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MBTI and F. Scott Fitzgerald quotes

- There are all types of love in this world but never the same love twice
- Her philosophy is carpe diem for herself and laissez-faire for others

- Personality is an unbroken series of sucessful gestures
- It was only a sunny smile, and little it costs in the giving, but like morning light scattered the night and made the day worth living

- The world only exists in your eyes. You can make it as big or as small as you want
- So we’ll just let things take their course, and never be sorry

- I don’t want just words. If that’s all you have for me, you’d better go
- It was within and without, simultaneously enchanted and repelled by the inexhaustible variety of life

- It’s not a slam at you when people are rude. It’s a slam at the people they’ve met before
- I don’t ask you to love me always like this, but I want you to remember. Somewhere inside of me there will always be the person I am tonight

- I wish I have done everything on earth with you
- Things are sweeter when they’re lost, I know because I wanted something and got it. It was the only thing I ever wanted, and when I got it, it turned to dust in my hand

- Our lives are defined by opportunities, even the ones we miss
- I hope you live a life you’re proud of. If you find that you’re not, I hope you find the strength to start all over again

- There are only the pursued, pursuing, the busy and the tired
- The loniest moment in someone’s life is when they are watching their whole world fall apart, and all they can do is stare blankly

- A woman should be able to kiss a man beautifully and romantically without any desire to be either his wife or his mistress
- And in the end, we were only humans… drunk on the idea that love, only love, could heal our brokenness

- For what it’s worth: it’s never too late to be whoever you want to be
- Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall

- Everybody’s youth is a dream, a form of chemical madness
- The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function

- It’s funny thing coming home. Nothing changes. Everything looks the same, even smells the same. You realize what’s changed is you
- Live the full life of mind, exhilarated by new ideas, intoxicated by the romance of unusual

- Life is essentially a cheat and its conditions are those of defeat: the redeeming things are not happiness and pleasure, but the deep satisfactions that come out of struggle
- I’m a romantic: a sentimental person thinks things will last, a romantic person hopes against hope that they won’t

- You are the finest, loveliest, tanderest and most beautiful person I have ever known - and even that is an understandment
- There’s something between us; a sort of pull. Something you always do to me and I to you

- Living your life is a task so difficult, it has never been attempted before
- Why don’t you tell me that “if the girl had been worth having she’d have waited for you?” No, sir. The girl really worth having won’t wait for anybody

- Genious is the ability to put into effect what is in your mind
- Nothing is beneath you if it is in the direction of your life

Happy National Book Day

Successful People Start Before They Feel Ready

“If you’re working on something important, you’ll never feel ready. A side effect of doing challenging work is that you’re pulled by excitement and pushed by confusion at the same time.” – James Clear

The Start-Up Guy is well underway. I have been working with several businesses, including a very exciting Johannesburg-based business which is launching in the next two months. I am so honoured that they used and continue to use my services.  

I’ve noticed a common trait amongst all the guys and girls I’ve been working with recently, and I thought it might be useful to share because I think many other people are experiencing the same thing.

Almost all entrepreneurs don’t know what they’re doing and it’s perfectly okay. In fact, I don’t know of a single one who, at the outset, knew exactly what they needed to do and when to do it. Before your mind does that thing where it jumps to conclusions, let me explain.

A start-up is an experiment, a matter of trial and error. No one can be fully certain about the route it will take. At best, one can have a firm idea of the intended outcome, but whether that transpires is all dependent on the market’s response to your idea (and who really knows what that’ll be? Right?).

Sir Richard Branson has one of the most interesting entrepreneurial stories, for me, because he started many of his companies largely by mistake. He dropped out of school to continue a magazine business he had no idea was going to sustain him. As a way to grow his magazine sales, he started distributing music records made by unknown artists to his readers, and so began the journey of Virgin Records. He started Virgin Airlines after he was delayed by his flight facing maintenance issues before take-off. This guy is the epitome of just getting on with it. This guy is also worth $5 Billion today!

As an entrepreneur and business owner you have to embrace the learning process and continuously learn (by doing). Learn your market, learn your business, and continuously adapt your learnings to suit your market as you go. The entrepreneurs who embrace the learning process and respond to unexpected events in real time are often the ones who do very well.

Without babbling on for too long, the moral of the story is that not knowing what to do is not a good enough reason to not start your business. Passion and a basic idea is enough. Even if you are physically incapable of carrying out certain tasks, outsourcing skills is a thing (like helluurrr, this is why people like me are here). It is no mistake that one of the single most important traits that investors look for in entrepreneurs is passion, especially in the very early stages of a start-up. Not “intelligence.” Not qualifications. Passion (synonymous with commitment/dedication in this regard). A founder who is not passionate about what they are doing will give up when they face the inevitable hurdles of starting a business. Passion is the fuel by which a project goes from start-up to a fully-fledged business.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that you can go and start the next big business with the technical skills of a toddler. I am merely saying that, within reason, you can start a business without the technical know-how, as long as you have the dedication to follow through with the necessary steps. In doing so, be realistic, tread carefully and always consult a professional when you’re thinking about making an expensive decision.

If whilst reading this article you had a certain project or idea in mind, maybe it’s time to pursue it with everything you have. Why aren’t you? That was not a rhetorical question. Like Richard Branson famously said, “screw it. Just get on and do it.” If you are really struggling with how to conceptualise or begin your business, consult me and we can find a solution together. 

Once again, thank you for reading.

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Wait Up!

Request: I’ve got a request!! You could do one where the reader is tony starks daughter and she meets Peter at Civil War (she’s on caps side) and stark makes Peter promise to look out for her, Peter didn’t realize she’d be so attractive!!😉 just an idea!!☺️             

Warnings: None

A/N: I have almost ten requests in my inbox, so if I haven’t gotten to yours yet… that’s why.


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One week earlier.

“Okay kid,” Tony looked at Peter seriously, “One last thing.”

Peter shifted uncomfortably under Tony’s gaze, fiddling with his fingers.’

“My daughter’s going to be out there. And I don’t- look; she chose the wrong side, but at this point, I don’t really have any say in what she does. So just promise me that you wont let her get hurt, Keep her occupied.”

Peter’s mind was going a mile a minute. A daughter? What’s her name? She’s on team cap? How come he’d never seen her before? “Y-yes sir.” He finally answered.
Tony nodded, “Good. She’s um, she’s not here right now, so you probably won’t see her until we get to the airport. Her name is Y/N.” He added quickly.

Peter shrugged, trying to paint a picture of Y/N Stark in his mind.

Present time.

Well, let’s just say the real Y/N Stark was much better than anything Peter had imagined.

“There’s the Black Widow! And there’s Captain America! Whoa! Who’s that new guy?!” Peter exclaimed, holding his phone title in his hands.

“I wonder where Mr. Stark’s daughter is,” He looked around quickly.


“I gotta go, that’s me!” Peter set his phone down and rushed off to fight, almost completely forgetting about Y/N.

Peter breathed heavily, turning around the corner. He almost shrieked when he felt someone tap gently on his shoulder.

“Hi there!”

He whipped his head around, only to be met with the most beautiful girl he had ever seen.

“Oh, you’re Y/N!” He exclaimed as he dogged a punch.

“In the flesh,” Y/N responded, winking. She could feel him bushing under his mask.

“You’re awfully brave, picking the wrong side.” He tried to make sense of the fact that she had chosen the other side.

“Excuse me?” She punched him right in the gut.

“I mean like-” He stopped himself mid sentence to shoot out a web. Successfully sticking her to the wall.

His eyes widened when he saw that she was dissolving the web material, with her bare hands.

“Y/N!” Sam called from the other side.

“Gotta go!” She smirked. “See ya later!”

“Wait up!” He chased after her.



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Pre apocalypse - Negan is very attracted to one of his students; Y/N. Negan and his wife get invited to their new neighbour’s house for dinner, only to find out Y/N lives there. 2 part fic, idk how I feel about this.  *oc is over the legal age of consent 

“But dad! I’m meant to be going out with Stephanie tonight!” you whined, stomping your feet against the marble flooring, hoping your dad would fall for your puppy dog eyes but those days were over. “That’s enough, Y/N! We are the new ones on the block and it’s nice to get to know the people around us.” You rolled your eyes; you could care less about getting to know anyone around here. You had made enough friends at your new school, you didn’t need any more. “But they don’t even have any kids, you said! So why would I want to get to know any oldies?”  you were annoyed, he knew you’d planned to go out tonight and he was fucking it right up. “Actually, I know the man who lives there works at your school. So maybe you could talk? I already know you’ve been annoying the teachers.” It was true. You were never really one for authority; you hated being controlled and told what to do. Seeing teachers outside of school was more embarrassing and awkward than anything else, never mind having dinner with them at your house. You didn’t want to admit it, but you had a deep feeling of hope that it was that hot new teacher called Negan.

He was a mysterious man, not wanting to be called ‘sir’, just Negan. He always had a smirk rested on his face and he could be pretty terrifying if you pissed him off, you didn’t really want to find out what that felt like from a personal view. He didn’t dress like the average teacher, always in a black leather jacket rather than a suit and tie.  You had developed a schoolgirl crush, hiking up your skirts and pulling down your tops to get a reaction out of him. He didn’t disappoint, you noticing his gaze that fell upon your breast when you were talking and his eyes wandering after you when you walked away.  You had seen the gold wedding band on his ring finger but neglected to keep it in mind when you mindlessly flirted with him. So what if he was taken, he didn’t seem to mind so why should you?

You remember back to around a week ago, a conversation between the two of you that had been interrupted before it got too heated.

“Sir.” He turned around, looking at the girl in front of him. Her hair pulled up into a ponytail, black mini-skirt barely covering anything and the tight white blouse she had on was creating a stirring inside him. She knew what she was doing and he was letting her do it, he tried so hard to care but he couldn’t bring himself too. “Now Y/N, you know it’s just plain old Negan to you.” He laughed, turning around fully, dropping his glasses on the table. “Sorry to bother you, I just need help with something in the homework.” She walked to the front of his desk, where he had moved to sit down. “What is it your needing help with?” she opened the booklet, turning to page 60.

“Oh fuck.” Negan thought to himself, she had turned to the page that read “SEX EDUCATION”. He swallowed hard, looking up at Y/N, an innocent look on her face, watching him squirm. “And what don’t you understand on this topic?” he asked, trying to keep his lustful stare off her pushed up tits that sat right in front of him. “I don’t get the diagrams, I need a demonstration.” She stated, looking in Negan’s eyes, watching the lust fill up in them. “Well fuck, Y/N. There’s plenty of porn on the internet? You look through that, you should get the picture.” He chuckled, trying to ease them off the topic of sex.

