what's so good about picking up the pieces

Aries: Youve made it so far. You can see the scars you’re overcoming. Ive never been more proud.take time and celebrate. You earned it.

Taurus: Recconect. Get back in touch with your roots so you know where to go when things really start to change. When the wind really comes howling in.

Gemini: Take a breath. Someone needing some space doesnt mean they hate you. Sometimes people just need time. Give them that. I promise their worth it in the end.

Cancer: dont be afraid to step up. To take control of a situation.I know youre scared. I am too. But you wont know wjat youre really capable of if you never try it. Youre destined for greatness, my dear.

Leo: Where is your voice? Your strong opinion? Did they flee you now? You cant just be loud when it is convient. You need to speak up for what you believe in. Even when it means making sacrifices.

Virgo: dont be scared. Youve been through so much. The time for fear has passed.theres no more monsters to fear. Youve finally found where you fit right in. Enjoy it.

Libra: Stop expecting doom. Learn to live in the moment. Dont worry about how the futures gonna play out. Just accept that this moment is the best one youve got and cherish.

Scorpio: trust in your people. Youve made good allies. Made good friends. Fall back and trust that no matter what they will be thwre to help you pick up all the pieces. Whatever may come.

Sagittarius: You don’t need to shine brighter then the sun all the time. Its okay to be sad.  Its okay to let the optimism go and take in reality. As brutal and painful as it is.

Capricorn: build walls. Protect yourself. You want to fix everyone and that is so sweet. But you cant keep sacraficing yourself to do it. Grab a sword and fight. Please. I cant lose you too.

Aquarius:  Whatever happens is what is meant to happen. It may not be your plan, but have faith in the universe. Its guiding you to exactly where you need to be. Its all gonna pay off in the end.

Pisces: Stop jumping all over the place. Find a goal and stick to it. You want something with all your heart, only problem is its something new every week. If you could maintain you could accomplish the world. You have it in you. I know you do.

—  This weeks horoscope
Motivational Horoscope

Aries: Youve made it so far. You can see the scars you’re overcoming. Ive never been more proud.take time and celebrate. You earned it.

Taurus: Recconect. Get back in touch with your roots so you know where to go when things really start to change. When the wind really comes howling in.

Gemini: Take a breath. Someone needing some space doesnt mean they hate you. Sometimes people just need time. Give them that. I promise their worth it in the end.

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Super Star (Part 1)

Originally posted by supernaturalwolfmaze

Request: Can I please request one where Jensen is a huge movie star? He’s out one night by himself and starts to get mobbed by fans/paparazzi. So he runs and hides in a shop that belongs to the reader. She doesn’t see it happen so she closes up the store with him inside. Then Jensen pops out from his hiding place and freaks her out lol. Maybe she doesn’t recognize him?

Pairing: Jensen x reader

Word Count: 1,800ish

Warnings: language

A/N: So this went different than I planned. Whoops…

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Simple Banishing Spell

I used this when I was about 15 when I had some issues with someone at school. They did a pretty nasty thing and it really hurt my feelings, especially when I liked them in a romantic way. I performed this spell about a month after our little teenage flurry and after about 3 weeks he moved to a different state. Before you do this, ask yourself what your goal is… for me it was to have closure and to get him away so I could have that closure. We were just about in every class with each other which was very distressing for the both of us… even so that he disappeared from school for about a week. The reason why I chose water is because it has an emotional connection. 

what you need

  •  a heavy stone ( small enough that you can pick up and heavy enough to sink)
  • Black ribbon that is made from an environmentally friendly material.
  • a piece of paper that has been cut on all four sides (you want to cut this person from your life) you can use tissue paper which is ok and wont damage water ways all that much… (it dissolves so its all good)
  • Black beeswax candle
  • the persons full name and maybe a photo of them or some finger nails etc.
  • pen 


1. Write the persons name 3 times on a piece of paper, making sure your don’t raise the tip of your pen. The letters have to be joined. I just used an example name for this.

2. Now write your name over the top of the other name 3 times but make sure its in the opposite direction. I wrote a pretend name over the top in red so you can see it. (sorry, my camera is reversed)

3. Next, write “Move far away from me” or along those lines and again make sure the letters are joined all the way around in the circle. (this is in Blue for you).

4. Place your personal concern in the piece of paper. (I used a shell cause yeah… thats like the only small thing I could find right now. Maybe the button would have been better? but anything that was owned by them is ok…. so.. a strand of hair or something they’ve given you). 

5. when you have your personal concern in the paper then fold the end closest to you over and away from you so that you have a folded piece of paper with the concern inside. After, fold it again but making sure its still away from you. 

6. when you have folded your paper, seal it with a bit of wax from the candle.

7. when the paper is sealed, place it onto the stone and wrap the ribbon around tying the paper to the stone you have chosen. Imagine that this stone is the person you want so badly out of your life. I’ve used red wool to demonstrate to you here. 

8. When wrapped, take this stone to a stream which is far away from where you live thats really deep and throw the stone into the deepest part of the water as you do so… visualising the person moving away from you and cutting all ties. Say “ the further this stone is away from me, the further ______(Name)_____ shall be away from me.” then turn around and dont look back. Do not come back to the place you took the stone. 

Welcome to the Otayuri Reverse Bang 2017 Event!

What is a Reverse Bang?

A reverse is a lot like a Big Bang, if you’re familiar with that. In a Big Bang both authors and artists sign up. Authors are given a minimum of words for their stories and have an aloted time to write them.

When they’re done, their stories are up for claims! Which means authors can go over the summaries and pick the one they’d like to create artwork for. The artists and authors are then paired up and work together to deliver a story + artwork that will be posted on a certain date!

A Reverse Bang is exactly like that, except artists go first, and then authors are the ones who decide what kind of artwork they want to write for.

What is required of artists?

Create a brand new piece of artwork, picking your medium of choice. It has to be new and unposted in any kind of internet platform. You may draw about anything as long as it’s otayuri centric.

With your art, you will also submit a little prompt, or a short description of what inspired your work, so writers can better choose what they’d be interested in during claims.

You have until March 4th to sign up, and until March 24th to submit your entry.


What is required of writers?

Pick a piece of artwork during claims time, something that inspires you, and write a story for it with a minimum of 4,000 words.

Coordinate with your artist, to get a good idea of what they had in mind. Communication is important!

