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if someone wanted to really understand you, what would they read, watch, and listen to?

listen to some really good video game soundtracks and probably the sounds of paige turco and meghan ory’s voice. watch baby animal videos and an endless stream of perfect villains and kickass ladies. read some greco-roman classics and throw in some of the original fairytales and stuff.

what musical artists have you most felt connected to over your lifetime?

fleetwood mac, lady gaga, sir sly, taylor swift, lindsey stirling (and probably others who slipped my mind~)

describe your ideal day.

sitting outside with my laptop, writing under a tree with a cup of coffee. followed by an evening of wine and video games where i scream obscenities. end it all with watching some random on netflix.

inside or outdoors?

indoors (i like more inside/out living, like with screened in porches and stuff? because gorgeous weather but i hate bugs and stuff and i am v attached to electrical outlets)

Kyungsoo stared at the stranger, scrambling his brain to try and remember what the usual was. He didn’t normally forget customer’s faces but then again he had started to become quite forgetful these last few weeks. The man’s admission coaxed an embarrassed smile from him, looking down as he started to wipe a glass clean. “It’ll be done in a moment, sir. What would your name be?”

Damn, it seems like this boy is too serious for his own good, and Jei can’t really tell if it was a company protocol or it was really his face. Why are you even thinking like this, asshole, mind your own business, he internally smacks his head, but then again, he can’t stop looking at the boy, as he hears what he’s saying, asking him his name. “My name’s Wang. Jei Wang.” he clicks his tongue, followed by a smug grin on his lips as he tries to imitate that spy that was famous for the call.

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☭ [let us spar, sir morgan]

Battle Theme: Persona 4 Arena: Theme of Yukiko Amagi 

Battle intro: “ Alright Haruto, don’t hold back. I want to see what your belt is truly capable of! “ 

Victory: “ That was a bit easier than expected.. were you going easy on me? I told you, I wanted to see its full power! “ 

Defeat: “ Ahaha.. that’s.. really something else.. I.. guess your magic just beats out mine..! “ 

Assist: “ Here, let me offer a hand! “ 

Taunt: “ I suppose a suit and magic can’t quite stand up to a tactical mind, huh? “ 

Reacting to Taunt:  H-Hey now! I’ll show you! “ 

Tie: “ Wow.. that really packed a punch.. I’m surprised I even managed to fight back! “ 

Perfect Victory: “ Erm.. I did say not to hold back.. right..? “ 

I just have to say this

Okay I don’t know of anyone has already said this but it’s been on my mind for a long ass while. So I hear guys all over my school like “Ew that’s gay.” “You’re so gay” and just a so much homophobic remarks! First of all its wrong as shit but what’s really been getting at me is that all these boys sag… That’s gay, that sooooo gay. Sagging mean you want to fucking have butt sex with any guy! That’s gay! So stfu and pull up your God damn pants and stop calling people gay because you sir are the gay one sagging and shit asking for butt sex.

Using only song names from 1 artist, cleverly answer these questions. Pass it on to 15 people. Try not to repeat a song title!

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Pick your artist/band: Red Hot Chili Peppers (this is going to be fun lol)

What is your gender?: Breaking the Girl

Describe yourself: She’s only 18 (19 really)

How do you feel?: Nobody Weird Like Me

Where you currently live: Wet Sand

Now If you could go anywhere, where would you go?: Around the World

Your favorite form of transportation?: Road Trippin’

Your best friend is?: Venice Queen

You and your best friends are?: My Friends

Favorite time of day?: Snow

If your life was a TV show, what would the title be?: Sir Psycho Sexy

What is life to you?: Strip My Mind

Your relationship?: So Much I

Your fear?: Catch my Death

Okay Pharrell @pharrell
- as you know I am into the Superhero thing -and I don’t expect everybody to be.
I do remember seeing an interview with you -which talked about Black Americans - and how the idea of people expecting you to feel a ‘kinship’ with people in Africa is somewhat of a distorted idea in that the challenges that Black Americans face are very different from African People (although on some level - perhaps spiritually or historically it means something) What I inferred from what you said - in your day to day life as a Black American - solving the problems of African isn’t a part of you agenda - because you are currently dealing with issues of being Black in America - and involved in THAT struggle.
I want to once again thank you - sir - as that comment really provided insight into how I personally am trying to look at things with an empathetic mind.
So keeping those ideas in mind - there has been talk of her doing a movie called “The Black Panther” for Marvel and Disney.
Using that insight or @oprah “A-Ha” experience - I’m hoping that if she is to the task she could perhaps write some of those ideas into the screenplay for the movie.
For example - take the experience of Bishop Tutu @desmondtutu or Nelson Mandela and their struggles for freedom and the voiceless - and contrast it with the struggle of Dr Martin Luther King Jr @thekingcenter and his struggle to give the voiceless a voice.
Keeping in mind these are Disney @disney movies so the message would have to be subtle and gentle. It could be done though!

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Ava DuVernay to present Vanguard Leadership Award to Alejandro G. Iñárritu tomorrow. ⠀
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sharna turner, bonafide sex goddess ready to rock your world. reader, writer, historian and all round superstar, she’s exactly what you need in your very lonely life. Born in 1998 Sharna was born into a marriagless family, despite her set backs and her Nan’s control over her, repeatedly, day and night, tucking her clothing into her underwear, Sharna rose from the ashes and developed a mind and some very nice calves. it’s a lot like the story of Matilda, really. this woman really is incredible, however, all strong women experience the empty side of the bed and catch their reflections in the black television screen when the rom com ends, sitting alone, without a mating partner. you sir, could be the one to end this. If you read, have thick, bouncy hair full of life and own at least two turtle necks, you could be in the running for ‘boyfriend’. now there are no promises, she may become less than responsive and not always want to hold you hand but all in all Sharna no middle name Turner is goals. don’t be shy lads, round up.

Almost Not Racist

Today a man came up to me and said, “Miss, you are gorgeous. I hope you don’t mind me asking, but what’s your ethnic background? I’m just wondering, because you’re very exotic looking.”

I was impressed. “Thank you for phrasing the question like that, Sir.” 

“Well I was afraid I might come off as rude, but I was just really curious, so I had to ask.” 

“You weren’t rude, that was a very appropriate way to ask that question. Most people usually just ask me, ‘Where are you from’ and that is rude. I’m part Taiwanese, part Hawaiian, by the way.” 

He said, “Wow. Beautiful ….Were you born in the US? Because your english is impeccable! I can’t even hear an accent!” 

….Oh damn, dude, you very, very nearly, almost impressed me…but then you kept on talking…

(For the record, yes, I was born in the US and my english is, indeed impeccable.)