick your head around the corner first, you noticed Sam with his head buried deeply into one of the lore books and Dean was nowhere to be found.

You were about to walk in when your body stopped. No! Don’t go in there! They’re not trustworthy! A voice in your head yelled. There was something about this one, it stuck out. What was going on? This wasn’t like Lucifer with Sam. No, according to Sam, he could see Lucifer. You couldn’t see this.

Ignoring the thing, you walked in the library. You blocked out its growls and opened your mouth.

“S-Sam?” You watched his head shoot up and like that he was at your side.

“(Y/N)! You shouldn’t be out of bed! Wait until Dean gets back!“ He yelled and he tried to escort you back to your room. As soon as he touched your arm, the voices got louder. Arguing, almost…

“Sammy! I’m back!” Dean’s voice traveled through the bunker as his footsteps grew louder. The voices quieted down as soon as Sam let go. You both turned towards the spot where Dean would appear in a moment.

You still hadn’t thought of what you were actually going to say to the both of them. In the few seconds you had, one thing made its way through your mind: the truth.

You took a step back as soon as Dean appeared. His eyes met yours and everything was still for a moment.

“(Y/N)!” Dean hugged you. You felt pressure on your back and realized Sam had joined too. You wiggled out of their grips and stood in front of them. They both had tears in their eyes. Something wasn’t right…

“What happened?” You asked. Your eyes were as hard as stone, you needed answers. The voices got louder as Sam and Dean’s got quieter. They didn’t speak.

They shared a glance, so there was a secret. Something did happen. Sam opened his mouth, but nothing came out. You felt tears of your own coming. For the first time, everything was silent…

“Did I die?”

Imma change your life. (part 1)

Summary: You are Stiles’ sister, and Laura Hale’s friend. When she disappears, her brother Derek back to Beacon Hills. Things will never be the same again.

Pairing: Derek Hale x Reader

Characters: Reader, Derek Hale, Stiles Stilinski, Scott McCall

Words Count: 3568

Author’s Note: So, this story is divided into two parts. Well, this is the first lol
I hope you enjoy! and if you want to be tagged, just ask. Don’t be afraid, I don’t bite! (bad joke, sorry)

“Scott! Stiles! What the hell are you doing in the woods!? You should be in school!” I scream in the direction of my younger brother Stiles, and his best friend. The night before the police found a dead body in the woods, yet unidentifiable, and since I followed the footsteps of my father and I’m a cop, sheriff Stilinski (my father, in fact), has ordered me to command the team for still sift the woods, and scour the area for any clues. But what do I find? My stupid brother who instead of being in school, playing at being a detective with his friend.
“Hey y/n! big sis! How are you?”
I approach striding Stiles, and take him by the ear.
“Now you go back in the car immediately, and drive straight up to school. Scott! Move if you don’t want me to talk to your mother!” I turn and I see Scott look at something in the distance. I follow his gaze, and my attention alights on a guy, dressed all in black, with a blank look on his face.
“Scott” I call once again, as I approach him, and shake to get him back to reality, and when he turns to me with confused look asks me who is the mysterious boy. I breathe deeply; I would tell him I don’t know him, but unfortunately I know exactly who he is.
“He’s Derek Hale.”
“Hale? Those of the burned house?” Stiles asks curiously. I look up at the sky, thinking how my brother is stupid and tactless. The burning of the Hale family home was one of the most horrible events happened in the last twenty years in Beacon Hills. People died that night, some of them were children.
“Stiles, in the car!”
Sulking, my brother turns on his heels and go by car. I head next to the Jeep, to be sure Stiles and Scott go away. For real.
When the Jeep is long gone, I still turn to the point where is Derek Hale, but I realize that he’s gone.
I decide to go back to my car, to call men and take a break, when I see Derek leaning against the hood of the car.
“Two Hale in a week. Should I be worried?” I say as I approach him.
“Two?” Asks Derek with a confused look. He doesn’t know that is not the only one in his family to be in town?
“Your sister Laura came to me a couple of days ago. I’m looking for her. You know something about this?”
Derek seems deep in thought, and expect him to answer me. After a while he walks away from the car and go into the woods. I raise my arms in the air, and scream at him.
“Hey, thank you for answering! You don’t know good manners? ”
“Believe me, the one here who knows nothing is you.” says Derek back, while stops a few meters from me.
I approached the door of the car, and I open. Before entering, I give a last look at Derek.
“Believe me Derek, I know more than you think.”