You have until March 30th to sign up, and until May 19th to submit the completed work along with the art.


Are you only accepting artists and writers?

Short answer: yes! But we are also considering photosets and gifs as art, so if you want to participate by doing that you can.

You can also sign up as a beta reader or a pinch-hitter! A beta reader is the person who reads over an author’s story and helps with spelling errors, grammar, sentence structure, plot, etc, and a pinch-hitter is a person who, if someone drops out after having been paired up, swoops in and fills in the free space the drop out left!


What’s the schedule like?

8 February - Artist and Author Sign ups OPEN
3 March - Artist Check-In #1
4 March - Artist sign up CLOSED
17 March - Artist Check-In #2
24 March - ART DUE
28 March-30 March - Art Previews Up
30 March - Author signup CLOSED
31 March-½ April - ART CLAIMS
8 April - Assignments Out
16 April - Author Check-In #1
29 April - Author Check-In #2
12 May - Author Check-In FINAL + Last Day to Drop Out
13 May - Pinch Hitter Call
19 May - Author Stories DUE
23 May - Posting Starts

Are all Check-ins mandatory?

Absolutely. We want to be able to keep track of everything and make sure everyone is having a good time, so please check your e-mails around the check-ins!

Check-ins will be quick and painless and will come in the shape of a little form for you to fill out.

LINKS: Rules | FAQ | Schedule | SIGN UPs| Submission details 

Happy creating!

Your mods,
Ren & Rita

Hak is not a Nice Guy™: A rant by me

**Note: I apologize in advance if this comes across as angry and vitriolic, but I really like Hak a lot. I think he’s a wonderful leading man who genuinely cares and respects Yona in ways I so rarely see in popular media, so to see him being criticized for not being a Nice Guy™ really, really grinds my gears and I felt it necessary to say something. So… yeah. 

So I go on a manga reading website to read AnY, and in one of the forum I see a great big jumble of bullshit masquerading as a forum post. I’ll spare you guys most of it, but I screenshotted the part that made me livid because, especially for the anime but also for the manga, I see the same sort of reasoning ALL THE TIME.

Not only is this just…. super gross generally, but it shows a fundamental misunderstanding of Hak as character. Hak is not a Nice Guy™ who is caring for Yona with ulterior motive of “Oh, if I just stick around long enough and remain hopeful, someday she’s gonna fall for me, right??” No. NO NO NO NO. That is not Hak. That was never Hak. He is not here at Yona’s side hoping and waiting for the moment that she’ll someday love him, and it sure as  hell isn’t the reason he’s still there after all this time. Does he love her, and did he try to make such apparent to her originally? For sure. Does he believe if he just remains persistent, she’ll someday love him back? No. Nooooooo. NO. 

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If you don’t believe in anything, believe it gets better.

I went from being in love with someone that really really fucked me up and wanted a piece of everyone.. Lied to me for months.. Played me for months.. Yet I was still doing everything I could + more for them when they didn’t even ask for it.

I was hurt for months.. Tried offing myself a good 3 times.. If it was my time, I know I wouldn’t be here today..

Now look @ me. I’m in love w/ my best friend of 4 years.. She loves me for me. She gives me purpose and more. She’s the Realest person I know.. And she’s never switched up on me.

She loved me @ my lowest & picked up my broken pieces.

Johnna is who I’m going to spend the rest of my life with. She’s perfect for me..

If you wanna see the most beautiful thing about me, look @ her because that’s what she is for me

It feels amazing to wake up everyday and know you have someone.

I’m happy..I’m starting to get the hang of this thing called “ life ”

It’s not so bad..

God is good.. I’m glad I failed @ offing myself last year

Jumin Secret Ending

Okay so a while ago, I was having many deep and meaningfuls with the lovely @ellieartcave and we both emphatically agreed that there was something sorely lacking in Mystic Messenger… an ending where V lived. While she came up with something different but just as awesome, for me the only thing that made sense and still work canonically is for the other Deep Route boy- my baby Juju- to have a secret ending.

Here are the very rough, very vague notes that I’ve taken in regards to what I was planning to do over the span of 7-10 chapters… but with what seems to be the V route/content coming up… I felt that my story would no longer be necessary… but I still wanted to share it :)   

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Couples Tag (Grayson x Reader)

Summary: Request from anon: “Could I request an imagine where the reader joins Grayson in one of his videos, maybe a girlfriend tag or something? Ethan’s in it too somehow as well xx“
Word Count: 1,416
Warnings: None.
A/N: I had such a difficult time writing this just because I just couldn’t figure out how to squeeze in Ethan without making him the third wheel 😂  But I got it! Hope you enjoy xxx

“What’s up guys! Welcome back to another video!” Grayson started, smile wide on his face as the camera in front of the three of you started recording.

“We’re joined here by Grayson’s lovely lady, Y/N. Say hello.” Ethan continued and they both turned to you. You blushed, waving a hello to the camera.

Grayson smiled softly at your shyness, turning back to the camera as Ethan laughed.

“Today we’re going to be doing a… Kind of a Couples tag,” Gray explained. “So basically, Ethan is gonna ask us questions about each other, Y/N and I will be writing the answers down on these small whiteboards. The one who gets the answer wrong is gonna get something dumped on their head by Ethan. If you get it right, you get a point.”

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“Heirs: Family Bonding”  (Chapter 3)  - [A Jeremy Irons/Tom Hiddleston/Sebastian Stan  story].

Written by: A.Wölf.

Previous chapter(s): 1: “Heirs: The Scent of Revenge”.  // 2: “Tiptoed love”.

Notes: NSFW  //  Let this be another one of those repetitive reminders. No disrespect to any of these actors, they are just portraying these crazy characters of mine.


The morning sun filtered through the curtains, awakening Tom.

The balcony door had stayed ajar the whole night and the ocean breeze had grazed his wife’s naked back. Tom stared at her and it was impossible for him not to let a warm smile spread across his face, invaded by an optimistic feeling for the first time in months. He felt strong and better than ever, having finally slept by her side after making up and making love. He got up carefully for her slumber to remain undisturbed and walked into the bathroom.

He looked at himself in the mirror, and his beard reminded him of the pain he had endured in the last weeks, and his self-destructive behavior. He opened the mirrored cabinet and grabbed his razor; it was time to shave.

“Good morning”, said Jeremy at the sound of Sebastian joining him in the dining room.

