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Never Have I Ever

The crew plays Never Have I Ever and when the question “never have I ever fucked my best friend” is asked, it opens up both memories and opportunities for Jim and Leonard.

Based on this post by @rustleofthestars and contribution by @mccoymostly

Warnings: there is a tiny bit of maybe-nsfw :)


Leonard McCoy is not a teenager anymore so how he ends up playing Never Have I Ever is completely beyond him.

It’s probably Jim.

As he sees the other down a shot with practiced ease, he decides it is definitely Jim.

It started out innocently enough, moving along to the “never have I ever been black-out drunk” and “never have I ever backed down from a bar fight” questions.

Then it’s Pavel’s turn.

Pavel who has drunk more than Leonard and truth be told he’s a bit worried about the kid. Both for his alcohol levels as for his future. Now, though, the Russian just furrows his brow in thought and then with a smirk says: “Never have I ever fucked my best friend,”

The moment the words leave Pavel’s lips Leonard turns to look at Jim.

Jim, who turns to Leonard with a smirk.

Jim, whose moans, soft fingers and kisses Leonard still remembers.


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Okay, it’s nice to know Noora isn’t going to go on the bus without Sana, but it’s not like she ever cared about that bus. From day one, it’s just been a thing she joined because the others wanted her to. But Sana has been rejected by the bus people and told she shouldn’t be on it by even more, it really means something to her.


I’ve been drawing for maybe four hours and I personally think my arm looks awesome ^-^ Hope you guys like it a little too! I’m sorry I haven’t been posting much, I got really really drained from all the moving stuff and thinking about things and aaaaa right now all I can do is talk a little, draw, and watch youtube :/ sorry. As soon as I get a little better I’ll try my best to reblog more amazing art :) but for now I need to relax and rest. So I hope maybe this makes up for it a little but probably not :)) so oh well! I hope everyone has a really nice day!!!

Some people are meant to be loved and others just naked (III sneak peek)

It seemed plausible that one of two things might’ve happened prior to Y/N standing in front of Harry’s bedroom door. Either the sofa wasn’t as comfortable as it had looked and she wanted to tell him off for it, or their auras had been corded together ever since they had met and she could hear his thoughts in the distance, stirring her deeply and summoning her to be by his side. Whatever it was, she didn’t want to sleep alone anymore.  

She opened the door very slowly, half hiding behind it. “Harry” she called softly. What was waiting for her on the other side was nothing but darkness. The dim light coming from the hallway only gave hint of a blue carpeted floor and Harry’s shoes beside the door.

It felt as if years had passed before he finally answered, voice clear and ready, as if he had been waiting for her. “Yes?” She swallowed, peering into the blackness and trying to find him. Then she perceived some movement as he tossed in his bed. “Are you alright?” he was beginning to stand up, she could tell.

She backed up instinctively. “Yes, I’m okay. I just-” she paused, uncertain. “I couldn’t sleep without saying this first” There was an expectant silence in the room as she sighed and plucked up some courage. Knowing that she wouldn’t have to see his face helped her a great deal. “I just wanted to thank you for what you did for me today” she said shyly, surprised at the fact that she hadn’t stuttered. That proved how much those words had been dying to be pronounced. That had been all she had to say. So why couldn’t she leave?

Y/N had her fair share of doubts about soul connection, but in that moment, she couldn’t explain how or why, she could feel Harry’s knowing expression, and she was spurred on by the waves of safety and understanding that were going back and forth between them. “And thank you for the white roses” she blurted out. “I had to throw them away because I couldn’t stand it that you knew me better than I’d presumed but you were right. They’re my favorite”

She didn’t have time to doubt herself or to even think about his response because she was suddenly pulled forward inside the room and the door was yanked shut.

“Harry?” her voice shook. It was pitch black.

“In here” much closer than she was expecting.

“Where?” she whispered, suddenly nervous.

“Here” His lips touched hers.

In a tangle of limbs, they tumbled into his bed.

✨ evan is the kind of guy, who hugs a tree; jared is absolutely smitten 🌳

anways, hmu 4 my kleinsen walk-in-the-forest-date hc 

soz, this is like pretty Bad quality but I literally just took like ten photos with my phone in shitty lighting & chose the least unacceptable one lol

ok so if you ordered a used book online, no pics but it says it’s in good condition, and got a book that had yellowed pages, minor water damage, and library stamps all over it, would it be reasonable to be upset? 


Hoping for better days. Praying for Manchester.

Good morning.

The morning wasn’t good. The day wasn’t good too. The evening is still not good. And I don’t think that it’s going to become good again soon. When stuff like that happen they keep following you even when the dates have passed, you always worry about it a bit. I still remember every thing that shook my heart so strong, like it happened today. I still remember every day that I spent with this feeling of my heart being frizzed, of feeling numb and useless, disbelieving of what happened.

Right now I wish I woke up on an abundant island with no internet connection, so I could just never find out about things that happened. The 23th of May is like a huge ice cream sundae with lots of cherries on top, except for the fact that all these are poisoned, rotten, dark and ugly. I thought I was heartbroken when I found out that Sistar are disbanded – oh no, it was just a joke in comparing to what happened in Manchester.

I haven’t done anything today, because my thoughts kept going back to thinking about Ariana Grande concert, and my hands kept shaking. This is so wrong. I can’t believe. I don’t understand how people keep living, how come that life continues and there’re other things happening now. I can’t believe.

I don’t even know what to hope for, what to tell. I don’t know how to be strong, so how can I tell Ariana, her fans, friends and family members of people who died and people who are injured to be strong.

But please, please, please, I’m praying so hard to not have any others deaths. And I hope that people who were injured today will get well soon.

Looking forward for human world to stop being so wrong,

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Things I think about at 2:35am apparently -

The original High School Musical is the most consistent in terms of plot, characters, and story structure.

High School Musical 2 is the most fun to watch with the best overall soundtrack (even if its existence adds nothing to the overall trilogy).

High School Musical 3 is the most polished with the best production design and the best choreography of the trilogy thanks to a better budget.

All 3 films have their strengths and weaknesses, and honestly??? What an iconic trilogy???? Also, all 3 films pass the Bechdel test and have a diverse cast. Lord of the Rings who?????