“You’ve been teaching me for a long enough time now to know I learn best from a practical lesson.” She purred, pulling the book out of his hands, throwing it over your shoulder. You began to climb over the desk on all fours, your ass stuck out in the air, legs crossed over one another. “Y/N, I am a happily married man.” He showed her his hand, sounding like he was trying to convince himself more than her. She smiled, licking her ruby red lips she took his hand in hers, wrapping her lips around his ring finger. She gripped her teeth on the ring, sliding it off his hand. She took it out of her mouth, observing it. “What she doesn’t know won’t kill her.” You giggled, pulling Negan towards you by his collar. He leaned in, your lips just about to meet before a loud knock came at the door. It was the dean of the school; you rolled your eyes, huffing as you placed the ring back on his still wet finger. “This isn’t over.” You said, looking at him, waiting on his reaction. 

“To be continued, sweetheart.”

 part two is in the works now x




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Cake Surprise

Summary: Being pleasantly surprised that Sebastian Stan shows up at the restaurant you work at, you take the extra step forward to make his birthday special.

Word Count: 2,063.

A/N: Before we start things off, I just wanted to say…HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ONE OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE ALIVE, SEBASTIAN STAN. And of course, a very special thank you to my great friend, @galaxayy for coming thru with a cute idea!! Hope you guys enjoy <3 (ps: im a slut for feedback, k thx)

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Hardworking Diligent af Garrison Student Keith: The Fanfic That Got Too Long

Keith waits for the rest of the class to clear out before approaching the teacher, “Commander Iverson?”

Iverson turns around, “Yes? What is it, Cadet?”

Keith straightens his posture, “Sir, if at all possible, could I have a physical copy of the lessons’ subjects? I know paper isn’t the way it’s done most days, but I find it’s easier to work with when I’m studying.”

Iverson hums, “You think it’ll help you study?”

Keith nods, “Yes, sir.”

Iverson shrugs, “Well, it’s not like anyone else has started asking for assistance on the tests,” His eyes twitches in irritation, “even though there are a good portion of the class failing.”

Keith takes a hesitant step forward, “So I may have a physical copy of the lessons’ subjects?”

Iverson nods, “I’ll get it printed for you and have you stay behind to collect it in your next class.”

Keith nods and gives a short bow, “Thank you, Commander.” He heads for the door, “I’m going to find the other instructors to ask the same question. Any idea where I might find them?”

Iverson blinks, “Uhh, faculty office is your best bet.”

Keith nods and leaves the room. Iverson allows a small smile and goes back to work on his grading.

Keith sits on his bed, a note pad in his lap and one of the physical copies of his lessons laid in front of him. Off to the side he has a 20 minute hour-glass timer trickling away as he reads and rereads the physical copies, then summaries and shortens them in his note pad.

Who cares what people say about the pen and the paper? Who cares that it’s pretty out-dated now? It can’t be hacked, unlike a computer and it’s a limited resource, which makes you more careful of what you write on it.

Or at least, that’s how Keith sees it.

A knock on the door.

Keith blinks and puts the hour-glass on it’s side, turning to the door, “Come in?”

In walks Shiro, one of the older Garrison students. Keith flushes a little as he gives him a smile.

“Hey Keith,” Shiro greets, chuckling as he observes the bed, “I see you’ve been working hard.”

Keith shakes his head, “I’ve got a lot to do, I can’t stop or slow down. I need these notes ready and memorized long before the exams.”

Shiro blinks, “But you’ve still got two months before the exams start.”

Keith nods and goes back to his notes, “I know, but that’s typically the best time to start studying for me. Besides, with all the exams I’m facing, I’ll need all the time I can get.”

Shiro smiles and puts a hand on Keith’s shoulder that was holding the notepad; Keith shivers and almost misses Shiro talking, “Just don’t push too hard, okay? You won’t be able to do anything if you’re sick.”

Keith nods, “Don’t worry, I got this.”

Keith says into his phone’s microphone, “The first person in space was Yuri Ga-gar-in. The date was 1961, April the 12th. He made a 108-minute orbital flight in his Vos-tok 1 spacecraft.”

He ends the recording as it’s the last of that section in the book and sighs, taking a deep breath.

“Keith.” His roommate grumbles.

Keith turns and blinks at him, “Yeah?”

“It’s 12 fucking 30 in the night. Go to sleep.” The roommate growls.

Keith blinks, “Seriously? That late already?”

His roommate sits up, “What do you mean, already? You’ve been working on those bloody recordings since school hours ended! You didn’t even stop for dinner!”

Keith’s stomach growls right on time, “I guess that would explain the hunger. You think there’ll be anything left in the cafeteria?”

His roommate gives him a death glare, “No because they don’t have the wannabe Hermione Granger for a roommate. Now go the fuck to sleep.”

Keith tilts his head, “No idea who that is, but okay. I’ll start getting ready for bed.”

Keith starts taking off his school uniform, folding it neatly.

His roommate scoffs, “Golden boys.”

Keith walks into the classroom with his headphones on. He starts setting up his desk as the teacher walks up to him and scowls.

“Mr Kogane.”

Keith twiddles on his phone and takes one of the headphones out, “What is it?”

The teacher narrows his eyes, “Can you tell me why you’re wearing headphones in my lesson?”

Keith blinks, “I was studying, sir.”

The teacher scoffs, “Oh really? Then you wouldn’t mind if I take this-” he grabs Keith’s phone, making the headphones snap out and leaving Keith in shock, “to play for the whole class to hear? Ya know, to help out your fellow pupils.”

Keith flushes with anger, “Sir, I told you what it was, there’s no need to yank my headphones out.”

The teacher fakes a gasp, “Such back talk! I wonder if you talk like that when you’re ‘studying’ Kogane.” He plugs Keith’s phone into the classroom speakers, “Let’s found out.”

The teacher presses play.

“-calculating a ship’s flight capabilities is easily done! It only requires-”

Everyone begins laughing.

“You sound like a nerd!” Someone in the class barks.

Keith flushes with embarrassment.

“Or a robot.” Someone howls.

Keith narrows his eyes and turns to the teacher, “There, you’ve proven I was simply studying, may I have my phone back now?”

The teacher gives him a death glare, “Cadet Kogane, you know any technology that isn’t Garrison made isn’t to be used in class. Therefore, I’ll be confiscating it for the day.”

Keith squawks, “What?! That’s my main method of studying, I need to use it between lessons!”

“Kogane, detention!” The teacher barks.

Keith growls and sits in his seat.

Shiro knocks on the dorm room door, “Keith, it’s me, Shiro! I’m here to-”


Shiro blinks, startled, “Excuse me?”

“Dude, do not make him keep studying, he is driving me mental as it is, do not encourage him do it more! I can’t take it!”

Shiro raises an eyebrow, “Uhh, who are you?”

“I’m the roommate he keeps up all night because he’s too busy studying to notice time passing! He doesn’t eat dinner half the time because he didn’t notice his hunger! Don’t you fucking dare make him study more or I’ll kill him before the stress does! He’s so goddamn annoying, talking to himself and tap-tap-tapping his stupid pens on his stupid paper! I’ve had it!”

Shiro takes a step back, “Okay, but I’ve got a question; where is Keith now? He told me to meet him here at this time.”

“Told him you had to cancel because you had a hot date! He got pissed and ran out!”

Shiro gapes and resists groaning, “Thanks. I’ll leave you alone then.”

The guy on the other side of the door huffs.

Shiro turns around and gasps, “Keith!”

Keith stands there, actual books in his arms, a note-pad, a pencil case, headphones around his neck and his phone in his pocket. He’s got dark rings under his eyes and now that Shiro is paying attention, he notices Keith looks like he’s lost a little weight. His hair is looking a little greasy too.

It’s not a good look.

“Oh Shiro.” Keith greets, a flush on his face, “I thought you had a date?”

Shiro looks at Keith and sees how tired he is. How his face seems to be turning pink with a fever. How he’s holding the stuff in his arms like it’s a lifeline. He feels his heart bleed.

“Not a chance, but you don’t look like you can study anymore.” Shiro takes a hesitant step forwards, “I know you’re working really hard for these exams Keith, but you don’t have to endanger yourself like this.”

Keith frowns, “What are you talking about? I’m perfectly fine.”

Shiro looks at his face, “You look like you’re gonna drop. Keith, I think it’s really awesome that you’re willing to work this hard for your exams. I think you’re gonna do just fine on them. But you need to look after yourself, too. You can’t win a marathon if you don’t take the breaks for water.” He takes a step forward and slowly grabs for Keith’s books; he doesn’t fight him, “Please Keith? Take a break with me? I don’t get to relax often either and I find it a lot easier when someone I care about is with me.”

Keith stares at Shiro, as if about to argue a point.

Then he looks to the ground, sighs and raises his head, “Okay. But only because you need to have fun sometimes.”

Shiro smiles, “Thanks, but to tell you the truth,” He blushes a little as he watches Keith puts his studying material in the room, “I always have fun when I’m with you.”

Keith turns around, blushing but smiling and he already looks a lot better, “Yeah, me too. I mean, you’re fun to hang out with and stuff.”

Shiro flushes a little more and offers Keith his hand, “Ready to chill out a little, then?”

Keith smiles and takes his hand, “Only if you are, oh Most Golden of the Golden Boys.”

Shiro laughs and starts walking, “Let’s go then.”


anonymous asked:

Can you please write how story will turns out (after the party) if MC actually is a favourite daughter of the head of the most powerful criminal organization and even Saeran didn't know it, bc it was hidden very well? And her dad actually lost her for that 11 days. For RFA + Saeran +V. Hope, you'll like this idea. Love your writing!

I love requests like this, I’ve read them on other imagines blogs and it was so hard not to go the same way they did, so I tried to keep it soft. Like, her dad is very angry, but he can be very sarcastic and more passive aggressive than really violent and intimidating, and MC is the only one who’s not scared of him. And I think I just made this clear on Saeran one, but MC doesn’t have a mom here, which probably made her father even more concerned, since she’s the only one he has.