Jeremy didn’t even glance up from the newspaper he held in front of him, and his son could only see the cigarette smoke floating above it. His father, as usual, was sitting at the head of the table, so he sat to his left. The maid walked in to put a plate in front of Jeremy; eggs, sausage, and two pancakes. This at last, made the businessman put down the paper and put out the cigarette to take a sip of his black coffee.

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FFXIV: ARR character asks

25 of them. I tried to make them as open as possible to as many character concepts as possible, but apologies if a few of them aren’t applicable to a given character!

  1. When is your character’s nameday? Do they celebrate it? If so, how? Do they pay any heed to the god whose month they were born under? Do they have any happy memories of their namedays in years gone by?

  2. What name does your character go by? How were they given this name - did they choose it themself, earn it through their deeds, get it from their parents, or something else? Do they still go by the same name they were born with? Why or why not? If they renamed themselves, did they change their nameday too?

  3. What is your character’s gender? How do they relate to the concept of gender? Do you have any worldbuilding headcanons about gender in Eorzea, and if so, how does your character fit into them? Did they ever receive boons or face problems over fitting into their expected gender role?

  4. How old is your character? Do they look their age? How do others react to them based on their age? Do they live up to those expectations, or not? Do they wish they were older or younger? Why or why not?

  5. What race is your character? Do they have many friends of the same race? Do they face any prejudice from others over something to do with their race? How do they relate to the concept of “being [their race]”?

  6. What clan is your character from (e.g. Keeper vs Seeker; Xaela vs Raen)? Do they follow the traditions of their clan, or have they struck out on their own? Do they face any prejudice over the clan or race they hail from? Does their clan affect the way they view themself at all?

  7. Where on Hydaelyn did your character grow up? How do they think of the place they spent their childhood? If they still live there, then do they sometimes wish they could move elsewhere? If they don’t, then do they sometimes wish they could go back there?

  8. Where in Eorzea does your character live? Did they grow up there? If not, why did they end up there - did they choose to move there, or were they forced?

  9. Where’s your character’s favourite place in all Eorzea? How often do they get to visit? Why is it their favourite? How about their least favourite - is there anywhere they’re a wanted fugitive, or simply refuse to tread foot?

  10. Is your character affiliated with a Grand Company? If so, which one, and why? What role do they play within it? And what do they think of the other Grand Companies? If not, then do they have any strong opinions about any of the Grand Companies?

  11. Is your character affiliated with a Free Company? If so, which one, and why? What role do they play within it? If not, would they ever join one, or start one themself?

  12. What does your character think of the Twelve? Do they pledge themselves to one of them, worship all of them equally, or not worship any of them at all? Why or why not? What do they think of the different gods?

  13. What does your character know about Primals? Have they ever had direct contact with any of their worshippers?

  14. What is your character’s dayjob? Are they “an adventurer”, or something else? How do they survive from day-to-day?

  15. Is your character proficient with any methods of attack (such as weapons or magic)? If so, which ones, and how did they learn to use them? Do they, or would they ever, own a “job stone”? If not, then is that by choice, or happenstance? Would they learn if circumstances changed?

  16. If your character was injured and needed help, who would they go to? Or would they try to deal with things themselves? Do they have many personal allies and friends in Eorzea, or do they try to stay independent?

  17. What does your character do by way of a hobby? Do they get a lot of “spare time” to pursue things they enjoy, or are they constantly busy with duties or chores? Is there a hobby they wish they could pick up, but can’t for some reason, and if so then what’s stopping them?

  18. What festivals of Eorzea does your character celebrate? Do they have a favourite? How do they go about spreading the festivities? Are there any they avoid - if so, why?

  19. Does your character have a romantic life? If so, why not - lack of opportunities, or lack of interest? If so, what’s it like? How do they think of their love(s), and how does the world view the partnership? Have they, or have they ever thought of, “settling down”? Why or why not?

  20. Does your character have any companions, such as a chocobo or a pet such as is found in the “minions” tab? If so, what are they like? If not, why not, and would they ever want to have one?

  21. Has your character ever met any of the major lore characters, such as the Grand Company leaders, Ishgard’s elite, or the Scions of the Seventh Dawn? If so, in what circumstances, and did they find the meeting positive or negative? If not, are there any they would like to meet; and if so, what would they like to say to them?

  22. Where was your character during the Calamity? Did anything happen to them as a result of the Calamity? If not, why not? If so, what’s the worst thing they lost? Do they feel they’ve recovered after the Calamity, or do they feel they’re still picking up the pieces? Do they believe that the Seventh Astral Era has truly begun?

  23. How does your character view death? Have they ever had to attend a funeral? If they were tasked with organising the funeral for someone, what manner of rites would they have performed? Do they believe in an afterlife? What about the Raise spell - do they believe it can be used, at all, or for the forces of good? Would they consent to being Raised themself?

  24. Has your character ever done something that’s considered illegal in any part of Eorzea? Were they ever caught - and if not, are they fearful of being so? Do they believe what they did was wrong? Do they feel guilty, or vindicated? If they haven’t, then what would it take for them to break the law? Do they consider themself “law-abiding”? Are they afraid of law enforcement, or have they simply not had an opportunity that would be worth breaking the law for yet?

  25. Is your character a Warrior of Light? If not, what do they think of the fabled Warriors? If so, what do they think of Hydaelyn?
Darren Criss & Brother Chuck Talk New, 'Unapologetically Fun' Alt-Pop Project, Computer Games

Darren Criss was always destined to make a career out of music. He studied the violin from age 5 well into his teenage years, picking up other instruments along the way, while also pursuing a love for musical theater. But he credits his own musical endeavors to the environment in which he grew up – particularly his older brother, Chuck, who brought other musical interests to the table especially when they were in high school.

“Music has always been the backbone of our relationship and our household,” Darren tells Billboard. “We both had a voracious appetite for music, but I think high school is when we started playing together and being to communicate on a level that changed everything. I think the kind of music we played is probably loud garage rock, because we were just playing in the basement.”

Once they graduated, though, the Criss brothers decided to take their own paths. Darren independently released a solo EP, Human, in July 2010, just months before debuting in his breakthrough role as dreamy choir head Blaine Anderson on Fox’s hit musical dramedy Glee, while Chuck found a home in New York City and became a founding member of indie-rock fivesome Freelance Whales.