“You did!?” I scream at Derek, after entering furiously in the house of Hale, or at least what’s left. Derek is sitting on an old chair, one of the rooms on the ground floor. He gets up bored when he sees me in.
“This is private property.”
I get a move on to go to him, and our faces are found a few centimeters from each other.
“You did?”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Derek said while staring at me. I laugh sarcastically, and crossing my arms over my chest.
“I understand what is becoming Scott, even before he understands it. I ask you once again. You have bite Scott McCall?”
Derek keeps staring at me, but this time with a confused look. Certainly he didn’t expect that someone like me knew.
"How do you know-”
“I told you Derek. I know much more than you think.”
Derek couldn’t know that her sister Laura had told me, many years ago, the truth about his family. They are werewolves. Laura and I, despite the age difference, we were good friends; from an early age, at school, he defended me from the bullies. And one day, on a summer afternoon, while we were playing to climb a tree, I stumbled and fell, dislocating my ankle. Laura, to get me away the pain, used his ‘powers’, and told me how his family was special, that they belonged to an important and ancient family of werewolves. I promised her not to tell anyone her secret. And so I did.
Now Laura is dead; the body found in the woods was her. Someone, or something, killed her, and probably kill again. And to make matters worse, Scott, the best friend of my brother, was bitten; it will not take much longer, he will begin to be transformed, and he could lose control.
Carry my attention to Derek, who doesn’t decide to answer. Taken by anger, I try to throw a punch, although I know that I will do more hurt to myself than to him.
As I expected, the Derek’s reflections are perfect; He raises his arm and stopped my fist in his hand, without experiencing even the slightest pain.
He is shaking hand around mine, but not so much to hurt me, and approaching dangerously at me, looking me straight in the eye. The heart begins to beat louder and louder, and swallow loudly; I know that Derek can feel my emotions, although I don’t know exactly what I’m feeling right now.
"I have not bitten anyone.”
I walk away violently by Derek, never taking my eyes off him. In part, I was hoping it was not him; his sister always told me that his family was not bad, it didn’t bite people, unless it was not necessary.
But if it was not Derek, it means that there is a werewolf on the loose, who killed Laura, thus becoming the Alpha, and that bit Scott. And very soon it will hurt some other innocent.

“Stiles, why did you come to me in the middle of the night by Deaton?” I say, as I wearily in the 'operating room’ of Dr. Deaton, veterinarian of the city, and Scott’s boss.
The scene that I find myself in front of, it is rather bizarre, and macabre at the same time. My brother Stiles, white-faced, with a kind of saw in his hands, and opposite him Derek, even paler, and completely sweaty; barely able to hold himself up.
“What the hell have you done Stiles?” I say, as I approach the table, and check Derek closely.
“Still nothing! Kate Argent shot him with a poisoned bullet. Scott is looking for the cure.”
I turn to Derek, who is about to faint; I cling to me, to make sure he doesn’t fall.
“You have to cut my arm .. .. so the poison .. will not come to the heart .. ..”
I open wide my eyes, looking first at him, and then my brother, still with that tool in his hand. Stiles looks at me, waiting for me to do anything. I open my mouth to say something, but words fail me. Derek wants to cut an arm; his arm! He must be crazy.
“I won’t cut your arm!. Hold on Derek. Scott is coming up with the cure. ”
As if he had heard me, Scott opens the door through which I entered a few minutes before, and runs towards us. With the few forces that are still left, Derek goes to Scott, who gives him a bullet. Derek quickly opens the bullet, and comes out a strange powder, which the wolf collects with his fingers, then rub it on the small wound on the forearm. The strange smoke begins to spread from Derek’s arm into the room; he closes his eyes, and falls to the ground, unconscious.
Stiles and Scott try to wake him, in vain.
I moved away from them the body of Derek, I kneel beside him, and began to shake him.
“Derek?” he doesn’t answer.
“Derek ..” ..nothing.
Without thinking twice, and having no other choice, I give him a straight punch in the face. Derek gets up with a start, slamming her head against mine.
“Shit!” I scream as I sit down, close my hand to my chest.
Derek gets up slowly, while I massage the hand with which I hit him. I seem to have punched a rock; The hand continued to pulse in pain, and is starting to become purple. Will remain the bruise for a week.
I look in the direction of Derek, to check he’s okay. The poison must have made him very badly. Since the Argent, ancient family of hunters, arrived in the city, things got worse and worse. They think it was Derek to kill the people who died in the last few days, and then he is hunted, especially from Kate Argent. For now they don’t know that Scott is a werewolf, but they are not stupid. They’ll find out soon. And in the meantime, Scott falls in love with Allison; shame that the last name of the girl is Argent.

