what's on his chest

“Alright then, that’s fine. I guess this proves that you can dress me up and take me out for an evening but underneath all those posh clothes I’m still just an ordinary klutz.” Jiyong chuckled at his own joke awkwardly before turning to head downstairs.

Initially a soft ache unravelled through Seunghyun’s chest, slowly twisting his aforementioned nerves into what could only be described as disappointment. Before Jiyong could go too far Seunghyun spun on his heels to face him, catching Jiyong’s wrist as he passed him by. He held on tightly and swallowed the lump that had formed in his throat. “You’re not ordinary to me.”

Exerpt…. Chapter Nineteen… TOP vs. Seunghyun… http://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/1104611/19/dirty-diaries-gtop-bottomtabi-bottomtop

This story is nearing its completion. Thanks to all who’ve come along for the ride, left comments or upvoted. This has been a labor of love and a very special fic to us.

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Mr. G, you are some good shit. G00D SH!T. eh heh. maybe you can convince zeroster to show you how to never die, even if your soul get's broken// It won't be easy tho~~

look out we got a badass over here 

A small list of things Bum has canonically done so far:

- broke into Woo’s house, sniffed his sheets, and then attempted masturbation in his bed. (“I cant today~” gets me everytime)
- tried to poison Woo’s food.
- became uncontrollably and explosively aroused just from holding Woo’s clothed junk.
- called Woo a motherfucker and shoved his face in the street.
- attempted the world’s most wobbly and unconvincing seduction attempt mere moments before impending death.
- tried to touch his captor while he slept and then asked him to suck at his chest
- owned a dildo.

amazing. what will he do tomorrow.

This absolute gem of a photo is not seen enough on Tumblr, so I present to you once again, drunk Sebastian Stan aka the fluffiest drunk person you will ever see.

Hard Eyes: Part 3

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Prompt: Batmom that was former suicide squad? 

Words: 938

Part 1 , Part 2 

    “I’m sorry, but this is just crazy.”

    You grin at your second oldest son, “And why is me going for a spa weekend crazy?”

    Jason scowls, “Not that! You leaving Penelope with Dick! She likes me more.”

    From down the hall you hear Dick yell back, “She does not!”

    You do your best to hide your chuckle but you don’t quite succeed. Straightening you sling your duffle bag over your shoulder and say, “Dick is in charge because I can trust him to keep the fighting to a minimum. When I come back from this weekend I would like all of my children to be alive and intact without any internal bleeding. And Jason, as much as I love you sweetheart, you like to stir the pot.”

    Jason crosses his arms against his chest and asks, “What’s that supposed to mean?”

    You grin. “That I know it was you who broke Tim’s computer and not Damian. And that you tricked Tim into thinking it was Damian so that a fistfight would break out in the middle of the New Year’s Gala, so that you could sneak off without anyone noticing. I’m here to tell you that I did notice.”

    Jason just shrugs, “Alright so I don’t like Tim and the demon spawn all the time, but I love my sister, and if Dick has her he’s going to invite Barbara over and they’re going to place make believe house, and I’ll die from fluff overload.”

You kiss your son’s cheek, “Then I suggest not stirring the pot next time.”  

Without another word you leave the room, a pouting Jason on your heels. You make your way downstairs and let out a sharp whistle. The boys come into the foyer a minute later.

Setting your bag on the floor you lay out the rules. “All right I will be gone a week. This spa I’m going to doesn’t allow electronics, so it is next to impossible to reach me. I’ve left a number to be used in emergencies only. As in the world is ending, not someone stole your poptart.  Your dad and Alfred are also out of range. They’re with the League, trying some new physical therapy they’re hoping will help.

“I’ve left Dr. Lee’s number on the fridge, along with Commissioner Gordon’s, who has agreed to make surprise visits to make sure you’re all doing what needs to be done. AND NOT STIRRING THE POT.”  Your eyes flicker to Damian and Jason for a minute before you continue, “Also Dick, sweetheart, as much as I love you you’re not in charge.”

You watch your oldest son’s eyes go wide as you reach over and take Penelope from him, as Jason let’s out a sharp laugh. “What, why?”

You smile, “Hun, the minute Barbara comes in you go all love struck, and if you’re focusing on her and Penelope and in Jason’s words ‘Play house’ I fear that the manor would burn down and I do not want to explain that to Alfred.” You ignore Jason’s “Hah!” and keep going, “So I called in the big guns.”

You watch the girl slip out of the shadows without a word. You watch as Damian begins to scowl, not because he’s unhappy but because he hadn’t sensed her. Smiling at your oldest daughter, you give Cass a quick hug before handing Penelope over. The girl takes the infant with a smile. You can’t help but grin at the sight of your two girls.

Picking up your bag you simply say, “Cass has permission to use force if needed. I highly suggest following the rules. Bye kids.” And with a wave you leave.

You slink into the car, and begin your drive. Instead of driving towards a spa you make your way into the city. You head through it straight into the slums. You pull the car up to a less than stellar bar. You park it, grab your bag, and then lock it.