With Glee seeing its end in 2015 and Freelance Whales’ most recent album hailing from 2012, both Criss brothers were itching to do something new musically – so they thought, why not relive the days of the brotherly collaborations? And come March 8, 2017, behold, the Criss alt-pop project Computer Games.

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Bond Never Dies

Okay, so I wanna do a fanfic of @shinyzango with the 2D Bendy AU she created. I am just IN LOVE with it and giant Monster Bendy! And I kept thinking when he’s with around Henry is ‘Looks like a cinnamon roll, but can actually kill you’ and I can see how their bond is strong, so this is kinda based on the other fics that @nyrandrea and @sapphireclaw did (My heart…it gone done broken when I read them) so here it is! 

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Decor (An Ohmtoonz Halloween)

“Do you really think we need to decorate more? I mean, we’re already getting pumpkins to carve.” Luke asked as they pulled into the parking lot of a Halloween store.

“Of course! And besides, we can use them every year! Pumpkins only last a month or so.” Ryan grinned.

“Just… don’t get too many, alright?”

In all honesty, they didn’t really need to decorate for the spooky holiday, but since their rental house was in a neighborhood with a lot of kids, Ryan felt as though they should try to be those awesome neighbors who are known to go all out.

Luke wanted to believe that Ryan would stay practical and only pick up a couple little things. But since Ryan had gotten his dog, Buddy, a little skeleton costume the week before, Luke didn’t know where to place his trust.

Ryan rolled his eyes.
“Wanna meet back here at the car at 5?”

“Sounds good to me.” Luke kissed his check.

As they started to go their separate ways, Ryan smacked Luke’s ass.


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Invisible // Chapter 1

My first fiction with multiple chapters, yay!
Pairing: Mark x Reader x Jaebum 
Words: 2600
Genre: Fluff, Drama/ Angsty
Warnings: none

Chapter 1 // Chapter 2 // Chapter 3 // Chapter 4 // Chapter 5 // Chapter 6 // Chapter 7 // Chapter 8 // Chapter 9 // Chapter 10

Mark is (Y/N)’s best friend and roommate. One evening they’re chilling together and she decides to finally tell him how hard she was crushing on no other than GOT7’s leader Im Jaebum. 

Mark plays it cool, acting happy that she found a liking in him and said that he will definitely help her out to get things going - but in reality, hearing (Y/N) say Jaebum’s name instead of his own, crushed him.

Mark’s Point of View:
When I arrived at home, (Y/N) was standing in front of the kitchen counter, chopping something into small pieces and throwing it into a pan afterward. It had become a habit of hers to cook for me in the evening, even when she didn’t know if I’d be home at all those nights. But she always pointed out that she was worried I wouldn’t eat enough during my schedules - which wasn’t necessarily false. I did not eat enough. The more thankful I was, that she cared about me in this way because I alone surely wasn’t capable of treating me right.

And so it had started, my absolute tragic love story. When we moved in together, about a year ago, we were nothing more than best friends. I could always rely on her, she took care of me better than I could ever do and the way we completed each other was too perfect. So we decided that maybe it would be a good idea to share an apartment.
What I clearly didn’t think through was the fact that I would be around her almost always when we weren't touring in another country… and even then we stayed connected and talked pretty much every night. 

The point is, I loved her as a friend, I did that from the first second, but as soon as we had moved here, I couldn’t deny how those feelings slowly turned into more than just platonic love…

As cliché, as it was the two of us, had always been nagged for being so close because apparently it made us look like an old married couple at times, but neither of us ever paid attention to these comments. Or at least that was the case in the beginning…
I should’ve expected it to happen sooner or later, looking back at it now. And from there on, things obviously didn’t take long for the other guys to notice. I acted differently around her, even if I had been by her side for so long, it was only now that I started to feel the nervousness rushing over me when she was around. So that one time while being backstage, when all of us were chilling together after another great show, I had acted a little too obvious for Jinyoung’s liking. While commenting on our behavior, as usual, I just couldn’t help my ears from suddenly turning bright red the way they always did when I was embarrassed… and the second (Y/N) was out of the room Jinyoung jumped on me, asking so bluntly that everyone else in the room was now involved in my private life as well. I had no other choice but to tell them the truth that evening.

“So… when will you tell her?” Jackson had asked with a big smile and definitely more excited about the news than I had been myself. I just laughed at the question, seriously thinking that he was joking but when I noticed that the others were looking at me dead serious and expecting to hear an answer, my jaw had dropped to the floor.

“Tell her? No way. That’s a stupid idea.” Was all I said, and saying that was an even worse idea… from that moment on, they did not waste a single minute not trying to talk me into believing that confessing to her would be the easiest thing to do.
And here I was. Tonight would be the night… or so I thought.

“Good evening.” I muttered while walking towards her. She had not noticed me so far, but now she looked up with a smile on her beautiful face that was even visible in her bright eyes.

“Hello, Markie. How was your day? Dinner is almost ready.” She said and picked up the pace with which she was cutting the food into pieces as if there was a need to hurry.

“No need to rush. My day was good but exhausting as usual. What about yours?” I asked back and walked towards the cupboard with our plates so I could at least set the table after she had made all the effort of cooking. The small table stood in front of a window, only the dim light of the moon lighting up the room, which was why I almost tripped over something lying on the ground. She laughed at me, the sound echoing around the apartment was by far one of my favorites. It could light up even the darkest of my days…

“Don’t trip, you silly boy! And let’s eat on the couch, nice and cozy. Doesn’t that sound good?”

“As you wish.” I replied with a smile, making my way over to the living room after I switched on the lights to see where I was going. A couple of minutes later she was done and brought out a pan of fried rice, placing it on the table and then sinking down next to me, not leaving any space between us. The way our legs and arms touched whenever one of us moved made my skin tingle like tiny insects would run across it, when in reality it was nothing more but my feelings for her fooling me. And not only that but hearing her soft voice while she talked about her day, the way she smiled and laughed at her own story and her smell as she had seemingly showered before cooking our dinner… all of it drove me closer and closer to insanity. I wanted to be closer to her with every fiber of my body. Feel those soft pink lips pressed onto mine, let my fingers run through her silky hair and hold her tight. But I couldn’t do that.
Apparently, I had been so lost in thought, thinking about stuff that I really shouldn’t think about when she was that close to me, that she had noticed me spacing out on her.

