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FIRST of all I love your art and your blog you're so talented! Secondly, if you're still doing the expression thing, can you please draw some marichat with Chat as 1A and Mari as 2C? If you don't want to draw both that's okay too! Thank you for your kindness and continuing to create such wonderful art! Oh! And Happy Holidays 😘

One sided reveal! :P

I’m not taking more requests, just finishing the one’s left C:



  • Yurio: Viktor! What the fuck are you doing taking so long? The other Yuri is about to get on the ice!
  • Yurio: Katsudon got mad? I didn't think that was possible. What did he say?
  • Yurio:
  • Yurio: so?
  • Yurio:
  • Yurio:
  • Yurio:
what i learned today while tallying homestuck statistics:

Dave has no idea how to end a conversation. I mean, I knew he just never shut the fuck up, but i’m trying to tally the number of conversations and in acts 1-4, and dave has had like, 8, total. cause whenever someone else says goodbye he just keeps talking at them until they eventually come back instead of actually signing out of pesterchum like a normal person


Who needs footwork when you’re Hercule Poirot? ;)


tumblr is not doing good things for me. well, that’s a lie. I’ve talked to some wonderful people and made some lovely friends. I’ve learned a lot and laughed a lot…..but the cons outweigh the pros. to me and my adhd, tumblr is basically crack. completely addicting. it’s interfering with my life and I’m not getting stuff done. being surrounded by posts about mental illness and discrimination in the lgbtq community and politics and stuff like that….is exhausting really, especially for someone with mental illnesses and disabilities like me. I guess what I’m trying to say is that adhd (and anemia cause that’s a way bigger problem than most people think) is a huge force in my life right now, and I need to save my spoons and take care of my self. I can’t lie on my bed and hyper focus on my phone for hours everyday anymore. so I’m taking a break. or at least a partial break. I’m mainly on mobile, so I’m deleting this damn app as soon as I finish this post and I’m gonna go do my makeup and go have some fun with my friends. I’m not staying home tonight, not again. I’m not missing out on life because my energy has all been drained reading negative posts on the Internet. I’ll keep up my queue and talk to my mutuals on my laptop, but I’m turning off my asks. (however submissions will stay open and will be greatly appreciated in order to keep my queue up) if I unfollow you, please don’t take it personally, I just need to keep myself from getting distracted and I need a dash that is free from shitposts and discourse. anyways. thank you for being such amazing, caring, understanding, patient and beautiful followers. and thank you for putting up with lil ‘ole me and my disabled ass. maybe when I get better I’ll be more active again.
xoxo, lots o love,

Imagine Draco walking in on you getting dressed

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“Y/L/N, are you coming or what?” Draco barged on your door. “You wouldn’t want to miss this game, I reckon!”

“Just give me a minute!” you replied, shouting at him through the door.

You were standing in front of your dresser, trying to decide what level of warmth you would need from a sweater if you were going to be out for the game. It was the only thing missing from your attire; you’d already put on you jeans and boots, and you’d put on light make-up. 

“What’s even taking you so long?” he shouted from the corridor, impatient.

You and Draco were great friends, and he liked having you around before his quidditch matches, so you understood why he was being so pressing.

“I’m coming!” you shouted back, finally grabbing a sweater, but just as you did so he opened the door, barging into the room as he proclaimed “That’s it, I’m coming in!”

He froze as soon as he saw you, his eyes growing wide as he took in the sight of you in only your jeans and bra. The garment was pretty tame, being plain white, but it was still a shock to both of you. 

“Draco!” you shrieked, bringing the sweater to your chest in an attempt to cover it and blushing furiously.

“Right, I’ll see you after the game,” he gulped, not meeting your eyes, before running back out of your room. 

Later on, during the game, he missed an opportunity to catch the snitch because his eyes had caught sight of you in the bleachers. As soon as he saw you, the image of the swell of your breasts and your hair falling around them came back into his mind with the force of a buldger, and he turned crimson as the disappointed shouts brought him back to the game. Thankfully, no one was close enough to see how red he got, but he just knew it would take a lot before he could shake off the image.

