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170624 - Fansign Fanacc - He likes to be punched or hit

OP:  Jisoo-ya, did you lose rock-paper- scissors again with Jeonghan? You got a hit from him.

HJS: I can win it next time.

OP: But I saw you got a hit pretty hard with water bottle from Jeonghan before.

HJS: I will hit him harder next time ^^(joking)

OP: Yes, hit him like this. But can you hit Jeonghan?

HJS: Yes, I can. Jeonghan likes to be punched

OP: Really? Does Jeonghan also think like that? I’ll come again(high five)

[In front of Jeonghan]

YJH: I really like being hit

HJS: When we’re playing board game, Jeonghan always get hit with a hammer (plastic hammer).

YJH: Yes, it’s true. I like being hit. 

Cr. 95_1230com

trans: Harujisoo

E: Chill
I: Mmmmhhhh. (Isak, my bro, my dude)

The loop saga continues…

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what if yandere ht sans had a perfect partner who was comlpiant and ok with the violence and cannibalism and sex amd was ok with the isolation


++ Sans ++

Horror fell in love with you, and actually felt bad for you. You two had originally been friends before that, so he wasn’t too worried, seeing as how you’re easy going, but his emotions are things that he can’t control. When he wants something he’s damn well going to get it, and because of your sweet personality, he thought you were fucked. He confesses his love to you and you smile, telling him you love him too, and you two get together. As he becomes more controlling, he becomes impressed with your ability to comply, and he seriously does fall head over heels for you. At first, it was something that was just to fill his lust, but you had really stumped him. How are you so perfect..?

The first time he feeds you human meat and tells you, your eyes widen and you get a little nauseous, but it actually doesn’t bother you that much. You have no clue how to feel about it, but judging from his impulsiveness, you won’t get him to stop, so you go along with it. You compliment every meal he makes no matter what it is, telling Horror he’s a great cook, and whenever he hits you, you don’t complain. This actually makes things less violent between the two of you, and even when you don’t want the sex, you always get into it, because it DOES feel good, and you can’t help that. It’s also because you love him, and he loves you, so he goes softer sometimes, starting to ask for consent and being gentle- but you all know that he has to relieve himself sometimes.

As Horror continues to isolate you, you decide to just stay close with him- as long as you have to comfort of ONE person, you don’t technically need anyone else, and you tell him. Everything you do for him, everything that you sacrifice, it shows Horror how to be a better person. Even if it takes almost a whole year, it later becomes a normal relationship. You are allowed to talk to some people because he fully trusts you to never leave him, and he doesn’t kill/eat so many people anymore. You potentially “fix” Horror by being so compliant, and you’ve never loved anyone more than you do him. Oh, honey- you’re a keeper, forever.

I had 20+ posts done for Gen. 3 and decided to scrap them all because I wasn’t liking the way Reese’s story line was going, rip having a long queue :/

  • Hubs: Your mind is always wandering, you're never completely present in the moment.
  • Me: [thinking about plot for the next chapter, wondering if I should start a new playthrough, debating who to romance next]
  • Hubs: See! You're not even listening to me!
  • Me: [Are mages able to use magic because they're more aware of the Fade? If that's the case, then what would happen if a non-mage was exposed to a rift for a long period of time? How exactly does possession work? What's the difference between Flemeth and Anders?]
  • Hubs: [resigned sigh] What are you thinking of?
  • Me: Nothing.

Character/Ship aesthetics - Magnus Bane and Alec Lightwood (The Mortal Instruments, 2007 - present)

“I don’t want the world. I want you.”

For the record, it’s generally considered rude as fuck for you to walk out on your date without having courtesy to say you’re leaving it without paying your fucking bill. You will forever be known as a garbage person and I hope something petty and inconvenient happens to you.

things i really hate about summer: my hands get all sweaty thus my phone gets all sticky and i die inside

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For drabbles, can you do "I'm going to take care of you, okay?" Rafa x Reader, maybe sick!reader? Thank You

hello thank you for sending this i’m having too much fun writing these short dumb things even though they’re short and dumb (and are becoming mostly a study in how i write conversations whoops) I LOVE YOU OKAY BYE.

Everyone has a breaking point, sometimes caused by people or events or the voice inside your head, but sometimes completely unexpected with no logical explanation.

 Sometimes you might go out drinking with your friends and end up vomiting and sobbing on the side of the building, more angry with yourself for your sudden breakdown than actually upset about anything in particular. This scene is exactly what Jasmine and Anthony found when they came looking for you on this night in particular. 

“Shit, what happened? Are you okay?” Jasmine immediately rushed to your side, pulling your hair back without hesitation.

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