Hope you like it! ^^

TRIGGER WARNING: Mention of a panic attack on Saeran one

RFA + V and Saeran meeting MC’s criminal father


  • You tell him your gangsta boss dad wants to meet him
  • He thinks is a joke at first, but when you two come to your father’s house and he sees the guns… boy
  • He was nervous just because he had to meet your father, now he’s pretty much scared.
  • “Sweetie, is this your new bodyguard? If you wanted a pretty one, you should have asked me instead of looking for one on some stranger’s apartment. You roll your eyes.
  • “Oh, I’ve seen the news, isn’t that the guy accused of sexual harassment?” “Which he already proved being innocent, dad. Something that would never happen if you went to trial. “
  • Zen is scared of seeing his delicate and sweet princess so feisty, but thinks your interaction with your father is kinda funny.
  • Not so funny when your father brings up everything he found about him. School dropout, former member of a biker’s gang and those promo pictures for “Promiscuous Jalapeno”…  your father doesn’t even know what to think.
  • But the worst is the fact that you disappeared from his sight for 11 days and came back with this guy… “Oh, she wasn’t with me for 11 days, sir. She’s been at my house for 2 nights, well, one and a half, technically…” ZEN, SHUT UP!
  • By that point you’re pretty much done with your dad’s passive aggressive threats and Zen’s brutal honesty, so you snap: “Daddy, listen to me. I was staying at this apartment for a couple of days, then he broke his leg and I went to his house to help him, but he kicked me out during night, which I must say… not cool, Zen! I got back to the apartment, which had a bomb on it, and then there was this weird punk guy talking about taking me to paradise or whatever, and Zen saved me, dad! I love him and I never felt safer like I feel around him!”
  • “You… saved her?” “Of course! She was left on her own at this apartment with a bomb! Can you believe it, sir?” and then the two of them started talking about your safety and… well, you were relieved they found something in common.
  • In the end, your father is very impressed about his fast healing and the fact that this isn’t his real name. “We work with fake names around here too.”
  • “You look very strong, son. If you ever consider changing careers, I might have something for you…” you refuse before Zen can say anything.


  • He’s so scared when you tell him your father wants to meet him
  •  And you didn’t even mention he is the head of the mafia
  • When you do… poor thing, he keeps saying he’s fine, but you can see him shaking.
  •  And all those guns on the dinner table aren’t helping at all…
  • “Hi, sir… I’m Yoosung Kim, I’m a vet student at Sky University, I’m 21 years old and this isn’t my natural hair color!” What the fuck, Yoosung?
  • “Oh,I see… sweetie, I thought you were bringing your boyfriend to dinner, who’s that girl?” “Very funny, dad.” He’s so terrified at the guns he doesn’t even hear this comment.
  • “So, sweetie… long time no see, what you’ve been up too? I mean, besides going to stranger’s apartments and dating guys who could come across as your younger brother?” Now Yoosung listens, how mean…
  • “Nothing much, dad. I’ve been trying to get away from your overprotective care and dating a guy who hasn’t a criminal record, for a change. What about you?” Yoosung couldn’t believe the way you treat each other, if he ever talked with his mother like that… well, he wouldn’t be here to tell the story.
  • Your dad keeps throwing these shady comments during all dinner, and you know Yoosung didn’t say anything yet because he’s trying to be respectful, not because he is a coward, so you let it out:
  • “Yoosung, don’t worry, I love you and I’m not going anywhere, no matter what my father says. And as for you, dad, I… do you really want to know what happened in those 11 days? I’ll tell you! I was trapped with a bomb on his dead cousin’s apartment, may god rest her soul, and this guy  here did anything he could to find who led me there. See his eye? It’s MY fault! And it’s completely unfair to him to be treated like that when all he’s done to me is caring and loving me. So, please… just stop being this prick to the MAN I chose!”
  • “What happened to your eye, son?” “Oh, I… I was just gaining some time for my friend to run away, a guy… tortured me and…” “And you lived to tell? That guy was an amateur…” “Or maybe I’m stronger than you think, sir.” OH WOW!
  • In the end, your father really appreciates Yoosung’s devotion to you, since loyalty is something very important in his… business.
  • He also likes how despite all that, he seems like a very innocent guy… oh, father! If he only knew the things you are gonna do with your boyfriend after seeing him so confident like that…


  • When you tell her your father wants to meet her, she seems fine?
  • Then you tell her about his… job, and she’s… not even impressed? Okay…
  • It looks more like you’ve never been here before, she… feels so calm…
  • “Hi, sweetie, you brought a friend for dinner?” “Girlfriend, daddy.”
  • “Oh… I see…” his tone is so monotone and cold, neither of you can tell what he’s thinking. Honestly, you can live with your father being a criminal, but he being a homophobic? That’s another story!
  • “I should have seen it coming, all these guys who work for me on this house every day, and you never showed any interest on any of them.” “I like guys too, daddy, But the mafia thing, you know… is not really my type.”
  • “Well, sweetie, you should make up your mind before you hurt this poor woman…” “Bisexuality is a real thing, sir. And I won’t be hurt since I’m bisexual as your daughter.” “Jaehee?” you look at her surprised, she’s not even looking at him and just calmly drinks her water.
  • “Okay, Ms. Kang. But should I be worried about you hurting my daughter, then? You seem a little older than her, maybe a little more experienced, my daughter is a immature naïve girl who disappeared from me for almost two weeks and came back thinking she’s bisexual… you are not using her, are you?” “Daddy, come on…”
  • “You should think higher of your own daughter, sir. She’s younger, but she’s smart and if you must know, she’s the one who’s been showing a lot more of knowledge in life helping me through my change of careers.” “Oh, really? Tell me more about that.”
  • And then she tells everything about leaving C  & R and opening her own business, and then she tells a little about her life, how was growing up at a house where she wasn’t wanted, graduating early in college and being a black belt in judo. sometimes I forget how baddass she is, Ilove her so much
  • When she finishes, your dad is enchanted, and you fell in love with her all over again.
  •  “I apologize, Ms. Kang. You are a very amazing woman who does justice to another amazing woman. If you ever want some help with your business, I’ll be more than glad to take down the competition…” “I would rather do that providing a good service, sir, but thanks…”
  • “Marry her, or I will…” your father whispers to you.


  • You tell him about dinner with your father.  He’s glad, he’s been longing to make your relationship official to both the families.
  • When you tell him about  the mafia, he’s… curious. How come a sweet and innocent girl like you grew up at such a violent environment?
  • He promises he’ll try not to be judgmental, but as soon as he sees the henchmen in position and the guns… he’s legitimately worried about you.
  • “Hello, how is your father?” “He’s fine, thank you for asking. Do you know each other?” “Well, his company has been a pain on my ass for a while now…” “It’s my company too, as it is very likely I’ll be the next CEO.” Jumin, shut up!
  •  “I see… maybe we can do business pretty soon.” “Right now, I would rather focus on getting to know my future father-in-law.” Uhh, Jumin, so smooth…
  • “Oh, so you’re the one who kept her trapped at your house for two days?” “I believe it was three days, sir.” WHAT THE FUCK, JUMIN? YOU’RE GONNA MENTION THE CAGE TOO?
  • “Daddy, I was completely fine with him there. And I must say I felt way safer with him than I ever felt here with all these… guns… and your… employees…” both of the men feel really flustered with your response.
  • “Now, sweetie, don’t be ungrateful. You might see me as overprotective, but I’m always concerned for your safety. And don’t let yourself be fooled. He looks like a gentleman, but if he is anything like his father, you might be in trouble.” Oh boy…
  • “I’m sure you mean well, sir. But I should warn you I’m nothing like my father. And I must say I understand very well why would you be overprotective of such a adorable lady, but you should let her be free to make her own decisions. That’s… something I’m learning by myself as well…” both you and your father feel very thrilled right now.
  • “Well, I suppose she was safe with you after all, much better than being by herself at some stranger’s apartment…”
  • Your father is very impressed about Jumin’s respect for you, he feels as reliable as any of his henchmen, and most importantly, you seem so happy… how can he fight against your happiness?
  • Dinner is over, and you accompany Jumin to his car where Driver Kim is waiting. “Jumin, be honest…” “Yes, MC?” “How many times you held yourself of answering everytime I said ‘daddy’?” “More than you would like to know, MC…”


  • He’s pretty nervous about meeting your father when you tell him.
  • But when you tell him about his job, he’s surprisingly more relaxed?
  • Oh come on, he’s been dealing with shady people his whole life! Why would he be worried?
  • “Oh sweetie, you brought a clown with you, when is your boyfriend coming?” Saeyoung has a comeback involving “coming”, you almost can read his mind and just glare at him, so he gives up.
  • “So… you must be the boy who got trapped with my daughter at some stranger’s apartment, then took her to this secret cult organization, huh?” “Yeah, and don’t forget the bomb!” Goddamit, Saeyoung!
  • “Well, if it makes you feel any better, daddy, he really tried to push me away, but I was very insistent.” “Push you away how, sweetie?” “The same things you used to tell my mom…” oh, that explains a lot…
  • “I see, so you were a jerk to her…” shit, you though it would be enough… it only made it worse!
  • “Yes, but if it is the same case here, I’m sure you were only thinking about your wife’s safety…” “And yet she ended knocked up, are you trying to imply it’ll be the case here?” SHIT SHIT SHIT!
  • Saeyoung sees his confidence fading away. This man is different, he’s not just some thug, he’s you father, the man who raised you. Why did he think he could be okay with all this? Your father is absolutely right about hating him, he put you in big danger!
  • You see your boyfriend conscience splitting, it’s too much for you to handle, so you vent: “Daddy, don’t be like that! Mom always told me how much you suffered acting like that around her, he suffered the same way, daddy! Even worse, because the person who was after me it’s his own brother who he didn’t see for a long time and… daddy, if you only knew what kind of hell the two of them grew up….” You couldn’t help but cry, Saeyoung hugs you, he doesn’t even care your father is watching this.
  • “Tell me, son. I want to hear your story.” And then Saeyoung tells him everything, always holding your hand.
  • “And your father is the current prime minister? I never liked that guy, anyway. He’s always been a despicable little man!” that coming from the mafia’s head…


  • He’s freaking out about meeting your dad, because he doesn’t really feel comfortable around, well… people
  • Then you tell him about your father’s job, and he thinks it’s kinda cute you trying to joke to make him relax
  • You tell him is not a joke, he doesn’t believe it because he did a whole background check on you before deciding you should be the one to stay at Rika’s apartment, and there wasn’t no mention about this.
  • But, come to think of it, this kind of information shouldn’t be easy to find out, right? Oh shit…
  • But your father being a criminal doesn’t really bother him, he would be terrified about him even if your father were a geologist or whatever.
  • The guns and the whole atmosphere on the house is very familiar to him… it reminds him of… oh no! He can’t go there on a moment like this!
  • “So… if this isn’t the one who kidnapped my daughter. Seriously, sweetie? Stockholm Syndrome? I thought I taught you not to fall in love with criminals…”
  • “W-Well, sir, there’s also Lima Syndrome, when the kidnapper is the one in love…” oh no, Saeran… please keep quiet…
  • “How romantic, huh?” your father scoffs, Saeran feels the air escaping from his lungs for a moment, no… no no! Stay calm, Saeran…
  • Dinner is being a disaster, your father keeps glaring and insulting Saeran on his usual passive aggressive manner. You look at Saeran, you’ve seen him like this before, he’s…
  • “He’s having a panic attack!” you jump out of your chair and go to him, your father never seen you move so fast.  He observes you helping this kid telling him to inhale and exhale like he learned in therapy… what’s going on?
  • “Thanks a lot, daddy!” “MC, calm down… I’m okay…” “No, Saeran, he has to listen! Dad, if you can live in peace with your own crimes, good for you, but not everybody is capable of. You see this guy here? He tells me everyday how much he regrets the things he did. I’m able to forgive the men I love, I did it with you, why wouldn’t I do for him?”
  • “You’re… in love with me?” “I already told you that, Saeran…” “Yeah, but if you’re saying in front of you father, you really mean it…” “Well, yeah, I meant before too…”
  • Then your father realize this is just a very lost kid, like he used to be when we was younger. Your mom passed away very young, so he always wondered if she would be able to make him regret it and have a normal life. He’s so glad your mother’s kindness lives through you and if you’re so willing to heal this guy, who is he to get on the way?