A prayer to Aphrodite for the revolutionists

Aphrodite Areia, our Lady, we call upon You in these troubling times. There is War brewing in our hearts. We ask that You nurture it, to see us through.

Enoplios, we offer You our rage. The daggers in our hands and tear gas in our eyes will do enough. We will give those to You too. See us through.

Anosia, we hand you our fear. May You mix it with the wine we serve You. See us through.

Pandemos, we gather our struggling, broken love for You. Please take it and weave with it what You will, so long as You weave us together too. Those at home, or in the streets, no matter where. Just see us through.


See us through.

All of Me [Suga]

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“Babe,” He cooed from the other room.

“I’m coming,” I said as I applied some chapstick before heading out of my bedroom door.

“I’m not rushing you; It’s just that you know how Jin can be.”

“Well, I’m in no rush. I have to be looking perfect,” I walked towards him as he held out my jacket.

“But you are already perfect,” he looked at me lovingly as I put one arm in each hole and then smoothing out the jacket before turning towards him.

“You are quite smooth with your words,” I poked him on the nose as he snaked his arm around my waist, clasping his hands together on my back to secure the position we were in.

“I’m always smooth. Have you just noticed that?” He crinkled his nose as he stared into my eyes, “What was taking you so long?”

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Movies, Rain, and Almost-Kisses

Pairing: Rucas

Prompt requested by: Anonymous 

Background: Riley and Lucas are in their senior year of high school, but have decided to just be friends until they figure out what they’re going to do for college and the rest of their lives. However, Lucas has only agreed to this to make Riley happy. Can he stay true to his promise? Or will they both give into temptation?

“Lucas, what’s taking you so long?” Riley called to Lucas from the living room, turning slightly in her seat to face the kitchen without pulling her eyes away from the television screen. She could hear rustling coming from the cabinets - bags of rice, tortillas, her father’s favorite potato chips, all being tossed onto the counter as he rummaged through the entire contents of their pantry to find what he was looking for. 

“I can’t find the chocolate chips,” Lucas announced as he shut the last of the cabinet doors with a frustrated ‘bang.’ “We can’t have popcorn without chocolate chips, Riley, it’s just not right. What kind of people do you think we are?” He joked, coming around the dining room table to stand in front of it, thrusting his hands out to the side dramatically to show her how ridiculous the very thought of it was. 

Riley’s lips curled up into an amused smile as she busied herself with picking up the remote and flipping channels on the TV to avoid his gaze. “Did you check the top shelf next to the refrigerator with all the baking stuff?” 

“You mean the most obvious place in the entire kitchen?” Lucas scoffed, leaning back onto the table and narrowing his eyes at her. “Yes, Riley, of course I looked there!”

“Okay,” Riley bit her lip in an attempt to suppress her laughter, thinking to herself for a moment before turning back to look at Lucas. “Did you try my brother’s sock drawer?”

Lucas’ brows knitted together in confusion. “Why would there be chocolate chips-“

“Just check it!” Riley instructed, waving her hand as a way to dismiss him before turning back to the television screen. 

Turning on his heel to head towards Auggie’s room, Lucas shook his head at Riley, skepticism written all over his face. “Okay, but I don’t think they’re-“ There was moment of silence where Lucas dug through the drawer, pulling out socks of every color and tossing them onto Auggie’s bed. Finally, Lucas reached into the very back of the drawer and pulled out an unopened bag of chocolate chips.“Oh hey, found them!” 

“Told you! Now can you get in here so we can watch the movie?” Riley smirked at him as he hurried back into the living room and rounded the corner to plop beside her on the couch. 

Riley pressed play and their attention fell to the opening scene. Riley focused on the people moving across the screen in front of them, deliberately avoiding looking in Lucas’ direction as he poured the bag of chocolate chips into the giant bowl of popcorn sitting between them. 

“This is nice,” Riley announced, giving Lucas a sideways smile as she grabbed and handful of popcorn and leaned back into the couch. “Just two friends, watching a movie together. A nice, friendly friend movie that friends can watch together and be, you know…”

“Friendly?” Lucas guessed, raising his eyebrows at her as he tossed a piece of chocolate-covered popcorn into his mouth. 

