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hey guys, i just wanted to say that i try very hard to keep my blogs and my twitter very positive and uplifting. everyone needs different things and if you need a nice place to look at pretty things or stuff to make you smile, i try my best to be a happy space for anyone who needs it. i am doing some uplifting comics soon as well. 

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remember that it’s okay to feel sad sometimes, i just hope you have something to make you feel better later, even if it’s just a little bit. 

A little Dango tale~

This was supposed to be a drabble but it turned out to be too long… and now we have this :3 Thank you @shedreamsfiction for answering my many questions, I’m finally done with it~

Summary: Yukimura’s three years old daughter, Momo, has learned how to cook Dango for her favorite uncle Saizo. But papa Yukimura gets jealous and tries to steal it away.

Furoshiki (風呂敷) are a type of traditional Japanese wrapping cloth traditionally used to transport clothes, gifts, or other goods.

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“I liked Marie. She was taller than most men, proud as a cat, and spoke at least four languages. Many of Imre’s musicians did their best to mimic the latest fashion, hoping to blend in with the nobility, but Marie wore road clothes. Pants you could do a day’s work in, boots you could use to walk twenty miles.

I don’t mean to imply she wore homespun, mind you. She just had no love for fashion or frippery. Her clothes were obviously tailored for her, close fitting and flattering. Tonight she wore burgundy and brown, the colors of her patron, the Lady Jhale.” WMF ch. 5

ok Marie is such a small character, she’s mentioned basically once. But I love her. So I drew her. Also I imagine her playing kind of like lindsey stirling, super happy and having fun, dancing and stuff x

anyways ive been trying to practice in more of a comic-ish style since i normally do like, fine art. so on a whim decided to draw her since she deserves more recognition as an awesome character, (who once knocked a man out for calling her ‘that mouthy fiddler bitch’)


So this is petty, but do I need to start putting watermarks on everything? There are multiple Instagram accounts that exclusively post my content that have thousands of followers, there are tumblr accounts that save my stuff and repost it (reblog exist for a reason, you little hags).

I do this because I love the show and it’s funny and people enjoy it too. I never watermarked because it seems tacky. But seeing other people lifting content constantly when I’ve spent over 4 years screencapping everything is actually really disheartening. Is this fair? 

Hey y’all
your resident history major (who’s wasting her degree) here
I’ve been into FFXV lately, particularly Niflheim~
so I was tempted to try and map out how Niflheim’s invasion of Lucis must have gone
I also circled the approximate location of where Galahd must be, going by the timing that the “Niflheim Attack on Galahd” newspaper is shown on screen and the fact it’s near a lake and river (which matches Nyx’s childhood(?) photos of Galahd on his bedroom corkboard)

anonymous asked:

I'd expect Donato to have some measures ready in the event of his capture, like a protege, someone who he trained in the art of manipulation and deception to manage things while he was gone. And I imagine Donato got information about the outside from when other investigators came to question him, the only ones who he'd answer (vaguely) were Amon and Haise and anyone else he'd control the conversation to get them to update him in a roundabout way. Furuta joining the clowns just made it easier

Of course, Donato could have stayed informed that way, but he wouldn’t have been as able to get information back OUT to the other Clowns. Thus making the idea of him as active leader a little bit complicated. If he had indeed given a protege instructions for keeping things going, then that protege wouldn’t have been able to consult him during that time. That’s what I was saying.

Furuta (and anyone else secretly working with the Clowns) would allow for two way communication, allowing Donato to have a more active leadership role during these past 15 years.

Now, it’s certainly possible that Donato left a protege and said protege led things while still considering Donato the real leader, with them just waiting for his return. In fact, I think the narrative is suggesting such a thing right now, if there aren’t any more twists. And I think its setting up Uta for it, between the tattoos and the eyeball thing, Uta’s going to meet Donato, and the fact that the little Clown party in 143 took place at HySy.

That would explain away his line about the boss - as even if he was the de facto leader, he’s always considered it to be Donato’s real job, and he’s just been biding time until Donato gets back.

The timeline would still be a little shaky, though, in terms of when they met and when Uta took this control. It’s possible that Uta was leading the 4th ward and the Clowns (who seemed to be focused in the adjacent 13th) at the same time as a teenager. I wouldn’t put it past him.

But Itori makes another likely candidate in that case. The two of them were close as far back as we’ve been shown, and as @midnight-in-town stated, there are several reasons to suspect she has a bigger role in things. It would be interesting if Donato’s protege was female, given the sort of twisted patriarchal figure he is (e.g. his line this past chapter about eating pretty women and intelligent children).

If either Itori or Uta is actually Donato’s protege, I’ll be curious to see how things play out within the Clowns. While I may not think either are direct children of Donato [x], like I said the manga is pretty loaded right now with children, literally and metaphoricly, overcoming and/or taking over for parents/parental figures. And while that role seems much better crafted for Amon, if any of the Clowns end up having this kind of direct successor relationship with Donato, I’d personally watch that relationship very closely. 

Which does point again to Uta and his hard to categorize allegiance. We’ll have to see, I suppose. Even if this protege is set to take over from Donato, it isn’t necessarily going to be because of disagreement or betrayal. Only some of the current parent/child successions are going this way. However it happens, I suspect they’ll be a conflict with Amon on the horizon for them. Because that’s what happens when you succeed someone. You gotta deal with the conflicts they left behind.