  • He’s very happy when you tell him your father wants to meet him.
  • And he doesn’t seem to mind your father’s job. “If he was able to raise such a wonderful person like you, he’s not bad at all. Who am I to judge him, anyway?” This guy…
  • And he doesn’t even flinch when your father shower him with threats disguised as questions. “Do you know what people like me do when their loved ones disappear?” “Are you really that insane to show up here like nothing happened?”
  •  “Daddy, please stop…” “I’m just trying to understand what’s gotten into you, sweetie. This older blind guy and… you? I’m sorry to say, but I never knew you had so much daddy issues…” “What are you even saying, dad?”
  •  “With all due respect, sir, daddy issues most of times implies that the daughter seeks for his father features on men she falls in love with. For what I can tell, you and I are nothing alike.” Oh no… V being passive-aggressive gives you the creeps more than all these henchmen…
  • “You’re right, I’ve never put her in dangerous on purpose. You, on the other hand, allowed her to stay at a place where I know it happens to have a bomb, correct?” “Yet, she claims she’s never felt safer, that says a lot about your own household, no?”
  • This polite fight is driving you insane. How can they discus about you like if you were not even there? “SHUT UP YOU BOTH! Dad, you have every right to be mad, but you should know this man here was doing his best to make sure that, whatever was happening, I wouldn’t be hurt, and he didn’t even know me that well… and V, please don’t talk to my father like that, he’s just as scared and worried as you were, and please, don’t ever talk about me or my life as if I couldn’t speak for myself.”
  • “I’m so sorry, love, I had no idea I was acting like that!” he rushes to hug you and keeps apologizing, your father wonders if this man is real…
  • “Sir, I sincerely apologize for my behavior. I know exactly how it feels wanting to protect someone you cherish this much. Just know you raised an amazing woman with the most beautiful soul and I deeply respect you for that.” Your father thought you were the one in danger? Now he feels sorry for this poor man having to handle your temper… and nah, he can’t possibly be real, can he?
Jackson (M)

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He was the jealous type- overly jealous in some instances, but only because he just was so madly in love with you. 
There was a shot period of time that he actually felt no jealousy whatsoever, he was content with how things had been going- your friends, etc… Well, that is until a few months ago Jinyoung and you seemed to get closer and closer everyday. 

He noticed how his friend’s cold, sophisticated personality quickly became goofy and warm the moment you entered the room. He saw that sparkle in his eye the moment he laid eyes on you. 

Today was especially bad for him. Jinyoung had taken you out on to a cute new cafe in town for some brunch, and he just sat there cussing himself out for not tagging along. 

An hour or so passed by when he finally heard the front door opening, followed by the sound of your sweet laughter- the kind of laughter a girl does when she’s trying to flirt and act cute with someone. 

He sat there silently soaking in a pit of jealousy as he listened to the two of you talking.
“Oppa!” You giggled out to his friend, “You know I’m ticklish, stop I’m gonna drop everything!” 
“Aiisshh..” JInyoung’s warm, chuckled response followed soon after, “Let me take these for you then, babygirl.” 

“Babygirl?” Jackson thought to himself as he stood from his spot from the couch, walking over to the two of you. “Jagi.” He sternly called out to you, watching as his friend flirtatiously grazed his hand against you while he took your bags. 

Looking up at him, you could feel your breathing hitch the moment you saw his dark glare. Fuck. 

“Yeah babe?” You sweetly replied- painting a soft smile on your face, trying to act as if everything was okay. 

Jackson stepped close to the two of you, snatching your bags from Jinyoung’s hands- placing them on the floor beside him. 
“Why is he calling you babygirl?” He lowly growled, leaning into your personal space just before shooting his friend a death glare.

Your eyes wandered as you tried thinking of a way to get out of this situation. “I- I..” You stuttered in reply, not able to come up with a plausible explanation. 

“Yah..” Jinyoung cut in, in attempt to diffuse the situation. “It’s just a nickname- I didn’t mean anything by it. Don’t be upset with her.” 

His attention automatically turned to the man that stood beside you, “You know what..” He snarled, “I’m getting really tired of the two of you being all flirty and shit.” Grabbing both your wrists, he practically dragged the two of you to the living room. 

“Sit.” He harshly command as he shoved Jinyoung over to the couch. “On your knees now little girl.” 

“Yes, Sir..” You replied in a hushed, timid tone; your face was practically beet red as you sunk down onto your knees. 

Jinyoung’s eyes widened as he began to realize what was happening, “Jack-” He began, his cheeks flushed a bright pink as dirty thoughts began to cross his mind. 

Jackson immediately interrupted him, “You think I don’t know what you think of when you see my little girl?” He began, undoing his belt and jeans then running his fingers through your hair. “You don’t think I haven’t seen the way you look at her, Jinyoung? Because I have..” He chuckled, silently motioning you to do the rest. 

Hooking your fingers into his jeans, pulling them down his muscular thighs; his already hardened member sprung free as he continued his little lecture. 
“You want her don’t you?” 

“Jack- Jackson..” Jinyoung replied, frantically shaking his head as he tried staring directly at him, “I have no-” 

Again, Jackson cut him off with a smug snicker. “Don’t try to bullshit me. You want her, but you know what?” He snarled, grabbing the base of his cock- rubbing the tip of his member on your lower lip, “Open.” He growled his command, and the moment you did- he wasted no time at all.

As he shoved his member into your mouth, you could feel him unexpectedly hit the back of your throat. The erotic noise that escaped you as you gagged against him caused both men to groan in unison. 

Roughly grabbing a fistful of your hair, he pressed his length furthering into your throat. The feeling of your warm, wet, tight throat wrapped perfectly around his cock caused him to hiss in response. 
He peered over to Jinyoung who intently watched with lust clouded eyes and growled.
“I’m going to punish my little fucking slut right here in front of you.” 

“Because I apparently need to remind her who she fucking belongs to-” 

“-And I need to help you remember that you can never have her the way I do.” 

The Joker x Reader - “The Bucket List”

Two months after breaking up with The Joker, you found out the bad news. You didn’t have a choice but to ask for his help and J didn’t even show up for the meeting. Of course he didn’t care, but now that he heard why you wanted to see him so badly, it might be too late for any amendments.

Part 2: http://diyunho.tumblr.com/post/161379886591/the-joker-x-reader-the-bucket-list-part-2


“I’m out of here…” you announce, lifting your bag and taking a few steps towards the door. The Joker doesn’t reply, he just watches you in silence, leaning on the back wall of the master bedroom.

“That’s all you want?” he speaks up in a bitter tone when you are almost out of the quarters.

“Yes, that’s all…” you whisper and don’t turn around, continuing your walk. After a few moments, J wants to add something but gives up when he hears the elevator. He knows you’re already gone.


Things went from worse to worst until both couldn’t take it anymore. You were aware he’d never leave the penthouse so you decided to break it off sooner rather than later. You were actually surprised he didn’t try to stop you when you told him about your decision: after all, he doesn’t like people to leave until he says so. You were determined to continue with the plan even he would have attempt to disagree. But he didn’t. Probably happy to get rid of you in such a timely manner. The Joker must have really hated you if he didn’t bother with any kind of reaction.

Oh, well, serves you right for thinking you meant something to him. Lesson learned.


The first time he got a sign from you was after about 2 months. You called and he didn’t answer. It came through as “unknown number” because you weren’t in his contacts anymore, but he had the digits memorized. After about one hour, he received a text message: “Could you please meet me tonight around 10pm at the corner of Spencer’s and North Avenue? It’s really important. Please…I really need to talk to you.”

J deleted the message, upset you bothered him. For some reason though, he decided to go and see what the hell you wanted. He waited in the shadows behind the apartment building, watching you nervously pacing under the street light. You held a few papers in your hand and seemed distressed.

The Joker regretted coming so he stayed hidden, but didn’t leave. You waited for an hour and it began to rain. He could see you were soaked to the bone, still waiting on the almost deserted sidewalk. He was drenched also and didn’t move. You started to cry when you realized he won’t show up, holding up those papers to your chest. After another half an hour passed, you signaled a cab and one saw you right away. J decided to come out, thinking that if you notice him, he’ll talk to you. If not, oh well…

Of course you got into the taxi and didn’t see him approach. He had the perfect excuse for his indifference and you swore never to get a hold of him again. You bawled all the way back to your house, mad at yourself for being such an idiot. Yet, not too many choices at the time. You erased his phone number from your cell and as soon as you got home you smashed the phone to pieces, crying your eyes out since The Joker didn’t want to at least meet you when you really needed his help for once.


After 7 months, J is in a meeting, planning a heist and some transactions on the black market with his old business partner when the conversation steered towards your absence at the negotiation table. Everyone knew you were gone, but Jasper still ran his mouth.

“That’s too bad about what happened to Y/N, hm? How old is she, 35 ? I hope she makes it… Hard to tell with this kind of stuff…”

Your ex is not excited to hear your name. He would love to blow Jasper’s brains, but he’s still needed.

“Don’t push it,” J growls, annoyed, clenching his jaw.  The guy lifts his hands up in surrender, not having any desire to irritate the Clown Prince of Crime.

“No disrespect, sir, I was just talking without thinking.”

J keeps on marking locations on the map, absent minded.

“So…what happened to her?” he utters, not lifting his eyes from the important project.

“You don’t know?!” Jasper replies, intrigued.

“No,” J simply answers, sniffling.

“Do you really care to find out?”
“No… But tell me anyway!”

*** He debated for a week if he should call you or not. When he finally dialed your digits, the flat message made him roll his eyes: “This number has been disconnected or is no longer in service.”

It took J about 3 more weeks to find your whereabouts. You can easily make yourself disappear under fake identities. Thankfully, The Joker has several ways of using his numerous resources when necessary.


