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Touch Headcanon 

Anton is very fond of touch, but there are a few ones he barely uses as they are far more meaningful than anyone expects them to be.


If Anton kisses his partner over their shoulder, it means that he trusts them and wishes to dedicate himself to them. Whether it is a sensual peck from behind or a gentle lean-over-to-smooch type, it tells that Anton made the decision to be with that person and give them his loyalty.

If Anton takes his partner’s wrist and kisses the inside of it (from the edge of the palm and over the veins) it means he is worshipping that person. He considers them being his lover the one to be with no matter what happens and that he would take ten bullets for them.


If Anton offers his partner an elbow to hold, he is curious and actually enjoys their company. It’s a silent invitation and excuse to be with that person a bit longer as he wants to know more about them.

If Anton hugs his partner from behind, not in an intimate situation, it means he is grateful that they are here with him, or whatever it is they did for him.

If Anton hugs his partner’s leg (when they are resting on a couch or a bed), it means he is playful and confesses his affection in a silly manner. It is also a sign of gratitude for letting him be himself in private.  


If Anton tucks something behind his partner’s ear (flower, a lock of hair, etc), it means he finds them beautiful/handsome and enjoys looking at their face.

If Anton pinches his partner’s cheek, it means he wants them to be angry at him or upset because he thrives on working for making them smile again. (yes, he purposely upsets people sometimes to make them feel better ).

If Anton bites their side, he’s being playful and wants them to pay close attention to whatever he is about to say. Often, those are confessions.  

Reverse Emotion Touch:

If Anton has his arm around his partner and his fingers dig into their side, he’s jealous and he might potentially hurt whoever it is making him jealous over his partner.

If Anton slides his hand along his partner’s thigh with a painful sensation, it means he is very upset with his partner and might potentially hurt them,

If Anton grabs his partner’s throat, well buddy, you’re dead.    

What We Keep In Our Hearts by jls62113

Rick hasn’t been sleeping, and Michonne will do what she can to help. This is a short fluff piece with a lot of practicality to it.
Rated G

Clock work by otpbabyformula2

A (possible) multi-chapter fic in which we see Rick and Michonne navigate in a new territory of confidence, all the whilst being separated and dealing with their own insecurities and trying to be strong for the other. 
Rated T

All In by charrrmed

Haunted by the fall of the prison, Michonne and Rick each reconcile with who they’ve become. Awed by Michonne’s courage, Rick offers to pay his debt. Impressed by Rick’s protectiveness, Michonne offers to pay hers. Companion piece to Try. 
Rated E

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I'm so in love with Catch me i'm falling and i'm falling for Our Hearts, what else have you written ?

Oh wow, thank you! Here is my AO3 . My other main story is Gang AU (Love is Blindness). It’s certainly more of an acquired taste than the other two, but you can see for yourself if its soemthing you’d like, and if it is, you can gear up for the sequel over at @clexa-gangau (it does contain spoilers, I suggest holding off on visiting until you’ve read the original, if you end up liking it!)

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If each of the members of the band we're to star in a musical (same or different ones) who would they play?

Murdoc Niccals:

  • Murdoc would play Claude Frollo from Hunchback of Notre Dame, most definitely.
  •  Frollo is basically a satanist, let’s just face it; plus, he’s pretty callous and cold-blooded except he’s not celibate, but oh well in the musical/Disney version, but actually pretty okay (for the most part) in the novel. 


  • I don’t know about you, but try Elder Cunningham from The Book of Mormon?
  • “Wow, just like Lion King!if you don’t get the reference, start listening immediately
  • The Elder’s are all kind of naive in my opinion, especially josh gad coUGH but that’s what reminds me of our blue boy- he has a heart full of love and is willing to give, no matter what the circumstances are.


  • Noodle would be Veronica Sawyer from the musical Heathers.
  • Honestly, since Veronica is pretty witty except for the fact that she continued to date a crazed sociopath, Noodle’s personality inter laps with our favorite female protagonist.
  • I totally could see Noodle rocking that academy look, anyways.

Russel Hobbs:

  • Hercules Mulligan who?
  • Not only would he fit the role of a hardcore game changer in the American Revolution, but he can also rap.
  • Hercules is also a tailor, and I think that type of background would fit Russ well.
  • Hamilton seems like something that would pique his interests, anyways- it’s all about American empowerment, and Russ is totally into that kind of jazz. 

tfw your musical knowledge can be applied to something for once

I replayed UNDERTALE this weekend. It fucked me up, man–even when they’re someone who’s not real, isn’t it weird how we still have trouble saying goodbye?

Ironically enough, LISA brought me some condolence. Beltboy dropped some nice wisdom in the end of the Hopeful–sometimes we’ve just got to move on when we know we won’t see someone again, but when that happens we’ll keep them in our hearts no matter what. Whether that’s anywhere from a family pet, to a character in a book or on a screen, to someone much closer…

So here’s some proper fanart. God bless you, poor Benny boy. I have hope for you that things turned out alright.