“Mark! Are you even listening? Just tell me if you are too tired and we can go to sleep, you know.” She said, shoving the last spoon of fried rice into her mouth while looking at me to see if I was paying attention again. I could see in her eyes that she was a tiny bit upset that I had not been listening, but on the other side, I knew that out of all people she’d be the last one to scold me for it.

“I’m sorry. I did listen! You saw your friend today and went shopping, got some iced coffee and spent a nice day by the river… sounds like a beautiful reunion.” I retold her day in a very short version, just to prove my point which made her smile again, pinching my cheeks with her fingers the way she knew I absolutely despised it, only to mock me a little more.

“Fascinating how you manage to listen every time… one day I will catch you off-guard, Mr. Tuan!” she jokingly threatened and stacked our plates so it’d be easier to clean up later on. When she leaned back, her eyes met mine with an intense stare. It was one of these moments where a single glare would tell me more than a thousand words could have ever done. Something was definitely on her mind and from that second I forgot my own mission of the night. I would never not put her first.

“Maybe one day… but tell me, donut. Something is troubling you.” By the way, she sighed at my words and her shoulders almost dropping down on the floor, I knew that my instinct had been right. It was so weird how easily you could read the body language of someone you’re close to.
She lifted her arm and scratched the back of her neck, too nervous to bring out any words and then just looked at me again. Silence filled the room as I waited for her to start talking, which she didn’t do even when I raised an eyebrow at her.
“Unless you don’t wanna tell me…” I kept going, just in case, it was something that she really didn’t want to share with me because making her uncomfortable was the last thing I wanted that night.
Another big sigh escaped her as she was shaking her head for an answer.

“It’s not that I don’t want to… I just don’t know how to start?” she explained with insecurity. When she had shifted around the couch a couple of times, from left to right, trying to find another position that would maybe make her more confident, I suddenly grabbed her hand. It wasn’t anything special to do, usually… but clearly, I wasn’t thinking straight. As soon as her hand was intertwined with my own, feeling the warmth of her palm and her soft fingertips at the back of my hand, I instantly wanted to let go again. Blood was rushing to my cheeks and if it weren’t for the darkness in our living room, she would have easily noticed. Now there was nothing else to do other than pretending it was the most normal thing to do. God… I wish I would have spilled the truth right then and there.

“Just say it… it’s not like you’re in love with me, right?” I joked, hoping to ease her mind and slowly making my way to the topic that was clouding my own. And she did laugh a little.

“Love… isn’t that such a weird thing?” she murmured, starring off into the distance and pulling her hand out of my grip as she crossed her arms in front of her chest. There was no way she would start talking about love unless that was what had been on her mind as well. For a second I let my guard down while hope and a tiny bit of joy were flaming up inside of me. What if my joke wasn’t a joke after all? What if I confess to her tonight wasn’t even one-sided, the way I always thought it was?

“Are you in for the deep talk tonight? I think I need a bottle of wine for that.” I replied, joking around again, but more to loosen up myself this time. She rolled her eyes and softly punched me, annoyed that I did not take her serious the way she wanted me to. But I just had to smile.

“Markiepooh, I’m really trying here. This is serious!” she whined and switched her seating position again, now fully turning to me. She sat across from me, looking right into my eyes. I just nodded, whispering a quick “I know, sorry.” Before she finally started to talk.
“I like someone.”

Right there, I really had to hold back another stupid comment of mine because she just stated the obvious, but I didn’t want to make her any more frustrated than she already seemed to be with the emotional chaos inside of her. And funny enough, back then, I didn’t even know that the news she was about to tell me would only make my own emotional chaos bigger than ever. All I did was nod again to signal that I was listening.

“And maybe…” she hesitated, chewing on her bottom lip and fumbling with the hem of her shirt as she didn’t even dare to look me in the eyes. Somehow, my hope that it wouldn’t actually be me confessing that night grew bigger and bigger. The way she acted made it seem that way… thinking that I read her body language so well before, there really was no other explanation as for why she had such a hard time telling me whom she was crushing on. In my mind it all made sense – it had to be me, right? She must feel the same way. When she continued with “Maybe you actually know that person quite well.” My heart skipped a thousand beats at a time. She still didn’t look at me and therefore could luckily not see that stupid smile building in the corner of my lips, no matter how hard I tried to fight it. I inhaled, gathering all my strength and confidence to say something along the lines of “I like you too.” or “I feel the same way about you.”, but she was faster than me and dropped the words that I definitely did not expect to hear.

“I like Jaebum.”

That stupid smile I really tried to fight before vanished within seconds, no effort at all, feeling like the life was sucked out of me. It was then, when she finally picked her head up, staring at me and hoping to see some kind of reaction, but my face was blank. I stumbled upon my words… my brain was not working properly like it completely shut down at the sound of hearing one of my best friend’s names. All I could get out to not leave her waiting any more was a shaky “Wow.”

It turns out that saying nothing might have been the better option because now she seemed completely confused at the lack of my emotions when in reality I was fully crumbling on the inside.

“Wow? That’s all you have to say?” she repeated my words, her eyes still searching my face for anything other than the word wow. I just stared back at her, my mind buzzing and heart aching like I was a teenager who just got dumped for the first time and that even by accident. After I cleared my throat and having at least another few seconds to think about what to say, I finally managed to answer.

“Yes, wow. Wow that you think this is such a big deal, (Y/N). For how long?” I tried to play it cool, and even though I myself did not buy a single word coming out of me because it all sounded so stupid, she did. She believed every second of it.
A relieved groan was her immediate reaction followed by another punch landing on my shoulder. 
“Damn Mark, don’t make me look like a fool. I really thought this would be a problem for you. And maybe a few weeks?”

A problem for me… yes, that definitely was the understatement of the year. In that moment I was too shocked to feel sadness or misery. All I felt was numb.
“You are making a fool of yourself by thinking I wouldn’t help you get the man of your dreams. Should I call him right now?” I laughed it off and grabbed my phone as the panic rose in her eyes, she snapped it out of my hand with a couple of ´no way!´s following her panicked behavior.

“I just need you to be my wingman, the way we always do.“ she begged and looked at me with those sweet puppy eyes that I could never resist, in love with her or not. And even though I could finally feel my heart shatter into a thousand pieces the way it happened in way too many movies, I just smiled and agreed with a “Sure, just the way we always do it.”

