what's our motto

When I find myself in times of trouble Harry Styles comes to me, speaking words of wisdom:

“Be nice to everyone and do it five minutes early”

Hevy: okay, and what is our motto?

Hardcase: “go big or go home”

Hevy: damn right

Hardcase: except we never go home. we go big. no exceptions.

Hevy: damn right my pal

Both: *high five*

Rex: I swear to kamino I will shoot you both

Writing scholarship (deleting this soon, don't worry)

Hey guys! So today was my senior awards and I just wanted to share some exciting news with you all!! My school gives away a 300 dollar book scholarship to the senior who writes the best essay on what our school motto, “Enter to Learn; Leave to Serve” means to them and I WON! The names were removed from the essay so it wouldn’t be biased, and the teacher that presented the scholarship said mine was the most personal and well written! I’m only sharing this with you guys because I think all those hours of writing imagines instead of doing school work finally payed off! 😂😂❤️

“ EXO fandom is so funny. I remember when they was saying their official collor was red (even before the debut), then they said Mirotic was a EXO song, now they are using "AKTF” (a motto that cassies uses for many years as to express our feelings of hope that one day DBSK will have back the five members) for current EXO situation - and it is not even the same situation: DBSK history is something and EXO history is another thing; I’ve seen people saying that Yunho and Changmin were treinees to be EXO members! And also I’ve seen someone talking who thought Jaejoong was a EXO member. (Seriously?? DBSK boys debuted 9 years before EXO ヽ(≧Д≦)ノ Saying that Yunho and Changmin were EXO trainees doesn’t even make sense! — I’ll not even talk about that person who thought that Jae was EXO member).
I wonder why it has to be TVXQ/Cassiopeia stuff?
I mean, EXO has its own history and its own personality, right?
Why do some fans have to relate ANYTHING to them/their fandom? (Even the ferry disaster turned into something related to EXO!)
I wish they had more mature fans, really. I believe there is a lot of cool, respectful, nice and matured fans, but some of them can’t live and behave by themselves, they need to copy, steal and borrow things from other fandoms?
I think every fandom has to have its own story, not borrow things not related to them.
I’m upset because of people turning our hope and faith source into something else… don’t u know how much our motto means to us?? How can u dare to do something like that with us?

EXO fan asked to me to understand them (for using AKTF as their motto)
my answer:
yeah they have to fight by themselves - like HOT fans/ changjos/ cassies/ elfs/ hottets and so many other fandoms who had suffered - maybe starting with their own motto to instill strength and pride, not turning someonelse stuff into their own, changing the meaning and disregarding others’ history.
You asked to me to understand them, but you guys need to understand us too. TVXQ split is a wound that bleeds since 2009.”
Author: a person I really admire, who prefers to remain anonymous because she does not want to receive anon hate despite being right.