The beep draws more than a little attention. It’s a nice car, a payday kind of car, and had you been anyone else, it probably would have been gone even quicker than Jason could get the tires off the Batmobile.  

But you are you, and that’s why when a rather large goon steps in your path, you don’t even hesitate to drop him to the ground. Ruthlessness is prized here. Coldness treasured. Slipping inside the bar you let your new life fade away and slip into your past. It’s comfortable, if not a bit dusty, and as you drop your bag on the ground and it lands with a thud eyes turn towards you, and you meet all of them head on.

Floyd is sitting in the corner of the bar, guns on the table, a smirk on his face. It takes less than a minute for him to stand up and make his way over to you. His arm wraps around your shoulder and says, “Our Baby Girl is back.”

You smile as a cheer goes through the bar, and for the first time in forever your eyes land on your best friends. Harley and Ivy are there, smiling, and slightly behind them, sticking out like a sore thumb is your brother Captain Rick Flagg.

He’s dressed in jeans and a tee-shirt, and looking more uncomfortable than a cat in a dog fight. Your eyes meet his, and he tips his head just a smidge, he’s here for you. They’re all here for you. They might be a bunch of villains but they stick by there own, and make no mistake you are one of them. 


I’ve already seen things talking about how Alec loses his jacket in whatever happens between those pictures but…..


to me it looks like maybe his jacket was the first thing to come off and then at some Alec made a move to start messing with the buttons Magnus’ shirt and Magnus stopped him cause whoa slow down darling (hence the hand on his chest and alec’s facial expression of “what are you doing i was just getting started.)

alternatively: magnus is wearing necklaces in this scene and if alec at all fiddles, plays with or pulls on those necklaces imma fucking die

that is all

“And then you whisper my name,” he murmurs, resting his cheek on her shoulder, his breath coming hard against the side of her jaw. His hair is impossibly soft and it tickles her earlobe, but Rey tries her best not to jerk away and bring him to lucidity. “What a cruel…little thing you are…”

His eyes shut again as he brings in air through his nose and out through his mouth, as if trying to come to terms with her cruelty. Rey stares at the ceiling.

This could not be happening.

“I am not cruel,” she defends, unsure of whether she’s defending herself against a man who’s clearly not even self-aware at the moment or against her own heart as it beats desperately out of her chest.

“Hmmmm,” Kylo mutters against her, and her heart somehow learns how to do the tango in her chest for a moment when his voice comes hot and low against her skin. She couldn’t have ever known what the rumble of his voice in his chest could do to her when it sank into her own. “You are cruel. Your beauty…is cruel… your laugh… is cruel… it’s all cruel…even your—“ he stops, and Rey splits in two between relief that maybe, maybe he’s finally done for good, and frustration at wanting to know the rest. He huffs. “Even your stupidly cute… button nose… is cruel… cruel duckling.”

–– A Proposal by Any Other Name, Chapter 17. (Start from Here On AO3)

Notes: That Scene where Rey tries to argue with an awake-but-fevered Kylo who thinks he’s having the longest dream of his life. Rey, child, you should know it won’t get you anywhere. 

  • [flashback]
  • Akashi: *walks in*
  • Kuroko, clears throat: Akashi-kun?
  • Akashi: ... Tetsuya?
  • Kuroko: Would you like to know.. what love looks like?
  • Akashi: ...
  • Kuroko, moves closer: What it.. feels like?
  • Akashi: *turning red*
  • Kuroko, moves even closer: What it.. tastes like?
  • Akashi: *heart pounding*
  • Kuroko, whispers in his ear: What it.. sounds like?
  • Akashi, breathing heavily: Wh-What do you want from me?!?!
  • Kuroko, puts his hand on his chest: Isn't it obvious?
  • Akashi, throws his wallet: Take it! Just take my money!
  • [end of flashback]
  • Kuroko: *takes a long sip of vanilla milkshake*
  • Kuroko: *sighs* And that's how it's done.
  • Aomine: All that just to buy a few milkshakes??
  • Kuroko: Desperate times call for desperate measures.
  • Aomine: ...
  • Kuroko: Don't judge me.

“Happiness” ❤


OK people I have just found the most amazing thing.

I was watching His Last Vow and I noticed something familiar: 

When Sherlock is pretending to go out with Janine we encounter Trash!John at his best. You can clearly see that he’s jealous. Here’s the thing: when she leaves, he gets up fake-smiling and puffs out his chest. REALLY HARD.


The second pic is from The Office where he plays Tim, who is in love with Dawn, the blonde over there, who coincidentally already has a boyfriend. In this scene, Tim is jealously watching while Dawn and her boyfriend kiss. Guess what?? HE FUCKING FAKE- SMILES AND PUFFS OUT HIS CHEST!! holy shit

I AM NOT MAKING THIS SHIT UP PEOPLE, in fact here are the Youtube links to both of the scenes:

Sherlock: https://youtu.be/rUJQp7Mx8G0?t=21s

The Office: https://youtu.be/iEB4NHFPsRA?t=21m20s

I may just be reading too much into his acting but don’t tell me this isn’t an amazing “coincidence”.

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