I open the door of my room, kicked, and I throw myself on the bed; I took the ice from the freezer to the hand, which in the meantime has also inflated.
Never hit a werewolf. Never.
I’m going to turn off the lights and go to bed, when I hear strange noises outside my window. I think they are a figment of my imagination, when I hear another blow. I approached the window, and I open it. Derek is sitting on the edge of the gutter, waiting for me to open.
“What are you doing here, Derek?” I ask him while I invite him to enter. He enters, and after closing the window, we sit both at the foot of the bed.
“I wanted to see how you are.” He says to me, making me smile.
“You were going to die, and want to know if I’m okay?”
We look into the eyes, and without saying a word, Derek takes my injured hand, wet because of ice, and cradled in her. Suddenly they form small black veins on his arm; the pain in my hand decreases slowly, and some sort of relief invades my body. I take a deep breath and close my eyes; I feel like new.
I saw this 'trick’ of wolves, by Laura, but this time it seems.. different. The relief, the pain disappeared, Derek’s hand brushes mine. My heart increasingly beats faster.
I open my eyes, and meet those insightful Derek.
“Much better.”

 "Y/n, I have a problem.“
At home Stilinski you can never be at peace. Even now, I’m trying to work on a case assigned to me by my dad. I was so absorbed in my thoughts, that when Stiles enters loudly in my room, as I jump. Thank you that is my brother, because if it were not so..
I turn on myself, and look at him with a grim look, waiting until you start talking.
"Danny is coming.”
Danny is one of his classmates; Stiles invited him home because we need your help to track a message sent probably from the Alpha. So maybe we finally manage to find it.
“And I..”
“You.. have to hold off Derek.”
The beat of my heart accelerates to hear his name. When I’m in the presence of Derek, something happens to me.. And knowing that he perceives this.. feeling, it makes me go even more crazy. I swallow loudly, and although not convinced, I tell my brother that I will take 'care’ of him, not until Danny is gone.
Stiles jumps on me and thanked me, and then run away, straight to her room. I look up to the sky; People like him don’t exist on Earth, but it’s not bad as a brother. Sometimes. I smile to myself, and I sling back on my case, when I hear again the door of my room open.
“Stiles, I told you that I will take care of Der-” the phrase stops in the throat, seeing Derek slowly enter into my room. I get up from my desk, and quickly shut the door of my room behind.
“Stiles hadn’t told me that you were already here.”
“How do you take care of me, exactly?” Derek said with a provocative smile on his face.. so perfect. I shake my head, trying to eliminate the thought out of my head, and I look down so as not to see my red cheeks to the guy in front of me. My attention moves on his shirt.
“Is that blood?” I ask, pointing to his dirty shirt.
“I had a fight.”
I look up to the sky. Men, because they have to beat each, instead of talking like civilized people? Without a word, I go out of my room quickly, leaving Derek alone. I enter the room my father’s bed, and I take a couple of shirts from her closet. Then I return to my room, where Derek is snooping through my things. I move away him from my desk, and I pass the shirts of my father.
“They should be fine. Choose a shirt and changed. ”
He doesn’t say it twice; in seconds, Derek takes off his leather jacket, and dirty jersey of blood, remaining with the naked chest. I remain open-mouthed; this is the second time I see him no shirt on, but the first time he was about to die, so I hadn’t focused much, just like I am doing now. I close my eyes, and pointed to the bathroom door.
“There is the .. bathroom.” I say, rubbing my hand behind the neck.
Derek turns to me, and a smile on her face check.
“You look nervous …”
I open my eyes, and look at him, smiling so more sarcastic as possible.
“Nervous? Nah. I only have a werewolf wanted by police hiding in my room.. half naked. I’m not nervous.” I say with a smile, like an idiot. Come on y/n, what will never be. It’s just.. Derek.
Derek approaching threateningly at me, and I try to back away as much as possible, until bumping into my desk.
“To me it doesn’t seem to.” Derek says, looking me straight in the eye. I don’t know why, but suddenly my body starts to move by itself, and in a few seconds, my lips collide with those of Derek. He immediately responds to the kiss, and taking me by the hips, he makes me sit on the desk. Derek holds me increasingly closer to him, making me moan between his lips. God, this is so exciting.
We continue to kiss, when the bedroom door opens suddenly.
“Y/n, Danny’s has don-”
Instinctively I moved away Derek from me, and I bite my lip, looking first at him, and then my brother.
“Am I interrupting something?” Asks my brother embarrassed and curious.
“Yes.” “No.” Derek and I say in unison. I look at him with eyes as 'I beg you put some clothes on’. As if he had read my thoughts, Derek goes to the bed, and takes one of the my father’s t-shirt to wear it while I go down from the desk, and I go to Stiles.
“What did you find out?” I ask my brother.
Stiles, she keeps staring at me in silence launching an occasional glance to Derek. I look up to the sky, and pray to him with the eyes to tell me what he discovered. After a few seconds, he moves gaze back on me, and start talking.
“The message, we found out where it came from.”
“Where?” he asks Derek finally dress.
“From the hospital of Beacon Hills.”
The Alpha perhaps hides the hospital; but why there? Maybe it’s one of the patients, or one of the doctors. We must hurry to find out who is. Without thinking twice, I take some clothes from the closet, and I head to the bathroom to get ready.
“Great, let’s go to the hospital!”
I stop and look at my brother.
“You’re not going anywhere Stiles. Derek and I’ll go. ”
“To do the lovebirds alone? Come on, y/n! I have a baseball bat to defend myself! ”
I get red in the face, for what he has just said about me and Derek. I take a deep breath and approached me dangerously Stiles, pointing a finger.
“You stay at home. You’ll also get a baseball bat. But I have a gun.”