Oh, no! you think when you hear the doorbell. You slowly get up from the couch, dizzy from the monthly IV medication dripping in your veins, one of the treatments you do at home. You grab the IV pole, rolling it towards the door. You bought this house outside the city, not wanting to be bothered. No neighbors around. And you didn’t order any food or supplies to be delivered like you usually do.

“Coming!” you announce, holding on to the wall with your free hand. “Who is it?” you inquire before opening the door.

“Pizza delivery,” the muffled voice answers.

“I didn’t order any pizza,” and you crack the door open. “Shit!” you gasp when you see J standing there and you shut the entrance immediately, locking it.

“Really?!” you hear him and you back out, alarmed. Surprisingly, no knocking or pounding.  And it clicks: the sliding glass door on the back porch is opened! You force yourself to walk as fast as you can, difficult since you are hooked to your IV.

“Dammit,” you mumble when you get to the living room and see he already got inside.

“I wasn’t aiming for this reaction,” J frowns, taking a few steps towards you.

“What…what are you doing here?!” you demand to find out since you’re not pleased about his presence. You really don’t need whatever the hell this is right now.

“What’s wrong with you?” he cuts to the chase, not in the mood for chitchatting. Those piercing eyes urge for an explanation.

“Nothing,” you grumble and squeeze the pole harder.

“Doesn’t look like nothing,” he points towards your IV. You sigh, feeling more and more uncomfortable.

“It’s only…only something to slow down the process…”

“What process?” The Joker barks, biting on his cheek.

“The process of me dying too fast,” you serenely admit. He keeps on staring at you, kind of stupefied at how you look: skinny, pale, dark circles under your eyes and he can notice it all since you have no make-up on. Your hair is dark blonde now, still long yet visibly thinned out.

“Nonsense, you’re too young,” he drops on the chair closer to him, crossing his legs.“Who helps you?” he begins another tirade of questions.

“Nobody; I leave alone, away from everyone. I don’t want to be seen like this and I can take care of myself,” you swallow the bitter taste on your tongue, nauseated. All the drugs you take have such awesome side effects. “Is this an interrogation? Because I don’t want to talk nor see anybody. So if you would just leave…” and you nod towards the sliding door he sneaked through.

“Nonsense,” he cuts you off, bouncing his leg on top of the other, impatient. He reaches for the papers scattered on the table in front of him, reading the names of the numerous vials with tablets, capsules and lozenges, aggravated. “Do you have a list of all the stuff you take?”

“Wh-what?! Could you just…just leave please?!” and you gag, almost vomiting, rushing to snatch a container from the kitchen counter with anti-nausea medication. You swallow one tablet with a few sips of water and go sit down on the couch, exhausted. J watches your every move without any comment.

“If you don’t leave I’ll call the cops,” you close your eyes, feeling the room spinning.

“Please do, I would love to tell them who you really are,” he scoffs, rattling some of your pills, amazed on how huge they are. Crap, the police threat didn’t work.

“Go home to your girlfriend and leave me alone,” you encourage him, hoping he’ll get lost.

“Go home to your girlfriend,” he imitates you, giving you a mean glare. “Do I look like a fool in a leash to you?! Don’t insult me! Plus, I hate her!” he snarls, finding what he came for in the documents pile: an inventory of all the things you take for your condition.

“You hate everybody, “ you whisper, biting your dry lips.

“A skill I take a lot of pride in,” he cracks his neck and finally gets up.

“Why are you here?” you tilt your head to the side, fighting to keep your raging sickness under control. “ Where…where were you when I needed you so badly, hm? I asked for a meeting and you didn’t even bother to come…I was scared and seeked your help. How stupid of me…,” you sadly smile and even if you don’t seem to cry, J notices tears rolling down your face. “Of course you are too busy to be bothered with someone so insignificant as your ex that wanted to tell you she found out she’s dying…” you wipe your tears, not breaking eye contact. Him adding to your misery doesn’t aid.

“Shut up, you’re not dying!!! And don’t talk to me like this again!” he growls at you before slamming the sliding door behind him.  

“I AM DYING!!” you yell, taking deep breaths to cool down.  

My God, what in the world was that?!!! Do you have to move now?! You are in no mood to do so, but probably you’ll have to pull yourself together and vanish once more. How did he find you?


You didn’t hear anything from him in a while and you are relieved: probably forgot about his little project involving you and lost interest like he usually does when he gets bored. It’s better this way; you don’t need to be stressed out about more problems, you don’t need your life turned upside down more than it already is.

You are coming back from your weekly check up at the clinic and you notice a black car in your driveway. You groan when you see Frost coming out of the vehicle, waiting for you. No choice but to park next to him and meet him.

“Hi, Y/N.”

“Hi, Frost,” you cautiously greet. “Is J here?”

“No, but boss wanted me to give you this,” and Jonny hands over a sealed box.

“What is this?” you check, curious to hear about it. What is he up to?!

“Mister J says the directions are inside: take one of the red pills three times a day and the blue one just once daily. He also said to stop taking the three meds he crossed over on your med list. All in the box,” Frost blurs out, getting ready to flee. He sure is uncomfortable; knowing you, you’ll certainly decline.

“I don’t want anything from him!” you raise your voice.

He was afraid this will happen.

You place the box on the hood, heading towards the porch.

“I can’t tell him that! Please take it!”

“I don’t know what the hell those pills are and I don’t need his help. Just tell him I said that!”

“He’s not gonna like it…” Frost grumbles.

“So? I want to be left alone!!”


You are getting ready to go to sleep when you hear a loud bang: your front door is being opened and slammed. Must be J…and you are correct.

“Y/N?! Y/N! Where are you?” The Joker shouts, looking around for you.

“Ummm…here,” you get on your knees in bed, covering yourself with the comforter and bracing for the worst.

He storms in your bedroom, holding the box he sent earlier.

“I understand you refuse to take this?” his low voice echoes in the whole house.

“Yes, I don’t want it. Please leave!”

“Do you know what I’ve been doing for the past 3 weeks since I last saw you? Hmmm? Do you?!” he starts unwrapping the seal around the box, tossing it by you. “I broke into 3 research facilities, about 5 hospitals, kidnapped doctors and blackmailed others in exchange for information and treatments. Showed your med list to all of them and they came up with some new options for your disease!” J is so mad he’s slamming all the vials around, taking a red tablet out of one. “Take this!!” he shoves it in your face and you hesitantly move your head backwards.

“It’s a new experimental drug!!“ he roughly grabs your jaw.” I’ll get rid of the stuff you don’t have to take anymore.”

You sniffle, intrigued by his behavior and escape his grasp.

“Why are you tormenting me? Are you that bored? Why don’t you go back to Gotham?” You wipe your forehead, already tired from all this crap. “Do you feel…guilty?” you touch his hand, moving it away. He brings his face very close to yours, panting with indignation:

“I’m fucking buying you more time!! So take this goddamned pill or I’ll force you! I mean it!!”

You sigh, weighting in the options.

“Fine…I’ll take it…Are you happy now?” you reach for the bottle of water on the night stand and swallow the given medication.

“Ecstatic!” J grinds his teeth, vexed. “They told me you should expect nasty side effects, but it will get better.”  

You shrink under the cover.

“Well, I took it, so…you don’t have to be here anymore.”

“Are you kicking me out?” he goes on the other side of the bed, starting to pile up pillows.

“Please go back to Gotham,” you beg, uneasy at the thought of him spending the night.

He stretches, fed up with the conversation, wanting to relax after another long day.


One hour later you started feeling the aftermath of your new drug. You are used with being sick and yet it doesn’t make it easier. You shiver like a leaf, moaning in pain, adding 2 painkillers when the aching becomes unbearable. You try to get comfortable but it’s useless.

“Are you cold?” J asks, moving closer to you. “You…need… anything?” he struggles to offer, not really knowing how to react to the situation. You nod a faint yes, reaching your hands for him:

“Y-you…” the weak response comes, making him scoot over without hesitation. A strange warmness washes all over him, making his heart beat faster and it’s not a pleasant emotion. You curl up in a ball against his body while he covers you with his blanket too.

“J…” you whimper when his arms go around you, “ O-one of these days they’ll find me dead in here. C-can you take my things? I would hate for s-strangers to come in here, stealing what doesn’t belong to them. You know how much I care a-about my things… Y-yes?”

The Joker believes you’re delirious; he was warned about this common side effect of what you’re taking. Maybe you are…

“No, I won’t!” he emphasizes his refusal, inflexible in his decision.

“W-why not?” you lick your dried lips, getting even more upset.

“I only provide my services to people I like. You’re not on the list,” he makes sure to remind you.

“N-nobody’s on the list,” you crack an awkward smile, squinting your eyes when the muscle spasms hit again.

“Exactly,” J acknowledges, wondering how the hell you manage on your own when you are so ill. He caresses your hair and he notices so many strands left around his fingers.

“Jesus, Y/N!“ escapes his mouth before he can stop the words.

“I k-know I should shave my h-head and I just keep on p-postponing,” you tremble, praying you can rest for a little bit. So many sleepless nights, twisted thoughts and therapies took their toll on you.

After about 2 hours you finally fall asleep and he dozes off also, worn out and fighting with himself about what should happen next. J is not sure how long he’s been out, but when he wakes up it’s still dark and you are in his arms. It seems you didn’t move at all and he notices you’re not breathing.

“Hey, hey, Y/N, wake up!” he softly slaps your shoulder and there is no reaction. “Hey! Wake up I said!” he gets up on his elbow, terrified for once. “Open your eyes! Wake up!!!!” he shakes you, feeling he’s starting to sweat from the anxiety.

“Mmmm,” he hears your mumble and you cuddle more to his chest, keeping your hands under his pillow. “What is it?” you whisper, yawning.

He puts his head back on the cushions , truthfully admitting:

“Shit, I thought you died…”

“Not yet…” you calm him down, not wishing to wake up yet. “Go back to sleep, I’m fine…My blood pressure gets really low sometimes, I’m still here…” you kiss the skin in front of your lips, not realizing what you’re doing. You fall back into your dreamless daze while The Joker is unable to do anything else but repeat in his mind the simple sentence you used to let him know you’re still alive: “Not yet.”


You don’t go to the clinic anymore. A lot of your old meds are not needed according to the new care plan in place for you. New stuff is being added and some doctors are even brought to your house so they can assess you. Tests after tests, trial and error of all the drugs that The King of Gotham is able to smuggle and steal for you. You have such bad days you seriously consider giving up, which was the main idea before he showed up at your home that day.

You have no clue why he’s putting so much effort into it and he gets mad when you fight him, refusing to take your meds.

“Nothing is really working, they make me feel worse!” you sob, having a really bad day while being hooked to your new IV.

“Tough it out, Pumpkin, could be worse,” he grouchily snarls, moving some of your books around.

“You can’t buy me life, it’s too late,” you wail on your couch, depressed and ailing in every single fiber of your body.