[DRABBLE REQUEST] Jealousy!Jeonghan (Feat. Jihoon)

Prompt: Jeonghan gets jealous when you meet up with your long time best friend
Requested by: Hina
Word count: 2,091
Genre: Fluff with slight angst
Warnings: None!

A/N: Hey all! So sorry for being on hiatus the past god knows how many months, all the other admins and I are really busy with work and the time we have dedicated to write is really limited. Nevertheless, i hope ya’ll like this Jeonghan drabble, thanks also to admin Jihooned and Wooed as well for providing some ideas :) Cheers!

- Scooped ✌️

Pulling down the hems of your shirt to your waist, and turning around once more to look at yourself in the mirror - you were perfectly ready for a date with your boyfriend, Jeonghan.

“Unknown Number” your phone screen read.



“Hello…” No reply.

Just as you were about to hang up, thinking of the call as a prank, the other side of the line, a male with a shy, timid voice, finally spoke up.

“Do you remember me?”

Nostalgia kicked in as you remember where that voice came from. He had many firsts with you - not in a romantic way, but he was your bestest friend ever. The both of you would hang out literally all the time. Straight after school everyday without fail, the both of you would get hamburgers and fries, then you’d spend the afternoon playing sports or just hanging out at each other’s homes. Only positive memories, you recall, until that fateful day when he left for America, to pursue his studies and his dream for becoming a music producer.


“Hey! Long time no see!”

“ITS REALLY YOU!!! JIHOON AH WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? ARE YOU BACK IN KOREA…” you were so, so, so happy that you ended up bombarding him with countless questions, and immediately after you found out he was back in Korea, you invited him over so that the two of you could catch up.

Feeling satisfied after the phone call, you immediately left your home to the grocery store with the intention of cooking a welcome home meal for jihoon, and that’s when you remembered about your date with Jeonghan.

As you were about to call Jeonghan to cancel your date, your phone lit up to reveal a text from him.

Jeonghan: “Hey babe, I’m outside. Open up. 

Y/N: “Babe, I’m so sorry, I kind of forgot about our date. Can you meet me at the mart nearby my house? I promise i’ll explain everything. I’m so sorryyyyy :( :*“

A few minutes later, you felt an arm around your shoulder. You turned around and immediately put your shopping basket down, giving the tall, slim stature behind you a big, tight hug.

“Hey babe, what’s this all this about?” Jeonghan chuckled, as he looked over to see your almost-full shopping basket.

“Jeonghan, there’s someone I want you to meet today!” you smiled, pulling away from the hug.

“Who is it? Do I know him or her?” Jeonghan said, walking past you to help you carry your shopping basket.

You looped your arms with his, explaining about Jihoon. You talked about how he was the one who you had so much fun with as teenagers, playing badminton everyday with each other, cafe hopping together, and even how he lent a shoulder to you during difficult times.

Jeonghan just smiled, looking at how happy you were. He definitely didn’t feel 100% good about it, about you being close to another guy other than himself. Afterall, he knows that you never had any guy whom you considered close to, since you were with him all the time after the both of you got together.

As he helped you unpack your just bought groceries, you started to prepare your speciality and also Jihoon’s favourite - Mushroom Cream Spaghetti. Well, hopefully it still is, since you’ve not seen him for almost 2 years.

Chopping up the onions in a flash, Jeonghan stared at you in awe as he observed you cooking.

“So, this is the behind-the-scenes of your famous cream spaghetti,” Jeonghan said, as you placed the uncooked noodles into the boiling pot over the stove.

“Yep, I hope you’re not sick of it yet!” you chuckled, turning back over to see Jeonghan leaving his seat, walking towards you. You stared at him - he was the perfect height. His fringe fell perfectly over his forehead, and he looked so huggable wearing the casual tracksuit he had on.

You didn’t realise that he was already by your side, arms circling around your waist, resting his head on your shoulder.

“I know I’m not sick of you,” Jeonghan whispered into your ear, placing a kiss on your temple. You smiled, enjoying the skinship that Jeonghan is giving. Turning off the stove and placing the just-cooked spaghetti noodles in a bowl next to you, you turned around, facing him.

His lips were already, dangerously close to yours.

You looked up to meet his eyes, having feeling his breaths becoming slightly faster, and leaned in for a passiona-


You pulled away at the doorbell, just before the both of your lips touched, to see only Jeonghan’s slightly irritated gaze. You chuckle at his reaction, but tiptoed to give him a peck before pulling away from his hug to get the door. Meanwhile, Jeonghan dragged his feet and slumped back into his seat.

Opening the door, you were excited to see your old friend. “Jihoon ah! Long time no see!” you said, giving him a big hug at the same time.

“(Y/N)! You’ve grown!” said Jihoon with a wide grin on his small face.

“And you… haven’t gotten any taller!” you chuckled, teasing to break the ice, “Come on in!”

You walked Jihoon to the kitchen and introduced the two boys to each other. Afterall, they were two of the most important people in your life, so you hoped that they’ll get along.

“Babe, this is Jihoon! My best friend from school, and Jihoon, this is my boyfriend, Jeonghan,” you smiled, however only sensing a negative vibe from Jeonghan.

“Hi! I’m Jihoon, nice to meet you!” Jihoon said, as he reaches out his hand to shake with Jeonghan’s.

“Yeah, hi,” Jeonghan said cooly, ignoring the handshake, not minding about anything else other than his fingernails. You see Jihoon fold back his fingers, feeling intimidated.

“Haha, em, well, Jihoon, please take a seat! The food’s almost ready,” you said to break the tension that was forming.

You cooked the spaghetti quickly, minding the awkward silence behind you. Occasionally you tried to make small talk for the both of them, mentioning similar hobbies since the both of them loved to sing, however it was always cut off by Jeonghan’s one word replies and slightly rude answers.

“Jihoon went to the states to learn more about producing music,” you said, placing a plate of spaghetti in front of each of them. “Isn’t that cool, Jeonghan?”

“Well if it was that cool, why did he have to come back?” Jeonghan snickered, picking up his fork to dig in.

“Well, what about you, Jihoon? How was your learning experience?” you asked, not minding Jeonghan’s attitude.

“Oh, I had such a good time, I’ve met and learned from so many amazing people there,” Jihoon explained.

He told you and Jeonghan his adventures, how he met so many producers that taught him many things, giving him tips on how to produce quality music, and all the amazing takeaways he had from the 2 years.

