what's so good about picking up the pieces

1.) life is too short to worry about if you’re gonna annoy the other person by double texting them, just fucking doing it. odds are they didn’t see your message or forgot to respond and that doesn’t make you annoying. (people double text me all the time and I love it because usually I just completely forget that they said something to me)

2.) you’re gonna be heartbroken. I know your heart feels so heavy but imagine how good it’s gonna feel when you finally receive the love you gave back and how good it’s gonna feel for it to not go to waste. the right one is out there, it just takes some time. but for now, keep picking up the pieces. it’s not your fault, remember that.

3.) if you see someone sitting alone, just go fucking sit by them and ask how they are.

4.) ask how people are, all the time. ask about them, ask what’s going on and have them update you. sometimes all people really need is just to talk and to know that someone does genuinely care about them

5.) don’t comment something negative on someone’s appearance if they can’t fix it within ten seconds. your words stick to people like glue. make sure what sticks is positive. this goes for yourself too, you’re slowly killing yourself by beating yourself up over these small things. relax. breathe. you’re so much more than you think.

6.) you’re gonna have some really bad days and when you do, you’re gonna hurt people. that’s inevitable, but make sure you’re letting the people you hurt know that you’re sorry. it’s okay that you had a bad day and took out your sadness on people, it happens. but please make sure you’re doing more good than harm to them.

7.) always always always tell the people you love that you’re thankful for them and that you appreciate and love them. sometimes people go so long without hearing how loved they are and they’re completely unaware. say it before it’s too late.

8.) writing, whether you’re good at it or not, is always a great way to cope. so is talking about your problems. don’t be scared to express your feelings, bottling them up only makes you explode in the long run.

9.) listen more than you talk. once you start listening more you’ll realize that people really do say some pretty fantastic things.

10.) be kind to yourself. life is way too short to be filled with so much sorrow about things you cannot change. yes, life sucks complete asshole sometimes but you’re living and that’s enough. you have so much light inside of you that you need to pull out. and I promise you, even if you see darkness there is light in you and everyone else can see it. friend, you are the brightest light in the darkest of rooms, you light up so many lives and it’s about god damn time you start see it.

—  ten things I’ve learned so far in 2016 // ig writingmyself