“I’m not buying you life, Y/N, I’m buying you time!” J aims towards all the vials, bottles and containers containing the remedies you actually need.

“What does your girlfriend has to say about this? I bet she detests me since you spend so much time here,” you want to mention, blowing your nose in a tissue.

“I told you I hate her so I don’t care about what she thinks!” he barks and shoves the books around when a piece of paper folded in two flies out from one of them and lands on the floor. He picks it up and opens it, reading your note:

Bucket list

-go to Japan

- a family

- see J one last time - no, no, no!!

-meeting my knight in shining armor (he huffs)

-kidnap Commissar Gordon again (he smirks)

-see J one last time – no!!!!!!!!!!

-find out Batsy’s identity (he grins)

-steal more diamonds

-see J one last time - NOOOOO!!!!!!

“What are you doing?!” you jump off the couch when you see the paper in his hand.

“A bucket list Doll ?! Really?” he laughs because he has no better idea of how to get rid of this awful feeling in his heart.

“That’s private, give it back!” you barely drag your feet to go to him and yank the list out of his hand, placing in a drawer. “This is very personal stuff, you have no right to…”

“I do what I want!” he interrupts, giving you a high and mighty gaze. So typical.  

“You can’t just…”

“Tell someone that cares,” he turns his back on you, returning to his task and you sit there with your mouth open, outraged. You forgot to cry. “When are you going to shave your head? The new IV med will really make you lose more hair, that’s what they told me,” The Joker chatters, turning his attention towards you again. “Want me to do it for you? I’ve seen you have the electric hair clipper in the bathroom. Don’t be a chicken and do it!” he distracts you from your tirade.

“I’m not sure if…” you try to negotiate, but I guess he has a new assignment on the horizon. You are conscious you’ve been delaying this forever; your hair is so thin and limp it’s gross.

“Nahhh, I think we should go on with it! No better time than the present!” and he takes your hand, guiding you towards the bathroom while you steadily roll the IV pole with you. “Sit!” he pushes your shoulders down on the chair and brings over the tool, turning it on. You nervously gulp, watching chunks of your locks piling up on the marble flooring.

“Done!” he announces and you touch your bald head, getting up so you can see yourself in the mirror. It looks terrible and you start weeping.

“Ahhh, it’s not that bad kid. You’re still fairly pretty. To be honest, you’re uglier than before but I can still look at you,” J cheerfully concludes.

You elbow him through tears, appalled at your reflection.

“You suck at making people feel better, you know that?”

“Another skill I take great pride in,” he winks, grinding his silver teeth and you cry harder.

“My hair…it’s …just…gone,” you stammer, saddened beyond control, stroking your shaved skin.

He sighs, softly pushing you away from the mirror, still holding the trimmer.

“You know, Princess, I’m starting to get sick of my green hair, I had it for a while,” he passes his fingers through it, turning his head left and right.

“Huh?” you whimper, sniffling.

Before you can react, he turns on the trimmer again, starting to shave his head. You stop bawling, shocked, watching his green locks falling to the ground.

“What are you doing, J?!”

“Isn’t it obvious? Getting rid of something I’m bored with. There, done! Com’ere!” he urges you to return in front of the mirror with him. “I think we look pretty good, won’t you say?” he puckers his lips and you start crying so hard it makes him cringe. “Would you stop it??!! I didn’t do it for you, I’m too selfish. I was really tired of my toxic green hair, got it?”

You nod a yes and hug him, squeezing him in your arms as hard as you can since your IV line doesn’t permit a wide range of motion.


Later that evening

“Are you ready?” he peeks in the bedroom to see you dressed up. “Told you some make-up will do the job, you’re much prettier now. Still not up to my standards, but…”

You walk towards him in your floral summer dress, sulking.

“Horrible person…” you mutter, elbowing him. “Where are we going?”

“I need your help with something and since you didn’t get out of the house in forever, I have plans for today.”
“Where are we going?” you insist, stepping outside and observe the silver car on the driveway, probably dropped off by his men because he didn’t have it there this morning.

The Joker gets dresses with his silver jacket, taking a deep breath before laying it down for you:

“The silver jacket is the most I can do for the shiny armor, ok? Plus the car,” and cracks his fingers, a bit uneasy.

You seem puzzled.

“Your stupid bucket list, Doll: the knight in shining armor thing. I’m not wearing a dumb armor, this is the most I’m willing to do.”

You stare at him, speechless, on the verge of crying as he can see your lips quivering.

“Uhhh, give me a break!”  J growls, giving you a nudge towards the car.


“What are we doing at Jasper’s hideout?” you step out of the car, wondering what he has in mind.

“Some business to attend to and I need your help, OK?”

“OK,” you agree, hesitant.

When you both walk in with the new bald looks, everybody at the meeting instantly stops talking and glances, astonished.

“Wha’? “ J guides you to your seats, “You didn’t see two beautiful people before?!” and the tone in his voice makes them all aware they shouldn’t make it so obvious they’re perplexed at the change.

They all start talking in the same time, apologizing and attempting to fix their mistake.

“Shut the hell up!” he addresses the crowd, irked. “Wrong spot, Y/N!” he signals you to get up from your chair and you do as asked, confused. “Here!” he pulls you in his lap and you place your hand around his neck, smiling. “We are negotiating with this fine…gentlemen; I’m too exhausted for this, you do it.”

Wow, they didn’t see you in more than a year and now you show up here with Mister J, back to what you used to do. What’s going on? they all ask themselves, knowing they won’t get an answer.

The Joker rests his head on your shoulder, listening to the sound of your voice resonating in his ears.

He might not be able to buy life for the girl he hates so much, but he can buy her time. As much as he can.



Alphys knows what’s up.

[Alphys’ spinning chair gradually came to a stop, but she continued to sway until her eyes came back into focus. The doctor, meanwhile, was looking pleased as punch.]

S-so you’ve finally made up your m-mind…?

Most definitely!

And y-you’re not going to delete it?

Absolutely not!

For real this time?

For really reals!

For the sake of the people, I will answer even the lewdest of questions!

Haha, l-let’s not go that far, sir… Though it’s g-great to see you so enthusiastic about it!

… I take it the King said something to change your mind?


W-well, yes! He told me that our ask system is being enjoyed by monsters all across the Underground. He wants us to keep it up, and so we shall!


… What?


R-ready to begin “testing” when you are, sir!

Excellent! Commence Operation: AMA!


sugar daddy! Mingyu

anon requested: hey, i love your blog to death 💕 I was wondering if you can do a sugar daddy Mingyu scenario? its ok if you can’t. and i love you admins! you two do an amazing job have an amazing day 😊

 admin seri: im so :’)) thank you so much <33 i really hope you love this

  • Mingyu was a lonely man honestly
  • but he kinda just sucked it up because ‘the one will come one day’ 
  • OKAY well
  • ‘the one’ ain’t coming if he ain’t looking
  • the sugar daddy thing really never crossed his mind
  • until all these older men were telling him, 
  • “look, the only girls you’ll ever find are the gold diggers, your best bet is going with it because at least you’ll get-”
  • Mingyu’s highkey just nodding like omg what 
  • but he gives it a shot? 
  • because it’s just, he likes taking care of people so,,,
  • that old guy gave him some girls number and he agreed to get dinner with her
  • and sitting there at that table, he’s honestly just like … “why”
  • because the girl was going on and on about how she wants this for her daily gift, this much a week, what he needs to buy her
  • it’s so unattractive to him like hows he gonna — if all he’s thinking about is making sure he ordered that purse
  • but he’s a gentlemen so he sat there nodding and paid for dinner
  • until the girl wanted to go home with him 
  • and he had to be like “uh um i’m sorry im not interested” 
  • she leaves dramatically too
  • leaving him there just lost in thought stirring his coke with his straw
  • “do you want a refill?” you ask, walking up to the guy who’s been here for hours
  • you work at this fancy restaurant really only rich people could afford and only got a job because of a connection
  • he glances up at you, offering a smiling and shakes his head
  • “i was just leaving” 
  • you watch as he leaves, unfamiliar with this situation
  • because he should’ve left with the girl? like
  • anyways, it slips your mind there’s more things to think about besides the cute guy you barely know
  • until you see him again the next night
  • and the next
  • basically the next two weeks 
  • your just like, ‘what is he tryna do here???’
  • it’s almost closing time and he’s sitting on your side like always, meaning you have to ask
  • “sir? sorry but we’re closing in 15 minutes” you smile apologetically
  • “oh, sorry” 
  • the brightness you saw in his eyes on day one is gone now
  • “you’ve been waiting my table for the past two weeks right?” he says, seemingly scoffing at himself, “im not a terrible person i promise” 
  • you smile amused, “then?” 
  • yes, you asking that is so professional
  • “well” he shakes his head embarrassed, “my older friends have told me to try doing this but i haven’t really found anyone I like
  • you put two and two together 
  • “you have to like her? it works like that?” 
  • he gets up and smiles at you before walking out,
  • “i work like that” 
  • and you just stand there, dumbstruck
  • after that you don’t see MIngyu come in every night
  • you just think he found someone or gave up 
  • until one night he waltz in right before closing time 
  • grinning at you confidently, “i want to take you out” 
  • you aren’t having the best day at work either, 
  • staring at him blank faced, “i don’t want or need a sugar daddy” 
  • he seems taken back and shakes his head vigorously, 
  • “no i just,, i want to get to know you, you seem sweet” 
  • you stop wiping down the table and stare into his eyes
  • they don’t look like they have bad intentions
  • sighing you nod, “let me finish cleaning my side” 
  • that kick started everything
  • you made it very clear you wanted a relationship
  • and he agreed
  • aw the cutest couple you guys are
  • walking around in matching outfits, phone cases, book bags
  • all more expensive than they needed to be
  • remember when i said Mingyu didn’t like buying people things 
  • ignore ALL of that because your different
  • mini fights start with that actually
  • “MINGYU listen i dont NEED THIS”
  • “I KNOWW” 
  • “then WHY did you buy it” 
  • he hangs his head sheepishly
  • “because it reminded me of you” 
  • he’s always making sure you live this lavish lifestyle
  • even if it’s the last thing you want
  • he’ll send over food
  • tried to buy you a new car omg
  • you legit have a collection of heels you never wear
  • in public ;)
  • you’ll be over at his apartment 
  • and you guys actually love making dinner together 
  • food fights for life 
  • “wait babe” 
  • “what” you turn around, raising your eyebrow at MIngyu
  • “wear these for me” 
  • he hands you a pair of black heels with a smirk
  • strapping them on you purse your lips 
  • “babe…”
  • taking his finger, dipping it into the sauce his hold his finger out to you, looking at you with those eyes
  • “taste?” 
  • you dont really need to explain in detail, do you?