“Yes, exactly!” Riley exclaimed, lurching forward so suddenly that half of the popcorn fell out of the bowl and onto the floor. “So we’re on the same page.”

“Hey, you agreed to this ‘let’s just be friends while we figure out what we’re doing with the rest of our lives,’ rule,” Lucas reminded her, not unkindly. “I’m just along for the ride until you come to your senses.”

“Well, thank you for respecting my wishes, Lucas,” Riley gently patted him on the back before leaning forward to scoop up the mess she had just made on the floor. “That means a lot to me.”

“You know I’d do anything for you, Riley,” Lucas told her, reaching out to let a reluctant hand hover over hers before drawing it quickly back into his own lap. He knew that he couldn’t hold her hand anymore. Not in the way he wanted to. Not in the way that meant something. 

They sat in silence for a moment, quietly watching the movie, both hyper aware that the other’s elbow was just inches from touching their own. Suddenly, Riley paused the movie and turned in her seat to look at Lucas.

“Riley, what is it-”

“Shhh,” Riley whispered, closing her eyes as she clutched his arm tightly. “Listen.”

Lucas blocked out all the other noises coming from the apartment, and focused only on the sounds coming from outside on the street. Sure enough, a second later he heard the soft thumping of rain against the window pane. 

“It’s raining.” Riley opened her eyes to meet Lucas’ gaze. “You hear it?”

“Yeah,” Lucas nodded, a faint smile creeping onto his lips. “I didn’t think it was supposed to rain at all this weekend.”

“Man, I love unexpected rain showers,” Riley beamed at Lucas as she pulled her legs up onto the couch and gently rested her chin on her knees. “I could listen to that pitter-patter sound that it makes on the roof for hours and hours and never get tired of it. It makes me feel so safe, so at home, you know?  Like the universe wanted you and me to be here at this exact moment, listening to the music that it made just for us. I probably sound like a crazy person but-“

“You gotta stop doing that.”

Riley’s eyes jerked up to meet Lucas’ gaze with a look of confusion. 

“What?” Riley furrowed her brows together as she tried to understand what he was talking about. 

“Saying things that make me wanna kiss you.”

Riley quickly averted her gaze to her hands resting carefully on her knees. She could feel Lucas’ eyes on her, and with every moment that they lingered, she could feel herself growing weaker and weaker. 

“But we’re friends, Lucas,” Riley sputtered out quickly, twisting her hands together nervously in her lap. “Friends don’t kiss, remember?”

“Tell me again why you wanted us to be just friends again?” Lucas asked, cautiously scooting closer to her on the couch so that their knees bumped together and Riley could smell the faint scent of the cologne she had bought him for Christmas last year. 

“That’s becoming hazier and hazier to me by the minute,” Riley admitted. “My head’s starting to do that fluttery thing it does when you’ve been upside down for too long.” 

“Mine too,” Lucas breathed, inching closer and closer and leaning towards her so that their noses were nearly touching. “It always does that when I’m with you.” 

Just as their heads titled, their lips grazing just enough to send goose bumps down Riley’s arm, the front door swung open and hit the wall with a bang, startling them into pulling apart and jumping to opposite ends of the couch. 

“Hey, Kiddies!” Josh greeted them, completely oblivious to the moment he had just ruined as he wiggled his way in between them, picking up the bowl of popcorn from the coffee table and shoveling a handful into his mouth. “Gross, who put chocolate in this?” Josh made a face as he shoved the bowl into Riley’s lap, reaching across Lucas to grab the remote from the other end of the couch. “What are we watching?”

“Meddlesome Uncle With Incredibly Bad Timing Fails to Take A Hint,” Lucas said under his breath, gripping the arm of the couch in annoyance as turned to glare at Josh. 

“Huh,” Josh shrugged, lifting the remote towards to TV and pressing play. “Never heard of it.” 

“Sure you have,” Riley assured him, looking past Josh to give Lucas a knowing smile. “You’ve lived it.” 

Riley settled back into her seat as she tried to push the almost-kiss out of her mind. But as the rain picked up outside, and the sound pounded in her ears, the very thought of not kissing Lucas Friar in the future seemed next to impossible. 

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