You were so engrossed into his stories that you didn’t realise that you stained the corners of your mouth with cream, and upon seeing this, Jihoon picked up the piece of tissue and held it up, reaching forward to wipe it for you.

“You’re still messy as ever,” Jihoon chuckled as he wiped off the creamy sauce on your mouth.

Jeonghan suddenly stood up, gave you and Jihoon a stare, and marched out while saying, “Have fun, lovebirds, I’m going upstairs.”

Jihoon stared at the door that Jeonghan just exited, and then looked over to you,”I think I may have done something wrong… I’m so sorry…”

“No, it’s fine, i’m sure he’s just not in a good mood today, it’s not you, i promise!” you said, trying to keep the mood up, “I’m sure he’s just tired from work, you know how work can be..”

“No,” Jihoon cut you off, “It’s alright, we can always meet another time, go talk to him,” Jihoon said with the kindest smile ever, as he stood up to leave.

“Sorry about that… and yes, let’s definitely meet up again soon, maybe next week? Ddeobokki?” you asked Jihoon, “the one that we always had.”

“It’s a deal,” Jihoon said, as you sent him off.

You went up to your room’s door, taking a deep breath. You knew the reason why Jeonghan has been acting like this the whole day, but you didn’t know that it would take such a big toll on him.

Jeonghan was jealous.

It was the first time; you’ve never seen him jealous before, and that’s when you realised, there was probably no chance for him to get jealous anyway, since the only guy whom you were close with was him.

You realised that you’ve most probably crossed the line with him when you allowed for such intimate interaction with Jihoon, and the latter probably didn’t realise it too as his amiable gestures, despite the long time he had spent away from you, came as practically second nature to him. It was not Jihoon’s fault at all, and you felt guilty for not telling Jeonghan about his existence earlier.

You twisted the doorknob, and carefully opened it, revealing Jeonghan. He was sitting at the corner of your bed, leaning against the headboard. His eyes were closed and his earpiece was plugged in. The sunlight from the window, shining on his face, gave it away that he had a few tears roll down his cheeks.

You got flustered, really flustered. This is the first time, Jeonghan has ever shown that he’s upset, and it shocked you, since he had always been the kind, and patient, amazing boyfriend that you’ve never had in the past.

You too were also really confused with your feelings.

You were angry - he mocked you, and he was really, really rude to your long time best friend. Over jealousy? That was really childish. But at the same time, you were also scared - so many what if’s were appearing in your head. What if he was only this way because he’s tired? What if you misunderstood him? What if he decides to leave you?

Countless thoughts were running through your head as you approached the lean figure, and before you knew it, tears ran down your cheeks. You had a taste of the salty tear when it reached the corner of your mouth, and at the same time you sat down in front of Jeonghan, cupping his cheeks, attempting to wipe away the teary residue on his face.

Jeonghan’s eyes shot open at your touch, and immediately, he took your hand away from his face and he gave you a big, warm, hug. You were surprised, of course, you didn’t expect this reaction from Jeonghan, you thought he’d be upset and hurt, you thought he wouldn’t want to talk to you.

Overwhelmed by the surge of emotions from his touch, you began to sob. Really badly. You hugged him harder, tightening your arms around his waist and burying your swollen face into his neck. You felt comforted when he tightened his grip around your waist as well.

“I love you,” Jeonghan said, voice evident that he too, was a mess, “and I don’t want that to change.”

You sniffed your nose as you pulled away from him, looking into his eyes as you started speaking,”I was so afraid that you didn’t want me anymore.”

“Pabo, I was afraid that you were going to hate me for being such an ass,” Jeonghan mumbled, smiling slightly as he looked into your eyes.

“You’re the pabo!” you chuckled, finally smiling and cleaning up the tears from your face.

You felt much better, all the both of you needed was some assurance, and some comforting.

“I’m sorry babe, i’m sorry for my childishness, will you forgive me?” Jeonghan said, twirling a bunch of hair on your head.

“No, I’m the one who’s sorry, sorry for not taking your feelings in consideration,” you sighed, looking into his teary eyes.

Sometimes in a relationship, jealousy is bound to happen one way or another. The feeling is indeed unpleasant, and it may happen unknowingly to the both of you. It always will seem as though you’re losing trust in your partner.

In this case, Jeonghan getting jealous this time round was in a way a good thing, the both of you found out how much you meant to each other, but more importantly, the fact that Jeonghan loves you as much as you love him, overwrites all the obstacles that the both of you have to face.

agust-d8  asked:

Can i request a Xiumin/Baekhyun [whoever you choose] fight with their bestfriend because she kept saying that their gf is cheating[which is true] then they go away and----you know what's next. HAPPY END pleaseee

It had been an accident.

You had never really approved of Minseok’s newest girlfriend, even if she did seem quite nice. There was just something about her that ticked you off, and you hadn’t known what it was. But because you loved Minseok and you loved seeing him happy, you had watched him introduce her to you with the biggest, brightest smile, one that tore at your heart.

Because you could never make him smile like that.

But that was fine. You were used to it. Being his best friend, you were used to him getting girlfriends and falling in love. You were used to picking up the pieces because that’s what best friends do. Sure, the times when he’d end up crying into your arms about some girl that broke his heart had you crying yourself to sleep and wishing for something that could never be, but you were fine with that. You had never been a greedy person. You were fine with the relationship you and Minseok had, even if he had broken your heart so many times before. You were good at acting. Good at keeping your feelings locked up inside.

But now, you can’t hide the shock in your face, the disgust in your eyes. All you could do was stare in horror as you watch Daeun, the supposed nice and sweet girl who calls herself Minseok’s girlfriend, is kissing another man you don’t know like her life depends on it.

It takes a while for both of them to notice you standing there, but when they do, they jump apart immediately, guilt clouding both their faces.

Daeun looks you in the eye, pleading. “Y/N,” she says, on the verge of tears. “Please…please don’t tell Minseok.”

You just stare at her in shock. Does she seriously think that you, Minseok’s childhood friend, would keep something as big as this a secret from him?

“You’ve got to be kidding,” you say, disgust crawling into your voice. “Why the hell wouldn’t I tell my best friend that his girlfriend is cheating on him?”

“I’m not!” she protests, her voice getting higher with shame. “I’m not cheating on him!”

You laugh, gesturing to both their disheveled clothes, messy hair, and swollen lips. “What do you call this, then?”