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* triggering content below, proceed to read/reblog with caution!

’ If you’re gonna start the killing, you best start it right here. ’
’ Make sure I’m all the way dead, because I’ll come back and make you my bitch! ’
’ Chinese, Japanese, Dirty knees, look at these! ’
’ What you lookin’ at? ’
’ I’m lookin’ at you, _________. ’
’ Yeah, you see something you like? ’
’ I set my standards pretty low, so I’m never disappointed. ’
’ Oh, well I don’t disappoint. ’
’ Please, mister. This is insane. ’
’ ‘Cause it’s definitely getting chiseled on your tombstone. ’
’ Is the shit on? ’
’ Please… Stop… ’
’ Stop? Bitch, I have just started. ’
’ I bet all the girls/guys wanna fuck you. ’
’ Would you say that again? ’
’ Do you kiss your mama with that mouth? ’
’ That ain’t the only thing I do with this mouth. ’
’ I’m gonna have to be taking your car today. ’
’ What’s that about clown business? ’
’ Do I stutter, bitch? ’
’ There is no fuckin’ ice cream in your fuckin’ future. ’
’ I think I’m gonna be wanting some ice cream in about ten miles. ’
’ Don’t you fucking imitate me, it’s fucking rude! ’
’ I know what I know and I know I don’t like that nut sack… ’
’ Two fucking seconds for the kid, is that gonna kill you? ’
’ Yes, it is going to kill me! ’
’ What the fuck is your problem? I’m in and out in two seconds! ’
’ What the fuck is your problem? ’
’ I think I’m gonna get me some tutti fucking fruity. ’
’ Tutti fucking fruity, that sounds good! ’
’ Tutti Fuckin Fruity! ’
’ Here’s the list of names I need you to run down for me. ’
’ That’s a funny-ass name. ’
’ Just tell me if anything connects. ’
’ Shit always floats our way, don’t it? ’
’ You keep your mouth open wide enough maybe you’d catch it all. ’
’ Have fun scraping all them brains up off the road. ’
’ You’re smoking dope. ’
’ You recognize the clown? ’
’ Well, mother pin a rose on me, that is so great! ’
’ I want these motherfuckers dead! Kill ‘em! ’
’ What’s the matter, kid? Don’t ya like clowns? ’
’ Why? Don’t we make ya laugh? Aren’t we fuckin’ funny? ’
’ I’m gonna kill your whole fucking family. ’
’ All right, now get your fuckin’ ass out the car. Go on. ’
’ They’re even better than the real thing, ya know? ’
’ I love famous people! They’re even better than the real thing, ya know? ’
’ Consider me fuckin’ Willy fuckin’ Wonka! ’
’ You ain’t goin’ nowhere, bitch! ’
’ What? Are you calling me a whore? ’
’ I was going to take it easy on you and make it fast. ’
’ I was going to take it easy on you but then you had to go and play the fucking hero! ’
’ Hurry up and don’t take too fucking long. ’
’ I am the devil, and I am here to do the devil’s work. ’
’ You’ve got to hustle that pussy, baby. ’
’ Did you hear what he called me, boss? ’
’ Find a new angle and you might attract a higher clientele. ’
’ Jesus Christ, what a fucking mess. ’
’ There must be one hundred yards of bloody asphalt and corpse chunks. ’
’ You listen to me, and you listen good! ’
’ I am gonna kill every member of your family! ’
’ You listen to me, and you listen good! I am gonna kill every member of your family! ’
’ I’m gonna hunt them down like the animals they are, and I’m gonna skin em’ alive! ’
’ They’re gonna crawl on on their hands and knees, and they’re gonna beg me for mercy! ’
’ They are going to feel the pain and suffering of every last victim! ’
’ But all I’m gonna have for them is pain! Pain and death! ’
’ Give me some sugar, bitch. Make it sweet. ’
’ I keep thinking about old times. Like when you was a fucking baby. ’
’ Shoot me! Shoot me right in the ass! ’
’ So what do you wanna do? ’
’ I knew that fucking cunt would do something stupid! ’
’ Open the fucking door! Open the goddamn door! ’
’ What are you gonna do? Shoot me? ’
’ Shoot me? What did I ever really do to you? ’
’ I swear I’ll do it! I’ll kill you! ’
’ Why would you wanna kill me? I’m your only hope. ’
’ Why would you wanna kill me? ’
’ There ain’t no bullets in this thing. It’s all fucking mind power. ’
’ I think I can still smell your wife’s pussy stink on my gun… ’
’ Where the hell you goin’? Damn it. ’
’ I feel contrite about blowin’ his brains out. ’
’ Sir, you think we’re gonna die here today? ’
’ You had to come all fuckin’ big stick, walkin’ tall, like a big fuckin’ hero. ’
’ Look at you now, hero, you’re gonna fuckin’ bleed to death! ’
’ Meow, meow, here pussycat. ’
’ You gonna take me back to your room and play with me? ’
’ Will you just keep your head in the business at hand here! ’
’ Are you staring at my sister and thinking bad thoughts? ’
’ Woo hoo! I feel like we’re all really getting to know each other now! ’
’ Everyone loves me. Don’t you pretend you don’t fancy me. ’
’ Does she like it when you puke? I mean is that part of your deal? ’
’ Well there ain’t no what, that’s the end of the road. ’
’ Killing sounds so permanent. ’
’ It don’t scare me none and it don’t suddenly make you a fucking hero. ’
’ I want lightning to come and crash down upon my fucking head! ’
’ You could go piss yourself for all I care. ’
’ If you want special favors you gotta give me something in return. ’
’ I tried to walk the line but now I realize there is no line. ’
’ Maybe he had a divine moment when his brains hit the floor. ’
’ I want you to see what happens to heroes… ’
’ I can’t fucking wait! You want it? Here it is, come and get it. ’
’ I want them alive long enough so I can piss in their faces. ’
’ Oh man! I could hear that bone shatter all the way from back here! ’
’ Looks like you’re not getting off that easy. Huh, bitch? ’
’ I bet you scare lots of folks, don’t ya? ’
’ You want a piece of this motherfucker? You want a piece of this? ’
’ What’s that I smell? I smell rabbit! ’
’ You bring us all the way out here and this prick pulls a gun on us? ’
’ Why don’t you get back on your fucking horse and ride. ’
’ Next time, we go someplace else. ’
I love you

I love you

You looked like an idiot wearing that overgrown straw hat, really. I still can’t fathom what went through your mind when you decided to wear it, let alone wear it outside where other people could see you. But you still wore the damn thing, head held high, a huge grin nearly splitting your face. You looked like a complete and utter idiot wearing that damn hat. But you were my idiot.

I love you

Did you know that you snort in your sleep? Not the cute almost inaudible way like they show in the movies, where two lovers have cute arguments about it, no sir. You snort like a hog, and I can’t tell you how many nights I sat up watching you, reminding myself that if I smothered you in your sleep, I wouldn’t get to see you tomorrow.

I love you

It’s strange how certain things just fit, you know? Like how your hands fit so perfectly in mine. I know them like my own, every crick in your palm, every vein in your wrist. I know you think that I’m being romantic when I grab your hand when we’re out, but I’ll let you in on a secret; It’s really just the most effective way to keep you out of trouble.

I love you

You can’t cook. I just need to get that out there. You have many gifts, many virtues, but cooking is not one of them. Don’t think for a second that I’ve forgotten that time you accidentally managed to burn water, or that we had to throw that pot out. I eat the food you cook simply because the only thing that hurts more than the potential food poisoning is the potential frying pan in my face.

I love you

You have never been as beautiful as you were that day by the lake. Don’t mistake me, you looked like a drowned cat as you wobbled out of the water, and the whole business with your nose running didn’t exactly improve things, but that shy smile. God, I live for that smile. Just a barely there twist of your lips, looking up at me like I held the stars in my hands. I don’t think anyone has ever looked at me like that before.

I love you

You idiot. You fucking idiot.

I love you

Why the hell did you leave me alone? I’m not good at this, at being alone, not anymore. You took that away from me, coming into my life as a freaking tornado, ripping everything I thought I knew apart, ripping apart the foundation that my life was built on. I never wanted this, you know. Never wanted to know what it felt like to wake up next to someone day after day. Fuck. Why did you leave me alone?

I love you

I wish I told you every day, every minute, every second, how much you meant to me. I wish I told you everything. Fuck. How come I never told you that you looked amazing in that shirt, or that your smile lightened up my whole day, or that you were right - I should have read that book sooner.

I love you

Why did you have to die?

I loved you

Coffee-Flavoured Career

apologies if I didn’t quite capture hyungsik’s personality, I’m unfamiliar with his work (but still tried my best!)

Pairing: Park Hyungsik x Y/N
Genre: Smut
Length: 995 words
Warning(s): blowjobs

Originally posted by dazzlingkai

“Sir?” you called from outside the CEO’s office door. You sighed to yourself as you awaited the answer, tired of always being told to make the tea and coffee for your colleagues. You’d even ended up in a situation in which you had to go out and buy snacks for your co-workers’ break just last week. However, they say it always starts like this, and you had hope for your career. You weren’t about to give up just yet.

“Come in,” Hyungsik called back eventually, preceded by an awkward cough.

And then you had an idea. Was it risky? Yes. Was it worth the risk for your job? Again, yes. If you could somehow… persuade your boss to give you a little boost in your career position, things could speed up a little for you. You, along with the rest of the office, had already picked up on the CEO’s likeness towards you, and this was a perfect opportunity.

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A Night in Together

Request: Hi! I’ve got a request :) could you do a Bucky x reader fic based on the post i sent you? Especially the couch and bath ones. Fluffy and/or smutty. Thanks 😘 

Summary: You’ve been dating Bucky for a few months and you convince him to stay in for the night.

Warnings: Smut and fluff

A/N: If you want to be tagged in future smuts / works just let me know!

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Journal Entry•• August•9•2017’

Does your broken leg tell you to kill yourself?
Does your cancer tell you to kill yourself?

No matter what physical problems you have, they do not tell you to kill yourself.

Sense that’s the case,
How come I don’t get flowers and cards.
How come I don’t get special treatment.

How come you don’t tell that patent in the hospital bed to get over it.

It’s literally 20fucking17
And people still DON’T UNDERSTAND

No sir.
I really am doing this for attention.
And I LOOOVE it when my Mind gives me hell.

Preference: CEOs

Summary: One (or both) of you is a successful CEO.

Warnings: swearing, (Y/L/N) means your last name.

