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Little known fact: I really love Lolbit

Didn’t think I’d spend my summer obsessing over a Disney movie but here I am rewatching music videos of chillin like a villain and what’s my name like a crazy Bïtch at three am reacting like I haven’t seen the movie twice now


‘cause i know i’m not easy to deal with sometimes

aka frank iero being a little shit 

consider… altean lance and rouge galra keith.

altean lance is full of himself of course because he’s a pretty boy what the fuck hes so smug

keith willing to fight along side voltron or whoever is against zarkon and everyone except lance is wary of keith. (lance probs a little scared of keith but tbh knowing the fact that he can fuck with keith and keith wont do anything about it since they’re “allies” makes him so >:]c )

everyone: he galra

lance: yeah but look at him hes harmless

keith: …i could kill yo–

lance: but you wont ;)c


once upon a time 07.01

Imagine if I walked through that door and told you that I was your son.
That would be a kicker.