Daeun goes red with shame and anger, her fists clenching. “It’s your word over mine, Y/N,” she says hatefully, all traces of that sweet girl Minseok had introduced to you gone. “I’m Minseok’s girlfriend.”

“And I’m his best friend,” you retort. “I have been for years. You’ve only known him for a few months, and he trusts me more than anyone.”

She laughs, the sound suddenly fueling your anger. “We’ll see about that, she taunts.

You grit your teeth and turn around, not wanting to deal with this bitch of a cheater that Minseok chose to be his girlfriend anymore.

Of course Minseok would believe you - he had to. Why wouldn’t he?

“Minseok, I have to tell you something.”

Minseok nods, his eyes fixed on his phone. You sigh - he’s probably texting Daeun. Half of you doesn’t want to break his heart, but you have no choice. This is for his own good.

“What is it?” he asks, not looking up at you. That annoys you - can’t he stop texting his cheating girlfriend for just one minute to listen to what you have to say?

“At least look at me when you talk to me,” you whine. “This is really important.”

He nods dismissively, his uninterested face making your heart ache with pain. Yes, you’ve accepted that he puts Daeun over you, but it still hurts. “Just say it,” he says.

“Minseok,” you sigh.

“I’m talking to Daeun, Y/N,” he says slowly, as if he’s talking to a child. “So I’m kinda busy. Just say it - ”

“She’s cheating on you,” you interrupt, his tone irritating you.

There’s a brief silence.

And then laughter.

“Minseok, what - ?”

“Daeun said you would say that,” he says, chuckling. “I’m just suprised she was right.”

Your brows furrow, not liking the way he’s taking the whole thing. “What are you talking about? Break up with her, Minseok, she’s a complete bi - ”

“What, so you and I can fall in love and live happily ever after together?” he asks scathingly, anger clear in his eyes.

You freeze - not once has Minseok ever used that tone with you in all your years as his best friend. It hurt you - how had he known about your feelings? Had he known all this time?

“Minseok, what - ”

He rolls his eyes. “Yeah, Y/N, I know that you’re madly in love with me. Daeun told me. She said that you’d say she cheated on me so we would break up,” he looks you in the eye then, disapproval and anger in his face. “I can’t believe you, Y/N. How can you do that?”

Your eyes fill with tears as he looks at you with a glare that you never want to see ever again.

“Why would you say that?” you ask, your voice weak and pitiful. Years and years of pining after your best friend has left your heart a mess, and now, a few words from Minseok have completely destroyed it. “I’ve known you for years, Minseok, why would you trust her over me?”

He sighs, looking away from you. “Because she’s right. You are in love with me, I just never noticed because you’ve always acted like that around me and I thought it was normal for you.”

“Minseok, I - ”

“Look me in the eye and tell me you don’t love me, Y/N,” he says.

You look him in the eye, but when you open your mouth, no words come out. Your mouth is dry. You’re a good actor, yes, but this is the one thing you can’t lie about - your feelings for Minseok.

“See?” he says, when you’ve stayed quiet for long enough. “She was right. I didn’t want to believe it, but she was right.”

“But she did cheat on you!” you protest. “I saw her!”

“With who?”


Minseok sighs. “Who did she cheat on me with, then?”

You freeze once again. You hadn’t known the man she had been kissing so intensely. It had been the first time you had ever seen him.

“I-I don’t know,” you mumble.

“You’re a bad liar, Y/N,” he says. “Next time you want to try to sabotage my relationship for the sake of your own feelings, at least try to be convincing.”

You’re crying all of a sudden. The tears start to pour, but you rub at your eyes furiously. You can’t let Minseok see you weak and heartbroken.

“You’re so selfish,” Minseok says disapprovingly. “You’re supposed to be happy for me, not ruin my happiness. I really like Daeun, Y/N, I can’t believe you!”

Selfish. You hate that word.

“Selfish?!” you all but screech. “After all those years I spent with you, never confessing because I thought we would never be the same again - you’re calling me selfish!?”

“Y/N, I - ”

Pure anger suddenly fills you. You can’t believe that Minseok has just called you selfish.

“You’re telling me that after all these years I’ve been picking up the pieces of your past relationships, I’m selfish? Even if my own heart was breaking because you never saw me as anything more than a best friend?” you yell, memories of crying yourself to sleep coming back to you.

“You’re trying to sabotage my relationship, how is that not being selfish?!” Minseok yells back. He steps towards you, anger in his eyes. But you’re angrier. More heartbroken. “I thought we were friends, Y/N!”

You glare at him, shoving him back hard enough for him to fall. “I thought so too,” you spit angrily. “But I don’t want to be friends with an idiot that puts his cheating girlfriend over someone who’s been with him all this time.”

He’s quiet, looking up at you. You see regret in his eyes, as if he’s reconsidering his decision of trusting Daeun instead of you. But it’s too late - he’s hurt you. He’s hurt you so bad that you don’t know if you can recover.

“When you find out the truth, don’t you even think about running back to me. Don’t you dare.”

And with that, you turn and run, your already wounded heart completely shattered into pieces.

I’m so sorry for not posting in literally forever, guys! I’ve been so busy lately because college has been so hectic and I don’t have a lot of free time anymore :( To make up for the hiatus, I’ll try to do a few more requests tonight! I might post them tonight or tomorrow ^^ They might be a little rushed but as usual, if youre not satisfied with them, just tell me and I’ll change them! Sorry again guys, thanks for being patient!

(I hope you liked this scenario, btw! There’s going to be a second part to this!)

-Admin Nyx

The War (Suho Mafia!au Fic Sequel) Chapter 2 - Invasion Of Privacy

Originally posted by veriloquentmind

Warnings: None

Ch. 1, Ch. 2, Ch. 3, Ch. 4, Ch. 5, Ch. 6, Ch. 7, Ch. 8(M), Ch. 9, Ch. 10, Ch. 11, Ch. 12, Ch. 13, Ch. 14, Ch. 15(Finale)

“Would you care to repeat that?” I questioned.

He sighed and left the kitchen before coming back and setting a large stack of papers on the island. “I didn’t want to worry you…but this was even a little to much for me to handle. If you or Jinwoo weren’t involved maybe it wouldn’t be bothering me as much but…” 

He stopped as I began to look through the photos. “We’ve been watched for months…”

Keep reading