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Jerome x Reader

“You should try talking to (Y/N), he was obsessed with her, you might get more answers.” One of the dancers pointed you out for Jim who hurried over and stuck his hand out for you to shake.

“I’m Jim Gordon, you’re friends with Jerome?” He asked and shoved his hand in his pocket when you glowered at it.

“No, he’s a nut job, why would I be friends with him?” You sighed, glancing at Lee when she hurried over.

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anonymous asked:

since I'm new to the fandom can you please explain to me what's the story with Sam's forehead in Paris?

heheheh always! to back up just a bit: on Cait’s birthday this past year, October 4th, we got this tweet from Rosie, telling Sam to treat Cait like a queen (which I believe Cait definitely faved and Sam might have?)

cut to Cait’s tweet a little while later thanking everyone for the birthday wishes:

so based on her emoji’s, it’s clear she’s jetting off to Paris to pop open a bottle of champagne with someone she loves and it’s going to make her very very happy. Her and Sam then both vanished from social media at basically the same exact time pretty much, except for Sam posting a picture of a bag of nuts from what looked like a private airplane, or at least first class. things that make you go hMMMMM

And THEN, the next day Cait shows up at the Louis Vuitton fashion show in Paris looking hot AF, Jess tweets Sam a picture of her which Sam quote RT’s and tags Cait in. Not super relevant though we all had a fucking heart attack but also his tweet was REALLY tame and based on what happens next makes me think he saw the outfit before she left the hotel. So then about 2? months later I wanna say, some anon finds these pictures on a website from the after party of the Louis Vuitton show:

^that’s Cait’s back in the leather jacket

look familiar? Same weird hairline, same bump over his eye. I’m like 99.5% sure that it’s Sam. hiding at a Louis Vuitton party with the birthday girl. For some reason I can’t add any more picture to further prove my point but there you go :)

glitter-luck replied to your post “Imagine Shiro climbing out of his lion just on the edge of a panic…”

Krypton wanting to go with him omg please tell me Shiro takes him out in the black lion and he gets to sit in Shiro’s lap as they fly

Krypto ALWAYS wants to go.  He likes Allura and Coran well enough but they’re not Shiro.  They’re not the ones that care for him and cuddle him and hold him close and make the very sad huffy noises that make Krypto want to snuggle more.

So, usually no: the Black Lion is not a place for a pupper, no matter how much they both want to be together. (Also, unintended side effect: all of the Pals know EXACTLY how over the moon Shiro is for Krypto and what an absolute nut of a dog person he is, because it’s ALWAYS on his mind now).  But once in a while, if they’re out to go fly or take a look at something and there’s basically no danger, Krypto gets to come along.

Shiro quietly makes Superman jokes under his breath the whole time and doesn’t realize he left the comms on.

He gets shit for it for DAYS


Anything next to Yoongi looks better so it would only be right to put myself next to him lmao

I was tagged by @agustd-licious (follow this precious bean) and decided to add yoongi to mine

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“And it was pretty much the best underwater kiss of all time.”

Can I just say, that I absolutely love these two? I love Percy and Annabeth, I love them in the first series because they were best friends before they became romantic. I like that they like each other for their personalities, and Percy loves how Annabeth fights. I just love these two, protect them <3

Currently started reading the Heroes of Olympus, which I have not read yet… so this should be interesting! (NO SPOILERS OR I’LL HUNT YOU DOWN…)



He’s the only one that got an invitation like that >:}

Look @angel-with-a-pipette I finally did the thing we talked about forever ago. Hope I did it justice >.<