New YouTube Video!! So many times, we have a struggle between what our mind tells is best, and what our heart wants us to do!! Hope you enjoy this little journey I go on to TRY to bring balance to all of this!



A sad, but beautiful youth. Inside a repetitive time where the end cannot be seen. In a space that is unpredictable and insecure. We have walked together, fought together, and grew beautiful. Again, in front of the road that has been opened, we solemnly swear to protect everything we bet on. One, we will find what was missing. One, we will fill up our empty hearts. One, to find the right path and move forward. One, we will never leave anyone behind. And so, we become one to protect the X-CLAN.

💕The Empath Tarot Spread💕

Being an empath certainly has had its challenges over the years, you pick up negative energy and positive energy and then what? Sometimes it just weighs you down till you feel like a pancake but we’re strong little cookies.🍪 You can clear out the negative energy and protect yourself. This spread is for each person trying to grow as an empath or already an empath, it should help you find your grounding. I’ve used this with both tarot and oracle! As always, I hope it can help.💜

The First Card: This card is about who you are without all the energies of everyone around you. Sometimes we pick up so much from other people it’s hard to see who we truly are or how we feel. What’s really going on in our heart? What is in your heart when you take away the residue energy others left behind?

The Second Card: This is very important because this will give you some information on your grounding. Are you even grounded? If not, what can you do about it? How can you get grounded? We empaths gotta make sure we’re grounded.

The Third Card: Is there anything affecting you, if so what is majorly affecting your energy right now. It could be what happened today or on a bigger scale - like something that might have been wearing you down for a while now. This card is to help you understand it all. What’s affecting me if anything?

The Fourth Card: As an empath making sure your energy is clear/clean can be pretty important. This card will give you insight on how to clear away junk you might already have but clear away future junk too. What can I do to help clear away negative energy, now and in the future?

The Fifth Card: Protecting yourself from bad energy is pretty imperative, little loves. Your protection bubble or shield is one way to stay safe from impending bad energy. How can I shield myself or what kind of shield should I create?

The Sixth Card: So now that you know what’s going on where do you go from here? This card is to inspire you! Go out and live your amazing empath life and stay strong despite the feelings, good and bad, we pick up.

Love doesn’t need to last a lifetime for it to be real. You can’t judge the quality of a love by the length of time it lasts. Everything dies, love included. Sometimes it does with a person, sometimes it does on its own. The greatest love story ever told doesn’t have to be about two people who spent their whole lives together. It might be about a love that lasted two weeks or two months or two years, but burned brighter and hotter and more brilliantly than any other love before or after.
—  Krystal Sutherland, Our Chemical Hearts
Goodbye, my godness.

Today has been confirmed that Ymir, our godness, is dead. She was eaten by Marcel’s brother, Galliard, when she arrived to Marley’s country and after that she wrote love’s letter to Historia. An other beautiful character dead again. It will be painfull follow the anime and see her alive, because she never will be with us again. She was a character who surffed a lot since she was little because she carried to her shoulders the weight of a name which changed the entire world. When story avanced, she started to like me a lot and anime makes me love her more. She was beautiful, she did jokes of bad tastes, she was abrupt, people treats her like she was insensitive, she doesn’t fall good to people, she was inconsiderated and carefree. Also she killed some people. But in the bottom of her heart she was capable to love and help others. For example, when she transform herself in Utgard’s Castle to save Historia and others, even she showed tenderness with Connie when he gave her the knife to fight. Even she left behind Historia to go with Reiner and Berthold knowing that, probably, she won’t see her anymore to protect her, because Ymir loved her. She decided live her life with any arrangement since It was given her a second chance to live, a rebirth. She acepted herself. She only did what she wanted, she lived how she wanted and she loved who she wanted without care what others thought. She only wanted to do other people happy, even if she would have die. Ymir taugh us we must live with pride in our hearts, no matter what. We must acept ourselfs and give to us a second chance. So thanks Isayama, to create a character like her. All of us will miss her. Goodbye, our strong and beautiful godness.

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“"It can’t last,” Emma said, staring at him, because how could it, when they could never keep what they had? “It’ll break our hearts.”

He caught her by the wrist, brought her hand to his chest. Splayed her fingers over his heart. It beat against her palm, like a fist punching its way out of his ribcage. “Break my heart,” he said. “Break it in pieces. I give you permission.”“
Concept: Lord of Shadows Mood
The Dark Artifices

1 day till LoS


JalecMonth - Week Three: Love (Quote credit: x)


no Chopper no

Perhaps love isn’t real and its just a fake figment of what our imagination wants. Or maybe I’ve just had my heart broken one too many times to even think love is real. It’s not my fault I’m lifeless and loveless. I’m broken. I’ve been beaten down too many times and I’ve been trying to fix myself. I’m trying but, I want to give up. I tried love, but it was cold, fake, and broken.