On the way, Derek and I are doing is exchanging glances, without even saying a word. But I think the heart that beats strong, and my anxiety, do all the work. I can’t believe I’ve kissed Derek Hale. And God, how I liked it. Her lips, so perfect, and his body.. so sexy.
I try to chase away those thoughts not very chaste from my mind, while I drive to the hospital. I have to be ready and focused; if the Alpha is there, I can’t wait to kick him in the ass.
Arrived at the hospital, I park the Jeep in front of the entrance. Still silent, Derek opens the car door, but I I stop him immediately.
“You’re wanted; if you saw go in there, soon they would call the police.” I say as I check that the gun is charged and ready for use when needed.
Derek looks up to the sky, and tries to protest, but I pretend not to hear. First out of the Jeep, Derek grabs my arm and pulls my body to his. I feel my heart speed up more and more, as my eyes meet his.
“I want you to be careful.” Derek said, his eyes moving from my lips, and again my eyes. I lick my lips, eager to meet again her. But is not the time; Now my mission is to find the Alpha. I nod to his request, and go quickly out of the car. I take a deep breath, for the strange situation of a few seconds ago, and my courage, and I go to the hospital.
When I enter the waiting room is completely empty. No patients, no doctor, and no one at the reception. I scanned the first floor from cover to cover, and when I can’t find anyone, I head to the second floor. Here, too, even the shadow of a person. Step in front of a room, the patient’s name written on the door.
Peter Hale.
He’s the uncle of Derek. He also was a victim of Hale house fire; He managed to survive, but remained completely burned, and he doesn’t speak since the accident.
I open the door to check that at least he’s okay, but inside the room, there is only the wheelchair. Peter, not even a shadow.
Quickly I take the phone out of the pocket of my pants, and I type the Derek’s number.
“Y/n, all right?”
“Derek, the hospital is empty. There is no one, not even your uncle Peter.”
“It’s not possible. He..”
Derek’s voice becomes ever more feeble in my head, because my attention is posing on the steps behind me. I turn slowly, and I see him. Peter Hale, in the flesh, staring at me with a mischievous look on his face. She looks at me hungrily, as if I were his next victim. I think about what he did to Scott, what he did to those poor people, and probably also killed Laura. Blinded by rage, I fling myself on him. I bring my hand near the gun, but Peter is too fast, and I find myself slammed against the wall, with Peter’s hand that tightens more at my neck. His eyes begin to change color; from a simple blue stain a bright red. The eyes of an Alpha.
I try to remove Peter from me, to breathe, but his hands around my neck are too strong, and I can’t stop it.
When I start to see blurry, I feel a roar from a distance, and looking around, I see Derek, his blue eyes, and his face turned, coming dangerously towards us. Peter finally let me go, and I feel again the lungs fill with air. I fall to the ground, while I see Peter and Derek fight; the latter throws his uncle away, and he walks quickly toward me. Derek helps me to get up, and ran away. Hidden in one of the rooms on the second floor, Derek turns to me, his face normal again.
“You need to leave. Run.” He says, before walking away. As he had done before me, I grab his arm and approached me.
“I’m not leaving you here.”
Derek looks at me and shakes my face between his hands.
“I’ll be fine. But stay here for you is dangerous. Run. Now.”
Before I could reply, Derek leaves the room where we hid. I hear roars in the distance.
When I leave the room, there is no trace of Peter. And even Derek.