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Ashton: As soon as you enter the apartment, Ashton knows that you’ve had a bad day. He can tell by the way your feet shuffle against the floor and by the way you don’t yell, “Ashton, how many times do I have to tell you not to leave your coat on the floor by the front door?” He watches as you plop down on the couch beside him, your eyes dull. He knows how hard being a CEO can be. You two had been rival companies until one day, you met and it was love at first sight. He knows by now that when a deal goes wrong, you take it badly. “Rough day?” He asks. You scoff. “That stupid fucking Washington deal fell through. They changed their minds.” You mutter, running your fingers through your hair. Ashton hums a little, leaning over to kiss the top of your head. “They didn’t deserve to be partnered up with you, anyway.” He says. You sigh, knowing he’s right but not giving in. “We really needed this, Ash.” You say. “Do you wanna take a warm bath? You’re looking a little stressed. And baby, you know I don’t like it when you’re stressed.” He says in a seductive tone, knowing you’ll melt on the spot. “Yes, please.” You whisper, closing your eyes. He pecks your lips and heads upstairs to run a bath. After a few minutes, he returns to drag you upstairs with him. A warm bath is running in the bathroom, full of bubbles. The bathroom is lit with vanilla scented candles. Ashton comes up behind you and rubs your shoulders softly. A small moan comes out of your mouth as the kinks in your neck and shoulders are released. “Do you want me to stay?” He asks quietly, placing a small kiss to the nape of your neck. You nod. He helps you get out of the uncomfortable business suit you’ve been in all day and into the bath. He sits on the sink counter as you relax, singing softly. “Ash?” You say quietly. “Hm?” He replies, scrolling through something on his phone. “I love you.” He glances up and smiles at you, but before he can reply, his cell phone starts to ring. “Damn it, I’ll be right back.” He says, walking out of the bathroom to take the call, which is probably a call from someone at his company. You sigh as you listen to him talk about budgets. As busy as the two of you are, nothing can dull the amount of love you feel for each other. By the time Ashton returns an hour later, you’re stepping out of the bath. “Sorry, love. It took longer than expected.” He apologizes, helping you put on a beige, fuzzy robe. “It’s okay.” You say softly, yawning. “Bedtime?” He asks, already knowing the answer. You both crawl into bed after you slip a tank top and shorts on. “Why do you think the deal fell through?” You ask, your thoughts refusing to settle. “Shh, go to sleep, baby. You’re exhausted.” Ashton murmurs, rubbing your back. You sigh and close your eyes, sleep pulling you in. The next morning, after Ashton has already left for work, you get a phone call. The people on the Washington deal have changed their minds, and they want to partner up with your company. You immediately know that Ashton said something to them or bribed them with some enormous amount of money, so you call him. “Ashton Irwin, you better not have-” You start, but he cuts you off. “Being a better company than yours has its benefits, love.” You roll your eyes and smile, knowing that he’s just playing around. “You’re not even going to say thank you?” He asks, a teasing tone in his voice. “Nah, maybe you’ll just have to spank it out of me later.” You end the call on that, smirking to yourself as you think of your now very frustrated husband who will probably come home earlier than usual.

Calum: “Mr. Hood, your wife is here to see you.” A secretary tells Calum from over an intercom. “My wife? What for?” Calum replies. “Do I need a reason to want to see my husband? This lady seems to think so.” Your voice barks back, the sound of annoyance (probably towards his secretary) in your tone. “Come on back, angel.” He says, chuckling. A moment later, you’re walking into his office. The office is clean and sharp looking, walls covering every inch of it so that no one can see in or out. “You forgot your key, again. And since I’m having a girls night with the other wives of your friends tonight, you’ll need them.” You say, holding up Calum’s key to the house you share. “So there is a reason you’re here.” Calum replies, smirking. You roll your eyes a little as he chuckles. “I keep forgetting to put it on the chain with the others. Thanks, gorgeous.” He says, getting up and walking over to you. He grabs your waist and tugs you closer, which erupts a giggle out of you. “Cal, I can’t stay long. I’m having lunch with your mom in twenty minutes.” You protest as his lips trail lazy kisses down your neck. “Mm, all I need is ten.” He replies. “Calum, not here.” You say, laughing a little. He frowns and pulls away. “I’m sure your employees are tired of hearing me scream their boss’ name.” Calum smirks. “See, I fixed that. This room is now soundproof.” You step away from him, grinning. “Still, I’ll look like a mess when I see your mom.” You say. He groans, running a hand through his dark locks. “You can’t just come here and expect me to not want you. You look fucking amazing.” He mumbles, eyeing your body hungrily. “Your secretary needs to go. She always says you’re too busy to see me.” You say, pouting. Calum reaches out and cups your cheek with his hand. “I am busy, that’s true, but I’m never too busy for you, darling.” You smile as his accent seems to thicken. “I love you, Mr. Hood.” Calum smiles at you as he walks back to his desk and sits down. “I love you too, Mrs. Hood.” He murmurs. “Do you mind saying that louder when you walk me out for your female employees? They look at you like you’re a piece of meat. And they do it in front of me!” You complain, pouting again. Calum smirks. “Someone jealous?” He asks. “Yes. I am.” You say sharply, biting your lip. “You’ve got nothing to be jealous of, angel. You’re the only one I want.” Calum promises, opening a drawer to his desk. He pulls out a little blue bag from Tiffany’s. “For me?” You ask excitedly, running over to his desk. “Of course it’s for you.” Calum chuckles, watching as you tear away at the tissue paper. You pull out a small, rectangle shaped box and open it. A diamond anklet lies inside perfectly, the diamonds shimmering against the light in Calum’s office. “Calum, it’s beautiful.” You say softly. He comes around and kneels down in front of you. He lifts your foot and removes your stiletto, kissing the arch of your foot. He moves his lips to the inside of your knee before putting the anklet on you, making you shiver. “You promise it’ll only be ten minutes?” You ask. Calum considers this. “No. I changed my mind.” He pushes the button for the intercom. “Julie, can you call my mother and reschedule her lunch with (Y/N) to another day? I’m afraid my wife isn’t feeling too well.” Calum lies. “Yes, sir. Anything else?” Julie replies. “Yeah, cancel all my afternoon appointments and meetings.”

Luke: Nobody really knew exactly what you and Luke were. All they knew was that everywhere he went, you seemed to be too. Everyone called you the “Power Couple,” since you owned a successful company and he was, well, a very successful musician in a band. Truth is, though, that you didn’t even know what you were to Luke. You enjoyed spending time together and had fooled around a number of times, but still, you both refused to put a label on it. Now, sitting at a large table at the annual dinner between all the boys and their families, you feel saddened by the fact that Luke may not be your boyfriend, due to the no label situation. You watch as Calum interacts with his girlfriend with bright eyes and a big smile. Luke notices you drifting from conversation, so he places a hand on your knee. “You alright?” He asks quietly. You nod, taking a sip of your champagne. “(Y/N), I know you. Something’s wrong. What is it?” Luke asks. You stay silent, moving his hand off of your knee. “Is it something with the company?” He tries. You look at him. His blue orbs have a sense of worry in them. “My company is fine.” You say quietly, not wanting to draw attention. “But my heart? Not so much.” Luke sighs as understanding sets in. You excuse yourself from the table and walk outside the restaurant, needing some air. You thought running a successful company was going to be the hardest thing you’ve ever done. Instead, dating Luke Hemmings was the hardest thing. You groan silently as paparazzi spots you from across the street. You turn and walk in the direction of your company building, trying your best to avoid the cameras. You needed to do some extra work, anyway. Luke doesn’t show up at your office until a few hours later. “Lets go home, (Y/N).” He says quietly, leaning against the doorframe. “Why, Luke? Why should I go home with you?” You ask, setting your pen down. “Don’t do this right now. You know very well what I feel for you. I don’t think that needs a label.” Luke says. “Well, I think it does. And until you feel the same, don’t come back.” You say quietly, your heart dropping to your stomach. Luke sighs and shakes his head, then turns to leave. You cry all night and end up sleeping at your office. The next morning, you see a notification from Luke’s Instagram. It’s a picture of you, asleep in Luke’s bed. Your hair is sprawled out over the cotton pillows and you’re wearing one of Luke’s band tees. Your mouth is slightly open. Luke captioned the photo, “really missing waking up to this beauty today.” It’s the first photo he’s ever posted of you. Someone knocks on your office door, startling you. Your blonde haired, rock star boyfriend stands there, his eyebrows raised. “Can we just start there and then figure out a label?” He asks quietly.

Michael: “Ms. (Y/L/N), the people from Clifford Enterprises are here to see you.” Your assistant says, poking her head in the door of your office. “Ask them to wait, please.” You say quietly, looking at a sheet from recent pay outs. “There’s no way in hell I’m waiting on you again, lady.” A guy with rumpled, bleach blonde hair says as he pushes his way into your office. “Ah, Mr. Clifford, you’re a pleasure as always.” You say, faking a smile. Michael rolls his eyes. “Are you done trying to steal my company?” He asks, sitting in front of your desk. “I’m not trying to steal your company. I’m trying to merge with it.” You say. Michael grits his teeth. “We don’t want to merge with you.” He says. “You may not want to, but you need to. Your company is failing every day and it’s time to face that you need my help.” Michael sighs and runs his hand over his face. “I’m working on fixing my company. We don’t need you.” He says firmly. You lean forward across your desk. “You’re a lot meaner when I’m not sucking your dick.” You snap, referring to the annual Christmas party between local companies from last year where you both got drunk and had sex in the bathroom. “And you’re a lot less sexier when you’re not drunk and trying to steal my company.” Michael retorts. “For the last time, Michael, I’m not trying to steal your company! We can merge and run things together.” You tell him, annoyed. He considers this, biting his lip. “I get to be in charge more.” He mutters. “No, we would be in charge equally.” You correct. “You of all people should know how much I like being in charge, kitten.” Michael says seductively, making you squirm in your seat. “We can schedule a meeting to decide who controls what another time.” You say, regaining your composure. “Or you could come over and kneel across my lap.” He suggests. You feel your cheeks heat up. “Michael, I’d appreciate it if you would refrain from sexual comments.” Michael smirks and leans forward. “And I’d appreciate it if you would stop trying to steal my company.” You scoff, standing up. “I see that you’re still immature. You can go.” You say, walking over to open your office door. Michael follows, giving your ass a squeeze before he leaves the office. You let out a small squeal. Michael laughs as he walks away from your office. “Stop being such a prune, (Y/N). No deal, but I’ll pick you up at eight for dinner.”

One of my favorite things about Second Citadel is that every major character is the protagonist of their own story and the antagonist of somebody else’s– and that gives the series a unique angle for showcasing one of my favorite ideologies of characterization.

A person’s greatest strength will be their greatest weakness.

It also gives us a chance to really look at motivations from multiple angles. We get to see the reasoning behind their actions and know they aren’t ill-intentioned– but then we also get the flip side and see when those actions hurt other people.

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