Two Prompt One-Shot #43

Friendly reminder that Two Prompt Tuesday has now been re-named Two Prompt One-Shot!

Prompt: Sometimes, I lay in bed at night and think about the things I wish I could say to you. 
Pairing: Jensen x Reader
Word Count: 1200
Warnings: Implicit emotional affair.  

A/N: This was voted on a couple weeks ago, and it took me forever to get around to writing. Seeing as how I got it pretty much how I had it in my head though, I hope the wait was worth it for you lovelies! 

Two Prompt One-Shot Masterlist

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Miles between what we say and what we mean

MP100 Valentines Week
Day 4; Aquarium

pairing: terumob

Story tag


Teruki isn’t stupid. Far from it, actually.

He prides himself on a quick wit and a sharp analytical mind, always planning two steps ahead no matter who he’s with and where they are, and his psychic abilities wouldn’t be anywhere near their current level without an obscene amount of study. He knows a little bit about every subject, give or take, and what he finds he doesn’t know he’s quick to learn.

And so he knows, on a fundamental level, that wanting something and having it are two very different creatures.

As much as he might want Shigeo, Teruki is aware that he can’t have him.

For the most part, he’s comfortable with that.

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Finally getting round to sharing my latest hauls! Sorry the photo quality isn’t the best. These things were got over a couple of days. Can you believe the underwear wasn’t even tagged?! Some pairs were but the ones in my size were tag-free, how lucky?? And no rfids on the palettes. one of my last posts was about how some things seem too easy- this is what I’m talking about!

Not pictured are some books, two Lush things, another bra and undies, moisturiser, chocolate, a scented diffuser, a pretty water bottle and a few makeup bits I’ve already boosted. Will add this all up when I’m feeling less lazy!


I’m Ready To Take That Chance Again (Pt. 2)

[Summary]: Bucky and you are HYDRA lab rats and become a Winter Soldier team. And Bucky has made a decision that you are his responsibility and made a promise to protect you at all costs.

[Pairing]: Bucky x reader

A/N: This was so awesome to write! I really like what I did with the fight scene between Bucky and the reader. Feedback would be appreciated!

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title: bad communication

rating: t

pairing: klance

tags: angst and fluff, miscommunication, getting together, blue perpetually knows whats up and lance almost dies but truly what else is new lmao


“Can we, like, stop speaking in code now actually, because I’m not anymore certain than I was two minutes ago that we’re talking about the same thing and I just want to know if you’re saying you like me back or if I just maybe read way too much into this entire conversation and made that part up?”

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Two Prompt One-Shot #44

Prompt: She loved him and he loved her, but it wasn’t that simple. 
Pairing: Sam x Reader
Word Count: 710
Warnings: Angst. Drinking. 

A/N: For one of Angelina’s (@atc74) celebrations, I offered two followers of her choosing the picks for my next two 2P1S fics. This was a pick by @arryn-nyx! I changed the prompt a little bit to fit where I wanted to put it in the story. Enjoy!

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